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03/09 9a - Sex Ed with Klings Kids, Big 12, Nivens

Mar 9, 2017|

A learning experience from Kling's 2 kids after they took sex ed, a huge debate is sparked over the Big 12 and Jason Nivens from 98.9 The Rock joins us in studio

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Didn't know I don't want to work with a win. And Missouri's. He did have a second round. At the tigers haven't heard there with a career high series of three at the buzzer. The city Missouri on game number of relief to fight against the rebels who pulls us. I don't look at it and don't need to look at him. I. Bank of America doesn't mean to call it. There is the Missouri radio network on our sister station 988. MBZ. I'm always bad call happy for Gary Langer. These down the end and also a good night. I didn't see the reaction commanders seeing you here from commanders and an all that kind of stuff and you are rooting for Tim Anderson man in this SEC championship because it was so cool to see the emotion. Out of him after that big time when he gets to coach another day. As they had to. Football coach at the University of Missouri I know you haven't followed. Game by game Missouri but they had a lot of games this season in which day. Like lead at halftime yeah. And then didn't pummeling Italy India so they let this one at halftime. Down ten with under four to go the afternoon rally for overtime and then get a game winning shot and hit the game winning shot. If you to win the game so yes it now. Awesome stuff of course the big twelve championships in town coming up at about. Fifteen minutes or so I got to fix for the big twelve tournament that Specter is actually now on board has sent a letter that is after our last segment yes he's eligible now audible is now -- we'll do it here at about fifteen minutes on six tenths for society edit the whole team here is banning him well I mean but it's still will talk about that the cat out of the man the music was playing you talk to your kids about sex on. I don't remember this being as dramatic in school as it was four for my kids they've been talking about this for like a month to. And they have a date on the calendar if kids have a calendar. While their their mental counter they know these data exactly when it was going to be. It was puberty video today boy. And the kids and it was just might either a advocates on until I saw a day there are always they all knew it was coming and they were all dreading it. The boys you know go to one classroom the girls go to one classroom today they still do that they they. They each watch the puberty rite and there was like a massive like. Stress on his kids were like freaked out about it I guess it was good that they gave them a heads up a fairly tears in their heads up about what this is going to be sure and I don't know. Maybe there was a permission slip that my wife took care of I don't know right out of damage there more than likely us. Yet there are no we're not to that point that's that's that's where sextet and you look at it like high school health class there's a progression on what is the Q comer prop Welch you remember you remember of fourth grade after puberty I don't arm I don't remember anything until like junior high I remember doing it that we as fifth grade we had the boys were separated from the girls are. Laughing the whole time because they subpoenas will expect. Well Bob black. Eyed I don't I don't remember being at fourth grade but it's in fourth grade in this was like a big traumatic. Deal okay so why I go to pick the kids up from school and see things will likely highlight text mes and Lieberman for today was purity of idiots at okay thank you. Expect (%expletive) up my cycle of it as a somewhat suddenly goes. Good bye childhood and fast I. Wholly hold. The whole way home. That night. In the the next day all the kids talking about the purity ya bin. So we had to get to the bottom of what exactly happened very idea that puberty are your account under its first. You weeks about what was happening in class. What was going on one reason nervous you mean me. We have to talk about that. Is. Why is that it hasn't kept saying it's chilling new. Adding new. Places you grow hair. And I'm an excellent. And the test at iron and facial hair hair that that's do you think he agrees about. Verbally and Asia and Mort. You grow off of any differently. What is puberty mean. I will change this. Change. Yeah I taller. If and what do they tell you there was going to be about while I was there but so freaked out about this. And each. Year though is like an alien puberty. What was the funniest part of the video. I can't in nineteen. Somehow that body to fourth graders apparently. Hit. It's. A that's current and on either iPad can be used to hang in the dynamic in the Atlantic. Is actually very interesting. Because there isn't insane when he stack thinking all of and it's starting to go yet I've played here. He really really stinking C have to pay India. Showers. At times you get here and and very low and Latin. And it's an error. It I agree that can happen in my babies and you don't need happy. About what is it that there 68. The boys had lots of girls a year ago possible it's a nightmare. Yes I mean who cares at length and their. Zhang of the gang of Italians. Are you forever traumatized by this experience now. It wasn't that. But there's some cat saying. Eat and then here. Then you eat and you. Sounds awful. The new excuse to sapiens a few more times. I think that it can rally. It. Is awesome. We ask kids reacted as the best things we've ever done on this radio station okay the royals winning the World Series of mystery is. Gonna keep me. It the next day. Whose food and there's always these drops out of that it is a gas like gods that's OK now we learn about your data and out of the data. Nevada via varsity blues. Just interesting conversation did it to have testicles you mean. You're you're sitting there with your kids dying and you guys are talking about like this kind of stuff you still have to have the talk. Obviously with your son most likely yeah I. And you and you probably still gonna have to talk to him about everything that is on line and vote will go on and could go on but. They sent very educated on this countdown does not out of the fifth straight year we bathrooms all of you do swap gasses up yes the boys watch the girls that he curls that's where that's at least that's what they're saying that's it. Girls the boys are telling each other what the video for a look like a year today why do we need this slop rooms for that because you first hit it the way it goes Lara this from fourth grade in at least similar school district in this area. You watch the male video the first year for a great to watch just that it's just the mail think it just shows you the changes that you were going through. And they're like see you next year for the pretty girl that feel like. They want but that's within the next here that is showing that developmental stages of the PBS and it'd sixth grade it. Or possibly seven dependent on where you are. That's when you start to seem like it brigadier general life via video stores you forever yet. Yet that's where you get that catch you do the private parts to urban. Her many people. That are champion Ariel. And we. I think there. Because they are not meant to be shown improvement. You think they have this guy teach the class. They could wait hey pick me up like that. At least it and put up a little bit now I have I have a good story from fourth period and unhappiness with people becoming a route its cult heart. I got kicked out of my fourth grade class this lie. They thought I was trying to joke that was actually ask you serious question but the thing is they sit there and you watch. Entire video is just about male select any questions or some questions go through there's a little after here in there and it has some of us like me had already pretty much been told all this by the parents and a much more advanced version itself. Straight face raise their hands were the end of the question error a straight face as ask. Lesbians have sex. Yeah. Or ran horror Australia. And everybody laughed so hard at other forget this kid named added that ruins not and so hardy's face was red as a cheery. I was like I've ever seen than that read in my life renegades it was the brightest face they're seeing. The crew laughing too hard and they they had believed because Florida gives you this card ideally I guess as. Dancer and I like it usually tip to remember though this is that this is mid to late nineties is likely ninety's they had just started this. In younger kids who greatly dale are ready for this. The question fade out other a lot more prepared you know it's twenty years later almost now the more prepared but when I did it it was like. Very early on at least the midwest where you actually had. Fourth graders being taught in any form of sex so. Didn't really know how to handle the awkwardness of no fourth grade maturity. And very little discussion so is it a little bit bubbly with that my guess is there a lot better now but yes I was asked to leave because I was positive disruption. It does make it joke really didn't know the answer I mean I knew. Okay there's bears and what happens to all the pieces. I'm aware of it but what if this is what happens if this. Ed Ed by the way a fairly progressive question. Yes a fairly progressive question for 1996 or 97 or whatever once. Are apparently who get mad at that class well yeah they're out there and other day it there's usually a some kind of permission slip the job I'd I'd I'd believe that front I don't want Obama to sign a permission slip for sure it's. I don't think we have assigned permissions. But I was fourth grade I remember laughing. I couldn't stop laughing or else the way I am workers or other. The last thing. Yeah yeah. And I know later that my question would become very easily answered by the Internet by Ian and I am a lot of them to be determined early. But I remember high school freshman year mrs. Brandon short little fat lady or sixties last year teaching whipped out the cucumber whip out the prophylactic showed us how to lemon drop. Room and what great freshman your eyes yeah that river nice via this is I don't answer any question. As I used to do it right they did it right you never every time I eat cucumber now I think of mrs. Brad and putting it condiments and easily beat duke. Took a very I have why if every tomato cucumber I thought about a six year old woman putting it on the money I would eat cucumber I kind downtrend sixty Earl women Stephen you have now. Let's get started and it's I would never they would do it again I never believe you know there will be some there unbelievably it would be over from and it's only thing I remember from that entire semester. Because this all of you for life that's good that's why I don't remember anything out of that class coming up at a fixed the big twelve tournament where three hours ago Steven was not on board now all the studies changed his and a we'll tell you why next. One of the biggest. Changes that we've seen on the show in recent memory has been for me right from going from an Alex Smith the standards have just can't tolerate him anymore right. Would you guys agree that's. What do dish transformations I've ever seen in my entire lineup right big change right thing to please be a reality TV shows such a big transformation again well so here's the other thing. We had a big transformation. Over the last three hours here it comes from Stephen Specter would cows he did out of their stuff bother him and help us do our saying. Any time to where we need to go please we've got a segment to do here. And just trying to make cuts of clean scared I understand I mean who cares less I. Very entertaining very entertaining bring it out like I said. We had a World Series won by the royals on his radio station claims kids talking about puberty tops it. What was the funniest part of the video thinking it's. I don't know that we've had a segment that we since I've been here that's been so universally loved I agree as that staff there was not one text and this is ridiculous sauce is bad it was some 100% positive feedback. Because every its might be the most relatable thing we heard it is it's it's everybody's been through that class right kind of sad though that I had to be the one that it. McCain it's okay is it because Hillary is like I'm the ones he's he's like really apprehensive about it and it's fine. Good like recently reported a yeah that's totally switched roles they're firm. You to feel that shame on an ounce of body parts eyes and say it is what's the big deal that's the perfect way to go about Lahti rather well here's the other thing too and and is as I look at the good old I am again. You know it was nine I'm. We saw the Oklahoma bus drive by bad a 25 minutes ago Josh that's so sad they're the only team busted uses those eyes driving them up very sad and back and very sad loss yesterday TCU. I'm it was. Linking it yesterday because Miami eight creature missed out yet I can't you know quit the big eight. Epic equip the big gate that's fine right idea there is some things that you just love and the big eight Friday was always the best day of the year in sports Kansas City and now it's kind of come big twelve Thursday and every somebody that would go to work on Friday so it's like it's not the same as if it was a Friday and Everett takes the day off and it's plastered camper. So I always like those days we don't have to get up and go to work the next Ellison that's great for science I also think what's great for fans is. Looking at these basketball tournaments and especially the big twelve won here and a stick with ten schools like. We don't need the bottom two to be here let's make it back to the old big eight days and keep it an eighteen tournament. Really putting an emphasis on the regular season so January February matters to your fighting for a spot like 891078910. All those guys are jockeying back and forth in the regular season to try to get one of those top eight seeds to make sure the advanced to the whole season turned him because post season used to be earned in sports now there just like given everybody especially at the collegiate level. So states' hand. I think only the top eight schools should get in and we should play the tournament a week early like it should have been played last week and it should be Friday Saturday Sunday. All the last week and that way you get this entire week off everybody can kind of seal up the rest up before the NCAA tournament comes and if you could play Friday Saturday Sunday the majority of your games are on a weekend and it's more fan friendly as well if you just have to take what they awful work as opposed taken Wednesday. Thursday and Friday awful work you display Friday Saturday Sunday bold. And you a story about the games running after this election as you're done a week early. And it just I think would create for a better turn it and you guys aren't on board with that and which is fine but Specter's come Specter of doubt Chris. Well I just don't want the ban. Anymore Specter does believe that everybody should be allowed to go to the tournament that yet at the court you can comment your band member for 89 or ten seater out. I if accidently if your wins in a team to cede seven to ten no bands aloud why Kaiser. It's not their post sale and they don't get atmosphere now. That's not the I don't know as there's no atmosphere and went and it is done a really let let let's let's call a spade a spade right last night there was not now not only about all the events so that's. Aided and let's just get I. Because the kids playing basketball deserving detectives fourteen OUT really deserve to be here is what Texas would not be playing another day if they did not. And ever wonder how about your tournament in four years of hard work you maybe had. More success early on is projected deserves it really a band member who plays the flute in the isn't in typical part of playing you know bumblebee tuna. Does not get to come why not why does a bank's senior band ever deserved to be that of the senior basketball player deserves to be there around two and fourteen teams because they've never busted his ass because like you tell possibly Wallace doesn't put in the number now that now that's not true that guys and small class I don't know if you're so wrong yet it was still behind us here why are you you're waiting you get all yes he does know you're so wrong if you like flat you can play the flout you'll. You are now that I will say is an ignorant comment. And I and I don't say that a lot like that's an ignorant comment those band geeks were card and then they'll put a lot of time don't like or bust their ass with their fingers got things you can do this and they got a division one menthol player so more so I would I would do is no limitations don't always practice constant. I would be willing to say that if you're a basketball player you're more born eight talented basketball player than you or born eight how to trumpet player the not find that you have to put ended just become a great trumpet player probably exceeds that of basketball player. That's a different argument but to say your wait time at the amount of time put it in time put in it to master in minutes is an instrument most of the time. Is much larger than the amount of time put into becoming a great athlete. Great athletes most of the time or born and a sore musicians. I really and you just you. Are you think it's easy basketball team mergers or Nazis and it's it's a bad argument and your helmet and your units like my best ball TCU they had to work for a here's the difference though very don't work to play TCU that's why you're you're you're not really done is illegal and out of bad rabbit hole you got to get out of yet because he's. Work hard if you took up any instrument today you can become a leader that instrument if you put the amount of time in that you that you Blake you put all your time and a one thing you become a week at that instrument if you have just a little bit talent. If your 5660. Pounds. You put it all the time you want to implant the big twelve tournament or bad hands OK stop talking to Phil Forte he's icing is that 58 is okay. I'm sorry two inches and it in the pros and its overdo it is a lot of rich also six years from us now. Yeah you're you're you're you're out of an island here on this one man that the bad guys and gals working very hard to Stanley's market here at 789 or ten C you should be invited I get their money if you're eight or nine or ten seed as a team you should be invited take your business during the regular season don't you know to a -- greatest concepts school this is schools treat this this is a post season for everybody yes from this baker because it is selling a day or night ticket party and you can sell well thanks to a two Hussein there party. They're all invited to their party. And in you can come. Via buying it take right and they're going to be there right out and the other night if you tell you're not it's not inviting anybody it's not about her wore those days I thought those days. Gone it's not all glory and it's about creating another bite so they can sell more tickets it's all about it's about tacking on another and every five dollars and ensure order that's fine. And yeah. It takes about every war every style is it and he has invited it's about selling more ticket. So every team is invited I'm still like their bandit. Slander happening right now like band member I'd just like show up they take a minister in the store about my team come to the battle of the bands. World vision they want want to wish today. This is support their fellow student onto your break one basketball player can't name a single band member I bet that's totally ridiculous you all the road and things happen. There's hotel stock and this one time guy in camp I think. Jerry that's going down a battering an hour going down a giver and yet that's a totally different college kids looking up on the road. That's alliger insinuating between shortages now. College kids took a public angry. Basketball teams that don't meet the immediately to the band hot though I don't think that the ban the basketball team being. Friends really matters here I think the band has done enough where they deserve to go they deserved to be apart they must party experience plus and rails bringing their bands can bring not bring your band at the bay and quite as any that Texas band little bit more basketball team czar. As fair statement I mean who cares as long. And it's the bands were he I would not have my secret affair with a blow up deer at TCU fans. NASA sock were. Why the boat to hear doesn't everybody have love with a blow beer now I do. Now that's a whole other class and a whole different work were worsened patty film and they and the TCU game and shoot that thing is. Coming up army and David is a studio will talk to him. About the latest twelve street vying with their plan and ideally there. And we'll also talk a little bit about the latest chief to get arrested that's next. I've dubbed the he's jokes I'm Doug Lyons here's a lot. This this is I can't believe I'm not mistaken this will be their first time at Rutgers and he. Late nineties early two thousands. It's so weird so you think paper that broke out nine and it really kind of cuts to it and there's also I expect this suspect request by the way. If you look up. Boom there's here comes the boom from DOD that was a big cheeks rally song for a long time as well the boom goes the dynamite that that. And I differ one total area. Coming stars as exec who would Jason David's our next music at 945 as you know it you'll get rocked this ticket so be ready to dial 945. This. For your chance to win tickets to go see. Barack Cecil. I played good on welfare well I learned a lot this week from you guys all the way you know with welts you know how do lesbians had said that's right and it's very important question for our greater which leads me into that taught you read at fourth grader my wife had to have it with our second grader and a moment ago because her question was money. Are you going. And homo. And. You don't Linux plus yeah yeah he's doing it. I don't yeah I would not present and employers and could lead. Which god is great by the way yeah. It's funny because you know we had a whole year of saying would you leave money that deal were planning the Disney trip right right Disney trip came and got Alex at all this trip came in a way yeah he has announced they were if she's. Leave us alone were discussing whether or not yeah yes. Now one furlong guy. Selflessly given the go downstairs rally and UT and that's exactly or it's simple pick a lot going on against city this week at Tung actually get down on. In Kansas City this week and in need Isa but yesterday there's all of a sudden overdose of the twelfth and final at the. This came out this is like on the side articles that the kinsey business journal of witches and script oh you do I do that urban village or a 110 million dollar corporate campus could make twelve street jump again is the title and goes to sort of some some background of it we all know about told the -- we don't know about the that this song that is immortalized in going to Kansas City you know that. Sadly though in an aide to talk politics guys and you don't talk politics and and but sadly none of this two up. Potentially brings up an idea of maybe downtown stadium that. That's that's interesting because I know that's where you wanted to downtown stadium and I opened everything had to be I don't care where they put it downtown. But I still believe what you'll cash she was there twentieth and Graham I still think that's the earmark location right now can you you would have to eradicate so much of the crossroads that I don't I don't see Nancy stretch being I don't see our landlord for the for the production problem with that Margaret and rehearsal space and I don't see him being on board. And you have to get the look really without the crossroads in the arts and all that all of you all of these new artist sure. And I guess the litigate this change really early 2000 and none existed in our Renaissance always sort of precedes every. Thing else in that art art in there and and blew it all up really had the most recent that's what contributed to. The sprint center and power and light district and in the performing arts and I mean they're talking about moving that giant U Casey you know campus right across from the top performing arts and right. Right there and seventeenth against Lebanon and in Broadway so I don't. I understand you're saying yeah I doubt I can hear you on that but I don't see that being an option now because of what's been developed now you would take up parking lot that used to be. Reno brownstone that's catty corner to the old as she was announced some new and media that block the parking lot a mall about that video. Likes ours don't. I do that in an and I and I still think like like we're watching this week again what. What impact the sprint senator has had on Kansas City I mean it's it's it's tremendous like I'm watching the games last night on television and ESPN. In every commercial break the show power like the show leniency on it really excited my this is awesome there showing marked down. In such a great light and it's because of sports that we had that ability to show lost Kansas City and there was an article on CNN last month I think it was about how Saint Louis and Kansas City on the uptick in assured they're coming back and all the downtown and all that kind of stuff. And we will be able to have that without sports and to meet the course and I think the art is what sparked it. I mean that the pride that came with Kansas City after the royals run yet no doubt. There's no denying the fact that you need this hometown pride now this is so much stronger than that it's ever been doubting the arts and all I'm saying the baseball stadiums the finishing touch. To complete the downtowns puzzle to make any effect down and we talked about this because you look you look at left the cities at that move there they're stating the downtown it was supposed to be a catalyst for economic development it hasn't exactly done it I think Saint Louis has been a prime example because really in the downtown area Meyers took almost a decade to build a ballpark village across the street that got up and running let me some things take time and that's what you've got Kansas City party. There in terms of people wanted to live downtown and investors removed from the bird's gonna get my kids are route we don't need this long anymore they're putting it as a part of you know obviously it's it's it's it's it's it could be just a big giant massive beautiful cheery and bright and RD well develops and. I talked to a very prominent Kansas City yesterday or two days ago. And we were talking tonight on unity commute all weekend to downtown or whatever she goes yeah probably but. What are the things were looking at is downsizing getting a place and a kids are gone and everything within its movie there's. And there's multiple there's obviously is multiple developments going on there but also midtown sort of pop in a really big this week in this and gives you business journal too because. All these of blog these beautiful warehouses in the midtown midtown area like 31. Basically taking all the way to truce and and and you'll parkway and all that third inning we develop guys that much Rigby did screaming and stuff like that he's. Yeah there. He should use it up well understood that that's a bounce back there obviously because you should know that cap mr. downtown over there across the glass yeah act. And it this refrain. Many more come he probably doesn't know who stretches. Seriously. Doubt grinder is hello. But he's gaining he had a couple of the guys that are coming from out of town are developing these areas so you're gonna have a much more influx of people. But to bring it full circle back to this twelve street area. The management teams in this release from the article is Ollie gates because what he did over there on twelve in Brooklyn by having negates quarterly gates barbecue no it. But this this idea of developing. Just a big giant lots of land where the used to be towers I was reading this I had no idea that there is Dewayne minor projects. It had it's. I towers and 74 townhouses. In an 87 the town that towers were imploded because that's kind of what we Dexia the idea let's just edited. But if they can move forward or neither this urban village or this potential corporate campus I think you're gonna have a real. Well you that you've got jobs which creates a need for more housing entity especially since the city. Dare I say is trying to get away from its car -- with your car and everything that's going out. People are gonna have an eagle summit of work that haven't lived out animal walk and ride my bike there and take public transportation there. That's what must expense that the worry about the car in fuel and insurance and all of that. I don't think going back to that development in midtown to. You've got you've got truce is the dividing line sure we all know about for many years always been talked about the dividing line you what else the dividing line for just a little bit farther south. Rockers and you and Casey both those college campuses sit on both sides of truce and all of those kids come into downtown and all that ghetto you have. Again you have few if you're if you're increasing your mass transit utilizing that. All walks of life it's just it's. And Mike's becomes an even better spot than it already is yeah yeah. I've hit my stick and years do it. Sadly I guess it's they ended up and two years I haven't Mike's. All but but I think you know are you talk put the stadium let local Bob Jones she's just remember Major League rules now you're stadium has the face no I'm saying is always right on twelve and vine don't know you know you said another bite Bryson in the crossroads down their late twentieth and grant where were you think. The vine I was I don't I I still say that I ice. I saw you you suggested another don't know I was saying I was saying there's there's there's a parking lot that's catty cornered to what you're talking about twentieth guards on the north. Besides this is big vacant lots and I soared to develop that and you know what the skyline in the background at all and all of that stuff so yes but but I I think. I also closer but I know we're close we need to talk about I say it all the time we you let this conversation stadium stop. Because in ten years it's gonna come up again more absolutely we can't fall behind we have to continue to be. On on the front and we saw at the arena did we saw the crossroads did you throw that baseball stadium down there. I'd I'd I'd challenge you to finding better downtown and as of our size anywhere else in the country it would be to not absolutes and that's. You have everything you need in and indeed be to have. The live work play all right there you know the price tag is a good to walk to get chipped a couple things eggs and you know all that and paws were so big about. From you know from farm to table and and hometown pride you know forget about making China's one's all about maiden Kansas City when you're talking about you know. Right with the way we shopper and here's exactly fit into the rock in studio coming up we're gonna give away Iraq's best tickets you know who is. The artist for our next bumper music coming up you're gonna have an opportunity to will be caller number 691357676. Double play a little overrated underrated. As well how key at the city's been put on the map in spectacular fashion this week that's next. CNV via the that daughters like get your mother's Torre's exit comes to town with poison and Def Leppard later on this year I had the sprints and there. If you don't this is being caller six right down 9135767610. And you win tickets to its profits of upcoming concerts you guys and what. Three weeks less than three weeks you the American nightmare two were coming with premiere their eyes. You had mentioned that to me before yes as being a show you may want to attend a taking the 48 between ninth off to attend allow you to do that day of the concert in the day after the concert silly. Even even though you know you've got a friend on the inside that gave you tickets he's still gonna sit out front of the doors open sort of thing like back in the day you know like wait now there in the movie maybe just because it's fun and you and your off. I decided to both Gavin get a 4 o'clock in the more anywhere to go rage at a concert that pitted main the main let me ask you got to get on stage until like 930 or ten minutes and that words draw you nap in the days and I think if you stay up all got their kidnapped. Johnson his head now is that how you go with the when Neil Diamond came down and it's right here right. You know I'm I'm going to Atlanta. Towards a done that twice right amenable night for early wild caught wildcard I stayed up all night. When K you won in no way it's not Simon felt this miserable in the event today and I I just I can't nap. Now we'll continue now yeah we're going to happen theory I may hyperactive individual I can't IMAP. I I've I've been having problems sleeping the last couple of nights which is wide eyed pretty good amount to drink that we get to sleep last night. But yeah I usually now because yeah I can't. But hey you lost the national championship in 2012 we pulled the moment and then drove to Houston to catch a flight and sat -- streets and our and it might it's not ask folks. Or she drive across the by -- from the all Lindsay Houston I have I have driven from from that Texas to to Atlanta and elated that were hit it deer of the that's somewhere outside of it carefully and -- it was due since that terrible terror and I edited by you do your base outside of Houston while some so there's people there I Glynn because you don't worst strategist as a terrible about the trend because they built the so terribly well traffic it's impossible away from. Let's it was a slightly homeless when I was in Houston for awhile and it is a live and and a pretty down ridden area and I I just I just like I like this city is just the way it's the way it's built it's like it does make sense the way it's built doesn't make sense and it causes gridlock traffic it doesn't need to be I enjoy is assigned to Austin Angeles San Antonio ideally the I 35 quarter in Texas beautiful stuff but Houston this is global if we're talking Texas San Antonio and Austin pressured Dallas at feel like is a little pretentious now at some -- law. That you're walking around downtown Dallas at night Iceland agenda added to lead over Ford chain's top. Even then it was it was a for the arena when and and even then it was just it was it was. It Easter compared downtown cancer in Dallas based did a lot back in the bag yet shut down buildings yet let it shut down but then yeah somewhat dangerous. Be honest I don't think downtown. Take away the JFK thing is that's. Unbelievable like seeing that they are just unbelievable can I could see the book depository from the rooftop of mild okay cool so slightly and are out there and you see that white picket fence you see the grassy like you're looking at that your like all of my god this is like unbelievable right. Other than. There's nothing else about downtown Dallas Wentworth and it was in the West Indies have down there have like. That. Eateries in the indictment the last resort to adding it's all right thanks and decided yet at downtown areas mockery. My kids city's downtown area in my mind is a whopping ten times that's what they've done their since I moved out not there's nothing wrong I was there I stayed in downtown Dallas less than two years ago a 12015 and it was it was acted. So you and I was like so many of 2014 my wife's best friend got married to man and I tell downtown Dallas when that. And like you went outside the hotel to do something and there was like I nothing there was like it got coach the other day and I. Saturday after I lived in Dallas in 2000 to 2000 shoes. That was in downtown pretty much 2001 to Korea that is there's not a lot that was the first year we went down their for the big twelve I remember right around that time there was nothing going on just right when the arena open down and now it could be Rina has obviously sparks and stuff which again is why we build these buildings is dressed in our cities. Because they turn into economic generators there hasn't been one you'll look at the of the didn't generate something positive. For the city really they they all do it all do especially this one here in Kansas City. That is filled every day yeah with which you think will ever get a sports team and now no doubt Jimmy too much right to be made on this tour and she is starting is North American port Kansas City never heard of them. Stop at the where do you love her hate or whoever hate god I'm one of the biggest stars on the irony he. He did a he he he popped up and I did a couple songs with the stones when they're at arrowhead. Two Summers ago. And it is Beckham stuff was good I mean you know obviously an inaugural Kimberly Kiefer and either you have made your kid but nobody gets the stones is kind of a tough one ED good but other net I've writes I tried to listen to a couple of his songs not too long ago and it just it just. Doesn't doing form does it's like it does doesn't do as he is not do anything for me I get it. I'd really like is new CD. And his new album that he came out of last week I was doing on Saturday autism spectrum you you're gonna you're gonna probably seat edge here because it's on yeah yeah absolutely and you and you wanna go check out you took two days off for bring me the horizon yes what an interest since I had aware of why and days I have a very wide your waist vacation is a very wide and taking a sick after staying in that do anti do you think of a wider spectrum of musical appreciation and I didn't. And I'll be interest and because I listened to a lot of hip up blooded murder and yet in my earlier about. Both the re. Vote at now. Now are pretty sounds like future though like recently everybody sounds like futures all the same stuff and that's that's frustrating like put up big show on securities to mount another one solid now done don't know much about it well we get to let's get overrated okay yep that we do this every week with them and now. Overrated or underrated for topics. One the beach. Underrated it's beautiful. Greek the other they did the beach a lot of people called overrated and hub of the Vitaly and media I mean my agency Democrat because and you look out there and you see them that the majesty that is the notion that you. I overrated or underrated FaceBook. A little. But the other. Adobe universal. Rate I I Facebook's at that point words like everybody's is yeah everybody's publicly traded so it's not gonna go away like MySpace stroke. That's the biggest thing right there to more overrated or underrated from lobster. And it's tough I think that's rated just fun I think it's yeah I think I'm middle there I always liked the most overrated thing ever and I just in the losses related to get it right if it's done right in the U cracker right yeah I'm I'm a lot Motorola New England that's more important. Our last one overrated or underrated in this is such a layout but it is one that has to be asked marijuana out manic. Relatively. Quickly ridiculously under rated debt and the real setback and campaigns the candidates situation. Yes on five Casey got content you can't wizard residents make you vote on April the fourth there is coming up but a point in weeks now. No I don't record today for Tony yet it's basically decriminalization in Kansas City and that is where the chiefs do they got popped he would just be given 25 dollar fine if this passes. But that was also Bates cantina which acts that was so it's obvious there was in the fact that. Coming up the day's shift live from no other club in downtown and Kansas City we'll see down at this for an senate sometime today be on the lookout for me I'll be natural Democrats. I mean who cares leaks.


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