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07/01 9a - Bill Self, Royals & World Cup

Jul 1, 2014|

We're joined by HC Bill Self to talk about Wiggins & Embiid's impact on the KU program, we talk about the Royals signing of Raul Ibanez & we give our USA-Belgium prediction

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back get on a Tuesday. Keep your excuse is coming if you use that patriotism excuse the last time to get out of work to go watch the US game what are use it today can go to that card again to. You get your employer election opera 3 o'clock match about a bunch you're doing -- you're coming up with a bunch of excuses or through some of those coming up in just a bit keep coming on a -- -- 693. 06 joined now -- by Kansas basketball coach bill sell -- more coach. I'm doing terrific welcome back from off from New York City which seemed to be AA rather fun event and seeing two of your players -- One in three in the draft. What does this mean for your program moving for. Well I don't know it. You know I really don't know hopefully recruits moves forward -- little look at that say I indeed you know they. You know. Everybody can have something that's probably. Couldn't argue or make an audit are important thing. Except without recruiting some people that would -- here is that you'll. We -- again like bill that or two guys or. We have at all or what they got -- leak. But the reality -- we probably. You know there's not a lot of late lottery picks are quick first Crocker are all. Also typically get craft. End up hopefully we get to that pit -- sort that you reported very next ten or fifteen years. All the Sunday afternoon of February they're they're talking about we insecure little beat reporter. -- that -- circuitry -- -- -- L.s gonna ask you about that is it seems to have been something may be used in recruiting and and so much of it goes beyond your control mean you prepare guys for the next we've certainly not coaching them once they get to the NBA but. Is it. May be imperative from a perception standpoint recruiting standpoint that there is. And all star and all star tight coming out of Kansas. It from a perception affordability look at. Statistically. You know I I don't know what is life. 80% of all the I'll start this year reader in high school at play calls you one. I mean that the reality year that there there's a lot of relief relief fund players out there are all. And certainly. You know we looked at some of the extra gear school -- -- and I think it would not open. -- sport sanctuary and hopefully it -- until the you know. -- player next level potentially. Certainly that fateful. Integrated investors. And not out. So pleased to hear what -- -- -- -- some bubbles in the senate that partner at the Internet as a lot less. Movement for recruits that. What did you think above their landing spots. Well -- like you know. So obviously an important one Cleveland it would hurt there. Are situations -- -- here and go out here so. If -- we gave it paid. And a great leader Joseph and there. And in what would that happen I think it became much more obviously. Bill that would not be could be at that spot it's. -- -- -- And who knows what the future will hold that but I think it's equally acres and -- -- that's that's street pretty good young talents and then. And then Omnia which -- A chill out before the draft he thought the best source. And I like to get over that it would to -- that would that often it was for. I. Call the 684. The draft out of or Michael -- it's just Tellme user the other -- -- only thing port deal. -- a course. It here either bill Tibet so. -- not a great year what about the plane this year whether or not -- yeah. Adults. What leader called serve and notre soccer player. I'll just say that they seem to be kind of a patient franchise immunity. Draft that a guy before that didn't play for them for a year so if they have to wait that seems like -- it's a franchise that's kind of done that before. We'll do this and it's about it playoff picture next year doubt he'll either. Black -- in their life. 22 to -- players are not welcome in the playoff picture of what distressing for the year and then. And that probably have -- -- -- for our direct. And -- but falling -- it would be you know due to you know potentially. Props -- -- pixel. You know -- But he is still -- apple might go directly but he yards are actively. Children. Six months that the vaccine and either call. Probably using. -- make Kansas basketball coach Bill Self -- black also play with the Houston in the summer league's. A what are you hearing about his chances. McGregor. A legal product out there about Google Talk. Lucky dog it's been fine but we expect a lot of note cards you know you're locked into the he. Cattle with the late second -- work you're free HE EUK which he built to and we do you look at ample. So at least you -- folks -- You need to eat at this summer heat and have a great chance to make a roster. -- -- -- -- an older people they're very huge demand. What do you or somebody else would it be great to -- with Houston but let's go to. But -- not play well enough to get an opportunity where somebody else can screen watching as he worked out for folks in a lot of folks like even. And he's got a lot and it's such a great easily. And -- and a great person he -- absolutely. You know into the -- One way or another so so we're hopeful we're you know but not -- result distortions as well. Well of course our returnees now -- selvin got tabbed as a potential to be a one and done before it got here becomes back. How big a jump can he take this upcoming campaign. Are going to be their -- you eat eat so much better are. You know we we need to get it in the media. Scope which is -- -- beat your ball but we've yet seen the Buick during the season and is elected not true. -- You know look at that now I wish he would have done it even if it would get him to hurt or injure. 33 weeks or not because you're so much without him more explosive now what he was. A papacy so a lot. About the police are I think he's improved so -- -- -- it -- -- better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and they are great last year -- this dispute could it be great he said. He could be appoint -- Got 2.3. Yeah. Worry about it the ball -- that at all property could certainly. Make more plays a lot there's forty people actually imply it will do what we put in position to last year's double. I've always said about you that I watching watching your guys playing here in you guys develop it seems like that. You obviously have a plan for what you want them to do which are also not afraid it may be. Showcase some of those skills at the next level would like to see does that -- in the case of queen selvin if he shows more handled better passing. That's gonna make him maybe a little more. I -- productive viable option the next level. Think it would California part about it is bill saying he's going to be critical eager to -- but -- -- -- -- is something. Guys like I don't -- position. But can be emergency other positions players are much more about people like eats -- me think about it in most recent strong enough. He's true to -- for the people who move that he completely submerged what you know that that like their you know that the person who commander. It's no police in the points art. Are you there were many possessions throughout the playoffs in which they could help me out because as you know and it written. It's so -- based on matchup next and so I think that that's I'll hopefully he can become war vote hurtful. And Perry Ellis suddenly becomes one of the veterans and the overnight he's the old man again. To mark what their two day. Because he was seen yet yet. Itself which he was -- history books we were at stake here is what he missed work. Because the war in a look at here there's no seniors. And then once you correctly. And what article and so to honor here so Perry a former elder statesman and he looks good he that eager Pittsburgh the somersault for. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's pretty well. You can -- like clay when they're that young coach. Teams selected to play in the world university games in Korea next summer. Pretty big honor with seemingly a lot of benefits for for Kansas and four Kansas players the program everything else seems like -- pretty big big honor to take part -- Evil -- it I -- your idol in that. You know -- it is it's critical for the world are you can't interact with other athletes and all over -- public opposition. Maybe Europe but last stop it that's very capable little let's let's let them when they're. Here know -- it is not. We have and the that was up to a can't -- -- -- mark. Squad -- -- -- and so you know it's it could be a situation where where. You know hopefully it will. Fare well but will we get a lot of work to do but to deal. To do -- like. Every old pal of arts in -- system and I still like it's it was a it was a yes. But in the blues type proper conditions and certainly will be -- important note to thank the people who lose their cute little doubt will be able though. You'll get science and -- and and and maybe protect and older got -- -- -- as a basketball career but but I. It's in order. So who knows what we'll do but he should be flat -- And you get the practice early which won't argue with either probably aren't. It cracked yeah. And so so you know legal portrait she -- get limited work as well I think two weeks prior whatever is I -- -- except little. Worked in practices -- whatever -- but it it it's incumbent but it's a with a catch for the summer. School back -- After the first section agent of the but perfectly we actually believe that we the first -- so old you're gonna have a situation where you have. Basically for weeks or ego or great to -- though -- -- -- -- some weeks we can do you know in some different things and get our act pair -- political -- currently. -- coach appreciate your time this morning look toward catching up with -- soon. Though there is -- -- soccer. OK I did not get a soccer take every year you. Out of a lot -- -- you -- you follow a ton of sports and you like to sit down -- wee wee girl watching the talk everybody up baseball multiple I didn't realize yet a soccer to -- for. On the stock and debt problem late in ignored his school is. -- -- I'm. Also put -- -- in here and what with what -- there were no words in 48 CEO of Google but that's not what what I'll let you -- that. It is. It could become one of the main you know you soccer there's gonna continue to grow also think it's really cool that we get home broke in the and they are certainly are a lot object about the -- goes well. I think you're includes any you have a little bit in common I think you you try to push those motivational buttons at the right time to an east. He seemingly pushed some some -- buttons along the way through this tournament. Well that'll air it if we -- comics it's certainly not. -- -- that's for sure that could put that you can either -- so well. He did it in the -- order and so well. But it's really cool the success. You know got -- well it's happened -- -- competitors here are like I too would like to what the state preemption and. Nigeria -- Never remember what we're open to preach and then Nigeria played today -- yesterday I mean there -- Jordan watch it actually skipping out of work it out. Oh there's -- work out for the guys today looks like you're going to be I'll watch in soccer at 30 lord it over. Which we we we we move so tomorrow -- electorate are treated very physical also. That's awesome all right based -- talk to you soon. All right that's Kansas coach Bill Self joining us and he needs is soccer he he is in a lot of sports. We get the opportunity to sit around with him after press conferences in Canada and off the record lunch every sits around -- shoots the BS around he'll rattle off. Baseball stats about guys. But ball stance about guys. Watch an NBA all the time ally has enough hours in the data keep track of everything is going on sports is watch all soccer to see everybody's in. I'm excited. But I don't believe it's any type of answer we'll explain next six in Sports Radio six and sports stuck -- Welcome back in thanks coach self for dropping by. Towards the end there. He said to -- back accounts of the last I don't think he mule either didn't understand what I was saying like you're in Klinsmann. And I think he was talking about cliff alienate some sporting. The sporting owners who may have a bigger bank capital some BellSouth thank -- got a pretty -- it's if I don't do law I'd like O'Leary Clinton makes that. So -- -- doesn't mean. Was it was a national soccer coach and it means it is ignorant and I no pay. Pay would be -- -- you're in Clinton's -- -- on it. Six on threes or six -- like today also wanted to hear your excuses begin work. Some of that eat big breakfast take launch of three and it is back after day do it -- it differently. No excuses needed a self employed and watch the damn match -- from did NASA. One of our frequent contributors. I called in sick last week I've committed to acting after the weather all week and in this week. I Texan my boss last night told them I don't think Albion today legit. Of course you know the upset stomach and says it's gotta do it work. You know disappear and the restaurant for a little while to connect out and get it. -- good feelings. On me and it that is kind of now lot of debate. Summits as I'm just gonna watch -- my phone in my cubicle prayer don't get caught. The watch ESPN at past teams the team I'll actually. Awesome. Only -- in my phone -- document that early in the wake of the auction of something bigger screen. -- as he signed a four year extension doesn't really salmon and now I'm saying if I compare bank accounts I'm guessing -- -- Third year Clinton but it doesn't unused making 2.5 in salary OK so yeah I'll think he'll figure. I think he was referring news sporting owners which at -- -- -- it's pretty good bank accounts as well as it bombs. I'm excited. I don't believe it's the answer. I really hope the royals don't believe it's the answer but just a nice piece. They can have some upside. It's a -- grow bond yes. Yes I remember 55 home runs in three seasons with the royals -- 0103. It's been kind of documented. Major mistake letting go the productivity of the outfield situation vs what you. Maybe -- paid him the deal he signed to go to Seattle should this should -- a huge mistake. Back in about three should've signed it should have been here then. But it is ten years later and it's forty years -- It's got some pop hopefully is two years removed from having the 29 home runs years ago between final rounds. Three -- -- run through his career but was just hitting 157. Did have three home runs and we go on street on runs of 57 games. Have you looked at the royals -- run totals. May be. He provide something. I wouldn't count on him a bunch. But it's it's -- no. No risk deal. He's not displacing anybody. He's a veteran presence. That I feel like has no harm. Now hopefully they don't think that's it problem solved. This going to be sparked the offense civic -- yadier Rihanna -- they're still pursuing moves and Italy they are. But this on the service remove I have no problem with whatsoever. And there's also another fringe benefit to this I'll explain next six and Sports Radio six in sports that. Blood disorder trucker dad -- excuses don't watch the match they trucker dance as what a coincidence a Highway Patrol wants to re inspect my truck. To see if I got the repairs done from last Thursday's inspection that the system. Yeah I gotta get that struck inspected and I -- to use and they need to recheck. To have to be both times the United States playing soccer. Good job a huge record and I won't tell one of those weird things or itself chartered and 69 -- or six on the tax like today. I'm curious what she's using today to use the patriotism we got to work last week if you're able to do it again in the name of America. Hopefully that's the case talk a little -- roll about onions. As he is -- once again. A member of the Kansas City Royals CA was back in 2001. Through 2003. Believe -- and he is again thank you McCarty. 55 home runs in three seasons yeah remember that loud pop. Dayton Moore says he played outfield DH but also played some first base. Although they seem to be downplaying any attention needing anything at first base and Yost was asked yesterday about but he could this facility you know. Possibly move her Kosovor to have -- -- on the miners are now set for the -- from its. Not anticipating that's -- case. Maybe just maybe. He DH isn't spots for Billy -- there but they like Billy Mueller to only get -- -- biggest impact really Eric copper gold dollar well. Provides -- -- pinch hitter late. Spot duty in the outfield. A DH. May most importantly a veteran presence of playoff experience. Maybe he pays more dividends. In the clubhouse that he does on the the right fielder number eighteen brought Little League Bundy as you said the royal said is quote -- opportunity among five teams that contacted him. Self. Some people assigned on a Twitter yesterday there was -- there's kind of a -- this this now it doesn't it doesn't displace anybody. The guy that. Can navy pension. May pull -- field. Maxwell experience. 42 years old -- production levels Max -- through the first. Three months of the season -- 29 home runs in 2013. FL like wow look at this point nine home runs good grief Seattle was popping out of the ballpark. In 2013 for some particular reason. Just three this year forty wonder of an end and expected time but. Better presence that I like and maybe most importantly for use the royals fan. In our various direct on Jersey rolls on the shell out and I we said we said it we set the Jersey rules. You guys are doing an awesome job by the way I can tell your back -- royals baseball look at your tweeting me every weekend. Random jerseys at the stadium keep those coming at Josh -- their on Twitter nice job by our own -- -- for treating us the wild thing Jersey last Friday about things that was awesome there're some terrific ones are the last couple homestand just keep those coming across he has an SEW on Twitter. So were a little regimented and another huge fan of wearing a Jersey summits and that's long gone but if you have an Ibanez 0103. What's old is new again. And extra bonus points if it's a sleeveless one. But we're sure under place. We're gonna Wear the black shredded those awful sleeveless jerseys the -- had enough sun's out guns out. Pretty sure that there was an Ibanez. Sleeveless out there somewhere. Back to come back. It is back role a -- Relief bunting. Sleeveless jerseys are okay sun's out guns out -- you don't need T shirt underneath. Yeah July now most of you founders turned most of you do this sweltering is a 101 heat index yesterday and but those puppies breathe he can bring back the -- about his Jersey. Is the probably a little bunny. -- any new money on a New Jersey and I think that's a win for all of us now let me ask you some of runners here Eric. Four and a half home runs. As a royal as a royal. So more -- rolled by and so more than seven. Total yes yes LCS takeover I'll take over. I hope so -- at that -- half teams in the outfield. He'd play DH more when he. 'cause of the outfield situation is still immune went out he comes back going into it that you got. Yet Dyson played well and attended teams they trotted out doing your fifth outfielders I don't play much and now starting ten and half games that are worded decision. In DH included yes. What's good number I think. Which is what makes us which would turn to do with an -- All trying to get action on both sides here to act and over under ten and our needs as a starter I for the royals just plans don't Phillies have -- ideal. What -- -- election -- rarity birdies start and as you kind of went -- not to make. Get a lot of opportunities it personally five games hang out -- Hillary five games DH and maybe he spells Gordon once the rest of the year. Right. Not didn't take I scenario that might take the at a rate deal with the -- to play it and maybe not start those times. The only chances for an injury. Correct. Which is when natural place place. Right over a letter of September 1 if he's on this roster. Yeah I think so. Think he'll be on her illness is a company assistant coach and me who have been stressed that. The measure that -- that's coach that's a beautiful thing this morning get away from this uneasy and -- That no arrests had done -- done work and he doesn't have to be around if you find upgrade and actually get up you know some pop in the outfield via trade somehow some way. Yeah he's he's he's a first guy gone. But I liked him you know he did hang out in the clubhouse he's got playoff experience -- better on the block. He's steady veteran influence likable guy and he's been a good clubhouse guy. I like this move. Better record. Royals before Banja as the royals after volumes. Lose. Well please they're gonna get where they're going. Got to better not sure what has Steve yes obviously we wanted to get someone else I'll go and I'm gone better if it. Just because I think they they improve upon you know 42 at the midpoint -- customers average. And he's going up anyway I -- off at W bodies presence but can that hurt having a guy like data around the cage. Teaching got you know wait guys had a hit who are still plan is different than the coyotes out of town you stuff then they're done that. Know your name no we are respecting game. And hurt that neither can it. Bosworth -- For on justified reasons might pick a -- to have them you know big second and a good second half -- bounce back second. But I know that it would be to the credit of around fielder number eighteen. -- -- Bundy and evidence. Huh. I'm a little more intrigued by Christiane Cologne. And -- -- -- much yesterday -- and answers as to what his future entails is we're just in premium is the number number one and picked fourth overall. They never seem to be like part of the plan are worked his way in the -- not saying he's not -- chance and those types of things but. Never seem like he's achieved the point where you're gonna give him a spot or make a spot for him what is he now. Utility infielder is that all does that all he's war. Oh -- as the roster is currently constructed yeah now he's played second short and at third base. At all -- this season. Getting close to 300. Seems like it's strictly a spot duty god yes you -- -- now -- today. Be trying to showcase him to somebody else could he be a -- someone else to take up their hands via trade maybe it's not gonna get an -- bats though when thinks so. To showcase that he's a guided they could trade in the next thirty days there's no time it. Second. And fun days healthy there's no time at shortstop possessed partisan take any days off these third on the depth chart a third and matter what you think in my stuff -- and we know. Yet what the pecking order is at third base. And don't there's no signs that they're gonna move away from that any time. Currently and never know what that move this is obviously no option at DH. Never was one behind -- but now -- definitely not with Ibanez. Yeah I don't know what I don't know what this is other than he is he strictly utility guy now. Which would kind of -- for fourth overall pick in the draft. Almost like stayed on -- husky you're doing use a pay -- got through years. There -- deal is is utility. Inning he. That would kind of intrigues me for some reason -- -- you waiting like -- seeking a factor into the to the future at all. Or is he gonna become a bust. Your fourth overall pick in 2010. And never really produced at the minor league level up until this years and now it is kind of intriguing because. He's turned -- figured out a little bit maybe. Many consequent invention not it at bats and not play much. And now I know what to make of that when yet don't have really definitive. Answers yet from. From the royals on that one. So you like the Ibanez signing. If kind of those expectations are managed a little bit. It's not the answer is not the -- here's the big -- you're looking for to acquire before the deadline. In fit that mold. But as he -- another -- veteran experienced guy. Been around the block. Hopefully there's still some pop. Despite the fact he didn't show it with the angels he -- two years ago. With Seattle. Here's -- them left there for a short. Half season spurt with yeah. Maybe. Yeah where do you put them. He's not displacing a DH if he's not displacing a first baseman -- for short period time and I don't the he's doing either one of those things. They're nowhere near. You know Bob it's called for that. Four. For -- or rescind and they're nowhere near that. As much as -- tell -- Selig. I know we do want it not happening. And now they're not Saturday Kenneth Posner struggle right and Ned Yost said yesterday. That's the furthest thing from my mind. Not happening but I like the move and I'm I like the fact that we can Wear our Bonnie is jerseys again he got the money is Jersey. -- -- It's -- access no sleaze is. Okay sleeves no -- sanity I kind of disagree with that this coming for the guy who. Goes out and picks up his kids admittedly and slept kansans on from the gym with their shower racquet now like other people an hour and under -- there's there's a he went a hundred degrees outside the tank -- fine. Players and where without mr. underneath it on airplanes because they're died and around new. Some thought that was a terrible look I hated -- and those on those were ugly I don't like that that's the look. That's a bad this. -- -- I -- like hats and that to -- -- -- the black cat with a blue bill welcome those stats Alec does that still have one of those cats. But those jerseys ugly. Ugly lets you pick your undershirt you creative -- not those are terrible as a bad luck against MLB regulations yes it's been like that looked at all. Six and 306 on the attacks line today. -- and Charlie Weis. Get stuff done. And explain execs in Sports Radio six in sports second. -- And name. I no matter who. -- -- Okay good. -- -- Okay okay. You -- this -- CNN well. Damn straight. Trying to win one today. I don't have a great feeling about this match audio here I don't really get I. I don't know why did you put your money where your mouth then I'm gonna do on money lining up on him Moneyline USA I don't know that numbers right now. I don't have a good feel I feel very good about. As saying because I don't know any players on Belgium. I'm seeing it to one US but I am not fully confident that the amount diamonds were in the flag for that that's fine this advance. Who cares not -- -- dispute. I winning enter today's back of this with a penalty kicks. In the US one was a penalty kicks. I would love to correct -- Argentina. -- -- -- -- -- although close. And messy -- in one turn event. I'd be pretty awesome that would be that would be pretty cool I feel like we're kind of living vicariously little bit through met these -- like normal dude it. Local guy. Kind of normal. It was big time athlete played you'd kind of would know it. And. It's got that great picture already. Standing over. Ronaldo. USA plus 250 today. Here in -- any money. Against his talk to be Sullivan a conference call yesterday. And asked if he had had a -- -- itself yet. -- no offense MLS. But he's facing some of the top strikers in the world -- seen him go toe to toe. With Ronaldo. Actually saw the picture. After the game of need standing over -- -- I don't even America play at all. The -- of the mug shot on the at all although we keep. -- cool picture but. I don't know I guess I don't really realize that Iran played against actually in the game. It takes well into. When you get text messages from friends and family and you -- on social media some of the pictures that you realized. You know who you're seeing. That picture -- might -- see their pictures back. It's awesome. He's did hit a hook her -- and although his playing in the ground and look it's just it's just I'm the boss. I mean it is a girl hates Israel Lake -- great photo Mohamed Ali stick it was sunny Lester got out yeah. I mean yeah that's that's huge that's cuddyer walk all Betsy on now ha yeah. Number that game he. -- -- Be insular watts messy so when he has his hands up like this America wants messy. Number twenties really photo bombing that perfect one on one spot so I want the I want the US facing Argentina Belgium plus one of five fairly confident that USA plus 250. Draw plus 250. Over under two and a half. The only over. Little par -- money line action going on this afternoon. Under minus 150 over two and half goals plus 130 knots on the hands up at this one here he gets in there. And Allison on the ground as -- -- whining towards the official -- is looking or like what. -- unsolicited -- Chris Jenner and although what he's doing yesterday. It came down to -- two -- take -- want America. So I should I should Moneyline -- -- I'm not coming out of that I talked yet when yesterday apparently that you would want I'm younger so Tom Golisano mechanism and spoken yet to well. You like to well. Com Charlie Weis and I get stuff done. Kansas football coach article. Posted on jayhawks -- yesterday. Says Weis said a -- losing a 112 pounds and has already dropped about seventy way to go coach. What can drop a 112 pound he's our -- seventy pounds he's got. About seventy pounds in about forty left ago. To attain his goal which is outstanding in -- struggles of the losing -- -- -- -- -- can stuff done losing -- good for him got the track got a memorial stadium good for Grambling football fans. Now 456 wins we may be onto something. Meanwhile speaking get stuff done -- six weeks ago I tweet out a photo I had gone to the two to the lumber yard. Picked up some two by sixes. Gonna build me a debt Spanish okay. Started this process back hit October. -- your kids this project's been OK so I started in October. Dug some holes. It which was awful credits and read some power tools arsenal terrible process -- really really hard. Men dealer credit to those you can -- manual labor eye socket. So I dug holes these holes after awhile water kept going and there wasn't any about it found out I had to go to the city to get a permit. So I went to the city I think three different times. Won with like a sketch drawing us and it just does stick figure deck that injury is awful. By the third time I win the guys like to ski area and so that the got things that he could. Each carrier here we are also the plan here's do you did you both sides it's camps that I'm out the door. That was October. -- it's now July it was a six month. -- -- city got six months did this and I laughed and it's that a scientist and six months there's there's there are worse issues last connect the violence that -- at -- and -- Surely -- that six months. About a week before that the permit expires I get a letter in the mail. You have not followed up on this if you need. An extension please tell us wise I wrote a note -- said I am I'm scared of building this and life got in the way. So I got the extension. But I about it I'd purchased would like six weeks ago sitting outside my house like look at the next step. I got the cement out filled some holes and -- -- -- we're just not it was just not feel in my -- build this thing it is not gonna stand up. So I stay with -- what she said I stayed away for a for -- for a -- just couldn't bring myself to finish this thing was like becoming an eyesore the the -- Mail carrier assistive of this go through the mud and get my front door it's awful case is front door. Tunnel was but I -- Bully it. Then I went out there and I knocked it out and like -- day and a half. And the deck is done. Six by ten front porch deck done -- from a guy who once made a wobbly wooden bench in class back in high school. He built that thing faster than slow to bomb can pretty much but that's about it. And I didn't take months it's a beta build what basically is like your weekend warrior. We can warrior project it's a simple. Platform six by ten -- not a do you and prod economic tracking it all but I got to but I got it done and it and it's it's sturdy. And they go anywhere. I'm really really happy and Iberia. Yes there's that put the chairs there right away kids I didn't rely excessive about a person like I had this thing wobbles -- it's trouble. Had a couple storms enough is happening I think we're good. 95 Purdue in the mail that's what's cross that no problem your gut. Clearly better than I am main enemy and that's it do it yourself job at NASA hoopla it yet and I'm I am great at trying it you can't finish it. And I thought that this of this project is like I'll give -- a shot and then not crap I got a call to pro. F Huntsman knows a dollar dealing. You're my biggest problem is what these like home improvement type things in that make it worse. Because I -- patient with Stephanie and breaking things. These are -- something else so one thing always -- like three with me I can't fix the pro took his and I develop. Further -- Imus starting pitcher I'm not much of a closer yes regard and I actually closed one until forget about it. Older guys enough out today and put but the team got there -- America. Front back -- the other day who some beer yeah Richie twit does that -- -- I viva might deal like date me. Basically does big he's big on -- yeah. You know what India do what I did last night and get the -- me ready to go home purchase that for this week nights Thursday Friday Saturday and -- -- -- -- -- -- in the in get fireworks moment first stop in designing and which shall probably two or three more stops but. Stop one. In the books. Done done nearly half -- -- holiday I got those big. Whose big problems right with bleed black cats altogether those things go off like five minutes relate one in drugs neighbors crazy after Garcia. It's legal that's good starts legal -- discharge their -- Reno there's technique by lighting up a huge Africa fireworks. It was like when you start the week in -- like -- in the week what's Jessica today. You know putting hyper team USA clearly huge match are already talking about it -- get to watch it today took an after show. Actually get this that there in watching -- celebrities top hundred celebrity list came out. It's got a surprising thing makes athletes with celebrities. -- -- some rural classic ones in Michael Vick got -- -- course is similar to the audio for -- -- that it was great stuff they ship the Henry and Jacobs -- next six cents portray a six and sports that count.


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