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09/23 7a - Aldon Smith, & Willie Wilson

Sep 23, 2013|

The guys talk about former Missouri star Aldon Smith, his struggles & why he was allowed to play yesterday. They're also joined by former Royals OF Willie Wilson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- a Monday morning -- victory Monday here on 610 sports radio's the royals win it for nothing ten innings yesterday chiefs with a day off yesterday wasn't really sure how I was gonna feel about having the day off yesterday from a from NFL football. I felt very good about having the day off from NFL football yes it. This Thursday night games at the kind of frees you up over the weekend doesn't it you have to do a few other things like watch the royals kick somebody's button and watch the royals have and I kind of little red zone going a little bit those -- Let's check out of the NFL yes they pay out a little bit of attention and I I wanted to watch the the -- -- to watch the -- that was really I -- I felt like at pace myself very well yesterday did you watch more of Todd haley's. Air quotes offense or offense. Or did you watch more of the Emmys yesterday I didn't watch much I didn't watch much of the enemies either and I try to hope there was a train wreck is you know that's what -- like -- somebody does something stupid there was really no train -- nothing really out of the ordinary. And the Emmy award to Suzanne very disappointing -- -- -- may be Elton John would have done something but no he didn't so very out of the ordinary -- Two young actress or anything though herself now that -- loser. That's -- at it and it the other ones where they act and ones are they vote for each other -- an excellent governor and we'll have a Golden Globe this year. Leg and then they have these kind of people win awards. Happen to him I found girls doesn't it and globes along that that they get called. I think it is gonna get so lost in the -- now -- music awards they'll vote for each other in the -- yes -- and that's what is now have a little time yet so that was the case last -- even those of fielder -- looked outstanding in her red dress yesterday got -- at the pictures of -- -- -- -- is a -- Sunday -- -- -- -- good EST are you a video game -- Not as -- -- used to be known Specter you video game and try to do what's awhile what's your favorite video game of all time. Leno -- -- do you need to protect. Probably goldeneye for the old Nintendo 64 I used to love the -- -- legend of Zelda on the resentment and James Bonds. In a car that don't know. Now as a spy hunter -- high after yes it is that was another Google and I pitfalls -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sure I could never get over -- -- -- it was very very difficult. The median of those alligators for the reason I bring that up. This because that this shocks me more than anything. Okay Grand Theft Auto five came out a couple of days ago and it raked in more than three billion dollars -- record shattering first three days on the streets or is it three bill it's army three billion dollars okay to take it one step further. It is the fastest. Of any entertain the sales. Right now are faster than any other entertainment property ever including video games and feature films. This video game Grand Theft Auto has made more money in three days than any movie. Any video game any anything. That has been released in the entertainment business three billion dollar more than a billion dollars a record shattering first three days my -- a billion dollars. In the first three days it's been on the market. That's an incredible number to put up for a video game it's made more money in three days in the hottest grossing film of all time did in three days. For video game. And in Ottawa were sad to others has tried a lot of money that goes into making these things and I'm guessing they got paid for yeah I would think so -- how much what he does -- making a video game vs paying actors and things like that in a movement of the technology in it and it goes into it that gets trying to like twenty -- film like you paid. You know an actor -- -- straight I guess Grand Theft Auto it's that it -- -- here it is production budget was 270 million. -- -- That's more than the movies they spend five years crafting the title with a -- production budget of 270 million. And the time is paid off for gamers according to a slew of regional model as she goes and stuff every two years I mean a billion dollars in any -- to nurse to put this in here to put into purse. Equally in the previous record of nineteen days set by avatar and Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part two -- to nineteen days. To give a billion dollars from movies three days. For Grand Theft Auto five. That's incredible it's unbelievable. Amazing really. Passed the billion dollars in just three days. In a video team that is only Gholston cause Havoc yeah I mean it's a departure brought people killed PBS steal cars it's it's. By tree on a video game. And it's made a billion dollars in three days society wins again. That's why we -- lose again or loses either way whatever now speaking of society -- Which is a very I think good segue into this all the Smith discussion. What did you guys stink. The San Francisco forty now about the same for Cisco forty -- for allowing all and Smith the play McCain Wall Street also at the UEPA and followed. Do you -- 7 in the morning. Group and had marijuana in the car -- 7 AM driving to work drunk with -- tank and he's had a few issues are ready yet this is number war. With the stuff -- there's the party was right. They were charging people to come to a -- basically anything that and then there were shots fired so I got shot I mean. There's there's been some some things going on at that this is the second do you lie that he's received. And the best part about this is the car was against the tree piece flooring it trying to drive through the tree. At 7 o'clock and -- was all a burn rubber and it was a bad scenes because it's it yet this is a bad. Well. He played yesterday and yet the 49ers allowed him to play. Now is so my first thought was. Winning over everything yeah it's more important. To win them. And anything that anything. More important to do now now he is he's and they long he's not playing he's not playing their Thursday night game this upcoming week against Saint Louis. Apparently going to rehab. And deep further punishment will be determined by. By Jim Harbaugh according to the CEO of via important but he played in yesterday's. Here's judge -- the CEO on why all the Smith was allowed to play. Sitting somebody down. And paying them to sit down when they're going to seek treatment in the future. That didn't seem like an appropriate punishment I know what might not sound reasonable. But for all and to be able to. Face the media. Face his teammates. And take full responsibility for what he's doing we felt that was the best situation for all he himself. No he really did you set it right there we were paying him so we want him to place we're paying him to play in. We had a game to play getting maimed when he couldn't get the rehab on Monday so we -- -- in the guys that he was gonna get out there like shoddy comments by the owner. Of this effort Cisco 49ers instead of taking responsibility. And sending a message to everybody but that's not going to be tolerated for the CEO who's about RH -- young guy. CEO of the 49ers. Comes out so well we found it silly we're paying and we might as well at a map there. What what kind of message does that send to the rest of your organization. And really to it to society in general that because. Your pain in the guy you've got the game plan in place this happened on Friday he had a lot of things you're gonna do systematically. With this guy. Alec what the hell let him play and that will ship them off the to Betty Ford reverend at least going. On Monday but in the meantime we're gonna let him like what happened if you go to work X sync your drive to work now this time a day you're driving to work. You hit a tree you get a DUI you got we even in the car and you're trying to floor to retreat would juror employers that kind of day finish out the day in. We're pay the end and whatnot and don't we be fired I mean you would be hired. If that happened to you and rightfully so. And the same for Cisco forty now so you'd just go and you'd say wanna get it taking care -- on Monday and you're paying me anyway it's a lot that is before the war -- we can get through the weekend -- -- that that's what I have a with a happening here John yeah it sure would be absolutely yeah we we don't each serves as anymore you you tried to drive through a tree. And you have weeds in the car and it's not Colorado or Washington so you were not allowed to have that here. In California and it's your second DUI so. We're not gonna let you play on Sunday always were pay. Paint Bartlett of let -- I I just think that's a bad message and I hate to do the youth of society but you got to factor that ABC kids. There are watching this knowing this guy got games for what he did. And he's allowed to go out there and play. On Sunday and I just think what the San Francisco 49ers did was a bad bad message it was up to them. OK to decide whether or not he played the NFL cannot weigh in on this yet because it's part of the -- to -- -- it's up to the team. And the team allowed him to play and I think right now that is bad news. For the San Francisco 49ers that they -- that way because now the precedent has been set what does that say -- other players in the in this organization. I think it makes I think it -- the NFL look bad anemic forty niners look back especially with the NFL have the problems that does have a off the field of Roger Goodell cracking down. You got a guy who tried to drive through a tree with a battle we've drunk at 7 in the morning. And you say because well we're paying him we're gonna let apply that to me is a bad message ABC I've. Glad all the Smith is going to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I don't know if there -- him Thursday Pam Thursday so if he if he. I'm -- to the end of the cease. To get -- I'm -- you know you have got to get a book employment and you know you do what you do you put off you put off the Bill Clinton right essentially says you have got to. I'm gonna committee saw about a Monday his random 800 numbers show up you don't answer and that a steady that he shows -- -- like yep I've I've talked to Morgan or get this done so. What's they would play on Thursday and until I put I just was not to have an on Friday a group. He should have latest -- -- we should not should not as a manager just he should have been on the inactive list. It was like -- jaguars. You wouldn't have been point. Maybe self. They needed against -- Locke has and it didn't work out well -- know Indianapolis is able to get the victory out there. In San Francisco and really wasn't a close game at 277. So all the Smith obviously. Did not make that big difference but it goes back to the winning at all cost mentality that we now half. In sports there's no -- do the right thing it's all about what's gonna help us win games because. In sports if you lose your fired I mean you could be fired immediately. For losing a game no matter what it is because people don't tolerate that anymore there's no time anymore in sports and and you -- have your best players out there I understand that. But there has Stabile line you do something like all the Smith did. Now it's the first or hurt we'll take your problems later we need to play now we get we gotta have usually -- did you play and that doesn't help that individual. Because they're past the B. Accountability. And we talked about accountability in sports for a long time now it starts. With mrs. Jones in seventh or eighth grade six and at least escort. So we can claim the game on Friday night -- work starts and it just continues to snowball and snowball and snowball. And the San Francisco 49ers added to that and and then when people do bad things. And they get away with it they continually pushed the envelope and pushed the envelope push the envelope and now here's almost miss it -- the -- Friday night Friday morning. And I'm able to play yeah. Oh no accountability whatsoever. For professional athletes and I think that's why we see a lot of professional athletes like Aaron Hernandez go down that -- -- what -- if somebody being killed somebody. Driving around all banged up you've got to send a message but driving while intoxicated. It's not going to be tolerated and I don't care if he's gonna seek help today he shouldn't played yesterday. And they're also showing a lot of faith in. All the -- -- to kind of go and take care of this himself a -- which. They're kind of backing off on the rest of it too and I'm thinking OK when you wanna be kind of heavily involved in making sure well I think he's gonna do the right thing involve law. That's put a lot of faith that somebody to it is yeah I'll support our players Yorke said. As long as they're willing to work towards getting better and being better teammates that are members that immediately Ballmer wants to do that I'll support him and I'll stand by him as long as that. As that's what he's willing to do to show a lot of faith in this guy too so he's got a he's got also. Almost reward them on the back to the -- yes. Yes out -- -- at -- -- the -- and I was at that incredibly that it was even a decision right. Just hold him out that we. Great and glad he's going to treatment today -- okay whatever whatever he's got worked out whatever is going to do is missing there's -- game for sure. What's going to be signed next week what's the harm -- missing Sunday to you a better message to send did not haven't played analyst at. That was -- it was horrible messes and then then you hear the CEO say this sitting somebody down. And paying them to sit down when they're going to seek treatment in the future. That didn't seem like an appropriate punishment. Paying him to sit. When he was going to seek treatment didn't seem like an appropriate punishment basically was we're gonna Davis got it for this game we're playing him regardless. And that's a sad message descent to bad bad message to be -- 9135767610. -- on 369306. Coming up. About fifteen minutes we'll talk formal royal Willie Wilson got his new book apple will talk a lot about the royals -- what they were able to accomplish over the weekend in the final. Weekend of the season at home and then going into the final week of the season on the road whether or not they can make it into the post season will talk to Willie Wilson coming up. In about fifteen minutes or so here I'm 610 Sports Radio I got asked this okay. How great is it to be a sports fan right now in Kansas City. I mean how phenomenal is right now how fired up -- you right now to be a sports -- in Kansas City this is a good time. Right now to be a sports -- -- -- uses football team's three and oh yeah baseball teams given us some to talk about. It last week of September yeah. -- and September. Do you remember getting this feeling in 2003 now. Like this is night and day from 2003 the last time both teams had a winning record. At the same time it's been a decade. It's not like we've had a history of success I remember football's buzz more than the baseball it was buzz but it wasn't I don't think -- buzz as it is right now football's got. Well -- -- it does but the reason I say that is because of the social media that all adds into that much fun as -- Peoria pitcher and whatnot. But just looking at these two organizations from where they are. Now to where they were back in 2003. Nobody really believed. In that 2003 royals baseball team nobody really believed that they were gonna have the staying power. To make it into the postseason that you and I remember them being eliminated in Cleveland back like you know the middle of September so would it it ended fairly early. For the royals a year but even going through that year that people feel pretty good but it wasn't like people were actually buying in. To the Kansas City Royals and part of the reason was they didn't have the pitching like this team has now could you imagine if that 2003 team had anything close to the pitching. But this organization has right now they may have gotten into the postseason back in 2003 they just never had. The pitching and I think what's what's been different to me the biggest difference between this version of the royals of Mac version of the royals back in 2003. And why the buzz is still here is because that that the fans. We're just like all right they sustained a seventeen and three starter whatever went barreling -- that amazing start of the season and it was like seventeen and three or something like that. They look they lived on that the entire year after they -- like seventeen and three they played well below 500 for the majority of the season but they were able to maintain. That plus fourteen that they started off the beginning of the year with. And they were able to sustain it hold -- that. I think what's different about this team too is we saw how bad -- was for the Kansas City Royals. And then watch them bounce back the way that they have and play some outstanding baseball I mean since may. The royals have been one of the best teams. In all of Major League Baseball they've been standing. Since that month of may and I think stands Josh really appreciate the fact. But this team was down in the dumps they were essentially out of it they fired both hitting coaches they hired George Brett. And they find a way to start winning baseball games and I think that's what really has captured the minds. Of this database is that these guys were left for dead. And they decided you know we're not dead we're gonna continue to fight back and we're gonna battle and they battled to the last eight season here's the 03 pitchers. OK -- laying actors George and now he's Hernandez news. Kyle Snyder Jose Lima remember Runelvys Hernandez top army veteran and I want time how hard it Wallace also made starts that year was and gobble -- -- Anderson. And Miguel since here bright it was it was a nice pick and Paul -- era. Paula -- -- boy deals made three starts in right for yet. That's bad Brian Anderson was an ice pick up and Jose Lima was a good pick up to -- -- You know he I'm -- this rotations that are outside close -- I think that offense may have little bit better back at a ten game Warner. -- -- -- -- -- -- And he wasn't even that good so this team right now is winning and it's a lot different than it was 2003 because he got legitimate players on this team he really truly have. Legitimate pitching legitimate hitters legitimate defenders on this team and oh -- got to remember -- you know three. Which could chase a second wild card yet true. And when they had that second wildcard I was blue as a as the royals yeah I like OK does any any opportunity to. To be able to have a chance yes. That second wildcard open open that type of thing up you're playing for just one wildcard. Gotta feel different yes he would be farther out to be harder attain. This this has made it more exciting. It really has I think what would also has has made it exciting. Is that there are guys you know basically everybody's years homegrown guy now with the exception of the pitching staff but every one of these position players homegrown guy. That we brought in here and watched grow up in the organization of people feel really really good about they got a gold Glover left field which by the way Alex Rios is in the royals three games this year. You realize that now outs Rios himself. Has won the royals three games this year you've got you know. A third base and first baseman shortstop catcher and we all these guys essentially came up through. The system and a big guys here from basically the beginnings of their career. That everybody's been rooting for the following two and and I think right now fans are are buying into that they love the fact that these are our guys now. And they go out there and they play hard and they play good -- for the most part. Play Smart baseball to but the manager gets in the way these these guys essentially. Played really Smart really hard really good baseball and I think fans are buying into it and -- you look at the football team to me it feels like there's more buzz about this football team. Because I don't know if there's as much. Were defrocked through stirring trumpet and sustain their movement 3835. You know stuff like there was a 2003. And that that defense was really really bad that I could be saying it about the offense right now. Could be -- act is as feel like -- in 03 we all. We're going into the figures and here's an adult to go to -- -- Internet but knowing that it was going to come too -- Drastic and right in week we knew eventually that defense is gonna catch up. I don't think we think the offense is going to ever catch up. To be where it's not going to be able to get out of its own way I think we look at the offense and feel -- the quarterback doesn't make mistakes. -- -- -- arguably the best player in the NFL and Jamaal Charles -- get a good wide receiver -- he gets so -- back from injury to yourself tied and the offensive -- gonna get better we can see where there are signs of growth. I don't think we ever saw what the defense back in 2003 I don't think we ever saw that defense get better. As the season went along in fact -- probably got worse as the season -- a lot of and they are given up thirty points a game I mean they were well you'll bend don't break in then you know it's an amber -- I mean -- Clinton -- covering tight ends you know that -- number it was it was a bad bad -- defense you knew that it was going downhill now I think we look at this football team that we feel like -- the defense is outstanding. They're not gonna give up a whole ton -- so this offense doesn't have to score a lot of points either disaster go out there basically not turn the ball over don't make mistakes. You don't take advantage of mistakes made by the opposition score a few points and we're gonna win so I just think these teams now just have a lot more credibility. Then the teams did in 2003 and that's why I think this is the best time to be Kansas City sports fan and I don't know how long it at least a decade but he even. I don't even though we you can go further back than that just because the royals and chiefs have never been good. In the same year and this is the first time in ten years or maybe the second time ever. But both the royals and the chiefs have been legitimately good teams. In the same year can you think of another year. I mean you got to go back to 85 -- -- nothing in 1985 the eighties the chiefs were horrible late seventies and early ninety's the -- got good the royals were really bad. So that there's never been that that crossover this is only the second time in history. That we can sit here -- they both teams are legitimate baseball teams I think that to me is why this may be the best year ever. Who knows what's happening next year but that we've experienced. Ever -- our two teams of being opinion here in Kansas City we'll talk about it with Willie Wilson the former Kansas City Royals center -- will join us coming up. In about six minutes or so here on sixteen and Sports Radio at his thoughts about this team and whether or not he thinks that he could beat Dyson in a foot race. Right now and today. That it is day act I'm I'm. In his day plea yet athlete in his day you'd probably it may mean that's a much right now our top ten list today coming about 850 top ten that better moments in my life. Yesterday -- -- spent some mature there are. All try to carpets and top -- better moments in my life. 69306. On the text line today reveal that coming up at 850 yet -- -- about six minutes and talked to Willie Wilson and about 35 missile talked to -- Hughes former Kansas City Chiefs. Wide receiver all next year at 610 Sports Radio. Are coming up and awake we got a golf tournament out -- Folks would country club where you can dying plagued golf have beverages to your heart's content and play one of the best courses in Kansas City still -- sign of the six cents sports dot com -- a week from today September 30 Oakwood country club a 106 bucks in ten cents gets you on the course. Once recruiters. Dinner with misty Izzo and more get registered at 610 sports dot com for the Jamison Irish whiskey open brought to you by -- BMW. And cigar and. Back coming up and about thirty minutes to talk some chiefs of the army and David Hughes but right now the hottest team in Kansas City eat that Kansas City Royals Willie Wilson former royal with -- here on 610. Sports Radio I don't my man. Earlier more yeah it is it is early especially pro ballplayers like you who are used to get up until noontime and that the case at a time somewhere. I used to get out there and I don't get up early but it is early. Yes it is what do you think of this team's performance yesterday Willie. It was. Exciting the word that comes up my brain and you know Arctic it was needed. Consultancy in those terms of especially when the last game in of the season intensity so far. Yes it's more than you so far as the world -- that they. There's really go and do some things last week. Yeah I think a lot of us army we we've got to see three and a half back seven to play it may be a little difficult. To get there but if you have a never say die attitude they go when they win the seven games against the unit to bottom feeding teams. They're gonna put themselves in very very good position to get into the postseason that's really all you can ask for -- give yourself an opportunity. Well that's all you can ask -- -- -- -- of opportunities but you know stranger things have happened especially in the last couple years you know the Yankees about the Yankees -- Atlanta Braves. A last second thing you. He used to go to Tampa Bay Rays got him so. You know anything can happen and do what ultimately happens from there. Having fun is not -- kind of quantifiable stacked. Obviously but when a team. Has bond and has success how much is that the off. Each other. Well -- the result until there are a lot because you have fun not just solely on the field you have fun in the clubhouse there's. So you -- that that should be that way every day you know fund in -- -- on the officers also. It's really cares it'll -- great you have fun because that's the main thing you wanted to play every game. You wanna -- what you wanna have fun -- What was the most fun you had clients. -- I think we've the most far back as it looks good -- you're World Series yeah so registered for the breaking -- well. But you know it was just. There's a lot of good followed -- losers. Those -- good bye to hold -- -- was going thirty. Talk when Willie Wilson here on sixty has portrayed to be able to get to that as he is you know the new book inside the park -- in the base path of -- by Willie Wilson is out. China on bookshelves everywhere you can find it just about anywhere checking out online where you buy your books get a copy of his book and and what I think is very interesting about this book is it if you read the inside cover. You know -- what the book is about eaten right away you get into that and the more depressing parts. -- your career that you do to be exciting parts have been the first paragraph talks about the 1980 World Series and a twelve strikeouts and you know how bad that was -- anyway and whatnot so I I get the sense that you're a lot of people are gonna read how to overcome things and their life and that's what we're gonna take away from this book. As opposed to talk about 1985 and all the great things have happened your career. Right and that was one of the purposes of the book even though on the outside himself some good things on the outside and -- that things that you thought balloon what was the legal all. That's basically what I wanted to say in the book that there's. Different sides decided. View from my view this as -- policy. But if it comes down to those who law. And you know miles -- it was like everybody else for what I want you to myself and threw it. And that suggests that the book you. That's two had a saving yourself you know it's made its regional problem and so when you took Serbs the and -- he's and you like to -- Turned out differently except. Why is it so hard to for some guys to embrace stardom embrace famed Mikey you obviously had the difficulty of of doing that why is that so difficult. Wolf -- -- You know the beginning of my career out of my life. You know article. Was taken from the south. Jersey so are we came in worked. Very quiet sports was released so that if I had something my brain I can take on the sports field and not bring it home let. He -- to talk field because certain people quiet people. Certain people will vote will force -- you you it's just a different person without all the saved figures. And so that's what I was physically times. Is that you know when you look at. In one sport person we all his concern that. We all -- we have to say what you all can do that certainly. Would not all of the cities and so that's what to do. Talking to Willie Wilson here on 610 Sports Radio on our current about it a different path so bear with me here for a -- -- we saw all the Smith get trouble for a second do you Iowa the San Francisco 49ers driving around with a bag of -- the car that is the second time that he's been you know charged with it with a do you lie and about same what you did what he did there are are the same but it but it both guys that had problems off the field. Did you find when you were coming up as a as a star athlete high school playing two sports and dominating both of those sports did was sort of accountability free use of as an athlete. Are basically from the world there was accountability for the united muted troubling ties let me smoke in size school -- -- Tony and I school policy rapidly. -- if so people I got messed up due to the Major -- Our first look at their people smoking cigarettes and -- -- -- threat so you -- it to be part. Your organization and their team unit to do with their way back in the old days of the surveys you know that if it was streak that was another so. I mean everybody's different. About saying it's -- wrong it's just different and that's so -- for me. You know I got in trouble first club. Calvin being accountability for my trouble so you know hopefully this young man through. Little because it's nobody's fault but is he put himself in the situation. And in the but I say accountability and almost mean like when your good athlete. It's a little bit easier to get through high school and college in and whatnot because you can play a sport than it is for that for the guy who's got to work hard and it doesn't play a sport. Well the birds in some schools like. But I really. Some future apparently go up or compromise education so. It was a little different from the really. Like that part I would like destruction. I got here there was -- instructions. So instructions like it is you know -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah AE AE needs somebody kind of -- for you pushing you holding you accountable telling you what's right what's wrong bit. To kinda easier because going from from high school or college at the 2122. Years old also being a professional athlete. With the travel beyond two -- everything goes all of being in a professional athlete actor be overwhelming for kids in this young twenties can't. All the can be overwhelming. It could be frightening. You know you're you have responsibilities. That you did billion. You're. And it's so hard for. You know -- and so on another note template to do -- not knowing what to do and so. You know if he. You know I understand how people want to make an athlete. For the month pedestals for the -- let them put it always thought of her little one. Beijing licensees and cold in here you're -- -- those who. Do the right things and athlete to me was serious. Game I thought that if this is should be. Police. Are you choose people who saved our lives doctors. And taught. And that's what could understand. -- just places who. But I understand it. What I guess prompt do you then -- right I guess this type of book. Well those two reasons one of the awarding unilateral projects. You know and I thought it was time to -- -- but also awarded to show. Different sides. But that's literally it was you know look into my size but also what helped me. This is the main reason -- wanted to -- policies that help adults she is so cute. You know -- the various amount of people who even though we -- on the outside. There's a lot of things going on either side. Is that you might not know put. If you read his book hopefully. Subways -- it can help you turn the corner your life to. Talk with former royal Willie Wilson here on sixteen and Sports Radio sixty and sports. Dotcom was it harder to hit a fastball or was harder to break addiction. It's probably. Harder to be successful. In Hollywood that also didn't break. You know. I'm terribly addictive personalities. So when you go walk recruiter the other movies. -- -- full well you're absolutely that's a fire was thought of it I'm addicted to golf cart now also that the good Thursday. Let. It was probably harder. I -- series -- -- surrogate office let you know it's. It felt that you got to do a lot of students who heard Lancelot. -- any good adults. -- -- -- In order of corporate. -- -- at I'm in the ninety's and my handicap so here you're doing a lot better. That I am but I Willie do you think you could be in your heyday Dyson and his heyday in a race. You know -- the liquid. -- you know it's part of who lives you imagine he would have been -- effective it will be due to lose put the you know I think that you -- -- a long. You believe you know but it sure he's really quick. The answer is yes yes you -- idiots yes it it got -- better get back at us on the -- first to thirds. No one no one's been -- -- Nolan Nolan maybe even to this day Willie we appreciated thank you so much for coming on sharing your story a little bit inside the park running debates past the life of bookstores everywhere go out and buy it. If you are a baseball fan or just a fan of trying to do to -- that go with life so we appreciate it Willie. A place guys that I appreciate everything you don't take care. You got to take care Willie Wilson former royal -- here at 610. Sports Radio that interesting stuff about you know being an athlete dealing with the same bat that's the hardest part I mean that I mean it we can relate it back all the Smith as well mean. Dealing with being. Arguably the best at what you do all the Smith is one of the best pass pressures in the NFL. Willie Wilson was one of the best baseball players at his time in Major League Baseball dealing with that being that successful how to handle that. Those are things that I think our sports leagues are colleges are high schools even. Need to do a better job with kids how to handle being. In that type of position I know there's no blueprint if you will for it but there's got to be better safeguards in place role that Smith is driving around at 7 in the morning driving drunk. Where Willie Wilson wasn't doing cocaine back in the day there has to be those people involved. That could help these guys so you don't go down that path because there are sold much to lose when you are professional athlete and you mess up off the field. I think it was Vernon Davis not -- you know. -- some issues kind of on the field to class for -- -- coach or whatever he said you know can help hope can learn from Oregon. You can lead is some restlessness some guys don't write in I need to try to get the message I guess truth here's here's what -- expectation level is. Here's where there with a bar is sin and not that -- here's you know where their level of what you can and can't do in. Guys go through different types are growing pains but I it's that help he needs and and everything's fine. They they they act like they do -- -- a three day rookie symposium really enough for -- now now it's not now. It's not so you would hope to add and I don't appeal was gonna -- a person in charge on her players stuff I'm -- they still do but he you've got to give these guys the ability. To -- you -- they need help -- to figure out how they can handle being with all this money all this -- all the start -- and I think the lead the NFL Major League Baseball NBA and in the National Hockey League and even college he'd do a better job of helping these athletes achieve the success off the field. As much as on the field coming up. We'll talk a little bit more about Josh being featured only major national website and at the 8 o'clock at about sixteen minutes from that dean Hughes joint missile talked chiefs of him coming appearance extends Sports Radio. Business. Now you just -- any. He wants worse. Monsanto and sportswear. And streaming live on its. What sort of brought to my worth Harley-Davidson north and -- more -- be there in Casey. With their famous we pay you guarantee worth 500 dollars and parts and accessories he worked Harley-Davidson north for details yeah. Wasn't worth it for the makers of Grand Theft Auto five to make that video game for only 270 million dollar I. I would think so in three days it is already made a billion that's billion with a B dollars the highest grossing form of entertainment. Ever we're talking video games music movies everything it's made more in three days than anything else. It has ever been released by the entertainment world that's pretty good like announced it was a quick math like 41. Return on investor in mid day today -- -- pretty pretty impressive now three days to -- three days to make a billion -- let's that's under way starts -- three days that I put into it four times over in three days leading laps he had wow not a bad I don't know how much I didn't know -- -- -- -- to -- gave -- against a -- I would -- 270 million would you -- -- 270 million -- -- video game at -- bit. Wow but they've invested that money and made a billion dollars in three days highest grossing form of entertainment in the history of all of mankind that's. -- -- -- The avengers at nineteen these two mega billions hours -- took about. Eight box yeah. And a make or -- -- to make the UY for fifty bucks back then too I know they. Spending cuts -- -- -- five million now to the greatest via an effort there how much it cost of my Grand Theft Auto five -- a fifty dollar purchasers are -- already in their fifties and box that same price they are much. How the how many of those games did you sell fifty bucks a shot to make a billion. Do the math -- America. It had. Was it worth it for -- -- to keep the best speech at the -- I don't know who that is but the speech was fantastic yet. Absolutely fantastic do you have the speech and you have the speech. I I gotta I gotta here it is. They just. Put it fix it and it's and -- home. Thinks so and it's. Them. I gotta go flying. And that was it 122. Emmy speech last night that's a way to do it that's -- they all should -- they don't have to have the lights flickering thing. She is boom she dropped the Mike -- out here -- done that's fine congratulations. To you person I've never heard of before. That's what. I'm sure that the up -- -- Earl Weaver's I assure the producers of that of the show the enemy you know. That -- to keep it within that window to get it very happy you -- -- sixty minutes for this okay all they did yeah yeah. Well like footballs devastating news Gloria I think what football right into this and how -- they don't really feel about that and then. They have the you know they want dragon -- so I'm sure that those who like all right that's that -- We made up the minutes there have been very good hitting TV people freak out we got like ninety seconds to kill on TV the TV people kind of like their heads spin. They don't know what to do so like she went bad fasting for probably -- that would. How do we -- time. So congratulations mayor we were person I don't know if she's a actress on nurse Jackie -- is that about your wife. Yeah why -- a nurse right in LA in niners now. Wasn't worth it for cling to watch the royals team with closed captioning ever what's why you stumble into some yes. Okay. Someone else -- earlier and said yeah -- we have a four month old and year plus soul right like my wife watches television schools get on to you -- I I usually shut it off during game I had it on every NS AP button. Know that I I have found myself watching like HBO Latino Russell -- -- -- -- a movie was with Spanish I think it's very well watching telemundo in the mornings may be the greatest television -- item. I find that very entertaining. But I closed captioning can be entertaining. It can be just -- -- once and awhile you'll you'll stumble on some funny stuff people -- you know missed typing things and at one point it was the top of the tenth crisis was batting were talking I guess about Justin Maxwell somehow. And the closed captioning says Maxwell with five home runs as a pinch hitter up -- hitter. Okay panther that's -- funny you know there was something else about computing. It was I don't know if you keep him in there. -- that was and then there was there was a their time of the bullpen has said warming up in the royal -- after homosexual and then threw a shutout ha. I'm like -- that's not what they're saying on television now. So I have and his tweet out a few -- this and like weird bad stuff does it took often. Landed on -- -- and fresh page for the closed captioning person who is on yesterday's royals game. Right but it could save your job she she was featured on dead spin that's our top ten today -- and better moments in my life and natural find one. I don't know that we know an hour from now our top ten better moments of my life and if it wasn't for this airs at three true. -- Okay. I never would have had you featured on that's been because the just -- -- -- being a pinch hitter never would have come true as a pinch hitter he is he camp hitter close captioning guy may have been in the sauce yesterday. But. Before then severe he learned. Did you get a blood there won't quit. Big guys these big fury princes here oh -- is revered due -- Goddard. A years. You would have never known Max I was like him -- -- some positive you have kids you have to use -- closed captioning that's part of -- you -- -- -- -- -- sometimes discuss. Our house just too darn loud -- That are wants rod isn't what what was said there though. And now you know -- -- a -- ever wants a -- -- -- yesterday I was thoroughly entertained by by what happened closed captioning so thank you my wife for getting the CC but you've got it. It was fun. Was aware that brought -- worth Harley-Davidson north that are more -- dealer in Casey but it -- we pay you guarantee. Worth 500 dollars of parts and accessories he -- Harley-Davidson north for -- coming up next we'll talk to David here's a look at some chiefs information from him. What do the chiefs need to get better at this week. In order to beat the giants will discuss that next year -- extent sport.


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