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3/9/17 The Night Shift - featuring Sean Levine Hour 1

Mar 10, 2017|

In the first hour of the night shift, John Doolittle joins Sean Levine for a couple of segments to discuss the surprising TCU upset of KU. We also discuss the breaking news of Josh Jacksons and his lawyers alleged cover up attempt of KU's most recent issue.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. The money. Good Thursday yeah Kansas City that night she is now on you'll radios extends Sports Radio. And 610 sports stock column for posted across the glass Julio Sanchez sitting in next to me. The man you just heard John Doolittle on the sports machine issue on the being in. But I didn't think it was gonna go down like. Your thoughts keep rolling on the duty tickets text line that's 69306. I've been saying now for. Oh pretty much this entire season that this can you basketball team was in really good draw for a they've got a lot of really good called they're good looking. They have been there before I don't know how important that is what it comes to a girlfriend or trustworthy. There you wanna bring them home to mop the got a lot of reasons to like them but I'm not sure that I wanna matters. I'm not sure I completely believe and then when it comes to go in the long haul because John. Something tells me that they're going to leave and the more and more I watch these close games and finally this one came and bit him in the back side. Starting to think and maybe I'm just a prisoner of the moment that it may be sooner rather than later this to your team's flaws. I've kind of started to come to the surface. But they've been able to avoid them. Because their record so damn this is their fourth loss of the season they dipped a normal thing at home whether we lost one which by their standards is actually quite a bit. And they are still favored to be a number one seed in the NCAA tournament I've opened today's loss to TCU. Did any thing. I still think the exclude the number one overall seed in the tournament Villanova is to slip up. Who knows that until you secure restore going to come through sprint center which at this point. I'm not sure is a great thing. But to get my drift doesn't seem like we're really start to see their warts and every time they lose a game you can easily point to go yet. That's the bad side of you that's the reason. Why not only is it may be a little bit unrealistic right now to have national championship conversation but even a lead daytime talk. Well you talk about the girls ran in my mind was racing has been along time ago I've been married for more than a quarter century so it's been awhile since I David David what's your brother I do it quite clear and I I was taken my mind was wandering back to those days and you know what. How can I screw this up you know even if she. Decided I'd had enough for you. And not you of her but you think about it she took a girls weekend in Vegas and she did some things hurry up I'm done without a doubt going to be a part of that. Today it was friendly this was the weekend event as well as like I knew. That if I really look for the war to like take a microscope a look at this to UT Ahmet upon us let's be real man. Just call would do this to your team has really lucky few words a record twenty. Eight and four big could easily as a matter fact they probably should be somewhere closer to. I don't know 25 and seven something like that and maybe not a lock to be the number one seeded there will become selections on. Well they they Wear what I wanna the first two games against Indiana and duke shorts you know split its 500 deals there don't they want a ball. Basically except for the Iowa State game in league. That was the one they lost again to overtime and frank had a chance within elbow jumper fifteen footer to win it there didn't go in. The Donovan Jackson. Who like today hit a corner three and second in her own he'd hit one out of the left wing and that those were the two shots it's separated I would stand as they were looking for a little bit of working margin more than what they have been led. But Donovan Jackson at the big shot against K you're in that game on February 4 so. If it's do or can you know question has won most of the close games and we've talked the last Christian pressure on myself when channel game I'd post game from Bobby Hamilton we've talked the last couple assures particularly and we talk during when they were winning at Baylor and Lucas was getting the rebound and put the free throws them and they don't get a very good shot at the end of the two Baylor star players. Motley helicopter heard over the ball in the game and Allen fieldhouse the fourteen point comeback against West Virginia in the twelve point comeback against Oklahoma at all. And winning the game when it's walked shock when speed what's in the flip shot until I was just don't know that stretch of time working. You won four games in a row three on the road against good teams K state Texas Tech West Virginia and Baylor by a combined weight for. Ten points while they won at Texas tack when Jack's gets fouled and then Texas Tech doesn't get anything he makes you wonder. Just make one just like one of creatures he did in the tech it's nothing out of it's they win by a point there are so. Yeah except for two days. And those splitting the first two at the beginning of the year they've line. You know the lion's share of the close games and it didn't happen for them today and a big credit Jamie Dixon's club we knew when he came into the league he was gonna bring. A lot of credibility heat won games like this at Pittsburgh he had been through this kind of stuff from the big east tournament. And the coaches they had before you know they're good guys but Trent Johnson. Not exactly Jamie Dixon. Jim Dixon's a great coach he's a great addition to the big twelve and who knows maybe this means another big twelve team ends up in the NCA tournament we do know one thing that this case you team. Even with the loss to date job will still be number one seed the question is. Outside that we were a couple weeks ago even earlier today that we'd go to Kansas City and see your team hopefully and the round of sixteen and then in the round of eight. Get to a final four. Well you Sprint's senator is our most people standards. They're great I think their records now it might have a notes or seven loss ones that got thirty wins on what authority and seven. Most people go oh that's great almost any school would take that in any gym at any time. And so you think about the real. Home court that is Allen fieldhouse were in the same time that you wins 200 games but they're losing seven so. Is an advantage in Kansas geographically is the closest big twelve team. To this and senator. But anybody that thinks they should move this term limited Kansas as this huge home court advantage in Kansas City salt today that's just not for what wasn't today. Because when K you got it tide finally and again we were all kind of confused of another stretch when. I shot either tied the game and it turned out that shot was through literal looked at a three CK you actually have the lead I think when Lucas went up. And gave them the lead again with one of two free throws late they actually had to leave earlier on. Some that was confusing for jayhawk fans but yeah there's a question K you has had an unusual year. Of playing at home against teams that many of them in the league that they usually win between summer tween age sixteen and maybe even. Appoints them honest John the beginning of the earth I would have told you. Are you gonna go 24. Brought as it does about the right there plus minus a game I would probably have my little. The way they've got here though could you ever have imagined Frank Mir will be as good as he's been in many guys not this horrible. It let them notice about the way as the denied this many close games now. Let's some known Elena sometimes you give to your destination. With a different journey that is wonder if eventually the way that they've been skating on and I are gonna fall through on the NCAA tournament because like I was saying. At the end of your show come the second round. They're gonna face a team like they did a couple of years ago in Wichita State team the beat of homer earlier this Hewlett I was Stater team that would and begins Agca and beat them. And BYU those types of teams are going to face in the second round and then after that if your fortunate enough to get through just all went for. To -- a -- well we laid out a lot of those teams on brackets collagen again it's an exercise where you're never completely comfortable with though when you know I'd just like Marty does pretty good with putting teams into the tournament as far as exactly on lines where they're supposed to be you know that's that's staff can change too. But yes if you have to face the 89 that's the hottest the best date now I'm not sure if they go still the ask her where the best he was the best before today you know they may have lost some of that. In the US curve so you know. Which team and an 89 game will they play how hotter and they you always go back to Stanford in Saint Louis we always look at that game at third and others you know you'd terabyte and this seven cedar succeed or your whoever they play you don't know they're gonna play. Now people got mad and ask the last couple shows when we laid that out about the possibilities. The other end of that the other side of that is can use offensive efficiency they've been off the charts this year so how do the opponents of KU Diaw back. And that's where I thought when Katie was down eleven. To TCU then they made the comeback you know even had a couple of in and outs were looked like you're gonna get home quicker than they did and then when they got the lead at 8276. I thought okay. Leadership there that are sure they got this now they're they're in control of it now. But then all of a sudden it slipped a white one of those lines so it's it's a love hate relationship I have with a line the line is you think you have some thing. But you don't and I've always I'm always liked and disliked that line all of the same time this was one of those games that look like they were good chip. Anybody who's ever seen a sneak peak but it. How's the mouse and I don't you wanna think about it's over with men and maybe the most gonna survive years he's going to move was gonna do hero but he's gone he's evaporated usually that's okay you doesn't their opponents their opponents among them oust the mice the mouse. They're the snake and it's over with this year. We've seen so many times somehow that mouse sticker six around much much longer than you think. It's great that damn mouse at this week he came back out of the snakes. He did it was. He urged so the cantor of the knocked out points I think I know law and see what John thanks we'll talk about it next it's the night you John do little sports machine John Libyan Sanchez on the button 610 Sports Radio. My name. You can almost look at them. No problems but yeah. Let's get a little. Wilson that's who goes on Pacific the job dual sports machine shop will be taking up until 9 o'clock. Right here at home for you basketball's extends portrait view. And 610 sports dot com okay you roofs tomorrow because Wheldon lost today and that's how the term that works one and done that you loses. But the horned frogs of TCU 85 to eighty through their record holes to. 28 and four we're getting a lot of polls in Texas we came in from the 13 this Josh Jackson played in case you. Forced out of the NC term throughout this last or. People around driving around town the transference or whatever problem won't be talking about well this is breaking literally. As we speak video story came out. An hour ago from the tastiest morsels go ahead and read verbatim a lawyer for K you basketball star Josh Jackson. Poems they're back a lawyer for to you bass balls or Josh Jackson offered restitution where money is no object within reason. To the family of women's player MacKenzie Albert they agreed not to seek charges. Against Josh Jackson. They wanted to make it all go wait Albert's but it wouldn't have gone away from my daughter would have been great for jobs but not for MacKenzie this was never about money from. It was about how my daughter was treated. John Boggs will take to Mike because we can speculate together which I don't like doing right now. We don't really know exactly what's going on I see the story in front of me you have to think that it's going to have some legs because we still have now what. A few days till selection Sunday and a full week to a term of. Well I think it's called KU loses today so what you know and the journalistic. Window what. Happens where is writing talking. TV versions of what we say and think about KU between now on selection Sunday there's a lot of time. And I don't know about them popping the story why this now. In my life I ask why now locked out was Sunday or Monday the long story came out with the young lady KUN. And her her dad was quoted in that story in the game before that and she and he's not defended the daughter even carries he's sick he's agree that she certainly did some things she shouldn't have done. I have thought all along that I. I think everybody thinks too. When Jackson. Is making millions here in a few months when he gets selected in the NBA draft which he will in the top three packs. It's gonna have a lot of money everybody understands that. Now. Money paid from one side of the other for an incident you know whether it's restitution for the automobile damage or even monies that are in addition potentially to back. Money makes things goal way to a certain extent but emotionally or scars or feelings doesn't make it all go away I feel bad for everybody involved I wished these kids wouldn't get their kids though that that's what they are the kids have been go into. I mean you know the yacht club. Don't you know the club you know that's gonna place the KU student athletes students alarms. You know people have a lot of money there's all kinds of people who go to our. And congregate in you know be happy about K you basketball. The spirited there's John and thinking this. Maybe K you do something goes the story came out literally. It's as two hours ago to the men came out five point four so it's been two hours and escorted him out of these all month from the Kansas City scholar that I disparate. I think pagers slashed conspiracy there's just that and that you knows more than they do that some of the story got out to them. And they try to get out ahead of it by suspending Josh Jackson today instead of waiting until the NCAA tournament corporate deal were officially this. I should happen yesterday. You know the suspension I think I got a blast like in the nine to ten hours we knew pretty early on and I've I saw something on my phone went all the trees here comes another thing in yet. I want to stay and it's not good for anybody whether year RKU fan anarchy you lumber and contributor financially what are your. And even the haters haters can get laughed and danced dual stuck. You can't do that too long because eventually the karma is gonna come back in light on you. And as this happens unfortunately these things happen. Various levels various layers. Everywhere you have while I was getting at with the yacht club. When you have young people any people go to the club you have people. Student athletes that some of these people are not 21 yet so they can't trick I don't know if they bend the rules for some of the kids and some of these places they do someone that's underage and whatever whatever but you know there have been people get to the next image and identification that is not real. If they published a big I'd hold on I didn't hear it you know. Ask my daughter's the united do that you ordered. Now India when the market hopes its iron. She's amazed I should do about Israel or gamble you know of that problem anymore but you. You're the club you have this you have outside the art club of people who've gone out for a cigarette or going out to stretch its mayor whenever. Things happen you know I've. Icing I've seen things happen a scuffle inside the bar I've received something happened outside in the parking lot these things unfortunately happens to John Doolittle Joe Schmo no less popular Java apps that Josh Jackson and a female basketball player question there under the microscope they are. Now you're you're wondering about why they pop is worth it you know they sit this one about 51 recently as two hours and hours. Why did they pop for twenty when that loss why did they just jump in right there boom caves out 8582. They're. Star pumps the story right just don't know what. I don't know about the conspiracy and as I say to finish up the thought on that on the financial I believe all that there would be restitution from Jackson towards this young lady for the automobile damage and maybe a whole lot more such search that was possible juror. Absolutely. I'm no legal expert I don't wanna play went on the radio I don't know exactly what you can and cannot do when a situation like that comes up what I do ago. Is that we're going going back back to Cali Cali by the way today's the twenty year anniversary of the death. Of biggie smalls is quote and I'm and it Reggie on the night each of its upper edge. Man days you'll be UV police I'm actually hit no money in each right now. Schools though. To block so the man you know. I personally I don't view who lives about the situation with the Borough. It's not as if it will make it out the duct actual Bobby and that is double economy and in three months. Know what can we talk about that they need more everything we've moved on. I will be on one of those stories though. I don't know why you know people make in a big deal. I've gotten that awful I've gotten it is needed. You know to even debate with some people want quality probably its outlook hit by people who do it. It what it is today not really happen you know and I mean you know you've you've you've got to do need to move on and I am and I did what they've got though. Where everything that well the dignity it real nightmare it is if where is about the old one where nobody here we've either gotten out of it. That you used in or wherever it is doubly all of that the they've been there I don't know orbit about like it was a very real situation for the ball in that ball in opera I'm back to you. Being in the day. In without acting you know the law partly. And the residency development on March. Well what happened in the big twelve target about that was here before on this. When it by the department. But at the all over the world view. Anybody because they want they are they gave it Google has made it despite it. Well I'm glad you all day I hope it being popular. But the thing is like like eight. And and they grandpa wouldn't it make it out of it was well they. Great call is always rich enjoy Cali are with you when it comes out I'm not happy that they lost I'm not all that upset because again it gives them some extra rest and course. They put a lot of close games this one finally came and bit him in the back said maybe they'll look back at go okay we need to do something different. To close out these gains are still thinking it's it's going to be number one Siegel storm come through. Prince that are inside of Kansas City but as far as not having anything to play before. Taste and add on to play Oklahoma State TCU of those teams still playing essentially. Force there NCAA tournament lives are hoping to end up getting him. There's nothing do with lost that right John because KU. Got out the dates up twelve they fought back they took a lead as you mentioned relatively late up by who was four point with a few minutes left the door. But then TCU actually made more of the plays and that's unusual to say in any cave game vindicate your opponent makes more than plays coming down the stretch. At what Magic Johnson said for years winning time. And it was the opponent today that made the plays. At winning time there's there's a text here speed is trash on defense it's one of the tax its ninth reserve six in the text while there's a lot of their shrubs can get to them here. After I get out of here he's gonna do his thing and one thing about speed and defense that it never really occurred to me until now should have probably so I apologize for not thinking get this before maybe it occurred a year. Is speed of one guarding. Bane in the corner of Jackson's in the game is that checks and maybe. Maybe so I certainly well certainly possible isn't it. If Josh Jackson's playing today I feel pretty secure in saying that to you wins the TCU output at Kansas are exactly right when it came to winning time. Or fraud made the plays the case you didn't put Josh Jackson not only in the statistical categories but what are you actually means to this team on the floor. John I'm pretty sure he was on the court this team. Well I think you could make a strong strong case for that and we we touched on the numbers before points in the paint 3820. TC with ten more. At Jackson does get all this points in the paint but he gets a significant number of them a lot of Mon you know pull first tip ways and dunks at the end he comes from the baseline on dunks. He is very good especially recently good on threes he's gotten better at that he needs to tell you about the free throw line. See how much battery gets if he gets better in the NCAA tournament. Points off turnovers here is the big one to me char 21 to fourteen. TC were seven more points off turnovers can you hardly ever loses bats that. A second chance points 1770. She would and more and it brought the odds he didn't really play great today he was okay. And Lucas was good. But it's ten more points. Points. A second chance points ten more points seventeen to seven and bench points. Jackson doesn't change this or. Maybe he does that victims off the bench Brad didn't do anything scoring wise played. Twelve minutes at one point that referred that hurts ray yeah go figure of 34 to three PC your bench points I've scored with 31 ouch. It's one thing for you don't Azubuike not to perform because well he's not on the court. He's injured it's another thing for Carlton brand to really I haven't seen any improvement as the season's gone along and what does this KU team absolutely critically need. A big guy download to stop the opponent. And a big got to put the ball in the bucket and landing tries his best and grab the rebounds but he is not necessarily what you would call option aid down what he did hit. He did thirteen in this game and fourteen rebounds from Austria for a fly I was one of his misses was pretty big image he had when roll off fairly late when they've. Really needed it didn't get it. Only it's not legends fall it's Cole's fault and Jeffrey Ian Thomas Robinson and two guys they mores and Joel imbued and all the other big guys that have come before John Doolittle that's who Leo's are just sports machine show on the beat on the other side. Keep talking to you basketball walk on Mac eight of the Lawrence journal world to use sports dot com on the nights yet. 610 Sports Radio. And not think it's not neo mullah. Today I mean. Remember him a coach self. I got to do these cuts hoops as teams still to be number one seed and of course they get the rest. Or. Because there's no way in hell's going to make nearly as much corn had day with all those crazy drunk crimson and blue fans around it that would definitely hurt them and at Iowa State. Loses they're gonna shut down NL that's been crushed if I was they loses you know just down 11 PM the parts you expected to be this weekend doesn't exist. Get I would stay in CU and the winner of West Virginia and Texas taking on the winner of Baylor and K state right now. West Virginia is beating Texas fifty to 43 something to think about was Virginia. They play in Morgantown where even the females have facial through what. But Bhutto's bunch of sports machine shown to be taking you up until 9 o'clock. That tape from the Lawrence journal world that you sports dot com we'll join us coming up next Cigna which gives us time to lose six in ten who who did as six or he's in ten minutes ago. A right somehow which you're right by the way last night tiger did win told you somehow and you beat Auburn yesterday. Keep their season alive. They could go back on it. Would do that every move the big twelve this season. Now I've opened their water now the Americans a lot more baloney because the TV contract but the SEC has compared to the big twelve and they of course. Its revenue sharing from the SEC as well so they wouldn't be making quite as much money and academics. Are much better in the SEC much I've been much more highly thought of then in the big twelve and you can tell because I was too big twelve school. At KU it's really bad go for the athletic but is it a war is being really good. Academically. Making a lot of money if your football and basketball program saw in your role which is down. Because that's what's going on not to mention. You don't have a natural rivals I suppose and you plays or console now and supporters are connected but not the same way the actual border war of KU and and so. Basketball's all full footballs with that if you're enrollment is down you don't have a natural rival. Debates these soldiers holed the double for a bunch of money and better academics because I'm sorry and you fans this is not my crimson and blue shades on. What you leave on all the time if you were wondering. You're coaching you have absolutely no chance to compete football ball sports machine we won the western east whichever side there on. Two years in a row yet you're right and I don't know how that that happened. Because it's not gonna happen for another fifty years. And what basketball SEC you can't win. It's Kentucky it's Florida it's a bunch of trashed ACC is not a good basketball conference but you have to make the right hired at in you because you make the wrong hired. What we're seeing that right now. It's next. Rights of this a lot of quarterbacks shake up today in the NFL. The Texans traded rock are smaller rounds fares tonight to Mike Glenn and Tony Romo Jay Cutler on the way out. Any realistic chance of one of the and Alex Smith is undersized starts he's realistic. Now I don't think so. I told you yesterday Kansas City that. They're not drafting a quarterback. General manager came out a couple of days ago John Dorsey instead it is a quarterback class that's not ready to go. He's already passed up on the quarterback his first three years. All of the trigger for the chiefs draft choices and before that. 45 years general managers haven't done that in Kansas City it's not their MO there's no way the stretch in as far as free agency goes. Who would it beat Tony Romo his path appears to be cleared to the Texans. Early today I thought it was going to be the Broncos but now makes me think it's detection because the Texans traded away Brock asked wonders so. I don't think so man I don't think it's gonna be Jimmy drop low on the it's going to be. Jay Cutler QB Alex Smith what's next. All right shut out two run showed you arguably who who's wife had a baby girl last weekend can grip or. Who were where your of their favorite babies on television or in the movies. There's if you remember the movie whose framed Roger Rabbit but not the actual movie the short and came before and I believe it was yes. People that are around operate a project that. I don't know 45 or older to remember they did those a lot before movies there shorts that little commercial that it was about a baby. That's what brought us through from Family Guy and Michelle from full house. What about remember the baby from that's a dinosaurs. Yes that you showed Imus the worst. The only to be able to watch that you know. Pretty popular show us an idea of dinosaurs and babies he remembered the land before time Alia was was docked your baby. Yeah that's way too long though there are about the baby and look who's talking. So what's next at that. All right so I'm a big twelve teams make the NCAA tournament and how many of them can actually win the national title shot out to Matt Simpson. I think bit. Use a lock that you get an obvious they're a lock for once he even though they lost early today West Virginia. If West Virginia wins the big twelve tournament albeit to recede. I think the same thing about Baylor they win the big twelve tournament they will also be good to see those teams are locks I was states can get in Oklahoma State's going to get in. If K state wins tonight against Baylor I think that gets them in in TCU's interest in case study at this point because. They were fighting for there NIT lives. Last night and they beat Oklahoma and then today the chances if they can pull ups that tomorrow vs Iowa State they're in for sure it might be in our ready. Like the ball teams man I think almost everybody of course depends on matchups where they play about the almost all these big twelve teams. Present a different style of play and they'll win their first round game as far as going deep in the tournament just the top three seeds KUS Virginian. Yeah tiger is fool's gold in Naples every year with that. Our conference is the best conference in the country and never get to the NCAA Turnbull find out we proved that I actually think those three teams though the top three seeds Kansas west Virginian Baylor. Could win the national championship not just go deep but Wendell. I mean that's not too much of the stretch considering that two of the three were ranked number one at some point this season. What's next. Right so we in his first spring training game with the Mets Tim Tebow went over 32 strikeouts to wrap this hint seemed field. This is sound petty but I think I'd rather see him fail in baseball I've nothing against Tim Tebow. It's just. He's getting this trial this opportunity to you'd probably doesn't deserve because he's well Tim Tebow on the Heisman Trophy winner going to put a lot of bulletin seats in spring training. What about the dude news rode the pine in the minor leagues are. You know played college ball for years he's finally getting an opportunity. And then he gets the phone calls this are your roster spot was taken up by a Heisman Trophy winners though. Nothing against Tim Tebow but he falls flat on his face and strikes out every about the dress the way I think it's great to did you see what happens in the game what he did. It struck out once and run into double play that. Well he so or is warming up today in the batter's circle. Did you know he went to the other op he went the opposite does teams that example and started. Warming up there in their circle I heard that thought it was a jail for the bills dead serious that's gonna talk about that this morning. Don't know about everything that's like a guy going into the huddle and constantly going into other teams' total at that little. Wants and a little gave my body but town. He was on my team he'd just come over from Russia a couple years Forster spoke broken English ivy task. And he's quarterback that you scored the game winning basket on the wrong. Ouch yeah plus one. Your telling me earlier about weird namely tradition you would be celebrate. Here tells rep to after the people yeah yeah SO. Apparently it's daylight savings this week where we set our clocks back for. Whispering for all of our right. For summaries and drawing this is like a hole there on the Libyan household where we celebrate the entire week and my dad would reset the clock either. Ahead or pull ward. The adults and a beverages and kids and a friends over don't ask you what it was like our version. Of rest of this that is your family celebrated in weird I had pulled up some traditions from around the world. There's a tribe in Brazil that eats the ashes of the dead that's kind of as creepy the running of the bulls tunnel that's for would you run with the bulls Julio. I'm gonna go that Nolan now and I've run with a new pool but that's about it. 576 have surged in which your thoughts duty to its text line 69306. If your family has any weird traditions. Coming up on the other side we're trying to flag down Matt tape of the Lawrence journal world to back in the team's loss to TCU. On the right she. Sixty and Sports Radio. Men. It's. Juice. Sports she can show on the beat. Who is so conscious. And you until 9 o'clock right here on the night chips extend Sports Radio. And 610 sports dot com keep those tax revolt to get on the duty tickets text line at 69306. What came in from the 816 there was one other. Group of people who Leo that did not include being the most upset. Did losing today TCU got the team. We've got myself. You've got who sells. You got those that you know who plan on making a lot of money this comes in from an overdrive. As I hate all things can you I'm pleased with tonight's drizzle as into overdrive for elements of the united ruin the true story because I anticipated them being in. There's a lot of people like sir or ma'am thank you for the text from the 816 and he won this two years in a row broke laws. Occasion was in the Big Ten. There would be good yes but they wouldn't be. As good on the north exposed me and using the SEC right. I don't know that it 16 this'll makes more sense I think Sarah little foot watched dumped patch not certain but that's so I remember. That is what Apple's so we watched a few cats that makes Tokyo based on the extent giving our all right. From the 816 this person's particular injury that case you didn't have basketball they got nothing nothing. Are the Bill Gates the that would make you county that nothing will be talking about. He was a basketball school but we've all established that putt and there's a knock on wood who just a basketball school but not a football school. Sure there are four schools out there that are both consistently Ohio State and by the way is knocked in May determine this your blue oval. Florida. Texas used to beat Oklahoma is average through four years book besides that if you're blue chip in one sport or not in the other. Can you grade basketball sucked at football same thing with Kentucky. And duke and Indiana you can probably see UConn and UCL these are the elite basketball schools. Put into the football side things Alabama Notre Dame USC. LSU would have their back as well programs ever done as irritated that basketball that have nothing. Doesn't hold much water this what does it once it shot c'mon you know damn well it was not a top ten team just because they're ranked number one. Doesn't mean they have legit chance to win the national title there already number one for today and they don't pop a tasty in Waco clause. It's got through and Baylor come back him in from Logan Logan. Here's my thing. Baylor did have a lot of really good wins and a lot of really close losses they easily could have beat Kansas they already did beat. Or they've got a very impressive resume what does why they became number one in its more spot. I agree with you Scott Drew all the gonna find a way to choke at all even if they have a favorable path to get to a final four or national championship. Has had a lot of success go quietly. And the NCAA tournament's got through state of them are believed to the elite eight. On three separate occasions and I think by four this is his best team with the least flaws. They are always pretty good there always pretty big. This year I think they're deep and I really like their point guard Manu com. He's injured right now but if you can stay healthy Baylor can't win a national championship. They have the talent where they absolutely the town they can win six games in there would be that surprised what his heart disease and eighteen in those of like that. I was state probably can't to a local state can't do it a case take its and they came to West Virginia. I think that's a bit of a push real idea. I do I think was urging the stock it's going to come on the match ups for that no doubt about that fight boxing you see all about the style. West Virginia if they play teams that RA. Not necessarily good have multiple ball handlers can break the press. West Virginia can win six games general also and certainly. K you can but after tonight you were with us at the beginning in the show I compared them there drove for what you wanna date K you've I'm not sure you trust them operate. Life long. Relationship. I think that this team's going to disappoint you at some point along the way jail spans. Proven by really the way that they've played all season they've been skating on some seriously thin ice probably should have caught up with them. Three your four other cards and don't take a look right now I did wade they won these games 28 fours wanna help the glossy record. Good enough to get to a number one's. Bigger number one overalls. But it but it watched that he verse Oklahoma State when Casey came back of 185 knows the case you easily could have lost that that's war. They beat Baylor 6760. Spot that's too. They beat west Virginian overtime expert they beat Texas Tech by a 187. And that's all it became a state in Manhattan by theory that's spot. A gutsy to go beat Kentucky. By six we'll talk up that. I don't think that -- does a good win in six is not that close on the road against Kentucky considered circumstances. The beat Iowa State 7672. Record loss to keep going but I won't. Yes it's a for a loss team but it could easily be an 8910 loss team where would need now the conversation about being number one seed. Damon from the nine went through a Groundhog Day in my family watches that movie every year their retirement alarm clock goes off. We take a shot at the Q a this year we got twelve shots. Did tradition. As the wheels on Tuesday and we do anything weird any festive as for you guys India all days like Levine's have based around a daylight savings time. But nothing too weird I mean I Christmas will cut down a Christmas tree of pressures mystery or someone that but nothing. Nothing to strain bowl. And putting whatever the hell yeah ain't via. When was that a couple weeks ago that's a fame were tradition what happened was I was Eddie family dinners who goes referred to in my aunt said it's time for dessert she pulled out some. Look like. When you mix of want to Plato together is what look like run radio but yeah are running you only play what you discuss things so much displayed has been on the heat for too long that's what the desert look like. And I don't know she's listen right now on the ticker is greater. It's also taste. A song brutal bro right along it was just instant. Where is an apt and I gotta spit out the lights are faced him yet you have to. Left shoulder was due to it was delicious Julio have you received a girl my field to receive an overweight girls and she says had a look at the stress and you teller overweight. I've never had a girl say hey out of my food taste and you sit up at a better dinner last night now you lie sometimes it's just sitting face summit and no comment that. OK exactly. Girls listened to protect yourself and that's why did not comment on that Julio such as on the sports machine shop got one hour in the book we got one boarded bitten out here at 9 o'clock we still. Have to get your six in ten Matt border MO of ever had at a formal environment at it now a national NFL writer and met eight of the Lawrence journal world. We'll squeeze all the one album gonna try coming up next on the night shift six tents portrait.