1. 11/17 - 5pm The Drive

    Open, The Hits, Kate Upton, ask us anything


    anthony becht, derrick johnson, alex smith's, march madness

  2. 02/20 Royals Hot Stove

    Denny Matthews and Steve Physio. Interviews with Lorenzo Cain and Rusty Kuntz


    james shields, omar infante, jeff francoeur, mariano rivera

  3. 02/06 Royals Hot Stove

    Interviews with Dale Sveum and Tom Hamilton


    ned yost, pacific coast league, jason giambi, ervin santana

  4. 01/22 Royals Hot Stove

    Denny Matthews and Ryan Lefebvre discuss upcoming spring training. Interviews w...


    ned yost, buddy bell, mike redmond, omar infante

  5. 01/20 5p The Drive

    More football talk with Vern


    alex smith, edgerrin james, nick saban, marvin harrison

  6. 01/20 4p The Drive

    Vern talks MLK and civil rights


    chris kluwe, peyton manning, tom brady, stone temple pilots

  7. 01/20 3p The Drive

    Vern talks Royals, NCAA seniors, and his top 5 "like a boss" songs.


    ned yost, ervin santana, world series, alex smith

  8. 01/20 2p The Drive

    Josh Vernier fills in for Danny and Carrington. Richard Sherman, the upcoming S...


    champ bailey, chris harris, charles woodson, deangelo hall

  9. 01/16 6pm - Royals Hot Stove

    Denny Matthews and Ryan Lefebvre talk Royals. Interviews with Dayton Moore and ...


    ned yost, james shields, ervin santana, jermaine dye

  10. 12/17 4pm - X-Mas Shopping, THC Theory Tuesday


    sean taylor, baltimore ravens, adrian peterson, kelly jones