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9am- 3/11 High School Sports Saturday Show

Mar 11, 2017|

March Madness edition coach McCabe in studio as well as other coaches join us as well. We give you scores and updates from around the area as well.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for. Sixteen. Proudly presents. Cereal that's like. It's produced in the operation. The show is in here yesterday second hit today rocketed him think he's wife and baby and threw it up the left. Who congratulations. Two run lot's happened at this past week including you know give it. They said the old dude tornadoes that this it fueled grove community Smith bill. At least in the bill grove who have that's repair Richard it's towards the future arms. That'll communities very tight in oak groves who love hope everything goes all right for those people but in studio. We have a special guest he's administrators also had basketball coach of liberty north high schools name's Chris McKee he's always been different shows come on. A couple times the coach is going to be. Bracket. Brecht told school. A Brecht told that there and it's an added title the idea of Brecher tell you that I had to order now what I like solid and if you guys that president saying look you're an hour rapid tolerance and this year the records don't list in a legal teams better than someone that coaches against them. A coach by the way he lost last week regarding Lanka's right before is this per game. With liberty high school. And came on the show and and our leader our leader he lost so. A personal my apology later today and yeah well my personal apology the last time I was on it was after we lost the port deals on thinking that it might be you guys minutes on to do with this great. Before you came on the show the first time year old. Nearby is put you top in everything you can catch the new levels. But they're in India savaged you on again you lost my apologies go through and not our fault no well this is coincidence there it whenever anything to do what it was like why my title is now bracket colleges cannot tell us that you get your bracket tell. As for jobs to a high school sports that are Chris. There was some score here's the deal Kansas is doing the state championships this week. Basically spread around the state of Kansas in there were some local teams. In action and will bring EST chief Putin's next week off from Kansas but they're playing. Today the classic Sega which Allstate five days at the peca. Class four A division one. Is in slightly in its drives me crazy but usage does could settle it elect was or your things in one place there is nobody yet you wanna see but if you go. There I thought that we laughable would that not gonna go on that day trip at this point but if the anyway scores last night locally Chris who's in the state championships that he won once they're on the Kansas. You've got a little valley northwest who beat Florence three straight restate its 749. Pick some forty actually. To advance the state championship in classics hey. Where they're gonna take a lawyer at 615. Tonight in Wichita meanwhile blue valley north. We'll take on lawyers restate in the third place game is at 2 PM a lord's eyes collectively. In the championship. In six days last five days late goal. Reggie from Anaheim that is at ten got a solid they bewitched heights yesterday fifty to 39. They're sick on shining nights at 615 the tonight in the class five a state final into peca and in the class four A division one net. Is bishop VH one comfortably over Abilene. 5436. And they're gonna take on McPherson in the state title game tonight in Salina at 615. Who look to local schools. Movie if we talk a lot of kids next week this week. We share for your time teams Missouri so going to be heavy Missouri today his coach McKay did go to liberty nor which by the way. Is the best gym in the city the scoreboards amazing. With what they have and a coach. Playoff time now in their playing the quarterfinals here. It's Silverstein. Ice in her arena which is. It's a really neat facility and I'm sure the teams love it because he holds 55 to 600 people but I imagine most the student bodies will be out there. Watching these games today it's. Packed win. And it we when you get 3000 people in high school gym it's usually packed and then you throw me in a place that's that double the capacity. What you realize is over the course of the game gets a little louder in the shooting back. Are of significance there because the it's built as more hockey arena. It's actually come up the other day if that's usually a problem well the edit an NBA game in the delegate cancel them Minneapolis yesterday when Phil yeah I guess overspent at this guilty they had to get that falcons general concern absolutely with basketball but they're shooting backdrops are what makes that Arenas so different. Because you play all year in high school gym that has a wall that's pretty close to the end. And then when you extend that ball I gold looks like it's just that now there. And so teens who rely on jump shooting and her and three pointers when it comes down to the games were in the arena in the bin use different non you wonder how that impacts the game we've been fortunate the planes let me lead dates that are. We treasures many layups as the cancer don't have to worry about it at the rebel thirties but. It's and it's a neat place to play and gain access to beautiful venue. That again is the backdrop different when they get the Columbia. For the final four. Is it a little better because it is a gym but it is still different sight lines than you know normally school you have bite but you've got more than true basketball arena OK so when you're in Missouri in the goal since the bleachers are right behind it it's just built more specific for basketball where in independence. They got a basketball court middle I'm in the packet for better. It's instincts and on college basketball they play the final four in the fumbles three. There's the drop on the side which always concerns me when players mourning over. Did he doesn't fall down the pulled on the edge but it is a different sight lines they're a class five gets kicked off putting some local schools. Teams that you or one of the teams you know extremely well. A liberty high school against lease on the west at 6 o'clock Lisa molest two losses this year both OK and opinions the blue springs. Believe it or not a bit tonight at 6 o'clock liberty. We some west they won't meet the winner of Jackson and shaman nod in the final four. In Columbia so the winner goes to Columbia Missouri you know. So. Threesome west liberty tonight at six coach you had lost liberty in the district Arnold's. We some west very good team this year two losses but at least he does and shaken down. Two great teams two great programs. Blue springs south Lisa loyalists over the last seven years nobody's won more games in the Missouri senate considered in those two and so lease on the west has proven nickname they won. A lot this year they've won a lot the last six or seven years so they've been in these games have been in these settings. They understand what it takes to win now liberty is playing really really well. They played terrific against us last Saturday and absolutely deserved to win the game. And then they go on Wednesday and play park hill who is 21 win team and they really really good team. And and led most away after the first quarter and won by double digits. Socially here and we Somalis plead with Kansas City with coach Moore and amp. Circuit City are really good year but police west to point win over a very good north in city team as. In the tagged me having actually. I like our healing election worker marks and Quinn when I was actually I went to officer with the rust in that will show. I don't want really well and these are kind of whom is he really gets a four in the post season. He's he's really comforting coaching he very much and stills that in his players. But man Errol. Whatever team he has off now once we get to this order the year having seen him enough when I was Ruskin well they gave Lisa molester everything they all yeah. I mean everything they wanted to lead in the fourth quarter. And and Lee's summit west hands. I've I've been in Kansas City eleven years and I don't know if I've seen a more. Athletically dominant team then they have Brooks in Goodrich is the guards. Bishop grows 56 inches over the summer when she was trying to. They that they they have players that have gone through there and then that I just mention three other guys and I and I failed to mention the division one Bradley sunny and alleged child. So if you you go through their roster there is good as we've had in Kansas City I'm in a while. But I echo chamber deserves a lot of credit and his staff. Because they routinely are in these games. But liberty. The liberty knows what to do and how to win big games and they've got a great great player and and they're there they're supporting cast is what people would say it. Is really good and really solid and they know how to play the game together so that that that's a very interesting matchup to. Talked to coach Chris McKay did coach who liberty nor the high school and lost liberty actually last week in district he's helping us out. With some bracket ecology here. Lee's summit west he was twice the blues it. How does that happen when a team wins in four games. In the lose to Jesus and something bigger number imagine what is lol what happens some by the Likud she will join us. And today at 945. A leader on the Schobel. Is it a situation with matchups. Yeah it's crazy when you. That had the first time EC team your kind of feel them out you know which you've seen on tape you know. What you were preconceived notions are bound to get on the court and in turn make some adjustments but then the always. Big the game just plays outs of different high school you're never guaranteed same mound possessions without a shot clock. So you could play team covers that we played teams India the sharks are. Well without. I don't think it's even a conversation that sort of resistant I think just for the entertainment value they showed up with all day just okay and here's the other argument that I've always made about shot clock is. It makes players better because I when I played in high school I played which is a miracle that I even play but. But when I played by cup ball in the waning. I'd I didn't have to make ploy. I could pass at somebody else I can do something to to try to help my team. If I cut the ball on the wing with the shot clock in the six seconds ago I have to make a play. And I have to be good enough to be able to go off the dribble have to be able to make a good read and pick general have to build and that's can only make the game that in my opinion. But didn't. When you're asking about matchup channel we played team computers go first time we played and we had a 64 possession game. The next time we play and we had a 42 possession game. So there's twenty possessions differed against the same teams have some teams have remember yes but then also the same point. Styles make fights and soaker and go under game in the team's goals and play completely different style in which are used to go in and now that's when things get a little. You little hectic but at this time of the year. You played 25 times you've practiced 7075. Times you've got a law on court time about who you wanna be what you wanna do. And it's what it's gonna condemn who's been you know make shots when that situation let's say you. If you are playing his team they count as your number or you or they know very well. Do you do anything differently to kind of from off or do you just a mistake tier and lake well which tried to dual you know our style better than we did before. So that is a phenomenal question that's why my titles Breck intelligence today and because if there was coach I'd I'd would of slept. The last four days of I was in this game winner of the treasure exactly right. What do you do to try to give your team the best chance to win it and you have to make a decision and you have to have enough. Time preparation. Commitment. Tim what you're doing to convince your guys that's what you need to do. So. Take for instance we played we have a matchup with 310 this year and and we already very dominant main the main team. That's all it's the majority of what we do we practice zone once every 1516 practices. And we had bad matchups with rates so I had to convince the guys. Best chance for us to do to be great tan is to try to place and so as often convinced as I do especially when you're heavy hand and sort of be enabled it to sell that in due to adding get him ago so here's the deal we we got some momentum early in the game we've played well we kept a close and then we're able the make some plays late but we played some man in the second half well I'm I made a decision this year against her cancer no matter fact. That I thought the best chance was play little combination defense that it likes matchups we're three games in four days when they come out and it's sixteen to two before likable ink. Sol I'm on what they can myself well this was terrible decision and then right there you've lost your your dazzle Oslo but the confidence in your plan because you're down in your return to convince in this is the point. So your questions phenomenal because that is exactly the conversations that are going on in every coach is office at this time of year is what do we do to put our guys in the best position to have success in these games that matter most. And I know list if you try to do anything to radical you're not doing the right. Chris McCain head coach liberty nor high school gonna stay in here with this another segment. I am curious about the other side as they bracket will do the chances of liberty at least some of moving four plus a look at the class four brackets. Big game today recounts south and corny. Read a phenomenal season as well in grand view. Taken on ball over leader knives will talk to coach Chris McKie liberty nor in studio next. Just like. Please feel free. Coach person capable of high school social ministry there as well in studio is aura. Bracket pellets which where talking to him. Steel and that the tournament we still would were talking to a in the tournament bracket colleges. Is perfect don't forget selection Sunday tomorrow after the royals game. Inclusion in the royals neighbors the Dodgers will be in two separate locations that when pizza nature will do to our. The bracket algae tomorrow after that radio in sixth in Sports Radio coach. Look at the rest this bracket as I mentioned. In classified the winner of Lee's summit though west liberty 6 o'clock tonight Silverstein arsenal should be. He enters the game and by the way for looking for some good bass welded to appear in what some of these games Jackson nineteen intends Shimon odd. 43 and five. On the other side of the bracket looming as a Christian brother CBC. Indo Webster Groves lips grooves grooves and singles very good point 62 rock bridge at Columbia point to four against kicker who. When he formed for bubbles look at who would lease them Westwood liberty would face next Jackson shaman not I don't whole lot about some it is a Saint Louis school. But there was relieved. Last year's state champions. Tatum and cook and these kids sign came down wanna say that. Really that they've won a lot of games they know how to win frank and it's their coach who's younger guys that really connects what those guys and they play really hard for a Lansing Jackson on film. Summer earlier this year when after the play Columbia Hickman who we saw. Seoul. Sean I'm not is is really really solid now jaded jump ahead that rock bridge kick of the game is as good of a high school game as you're gonna be replaced young and publisher and that's the right and and rock bridge I've seen 45 times this year there appeared the north cancer determined that they lost to. Really good part he'll south teams so here's my here's my am. My plea for my conference that I was in this year. Nineteen wins by the great town nineteen wins by St. Joe central nineteen wins by a part kills self in twenty right now by liberty. Those were the top four teams in our league now Siegel in 1919. And real top heavy they kind of beat up on each other's give them any good teams in one conference right so so luckily. You know that league's done because that was a grinder. This year but that's where I think liberty. Is in prime position to play against a really really good really talented well coached team I think. I don't think that there are so much an underdog because they've been battle tested they've had to play in big games this year. And obviously they've they've performed really well. Me and other coaches kick receiver on police simplicity of drugs and ship so kudos at that works out as well yet I. Here's the thing I find. Interest thing about the races you when you've got two teams league you know liberty and and Lisa west year. In your disk or you're this close to going to Colombia. Going to playing in front and in the larger arena. I remember. When I was a rusk in news and the same way too we we were in and do you see him one win away. And we are one win away anyways. It was just. The marlin was trying so hard to keep everybody tempered mentally because you're kind of you're excited you get one win away from Colombia if how do you how do coaches keep everybody kind of an add. In the back home state of mind so they're not looking ahead to the big bright lights that was. Arena yet you guys you guys must be media because you that's really good coaching questions and about how to coach a team. I here's a great stories something we did. Mine. My second urine or sect near the school we got really lucky went on run and we're in the elite eight game. Against green -- team we will Davis -- you're hearing them you know when the really good that you're and we were we were the underdog we heard embodied in the third quarter. Of that game and and then went sixteen on the bucket they scored as the of them at the buzzer in the fourth quarter leaders that we are sixteen to in the fourth quarter where windows file for. Well before that game started my guys like it since then in that locker room tents they work how nervous they were for the game. So I took them there's a game before us girl's name before Smith bill was plain and I can't remember who the opponent was. But I took my team out of the locker murdered and I ever have and I told I want you to stand here as this game hands and I want you to watch the celebration. And I want you to just envision in two hours. That that's us and that's how we're gonna celebrate and I want you to think about how science in the fifth and you know it's again trying to sell on trying to convince them that that is the case. Blight we did that as a way to try to get the guys to relax so with all the pressure. You got to rely on your work you got to rely on on who you are and what you do and how well you can do it. Because that's what's gonna matter when that ball gets tipped it is a basketball game and everything before it feels different and everything after it's gonna feel that. I like the visualization coached him for shorter coach Staley. And among through years and what he always told me we would go to school read that in years ago didn't stately. Indeed making drugs Saint Louis to take the team to seniors. Don't beat change your game to see what it's like to recommend backing issue. The machine get their but I what you see what it's like in the in which he need to do the Foleo is a position and get on a bus. Inducing those what's the football games he would it walks like to be and achieve each of class for coach. Class three to W local. Is forced teams class for is some local righty retail south thirteen to fifteen this year we've got a way to string some things together corny. Well we talk the coach stigma here and a little bit too from courting big game today at 1 o'clock in you have all over. In grand view playing as well so three local schools the green do you games got selfless Baptist by the way too which is in Bolivar as well so they met at a little. You being there but that the game here source that I Serena. For cheats to go to state rates down south and corny and I saw us in football. Harrison go in global lost four straight games they found a way to regroup. When they got to the build -- same thing they lost string of games together on the key and decide they wanna speak title but he if you lost some games but he come together the last time. Is rate down south can do in this as well a nice win over sinner last week with a thirteen and fifteen but. The record bettors when I've seen in high school we too many times with a record doesn't matter. Knowing and does anybody remember your record. When you make it to the final four there remember that she made it to the final four so I've always told team or teams I've had when we're going through the season and the ups and downs of the season is. We need to be playing our best when it matters moles and what's amazing about the Carney. Rick great town south matchup it's that's a league matchup. And so they've already played each other twice attorney goes to rates and south. Wins on the road by three in mid January and re tense south comes back in and Ted parting Carney beats him by twelve and soul to. Of great town sells fifteen losses are too corny. So you've got a third game here were party's gonna feel a little bit of pressure and because they are at twenty win teams they are you know supposed to win right is what everybody would say. But rate down south playing well so do you wanna play well. Or do you wanna be good what you wanna do ball and the others the scariest teams that played the teams adjust and out of that. Whose record record wise there is kind of mediocre for the needs to hide it in the year and then next thing you know they're just kind of churning through districts those. Those got to be easy to do not want to plate they're just hot Iraq at that moment in your saying to yourself. Why is the record what it is and wired in plain as well as they are right now. What is the difference are they more of what the record was or are they more of how there playing right now. And this again is the coaching dynamic of you were in charge of your team and control your team and you need to make sure you're doing which you can get your team right because if you spent too much time on an opponent. You know that's when you can get a little distracted by. I'm coach statement in his stay after Corning have done as good a job as anybody in Kansas City this year they have done a terrific terrific job. They've got seniors who've been through the program the football program coach Jones the way that they have that winning culture that. Mentality in the weight room there so many things that they've got going form. But I Knoll hell how the anticipation before this game is built in for both. Coach K liberty North High School coaches fast thirty minutes in radio. Really good hockey for for a long long time. Thank you so much for coming in greatly preachy doing well I pursuit of thanks for all you guys do and happy to do it in after March Madness today but it is March Madness coming up next Katrina jargon she's dated girls coach. It's at her high school big game today we talk about at the beaded team. That they've got beat saint Pius into games this year have another chance at him today in the quarterfinals to 45 Silverstein talked earned that. It's who knows baseball to a plot that produce jobs ruined. Sunday morning. Down he city royals thanks coach good person case will be. The team in studio bracket politics apocalypse as well. We talk about the dark about high school bass was president and the baseball the jury is now pleasure to be joined by Katrina John again. She's they had girls coach at Sydor high school a big game today in saint Pius who 45 at Silverstein ice arena coached good morning. They were doing good. I'll talk to coach in much nervousness goes in big plates at highest twice this year. Its third third time they beat twice the at least three times wrote is a waste of the do what's going through your mind today with playoff games. Well. We impaired credit gain without the group you know they'd be part. Legally recount the challenge. And that would be leaked on the ballot card like he directed mark and and oh. What I feel like. Saint pies dies that's giving you that's give your girls' beds thus far in the first two games you played. What are oh. It I'm not so that we do all as well like yours and have the guard in the ethnic poles that are ready could make it what it is. And I politely check out there and struggle on the on the game I felt like now we're complete scene alum though I'm currently no individual ball. And I am now at it on the part of our peak and that the playing T ball. Duckett to a Katrina John Egan had good girls basketball coaches in her high school big game today to 45. Silver star and ice and arena for the quarterfinals for chance. To go to the final four coach over to the coach who came up from liberty nor the boys who took their and he was always say the sight lines different. In Silverstein we're used to you playing in smaller gyms but you Google place in its different sight lines it. If you talk your players about that you notice any difference employed and small Yemen play in a place would PS I joined in different. Actually has it plenty that we went to me wanna aren't between cart and went cute at least something. And what about what we kind of talk of adding it seems they look at you lookout that a so that we can be feared and into the you know for the gangs and look how you know that the power forward that how to back where I said I thought the good about it and hate. No matter what if that the court has its different and we about it. Yeah it taught him to Katrina John again the senate girls' basketball coach. This time of year you get into the playoffs and players you really really and they get excited maybe even know or this because yield high stakes here. You know one loss in years you're going home. What are you know doing as a coach you and your staff they're kind of ease the mental pressure that comes with playing. It in a really really important game against a team Detroit lost to twice. Get cute and it reminded me and say what might be at work all year I've found on prince need Rodham don't court. I'm in terms of the play on the county is deep in. We thought he repetitive you know expect it didn't matter what happened before opening a call. Different game now and people like art played together in Britain in the end I think Utah. We're going to get a they believe not. Only did it again you have to believe. That they believe he appointed. It will come out on top. Coach you did the latter objective measuring stick databases there's. What we do it it. With those hoosiers but today sinner saint pious to 45 Silverstein ice and arena for chiefs. Go to the funnel for best of luck coach in thanks for Obama this morning thank you. Legal record attorney John you Booker and or visa local schools of course complaint local school sinner saint Pius and it will root river wins that game but also. Coming up today another another team is corny. Once again even big game today against recounts out at Silverstein ice and arena as well let's play distributed by the way 1 o'clock today. He's in his first year at Kearney high school problems. Kirk's statement was also assistant there for 3 years good morning coach. Hey it's going good but Silverstein and that's the place to be today coach in a retail himself as one of these schools I was talking to coach came about as well. We saw a football with Pearson tool that they would stretch with the loss in games and Romo valley lost four games durable won us the championship. Down south as two games under 500 but the playing much different in the post season all. That started seeing this turn off will float they're not. Early on these them and are believed that the couple kids early on. Another record with a great. Caucus where they're not better and better. Other centers starting lineup a little bit down the stretch and won six in Cairo. I'll have a lap eighty and they're playing really well their record is not that the effect and they are. Is this kind of team. The mulls the scariest of the team you kind of worry about the boats when you get into this kind of situation because. Their record. Is is really kind is and a mediocre but right now they're playing really good basketball. And there really confident is that this Canada scariest team we've been faced at this at this juncture. All I've I don't know if they're as you know throughout the year we like our team. And dark suburban mall that we have read the team left in the police you know immediately that class or saw I would say they're very dangerous and went really well. There are very cult and they have four players that outward double figures. But you can't really young ones per night you know you have to make sure your defense without all the way through it and you know it's two or three of those guys go off. You're you're in the same conference them right yeah yeah so and and it was a UU leads took one from each other. How much motivation to your players have. Six kind of get dead rubber match in India would have beat them convinced that lost earlier in the year. Oh well we we played them they were quote in actually beat them twice. But they were very close games and you know the thing is trying to beat the third little. It the curtains and errands and related great now and it's every one of those games where you know Kirk about the last. Org the Kirk's statement had boys basketball coach at Kearney high school coach or nosy million. You back and forth this week and I've always been blown away I recordings agree community. They encourage sports means always been blown away to have been up high school football games was out a couple this year as well community involvement and support. That I've seen from football. Got a house for his basketball to the porters are getting close to be in the same kind of you know rockets atmosphere the football's a Carney. Well I think you know any time you can win some games that definitely helped but the communities and great throughout the whole process. Here that the Mark Kirk here here in a pack up your before and you know we start playing well you know the crowd only supportive but. You know even on the board great you know the crowd that believes there and he's got a lot of all throughout and you know it with a school like Carney. You know it's not just. All Berkeley got certain state this year we're looking to make a run I mean all all the way throughout the administration. That the great job you know. Other coaches you know what are the opposition out there. And I got some great defense. Little before the kids are great on and off the court well. That you just USA during her first year as a as the head coach of their power how. So quickly be able to give these players to kind of buy into your system your brand of basketball has a lot of times for coaches it can be really tough. Little group that the best part of me is it that much force here at the war for the first three years like a slug it out with it because the last year. Kirstie is pretty much they're all quite well career and you know to me building relationships with the it is very important. And you know I felt it all the you know you give me everything you got a good thing you know everything got every single day because that that. I think that's what we suffering felt that the effort is put and they and. Coastal city is in his fund is pleased to be at their 1 o'clock today gets re Terrence out. Ed Silverstein nice and arena chance to go to the final four and for you coach your very first year very impressive voice you've been able to coast McCabe. From liberty north exit early with us told them what a great job. You've done with your program this year SOA best the looked you sir thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you very much I appreciate you got up to date they haven't. Thanks coach thank you very much and coming up next. Michael she breezed ahead boys' basketball coach at least some at West High School and had an amazing year just two losses they play very good liberty team. Today once again Silverstein guys that are Lennar assists in arena. At 6 o'clock they will code talk to coach Ebert next. Man I cannot wait for and adds the source and it's fantastic games or little arena football. When you're like news. At least the second week all your life and rush Laver arena football men's can be fun and somebody that will be playing. In the same arena. Did that vehemently on Monday night the head coach. We Samoa was in for into the show coach Mike she ever coached morning. Why are you were doing great coach even their for a long time he hit a couple of final four appearances you're one step away. From said final 4 once again 6 o'clock tonight. It Silverstein ice arena coach you gotta agree year. But the 44 and two we are talking to coach jokers McCabe who's in studio a little bit ago we're talking about it the brackets. He was talking about the sidelines and as a coach John again the same thing. Is it different playing in that building then playing in high school I mean you've been to the final four before you know well it is is there any adjustments you need to make. Yeah I'm an apple. Certainly before being. Or on the do not have our golf which are on our border it makes a difference special. Oh okay well one of those so you know going out playing and whole game earlier this week hopefully we'll hope we'll and so where of course the basketball game. Allies in order to get to this game today you had to beat a very good North Kansas City. Basketball team earlier this week that the united set two point victory. Feel like was the deciding factor in that game. All and most times of the year you know in Egypt and yet you just get lucky in the global war you know. Was late preterm down the stretch when the world was able to comport. The it didn't panic to believe them. So many times. You know people like this shows what they've done and so my highlight of course it is but you know. I prefer to construction. And give them the land is certainly. As important not more important. He knows basketball. For the women who are they and we were lucky. How do you keep your team I'd tempered mentally. Win there in those late game situations knowing what is at stake. In the playoffs. Got that it. You know Kirk. I'm a little bit of an emotional coach a guy. Most people that person. Leave them well poised. You know no doubt. But it's important than those. You know structures. Bird flu and emotions are hard. Norman called. On the contributed to understand. What we did hear how he did do it. You know an example you know 648. You call them now. Down certain. We talk about all the things that got a third you know CommVault opposed to you know control on the ground and that's. Keep making plays and keep getting different. Can't understand that there aren't quite emotional on what's called. But bill would do that Ron let. Just give a lot of credit the kid does it and other world will be able to overcome and send them. The ball down. Talking to coach you release them West High School game today 6 o'clock in liberty coach you did to a third boat place finishes. In state beat you'd definitely the experience about being here's Ernie best piece of advice. You give players well cusp of doing something really really great. Now that the concern about illegal in the moment. I'm not let me know that the gravity of the situation where you battle but right now so. That situation. You know we. We've heard that gluten and equitable football games and that was that it would be great players who want gains and yeah I think ultimately it does come down but it is believed in each other bulletin and so. I'm gonna help quarterback all. You know I don't know that there's another coach out there are so. And I knew about it a little before it got here. It is you know this. And conquer or. Particular bird or gain and what about making those perks for yourself as. Oh with a kid. Well understand the game plan and understand your opponent but it's a very very good tradition that limited program. Didn't go quite created. Delivery team with the next to a point win over very good work he'll team. Just the blast in the play and coach any superstitions for you lucky shirt. Lucky place the heat is Ernie thing that you be superstitions you have. Probably too many to mention. What to do that have been little. With a six. I I don't Creighton going through my career LP would yet but he's out there. The second durable program. You know we got to end it. Greg cook here here. I think our order tanker cars here from work stocks war. And getting. Old. You know. I know what Hussein purple heart you know. Well political gain about it. Or crawl there it cooled by your superstitions it is a little bit but. We'll he's and the younger. Won't gain this year than I thought I wonder where we walked. See that's the Ares life that it owes six his league's similar titans beat my rusted needles is my sophomore year that's the magic right there. That district final game. Yeah no ad that's that's it that's all I know I figured out why we lost it was because of that it. You evidence instantly liberty this year but I'm sure you've done Bellini is doubting watched tape on what you see on tape that you think you give you some trouble tonight. Or won't go all the best players in the third. Certainly a tall order. Got a lot of guys is that just do their jobs and they're relentless. You know they'll try to. Get the arm themselves with different from half court. Don't coach curves it's all been there is movement flow. It is probably that there are no diminutive and most of the team including ourselves. No point in more of you know continuity on. Work liberty and there is no. Downstream. Staggered screen border screen but they just they didn't all of those things but it never really out of sort of about teaching kids to our actions. And challenge them to communicate with each other about those factions from the same common. But we'll call it it's typical. Day this especially when it came in the as patient. To get the light look at that the duke especially what's the second half of the report you'll gain this. Patients during patient call Croatian. I mean this Cold War over and over again probably got the right well so. With the challenge car hit the main thing that won't mister Garko. Longer stretches than you know fifteen seconds. Coach could look tonight begins tonight's these clocks oversight and ice and arena against liberty. A chance to move on to Columbia best of luck coach you know best luck coach you're lucky I insured and everything else. That's that's. Pursuit appreciate we have Norman Paul is our school often. Thanks lakers' excellent utility. This growth but I. We store rival is who would you or was it to power. In there's a couple of pain if I didn't do with the part where needed Gordon are witnessing shorts and laughable prince. Goal every single day approaches and yet. Oh including two days Estes got everybody is disgusting. Every practice until we beat him again that Washington. All those things could staying up all about superstition did not wash them. In two would be to give warm every day makes in that summer he 810 degrees here at their two days or I don't mean to imagine any. I know exactly what that all of our oh by the time we played again potent smell that had the right now. As they usually do it at a ambivalence with did you beat him and let him you know how it is man has washed your pads Maria mean once weaker somewhat at the saints through what history there that smelt it is all led to to imagine. You know I don't go back in time of those days it was a senate tumble I can tell those disease you just as I. And they know their coach was talking about it that I understand superstition guy to get what's your big radius. I haven't lost a close in five years you've been you know he wears the same shirt and forget that he would answer scale if it's that when we have a good high school show he does where's that things stirred. The next few week underwear originally say you're actually yeah yeah so will we do our show next week he's everywhere in the bay and insert again next week I support of Rizzo is this camera mobile portion of sorts. I don't think that the superstitious they haven't this is as silly politician yeah did you wake up you can a couple of muffins she doesn't I still feel like going to Gilani cooking anything like it nearly 637. Again not a superstitious and I just don't like cookie. The big difference here. What do we talked a lot of Missouri today will Clarkson much Kansas next week by the way blue valley northwest. Tonight 615. Gold for a state chief chip the played lords high school in the third place game lords free state. In blue valley new war that's on the boy side classic today. And girls side it classics they we don't really have anybody to spin this the title game only itself. Will be in the third place game just a little bit away from now at noon today in class five. In the state of Kansas as Gore's speech he should game Schlegel looked Schlegel local team go against becomes the Shawnee heights. In third place game no local team there. On the girl's side. Saint Thomas quarters going for state tally accountable dynasty going on there and by the way level or high school. In third place game and that one in speaking of dynasties. Bishop me they play tonight a state title in the boys team 615 today against McPherson. No local team in the India. Gate in the third place finish in this teenage girls. There to do that had been done you're good and every sport we play every year yeah we should be experts McPherson for the liberals as will good look wolf local both. They're both they're really they're both the team that wouldn't let them if we could. The everything so do schools facing boys and girls in the in this they've already had so many speak returning stateside army football mean everything. Big win and the big things the coach Chris McKie liberty nor the stopped and studio as our bracket colleges today bigs big thanks to treated Jon and they had to two of us that are high school girl's team they plea saint Pius today at 245 source. Huge thanks to curt statement Richard go to corny he placed today at 1 o'clock. Bruce Reed himself in coach Michael she replaced in like 6 o'clock. Against Liberty City guys next week 9 AM tells injury high school sports Saturday. This has been jostling. Re high school sports Saturday game. Six.


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