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03/09 7a - Headlines, Big12 Drinks, Boeheim, Self on Jackson

Mar 9, 2017|

Headlines Worth Talking About, each fan base in the Big 12 if they were drinks, Boeheim goes on a rant plus Bill Self comments on Josh Jackson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's talking about state pension display learn something here. Sure. Rusty by words Charlie Davidson north worth Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose for 130 start time on the official big twelve bracket from big yes it's dot com is not correct yes I am always fifteen minutes after the whatever. I thought it was thirty minutes after the include arguments are the good news there's eighty minutes but it's you know first game goes two hours and ten minutes or whatever else depends a little quicker than others and they they list them into our increments with Wright does they had a sense because a game is never gonna be over in an hour television stand don't fall for it so 130 is when Kansas starts really around 2 o'clock today here on six Ted Sports Radio. They could wait days could be applied to. Oh back yeah we can I just turn off the Yankees in and out of that going after it finished yes right. Technologies that. Michael Lenon has finalized a deal with the Chicago Bears three years an average of fourteen point five million dollars on a bears fan I'm cutting my head off and quitting today. Serious ultimate and that's what I'm doing. Oh man am I delighted as their starter right. Lost call success at that well they're gonna draft somebody there. This this this is like the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson all over again indicated a free agent that they're overpaying for like Matt planet yet and they're hoping to draft somebody Rok us Weiler. Yeah Houston's its warehouse could. It cult book and I think though it's a little bit more like with the Seahawks did it because I still expect the bears to take mr. risky. Mitchell excuse Mitchell Mitchell closure I don't Donna excuse me. I still expect the bears to take your risky so bill have this guy they've brought in free agency that they're kind of OK with me the key to be pretty good and we have a rookie. Wall at the ballot out we can't will be leaning towards the guy with NFL experience and then he will start the season. But as the season goes for a we will try to get Mitchell Robiskie ready I think that's how this plays out for the Chicago Bears so while there's been a lot of money for Mike Lannan. I don't think it's that bad an idea I think it's a terrible idea because it shows just how wretched the quarterback play is. In the national football at Michael landed. You don't I Tony Romo enough playing Jamaal Charles not playing Michael Leavitt has placed two years ago it's about it works well I mean there if you think the quarterback play in the NFL right now is terrible way to tell Tom Brady Drew Brees Tony Romo and a bunch of other guys in their late thirties or are uncle. Who's replacing him there's there's no illusion my quarterback New Orleans right who who always released replacing these guys who was the next generation markets Mary goto. To me. In luck Andrew Luck has been struggling I don't think he's cleaned. In an ice time we're never gonna see that carousel of quarterbacks like we have in this generation of the NFL and it's a bad time for to be happening with the NFL to. With the did did get to everybody watching games and going to games with concussion thing and all that kind of stuff but it's a bad time for the SEC have been a lot of its marquee players it's happened before it late eighties early nineties same situation they lost a lot of great ones they lost a lot of the big time players and then. Right about the midnight Hillary had Troy Aikman Steve young and where did it mean Marino is Vegas still in the twilight of his career but. You got a lot of big time quarterbacks in the mid ninety's when they made it more passing week. And we saw a lot of that emerge and then it went away for a little bit. It didn't just automatically become OK Tom Brady in page man and the ignited that late ninety's and early two thousands kind of roll. We're Payton was put in a decent numbers but it wasn't really winning much. And then Perry county is making bank note from Jack team Kerry Collins resolve is so then eventually. Brees elevated Brady elevated in mid two thousands it kind of re searched so it'll happen again but we're headed for a long known to do that they had they were headed for a little at least back in those days you could look ecology to hit back as a pretty good quarterback back as. Now you look at. College nearly I don't know how to translate and more quarterback news looks like Tyrod Taylor's going to stay in buffalo the team announced a restructure of Taylor's contract three days before the original deadline. Odds either pick up his option or let him test for the agency remember last year. He signed a five year deal. That we had guaranteed him thirty. Million dollars but now they've restructured that you get seven million dollar signing bonus so he is staying in buffalo. I just while option for the Cleveland brown wins when asked about yesterday the buffalo general manager says had you. Seen this pilot crap out here quarterbacks. I mean that that's why you keep Tyrod Taylor. We seriously buffalo staying with Tyrod Taylor whatever but have you seen this pilot crap. That was the answer that was the response that was given by the by the buffalo GM as to why they're keeping Tyrod Taylor. You Charlie lies on the tough work rate. I did know he was the GM in buffalo elitist that is good last Felix's anchor borrowings under eight year contract guaranteed guaranteed money editors a significant wind up in buffalo area's. And a pilot crap to Hillary circles the wagons like throwing wise. More quarterback news not a good day February chiefs need to change the quarterback and the I Tony Romo is no longer going to be at Dallas cowboy the franchise all time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. Is going to be released today yes it is he's gonna be released in Houston Denver here the logical landing spot and this Denver thing is really interesting guys because. John Elway has this poll now for a lot of these guys they wanted to play which ultimately and other I don't know yet exactly why would you want to be there and I could see a scenario where John Elway. Gets into this routine where they surround the quarterback position of great players and they go out get an aging veterans for a couple of years like he did the Peyton Manning. Like they're probably gonna end up doing with Tony Romo. And not worry about drafted a quarterback in those older guy as they did so I think that this also buys them more time to see if they can play gas if they can play. The fair point. A big daddy get rid of Tony Romo one way or another and I think it's actually really nice thing for Jerry Jones to say okay what you go and so did they don't get anything back form and they kind of get to move on. What Tony Romo gets a little more saying where he ends up and Tony rubble also had basically bag apparently went in the office yesterday got a release and c'mon this is I think they could have saved money by doing it June 1 right they could have guessed so this is. This is to be one of those like wow and good for you Tony Romo you've you've had it pretty good right apparently here because they're Randy you wish in there eating money to do it yet. But it it's good when you can develop that type of relationship was with somebody who's you know power above view. Like he has a Jerry Jones of either they're very close family friend he coaches his kids team and whatnot so. To me that's the right thing to do it's the it's the right thing to almost give lots of the Dallas Cowboys over the years it's the right thing to do I'd make what is alleged to levels decisions but you know what it's not just to be a business decision every once in awhile you can be compassionate side of a gun. And allow for that kind of money and and allow people is it's a paper money in Dallas is now believing god so he's got our money. There's always another buck to be made an aggregate awakening to wait till June 1 he can make you can pick it up with his new team that yet and it's all the OTAs all the offseason stuff Jerry Jones did the right thing. That's businessman. Jerry Jones rumors are going to be off line all day is today is that the end of the baseball's tampering today and right real free agency beginning or whatever you wanna call it so. Romo visits will be officially announce later this past Saturday night at our itinerary in you know southwest opera houses all that stuff labeled Dorsey put on his lecture me the media. But seed Andre days after the draft day recesses programs is complete until after they sign caused more than Dorsey will put us lectured on and all the press conference announcing the signing. Somebody else sent out gonna work I don't even like that it's the royals turn right to do so because the disease did Eric Berry desolate. It's the royals turn in the the chiefs will try to one up the royals look what so we're sure it's got to look at means days Thursday. John Dorsey spoke last Thursday so. 350. Days is the next time we'll hear from him catch I believe OK just quit or after the opening round is complete the draft. Shortly before the draft knows that pre draft press afterwards I didn't take the best available thing as I guess albeit at Tia. And I'm still lives a 100%. Real like just. Reserved to the idea that. Tony romo's not coming to Kansas City I'm not eating a lot happens it happens not 100%. Because the chiefs if they did wanna pursue Tony Romo they would know we have to be very careful about how we do this like. Rock us Waller no waste those he sucks got benched last year. Trevor city in Denver they know that's a disaster you're pretty decent situation without Smith you wanna screw that up by making it public that you want Tony Romo so I'm activists say. Tony's company Kansas City but I'm not going to give 100%. Say it's out of the question in tallies actually cited a dollar. As I said rumors are flying in rapid or tweeting this about two hours ago Seahawks and running back Jamaal Charles and mutual interest sources say in a visit is expected. When Charles begins taking. Then a potential new home. A first off if you if you see. John Dorsey and a southwest flight to Dallas you'll freedom let us now right later on because he'd like another there's a bomb. For Jamal I like this. This feels like this this feels like that that established team that's bringing in a veteran guy on a flyer. So for him I think it's I think it's good and he's in Tennessee went off or anybody else I don't mind does this of the left I don't I don't really have to see if we have we have to keep in mind they are bringing him in for eight million dollars. It the difference now for Jamaal Charles with the chiefs the chiefs would have had to pay him eight million dollars to keep him. Jamal wasn't going to take a pay cut in staying Kansas City that is there's a pride factor there most the time when yet to take a pay cut. If you're gonna go down fighting Judy go somewhere else to do that. So that's that's what the says they're gonna take a shot Jamaal Charles but I hope we get it will be getting maybe two mil this year's the debate. MI ZZU. One more day. They run out of guys like at seven bandleader Johnny get free. Pocket for. They layer gives it up. It. That's the call it's just. Last night as Missouri knocks off Auburn in the SEC turn and it's a live to see another day. Tiger entire crime. Yeah there's tiger on tiger crime they'll have to see another day in the ACC tournament and Kim Anderson gets to a coach again today as they take on all messed around 8 o'clock tonight. I'm more than hell out of this for him and he's a man who's watched the highlights right now and ESPN his players hug and a amended the tears were slow and and then they shot goes in by per year and incubators and just stands there like in in disbelief and what of assisting coaches goes up we give them a big bear out from behind. I'm a K you got an out route today that Helen Kim Anderson to keep this thing going on on it right this is this this is. This is the stuff right here this is the compassionate stuff and the stuff that makes sports fun look at how happy. Kim Anderson was there let's say happy is he's probably been since he got. The Missouri as I don't want all the teams in the can't. Current allow the public give Missouri went red sit in the hall asked instead they're celebrating today because everybody goes of the conference turn at Vasco. Audience for a couple minutes. What evidence. And green. Would carry it bounces. You. They could break the way it should be applied to. I don't always come back she's man. Big twelve tournament last night TCU 82 Oklahoma 63. And Texas beats Texas Tech. Throughout the record books when those two get together 61 to 52. That does begin today at 1130 down at sprint center Oklahoma State and I was speaking it off. And TCU at Kansas all three hours later. Kansas State tonight against Baylor around 8 o'clock but more likely 945. On the table shotgun that shock Rhonda. Your temple Texas and Missouri they don't belong in their conference tournaments today Pasco tri town everybody should play because there. That would change if anybody could pull this soft on from the ten seed the big twelve tournament to win it I think it's shock a Smart. There's been guys they eyes they get it to her image scenario shock as Martin held a coach a beat West Virginia if they'd be our. Bank but the spread Etzioni actually play what's the plan West Virginia yeah they're not meaningless as it's called. West Virginia presses its that we thought I am a plumber you know solo or with a guy daycare West Virginia than K state. You'll see a yeah I drag it already has hearsay they would just days beating Baylor don't worry about it started happening. I've got my brackets screwed is that Texas Tech winning yesterday over Texas those are stories worth talking about here on 610 Sports Radio coming up. If the big twelve fan bases or alcoholic drinks what they eat we'll tell you next. I did a great day. Let me up it's sad. That is a great data being Kansas City Thursday big twelve championship down at sprint center we got four kids today Iowa State Oklahoma State. Will be the first game of the evidence Ernie brilliantly in game yup at 130 Kansas we'll take on TCU that's according to the schedule. And in the nightcap features West Virginia vs Texas Texas and then Baylor will take on Kansas State at 8 o'clock. On ESPN. EU so that's your match ups for today should be a fun day. Around sprint center in downtown DC mound I was like that last game Crowder visually so tired it's. All day I ask him all right and the last gaming K State's gonna need Kansas City is a win by a state I think he assures them. A spot in the NCAA championships they're lucky they got a great matchup suit because a lot of times you'll see people weaving go drinking and having thought or about 8 o'clock stick around for the late game man. We say 8 o'clock. Probably closer now probably so and it's going to be Baylor and K state should be good when things they are heeding their little ones this year. And K state should be in with a win over Baylor at Syracuse lost yesterday and ESPN was like oh you're an automatic bit so. K state wins they should be automatic as well for the big twelve fans are going to be gathering in drinking. In downtown Kansas city Iowa State fans will be tallies in Westport. And so we decided in what came up with this idea and I love it. On is big twelve fans won't drinks who would they be what drained. Would they beat Maria who wanted to go in seed order about that was the best time to do I was historic case stay in Acadia not that we don't seem to order one to ten it was easy that way. The start wherever and and credits were ever so right here. Start tricking him I too what do you wanna start went off follow your lead wolves got to play along and you can play along as well in the text 169306. I broke once seated. Kansas. Mosque down you. Watch the most arrogant drank in existence the glasses flew those responsible and the glass of of those we have so perfect I must consider that a compromise yet. And you have to get a deposit on some bars on these top doubts now. It's the most arrogant during. Maybe the history tied so KU is a Moscow news what is what's yeah what's the deal with them with the I'll promote what's the deal I go to the bathroom allows him no idea come with a taste is so it's a cold there. Old and it's it's it's it's it's pretentious yes it is pretentious for me I would Kansas I want with the white wine spritz or because kids fans believe they're better than everyone else and what screens up better than you. Than a white line is blitzer next we'll find cabernet or you know. Applied to yet go wide crowd the of the big twelve five number two West Virginia. Mountain Dew but it. Polls looks now look it's the oil jury period and allowed to order West Virginia so that's why actually the only drink your blood order West Virginia is when I went with boots on Epstein. These guys are like their own stuff man who had received these hillbillies Roland from West Virginia. Let's do it early too deep. We already have it you guys. Could get the exact sell as it's now it's a joke and make their own they did you know they. I don't think in order to have you ever heard from the West Virginia and and yeah yeah. Yeah her western. It's playing there so there it is that if you West Virginia needs time making hillbilly. Number three Baylor. Baylor I what the Long Island iced T it's an investor and to have if you wanna forget that your athletic department is under every investigation imagine I like that I want a different route they. Alert is a a very religious devout religious school. Lot of folks at Baylor don't drink and it's Waco Texas home of doctor pepper so violently doctor pepper for Baylor I was a drink called dark and stormy. Got the hell is that sir rom with ginger beer it's called dark story that's pretty much sums of Baylor like that one and us by number four. Iowa State in the bloody Mary. Super aggressive and every single way but still somehow likable. And I basket this is my favorite one for me. Because for Iowa state highway with any kind of cheap. Okay they're not. They grow back off a well I'm glad no word play coveted on the air here today very nice and endangering a lot of cheapest ability saddled with the Phillies pounded 32 ads. Days I would seem like they can't let go a couple. There's like I they can't like that is there to stop its themes and all right number five Oklahoma State's vodka water it's all right muted dance but it never gets you excited. For Oklahoma State Iowa with a light beer because you you you we don't know much about them and it's legal we'll all know what you want you're standing on the thing. I don't know let articulate here just because you feel under pressure to order and it's a go to and just kind of mayors of Oklahoma State players don't like the year debate. The bartender is much larger wearing an Oklahoma teacher it again this is where I went bloody Mary. My calendar here because you pounded and lights the entire night before it's on the back to back on track product. I don't get uglier for them to. All right number six seed K state. K state fans or Red Bull market. You get really adds up early but you're crashing. Really blew it for me K state fans I want with any type of malt liquor especially that cam oh crap that they selling quick trip to Omaha ammo T Campbell how bad man you think it's good that some of the worst fear that I never tasted good bet that that's the case daytime beer hall to vote for. But by doing the Manhattan that accent on but instead you got to search to shelter some purple passion. Very. It you're the kind of hit yet give you get grants are. Seven seed Texas Tech pretty old fashioned great Drake if it's made well but during down times it just leaves a bitter taste in your. I asked the buddy of mine who's from Texas it was a big longhorn fan message. Give me the best stereotype you can for Texas Tech as I was stuck on this one then. And he said they're hardworking and undervalued and I said you know what that's bush lite and that is a bush like bush lite is still undervalued. And it's hard working due to Texas Tech is a bush like that's why I went with anything in a brown paper bag equipped. There. I eighth seeded. AT TCU. TCU fans are whiskey sour and draped it tries to act a lot more hardcore than it actually let us. It's slices. TCU I went there probably be the richest most elitist school in the big twelve right of any act on it cashed out there. And so I think they feel like they're the best so I would Johnny walker blue label they're only to be drinking the best of the best. I went martini. And they're trying to get that they're trying to get that. And Enron reduce and is ready yeah rounds under martini. Our number ninety Oklahoma. Their fans' vote their Drake is in Manhattan a respected drink but just not that popular he's not as popular as it used to be. For me for Oklahoma she did some research on this what they're number one fan is Toby Keith's right. Men and he makes it tequila called wild shot ms. scout and so that's the Oklahoma drinks Toby Keith's tequila. I would I mean I think works the virtually always sponsored me. With the sooners look it's only couple wagon realizes had to do something with that Hoover. Senator so what was that like in real cognac and southern comfort. Lou Vega has its own guns drugs are pretty hardcore and and sounds like it sells like orphanage. Class. Like it. Finally the final fan base and at what their drew what drink represents them Texas. Entered a sex on the beach looks really pretty. Looks nice with disappointing. Contending for me Texas. I gave them lone star beer because. It's still overrated because we can't get it here like a lot of burger something like that so overrated so overvalued because we can't have a year to get there it's pretty Getty elect in Italy I really acted when you drink events like just another the year so so for Texas their lone star beer so the high ball. Still feels very high fluid but it's Kuroda and Carolina so. Very nicely done so you can text him as well so yeah nice 306. On the tech slide today. Big twelve schools as a consequence urges that I'm from West Virginia the shine Israel and style history you know somebody candidates figures can use of vodka martini shaken that's there. In anything can high salute for KUABC. News that multiple people. And it tweets threw at me about going after Moscow mules and them a text line mad me of about going on whiskey sours. Whiskey sours for like birth of the old grandma who has tissue showed upper sleeve and is while specific ball eucalyptus cough drops the name it gives us meals it's like really hard core and you have whiskey Sao arts like. That's a nice drink whisky sour. He's harper that would be a good one for Texas who knows if corporate because they're not as good as they should be. Coming up what ACC coach since the big yesterday. That's it at all skewed city smiling we'll tell you line next. Got some suggested some attacks line as well as we compare every day you sand base to eat drink and our last segment every bit of famous as what I say they've been blessed again repeat what they saw John homer area of the gonna. Hey you got dumped on night at here big twelve fan base is compared to drinks yeah actually acts like a couple of good ones on four K you. Hey you would be tequila. If you like it you love it but the majority people hated that's equivalent and it Kansas would be Bailey's are very good during basketball. Off folder in football what does that do Bailey's. Dailies is probably a better winter drink. The manifold drink out of to get the Kirkland Irish cream the core like I have instead of the Bailey's it's much better all fronts here so. 69306. On the text line today went away in what you see each database would be. If they ever sold out I either. What they use any winners seasonal beer and but you can't find it during the football season but when it hits the shelves in November everybody's buying hot. An eye. On. I liked yeah that's really really good and true I like a lot on earth did they -- yesterday his team lost their Syracuse and as a reason or ounces and he went to school in Syracuse, New York it is a big fan of duke as the song goes and that didn't date time. Like he had a drop my moment I thought yesterday and I was over the GA work it out and I was in the locker taking up they had the ESPN on I'm day behind his talking on sit there listen to it like. Can at least. He just said dad and what he said I thought was epic able talk about how it relates to Kansas City 12. New York's a great place I think obviously we get some fans here but you know than that in terms of who wins this thing New York city's great and you. For our term. I think I think the big cities or where should be played I think it should be played here Washington Atlanta that's where the term should be played them. That's going to be around that much longer care about it I think her her that's what the value is. I think is huge island plane determine those places. And oh there's no value play Greensboro. There is pleased that in their offices there have 150 people. These she needs you course ranked countless there. It should not be there. In the media centers. And recruiting centers. All the players in greens were. New York Washington Atlanta that's where the media says that meant less pressure more as a square garden made the Big East Conference. It was a couple of factors for me the peace. I'm just saying what's right well moral lizard run you play with them. When you think that it has come in the or. This. Is business good business. They'll say it's a business well then let's start acting like it does. Coach you lost games and it's grown Greensboro. And the luckiest. I'm going through that workers turned. Mid and six seconds and he's all in the hunt Greensboro, North Carolina. For for why. I don't know but I mean he makes a lot of sense with what he has to say there. About these tournaments being in the cities because you see the big tonight in DC why wise of the DC and things of that nature of those they usually go to Indianapolis and I phenomenal job and Indianapolis with a Big Ten term deal that is decided expand their brand out the East Coast that also moved to their offices from Chicago to New York well. The big ten's trying to becoming east coast league when they're supposed to be a midwest weak and Mets I think in the long term going to fail but. I think green green throws behind it's a really nice city if you've been I've never been to Greensboro I never really it's not a big but it's a really nice city and they have enough there Rica at least accommodate every fan base in the in the ACC. It's not like they're going to be living in five star hotels like they would if there was a New York City right by. There at least gonna have a nice accommodations is a nice city people their care. I've always liked like I've been in the Big Ten and the Big Ten of its Chicago and that in Indianapolis always liked Indianapolis better because it's like hog go here's one of the things that happen to be going on it's like the big twelve beaming Kansas City vs Dallas exactly. You go to a place like Indianapolis or place like Kansas City the entire city. Rallies around that event and they do things to make sure that everyone enjoys that event where is weird Chicago or New York they could not care less about you. So argument for those places as you are much better accommodated and everything goes off much smoother and I'd rather have. Permits like this which by and large are not incredibly heavily attended I'd rather have turner it's like this and markets they can support it and also one elevated. Rather than markets like new Yorker TC or or Chicago were just be one of the many things happen in that city on that particular weekend now. North Carolina needs to get there they're acting there together they lost. That because. Of laws right that does not go back to Greensboro for other reasons right now men but you know New York has set a good job with a big east if it's funny because. There was there was one season where I swear like Syracuse didn't leave the State of New York yeah bill. Like big conference yet it was like it was like forever like it's still February hi this doesn't wanna travel bright with that was the biggest say it yes and and masses regrets the biggest stage so yeah I think you wanna have that in your rotation for sure. Because you want an especially because the big ten's invading their tail you want I think you eat. You're all playing little defense on one another right in having in a place like like like New York City. Yeah you'd you have at the Barclays center in Brooklyn which is that you and I were their beautiful building an awesome place. You know watching game and in the big east is doing their thing in you know in Manhattan right across the river there in Madison Square Garden so you got a lot going on in in New York City but for for what you rice and at Madison Square Garden like lineup of events this is just one yet but you just lost their help the big east has been so good over the years that these turns at the big like it you would think in New York it would get lost. But the big east tournament I don't think ever got along well. But those are there Yorkers and their teams right exactly well but maybe as more than Virginia Tech and now right but but just like I played Miami you're playing in in their out of that they would take the vested interest they wouldn't in the big east turning right here bigot of the old big east to Judy you're Israel like they were to new York and you had the best of college basketball most physical league I mean it was also during that time were college basketball was frankly more popular than it is now right. Out thinking take. Eighty term at the New York right now anywhere near as big as it was ten to fifteen years now and you know and that's why we're so fortunate to have the big twelve at the big twelve doesn't have a whole lot of intrigue this year with really K state the only school that has something in which the place for. You know down at the experts that are this week but you know you look at that term at the way it's been hearing Kansas City it's always been one of the best attended highly attended tournaments. All over the country other leagues looking Kansas City elect me I wish we could do that here and you. Had that Greensboro with the ACC tournament Greensboro fired back at them which was great but it's easy to get home after one loss the you know late in New York for you that it is to come to Greensboro so Greensboro Fokker back and pay cub doing now with -- that shot but to me when I look at at these conference turned it you wanna go. 28 area of the country. That has a great following for your conference but also in area of the country where you know it's going to be. A marquee event and that's why Kansas City. Has become the ideal place for this big twelve championship they tried in other cities and maybe the Big Ten will realize it's not a work of Washington DC or doesn't work as well as Chicago Indianapolis is where really where it needs to be. The big twelve was alert man with Gil moving around the Dallas and Oklahoma City giving some other people the opportunity. To have the tournament when they come back to Kansas City. It just feels like home its heels right and and you get the participation. If you get the interest you get the city behind you get the fans behind it. You don't get this everywhere else in the country will we have here with a big twelve championship guys is really really special and unique to the rest of the. I mean that I I enjoyed the first tournament Oklahoma City and updated it they did a really good job that was that was cool went back to Oklahoma City won the same. And Dallas was terrible yet Dallas was awful they they. Couldn't give two craps about the tournament being there right at the time we're down there was like it was just an event like in between maths games and mom sell mean that's that's what's made you can't say they've taken ownership of this thing and that's that's good. And that's what makes it. And by the way up the tax line. Do Hussein Greensboro since South Carolina there's two Greensboro is one North Carolina won South Carolina a bit of both Norah Greensboro, North Carolina. Is more like a city. It's a nice city smaller but really nice city's South Carolina. A lot smaller but still incredibly beautiful place yet this Greensboro, North Carolina where they had the sternum exactly the time. So we'll see you know what what they ultimately decided to what these big and that's why. You know everybody wants expand expand expand and then you get to your conference basketball tournament and it's just it's in Washington DC gets lost the shelf let's not what once was maybe we do have the perfect formula right now here in. Kansas City coming out I'm convinced it's the dumbest thing we've ever covered but it's a huge story in sports will tell you what it is. Mercifully there as we do every day here on six did Sports Radio that comes your way in about ten minutes from now our top ten list as well today's national meet all day. It is as everything's got a day right national meatball day your top ten meatballs overall like 69306. Tax line today messaging data rates may apply your top ten. Coming up at. 85 tournament and Jasper some people international meatball data and his joint work through route that's a once they're the other day help he's got a good meat balls or every line of views so enjoy your meat balls were Everett may be your top ten meatballs today 69306. On the attacks are a bit this Josh Jackson thing is I'd never seen a story that is gone so different directions is this off the field stuff as. For Kansas this year and you know Josh Jackson stuff I'm taking it separately because to me. I just I don't think that you know kicking your car causes 3000 dollars in damage that's why got a misdemeanor was only a thousand dollars worth of damage. And then the latest one Josh Jackson and Bill Self said it. Is just being suspended because it's another thing that's been added I'm like these are minor things that they happen by themselves. Are not warranted of a suspension. But because they've tapped. And boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. He's got to suspend Josh Jackson here's Bill Self yesterday landed against all the media to space talking about. The suspension to just Jack. So it's pretty easy decision. If it was a singular experience I obviously would not. Or for something. Listen again. We're supposed to happen but he should have he should lists contact information there unity and experience. And India also has been notified doesn't know what to do. So you know based on. Some other things that. As we go. Here. So I listen to bill on it and I wind up against the wall against Cutler did you see this thing yesterday. I would use to return everybody gets against the wall and people don't give them any personal space he's plastered against their liking they get those things to throw against like. Asked the man or something that would stick with a its arms out against Bill Self like plastered against the wall. With the media all in his grill tried to give an explanation that he just gave two minutes earlier at a podium. Where nobody was in his face but it's not the same so we need to plaster media soul anyway and it's either you're good seller a martyr like he's got a look at the pictures the pictures are fantastic and I play at the big scare people I don't know I had always gets a close and made it yet you rightly space like closer than you would my arm Mike and I were crossing it. It is it's a must get a bigger tis the season right now exactly sized roll my eyes of that and move on. But Bill Self is like you could hear from me anyway almost like. When he was a laugh about this and will Joshua levs is number like I were talking about this as the on the eve I don't know he's won the last. About it I feel like he's kind of like I have to do this lightly on the staff. And us enough. You and I and he would've been suspended patty got. I think if I think the best course of action might have been to suspend him. After he was charged with the others should and I portion of it he didn't want to get an added this probably isn't a suspension to me right exactly like this is almost like. Come on multiple things got in now again like guys enough is enough right on night we've we've been through all this other stuff and then. I get do say something honorable one not do which did right now and to admit to it he'd he'd been recorder and easily you can count so easily he ordered to court didn't tell anybody write like what are you doing. I think it's just like going to mess of the stuff you know let's. Hiring him I mean you know union deal with a guy's got another month to build your program let's and so the FAA is Josh Jackson probably took that into consideration when needed telling but yeah. These guys say a month here too I wanna bring us up to the coaching staff is that they might have to do something right and the other. Then what we need to semi sounds like a scared freshman in high it freshening college. Who now and I didn't want to get further trouble that he felt like yard while yet and so Bill Self went on to talk about it. He made mistake and I bet you need so it's cold. And I think that's tried and done. Many times in the parking. Compound it. I'm. Not being responsible at that moment in the NBC news. He was. He knew that was wrong or or. He would handle the way in after the but but the thing about easy even if you make a mistake. If you. If you have been notified us. About it and then. Maybe maybe. He could have been educated on how to handle a situation that didn't workers and so it was disappointing that but it certainly doesn't. It's not a earth incurred. Wear you down their for the wall and are now is okay. How I look at this picture it's not that passed it it's it is this media this time of the season out oh yeah the walls kind of Joseph go out gambit that. All the coach every cushion in. How grass while ago in the hallway outside a locker and mash up it's all right errors in their eyes like I don't go to the podium to speak the so everything but put that will go to the wall and into the exact same question so. My question is how many questions do you think Bill Self got. Asked about just ask this to me there's one question why did you suspect I heard that the terrorists who were three and a it's a lot that there's probably RD addresses that at a podium now yesterday in a podium yesterday others about it the he'd be. Add the post practice ground is it so that it now there every opportunity to ask me about it and and ask where that they did but obviously it it if he would just suspended the guy what he should suspend the guy after the first exit. Even if you don't think he deserved a suspension. It's like it's like. Like meet with without Smith you know he's fine but I'm done with Alex Smith so I want a new quarterback. We've with Bill Self like maybe you don't feel like he needed like as if your bills of you'll feel like it wards of the suspension. But you gotta save face you got to allow their suspend the guy anyway because you know what's gonna half. If you don't suspend a guy you don't I'm saying like it would have been just easier just to suspend him after the initial incident that occurred back in December and big dog with a and moved on but now he is out and say it's a culmination of events because if he suspends him before world should be suspended now. There'd be a lot of questions as to whether lol okay so pick your car cool hit and run. Not cool like if it seems it seems like a better idea in my mind to suspend him after this because they get to say. It's a series of events it's not just this one thing it. It's multiple things lead up to one game suspension we feel like it's warranted and then everybody can move law. Everybody wants everybody should be suspended for every little thing like on the surface to me how to its suspension it's a learning nominated you gotta do this you're stupid for not doing that. But in my suspend you for. You know here's the deal learn from and hopefully Josh Jackson does or go commercial free from eight to 830 and we'll start off with a highly anticipated very exciting. Bock draft that's next.


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