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ROCKHURST SPORTS MINUTE Winkler Swim-Dive 9.29.14

Sep 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is rockers high school sports admitted it was women dive head coach Paul always clear front you buy -- construction celebrating their twentieth anniversary Clark would feature one of the top sophomores in the state in common mill. They'll lose the team's top 500 freestyle -- coach when -- on the work ethic of his star sophomore. Collin OK with the very mature work ethic from the very beginning hand out. Yes it's great dedicated field of view what he does put a New -- -- virtue. Few ballots out as well with this technique. And actually excellent -- so we'll go right way. He's got to build a strong because well here's a great job with here competitive as they -- -- -- -- anybody. -- eight point eight catalytic -- spurring me. There -- you know -- -- and your -- you wanna come this strategy out of school are under. Pogroms are off until Tuesday October 7 as they face North Kansas City at the Gladstone pool that's a lakers' high school sportsman it was women -- head coach Paul declared for 610 Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.