05/21 Ned Yost

May 21, 2013|

Royals manager Ned Yost joins Danny, Carrington & Jayice prior to game 2 of their series with Astros

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Right on schedule joining us now on the van -- the hot line from Houston royals manager Ned Yost on the drive Ned. Thank you get very much for being on the show with us I was wondering is there any update on Salvador Torres at this point. -- actually gone better. -- Kind of a deep -- this morning down. Slid into the tent yesterday isn't he panicked hit and tilted back into this area. It's just -- -- there are -- You know Perry and -- anything inside -- -- so he just stated that it cannot. Pretty much give him an easy dated and ANC. Entirely fair tomorrow is going to be available but we could definitely use them in an emergency so that's a good desk goodness. I royals fans everywhere than breathing a sigh relief. About that I'd like to talk to you about your comments Saturday in the Kansas City Star. You said that. We need to be patient with Mike we stock gets in that fans want instant gratification. I'm curious how you balance those ideals. Which seemed to be in conflict. With previous statements from new in Dayton that it's time to win now. Well there's time to let down like a stoppage is going to be a big part of that money. -- again you know you rely on experience you go through our experiences. Where music players. Struggle. Young players. Players will have a pay you know going back and you know my experiences. In the. 25 years and I've been and as a Major League coach or manager. On an even six years as a player. I've seen too young players come out and have instant success and never looked back Chipper Jones was one. Brian -- was the other every other good. Young players that came out. You know would be put out there could be an start -- player that we targeted that it was going to be a very very good player I would still figured to. Two and you know two and a half years before they finally got the production that we expect. -- particular labor based out their minor league careers so. I know what type of talent what type of work ethic that type of energy compassion. And passion meant to say that microscopic pregnant out don't know what type of -- area. So. Right now he struggling yes but he is still our best option when he. Finally breaks out he's going to be a player that's capable. Terry and his team ostensibly. For a while -- -- -- has always been a slow starter. And when he picks it up he just absolutely catches on fire so sue somebody saying you just have to wait and others like I said before. You know you're not gonna run at another third base and -- -- -- you know all star caliber third -- and don't -- country. So we have to continue to support we have to continue to. You know get him the position where he can be productive. And -- net when that happens. I said it's going to be big part of our offense. Talking in Ned Yost here on the drive more than what's the problem because I don't to give you the numbers but so everyone knows he's hitting 178 this season. And in 400 bats dating back to the all star game last season he's hitting 200 so it's not just a slow start for Mike whose stock is. Now now you're right now I think you're absolutely right. You know everything there he just needs to put it together I think over the last week. For the last week. He was gaining. Himself out of good hitting count he was going into the picture it is too much. We don't want to get to the big leagues it's more mental game that it is a physical game because you have to. While your physical tools when you're right here but the experience and the ability to adjust ability to. It is can. And I think that he the last. You know especially this road trip I've been great improvement. In his plate discipline I think great improvement and not him. Saying focused on getting pictures taken -- now I need. Success I mean what you know he knows he's -- antidepressant. -- to try to make things happen in the best. Well that I can help him get productive ministers stay patient. I'll just like he's starting to break out. The numbers here are gonna increase. But here in your mind still is gives this team the best chance to weigh -- Have you considered sending him down to Omaha. Problem. Do you believe that you cannot benefit a player. You know yet sometimes you can between now is that there's a big difference. And. Tripoli in the big leagues and in the differences when you're playing in Tripoli -- based a Major League prospect. Once twice maybe three times a week. But the biggest -- your place in Major League prospect every. So that the experience is far more valuable appeared then an experience that we didn't. -- you know. -- -- by sending him to triple it's it's something that. You know it just it's gonna work right now. It does that -- a player. It could get if they lose their competent if they struggled to the point where they don't believe in their ability to mourn and they just need to get back. -- and success could impact on carpet you know at a cabinet role. And that bring them back -- Martin's status has not is confident he's been very. Stable in terms of his mind that. -- through this whole process so -- are those apartments. Talking royals manager Ned Yost here on the drive also in the star on Saturday you talked about that instant gratification. It set a lot of fans Ned frankly I would argue justifiably because I'm just interested in a a fan base that roots for a team. That hasn't finished in second place since the strike. When they have it -- manager that you like you said talked about trying to win now. And you guys makes the trade in the off season to go out and get a pitcher who's under contract for two years traded top prospect. How can they be guilty of wanting instant gratification when the organization told them it's time to win now. They're not guilty I understand that a 100%. But you have to you have to -- you know you're dealing with the younger type players. Yeah you have to give them time to grow and experience to the big league level. Now we think that there. You know quality players all of our young guys we think our our quality guys that are gonna help us win a championship. So I completely understand. But. You have to understand too that their patients and there's no player predictable for the two players that have come out. And it has. Have been successful and never looked back on crime contents the big leagues and as the Milwaukee. Active development as per game and never looked back he never struggled. He hit 300 reported the entire year it is on front. It was amazing to me that this can never had ups and down. J. J. Hardy Rickie Weeks Prince Fielder Corey -- these kids. Struggled mightily in the first year in and going into the second year to the point where J. J. Hardy was bitten once seventy. At the all star break. -- hit second here everybody was written and don't have opinion he just kidnapped and you continue to play this -- Stick outside about the cluster break in Canada patent 240 the next year he had to ninety point five on the continent and -- -- -- -- political blog here -- you know these things take time. My intention wasn't to offend anybody but you know we need to look at that we the reality of the situation is that sometimes it take. I know just when I know and I understand. That everybody. -- impatient. But you know I can't be impatient in order to take this where. We want a ticket. -- -- last thing the worse thing that I can do as a manager. Of this -- so. I think I -- looking for maybe a little more understanding. That I wasn't trying to offend anybody in that was the reason predictable. Talking -- royals manager Ned Yost so now that we've seen in 41 games. What is realistic for this season should expectations have changed. Now -- up until I think we've got a very good thing I think we can look up stats I mean it's obviously -- eleven of the last fourteen games. We need find ways to -- -- -- but I think we're very capable diplomat. But it deputies -- servers to our defense has been. You know big enough for us to win baseball games and offensively has been. In our building consistent. I think we've got a very good and our. But not a catches fire. To prevent against -- because -- like yeah. You know he's -- and then -- the Philippines erupted into account Baltimore's struggling right now it seems that. Cleveland struggled and there one back and looked frustrated on a patent on Anderson but. You know we've got we've got to settle -- a little bit not get our offense and they should be in pretty good shape. You mentioned the offense. Before the season you put. I don't there was pressure but high praise certainly on what this offense could achieve you said Iran is in pain in stock is an Hosmer. All could be between two when he and thirty homer guys. There are on pace for twenty home runs total the it's that you know the team is last in the league. In home runs. Why is the power that you expected to be there or not. You know ethnic question. Because it's been a little surprising to me to apparently skip. Mr. -- have that potential but if you go back and break down. Their at bats individually over the course of the year. And play. That the quality of our opponent. On there have been Times Square and trying to do too much. Very -- wanted -- it is now. You can only economic take that they did. That you know at times they're gonna make mistakes and arrogantly about -- are pregnant naturally react to a negative I'm not. At times over the course of this year we made quick outs we have a lot of pitcher. The opportunity to make -- statement calling -- -- pitcher -- -- microphone and it. It pitches that were not that we don't wanna trying to get too much changeup breaking ball resolve. It's not like death itself you know as soon as we can get. An attack. Where on each individual hitter is more patient more disciplined at the plate. Hunting out those pitches waiting on those pitches and not miss them when they get and that's when -- apartment. -- others -- The point of our product content and I think -- that the coaches. And and the players themselves they've been working real hard on trying to improve the quality of each at bat trying to get themselves in better hitting count. You could see him work and then and now it's just gonna pay dividends. You mentioned patience at the plate patience with -- stock it's. Are are there -- solutions or is this strictly in your mind a matter of time. Not just a matter of time. I mean in the Indian in my mind it just a matter of time before. You know we start put on our cylinders. So -- again you've waited and waited out to keep working every day. Are these kids that are that are here of the part sort filter and it went thirty to a plot indicates -- in early batting practice. There -- on the computer watching videos. They're spreading the opposition picture -- And expect. It's productive players didn't understand. The leak and when you come on nobody note of the apartment and man with dark skinned and -- -- -- It's another example. You know but then after a year year and a half probably knows -- you probably won't make an adjustment to being. And. Everybody sees that works in. The same types. -- but -- -- -- hitters from pink -- Because everybody today now that -- and fastball count that we -- changeup so what's respectable. We continue to get these. The only way to -- and stop getting -- when we start -- -- those pitches. Our start -- the -- a little bit more. I missed and when we get it up and arrested another great example and -- -- when he -- the fastball count is that we're back control. And 9899. -- -- spoke and generally is going to be located. And a pretty good hitting spot. Until now and a little bit adjusted -- -- he needs to make an adjustment back. In historic focus and concentrate on command and has brought. In. Particularly particularly needed it and nobody does -- and have to test. Involved -- which is very good estimates. -- guys opposite that -- so these are running situations in the process. You know that. Well I hate to say they'd stop it and I'm like you. And we don't go to this side you know upon -- whatever single game but you know sometimes it takes about an excuse as to where. Talking in Ned Yost here on the drive I mean. You are right fans are very frustrated the patience and time saying but -- -- that day I guess you know it's baseball suppose we'll get past that. They're frustrated right now you know that they're losing games but. I -- talk to -- about -- for a second we've been tracking this. The average has been OK the power numbers haven't been there. He only has three hits to right field. He's not pulling the ball at all especially now with any authority. What's going on with them. Again he got his -- and so. -- the end of the opposite field last year and now of course. We are partners. Focus the campus together and to keep him focused. Some big gaps from the left center field gap to the right. Right center field gap. While we are working him extensively now advocates have been batting practice. To get that back out and pull pitches. Peacekeeping execute this tremendous strength the opposite way which is applaud. That places they're going to be as good. We are -- here because -- -- he's got power field but it's got to get the feeling that did not -- back out again on pitches out of the middle and and that's that's an open that we've been focused on -- and we work on everything will be able -- So is he close. I think he's getting closer. You know target technologies close. But he's definitely getting closely. I'm telling you there were times last year and batting practice until about middle and he could not -- I'm now he wants is that practice and he's hitting -- head out and yes well above and if it votes in the right field seats so I'd better get down. Transition from the game. And the and part of the problem. -- they look good indicated that -- you have to look at batting practice but. There are a couple different monster want to explore and we have to be able to transitioned to work that we do indicated in batting practice to the game so. Pakistan's position that indicated. In batting practice and now have answers to begin -- You know we're getting closer. You know I think it's just a matter time before it'll start to come together preemptive. Just another couple minutes with royals manager Ned Yost on the -- Chevy hotline. How would you describe this team's offensive philosophy. Well that's a good question -- because. You know we're trying to. You know we're trying to utilize. The guys we have right now I think our philosophy. -- the support we're trying to find places. This go around. You know we we would like to have the ability to put put ground up on the board would have not went out there. For whatever reason we're not you know we're not good about it. You know Anderson there's no rhyme or reason for. Yeah I think that's a great question right now what they're trying to get -- kids what we're trying to do trying to get settled and trying to get him to relax and free up that -- Trying to get in that situation where they understand what their strengths and weaknesses. Are right. -- their hunting when they get up there. It's sit on it until they get two strikes what you get in the two strikes in its battle mode. So. You know ironic given night. You when you face Major League pitching -- they get that one page that popularized open. Three times and I mean that's the beauty make it three times a night. On other nights you may not get it. And that's what you're gonna have to really grind and battle through it back. I'm -- what we're trying to do now has to get guys setup it's when they get it mr. When wanna keep your pessimistic -- we controlled aggressive we just watching their slogan and everything to Pedro we want. You'd think when you get from watching have a plan when you get up to the plate. And then execute your plan to the best your ability. And you know a group of around the throat Indy and in our -- -- as we look at the quality of dip back. And there are a lot of different things that. Pin. Up. Make it equality. And -- it not line drive you know 789 -- that. I'm executed situation runner on second base nobody -- movable runner on third. Let that one out -- -- -- I'm -- Bryant situation you know those are quality at bats that we break every time they go out there so. The focus and we're trying to do -- to get these kids between. You know -- to sixty and 50%. Market quality -- if you if you -- quality at -- 60% of the time you're worried about the league average so. You know we've got some guy's been in the high fifties and we've got some guys in the -- -- We we feel that we can put together three quality at bats pretty we're going to be creating Havoc in -- so. You know about how the quality about it about who went up there and you don't take and what they -- India and captured base the more base -- we have Peter created by lap dictates. An air. Does some more opportunities that we can count. Two are -- so. You know it's it's a bit of it's been a lot that goes behind it and then these kids are all focused on trying to be better. West -- line of questioning I suppose we wrap up with royals manager Ned Yost is to talk about you for a second your contract expires at the end of the season. Have there been talks about an extension. Now now we're trying to you know but that's that's secondary stuff. You know -- and right now to come out -- and play good baseball title and as many games you can't try to -- every single night so. You know that's a conversation for later it's acceptable -- You know I'm not concerned look. He's again. I don't I don't have a -- You know -- -- I don't worry about the. So than for royals fans Ned. What is a fair timeline here because I use it like I said I know you say you didn't mean to upset you but people to instant gratification thing you did was just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know who we'll get to tended to be honest with you in on the same thing that we hear about went all the time you know everybody to observe that includes everybody saw said the minutes. And then we go to the stadium and it doesn't matter if there's 50000 people it doesn't matter if they're 35000. People -- everytime he steps in the box every time he makes. Right the fan -- -- moves -- and yellow and blue so you know. We can take it -- -- you wanna take it in our people got upset and sorry. But. Yeah that's the way that -- -- listen we had already covered that I was just asking us to put it out there on the record for a a timeline that you thought it'd be fair for fans to expect this team to be a winner. You know I think that. This as a good name. And I think that. You know looked at the end of the year I think our fans are going to be proud of this thing. And that's as far as -- take it. Royals manager Ned Yost on the driving on the -- Chevy hotline that you're very generous with your time thank you for coming on the show. --