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3/9/17 The Night Shift - featuring Sean Levine Hour 2

Mar 10, 2017|

In the last hour of the night shift, host Sean Levine is joined by LJ World reporter Matt Tait to discuss the HUGE KU upset by TCU. Guest Matt Verderame also joins us to chat everything NFL, where the QB carousel stop? We also fit our always popular 7 @ 8 segment!

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Yeah. And it. Yeah. It Nebraska and Tuesday or Tony poorly or going to be the number one seed. Com selection Sunday in all likelihood there or going to play. In Kansas City maybe you're thinking after today that's not the best thing in the world. Overall only one team has really beat him. What I mean by that is blown out is proven that they were the better team on the court that it only happened one time this entire year. On the road in more detail every from the females have facial matter where they lost 85 to 59. 85 to sixteen excuse me sort of seventy come out threat they're sixteen point loss besides that. The Baltic rim was chucked up a three to tie today's game and the two losses came in overtime circuit you haters or on what you can. Because while seems bad today that loss to TCU with basically a home crowd. It's still pretty. What that expert on Matt tape of the Lawrence journal world Tate wasn't this kind of due to happen considering housed in the ice they've been skating on all season. Yeah I think you could definitely make a case that I mean they've they've finished so well. Ian on the games and come back from big deficit so many. You can definitely say it was bound to happen perhaps but it is that a lot more sense when. You consider that the order that the dirt lot off court. And not may to try to figure it out without men and he took itself. And and they almost I mean not that kind of sat without talented. That he is they did it almost on the way to do without it it would be incredible feat but it could be. And they really didn't get much help out that starting spot. And they really didn't get a ton of help besides frank Mason did he did his thing yet his regular 29 points. We talked yesterday about it's going to be about brick Mason or is going to be about. Everybody else didn't we see tonight the proof in the putting that even when frank is really doing it's going to take a full team effort to win. Yeah well that's funny that we did talk about and you know that that does show you that it. I think it kind of shows people actually I mean I think it showed you this long eat good. They're gonna have a chance. Almost all the time you know because he is young in the and and you could probably at more. Than one in China and missed on a couple of agents were where you know that would have been a much bigger totally and so it does show you that but that. But at least he showed you need to have you know sort of Robin it is. A lot of that that the Arctic more. There today so. You know she did that. He. Aggressive but it looked good in what does that mean only out of that ought not commit. You know then. Out of org about it because it yet. Or thirteen point effort that finish 88. Turkey ought perk he admitted that an ideal finish is eighteen on top of that. In the game with a couple bad plays Turco and out the other end I knocked it out. Look at locker said you know that some because. Bill about to go out I understand what you try to would aid and. Ebitda hack it to elevate block that shot. Did a little too much obviously it it is went out Kurt so. In I knocked the ball in that once you but I do think that those are. Sort of salad plate that they you know made oil. Otherwise good game so interesting is the if this was enough and or or the little girl little. Well though. Week won't play until next Friday so different different parents it is in the you'd they're in the couple ordered that are out there. Extra rest good or bad obviously addressed suppose would be good although gives them time to think about their last loss and another story came out about Josh Jackson and possible restitution with his latest incidents so does that kind of seem like these guys are just better when they're playing. That accidentally it was that yesterday. It Enola outlaw had an stretching for a lot of the other. Out. That's followed it up that we can just. Go out there not worry about in this other stuff. Line is we're out there and you know that it could make for a couple uneasy days and not regarded. You know I I don't know what I think. They insinuation. That the rest of them out and it it it's much needed it and other. Look at that tomorrow. After all the energy it. Effort they had put it that it's so. They'd be all they did but the that they would say though it did how did state but big big crowd in the. Would you would you would you say that this was the first time the one of these off court incidents is finally cost the team on court this year. Yeah yeah yeah I mean it it is about my mind I'll leave Jack played. Atlanta. And digital so it did that we did get to. That. I think a lot out there. Popular narrative. Even among you and the certainly among people that are. While the real convenient. And a game you're gonna easily win big deal about it. They don't retroactively I can't sell their credit for that. I don't think they'll they'll need I thought well that 10. Sure he thought they needed. And they obviously did. How's the body language of the team after the game press conference locker room. Brett about a locker. Actually. It ought not over the next. Anger frustration disappointment. Nobody was happy all the law though he's excited about that. Offer like that. Because they're better than the and so the mature for last been there done that I blocked it that's so they're taking it hard now. I'll be back. Out though age wake up well folks realize OK now on the next. Graham gave it great quote about obviously we've got to regroup refocus we don't. Know that that law. So. That you. I think that it was a pretty good. That understanding that the stock. You know it looked. Like it was standard. You know no disrespect he skewered like that I didn't do it. It'd credit she needs to be but it felt like it it is gluten in the first day did it. Or. Do. The data in the air. But alt a bridge that. They. Felt that the object you'll about what it seem that. It died or were well. Understanding that the sometimes that like those at all but the. I think they'll be pretty tight group or about Jack like you know. Back idol. I'll. Meditative Katy sports and the Lawrence journal world match in the machine on the night shoot sixty and sports radio and 610 sports dot com personal thoughts. About hate you. In the sprints and I've seen Kanye West and Jay-Z their lives in wrestling there it's a great venue but how do you feel about eight U games inside of Sprint's. Well I think it's not that there are different animal the regular game there'll there'll. Law. And it is out there and there. It. A little or. You know in that. There's a lot. This year. That they. I. So. You know it it it's not the best and you that you didn't do show up. How do you think they'll give me like a lot. There. And lock it its battery. That you did. It. Say it's still out there they do get loud. It. Probably not fair because. We're comparing at least in the back of our mind to alum 2000. I think that would be the biggest problem is. Not out of that. So. Expect that. That's unrealistic expectations. Though. I don't think there's a problem. I think. They've got a great record there all. Create one that is your obviously they'll plot but there. But it beat out at the odd couple so I thought that they've got a great shot. 800. Clearly the favorite in the first game that the term that long that they are still in that midwest regional and eat there. People there and sixteen in the elite eight and anything but their. Heart that it. It's that second game more arrests are biting my fingernails and they have to play team light and that can't happen but like I was Stater team like. BYU beacons dagger team like Wichita State a couple of years ago Matt tape of the Lawrence journal world on the night shift 610 Sports Radio. That you are estimated TCU earlier this season to I was state West Virginia and opening season loss to Indiana. I'm not sure that we can find a common denominator in those teams. It comes selection Sunday what type of teams does K you want to avoid what type of traits would a team be able to have to beat chances. The other team there are. Scary thing. And you know not just one but all it. And at more. Physical I mean you know you look at tailored down the Motley. The resilient the guys that order. But he's not a real physical it got jacked. Them. You know pretty successful numbers. It it goes 88 so you know it. It. Physical. Especially. Gypsy because when it looked. You know it's not the most physical power I eat eat eat strong. It got there it didn't and the active a little bit of chuck and Sally. And it. It actually it probably. Blow it yet so you know but Purdue they believe they'll. Right there at. It a little on they had to update or. Bentley B a bracket at all those days. It looked into the lid duke or. Though so or any of what's on the it was it. Whoever. That that it is big to let it. Regard acted. It grammar are. Better than what it. Did eat that. They were scared yet our boat. Reported that your finish his sentence former met tape of the lore after world and to use or stock com joining us on the night shift. This K you basketball season will be a success if like. I think they got it to the final four game at this point. You know that got a guy like it but it it is national whereas years. Yeah you got the well it again that. I used yellow carpet that. People of that and and they shouldn't oil by that but they are. Also. Our courts though I think in order for those that he would. They've got to get it. This group to go. Get one year dot Jack among the players Egypt one year. French Dayton. National players that you're well you don't have land in the eight bit of the more underrated guys that. So look at that happened reached that point careers they'll have another opportunity. I think that's the only way you can indeed that truly the if they don't make it. Just like last year's third he'll look back and we had a good year itself. You know. It ordered it to differentiate. It Goodyear at great years Wichita art so. Final or did that they did they go to war and lose but she considered. A great piece that. Certainly unity John getting to the title game winning it all. Just. At icing on top of that also I think. I think they act that would of course or those to leak it. It looked at it was built to get that they are. Saying in the delayed. To give it a little bit of. And if anything today's loss freedom to weekends you can to have that you want met Tait the artist or. Some such great stuff as always we'll talk soon. You got mats eight K sports dot com and the lower stroke award got this tax the degree. Went from the 91 or the disagree point. Well there's been years and can you wins 90% of games not being close games and still lose in the second round firmament of the NCA. So I don't see an argument for being close games every year is gonna make a difference in the NCAA tournament it's always a crap shoot exactly. You're exactly right but that's why we try to break down a basketball team we try to breakdown the chiefs are the rules of the real phone. Come on here act like we know we're talking about. And some other team goes up there wins 8995. Games goes back to back World Series that nobody could have predicted that that's why it's sports. But I do think invited to undermine it which I hope I don't and they had to choose eighteen or a couple of teams to win the national championship. Even after today's loss even with all the close wins. Just based on talent. Coach self and the fact we know they're going to be a one seed. It's still take the jayhawks on the website WG seven. Eight right here on 610s portrait. As the person you. Have a register out of those whom boxes with the coach guy whatever it is it. A ground balls like a budget to CDs at best buy what you want I chose this bush says he stone. You know my first I first went exists ominous. You. Milli Vanilli ourselves signs. Well I hate that song right eyes that saw who was Millie Vanilli didn't drops blame it on those praying and and that was whose confidence towards the siege on the being welcome back into the night shifts. It is honorable hordes of got hooked Julio. West Virginia beat in 6353. About that Texas finishes. Eleven in its warning to. And a brutal season I was expecting what anymore from them yeah in the second year Shaka Smart. I am expecting weigh more if things goes sour for him next you're probably out the door the same way Charlie Strong laws. I think he's got another. But given the next year thanks so Rick orange was there for ever there were always in the NCAA tournament at TJ Ford Labarca soldiers Kevin Durant. An old boy what was the football coaches a background was there forever and they had. You Dade Roy Williams Priest Holmes and to mulch morals and it's on all these different dudes. And decide. For some reason. Down at Texas the people with the money the boosters the athletic department of people with power as a big good enough we think it can be even better. In a few years ago hired Charlie Strong and Shaka Smart how's that working. But I think address our. Career I think it's just can dig a little bit more time with the system he's got big time recruits he's such as people wanna play either. There's no reason why two years in Texas you're not winning games especially when you've got players. Like Jonathan Allen or what's his name Jared Allen that was either gonna come to K you or texts. Are rude and a seven. At eight even though it's eight point. On six tenths portrait. Are accurate that Brit born regimen do if you had to bet it's who will be the head coach next year he statins do. Cases date I had to bet it's different from the moon K state fans want them to do it. Other gets K state fans will make you list number one would be frank Morton now that John occurs on after they're always gonna come back and it's why did he coached at saint John's and he loved it and that he went to South Carolina he was fighting with his AD and that's the reason why that saint John's reason ever got that name is because they play at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Maybe he'd what are termed there. But to Manhattan it's nothing against Manhattan or K state but he took the job he was successful you know that there's no way he'd come back. Maybe you try to lure a guy like Greg Marshall. And you just pay him you read the blank check instead New York to make three million change gears. I don't know four million and change of a million dollars broadly send him from Wichita to Manhattan even though I think of Greg Marshall waits around and get. A job way better than that. I think you state needs to be really fresh with this higher and higher somebody's exact opposite. Of Bruce Weber somebody is young so it's a little bit more energetic maybe somebody that hasn't had success or failure so for. At the college level public Doug Gottlieb. I think the stock I think the right I think maybe Jeff's capable think Jeff keep what he's article reported twelve assistant at duke as far as and you goes. I think there are list probably starts Kwanzaa Morton he can recruit players like he has it now. Humphrey he's done before all the runs overall more who'd give to recruit players because that's been in use problem the last few years. If it's basketball baseball whatever business you're only ghosts or the town takes you there's hasn't been out on the and you lost the last season expects. Our rights we don't talk much NBA which which is unfortunate on the show. But have you been paying attention to current race and BP. Yeah I think it's a reward reach this point Isiah Thomas has been unbelievable this year but I don't think. But he's in the conversation while Leonard. Has been off the whole I don't have him in my conversation either or Anthony Davis and those guys I have just outside. Because Russell Westbrook James Harden and LeBron James are all having seasons. Which if you took them off their current team if you took James or all of the rockets. They're probably the worst team and and it until it brought us good now. Okay they don't think the playoffs in the west take on LeBron off the cavs. They're very average if you take Russell Westbrook off Oklahoma City they actually my worst. In the NBA instead Russell's averaging thirty points in Tennessee's. Pardons averaging two point nine points in elevenths is from the bronze averaging 46 points and eight point it is is. Usually you'd do one or the other you're either greeted drop in times like John Stockton Jason Kidd but Joey scored 1516 game. Or 35 points or like Kobe Bryant who averaged two assists a game that's what's crazy is a Russell's averaging thirty points in his second in the league. In assists with ten game James Harden is averaging 49 points and he's first in the league in assists with eleven. Lot of guys doing a lot of stuff what's next I'd put dead quiet Leonard before Brian actually that's just me. Who leads the royals in the following categories this upcoming season wins either way it's. Home run. At wins it better date of this team this group better if he gets hurt he's not great if the team doesn't score runs when he's out there like we saw for exactly cute couple years and he's not flirting with what he went to the royals. Are not going to flirt with the post season. So the other day. Can opener same thing that is that they don't see if his ERA. Doesn't Mir what before him Greg Powell that after that week Davis did which is hovering right around 11 half. Then again I don't think this team reports with the post season hits. The guys got to be on the team the entire year and I'm not sure that. Hosmer meaner booster as you're going to remain on the team for a 162 games so. Also the guy that did last year Palo Orlando doesn't get that's Chris Kelsay. Fine. It was while almost there a couple of leads the team and its home runs. Let's go to new do portrays a letter boxed warning to twenty. Thought something like that. An average. A deal with. And listen to talk and that's a tough Seattle but anybody can have a great season when it comes to average there's no way towel and it hits 300 air Cosmo. A career like 275 to eighty hitter in the stock is coming off an injury. I guess all the way outside the box they outscored turns things around its top five as you expect I'll. Our United States is supposed to host the 20/20 six World Cup. You travel ban has put this into serious question. They get this thing figured out right and assume that get it figured out forty to 46 on the at the longest. Readers it's 47 team. So the longest trump will be in office would be tilt forty to 45. So that gives us a year figured out. That's good we don't these games being played any of them exporting Parker political analyst these children's mercy for children's mercy. Agree don't they did above sea world I loved him kids I would think so on that one of the best venues and it's not about being the best about being the biggest I'm not sure is that it was a 80000 people in the for the world. Evident your you're its multiple games I mean it's that you that you re on the radio crackle or. What's next. Oh boy the rock slide has been released and amongst others that would include god smacked and say hey what's best current event. It lasted but the first concert I ever went it was that he gets in the second counted on which it was Janet Jackson the velvet rope that was all chain. My parents let me go to the open smokes who were in Chicago 2000 I don't know an outfielder. As a senior vice now while they're like rate at its final you and your. The jitterbug to go to Chicago I'm sure a toxin that's titled up in smoke will be just fine for seventeen Q&A. A supple gentiles who wants Alpine valleys Thompson was pretty pretty sweet brought up earlier a source con you mean JC. You're the sprint center you know my first thought there was a bit on the there's a legitimacy Milli and you know we're gonna go at Kenny G. It is brutal right that is Brad walked out I. And I was like. And what's the war last one. Aren't would you be more surprised at the jayhawks knocked out where is sweet sixteen or they want the whole thing. After today. That. I guess I'd be more surprised that they won the whole thing. Can't imagine this team winning two games in three days three different times all on a neutral court. Consider that once they get to the second round it's going to be a team like Wichita State. And then after bad it's going to be a team like removal of an act that's going to be a team like Kentucky and after that can be a team like Arizona at their fortune to buy all those teams can it be a team like Villanova. That's pretty scary path right that is created by the way it must mention its forty year anniversary of the death. Of Christopher Wallace AKA big smalls in my opinion the second best rapper of all time here's my list to block that you Jaycee and the non slip away. This new. Who goes on just sports machine shall moving on the other side it's up to geez football with national NFL writer Matt for ram right on the night chips extends or tree. Well to edit it. Oh yeah. Being so happy. My rule everything. With multiple. Classes. Let it rule it. With to have. Jim actually is such as sports machine to show on the green the night shift until 9 o'clock right here on 610 sports radio and all over the world on line. At 610 sports dot com Paul soft talking more K you basketball as they fell earlier today to ECU. They got horn but the frogs 85 to 82 K you falls to 28 for however. I still think come selection Sunday they're going to be number one seed let's switch gears all the basketball onto the football where the draft is right around the corner. It was interesting past Paul ten days with the chiefs Reese on air very long term and caught Jamaal Charles bang on Bernama friend. Matt murder and national NFL writer. More NFL news coming out today that Tony Romo is being shown the door by the Dallas Cowboys same thing with Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bayer's. Any chance that the chief of floor with either of those guys are any of these other free agent quarterbacks out there. Now I don't think so at this point you know that you should be really upfront about backed out. Starting next year obviously those guys on the back of so you know according to court cause. And the reason or all say unequivocally that out it is reduced our. I tend to believe them I would like if you are vulnerable but I don't think it's a map I think she's gonna get another quarterback. Whether you are or back attributed. What do you think the plan is with the back up because Dorsey came at a couple days ago and admitted it. There's really no quarterback that's ready right now which to me things you wouldn't draft one of those guys certainly not to be your starter probably not a back up beat. You know I think right now the only quarterback to the ball out that aren't afraid at least in this folder personnel reported that. She's here at an interest in trying to retain old data to different parts price point and so. It may get you something no reason is that. Law and careful what it all feel like software. But I think in this deal we've been developing problem Brett forward can duplicate decades at this point and you know I think people look at him and today. It's now or never I future in the draft a quarterback Kerry I think you'll be the first round I believe will be the second. They're gonna put him to camp. Either broad computing and probably. And the level in that battle is back up. And whoever wrote it will be third straight I think that probably went she's gonna go here with the quarterback that. Interesting so why do you think John Dougherty came out and said what he did was that a smokescreen to team to pass up on some of these quarterbacks. Well I I'm sort of pretty straight shooter as a prosecutor here in the article lot of it is. You can go to Belize they thought people normally if not he's quarterback race that Friday. Important they want to acknowledge every time he sent out with a story call. Certain point seven. Every things and so I think there's something cute back. It big day involves using today that we grew like shot are we look like at all. The draft back. Ornaments that are out there for you come back you know. After that coat pocket or as a country here we're gonna cut out that it except in the dollar portable and our number one that. National NFL writer Matt or ram on the night shifts extends Sports Radio 610 sports star com. Don't you got to lick your chops at the idea even if it's not next year of Andy Reid grooving a first round quarterback. Apple if you're a banditry. And caught well you've beaten at how to pop in court. It would be an app right when the global every year not the ancillary threats are like he can be right now about the but he red light. Here is anybody in the yet so much better. I think if you read through and probably hear such as the well developed now that that's what he thought I thought it. You have a guy like in the old recent patent fault who. Don't audience and you return the guy that would have been updated earlier all freedoms are. I think. Your view that they'll very good that we got the court ruling that mentally. Gergen permanent to a pretty good player of the coaching staff and in particular anger. I agree bush. They're ready to win right now you and I talked a lot to this team is. As a lead as in the other team when it comes to talent really across the board maybe Atlanta avid is water to other teams that have. A better roster in Kansas City but they don't have the quarterback so that being said if they do draft a guy either they don't draft a guy. How much is this window going to remain open for the cheese being an elite twelve and four division winning Super Bowl contending team. And did the resigning of air they're open the window in the long. I think that in a pretty substantial window Google ought to these guys really got on the contracts. And that's a credit or if they have been able to wrap very very well thought the last warriors successful actors three years. And I figured she'd you've got to think what. I won't record there are got it burger that throughout the fact. Well appreciate what we should probably 2345. Here yet so cute. But I do think the real basic. It wouldn't walk away if we need because it quarterback who grew up real well it because and you win without that. You could equal with a comfortable out. But did you. Did it all right and let you know how often professional or does everything go right it very hard. Especially last year with all those injuries I think Kansas City was extremely fortunate in your read and everybody did a great job to end up winning the division. Next year or the year two retiree killed your two for Chris Jones so before you talk about this year's draft let's take you back. At last year's draft those guys are both spectacular as rookies what do you expect out of both those individuals next season. Well I I think there's a lot of read the whole they're going to be better just because you're gonna feel I mean all the it's not like on early in the year and then if you look at the back after your article built around 45 and he'll. Andy Reid and on the record saying I thought well I'll. And so I think you're gonna if you are all on the heel all ought not the biggest guy you're worried about injury thought. You saw what they'll argue about the site that aren't so he's not citizens that that whole situation art. All support the don't goes. You're you're gonna keep it all out doctors welcome back. A you have alternate. Or doesn't come back. How sick and there's no or maybe in bringing incorporated rated bring him back into play ovals with a goat herder who created these sort hill. I think you're gonna either snap count a lot to the point or triple punch ordered him. That can only help their resolve all lawyers though it it could be your forces on of their respective sides of the ball. With Jamal officially no longer a member of the Kansas City Chiefs is going to be a combination of west and where somebody yells toting the football for the. I think you know where that series. Predominant amount of the earth are we in the west that the items featured back in the first. The re route it to them huge collapse roaring back 41 thought that Al corporate real mixture. Three. Or block format that you won't be picked. You know that revealed all the different. You pick your first hooker around verdict you can package he now. Capable audit you last year myself close. Our deal is point it cooperation that's great. You wonder though. Walid you'll gunshot that adding another guy questioned whether the it felt coat what equipment charges against them or adult that you know forces that you pick him up until warm at a restaurant. We're big kick out I don't know but he had not shot the way they can you guys would open the checkered past. No question worked out great for them with Tyreke kill Matt Barbara national NFL writer for a couple more minutes here on 610 Sports Radio but all last opposite then. Why would go up or dialect Alvin took. Or dialect Joseph makes and obviously they're really talented but there's five or six guys and equally as talented coming out of this draft not to mention it's always a risk taking a rookie while would you mess with mixed. It perked a lot of what you but I I can future work there in the background he's picking whatever it out point. Separate. And they're they're picking and me being evaluated. Elections fortieth best player on their work. Maybe it's a little or I mean there was artillery hit. The value. It outweighs arrested before we need it if they ought not. I don't. Put it in the round law over there for it. I can see things a lot. The war war eagle and got injured. I think it. Probably like to hear clear that you are right they want pro war and came out clean on the other doctors point. That sometimes you don't wanna bowl site on. At times we see the chiefs in the past draft because of the player at times it's in draft because of the position but it's yet to hear this one. That sounds like you'd think they're gonna go offense in the first three rounds quarterback. They could certainly is another wide receiver in the third of the draft a running back. Do you think as a draft goes along even at the beginning it'll be more about the player or more about the position of the. Now about the count yet I think to a real all right he's saying it for Eric Burke street crowd included dark and or third. To the office I know he waited three of law that because defensively. Real dictionary of these. Arguably in that linebacker right Carol ought. To offer it is so badly that he can satisfy that need to create. All are in the city offensively. Or it big you better. Thought they could or could it it certainly do better or. No receiver I think you know back one hell of a grateful on guys call it salt receiver like them. Directly with the people would certainly gotten program or are you the very cute. I think he is quick with his big power points and there's a quarterback. Who made right or in the class. And there's another guy apple. I think you'll bought. That quarterback because when your support if you saw dual. The big old little bit about specific needs because that picture got a certain positions that they're cute he. Paulson spoke as always men appreciate your opinion insight and information thanks Matt. National NFL writer Matt program. On the Kansas City Chiefs extends portrait on six and sports dot com K state and Baylor is under way. Did you the score on the other side plus on the did you clear reasons why this that you team is going to win the national championship. And the DB three reasons other movie goes on just sports machine show on the beat on the nights at six stents portrayed. I. Break break break. I. Amazing yeah. The Jews. Benson stands it was revealed that it won't dot com who knows. Freaking me out man. Get hit those clubs. That's how would I do them but that was all you have that is it that is going movies and sports Rasheed job. Beat Baylor is Peter Jones added right now. In the big twelve tournament from those routes and where sprint center those. It's does sprints and just confirm our right to I was stated earlier today beat Oklahoma State to advance. I was degree does that that you beat TCU because that's just added a note TCU actually beat the jayhawks. And horned frogs over the jail dogs eat five EDT news so. Get Iowa State TCU. And all of you now. All our owners and workers and patrons are rooting for I was state because of its TCU. Let's call it if TCU advances on the championship game Julio. I don't know all due the next show in the computers now you'll see others don't know who wants to see that be something. West Virginia took care of Texas by ten. Earlier tonight right now Baylor and K state are going at 1140 left in the first efforts number nine Baylor. Overtake state thirteen to attend to the cats are hanging around I think with a win they're in with a loss it's going to be able. Long long Sunday it's where for Bruce Weber because part of their best be preparing. For multiple games they can beat Baylor tonight that they can beat over the next opponent is that would be West Virginia dead for sure there are locked in the end earn. But it's only human he probably knows he loses tonight. He's jobless broadly done at K state now who knows maybe they'll have sticker on it coach and anti to your whatever happens. But they don't make the turn of birds ought. That's a weird feeling for him knowing that tonight essentially he's coaching for his job on one hand and coaching for his tournament life. Used term life in the big twelve is over after losing 85 to 82 but I think they're NCAA tournament life can go really relieved when I say that. I've been an abrupt format tape earlier today from the lower struggle world. In case you sports Docomo a city take finish this sentence. This case you season will be considered a success if polite and he said and make it to the final four. And I say he's my good friends I think he'll accept this. Better. The final four that but ranked in the top four pretty much. The entire season they're going to deal one seed they're going to be favored and pretty much probably every game they play in the NCAA tournament. The say that they should be one of the final four teams I think. Is the Barack. This team needs to make it to a national championship game saying you need to win a national title for the season to be success. Is where I draw the line nice ignited a little bit crazy. Put in the same sentence I will tell you that the final four well it seems great while it is great. To me should be the absolute expectation. For this K you basketball team. I think there's three things. And devious reasons why they will win a national championship Miller did it three reasons why there while first. They've got multiple. Great courts. Not too good lord's but two great gourds -- you can throw with Gerald bitch and you could throws the and there are as. We've seen some teams in the past that have won because strictly because of their guard all those championships that you call one. Were based on their guard play and the last time you had count them 123. Gourds or of this code. Mario Chalmers Sharon Collins Russell Robinson. 2008. San Antonio national championship. Course that team a lot more bit of a lot more depth as well. The secretaries I think this team to win a national championship. Is because of Bill Self all of us can you fans say he is. And this is a little bit on fair this actually is in my opinion but I feel like it's society's opinion. They're also going to go down not just as one of the all time great coaches. But literally as. Which is already on that same list I believe with guys like John caliber and Tom Izzo. Both of which have won one national championship. To become part of that lead coaching level I'm talking Roy Williams Rick Pitino coaches chefs eat. The only three coaches right now multiple national championships. I don't look now it's been nine years since you won the title we're back in 2008. And the third reason at the bit to win a national championship does that got the best present. They've got the most good wins. They beat duke and a neutral court went on the road and beat but he learned that win on the road would be I was state beat West Virginia. And they have five. Top ten wins which is more than any other team in the country so they've proven when they're good they can be. Order and what this team won't win a national championship. You saw earlier today. They play and so but he damn close games at some point that's going to come up and bite him in the back side it did today. Hopefully they got out of their system because I went over earlier. It's just day after day there was one point. This season couple weeks ago. You won four games in a row by combined ten sports NCAA tournament begins there's no way can skate on the advice and not for. The second reason. Lack of size. As good as the guard play is as deep as the guard play is as much as I like Landon Lucas. The Joseph well indeed Thomas Robinson. Drew Gooden Nick Collison a couple of guys anymore as Jeff with the Cole Aldridge. Seems like the last fifteen years that you always had that big that can put the ball on the bucket whenever you needed to. And landed just not that guy in the third reason. Is the defense at times this defense is just for us and we saw that tonight. And 8582. Loss to TCU they stood Julio Sanchez on the buttons my guess Matt pilgrim national NFL writer. And Matt tape of the Lawrence journal you can call me on Twitter Sean that the case seen. Instead you lost tonight got to go back tomorrow night on the night she. Extend Sports Radio. I think. I. And number two. No I think that. In the us it's. On them. You know I'm an actor.