1. 07/27 - Fans Loosing Their Minds

    After last night's loss against the Angles, fans completely fell off the rocker...


    ned yost, kansas city royals, baltimore orioles, tony dungy

  2. 07/26 - Mondesi Up, Whit Down

    With the news breaking that Raul Mondesi Jr is rejoining the Royals and Whit be...


    world series, alan berg, at&t's, dayton moore

  3. 07/22 - Greg Coleman

    Former NFL kicker Greg Coleman joins the show to discuss the passing of former ...


    denny green, art shell, minnesota vikings, football league

  4. 07/22 - Steve Stewart

    Royals broadcaster Steve Stewart joins us in studio to discuss the visit to The...


    world series, kansas city royals, road trip, high school

  5. 07/21 - White House Correspondent Vern

    The guys talk to 610 Royals Insider Josh Vernier from the White House after the...


    curt young, chris young, world series, ian white

  6. 07/19 - 1pm - Are Them Royals Ready

    The guys discuss the second half beginnings of the Royals. Plus, we play NFL 4 ...


    table tennis, matt cassel, brad childress, bill parcells

  7. 07/19 - TJ DeSantis

    TJ DeSantis of Sherdog.com joins the guys to discuss the reactions of UFC 200 a...


    mixed martial arts, united states, martial arts, eddie guerrero

  8. 07/18 - Phil Steele

    The guys talk to the guru of college football Phil Steele on everything you nee...


    college football, white house, interest rates, iowa city

  9. 07/12 - The Grinds of the Postseason

    The guys discuss the grinds of going to the postseason and what it has on the t...


    yadier molina, world series, major league baseball, cisco giants

  10. The Good & The Bad

    The Royals have been nothing to write home about but the guys try to put a silv...


    rich hill, kansas city royals, chicago white sox, american league