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03/09 6a - Big12, Romo, Bob Rants on Tebow, Mizzou AD on Anderson

Mar 9, 2017|

Bob wants to bring change to the Big12 Tournament, Tony Romo is officially going to be released, Tim Tebow's spring debut plus a parting shot at MU coach Kim Anderson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Get a job. Those updates every once in awhile he makes a major mistake you said Missouri won last night. Did Missouri yeah actually true you said Missouri won the last night you bet true lead at halftime and why and then went on to win they all my guys no way they did they did not wave did today I don't know about that. Reporter for the win. Any news that the second round. At the tigers Kevin murder. With a career high theories still three at the buzzer. Louis in Missouri on new game number 32. Are against the rebels who pulled minutes. They're gonna look at it but there's no need to do any good good kids grass and greens so good in pick and let them saying the story gets Mississippi. They miss it miss. Yeah. How does it. How many people run out to their members of the day at Damon wherever they're played bad terminal. Today yeah. Greta it's an old coach finger like our task force new life in doing really got word dude I don't know again the tax law and adding that at all. Did data and not get our in the same wooded area that got to have of that. I was giving Anderson would say something like that would give up there as well look I was fired two weeks ago IV. Think we win is the lowest seed we need got beat by these guys two days ago. So yeah I packed one suit here it is make a big spectacle out of it like you only had the one suit so congratulations to Missouri. Finally played their coach Matt how bad guys or step it up and played for the coach in lot of people were asking me on Twitter if they get the automatic bid at the SEC now. Does key commanders and still lose his job as the head basketball coach at the University of Missouri as they run the table and they get into the tournament. You've got to keep him sit right. There's no chance that tapper. Is go to jail. 002. And it bullies at school that started eleven this year and is now in South Dakota State. They also finished above 500 after started violence that too I mean there's is it this is there is that led to you that it's the NCAA this is march is John Ross he would tell us they did an article things happen in the month of march that was the most compelling basketball game the area of the day yesterday I mean we we had the two down at sprint center that would nothing spectacular. And then the Missouri Tigers playing rule last night and Oz and turn the game I was gonna watch that I was in bed. I get my idea my beauty sleep and any wake up this morning annual all. About that nicely to tiger's and so they win their first SEC tourney game and a couple of years is it in plain last year recall what happened the year before that but made it home alive Missouri lives to see another day. And they will be playing out all miss and I mean I don't know about you but like his old is still have that one guy that played basketball that was a pain in the ass and now that the city now he's gone what was that guy's name Marshall and it marks tiger's got him near Marshall Mathers is he wears that right now. Now I'm curious I love mortal and it's like we love him for two weeks in March right Iowa bar flattered that I care and everybody says he was a two weeks he promised there is a lot. I'll tell you what Marshall Anderson played in Poland played in China play in Slovakia Plame and you're an idiot firmly he's actually. Her. They're going to be Italians here you see gold league or soccer congratulations to handle nicely for the Javier Vasquez are very good it's doing here actually. Bastard to play for the NB AD league affiliate for McCain so inning while analysts still stateside so congratulations to him and his school is facing Missouri tonight so it is very very exciting. For the Missouri Tigers in it if anybody watched it last night watch again deceived him Anderson is wearing. The same seat you know would be funny like all the coaches or swap ties to make it look like they were aware that something different as you go back and look at the tape forget it there always just a figure tie you take money exchanges close game like he added that I had six and fifty death. That the Pelosi herself a lot of times like they're right exactly so congratulations to the Missouri Tigers were forgetting heard done. And moving on to the next round of the SEC term a big twelve action last night TCU romped. Over Oklahoma not much of the game there in Texas shockingly the Tennessee congratulations today with a nice win. Over Texas Texas today it is Kansas and TCU. And K state and Baylor are the two games that we are truly focused on here in Kansas City. And we'll give it to board those as the morning rolls along here on 610 Sports Radio the other big story of the day pass to be the beginning of NFL free agency is the tampering period over yet this is the official day you can officially signed to be an official member of a new team officially and I hate. I think there's a time on its EU like. 3 o'clock this afternoon okay so it wasn't me a year opens I I I don't I don't think so maybe maybe it has out a double checked and I think you know they barrel is so weird like. Now whenever our office gets the chance to get open in the league year starts it might at a time here yesterday that we roll in internment closed signed open it starts and guys will be signing guys will be changing teams. And doubt we will see 88 run on probably the first two hours or so we will see a run on free agents and then we won't hear about it. The next couple weeks and some stragglers ever heard of will sign places and in the NFL have kind of its. It's free agent thing but the big story is obviously Tony Romo is going to finally be released today by the Dallas Cowboys and the reports were. But he lit literally just finally went in to Jerry's office did release. And c'mon release we stop trying to. To drag your feet do that just released miso peeking get on with his life. The Dallas Cowboys can move on with payers as well I think it's a mutual parting of both ways and so. I like the fact that he did that I like the fact they're going to release of its gonna cost nobody anything right now. To pick up Tony Romo. And the two leaders in the clubhouse are Houston and Denver. And we heard from Ed werder yesterday talk about how he wanted to play in Kansas City I spoke to somebody yesterday close to the chiefs that said. Tony Romo has been begging the chiefs to give him a look see he wants to be here in Kansas City feels it's a good spot for him. The potentially win a championship and the chiefs of basically stonewalled the three blind mice of Dorsey Reid and Clark have basically said no we're good. With Alex Smith and that's the frustrating part guys I don't know how you feel that I'm frustrated that guy and his ilk maybe a 888 franchise savior. But definitely better than what you have right now for a year or two potentially. Wants to be here and beating kicking the tires it doesn't seem like now I'm Tony Romo. Well what's to come work out you at least let him come work out even throw a little bit see what he has and everything but I guess I can understand where the chiefs are coming from. Not going to get Tony Romo is not a failure decision to me. It's sub that I would have been intrigued about and undoubtedly would have put a lot of energy in the standings so quest probably the thing that that's the most frustrating is you know the fan base would have gotten behind Tony Romo they bring him in even the people who are all over the tax lines and while I'd given all this stuff. But it's how he got here they would all be excited for what Tony Romo could potentially bring to the chiefs have. But I understand from their standpoint saying the guys have played much the last two years. He's injured all the time that. We don't know how good he is or how much and how much he has left in the tank and we feel pretty confident with our quarterback. I can disagree with them but I at least see where their logic comes from and infer from my standpoint I I think you know hasn't played in the last two years rustling you know I you know so maybe put a little better against the Eagles as a broken it happened a pre season he did he really didn't get destroyed in that game and that was reserved for the final game against the Eagles. But Peyton Manning also missed an entire year for a you know and and came back and played. The Detroit for next surgeries to where I ain't exactly right Europe and nobody was worried about backed into. Rubble you know is a prolific passer and eight may ending you know lost a lot of big games and lost a lot of big games in the post season alien that one Super Bowl win going into Denver was like he was Tom Brady going him to Denver with post season success. But I think Tom Brady or Tony Romo. Suffers a little bit of what Bill Self suffers and that's initial first impressions that you brought that up earlier in the week about people with the Bill Self impression of losing in the first round. And Bucknell won again yesterday and I'm sure Katie fans are having diarrhea because Bucknell in the Patriot League her nervousness help us and them in the second round or something like that. But Tony Romo suffers from the same thing because I saw a lot of comments from folks. On FaceBook and Twitter about my Tony romo's stuff where they say he's a failure of the playoffs well everybody goes back to that. Fumbled snap. Against Seattle some fifteen years ago pretty blooper to right it's a great -- but that's the impression that's the impression that people have. Of Tony Romo and they go back to that much like people with your Bill Self exam at all. Go back to buck now go back to Bradley as to why it's not perceived to be better. And first impressions are everything they're not the only thing. And don't tell me that you feel better with Alex Smith under center in a big game that Tony Romo because I just can't. I that any health is the big issue to me but this deer point. Any tie Tony Romo goes back to the playoffs what do we what do we see that play that play I mean they play all loop. Worries fumbling the snap on the field goal trying to hold an Emmy starting quarterback holding for the field goal kicker by the way which is. Pretty much the dumbest thing I've ever heard so yeah a little but of that on the cowboys their coaching staff but that's that's the perception of Tony Roma. The health thing does worry me though it does even more so than Peyton Manning did is because Romo takes more chances than patent. They get rid of the ball two seconds it does take hits like somebody gets intercepted Peyton Manning watches and goes. Nasty bad Smart tackle and now I'm not doing that I agree it's Smart but Tony Romo got hurt because we scramble. Last year during the pre season he was scram pre season game up there it's pretty easy to Tony. Door away it doesn't matter reside at scrambling into getting caught from behind and hurt his back. I worry that that's the sit out the can change his style. To where he's gonna become like a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady who stands in the pocket throws the ball to toot three seconds no problem it's no pressure. Tony Romo was a scrambling play making type of quarterback his shelf life. Could be significantly shorter than those other quarter. Could but also you know Andy Reid and John our board of our ball ball changed Alex Smith mandate a change to Alex Smith was. As a quarterback create things that he could do better so. If any readers got this great offensive mind which he doesn't even scouting Matt YUGU Tony rubble in here behind a pretty decent offensive line. And say just stay in the pocket get the ball the Tyreke kills acted the ball to Travis Kelsey fine Jeremy Maclin just managed the game well. Boxing managed the game and well just ahead of the game but throw the ball down but you know horrible don't don't usually scrambling Seattle abilities to dole scrambled we don't need you to run. You got a big arm. You can connect downfield we've got guys that can get open down field we've got playmakers. You throw the football you don't need to be running and I think if you protect him like that keep them in the pocket more often than not likely. Peyton Manning. He's going to be okay eighties a game manager Peyton Manning's getting rid of the ball and two seconds. That's about his game managers date as you've ever seen and I'll eat but you're right Mike you know Padres game at a time radius start. But we're the same restaurants it works but you're right Mike I think it would have. Getting him here. Or for anything. Would that energizes fan base and when we have not seen as fan base energized in a long time and it would be given the fancy real belief. That this team is finally a competitor because as much as we like the chiefs you roll out Alex Smith and when he seventeen with that road schedule that they're facing from. That New England to the giants to Denver to Oakland and there was one other Houston five of those game those five games all on the road mural about those road games plus the schedule that they're facing. The odds are good that they're probably gonna finish third this year in the AFC west because Denver made upgrades already a quarterback who we know where the Oakland Raiders are going to be. And so right now I think the chiefs are the third best team if he goes to Denver. In the AFC west and that's wild card or pass that's all I'm ready. For now that if if the chiefs are major city even kicking the tires that he goes to Houston. Yeah. I don't I don't know if he's gonna stay healthy I don't know is gonna stay upright. But it scares me enough that like. I don't want him going to Denver because he doesn't signs and he's dynamite OK there's still the AFC but he's out of division right and don't worry about it I'll feel much better about it. What for the bigger picture standpoint talking about the chief speak contender they still are contender remain if you specially thinking yet a legitimate running game no. Terrible running game last season it was awful they still went all the pork. That's pretty impressive and there really is pretty impressive to see what the chief drivel accomplished despite having. Such an anemic rushing attack. If they get a big time running back in the draft they come out next year they've really establish their running game unlike they didn't when he sixteen that the is still makes them a contender. But. Would it keeps coming back to is I think in this city. People have hit their breaking point guests. And it's hard for them to get excited knowing that they're going to get more ballots met and that's. Everybody I'm I'm in the same boat and having dreams about Drew Brees. You're crazy person how this that's what this quarterback situation is done and you have to have waking up from dreams about Drew Brees play it normal wavered the chiefs. The weird thing to do man and so that's what happens when Alex Smith has been around for four years. And you've had essentially the same results right. Now that's exactly what it is in in it and sometimes you gotta do things for your fans sometimes you've got to do things to rejuvenate that fan base and to make your fans believe that you are doing everything possible. To win and I just don't believe that the chiefs are in the situation coming up one major change and I think means that happened for the big twelve tournament that's next. A Thursday morning big twelve Thursday hearing yet the city guys might racket he shot already out of your bracket he shot I had TCU winning the first game but I did not see taxes coming through. And beating Texas Tech like they did last night's in my bracket is out the window and down my big twelve bracket is totally idol did not without a panel I did not make one. He did tell you did everybody doing these these days. Big twelve tourney bracket in us. Now now now now how communities face payment today Johnson knows the game you're gonna get ready to rock and roll it yes does do those press on little tattoos has ruled jayhawk again hey you're in the middle on the cheek like that that's that's the escalator though that's gonna just like her I had to slap honest I was gonna say yeah. Good to be a lot of jayhawks. If there's stickers on today. In in downtown Kansas City is we get set for the afternoon session of the big twelve championship if you're looking for tickets this afternoon session is cheaper than the morning session in the morning session as a with a KU is. Are involved in I got an email from some particular company that studies like that in the fluctuations ticket prices and all of that kind of stuff ticket IQ is their web site. And they do market studies for tickets all across the United States. Tickets for Wednesday's session of the big twelve which was yesterday started just four dollars you could indicted for four dollars yesterday. To for two games and two games for four bucks that's not a bad deal right Atlantic kid goes down they NCAA hoops game four dollars when it got in the door yesterday. This morning session featuring the jayhawks tickets started 82 who dollars 82 dollars for that. And for the evening session featuring. I mean Baylor West Virginia Texas and K state. Twenty dollars is the starting price per ticket to get it twenty bucks will be its unique evening session tonight. So if you are a if you're a basketball junkie and you just wanted to watch games. Just go to the CT gap and get your tickets. And you can be in but it's it's funny how the ticket prices are so skewed in one direction vs the other when kansas' involved in the in the games and get us there you know going to be taking place and it's just a big time numbers Friday semi finals the most in demand the session which could feature Kansas and Iowa State we don't know. That average ticket price is 235. Dollars gated nine. And the average. Session price with Kansas today in Thursday's session. Is 191. Dollars for the average ticket for today's Kansas session. And the championship game average price are the cheapest ticket for the championship game is 62 dollars so. If Kansas is in. This thing as a rock and role in from a secondary market standpoint when it comes to tickets for the economy for everything here in Kansas City kids is not involved. There's a mocked him you know not much of a boost if you will to the to the scalpel. Into the secondary market with tickets well I know some people look at that it's an unfair advantage but the reality is. Hey you gets an unfair advantage because more people show up to Kansas City to watch the big twelve tournament. But if all the Texas fans showed up with a two in the big told her that was in Dallas based in Dallas right there he's they have big Kansas City is because they want to make money. It's a business so I want to make money they're putting here and I are gonna have a higher ticket prices for KU because they really do drive this thing. They drive big twelve basketball question by not just the tournament. But basketball's all hold the big twelve is driven by K you people like that and Oakland fan bases hate it but I hate. You wanna be the man. You've got to beat the man as Ric Flair would say. It did tell these teams start knocking off Kansas that they don't have fourteen or fifteen or sixteen straight big twelve titles. Like to have any reason to complain. Yeah I don't think they do either you know people wanna complain about me you know location because it benefits the jayhawks loaded than do something about it go out there beat damage and look I like TCU I told you since Jamie Dixon took over on a TCU homer kind of now. Because I just I just like that entire athletic department best baseball in the country great football program they're gonna have a really good basketball program. They get an opportunity day without Josh Jackson to beat the Kansas Jayhawks and without Josh Jackson in there they quit kit is good balanced field so I know it's gonna be AJ hawk biased crowd today which should be. TCU's got a very good opportunities of TCU wants to do subsidence and a message to the rest of the league. Meet the jayhawks today in a nobody beats them it's gonna continue to be the way that it is. Here in Kansas City were Kansas dominates every single move. Of this term which brings me to my suggestion and if you do you think we're staying at 101 of all at ten teams in this league. I just didn't just got the what is it you what does the future how far as the future what is it June 9 or march 9 marched side are okay. Last year firm I early next year. You think we're stain it to you should ever you think so yeah nobody knows or did tell the loss Dodson was wide and on some kind of a rocket ship and says whole Lotta I got an idea than me after right now they're stand OK so it's like let's just assume we're staying at ten for argument say if we do stay at ten that. I think only the top eight should get into the big twelve tournament because to me having all ten schools in there. Is again a participation medals for everybody involved even if you did not have a good regular season. And when you look at the bottom two teams this year if we only kept the top eight in. Oklahoma and Texas would have been out. The two teams that we have let. Dictate everything in the big twelve over the last couple years would not even be in the big twelve tournament this year if we kicked the bottom two out just made it. The top eight vacated. And I would also take this big twelve championship. And move it up a week and had last weekend the first weekend in March for the valley does players. And I would also have an on Friday Saturday Sunday and then give everybody this week off in your league to rest up. For the NCAA termed it that's what I would do if were gonna stay Ted because I still go back the old big eight days a camper or Friday was the date Friday was the day you went down there on Friday. You got your drink on all day long. Everybody played every at every you know school was represented there that day. Everybody had a great time it was an amazing day. That Friday of the old big gate early big twelve championship so for me for yesteryear type the stuff. I would to the bottom two schools out to you sorry you do good enough in the regular season and it will put more value in the regular season as well which I'm trying to do with college basketball to generate morbid interest then instead of just. A month of march I'm I'm pleased your idea just. It's never happening. I mean where we are not putting the genie back in the bottle. Every conference wants all their teams at the conference is at all it's doing and has every all conferences want they're all the teams want to have a post season. This is their post season party. You're just invited to. And it and they are all going to play with all their teams. No bid days days gone by were not everybody qualifies the policies tournament. So every league right now as everybody qualify even the ACC and they're 75 yeah he's everybody's playing yes. The conference last because that's their that is their post season this is the post season. For everyone this is he's had to be earned it matches or is there and now this is their party yes I do you remember that I have every team wants to be at this party union and they air. It's their party so they get to go this Christmas party like this and then just invited teams that are really wants inviting to the post season. Tournament I would love to have ordered a top vacated ice more than furnace thousand anything I can remember as a kid going to Kemper arena on Friday. To go watch the big twelve tournament was awesome and so I ever my dad take me down there it was great so I mean for those reasons may refer to stay out the yap. Guess it doesn't bother me that much because. Where you're really paying that much attention yesterday. Like that big of a deal. Now as long as the conference is footing the bill and it's not like it's actually had virginity thing here have people are losing money on it. Why not why not go ahead and let it be Tenet and who knows. Shock a Smart. In and it permits scenario. These are hard got a bet against I'll be intrigued to see out Texas goes through this big twelve term you'd tell hesitancy. You tell those Texas fans they should have been here yeah pull off a win last I was out at Texas a drink TCU covers on their pats last night which was really really funny they are word for TCU that first game because they're facing Oklahoma. So they at Texas on their side last night but beg your style is is a big thing. But also again I just I just to finally make the regular season matter more and in college basketball we have got to the point. Where December January and February means absolutely nothing the only thing that matters is from here until the first week in an April and that isn't the regular season is meaningless but if you only take the top eight or the top ten and twelve team league whatever it is. And you say hey you've got to qualify to make the postseason term it may be that makes people play better and do more. In the regular season that it is right now puts more meaning of those regular season games don't you'll have zero. Post season games if you don't perform well in January and February coming up we shouted out you text the topic 69306. Plus one athlete is stealing the spotlight from others not a good way and he pulled the biggest Boehner you could ever put on sports we'll tell you about that loser Tim Tebow next. Missouri Tigers they got a big win in the SEC championship last night so we'll talk about that about fifteen minutes are gonna shouted out as well you can text topic 69306. That text line today. But we need to talk about this Bozo Tim Tebow. And his performance and and what he's doing the if there's a group of high school in Kansas City called rock Erstad you ever heard of that high school before rockers high school of rock the rock and they have a motto that they follow and it's called become men for others and Tim Tebow is a bird very religious individual and I'm encouraging him. To becoming man for others and quit. And let somebody else had the opportunity. That he got yesterday because if you truly are going to be man for others. Taking away at bats and playing time from legitimate minor league baseball players it is is not the right way to go about it it really isn't a mean that this guy yesterday is is he he's a student okay 032 strikeouts he think that's pretty bad. The couldn't rot in all of this with Tim Tebow yes and no one's ever got over three or two strikeouts before but nobody's ever done this. Okay and every for the New York Daily News. Maybe it wasn't quite the same as a rookie quarterback nervously lining up under the guard rather than the senate to take the snap. But Tim Tebow is lack of baseball experience proved embarrassing before he ever got the batter's box. It's not often you see hitter walked across the other teams on deck circle to be ready to hit. Actually you never see that not even in high school were Tebow last played before signing on for the sideshow with the Mets. It was so usual that Red Sox pitcher Rick or sell a warming up at the time said he assumed it was a back when he noticed someone in the Mets uniform walking behind the plate. To the Red Sox side of the field. Went home plate umpire rise in addition noticed he told the Heisman Trophy winner to go back to his side of the field. Afterward team Tebow said he thought because he's a lefty hitter he should go to that I have. Up yours Tebow. It's really awesome. For. But at the cut at our board of oh lord Tebow in the minors that's all areas I'm thinking you believe that. Why it's such a stupid thing like who cares yet because he's not a baseball player he's a sideshow he's a fraud sir yes no every single agency of the game a we're indoor event as well that went should be able we'll know where to go on deck just a dried out just look at the positive around his job if you voted out. I'm here Steve Allen Olivo minor league ball let that's pretty bad if you vote heroes these fine and I don't I don't mind him T ha ha guy -- season total -- told and the mixer that's more blatant Tim Tebow stingy and try to follow his dreams man but if you're gonna be a man for others beat this religious I'll do something right and give your at bats in your playing time somebody who worked hard and should have that opportunity not because you're wearing number 97. And because you think that you know you're somebody special as you went Heisman Trophy couldn't cut the special he's not any. Somebody's not he really is he's a sideshow he's played baseball. At the major well at the pro level he's quite the minors which shows you are sitting Garth Brooks okay Garth Brooks. As well so wherever you follow your dream man did to those given more back to the world that I have. I like a thousand times some had to throw stones my glass house zany still live for others. He's done a lot of that in for others well follow his three but during the super without losing take anyway at bats from some guys worked really hard that sucked what you don't know he sucks it was a major city team will probably the great. The best athlete. And he is walking he's like that high school athlete that that played every sport. Gay came inning. It was better. That sport that the guys who like played all year round but he's not there against then the best athlete to do it he's not exactly where that's from anybody was over to a two strikeout and groundout with the bases when Tim Tebow is Bubba Saarland. All got. Now are great multi sport athlete it just really is a quite good enough to make major at least Bubba starling is dedicated to try to play baseball Tim Tebow we just showed up after the rules they sailing in football and you know working in broadcasting in in deciding you know I play united somebody will sign me. Because will be able to sell tickets and and and that's what it's all about I think he's really really is is taking Alex Gordon child gets a situation give up. At bats is someone who deserves the over three yesterday with respect. His ability to strike out he should move aside give up but that's somewhat hilly it is exactly what baseball nobody deserves ally port yeah. Tim Tebow is not Tim Tebow is a fraud Tim Tebow is a stooge and I am so tired of the sideshow that is Tim Tebow like. I've had enough just to what else would you be ordinary. Americans care about right out it wasn't going to. Well we -- -- this I mean this magazine to -- the lineup to get ready to -- one -- I mean that's a stupid he's he's a -- bottom left the sports that are right now what's the dollar -- the -- yeah that's what's brought the war which is -- Anthony get a -- at the big twelve championship this year to -- it was -- going to be -- -- this year I hope he is because labor -- with -- -- was at the yen and at some term yesterday that's entertaining at least that's -- Tim Tebow is not funny anymore it's not entertaining any more than it is now it's not it's annoying so it was -- it was funny -- got to your favorite sport I heard you I can now read watch spring training game it wasn't funny I never thought it was a good idea for him to do that I never thought it was good for Tim -- to go play baseball -- just don't know -- high school and become twenty years -- to ten years of having played competitive baseball. Think you're gonna go out there be a baseball player you just don't see that. Crazy ray tried out for the royals yeah this stuff and I like to shore mining giving him that there's that we are minor leaguers are not giving there was that one dude that it. Came from high school pitcher in the main they made the Disney movie about a yeah how rookie man bright in here the view that you heard the story events holly convinced the Polly was contrast at least into a lineup he was at a bar tastes as a baseball is a bartender who is the trash guy. I'm not a place for the Eagles. Here's the bartender. The according to the movie about balance Tony Danza wasn't that added that's a made up to the marriage picking yeah they're thinking in bad guy. They got the real story which was the movie invincible the events for Paulie. As a bartender is mid twenties he had never played college ball just walked on they say it's ultimately be good enough with the play play for like five years in the NFL. I also can't stand that Rudy Sophia called call me when every one I think reason overrated hype machine is well. As Tim Tebow go make movies go sell tickets go tell your story. And Philip auditoriums is always Higgins stopped taking at bats away. From guys in here legitimately trying to he has no shot of making the major leagues there's other guys on the team to have a shot more so Tim Tebow as the. These children listening to this right now don't let anybody tell you can't live out your dreams are here if you're tit T lower little Johnny go to kindergarten right now. You can live your dream. Could anybody tell you that you can't just because you happen to line up in the wrong on deck Serbia right now you can live your dreams that was approved in November it's time to shouted out 69306. On the text line today and all brought you by lady James haircuts remand. Two locations in Kansas City Macy talents extend cents a. Obviously it mine airtime. That it was. I'm in most of the grounds equals playoffs. Todd Mayo wrote Charles for the browns equals both of them getting killed because there are nothing. There have beds of wind will get both of them to feel like that's insane they're all good morning Bloomberg guilt. Onion rings. The New Orleans depends on where you get I've had some bad and evenings before and I had some really good Catholic league that matters is staying on the right amount of time on. The outside of the and it's a very hard and he falls apart it's their who do you think is the best onion rings and him. That I don't know 69306. On the I would go with I would go to Jack stack that's affairs Missouri's new use your head man. But her dad let's get one Kurt Warner. About Kurt Warner. I don't know. And yes yes you're never sure. Fall they were Kurt Warner yet the biggest arc of a career you could last multiple arms of a career he was nothing he was a Super Bowl winner he was nothing he was a Super Bowl quarterback again that's the main it was a roller coaster man that whole roller coaster career and he held back Matt Leinart you know and we also it. But the fact that I just let it hang out before yeah. Those per. Situation around water inside there's a back if we get to go to Arizona State hang out all the co Eds Welker water Terry's team perfect situation rate in the billions of dollars. It happens I love that man Matt liner got to be a broad as your fan of the team that you know he was playing for your probably a little upset about it but good for Matt liner. For doing what he wanted to do. And becoming a guy that he really wanted to be coming up here on 610 Sports Radio Missouri wins will let you hear. How that happened plus there's a good way in a bad way to handle the dismissal of a coach. Tied up top people who for the win. I think their other second round. Had a good tigers Kevin murder with a career high period still three at the buzzer. Louis in Missouri on new game number 32 new audience boo awful people and it's. They're gonna look at but there's no need to go ahead hit the hit land and Marines go in there and that the bank would turn against Mississippi. To borrow. Congratulations and the Missouri Tigers are key play of the day winning last night in the SEC championship and moving on to the next round. Tim Anderson gives us stay but that wasn't the only game. That was taking place yesterday a lot of winds coming down the pike. Including one that Kansas fans do not want to see Bucknell winning the patriot. What they'll William bell within seconds left handed down when you pro league. You lose the it's. Good they aren't. It's. What the hell do you do they think it's. That way maybe pick me up like it's. Holds a look at that leaves David why are we not had that already laid out. Match up up up perfect. That is the name of testing it is make or any day. Did the advice and so congratulations that which is better that or this I don't. The is it the same guy that it could be the same that guy. Candidates he Psycho like him it could be the same guys so can Brad Dolly is Iran's Iona so I'm gonna go by a guy. They couldn't wait maybe pick me up like that. Let's look at the. College Houston turned it WWE. For every single walk them. Every single one of the Celek a pro wrestler kind of problem RI and the idea have Missouri winning in yet grasses agreed in the materially due in his things so it is it's become kind of a little fun here and mark. It could write the way could be applied that. That's not cool or not a devil's Alley door a little bodies and their meals out. Like it's got result lack Paulson congratulations to Bucknell I don't. So that's that guy. And then you got the bison guy. They could write the way look me up like that. So that's your hero right there and he'll let the guy out I got the I go to guy would be neat deal in the pro wrestling situation to be the villain I think it's the same guy he. Up the iota owes the Mac like he's out so angry I think guys it's like you guys city what it is. Canada and every odd Chrysler has. I mean I point you say your radio Africa it is bison past week out there and it is the I only guy who is doing to his staying out there and has a lot of fun as they don't know match. There are scenes of those smaller smaller school play about play guys and I've seen him a bit like football. Football roots. And this Tuesday that there he is stating the entire David sweating. As I had to go with John right at who has graduated sound exactly like that state is a registered sweat graphic seventy degrees outside you you're pleased drenched in sweat disaster at oak Knoll ultimately all you need to realize is that you don't know what it's like to be a fact and a hot dogs then it was that how little X seventy degrees outside skinny guy used to so I have it's only do it. About I don't know only the Mac. They could wait days. Let me appliances. To registered sweat that's all I hear these guys it's all I could say. So those are amply plumbing heating cooling key plays of the day. Our Josh and Spann Mike here we got ourselves a little bit of a situation. Where Jim stork fired the basketball coach Dan at the University of Missouri here's the athletic director and you guys think he kind of took a shot at. At Mike Anderson. On the way out the door I don't think that he Tim shot him Anderson she's wives at my third. I am Jim Anderson out he took a shot at Kim Anderson out the door he's the basketball programs really been good for the last nine years except for the last three. And they being kinda doubt which she's right they have been kinda down. But let's be honest when Jimmy Anderson walked in the door and took over for frank hates. It's not like he took over this miraculous program. Frey taped left for reasons for Kate left to escape trouble and to keep his legacy if you will alive for the University of Tulsa. That's why he left the University of Missouri does he do stuff was coming down the pike. And so I think Jimmy Anderson is going to be remembered terribly by a lot of Missouri fans but he took over at a time when the program just needed somebody to come in and take the job. When it was going down the poop shoot if you will because of the way the ranking. Did business you did him a favor obviously giving him an opportunity divisional head coach while some feel he did take one for the team because you're in a position to where you. Probably more getting hit anybody. Established at that point and I thought he took one for the team and engine stir comes off to me is a guy who's Johnny come lately. And doesn't realize the fans also wanted him Anderson at that point in time right what they've worrying about this and I'm as. And on the zoo guy right and I did it didn't work. Don't poop on it. Just push for right after like I just didn't like Edison light here and that kind of out the door like the three years that a total dumpster fire numbers but not recently basically what it amounted to you. When you look at that higher when it initially happened I didn't like I thought it was a terrible hire but I also understood was. I thought it was a bad hire what happened but I also understood it because. You had the sanctions coming down the pike you knew Missouri was in a bad way and who else were you going to get. That would appease the fan base that would make fans happy because I don't think you're going to get a guy who come in and win. And they did they were at no matter what Missouri did it they were going to struggle. So. Were you bringing him Anderson at least to bring and got people like. When your struggle seeing get a few years you get at about a three year span avid if he doesn't work out drive going if it somehow works great. If you don't get it then oh well not that big video because they needed to move on your office and sanctions and you get to have a little bit better of a job and had three years ago you know you're here. This quote it says. From a basketball standpoint this program out of the last nine years six of those have been in the post season it's just the last three years that it's taken a dive. Yeah everybody that's around a student knows that it's been that price fell it was like an unnecessary shot at. You know he's he's in a long shore plays for your freaking program. And you weren't there. He was sprite sell like. Just just you can sell the program and how great it is and you know what we believe the history was alert without taking a dump on the last three years everybody that's amazing fan knows how bad I just I really miss. Look at is a dumb I looked at him is trying to paint a pig and and try to sell that program to a great coach out there that would come into the university mr. because now. At the time Missouri needed at the zoo guy which why any school ever need to we need to take you guys and we need that you need to bask in the best guy who care for the person went to college. And so. To me they needed somebody that can come in. At that time of the program was getting ready to go on some sort of academic probation and whatnot summit that was it died just to kind of take over and beautify things now. With where they are you do the opportunity go hire somebody good and I think that's teamster try to tell everybody out there. But this program isn't as bad as you'd think because perception is reality and if the budget coaches are looking and touch and acting. He's got to put out the perception of the program isn't as bad as everybody perceives it to be. Coming up in two minutes one quarterback is officially on the move this morning we're not talking about Tony Romo some breaking news from the NFL and two minutes next.


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