1. 04/16 - 10am Royals Spades, Jackie Robinson Day, That Guy Gets the Show, Weight Loss Challenge

    In Hour 1 on this Easter Sunday, Ron compares the Royals to Spades and the guys...


    demorrio williams, mario williams, cj miles, atlanta falcons

  2. 09/12 - The Practice Squad w/ Sean Levine - Hr 2


    beastie boys, anthony davis, into the fire, wayne simien

  3. 03/12 - the Practice Squad


    rob meier, kansas city chiefs, ned yost, college basketball

  4. 03/12 - Vern's Hot Stove

    As we do every Sunday at 9am Vern is live from Surprise, Arizona to discuss all...


    ned yost, nelson cruz, andrew miller, francisco rodriguez

  5. 9am- 3/11 High School Sports Saturday Show

    March Madness edition coach McCabe in studio as well as other coaches join us a...


    march madness, college basketball, bird flu, high school sports

  6. 3/10/17 The Night Shift - featuring Stephen Serda Hour 3

    In the last hour of the night shift things get heated as we revisit the Aldon S...


    bill belichick, tony romo, elton john, atlanta falcons

  7. 3/10/17 The Night Shift - featuring Stephen Serda Hour 2

    We have a first for The Night Shift as Julio takes over Serda's 59 seconds of f...


    john lynch, cleveland browns, kansas city chiefs, brandon marshall

  8. 3/10/17 The Night Shift - featuring Stephen Serda Hour 1

    Host Stephen Serda opens the first hour of the night shift talking the Big 12 t...


    san diego chargers, miami dolphins, new orleans saints, wii's game

  9. 3/10 5PM - The Hits, Devonte Graham & KU, Curtis Kitchen

    C-Dot and "The Sports Machine" Sean Levine start off the last hour of the after...


    talking heads, alex smith, college basketball, john hurt

  10. 03/10 4pm - Pick-A-Player, Ned Yost with Fanning, CJ Moore, Kim Anderson

    In Hour 3, the guys play a "Sports Machine" edition of "Pick-A-Player before he...


    college basketball, ned yost, brad may, colorado rapids