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09/12 - The Practice Squad w/ Sean Levine - Hr 2

Mar 12, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The securities. A we. Okay. It's selection Sunday that more. I can't see you welcome back to the practice squad alongside Steve served on the sports machine here on the B. Thanks to lift every listening out there worldwide online at 610 sports. Dot com keep those tax lenient on the duty to its text line at 69306. Somebody poured out from the 620. The Kentucky beat North Carolina to any time. But there's going to be two teams that are up for one see that there's only New Zealand. Who won more games said it's a pretty easy way to determine if they've actually played out. Kentucky North Carolina put on a neutral court Kentucky won the game. Version once. Your thoughts about me up at 91357676. To and coming up. In about a half hour we're gonna walk on Matt Scott of the shiver dot com and when he forced from sports to talk about the NCAA tournament today's big stores sell mobile Torres. Injured his left the inning home plate collision with a whole people drew Cutera. In the World Baseball Classic yesterday that's the bad news here's the good team Venezuela said in the statement this morning. But an MRI revealed no damage other than inflammation. That resulted from the confusion those are a lot of big words so we'll see what it means. For the royals catcher but right miles to its people suits Steve inserted means. When he gets us the Sunday morning six digital users. I'm just old. Court out of my head found there we go out the best let's go to that now. As solid cornerback movement this week affect the chiefs. I think the biggest move was rock Oslo going to Cleveland I don't know what's gonna talk about. What with the rock going to clear that that's the spot open. And Houston and Houston is a playoff ready to he's been there the last couple of years all they need is quarterback. The cowboys are gonna treat Tony Romo which means he's essentially cut. What's he's caught that Tony Romo will probably end up a member of the Houston Texans again how does this affect the Kansas City Chiefs. Well basic became amateur teams for the services of Tony Romo over the last week the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans. Amber's about to leave themselves up without a quarterback for the second straight year. Last year. They're like hey we got this dude named Trevor don't call me Wayne Simien we're gonna draft a quarterback in the first round but not one of the top two picks. Like other teams traded up to do. All it would take a shot at Mark Sanchez who the end of pudding before the season actually started. May actually be any worse quarterback situation where they sit right now we're looking at try to trade away. Trevor Ximian. Some wind at this point is going to be the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos that they don't do something serious and do something quick and it's a KeySpan. That's great. I've looked associates at eight years late first round essentially rookie quarterback. Guy that team because I think that would separate the chiefs. And the Broncos even more the flip side of that is that somehow Tony Romo ends up in Denver. The same way the Manning did for a couple of years and this is not the Europe won the Super Bowl what is first couple years they're Peyton Manning. Was the MVP instead all kinds of records I don't think Tony Romo is going to be that good. But I do think he will be the same. Missing link. Where the team as a good defense team has enough to order on offense their Super Bowl caliber that they don't have a quarterback. I think the hierarchy of the AFC west if Romo doesn't come to this division it's pretty obvious. Kansas City and Oakland won a war and one day and then you've got Denver and pretty big drop. The San Diego. But. I mean Denver and still had pieces in free agency and I don't think in order broken grass. They don't need added quarterback they can't and they show I did Cutler but they don't need to what I'm saying is. They had done this before in the past and been just fine without I don't think. People people need to freak out hoping that they need to go out and get a quarterback in Denver's got it outweighs the penalty without the last few that super ball at the decrepit Peyton Manning yeah that wasn't there. They're plans that they understood intersect. Pay bills historically good defense and won a Super Bowl back in that was the play after they got. Smoked in the Super Bowl by the sea of that was two years ago Lester they were very average football team what they their defense was an average your defense most of what is it with an average quarterback in the division they play they're gonna be able to. I don't playoff contention the entire season don't misconstrue your Wednesday statement it was a crappy quarterback and they won the Super Bowl. That was smoke in the not gonna happen what's next. Yesterday it was march 11 or 311. And your opinion what are the five most underrated bands. You know what most appropriate ban of all time was according to three different web sites is gonna (%expletive) you off certain. But I guess that's. So you can thing of anything yet Obama ha ha I have my own opinion I'm saying mrs. Did you the most underrated this was named the most overrated and leopard from what did you clue. You went to go see his there and play for three days earlier this year. Fish fish. Are you feel about the website with this or just check that type and what's most overrated but fish comes up I bet it's a website that nobody agree on several that may or may not oasis. Very underrated I mean I combine that bomb out oh I know. Under over Wonderwall. Digital Underground underrated and got home he and 2 o'clock in the same fan all the Rage Against The Machine ever did anything bad. Put gigs of early on in there they get low but not enough float. Ever cleared so that a couple of Summers ago as though it Milli Vanilli playing on the ring and next you just said Milli Vanilli is under rated better on. There on violently known for the fact that they were fur around it's that's really neither here nor there the music that came out. Whoever was that out and men for their bad music there remember them for the fact that they weren't even singing the music look grossly some of my mom say something about. My grandma thinks of Obama caller don't series about a million and that's when Pete what's next. But tests and all of NBA games left. Do you think will play in the finals or win MVP and rookie of the year MVPs and a good deal Russell Westbrook or James organ. Late. Push from Isiah Thomas certainly Anthony Davis still on the conversation co Y Leonard as well. But I think it's a two horse race considering. Organ and Westbrook are one and two and one and three in points. And a six most of the time you're either got drops items like Jason Kidd John Stockton and averages fifteen game. Order garlic polls and averages 32 exits the game. What these guys are doing is incredible specially because they cordoned off of Houston there an average team. You tick Westbrook awful Oklahoma City they might have the worst record in partly so one of those two guys and a MVP rookie of the year. He got. The Joel MBE even though to do with the do it only played thirty games this season gets him considering the fact that they averaged over forty points and eight rebounds in 24 minutes of play. Those two guys that I just mentioned earlier for MVP James organ and Russell Westbrook. The only players that average more minutes per 36 minutes this season. The Jolo and the I do think that James Gardiner rustle us for well win the MVP but it is important and out. They're both on pace to shatter. The all time turn over records Brooke as single MPH. Have you bought your MB Jersey jets are not present at some support here deadbeat guys and with good reason a final to ask. I'm gonna put Golden State in their they got smoked like a snowball yesterday against San Antonio put the spurs on the go crazy. A dose spurs and Celtics I don't think it'll be the cavs I don't think it'll be Golden State everybody else does I'm going spurs Celtics what's next. As a cave fan as a harder for this team to win. Knowing all of their off the court issue I think a lot of K fans have decided to root for the name on the front of the Jersey not the name. On the back of the Jersey. It's been a very. Unique interest paying and less enjoyable that you basketball season that most. Because global off court stuff and there's been so many different things with Carlton brag on that Graham got in trouble Gerald Josh Jackson. That's for publisher of forgetting a couple of incidents. It's going to be like this if this case UT gets knocked out in the NCAA tournament before going to a championship game. It was his dream for a second winning at all. That I think all these problems are going to come to the surface as soon as they get knocked out before gonna go yeah see at some point all the off court issues were going to catch up. The flip side of that is they do end up winning at all. They win a national championship cut down the nets and all the haters gonna come out also except for the crimson and blue fans. They're gonna right here on this radio station or text lines coupled with the state. And you people on yeah way to root for a championship team with guys that serve jail time and on diversion of an accused of this and that so. The beyond it yes it has been a little bit more difficult to enjoy this team expects. Be royals over under in Vegas as of this morning is 74 and a half winds. We should jump all over them. Right yes absolutely even if things go for this in the there was many injuries as they did last year heck if they get out the gates to twelve. And all the sudden they start to siphon off ports and they test the trade market for Lorenzo Cain says the trademark her house even if all that happens. 74 and a half when's when's the last on the royals didn't win that it's paying. Six or seven seasons and I'm not suggesting. But they're going to win 95 the way they did a couple of years ago on the way to World Series title but 74 and a half. On the very number at all Stephen there have been a lot of automatic bids and and CAA tournament so for a quick quick game. A name the mask you can book that. Chair CLU Jacksonville State's in the term what's Damascus. I have no idea what division are now the gamecocks. UNC Wilmington. A Seahawks. And I don't know are open to debate is throw random things out as shouting that makes another point Middle Tennessee State. An idea the blue raiders the rate is about that on accession have a safe seat Michigan State and now last year you should know this one also because the book please. Did you hopeful a couple of times South Dakota State is a great mass. The cowboys. You're on the cowboy and mascot Jack rabbits on pretty sure there isn't one of those Dakota schools like Obama cowboy one more. New Orleans. No idea the privateers. But hell's a private TO and then. Northern Kentucky is there an O all or as the north's. Tunnels in the horse Steve insert and Alec yeah machine viking thing on the course and ever heard. On the sports machine show on the V coming up next guy talks four straight on 610 Sports Radio. Stevie and 610 Sports Radio. We're going to get a ticket. So that's why I thought that was the most underrated this with my hands. Oasis and Milli Vanilli. Certainly shake his head in agreement. Well oasis. Wonderwall budget thing. I would argue that oh oasis is wildly over. I would say fish's wildly overrated but who knows I'm fish is the number one selling tour band of all time I don't think oasis and say that. Bunch of hippies. Welcome back into the shows even third of sports machine shop would be taking up until noon right here. On 610 Sports Radio coming up at ten minutes walk on Matt Scott of the shopper dot com and 24 sevenths sports. The talk to you and some college basketball the big news this morning. Actually happened last night's album or is injured his left knee and home plate collision. What you viewed pair of all people. His backup came out this morning good news team Venezuela said in the statement that an MRI revealed no damage other than inflammation. That resulted from the contusion so a lot of big words the good news is that it looks like. No serious damage no ligament damage was done a tiring of the ACL. It's what I'm saying is it looked and sounded a little bit more severe than it actually is according to the. MRIs and we'll see how long if at all this hampers world catcher. So little progress speaking of the Kansas City Royals I think Ayers. 45 or six guys on the 117 roster. That are very difficult to pin down individual expectations for the try to do that right now. And each one of them for better reasons we'll start with Mike whose swear. Not only is this guy coming off of an injury but this guy is also playing. Enact any idea contracts. And sometimes I think there's little bit too much made of that I think some guys. Played their best because they need the money these guys need the market forward shores because they want to maximize their money. And if they didn't give harder and ten or 140%. Before a non contract year you see that at. At times were guys normally its point five home runs its forty and drives and 115 and Contra we see that all the time. I think just as often but much less talked about is the guy realizes he's playing in a contract year and puts too much pressure on himself. I'm not sure which one of those guys much stock is is going to be what I do know is that last year do was on pace. The break Steve about bony single season home run record for the Kansas City Royals are six. I think he's gonna go out there hit 364042. Home runs now. But I do fully expect my stock is to be one of if not the team leader and power this season now that he's coming back now. That's on the I think he's going to hit probably close to 25. Or thirty home runs probably lead a team or be close to it in that category. Latest dollar third base but more important. We all know that the key to the world success the last few years has been the general manager Dayton Moore. Ned Yost has done a fine job. Oh boy opens been spectacular. But overall it's been their chemistry and I thought when moves went down last year a lot of chemistry went away as well that's about expect moves to bring to the table this. Move on Alex Gordon winner is of fan favorite public and have a statue built for one day in the outfield. The royals will eat him last year. To a long term contract in to a man in this city we went our our what does he decked out play general's uniform his entire. And then out there and play and hit 221 with a on base percentage of 312 with very little power and real content and a half ago. The the royals. Opened up their purse strings for the wrong guy I don't thanks. I think that was an exception to the I think we've seen enough of Alex Gordon and Alex Gordon's not so old at this point in his career is over with. The last year. Was a year that a lot of players it's tough when you're dialect Gordon who's a veteran who's been in the league for 101215. Years to season and season out. Due to your average which for that guy is around 280 which is around fifteen to twenty home on which is around eighty RBI which is playing the best left field. And all of baseball. He may have taken a step back last year in the yield as well and I mean literally brings a step slower is or might not have been quite as good. But the big problem with Gordon. Was with the bat I think a lot of that was between I think mentally got himself screwed up early because he got out the gate so slow. After being injured for a lot of the season before. Or was it competence thing and I think I fully expect this year outscored the snap back into the 280 to 85 hitter we all know he can't. Farther Kosovor goes. Hot probably has more value and certainly has more popular in Kansas City that he has in. I think of Eric Hosmer ends up walk and take you contract with the Mets with a Red Sox with the doctors with. My and the with one of these big market teams that has and will off Hammel whole lot more money than royals will. I think it'll take a very short period of time I think his plane landed airport he'll be loving life and it looked at his bank account he'll be loving life. And then he'll played for a couple weeks for whoever is next email is and realize that not only is not as on ores he has popular. But the he had his most valued in Kansas City both as a man and as a baseball player what really gonna see that this year. And we should see it early we're talking about a contract year. If this guy plays his career best season. And Eric Hosmer had some good years never really had a great. Some years have been better than others just really been able to be consistent for two outs of the season. He's been really good out the gates and slower really slow and they got hot towards the back in the disease. Alicia said. But he goes out there has a career. And it's close to 300. And drives in the same hundred RBIs that he did your knocks and when he buyer of home and he's still really good book and still as sweet aired scope was the best for based in all of baseball. Abide by. So yeah there's no chance of the rules and re sign error cost more if this year general's uniform he has a career season it just won't. He's going out price himself and that will be too many suitors for a guy. But I do expect and have that type season I think I was going to go nuts this year. I do think that he's gonna hit close to 300 drive and a hundred RBIs and I would be at all surprised at the power numbers go all the weapons when he barber for him run the question is. How long does he do that in a royals uniform deceased. Move to a couple pitchers starting with Kelvin. Error has to be. This is the one guy. I'm not saying he could struggle he did get injured and the team could still keep their head above water. Considering what the two closers before him did first Greg column in the last couple years Wade Davis. Those guys. Or if not the best closer in all of baseball there on the short list and you have all those guys on the same roster 789. The royals were playing chess whatever but I also like checkers. All of the baseball team to play in nine in the last few years by the wolves were blowing a seven. That was because of each DH or don't look now. Which are down two H. Davis is a cub. And Holland's no longer on the Oscar which means Kelvin her error has to have that same type of season and ER rate around Warner where when he comes and with Philly. Game is over. Which takes just a baby duck. Again is he worked the morning and the years the world's game did in the offseason the royals are being proactive not reactive. The problem with not paying any Duffy does offseason was if you went out this year. And hadn't. 200 innings and had a good strikeout to walk ratio and wins 1820 games. There's no way kind of like a December calls her. That he would play out his career and royals uniform or at least this contract because too many other suitor would want him. And the dollar signs would be too much now that the rules have him locked up under contract I've. All the expecting any doubt be to be the closest pay but this fan base has seen one actually ace. Since wait for. Zack Greinke. Ervin Santana was called ace per season it was a relief ace. Same thing with James Shields same thing at times with your Donald enter saying things even at times with Danny Duffy. Last year when he was good he was great I expect him to actually look like an ace this year. And maybe the most of individual when it comes to expectations and won seventeen. Is Dayton Moore. What do we think the general manager's going to do it how quick we think he's going to start making notes. I think best case scenario for a true royals. Not just a Kansas City that likes thirteen to be good it's on the globe to Kauffman Stadium that enjoyed the parade that likes to Wear the royals here I'm talking about the real world stands out. I think best case scenario for this branch not this team won seventeen but this franchise. To be proactive. Vs reactive. In either adding or subtracting pieces what I mean by that is make the decision make quick I'm talking about the first quarter of the season forty games. The royals are playing over 500 baseball. Seems out if you could trade away a couple of minor league assets to build on what is already a playoff caliber roster. The flip sides true walls if they get out the gate in the fifteen and 25 after the first quarter of the season. Siphoned off the pieces Dayton. Let's get something back worst case scenario is this team finishes around 500 don't make the playoffs Hosmer kaine moves and as you're still on the roster. Stevens or a sports machine show on the beam on the other side. Back into the college basketball conversation after all it is selection Sunday we welcome on Matt Scott of 447 sports on the practice squad. 610 Sports Radio. So boring that. Kids it is good selection Sunday morning team Kansas City welcome back into the practice squad alongside Steve sir. On the sports machines young looking all guys will be out twin peaks tonight as soon as wheels baseball wrap up. Here's our plan and the rest of the day coming up at 3 o'clock got royals baseball as soon as the boys in blue wrap things up. Our coverage begins live from between heat it's our selection Sunday special seed. And he race. Best. Pretty much the entire crew was going to be at both. Twin peaks locations I fully expect KU. To be named a number one seed with that its talks in K you basketball some college hoops with my good friend. From the shivered dark comment when he four sevens portals what mall and Matt's got good morning you're mad house dorm road. Well I'm not good now it will be central it's. Say you're more than welcome to come out there and join us. I'm gonna ask you the obvious question off the top that you did not affect their seeding with a loss to TCU it. If it is there's going to be a lot of lot of unhappy people seductive about it. You know keep it could get all the work we knew that this sort of one. That fourth game. They lost the ball forward. And lost. Without. Pop but did you lottery it. It didn't come in and you draw in if you'd you'd so that you can take all the all that into consideration. And that is that they're probably already said that of the one slot. Made the origin of its limited to a number one. It was followed that we slotted it. So do you think the loss for his TCU told us more about not having Josh Jackson pulled us more about. How vulnerable this team is considering that yet there reform laws T Mac it probably could have been an Ater an iron to. A walkie. That it would have been it. Indeed the we'll closely you know a couple times on the back to. This case if it means that. Pretty consistent for. Yeah he did and what they do of course. Is what it. Well beaten them on the road. I think what we voted in their system. You you. And you. Also being cleaned up if you keep in mind that some. If you go to guy jostled guarded and Dawson are urged her to do it. If people don't we get one. That was just as it's been. You tired he was. What. You know he started people it. Just look at all of the bulk of the world scene and just. It up on him a little bit I think forces. But all of that she did it have all of these pot and all of a sudden you lose or important do you think. Once for example if he yeah. A lot of pressure on. She's yeah that would be a point or important. We got the creator of the shiver dot com part of the 24/7 sports network my good friend Matt Scott on the practice squads extends Sports Radio your home. Kansas Jayhawks basketball winner. All jail spans have gotten used to it Joseph world beater Cole torture Jeff with you that mores twins Thomas Robinson coal alters keep going to on the list. They don't have one of those bigs on this team so for. You can't really say it's cost him team is 24. And they're probably going to be number one seat will cost them this point oh fault. Well we do have one of future. But. But look where it doesn't mean you did you give it to twelve or settled. Double digit lead. It's used to look accuses in the way. Because. She's so that doesn't just fail. No one is of voters in what. When you can do it's called the bird is better players we. Guys hot arm. Well. I said he's hot or she is not that all the season. No god given talent god given talent got. Well for whatever reason all hasn't come together yet. Slope but it is. What would you do that that will lose to Baylor. If you could we build together and gives you you know. They didn't move right now which is. It is important. That the bones in more than the difference between Israel and its concept of sport that this. Three position is positioned and basically he's done at all. And we had differences with some pretty good and I don't know offensively and the world as well. Blocking shots more than an onslaught so neat. It would be a look sure if this huge what is called super. Was difficult to break wall fall. It's abuse of sorts in China. How much is cutting down the nets are getting to a final four contingent upon frank mesa doing the same thing he's done all season. Vs everybody else this team has a lot of talent but clearly he's they're on courtly. Oh. People it didn't and it. You eat some other guy is just around. Or enforcing it well. Keep it at all she's observed. The it wouldn't you don't lose. It if I could think. So could they win and they did to a second round game verses all I don't know who their opponent's going to be but it should be a good one of francs off and they continue winning. Because there. It. Just check. It. It gets the dignity that with this team. Here's more in just one guy. You insult them but today it's Virginia. Couple. You can play ball like you it's possible that they that you can nominated instructions. All of it at. It should Yankee games in it didn't want it and having their. Day it is compatible it. Oh and if you think back last year. You either you get pulled over the author of the old. It's. The sisters. Then we don't 1000 people or. That you're there's more of those. So it has. One or two. Have an off game was. We'll have more options so what about this and that brought the incident that you need to get out of thirty let's build this is really playing well you know. So this one of those things you do open. It doesn't catch fire take over the whole scene with these. We'll. Glued to the board but you. You're absolutely right or is it all. You know I don't mean mean that this is situation if you don't want that to affect everybody else. Because he's the and so as you won't get in the oil. Good stuff this morning Matt Scott of the shivered dot com and 24 sevens or on the practice squad got men in the machine and 610s portrayed. It'll tell you for second let's focus on the rest of the big twelve since it is selection Sunday. After seeing the tournament after watching this conference all season long were they overrated or do you think a lot of these teams can actually advance deep come March Madness. Do you or dead. Sold to different. Yeah true okay let me let me rephrase that. How many of these teams win their first game how many of these teams besides Kansas actually have a shot at getting the final four. Level team you only want to get to the or you could argue that structured its current. Or quite as good news or the thing that goes into the fire or. They never do this. Well it's prevalent Notre Dame basketball. I don't know if you are the same thing for you. It is still different to me is that you do what you did say aren't you get it remember. What about the big float it deep I was saying you won the sort of. You literally nothing else. Well it will be a in all one of them won't follow. I would say no doom and social world tool but I think most. Of its formal it. As if. The case states and for sure. We've been in particular outs away. Like pretty accurate what do you think this point going forward is going to affect Bruce Weber job a lot of people said if he gets and you probably state you agree with that. That I think the late run that helped them what they need this for what they've even have a yeah. And who you gonna do it better physically you want. Is it if if if you if you would lose all. Sorts thought it would yeah. You bring you you get a good so it's a bit on news he that you don't really see that there. Both bogeyed the last boom will insult. In I don't know what you can go it ain't it. Who wants to keep a job or. Anybody that's ever watched a high school player and gone online and typed and wants you discuss pilots because you might come to you and all likelihood the guy that put that package together. Is on with us right now martz Mets got of the shivered our common point 47 sports and you're the guy and asked. A former get out a year. How easy is it or should say how difficult is it to recruit to a place like a state or and you. Both in all likelihood looking for a new head coach considering you've got Kansas in our change away. Or so it is much that this. Well late. In the same topic. I mean. Plugged until about how well you actually have to drive. In beautiful home. You know it in Opel would be let out. Of. If you did in particular were. Reduced. In. The period of shouldn't be in recent sentences. A little. It is absorbed or something that is too. Is that you approach. About what we've been very good group of guys and tried to fund. We won't do it you don't lose dialogue. On the that we. Worldly. I would. Want to go to little boy in all. What about you you can't. Say as much. It's wherever it is. The right side of thought well what we can beat players. Is it that is except those. Turnout. Without two players. If the exit those. You've. I think you said they play as a war to achieve great. Without all. The local. It did you see those who love. It will use the opposite. I don't think we don't have that in the hospital that it doesn't it about. You know there's a lot more of Sochi. First. All of you won't. Fool all of the other thing. Palpable and it's important. I think we've all bought small little change from how is it in Abu. Yet his bruised Webber's a hot dog met great stuff brother as always thanks so much. Did it did that's Mets got checked out of sight the shiver dot com portal 2.4 seven sports network alongside Stephen certain sports machine show on the beam on the other side. We fill out the rest of the top four seeds where these big twelve teams and up I'll tell you next on the practice squad. 610 Sports Radio. Yeah sixty instincts immediately go to daddy tickets dot com for great deals I K you and you and Casey football and hoops tickets. AMA. And I. Football field we'll wrap things up this Sunday morning with Steven's service sports machine shop would be welcome back into the practice squad right here. On 610 sports radio and they heard all over the world on line. At 610 sports dot com love music they've got not the war and to tell you what good news it is though because people had. Big issue with my underrated bands which included both oasis. In Milli Vanilli. At this from the 816 here's my underrated him. Or eight CP Red Hot Chili Peppers. I used to love Red Hot Chili Peppers until I was drinking wine coolers. On a vote one time in the boat starter rock and I had too many wine coolers and I got nauseous. And California occasion was blared from the boat speakers and everytime I hear or read ski team now for some reason I get nauseous. I used to love the chili peppers can't do. What's SOJ case Stephen abandons that. They also said Beastie Boys incubators tec nine I'd deserve way more credit than they deserve from the 75 what are the chances. Actually inking Lorenzo Cain. Do all of I would say that Lorenzo Cain considering that he is. The oldest of the four potential suit to be free agents LCDs Escobar. I think he's probably on the back end of his career. Eric Hosmer still yet it is prime same thing with my stock is like to think that. The royals will probably be able to dig a bit of a discount on the rents are tainted by wanna stick around if that's an option soldiers of that job army. That's a surge in Grammy nominated reggae band. That's really neither here or there of their moderator way never hurt. Certain sports machine for a few more minutes here on 610 sports radio and 610 sports dot com this morning's big news. Happened last night's double Torres injured his left knee and home plate collision. Withdrew you to hear his back. Luckily team Venezuela said in a statement that an MRI revealed no damage other than inflammation. That resulted from the contusion so hopefully. It was just scared if you actually saw. It was day hold your breath tight moment it looked nasty sell b.s need an event an awkward correction and were brought on rob and higher earlier today. Fame baseball writer I asked him. We start to make a list of most of the players on the walls guys that can't go down injured guys that can't. Not performed up to essentially a career year he said he does salvage right at the top of the list and I tend to agree. 5767610. With any final thoughts beauty tickets text line is 693 zero's are and I've got. War on 234. Font six I think 60%. Of the big twelve is going to username called and by the way if you just wanna chill by yourself and watched elections Sunday that's great. If you wanna be around much at twin peaks curls and members of sixty and Sports Radio. Head out to twin peaks this afternoon hours elections Sunday coverage begins from both locations independence and all late. As soon as the royals game wraps up royals baseball at three selection Sunday special. Live from 22 right after that were I think. 60% of the conference is going to hear their name called here's the lines I think they end up on amid a did you my top four seats. First I think K state it's in and I think K state. Is the definition of a team that deserves to play in the play in game in the eye test tells us that they're good enough. The close losses tells the third go to the talent level tells us they're good enough. The resonate. Does an estimate says. The third fringe tournament. That way game. Victim proved that they deserted or the actual 64 team field so because of that. I'm an MAK state a double digits he whatever but they send that was at ten seeds of the twelve seeds. The Dayton I think that's where K state and Baylor is an interesting case study because they're the number one team in the country this time a month ago they are on people's number one seed by this time. Two weeks ago and that to lose in the case state in the first round of the big twelve tournament. I've barely have them as a top four seed but I do I have Baylor going out east as the foresee West Virginia. West Virginia is going to be a difficult match up for whoever. Any team that presses. Entire forty minutes any team finished second in the big twelve with most people considered to be the best conference top to bottom and called basketball this year. Deserves high seed. Even though they lost I was state in the championship game I've got West Virginia. As a receipt of actually got I was state on the three line as well running problem fly through this for second I've Oklahoma State in the field. Most likely as a seven or eight seed which means you'll see them in the second round against number one's got to be an interesting match up. And Kate you will be an aforementioned one seed Villanova should be the number one overall seed when there. Fueled his release later on today actually just a few hours away from selection Sunday and I think K you based on their entire Reza 284. Winners of the big twelve. They beat five top ten teams even though when we brought on Brian Haney divorce the jayhawks earlier today. You pointed out detailed just how many close games this team has played. Terrorism day and the committee's going to look at bat and the back of their hold. Kansas is certainly going to be enough to get them a number one seed probably the second overall number one seed in the midwest which will take them. Through Kansas the path will be also Kansas City hopefully. On the way to a final four in the arm got a couple minutes left here's my top four seeds first let's go out east article you Villanova is my award. I've got UCLA as the two. Baylor as the three they're a good team but I shipped them all the way. Out east and I've got Florida. As the full work your way over to the south I've got Kentucky as the once I pick up on an island. I think Joseph an artist got him as a two I think when the actual brackets tomorrow lead today Kentucky's going to be too. But as Kentucky not one of the top four teams most likely to win a championship. Based on their talent their head coach and there are record he has only lost four games Kentucky's law spot. You flip flop the win the Kentucky had predicted that you had over Kentucky Kentucky's problem the second overall number seat. I've got Kentucky as the one in the south North Carolina that to organ the three and Purdue before. Worked our way to the west where a lot of people have guns act as the number one seed I just can't I can't do. To me that's the same thing the western Michigan football did this. Built up a really good resonate a really glossy record without playing. In sort of beat Arizona and Iowa State true. They also beat Portland and Pepperdine. And laurel on their game and it it would gone undefeated. I guess I'd say our victim once. Can't do Arizona is the one out west all bargains Agha I was states of three Notre Dame before. And how would you like this to be your actual bracket fans. I've taken was the one in the midwest I've got duke as the two little hole as the marine and Fortis date as the four. Thanks to Stevens the conservatives his name all the work he has fame baseball writer Rob Schneider joined the show. So did Matt Scott a 24 sevenths sports in the play a couple of voice of the Kansas Jayhawks. Brian thanks help me get through the showed it could all be on Twitter at shell on the BDC. Enjoy selection Sunday tonight. It's a show on the green signing off for the practice squad. Six tenths portrait.


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