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07/09 3 pm - Royals & George Brett

Jul 9, 2013|

The guys talk about last night's win and we here from George Brett on the 30th anniversary of the "Pine Tar Game".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hide bad game on the drive I'm getting parkinson's JC Pierson and Carrington -- in the answer to today's pop quiz was of course. The program. Big fan of that movie are you not love the program there are -- great college football movies though is make movies about high school football by the probes. College football to miss -- it's great films. What's the best one that front thing the program. You think it's it's definitely the program I think so that is not very many what -- -- unnecessary roughness water boy and program. Yeah and water with the previous -- as -- in college and college football movies will remember the time high school yeah I school. They do seem to be more good high school movies hazard I mean every Marshall as a college yeah. I like lace and we are stored on I think it's different and so it was a but it was a real college football story all on this I'm not -- those kind of movies in the -- not integrity. -- that's like they -- a true story like the program is some I created it. -- -- -- So I'd like any given Sunday is a movie today it's not based on anything a -- is made of football about. A movie about pro football but because it's based on the true story that it's like in some sort of different cat like miracle in a -- bullet that. Based on astore president got it. That's a weird criteria but I understand it -- the royals lineup in front of you and not have it but I'll have it in less than thirty seconds okay sounds good because is that we have been you know talking about. The whole situation are god and -- -- I'm ready. Think the idea behind it is you want your best for hitters can get the most of that -- over the the course of the game. Sorry for that just -- -- your car speakers that was a little intense I apologize and put that on May but Ned Yost says top four hitters top four spots in the line up. He did it on Saturday he didn't do it on Sunday he didn't do last night -- give me a lot. Leading off Alex Gordon batting second house CDs -- to hire. Who I don't you Don need to go after that is all you need. Third Hosmer fourth Butler fifth parade is -- -- -- -- of its Ella in David lol. OK. Okay listen. We can't do the same segment every -- At which it we can't do the same. Thing every single day. -- you're gonna have tough time reconciling top four hitters top four spots in the lineup and Escobar. It's going to be a tough thing for him to do so you know. Should I move on from it. Or shut Charlotte let it go just every day we never have we got exploited a -- play that clip just to remind you of the hypocrisy. OK I'm fine with that. We think for the forty thinks that LCDs escobar's one afford a -- which. I wouldn't say -- as the Internet yet no numbers would not -- or he watches the games that he -- because you don't you know you don't even need the Internet to know that that's just simply not the case. We didn't get a chance to discuss. The game from last night because of the -- other comments in the other was able to come on the show. I thought the game last night was a big win. I was worried about them because. They needed to use three pitchers to get four routes. At the end. And it got a little goofy whiff. I would move that we talked I talked about it on Twitter last night. We talked about it we Sean we talked about it a lot net isn't old school manager new school philosophy would be. Bringing your best pitcher in the biggest spot in the game. Royals were up three runners on first and third eighth inning. Pat Toomey is spot that you bring in Holland and maybe let him work for four out save. They don't do it errant -- comes -- He's not. Really affected other that he gets the -- he was wild so it worked but now you needed to warm up -- in -- crow. Then you've got the insurance runs you're already warmed up pollen now you war opposed Jaber use haute chamber quote -- does a classic coach gave her a bold. Four pitch walk single. Now -- save situation. Warm -- backup use Holland and now all of a sudden now Holland was great last night and he was nasty and he struck out the side. To get the say in the whole thing in college has just been. An absolute machine and I know you wanna take credit for Greg Holland success here and second I was take any credit for I don't NATO is back in the day on this show before we added JC -- here. There was a big argument the first two weeks of the season -- who. The royals closer should be it was Greg -- -- rare usually -- her hair and I had to stay -- -- yet to stay with Greg Holland let him figure it out. And on -- I'm not saying anything else summit taking credit for -- -- -- that that I know how -- war. All of so I would take credit for I don't if I. We take credit I know you would sometimes that film I gotta say you were wrong Danny I was right not a lot of talent and wrong I don't wanna do that but I know whenever a guy has a mistake it's always -- that -- out of there. This other guy. People put -- lot of high point Joseph being a rare very early on in the season they wanted to be closer now that things are bought so hot there at least in -- up today. I stood behind Greg -- not Andy he's going to be this good but I did stand behind him and say whenever a guy struggles like Dave you have confidence you have to let them figure it out. And he was amazing. Was amazing. His strike out numbers are incredible. His ability they were talking about last night is being what -- -- man because of his combination splitters slider that they can ever figure out is that called the brought -- another great moment. On the royals broadcast last -- it'll probably talking about that. Holland. Did what he was supposed to do which is. -- -- But it what I I was a little nervous at the end of the game when they went away from -- -- -- all of -- a -- -- you need this game and -- huge -- -- -- was just -- -- in in the -- spot which -- in the eighth -- but that -- -- -- old school that was my biggest impression from the -- what about you -- a lot of. The times managers -- really in every sport that was managed. Who does Michelle always says managing forests that. I don't care how many saves Greg Allen and I understand it's a very important to stick out of did you guys get incentives and get paid off that spent so I dip nets him point. But to me it it comes down to is the game in the balance -- you lose a year so all of our best guy in that situation. Greg Collins your best guy I don't care about if he gets credit for -- -- I care about winning that baseball game for him put him in the campaign. Absolutely especially in. Big games like these where you know army we've been talking for two weeks how important these games are. Played what what is harms say play to win the game came right you worry about tomorrow tomorrow we need to win this game right now and put your best guys in. And so it was the type of thing where they were in a situation. Today. You know they wanna game. And it was good they have now -- creeping back towards 500 it's the streak it's all of these things that the games are incredibly important they've got a huge game tonight with sabathia. Vs shields really big game -- huge game and they've got you know you win this first game you've got your you've got your ace going tonight. The Yankees are down you know even though they've got a winning record and they got up close run differential in there and it really tough division and all that by yankees standards. They're down which spent a lot of guys you never heard of on this team I don't bite you gotta be a die hard baseball they would whenever somebody who's got it just I. That's -- that's exactly what I was thinking last I was watching the -- like every her and in our happens that -- really yankees where's the real Yankee team met but you know what who cares I don't I don't really think yeah yeah this public about what I'm saying is from the royals perspective. There in a situation. Here. It's an opportunity. Like but you know anything to apologize you know this JC yeah players played in team the other week the week that they don't have their quarterback because he's out with a separated shoulder. Still counts in the standings as a win w.s that w.s and -- they you know they they add a -- in the year they don't know -- same exact I was out of that guy I was out it's either W or now. So it's the type of thing where it's true you know -- -- the royals. In the eighth inning. Debt two guys on -- first first two battered that's the inning were a double a walk. And the next two batters are two of the next three batters it was my stock is. Pro rays and G patella -- -- G Mattel and -- as both had one pitch at bats. I'm I'm sitting at all punching my couch like but back in front of you walked. What is your take a pitch make adore you strike -- pop -- bill file out you know and I mean deep beasts are -- were very Smart last night. But that was a pretty lopsided win for a team that really did it played great baseball. Given the bullpen given the number of pitchers they needed to use given the at bats they had. In the clutch in the eighth inning before they tacked on the runs in the -- -- that they really didn't play a great baseball game. But for whatever reason because it's the Yankees because a few things went their way because -- -- lights out whatever the case may be. They want and now they're in a position where they they have a chance in another game closer to 500 and continue to make the season meaningful sealed. Always gets matched up against the other teams and it's like I understand why they got -- not just like he's there one I understand that out a schedule you know sometimes we always goes against Verlander now he's got sabathia tonight -- so you know the royals are scoring one run and I see that's true zone behind you didn't hear tonight we'll sabathia hasn't been -- Why it is good analyst shields -- tonight to you know they're not scored right you know and that can see this. What I was dealing with what I was thinking before the show tonight about how it would if I was gonna pick the rose to win or not. The royals have been. Awful against lefties they won like 30% other games you don't like eight and sixteen against lefties this year or some ridiculous that. Like -- and it's because they get no offense in general but -- their best offensive players are boarded an Hosmer. And their lefty so that its -- like DC you go against lefty. And you're going against sabathia a great lefties and -- play in the Yankees you played on the road. But you are playing -- in Yankee Stadium where Billy butler's home run last night. Would not have been a home run in other places but -- a little bit more attainable you've got shields going higher roads are gonna be scored like. I don't know I'm not completely counting the royals got in this game sabathia he's ERA is -- four united he's he's accurate 35 ERA guy he CR is a little over four so he's not having. Of vintage sabathia year. It is Yankee Stadium the royals are playing better they do have their race on the -- but I don't think this is a game that. You count the royals out even though it is sabathia and the Yankees and -- -- and on the road I don't think this is -- you come out come out no but just give in. The history of run production windshields pitches. You just know today they're gonna score two runs they always do whatever yup that's I don't know what I do and that's true I don't know what is -- we need pitches what they always score Warren grew. Our course -- gives up three runs in the first inning and he's been a time chasing those three runs Allison there's no -- he has had a good first inning tonight. Absolutely true on paper it's a great pitching match up. But shields has not been completely lights out neither has sabathia runs are scored at Yankee Stadium. This game could -- a little bit if if the royals' offense really is waking up. Maybe I -- this game could be a little bit more high scoring the eight would appear to be on paper royals against a lefty a lefty is good what do. As he's -- that's -- -- we haven't got a got a parking ticket at the long -- USA today with James Shields pitching it could be a high scoring game. -- I'll subsite one up the pitcher to -- book here right now. Bucket you have to sound ready to go -- -- -- all -- your cars bro I hate that I've got to always tell you this them football's come into -- you lose people money. Well the crowd thought they -- trying to get inside the very exactly I don't party right now will look -- many on the drive. AA tournament or. I can't -- -- I don't know. I'll -- -- Great. -- It would be -- Yeah it -- Gentle very -- last night. -- Q didn't wanna bird colonies in the game. Wouldn't that wouldn't look at it and I want to formally. I wanted to -- actually do it so that you gore tomorrow. Teach if you thought was a critical game despite what character that's your gonna need. That's holes or tomorrow. In that game right now the problem not and it -- widely health care loop hole chamber going. He's got a walker guy acts to a single an excellent job. He doesn't stop. That would -- too -- to all Internet situation. There still a practical -- great how -- got four currently there. No no it's important -- the original and Clinton put on it. So while. You're not -- All know. The -- of the manager I would say that the players didn't do a good enough job where they made that Dicey that's the only thing I was saying is. Because of the stake in the game even though yeah it was a three run game. I would it mean. I would have put Holland and earlier just because it felt like one of those games where. It would have been a real stomach punch to lose that game just you know I think. What you do at their argument but what network wants -- solve culture ever going to be as usual. He can now quickly. The Internet to keep him out there to under the battery during the quickly -- my game. It's so big picnic you'll make every decision right that we are all but it -- kind of burned out when players -- and they'll do their job. It and everybody all articles angels blew. Oh culture so. That's the quality to. And that all about he played it got pretty. Important when it got lots. And push it as being good gesture -- well you're you're you're what your point makes sense your point makes sense it's not it was not about blame the manager it was just simply pointing out. That the biggest out of that game last night. Was. Eighth inning up three tying run comes to the plate runners on first and I would like to see Holland. In that spot because. By the way who trusted -- coach -- last night. Who really felt comfortable -- -- based on how he's been recently you know columns that already thrown. You don't have. A 100% confidence on anybody in the bullpen other than Greg Holland and that felt like the game that you 100%. Needed to win. And Holland would be the -- deliver whether it was eighth inning ninth inning runners on or otherwise Holland has been that good so that was. That was my point in spoke with this save situation phrase I don't care about save situation I care about need to win situation needed dig out situation the royals needed a big out. Who on this team from a bullpen perspective do I trust -- get a big out. Is it would coach ever number one know -- now go to neighbor I trust them a little bit. Trust the most on this team to get a big out in the bullpen for the club -- it's solid that's follow in that situation I do not care about Colin -- whenever he's on right now stabilize. I don't care about that. I care about the royals win the game in that situation Greg Allen gives you the best chance to win now they. They ended up winning games it doesn't matter. But in that spot I want you to use Zagat. A 100% with you. 100% with you. But it didn't matter it worked out in the end hopefully the arms arrested because they got another big game tonight shields V sabathia. Phil Steele. Joins us at 4 o'clock to talk some college football but coming up next everybody's rank and quarterbacks. Should we join the fray will discuss the next on the drive. That takes like 69306. Powered by winning tickets promo codes extends sports. Takes -- stand -- 610 sports radio and -- -- -- dark. Back in on the drive were actually gonna head out to Yankee Stadium right now it's the thirtieth anniversary this month of the pine tar game the royals are obviously in Yankee Stadium George Brett. Is gonna be honored in commemorated by the Yankees for -- -- -- seven -- commerce today in New York let's listen and. You know right after the game I didn't think that my children to be honest with -- you know IE. I remember. After the game. Getting to my hotel room calling up one of my Brothers to tell what happened he said I know I was watching another game on TV and they've broken and showed what happened. And you know I thought I was just gonna be over with but it's amazing how much played this. One that -- after just one hit. Has gotten over the years. I guess it's unprecedented. You know he had a home run -- get called out for using an illegal bat and then Lee MacPhail the American League president overruling. The umpires decision. John Schuerholz -- a nice letter of protest to Lee MacPhail the time in 1983 and Lee. Read the rule book and said I agree with you John and and then it just became even more of a controversy when Lee MacPhail reversed the decision of the umpires and so. But but where and when that game started and obviously have no idea what's gonna happen when the game starts but -- even at the end of the game I didn't think it was that big a deal. -- a Georgia I understand in 197310. Years earlier that John Mayberry hit a home run. With excessive behind her on the bat and it began with protesters who went to MacPhail would post its first year as -- Merkel and president. And he did the same he did in your decision supposedly the same thing happened ten years earlier -- thing about that. I didn't do I I was with the royals in 1973 for a total of about six weeks. I got called up I believe in May. For two weeks and played in two games -- -- -- was a September call ups so I don't obviously remember much about that. I'd never heard that before. I know Greg nettles was called out for when he hit a ball -- all the super balls flew out of those bad in the Kingdome. That's a legal bat in my opinion that. Still your battle of super balls or Corky you know as soon as it's probably not the right to do and I think that that there's a lot of guys use. Corked bats and other two guys that I played with that used to. And at first that's what I was thinking that they were gonna call me out for because I had never heard any rule about access applying tar the bat. So when I was sitting in the dugout and somebody said did you -- your bat I'm going I don't need to I don't need to cork bat. And I don't know how to -- about it and so I'd just left it at that. And then Frank White was certain pretty close to me he says you know when they measure to bet when they -- the battle on -- on home plate to measure. He said you know there might call -- for use in -- much -- turn your back I go to remain in and I think frank might have said something about I think it happened to John Mayberry. And and I go what they call me out for using too much pine -- went out there and kill one of those social peace and I sort of got as soon as I said dad Tim McClellan -- look good for me any points at me and calls me now I'm. Still got a sore neck from Joseph brinkmanship -- but. It's gotten better swing George confused how many days go by I was before us are under way. How many days go by before somebody actually brings us up pretty much every time I play golf. There was one checked my clubs for pine tar. With from playing with strangers are in a pro -- or you know some type of a celebrity tournament it's the gallery every hole basically brings it up. Got a funny the first couple holes but after awhile it gets old. End of course. You know that's that's what I'm known for there and it could be worse. You know really good friend of mine Bill Buckner who was one heck of a player and went through. More of preparation to -- every game. Late in his career and I know focus on locker next to him when he was with the royals I mean the things that he had to go through to play game was amazing. His ankles and feet were so bad and his legs were so bad. But -- we all know what he's remembered for and to be remembered as a guy. -- hit a home run off one of the great closers of all time and Goose Gossage. Where it's. About that was. I -- suspected of being illegal and proven not to -- -- and cabinet reversed I mean I'm I'm I'm known for some positive or Bill Buckner is known for some negative. Prior to the pine tar game July 4 when he fourth 1983. And after the World Series in 1980 October 1980 every city I went to I was the camera guy and you know you get these people sitting by the on deck circle may have the pops and you know the first couple innings ago -- first two or three at bats -- first at bat may -- you know they don't say anything and and they have a few puffs cinnamon and they start making hemorrhage jokes well I heard every -- joke in the world. And from. Well my best response is my troubles are all behind me. And at least I looked at least I once. Was -- household but almost perfect counsel at the you know you are still amass all prepared but I -- this is a lie -- George -- that job but jumped from just from October. From October. Of 1982 July 24 1983 that's what I hurt and from July 24. To 2013. -- now on the pine -- -- so it's really the greatest thing that ever happened to me thank you Billy Martin thank you Greg nettles. That changed. You know. Went from nervous having an -- embarrassing thing. That people remember -- has some positive. -- you know I think you realize that you're not known and so freezing all right you're known for the reaction. After they called out -- you had not acted that way. We wouldn't say well yeah if if if if there was no controversy this would will be no big deal no one's gonna say on July 24 hit a home run in the ninth inning off Goose Gossage who won the game. Big deal. It right well. Maybe. But you know what -- -- -- I think that you showed my desire to win and and and especially when here in New York I mean this was always a very exciting place from your -- I love coming -- term plan. I loved it when the fans booed me which they did often. I love the challenge of going out there complaint against a great Yankee team. And to do some. That not a lot of people did it hit a home run off news. Was a big pearl and then to have it taken away. Over you know some trivial part of a rule book. You know I just lost it. It would have -- probably wouldn't have been that bad of Joseph Brinkmann wouldn't grabbed me from behind and started pulling me back because I didn't know who had me and then I was trying to get away from an umpire and and it just it got ugly but I had no intention I mean. Tim McClellan and I were good friends the next day. And I always had a lot of respect for all the umpires I got along with all the umpires extremely well in fact a week after a Joseph Brinkmann sent me a telegram when Lee MacPhail. Overruled the umpire decision and I still have the telegram and home. Congratulations a big day for you looking forward to seeing -- again -- You know that was classic that was a class act by the umpire. And and I remember a week later we were playing in Detroit Tim McClellan was a home plate if I walked up there and -- just gotten that back I cleaned off some of the pine tar. And I walked up and he says hey you wanna have some fun I said to me let's just let this thing right after you know I'm I'm tired of talking about an already let's just let it ride because she was gonna check my bat -- -- and and do all that stuff in Detroit. Gaylord Perry said George you're you're crazy for use in that that that's where a lot on. Hole it's not or a lot of broken two. So what you let out so I finally came to my senses and ended up given about for the whole fan so that's where it is now. -- A couple of things number one medals -- -- -- Apple's I'm sorry medals go to chase stadium with the -- was where Shea Stadium -- billion. Play in there. -- -- that was true don't Super -- you're right yeah polio bounced out there are no bouncing all over the place his brother was with the tigers at times -- the left the ballpark before an analyst. But that's a student wanted to. I talked at -- cadet -- characterized your run from the dugout as. Are hungry lion who hasn't eaten in two or three weeks. Would you please characterize your run two McClellan. It looked like my dad chasing me through a house a couple times are brought on my report card and all that. In high school but you know that's a pretty good analogy I haven't really. Never really thought of it that way. It would be you guys now to decide. Right and no -- president. What did -- say he would do they said it was right it was like there was some well under the rule book it's dean Taylor was a scout for the royals and he did a big research project on Edmonton and he told -- -- John that they made the wrong decision. -- -- on -- must have been using an illegal bat but the results wouldn't we're not. To take away the home run and end and call not. That's what he said he sent out what it didn't help the home run no it didn't if anything you would -- it because genital and you've put sticky substance on some man hit some hard it's -- -- -- stick stick a little bit Tokyo. -- called that a silly rule -- importantly people stoop down and by the way -- had -- -- taken -- in Minnesota two years -- Four for too much until it was not reversed means -- it was a vacation. Yeah. Lot of things didn't happen -- happen when he was on vacation. -- I have been doing if I wasn't sitting here is picking up balls in the cage so pleased with. This -- lot more fun over a number of meetings with groups over the years he said it. Yeah well I hated him do that and the Yankees I really dead. I hit the ball back in that era. And -- -- some it's funny how -- I've become such good friends now since he got inducted in the hall of fame and I'll take a funny story I was playing for I was retired and he was retired and I was down in spring training and end -- baseball city with the royals in Florida when we trained in Florida. Hindus had just retired and and he was down there with the Yankees and they're having the game and -- baseball city. And one in the clubhouse kids came over and said -- goose is opening a restaurant in Colorado Springs -- of love about from you. To put opens restaurant and I said sure no problem be happy to don't form. And he came back about an inning later and said he'd like one all tart up and so I said okay. So I went to the traveling secretary and I got about and I said give me some. Pine tar dragons loaded full pine tar and -- nine innings of an exhibition game against the Yankees I sat there and every half inning I would just. Put a ton of that stuff on put a bunch of dirt over put a bunch irrational over the dirt let it sit for thirty men or twenty minutes and and do it again and boy by the end of the day that they look like they've been through war. And after the game I want David to -- and that's really the first words I ever said to him. And and shook his hand today you know I I think people like this in your restaurant. And he said -- had to do that I civil took me the whole game between hope you enjoy it. And and there when he got inducted to hall of fame we have an annual meeting together in the middle of July and we've become very very good friends. Along those lines are quick we did reach out to deuce I talked to him last night he is on a river in Colorado. Today. And apologize for not being able to be a part of this he very much wanted to but he had a vacation -- he couldn't couldn't avoid. Also I've just received word we are alive right now to back MLB network -- Chicks talked about the pie -- fell -- Q were you aware of this rule they know -- not aware of no did you apply it to that back just before the. Gain I applied it before every at bat I was one of the few players then and probably would be one of the few players now that never were betting most. July 244 that's pretty hot in New York a little muggy. -- your hand swipe. So there was a lot of -- There was a lot of pine tar on my back and I use that bat for probably three or four weeks. The one thing about me I didn't break a lot of bats. And the prime target build up quite a bit. And are you also used about that was unfinished. Which meant to do which means there's no varnish or not nothing on it not -- tempered it's just raw ash that's what it was came out real white. And so what happens I think with a lot of the pine -- it kinda gets in the grain and start growing inside and you know it's not just kicked on the bad it's kinda growing inside the green a little bit. And as a result so for using a bet for that length of time and and and you know putting pine tar on three or four or five times today you know it's gonna get pretty ugly and the -- was pretty ugly. But it was still work -- And I remember it was a really good -- to Louisville slugger you Louisville's my whole career and the guy that. Made my bats his name was tiny. He and tiny would always put little red stars where they're not -- you know where the hard parts are and I think that that was a seven grain which is really hard piece of lumber. You look at a lot of these -- now they might PP you know good that might be 101112. A normal -- would be thirteen 1415. Greens going through it just that had seven grams which meant it was really really hard. 34 inches 32 ounces. T 85 model. I believe it was part of what's the benefit of -- on -- unvarnished I'd just like the way helped -- just like the way it looked like the way it felt. It's when somebody uses one of those now really stands out when a lot of pine tar person people on our team that -- unfinished. Let's -- know that's the best that I ever had rose had a six. Well one guy and tidy I believe was his name that did my doubt she would kind of search for lumber and finds finds some good low performing. So. Too and George two things I think and a 75 game when months in the game was there protest. He was called -- but a Bill Burton never protest of the game. Number two wasn't the reason for the rule in the first place initiated by Calvin Griffith because of too many balls were getting soiled that's what. My understanding after the fact I again I don't. I'm not a big historian on the game of baseball. But after the fact I said -- what is a big deal after that game. In the and they said dump some owners were complaining because the pine -- was up so much back in the old days I guess they used to put nails in them all the time. And and pine tar over the nails and every time they hit a ball a big black smudge would get on the ball at the throw balls out. Kinda like today when every time the ball hits the ground until the ball out. You know. So -- bulls got smudged by pine tar as a result. Who wouldn't surprise me Calvin Griffith would be the one do so -- this has cost me a lot more money let's let's change the rule over the threat that. When George does -- mean you mentioned Buckner before it all the you are all there. Q&A handful of -- hitting 400 and this is what I know I think it's part of I think people realize that. In 1980 I came five hits from hit 400 and I was the last to close discussions Ted Williams and that 1940 I believe. -- are nineteen so what did your forties. 41. So we don't -- people know that -- and and people know all of the All Star Games -- 3000 -- this is just a little -- to go along with Lipton. And and I'm fine with that you know some but some of the players on the team asked -- where you don't and I told them and they should -- and -- what advice and say. You mixed up some dust that day that -- flopped I don't know what Matt. But my deploy personnel you know. All the players now and every year and in spring training wanna go to spring training with the royals all. I go talk to all the minor leaguers or get them all together and it just me and them know coaches knowing nothing I'm. Talk for about 152034. You know forty minutes and ended question and answers and there's always some new kid in the organization eighteen year old kid at a high school to tell me about why are there. And it says it's hard for me to really match -- -- schedule and number one yet. They're guys our team that thirty years ago we probably only had enough. Ten guys maybe -- work on our team that were born though I'm thirty years and was six pardon me. Now we don't even have the good guys and our team awarding them born when this happened. But they all know about it you know they've all heard about it they've all seen it. You know I always say that ES PM seven a top ratings stay when they've -- the ratings must be going down when they play the prime target him on TV again because of their wanna bring back the ratings because it is kind of an interesting thing. And it's funny how you remember so many little tidbits about that game. Then. The game that you've played the day before on a Saturday July 23 or Friday night. I'll tell you the starting pitchers -- Shane Raleigh -- black. -- playing third base and Dave Winfield came up in infield was in. So I'm playing right on the grass with Dave Winfield up and he had a ball off buddy black. That to this day I cannot tell you tried to hold out of the way or tried to catch it that's how -- it was hit. And I remember. They have a guy that was pitching and doing extremely well and I brought in gossage to face me and and I had some success off amendment eighty playoffs and he -- he got me out a lot. And I hit I think three home runs off that's at one -- when he was with the Oakland when he was what the Yankees. But. You know just my day. It was my day we get time for one more he's got to get outside for BP itself. Actually confiscated that -- here Gaylord Perry started it because then -- -- when you're Gaylord was kind of a memorabilia guy. You know he'd like -- he liked his memorabilia so he thought it would really be coolest fuel of that from the umpire so he wrestled it away from home. In -- I don't know who threw two I think it was Steve Blanco and and and the funny part was that mean you could see at the end of the video. That all of a sudden the security guys on the field or running through the dugout -- and guys were telling me. After Dick -- came in and had his fit in the locker -- start screaming at me using an illegal bat I'm -- don't even earlier talk I didn't know it was illegal you know. And and by the time we got on the bus it was pretty funny. And that's when I started hearing about. Quote. That boy or somebody was running the bat up through the locker room are up to -- dugout. Tunnel. And the security guys are chastened him. On the walkie talkies saying -- the that is now in the dugout as running up -- -- -- somebody locked the front door to locker and don't let them in the locker room and sure enough they confiscated about right there but. We have some good laps on the bus ride to the airport after that -- we obviously have a good laugh about a month later when we came back and finished the ball game. I don't think Billy took it too serious when he put I think debris was playing. Senator field and Mattingly was playing second base and I'm glad I didn't come back for that notes. Would have been a tough place to come to Marty says he has one more -- okay. OK -- thank you all very very much for coming in today appreciate it -- All right that was been unexpected press conference from George Brett telling stories about the pine tar game from Yankee Stadium we'll have a second -- to react to a -- on a fun. But he year old baseball source to back and they don't waste your technical he's talking about details of bats -- -- -- noted in. Buried inside baseball that but hearing him still block out how -- like hated everybody on the Yankees and olives Qaeda and durable. I mean I enjoy Georgia's always entertaining when he talks. But it was good. Hey you know and it got on I don't know I actually was wonder in this when he was -- how much he hates the Yankees let's say that we just walked around the plaza. And asked people what sports team do you hate the most what do you think the number one answers. Raiders. To that question -- answer coming up next -- a few minutes Phil Steele joins us it's 4 o'clock on the drive. But drive with debt markets from the equity thanks to -- on sexton and sports radio and assistance towards mobile app. All right we only have. About a minute and Phil Steele who's gonna join us. I'm -- just give them all of the over wonders for K state Missouri. And Kansas and see where Phil Steele would go on the overs -- the auditors and will start. There and then get into college football because -- says today's the official beginning of college football season. With the launch of the video -- but -- answer your question really quickly ask it again if you walked around the plaza a randomly pull people on. What sports team do they hate the most what do you think the number one answer his family feud style. It is really tough question the raiders and the Broncos I think baseball fans vote be split between yankees and cardinals. Book and I think that all Missouri and K state fans like if that was their top team would say Kansas so I think being answered the raiders because -- the biggest thing. I would say raiders one K you were close second I'm with you on that limited Jaycee when you play bad raider -- week that -- week. Dedicated to Haiti we Oakland Raiders I would I think that the number one in. So guys use raider week was who was the biggest thing going everybody hated the raiders. I would still say that that that would be the number one -- even though they're not any good anymore people still always have some hatred for them just that. The black in the silver at the. And the raiders just easier again though there -- -- in knowing what other than raiders fans like. Likes Oakland similar go to the Yankees. It's a similar and other high up almost as similar phenomenon of the Yankees and because there were rivals back in the day you know I mean certainly the older baseball fans would certainly remember the time with the Yankees and morals were great -- Also -- this maybe this is opening up whole new can of -- bulletin now last ten years. Broncos bigger rival in the raiders. Yes bright. Because the raiders -- go raiders are terrible over the Broncos are winning all the time so. Now so I wonder how that would expected to be generational gap yeah I think people. Probably a lot of people hate the Broncos because they've been winning as of late but the true die hards that. From back in the day. I mean you just hate the raiders you hate the way they play you hate -- players you hate Al Davis you hate the uniform you -- all that. I'll actually -- -- on all -- being the new rival because whenever we have that debate in the in the winner about -- the rival as we never talk about recharging that she's Broncos when it's always chiefs raiders robbery. Coming up next Phil Steele people call his magazine the Bible of college football I don't know what that makes him but I know he knows a lot of stuff so we'll Alaska talking KEU. Case stay in Missouri football with they'll steal next on a drive. Good drive with -- Denny bargains will be equity bank city. 1610 Sports Radio then 610 sports dot com did the entire.


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