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03/09 8a - #610MockDraft, Sports TV, Andy/Alex, Top 10

Mar 9, 2017|

#610MockDraft of solo acts, sports TV is changing, Andy's ridiculous comments on Alex plus the Daily Top 10; meatballs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. And it's 2 in the morning mock drafts. We talked about this being a meeting to take this draft. Give me great pitch didn't serve maybe even four drought relief prospect I believe was poisoned the well the next level. From what ever it. Borderline for. Going all of our number one. Warrior I've got to go Mike go right I can't let those this year. Please. It's not you winning this week. Residents cyclone. It felt weird to say the commissioner. And then not here bruised his holster and a dozen relatives. We draft rain and things every Thursday at 8 AM during the mock draft. Tweet along hash tag 610 mock draft to act extends towards DC. We. I've had a call win this year. Welch's one this year. And clean as one this year so Bob's still looking to get on the board as we have our fourth mock draft of this. NFL offseason. As free agency gets under way to the A keep in Europe it is John Jackson looks like he's signing. With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers guest this morning weld said to Shawn Watson and Spain Josh freaked out. Did you hit at the back at it we can't have what it. Like Johnson lost his lead at eight year I had cheap soda brains all right guys that as old as John Jackson into. Job lots of music and arts the other great quarterback. You don't look good quarterback good tips yeah you really want. This little freaked out all the way to campus in Jackson and bombs away in Tampa yeah yeah hold on one side and John jacks on the other he's agents do Carol DeSean Jackson is he still a deep threat no matter where is easy to do anything last year yeah. Pretty healthy eats thirty. He was a beast and he's like the king of the seventy yard touchdown pass or catch just never help him work. All right so today. Should say twenty years ago today very sad news. Christopher Wallace who Nikkei the notorious BIG was killed doubt and you got that wrong biggie smalls was killed twenty years ago it yes big east malls built that twenty years ago today one of those very sad days that I Philly gets brought up. Every year is we lost and artists. It's too young of age and one of my after it rappers of all time so today movie drafting solo. Musical acts doesn't have to be wrapped. But I think in honour of notorious BIG we should honor the musical genres soul acts of people who don't put on the best. Performances. Of all time in music now Welch went first last week settled they'll last this week and at that. Wraparound picked in our snakes downdraft Bob will be going first got second thoughts the third and fourth. Over all picks solo musical acts you can tweet along. As tech 610 mock draft to act 610 sports. DC but you have the number one. Overall pick solo musical. Acts wow I AA and then again number one. The tallest one my gosh like a notable pick up getting make is gonna get booted them to be called stupid. For making that number 1 pick so I am going to go with. Neil Diamond. Project. That company not a citizen of that coming. I mean what is your idea where it begins. Exactly right and everyone knows it's yes I'd their dollar that you just want your first contract of the year. Who did I'm a good it's. Fired up about that yeah that's yeah yeah they gave me I think it very serious and he's got the light work life you time and nice job by. He you and the band behind him right. I I and I Nazi I don't know but that's but that's pretty determined solely on the damage that's right two losers and a fan now there was a Neil Diamond and the and let us radler yeah. All right Neil Diamond is off the board with the first overall wow Josh that analysts that was outstanding thank you I'll probably go Michael Jackson nice one of the fastest risers in the grappled right here and but he before the Jackson 5 afford to do. It's yeah they don't agree any I went zone now. So I interviewed you for them they can't do they have to be alive that's a big question no they do now realize OK prisons dead. I want you have acted tactics close out the you block third round forests in the first round forcefully. Object third overall pick to block your tour when you ought. He jumps out at five. But that's an easy map and it right I'm at now but then there's new ground. Them for overall. We should Keyes spent 72 straight hours watching film yesterday. It truly able. Is jail still considered a solo artist then it's easier please god pulled why did you say OEC keys like your surprise that pic I beat you could Geithner in the later rounds I need shooting on undrafted withdrew the other people in the room well in OK you gotta read the other people around you value in the second round night. It is done better. Dad I think wow it picks up better than you would yesterday at least he's the fourth round I could've gotten a leash he's later but let's not pretend we should he shouldn't be a top five pick she's phenomenal kling name one tee box on. 12 spots on again California Florida and name a second to your mom your mama was the next night and on its premium is twenty greatest hits that that silver album comes about iTunes all the time in fact I've got it and as when minorities at 2 o'clock I wish he was IDs when I was was alive they think he would be. He would I think he would have changed that he would as you see different things it would have been like. Seemed you know down the same path I think he would have been. Really really creative lead right now created by I two trustees that Rascal Flatts radio because I got high radio by half of the man of the two pockets. John Denver. Dozen roses. And Justin Timberlake the real smorgasbord. And Tim Roth as well Ian yeah. All right Jesse to Michael Jackson in the first round second round next time come back with Elvis Jonas. But I also being laws sauce that's right that's going with the old dead crew and statistical dead people yeah. This test going OK how well she's. Our problem Neil Diamond with the first overall pick. These close out the second round Frank Sinatra the chairman of the board I think it's easy golf and that it to a double the year double retail outlets first at that seem like well out there. I don't know why I I know I am so frustrated I didn't and so frustrated that he thinks Nigeria. I was selling well and it just feels like him involved would take really literally is like he's young and at Phnom olden not yet so. The sense you have some Sinatra knew yeah I love Frank Sinatra doing all the lines doom. Yeah I love Frank Sinatra and I'm I'm we'll cry but right now we're Frank Sinatra song mean everybody's New York, New York that's not mine that my ways my favorite epic I. All of you and Tuesday and that was let this get this thing my way actually and so lies the father of Nicholas news and movies they may do not back. So I'd just random acts and Neil Diamond ski. He's expected to go to thanks Cathy had two nice. As biggie smalls still up there is he still around the around around him. Why. Can win this thing this time luckily I am struggling right now you know let down I will go John Denver. For weeks. Latter part take me home. And on the two seeded West Virginians. That Eddie money's things getting any money mentally had him on the shift. And if it doesn't politically themed or some people like he did one on. So. There aren't Josh you have deacon Michael Jackson Elvis you're right you're dead person Dan rivers is friendly with his microphone prince dead and probably. It seems there's always. And I guess that makes you guys right now I was always of the currently is also the artist formally know as prince and his Solis a test mean I knew that instead. Musical nods he'd been up by it while it's you have to pick sitter know. Me and counts. Beyoncé number nine whose eyes on today. It's got what we break what's their what are both the band called Jesse's Janet post Destiny's Child was halted he wants. Somebody did that he had been doing that's that's one ordinance Booth. You got the cup back. But as that wasn't us I don't know you know somebody caller yes no snow violence while final pick. To go with Madonna. Who nights ago Jackson did Johnson. Like I've I was little surprise you love to see a ten. Cool I converge. Like versions out there but I I think Papa don't preach wins out it's a good old miners like a prayer and love that song oil that's already not that there. There may not be a song that fires me up more than like that's where about Madonna and I'm not kidding folks. It's a great song here sounds unbelievable there's like a player when it comes on and I'm working out and I'd take it to another level is there an attractive. I agreed not added that not very good looking at bolstering and thing going on. I cling on to pick there was something sexy about it though on the day you could explain it but it was there now her arms look like they're. Drawn sketch. Pick your next dead person who attacked with a group called gondolas horse I'm going all dead Jimi Hendrix. The it just based think it. And it's true that answers to all people on his list the other guy was just ridiculous to give the women were in the dark and but I don't pick in the draft. I'm dropped the Mike and walked away with a win at. Do it Justin Timberlake. I have that are heading electrical. Ever like. I smokers after Katrina. Bob Neil Diamond Frank Sinatra John Denver Justin Timberlake. Bob does and all the jet so big dive any down just in Tim how they did Jay John November once the weakness out of that board the John Denver pick is the week you can I was so proud citizen comedies I like hey guy country room at play here miles West Virginia fans that are attempt to leader Yasser he's doing now. He might he's trying to really hearted fact I don't know if they had about John members city's full suite. What movies from I was just thinking about that dumb and dumber dumb and dumber than energize it with the wrong way they're Nebraska instead of the Rockies at math but the rocky deal around here. And John Denver's full. And yes Josh had with Michael Jackson Elvis rents in Jimi Hendrix all that well too with two pocked Alicia Keys beyoncé and Madonna you're welcome now to. I'm out of the running yeah okay sexist I think the Alicia Keys pickles too high or times really. Well he went position of it was beaten this as a vehicle that's that are local beat that's Alicia Keys is like it is taking Tyson Jackson in the first I know. Lisa bloom is is it why is it generally nice career just cut today 51 million dollars everything just. In my mind at least accuses the best overall musician on this entire list. You followed it up with beyoncé news and similar routes like you drafted two defensive lineman. I'll think she's an a and Emmanuel played with what their fourth breach yet want to pop star once musician probably A-Rod back together. Weird. That they're gonna go to a weird accusatory. I thought she was within them. She was with then I thought she'd. Who actually Ben and Jennifer Garner about to get divorced and like yesterday's decided not to know really. Cool they're back together back so. A-Rod which now they called. Whenever IDs and by the way female listeners are welcome if you're just if you're paid attention twelve picks three of which were women all of them were me. My Dixie yells. Well yeah happy international that they have limited Specter says there's no chance I would I should have taken Janis Joplin he should've married these. What was that good though dead. Dad. Operated and lengthy. Speaker right now relentless so is she could be and did Steve analyst review. On our top headless today it's on top ten meatballs it is a national meatball day today so enjoy that he got to say like meet the ball let me the ball talked about balls. Since directories or six of the techs like today thanks line at. We don't know what the I know people that knows we don't know what the topic is. Intel's spec says it on the right I we have zero prep time so it it got really angry. Ended higher idea on how could you forget this. We have zero credit it's it's a spur of the moment it's the off the top here half ago though and that it has the war room and all you the on the clock man big board via the big board. So yesterday DM Patrick had. And authorized by the name Jim Miller he's the media expert a lot of stuff about ESP he had back in the day and they were talking about what. Really guys has become this major topic in sports like every day we can talk about the topic of how we're going to view TV sports in the future how would you consumes sports in the future. And so this guy Jim Miller on yesterday talked about how. He sees CB. And sports kind of advancing in the future. What you guys to listen to this and then we're gonna discuss. I have a feeling you know one. Thank you go on iTunes and you wanna buy an album or song you paid a dollar and and you don't dishonor you know I'm we could be looking at a situation where. You go on your phone you on your laptop or wherever and you buy that to tag team seat on an NBA pass for the entire season. Or he'd you don't have some. Need to you know cable bill but you do everything from your own customization poignant. So whatever you want and it doesn't even mean it ya after a tire yourself into a particular leak you could just. Like just like you go on high teens that they got a song you can pick out a telegraph Ono watch two words ended in the cast tonight and I'll pay 319 action that gamer. Two bucks or whatever I mean. I think that the one thing that we know for sure. It is that this is an incredibly dynamic when it's time technology is now. Has been for awhile with ESPN wreaking Havoc particularly on sports center but now it's disrupted. The very foundations of the models now have to reexamine. So that's Jim Miller talked about reexamining the model of how you would consume TV on the forefront I hate the idea of paper view. Sports because we used to have it and its stock. But if that's the method that we go to and it's gonna drive all our cable bills down. That it would be something. That I would be looking to consider incident that I would be willing to participate pretty program now to go buy music one song at a time. Right side the iTunes model. Guess I understand but here's why doesn't work what do Siegel out to dinner on Friday night with your wife think it's okay you get home it's 830. Middle of the game for the royals who wanna watch the end of the game what do you do have some turn on I won't I won't spend a full. A full game right whatever it is just a one out I'll. You won't watch the casual game anymore Newton. You know you throw game on the background you'll throw me you won't do it anymore because you'll pick and choose. At least won't. I can't imagine are gonna go for this yet they what they're guaranteed money Brighton who you would think so now but let me go to the oil wells it was your demand is Richard demand is truly. That's a scary proposition that they can for a lot of people involved. This if this happens it marks the downfall of sports I would kind of be done if that was the only way I can watch games like I honestly I'd watch a lot less I I'm not paying two dollars every night. To watched. The game boy I'd try it makes sense if you get home and eight Denning right. Well you're gonna spend money to go watch unit to burning tire game would be great want to buy a couple innings it'll be great for radio but for sports television he could be the end and it would really hurt sports is a brand overall. Because how often. Especially if you're younger especially if you're liking your twenties you have roommates. I may use you come home what do you do. You turn on whatever game happens to be happens to be and then it because of that you end up becoming you know more fond of whatever sport you're watching or whatever teams on a wherever player happens to catch your eye and looks cooler. Plays really well. We'll miss all of that if you have Al Clark sports yeah paper view sports and it goes to completely had eight to 99 a watch this whole game. Well look at why some random game and I'll care about. Brad that I actually would watch otherwise just because it happens to be the only game it's not right it hurts your overall brand hopes to Hearst the overall. How war of sport I think it's ridiculous now it's one. For the National Football League to do because it's once a week it's Sunday you're kind of captivated by it and giving an hour period out of market game or something right you know OK he wants to tease game and in the 4 o'clock game comes on any anyone to see the Dallas Cowboys take on the Packers for two dollars iPhone I'll flip that on a purchase that depends a price point to exactly a know it it really does but I think also works for football that. I don't think it works for baseball I don't think it works for basketball I should tell don't think it works. For hockey I don't think it works for those games that are every single night now the way I could see this working in seeing this kind of making sense is if they offered you the ability to buy the full season at a discounted rate but if you wanted to buy the entire season of the royals to say the royals. For 129900. They would do OK in the by the entire season and a time 129 dollars or you could purchase a game by game by game. I would buy at the beginning of the year for the full price of 129. And then you know making sure my cable bill was a lot lower I slice the hell out of that cable bill and get rid of a lot of stuff that I really don't need to save money on that it but I would be willing to buy the whole season of the royals I would be willing to buy. In NFL season if you gave it to be at a discounted rate that makes cents vs two or three dollars powerball game college basketball. I kind of be out on you know I don't I. I would go paper view on that one and now but it is let me let you mentioned football but what is it came to the point like OK here's the Monday night game right. And I'm not painful watching Downey and and that's the with the league's would have to consider on a Sunday guy may watch the cheese but. Wants in the rest your league of cost me 399 a game or whatever the price is bringing more and act. That's like that's the Sox are working at that forty put a price though that it justified being able to do that for fans and I'd look to be willing to pay exceeded by the package for the whales okay you want to watch the royals game two and 99399. Or Ike. We hear is the limit. That you can set for to be feasible. To do and and I think you've got a set. The number high enough or game that would encourage people to buy the season package that he really want comedies rate. Orchards like the pay per view college games 3995. Some of the words that they might. I think involved that the lowest they've 120 bucks I don't even know of some that like I know my neck I and I you know forty dollars K you Colorado left like all sides I mean. That stuff doesn't work there's gonna have to be a seismic shift and a lot of different ways this and not to get political at all but it does remind me of a the good health care debate where it's a really complicated situation there's no easy way to do it there's no simple way to do it. All of it complicated or multiple levels to it. And it. Avis says there's a quick easy fixes line and because this is a really tough. I'm trying to think about exactly how this would play out I'm trying to think about exactly how you make money on it right. There's not a good way to do that there really isn't there's a crisis mode going on right now not just that ESP but with all the sports leagues with all the TV providers. And with every one who has something to do with sports wondering. What's next how do we keep this gravy train going legalized gambling afterward that that is the news and ABC I sit legalize sports gambling the only way you get the TV package you don't really that they're ready to videotape. What is this though because and try to think of ways that you could do this and still. Emphasize your brain still get your brand larger sports but then again who are the biggest reason why people are betting on sports is what. Because they think they care and they think they can beat the system because they watch enough sports that they know. Well wait edit them maybe take away all those games you may end up going ala cart wheel that you won't go as much about sports scene probably won't have young people. Thinking that they can gamble and make money on sports. So you have less gambling. It hurts so many different things that's where becomes. A lot tougher fantasy football how's that affected because that's a major moneymaker and a driving force of the NFL. We also talked last week guys about or two weeks ago I guess when you were off Mike about how. You know that that these leagues Al pricing themselves not making it affordable for you to take your family to a game the 45 year old male is out priced right now with the two kids tried to go to a game. And if you can't keep your kids to go to a game the level less of an opportunity of becoming a fan of the team because leading to the semen person. Now if you do something like that would TV probably time to get a sit down with your kids. And and I need to watch the game obviously embrace basis right now because you Selig only gonna buy that team as you know you're gonna be able to dedicate the entire three plus hours to sitting there watching that game so you make sure you got your money's worth I don't know that I know me I would absolutely be that right so like Saturday afternoon games are going to be seen by Allah Sunday afternoon games are going to be seen by a lot of folks and a lot of mid week games I mean especially when you. Kids to bed and when we get our kids by the time everybody's down it's like 8830 hour it was 7 o'clock or gave you spend three dollars to slip to about. Probably not probably not for that and I think that model would hurt sports more than it would benefits I I agree as of as a brand it would hurt it. Quite a bit yeah ideas try young people involved in your sport young people watchers sport that's how you build long term fans is how you continue to build the core fan base. This would kill that yeah it's really tough for me to come over the better alternative. Maybe the alternative is just west. Charge less money for cable. And it's been less money if you're ESPN or fox sports want to. You might have lower quality as far as how many games are able Kerry and how clear those games look but. The only way to do it might be used to strike price is down cable and make cable very sports oriented and a lot cheaper. Well I think that's why most people have cable now is because of the sports and to me you've got to get to this ala carte pricing you have to give people the opportunity to just pay for the channels that they want I like to try that. I think that's the most logical. Avenue for me anyway at not to boycott the court can't get there explore these different options and I'm just not there but if you gave me. Here's here's what you could pick right I know and going in knowing and have to pay more for ESPN right. But here's I can pick and if I can bring my dollar cost down. That's a viable option and it really is yeah you use then you on top of that have here's 399 for different games stuff. Amount amount it's tough man would I wouldn't be watching as much sport I don't I would buy a season package if it was a reasonable price here's Jim Miller ESPN at a Cairo books on ESPN covers media. Talking about what he would do if he were an NFL owner right. I'm worried about the NFL. If I were an NFL owner I'd actually. I would actually think about selling it appears not only because of what's going on in terms of their ratings by there's him there's a more. Series Tron which is. I know twelve year old kid is six feet tall. And he said gorgeous athlete I mean just a beautiful athlete and threw the ball forty yards. In here in perfect spiral. His parents I don't want to play high school football plus the ball down there he's gonna be a power forward where is going to be a pitcher's parents like literally looked at me and said that. So you know ten years ago that guys like a star quarterback in college and then he's got to begin in NFL deal. I worry about the supply chain in the NFL. And that bright there that's the one that hit me like a ton of bricks guys and we talk about concussions and what nine now that's reducing youth football or whatever. But when he sits there he goes a more about the supply chain of the NFL that's one thing that never really crossed my I'm like holy cow that's right decade. Could have been a quarterback but is piercing you're gonna play basketball baseball because we don't want to deal with a concussion stuff that football has to offer the kicking it and that's another sport. But he's my quarterback right yet but he's worried about the supply chain. Of being there for the NFL and the quality of athlete which we're seeing right now with the quarterback position. In the National Football League. And if that continues that we don't get any really great quarterbacks. People whenever maybe move but the supply chain the NFL he said. Is very concerning to him I thought that was that was a very big eye opening comment. For me if you're any sports on or really any business owner right you want either you're gonna keep her company going no matter what or you wanna sell its highest point Brighton. So I mean yeah I wouldn't any owner be thinking like if the TV bubble bursts right in any more so more so to me than like the the talent pipeline but. Is that TV money gonna go away are you are you at shore highest. You know revenue stream that you can be right now why would it may actually he's considering selling eighteen sure everything runs on an arc. And it it appears at least that the NFL has reached the top of and and look. Five to six years ago. We were talking about 3-D games remember yes. ESP it was going to be broadcast in 3-D C to watch NBA basketball and NFL football and the reedy. And very shortly after that stream became bigger options became larger. ESP has started losing money because all these stupid contracts and decide to sign with things like the SEC and and the Longhorn Network. And now I'll take anyone's even thinking about that if anything they're gonna have to cut costs. In use lower definition cameras for games on game to game basis just because they won't be able order to use the high definition camcorders Baylor we are. Talk about it the other day I mean you know you got these rights fees great you're giving NFL two billion dollars of ESP yet. And then you probably got another billion dollars of expenses. You have to pay your cruise and you know wiring and all that electricity like stuff you don't even think of that factors in so it's not just the two billion dollars at ESPN is giving NFL. Another billion dollars in hard Claussen travel and stuff like that. That have built in as well that's why they're having folks. All games from a studio in Charlotte, North Carolina so very interesting times and it's something that it's talked about every single day seemingly around the world the sports what's gonna happen next. With the TV coming up we'll give you a mock drafts results and we're gonna give you a chance to win UFC tickets. If you can guess who Andy Reid is talking about some gravel fault line down 9135767610. If you can guess who Indy Reid's talking about you can win and I USC tickets we do that next. All right the minute we're gonna give you a chance to win tickets to go see USC at sprint center tickets go on sale tomorrow for the event on April 15 so grab a phone line now 9135767610. 9135767610. As the telephone number please sound byte in recent one from Andy Reid and you're gonna try to guess who he's talking about if you do you'll win tickets to the US season 9135767610. Is the telephone number but first the results of our mock draft. We drafted solo musical acts on the twentieth anniversary of the death of notorious B I G Welch went with two pop Alicia Keys beyoncé and Madonna and Justin tell you now he did not win this week. So comes out between Josh and Bob just go with Michael Jackson Elvis friends and Jimi Hendrix. Bob Neil Diamond Frank Sinatra John Denver and Justin Timberlake you're winner this week. AEA. When you can Tom Brady and we'll take me Justin totally in the sixth round or in this case the fourth round. You win that draft no matter what movie travails big news at soaking graduates in these guys who have been around when he seems to me that's garbage or winning out of luck draft. Here's the thing I thought cloying and I was walking off by. The Frank Sinatra predicted it for me man I thought it was really close to the Frank Sinatra pick puts over the top the John Denver pick almost guilty. But the exit not to pick I thought it was too good docket and then on Justin Timberlake has as suspects that is right when you Tom Brady in the fourth round. You're doing some good things are top ten list of top ten meat balls today is national me blog today meet the ball low be involved in top ten meatballs 69306. On the text line today messaging data rates they apply your top ten. At 850 coming up a little bit later I. Reid spoke yesterday and the day before some other time. Oh yeah it doesn't matter. Q who knows what was right exist he said the sit and say what it'll recently spoke for Cisco and Andy Reid spoke. And he said this and it's you know he's talking about your tickets and you see here's the sound bite. Actually has room to continue to improve. And so he takes that is a challenge and he wants he wants to be the best ever. So that's Andy Reid who is he talking about 935767610. Well those you. I don't wanna create doubt about. That Alex Smith. And you. Go. Other CA I Bailey yes there something on staying back Kansas City must of heard it. You must've heard appears there's go to just wish is that off hand is like oh what's been the best ever. Because Alex Witt has no possible chance of being the best ever so why would that be accessed several. Yeah best ever game manage your. Well here's the whole long form content that Andy Reid talked about with Steve Mariucci and some other lady that was sitting there it was a weird interview by the way I've never seen him like and a that was his producer or his wife or whatever but it was like Steve Mariucci really attractive blonde lady in aim be read. Doing this interview here's the entire kind of conversation on Alex and. So Alex is our leader on offense alone the just kind of keeps everything right this percentage of throws downfield this year what he does not volatile it was a highest in his career they're great job of that. And I believe or not and I'm Tyler guys it's old. But he keep yourself phenomenal shape and he actually has room to continue to improve. And so he takes that is a challenge and he wants he wants to be the best ever and ever says a word very humble these first one and last when. Knows everything that's going on just a player. So sandy Reid talking about Alex and try snow has the stats right on his downfield. Come as news downfield passing percentage is the best it's ever been in history which is what everybody criticized easier is just magically came up with that went on his own to decide the username and now that was the whole story was written re waiting to miss that one out. As they like to do they don't know as anything adult and out of lettuce or anything dale listened and they don't read they don't know hollow they don't launch they have no idea what's the the media. Right if they don't draft a quarterback and referral fit you know and caught shot college outfit if you want to eat salmon spoiled band and whatever I don't care they don't draft a quarterback in the first three rounds of the draft this year. Are going to have an absolute. We've been meltdown we did say Alex was old that helps it does say that that was that was that was my indication that he's thinking about young quarterback. But Steve told us yesterday is loosely absurdity in this economy and Silas to a public that's not absurd to me it's the right comment to make every athlete should try to be the best of all time and wanna be the best of all time every coach should say they're beat these guys trying to be the best of all time. The sturdy for me is that he's never going to be. One of the best of all time. And right now is that he really wants to win a Super Bowl and be like OK okay. But bright and I that's a that's a that's an attainable goal Brazil only accurate and hopes to be the best line it's almost like. This organization right now is setting up interviews with their friends in the media is Mariucci and Andy Reid you know coach together upping Green Day. And they're setting up these interviews and the beginning of the interview heads from TER is telling them. Please set him up to make Alex Smith looked good we need to justify this man's existence. That's all this sounds like as they said he doth protest too much and while obesity should supported Alex Smith from the beginning which they didn't do. Now going over correcting this thing. To the point of nobody believes anything that is coming out of their pals right now because they're using up just in Houston don't tell us downfield passing average we got a chart. Yeah and he's breaking. Half the ballots this downfield passing abilities and completed three of four that's 75% guys yet. Life thank you guys downfield that's crusades better. You better figure it out don't you guys still think like they've now gone overboard with trying to justify the Alex Smith existence here in Kansas they're doing what they have to either. Like when it. And it's beginning at the end of the year instead of eighty Reid saying. Irving on her you know live my parents. Because Al is still our god and he did and now they got to go out there to Steve Mariucci and company and and and make these fake interviews to justify Alex. Put it on them not say anything right after this season it's just that they're saying we're going to do what's best for this team. At that time they might not have known we don't want reports of Tony Romo. At that time that they might have thought there there's going to be something available down the road. And now they're seeing everything out there in the ticket OK Alex is our got. That might be the situation it might be they didn't know until now. It also might be something where I think for a lot of fans they'll fall in this category right after it. You're ticked. You really upset about the situation you're trying to think how can I make the situation better. As time goes on I think they calmed down a little bit much like the bands we called them a little bit and they start to kind of okay. They worked out far off it wasn't that bad. It may be felt worse in the moment than it actually was let's get this running game better what's draft a quarterback of the future and let's take another crack at it next year. I can absolutely see champion the thought process of the Kansas City Chiefs. Let's say you have to agree with it now I know you don't you I don't know if I've I feel like on the one this defending Alex Smith now I would from putting nick. Her old though I put it very good. Thought about her coating is as you got so far the other way without juggle all even. Yeah they've learned a world where he's going to start that your kid without. For bloated big foals to now be in the wanna lasted like whoa hold on Alex Smith isn't terrible. Yeah I'll begin to over the top to a Super Bowl no he's not terribly you're right you could you not how do you Super Bowl he needs he needs a CJ Anderson's letter running game that Denver Broncos had a 2015. People act like Peyton Manning carried that team he didn't CJ Anderson carried that team. And by the way so the defense Broncos were seven and three this year CJ Anderson went down then they fell eight and think about that. That's a huge loss so not having a running game kill the Denver Broncos this year when they had they were 73 and right atop the AFC west. When he didn't have it they were 500 team and they also that year they won the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. Had a a defense that can go out there and so that last year or two ago. But Dave I think I think the chiefs also have a defense that's all of that deal out of that we have a Von Miller in Kansas City but I would also argue that amber doesn't have it doesn't have an air pair yeah so. The chiefs have a great defense I think very similar to 2015 Broncos. But they don't have that running game the Broncos to. It and an Al Smith socket carried to a Super Bowl that's not a shock to anybody should Alex can't put the team on his backing carry you to the promised. It's not happened so you have to put things around him to where he can be a game manager last year he was a game manager he had nothing to manage. It was trying to find ways it Tyreke oval ball throw a screen pass here and there be you didn't have a running without running game you can't have a game managing quarterback. The offense as a whole was the problem last year a lot of it falls on Alex Smith but well. In accord but amid. A public appearance instead Sports Radio we did you. Our top ten list a predator had Naples. Your top ten now meatballs attempt and meatballs next and made energy. I listen up men. Hello sports fans. All right today's national baseball today because everything has the day at some. Point or another everything even if you didn't expect and I'm sure there's a day coming up that's like national iPhone day or somebody that they national meatball day. So your. The top ten today top ten and meatballs from Hamburg and meatballs Jose Canseco ideas please leave your message board. They. Yeah he's does that you avoid this is actually was them yeah that's because it's better than saying you've reached you know 5551212. I mean come on man. Number. Right now ski yet. He's got a bunch of guys that like bake it. And you know what they do they go to Hershey store in it by their bacon. Well guess what I need some damn bar hunters. Okay. It's scary going because as he does really scary GAAP. And number eight meatball Od Tim Tebow. Lined up in the our decks or done the of its own assault team because he's got and as a as a left theater. He has a lot of you line up but go Lasik he was in the on deck circle of Boston unseeded opponent as a New York man. Because he's told people ski boat people to vote. People people people people you people people people people people people people people people people people people people people. It's insulting. I mean you're that's funny so here your third base dug out and an eagle and you go on deck on the opposing side because you left any money should pull out US policy that pitch federal agency the better that way in this I don't know what idea did give us an innovator that is actually. It's a great ten point Tim Tebow is a clown show and he's preventing real baseball players we know that's an innovative idea better and better. Odd percent of meatball Weis. How do you explain this moment since we need steam late in the second quarter Kwame that the. There's a significant wind. He's obviously if it that's it alzheimer's though guys I mean that is an all timer right there that is an all timer remembered stick Roger Goodell. It is time to give back to football photo meatball again and see if there was paper view sports I would not a page to thank you football game that we never would have to significantly thing. Reprise that. Number five not Kelsey. Mean yeah definitely meatball is that number ball. How Latimer from the program and awesome awesome before Watson that's a good meat ball there very good birdie on number three meatball. Chris Young fast. All's wow really look here don't swing at it right down the right field line that's trouble in the corner it goes and got. Good pitch and swing. Yeah. As it plays more minutes and who is who is the well I did everybody that is spring training outing the other day I did I did twice. Do that that what challenges does go over Weller ever. If yeah you two home runs in the day I did tech eyes guy actually actually that they set on number two meatball among go mobile work through brute. Very good very good mongo. And you're number one Longo has to be our favor mongo ground brick bats at. Yeah no none of them once in a list today. Evolution. Actors you can do better beat balls around. Our number one people present all day ground is so the Oklahoma team bus driver by Taylor had not attended there was saw him was so sad and and John mission partner paid me probably came up from these dogs playing on the blogs are just drove bias on his honesty I 35 and an attitude and Atlanta and so it's. Nine talent one to the BM IT's thirty DWT ball kids as well I went down at. A man now yeah I didn't know open. Well Isabella commercial break Welch was now inspect your they're talking to some help we will realize that our reactions they were like. All on us Zach that. Texas Tech has its. I yeah. So they always. Know yet so they drove. It execs when you pass out real well. It appears to. Hound legs okay well this is we would have said it was the oak all the buzz that limit how drive by. The buses and all of this is not as I don't know whether that's a totally different conversation though why are they driving. They may have had some of their people driving in zeman met flown out of team come here and say we is that. I was assuming charter bus because why would you enough why do journalists some of the young team fly. The ancillary people will bus us in Los you know. It's not hours or so let's about a half hour could be that it can be looked at trainers there on trainers this IDs the sport's made possible answers. Not busing half the group data deed in basketball you Aaliyah and fifteen people. That a small plane and then. A bus you take a plane is big enough for the team the coaches and real six bouts of that would make sense if you save money on the plane from unity chartered bus then. We can spread out a little bit but they have the bus anyway it up as you can tell by the giant Oklahoma on the site I got it all as it. I yet cheerleaders you got the band aid you got you know the broadcasters get to support staff and their ninth seed brought the band of course they all the band. That's that's that. Now I'm on Bob's side of a. I'm content teams know cancel out. I'm out here fighters if you don't need cheerleader is that is their post season. It's their policies everywhere to Charleston it's like 78 gateway and ignore those seeds yeah and is not to OC sometimes and am not kidding about this like for the and I bring the band and they bring like a high school band and they look student well at the end I will rent high schools as an enables service appeared that happens a lot. Even matches in the inning guy that happens a lot and of Oklahoma reds have been an OTC doesn't bank as I was with a band of the year. I've been stymied the blow up years and cared in the in the band of the yes I agree that there are errors. His record being my favorite time as the years is tweeting the blow of the year that is represented in the TCU bad we will make out today. Coming up here on 610 Sports Radio Josh interviews kids about sex that comes your way in two minutes next.


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