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3/8/17 The Night Shift - featuring Sean Levine Hour 3

Mar 9, 2017|

In the last hour we revisit a couple of hot button topics including KU, Baylor, the Chiefs, and Royals. And we have a surprise guest, John Morris of the Baylor Bears come through for a little more tourney talk.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. The money. The night shift that Wednesday evening to you Kansas City on the sports machine Sean Green got sick in Sports Radio. And especially what's a realistic worldwide on line. At 610 sports dot com Julio you my phone. I'm an injury guy out today because the latest update for the iPhone when you send that text message. I was sitting at text message to one of my boys earlier today. It's pretty immature of me slash 99 but I referred to him as doll house like not ought. And the picture that don't protect the dog in a mode. Meant it send a note he's right like it's not split right down the sexes where it's okay for it's kind of like I know you've seen these pictures. Of people with all of this you know all the coming of the water kiss on the cheek. Dudes at BC netbook but it's now independently you're talking to now no dudes ever taken one of those well known zones. But you know what I'm saying it's like asking you imaging like there is a much though I do. It did depend on you're talking about socket unit that I'm not gonna say do. Would you go hard all this and learn text right now and say who goes viewers huge tool with a picture of amber because that's ridiculous don't see. Could usage rate their Smartphones not that Smart there's FaceBook while were on at times to the need to remind. It's the anniversary. Of the brick yup my girlfriend put to pictures. And that's not how it works but you don't obscene in the bring a picture that members show. Yeah my ex girlfriend she's been smoked in down in Florida next Facebook of the foam and those who go on the show would do man. Hey I. Totally take back everything that so bad about you lot are actually cared you deserve a. Well you see them at that. Our mayor that that is. You guys and all on board they do. And yet or anger or treat them. You. Don't either. I think you know you can't eat. That says try. Absolutely you have to give that a shot although would you agree with me goat man and neither K state or and the use exactly Frontline college basketball job. And their on again at the settle. For. I wouldn't say an elitist or do you his coach I'd say more of a CU this coach a guy like Frank Moore was when he got a town or even Quin Snyder was an S. Larry hello look. What that you'd all Leah now. Or grow and be back in the same boat with some other useful like this. Rim and it's probably going to be the case unfortunately commanders and could not get the job done seven and 2310 and 419 and one victory. That eventually shown the door. It's exact opposite but the chiefs the last few years Kim Anderson got to and you the team guy Morse and eatery got to Kansas City. And the team got bad and I think a lot of that you have to work your way up the latter all the way to John Dorsey. John Dougherty has done a spectacular job and orchestrating the Kansas City Chiefs over the last few. As much as we wax poetic about great Dayton Moore on this radio station. It's tough or do you really. The better general manager is in the Truman sports complex the only thing is a big thing but the only thing the Dayton has. Over John Dorsey. As the world's leaders. John Dorsey I believe when he leads Kansas City at some point there's a lot of people there that think I'm saying this is a shock jock and I'm not. Will witness who. I think that this football team is position probably for the next two or three years to be in the conversation. Because it doesn't matter of the quarterback. But she's right now have the I don't know where it doesn't put announcement fifteenth eighteenth best quarterback in all of football. And the chiefs won twelve games and they have a ball. And it probably should one opt. So the next quarterback is whether somebody they draft whether Jimmy eagle Rob Lowe whether it's the shop walks and whether it's Tony Romo or whether it's Alex Smith. Is going to be good team is going to win 1011 or twelve games because of John Dorsey because of the way he built this team with Frontline talent. But all the pro boards at the chiefs have passed since John or she's been here but more important than that but to battle the depth. But battled injuries to guys that went down last year and the team was still labeled went well it's not another team in the NFL. It did lose as many sports as the chiefs lost last season. A mall just in Houston that are Johnson to go on on the list. The little ones wolf it would apply and so a lot of people deserve credit for that. John Dorsey came out earlier this week. Talked about the future of his team and what they play are doing in the draft now making what they plan on doing necessarily in the draft. Maybe more what they don't plan on doing and the upcoming draft. Was talking with Monday morning quarterbacks Albert breeder and asked about this current quarterback class. John Dorsey said first off what stands out I think there's only one guy that ever taken a snap from under center shows that were evolving into a spread option error. And we when you analyze it in the spit out play in the huddle if you look at the majority of these guys everybody signaling things in from the side. These are things that people are looking for as they sit and talk to these players and they sit regurgitate them often to play that's hard to do especially in our system. And I underline that in our system. It's really hard to do. On the whole they're more of an athletic or. But about all the different quarterbacks that were about playing in Kansas City next year options other than Alex Smith. The main ones. Proven once. They're athletic quarterbacks out of the gym later up close can become the next Mike bit. I'm sure that Tony Romo could run the forty yard dash and fifteen minutes. So the chiefs are kind of playing a different game and the rest of most of football. Building. Their team around their quarterback opposed to trying to find the quarterback. Any cheese and out there that thanks at the chiefs are going to draft a quarterback this year is hot. Native Britain and you've got to take it's happened many times before. We have John Dorsey is going to come out and publicly said it's too that maybe it's a smokescreen. He's more genius that I need to give him credit for if John Dorsey alternate plan is to draft a quarterback and he comes up talks medical quarterbacks and that he takes. That is a absolute genius but I don't think that's what. And the John Dorsey recognizes that historically. The franchise he's the general manager were up general manager for has been really successful finding quarterbacks in different places weather woes. You don't trick greener more recently with Alex Smith or even with Joseph Montana. It does not the best example is kind of Tony Romo age if you. But you're crazy if you think the teacher actually going to go out there and drop the quarterback if you want them to maybe you think they showed but I'm on the direct. The general manager is the guy I would the last say he's the one pulls that your injury has influence. Certain people on pay and we has influenced. Some other people in the organization. Definitely pull some strings when it comes to actually making the phone call making the decision on draft. By the way brighter and more. What covered right here on 610s portrait. The chiefs are gonna call quarterback's name. They've got two other holes and other places especially on the offense. Talk about a lack of weapons on offense in this team. Look wide receiver play is okay I'll call it good enough. Just because you don't know what to do to get out Jeremy Maclin after a career were season last year on the orchard and get a Tyreke hill who was a rookie who lit the world on fire. Is it Travis Kelsey is your offensive. Heater running back. Could use another wide receiver and you could certainly use a quarterback in the draft I don't think the chiefs are going that direction based on their own history. The give a lot of other teams were in the same position at the chiefs are right now be a no brainer. You got Alex Smith under contract for another year he's not exactly John Elway. And the future of the game is. Seemingly. A young athletic quarterback. Neutered like breast. Oh. There is no way based on the history of this franchise that they're going to reach on a quarterback in 2070. Too many other holes to fill and John Dorsey is already came up mobile. And said that none of these guys are ready to the chief media guy that's ready to. They've got plenty of talent on the fuel on both sides of the ball special teams and probably the best coaching staff at all. And I don't say that. They've got little. I don't know I don't know exactly are your thoughts by 767610. Duty tickets that line 69306. Even though. Where my emotions should be after this week whether. Was few days ago there are signs of long term contract. That would not attend she's fans went yes. Great guy great football player great for the chemistry this team and frankly we still coming into this problem. It's unbelievable how good he's in the last couple of years especially coming off a cancer which isn't exactly. Sprained ankle. And how good he's been the best in football at his position. So it seems like the consensus of our fan base was that a great move them. Go ahead and back the Brinks truck up for her I agree with that. That he's not on the team. He's actually one of those guys. The cost you a gamer to remember the Atlantic literally Eric Berry won the game for the team so I feel really good about that. On the same side. After really bad about Jamaal Charles. Now not so what's the dude. Is gonna end up and achieves all the fame. Of humble time and will be just fine. Talking about in Kansas City we never got a chance to see Jamaal Charles when a player. Sucks. The second time that's happened Kansas City. Tony Gonzales played his entire career in Kansas City and is the best tight in the history of the franchise and probably the best tight in the history of the game. He never won a playoff game here in Kansas City. Jamaal charles' name is instantly going to go into the ring of honor. In Ottawa playoff game here in Kansas City. Well that's. I don't know if you do hit me up. At 69306. On the duty to its text but the phone let's get Chris in Kansas City what's up Chris. They're that technical. Term for a rate one level or back at that point. Some I heard I thought alluded to a little earlier and that (%expletive) I am I in the passenger. Achieved what we years. It almost the opposite of oils. You know people don't talk about their two leaders were were. And as well you know. I'll. Best players are. Global. I just wonder if it is mr. Like moderate. And too. It's. Yet. You know and they may at a rate that might be in the in the exit polls. Mean. And that really go to their careers back to back Super Bowls saint. I agree with your premise. I disagree with the final point that you approaches totally accurate. There's no team in the NFL the can lose DJ that collude to maul the could lose. Now I'm drawn to Dirk Johnson. And still win twelve games. Not kid ourselves the chance to really do but we're ever going to win Super Bowl last year. That we had the conversation. That we went out to arrowhead and thought for awhile it's in compete with the patriots. The last fifteen years. Fourteen. Abeyance in representatives. Have been named Manning. Brady. Or Roth was. Somehow someway once he's still lack. We really think that Alex Smith and buck that trend is that she's quarterback and taken to a Super Bowl. I. Coming up on the other side. I think KU's biggest competition leases or is predictable term and goes. This Baylor did get tripped up against West Virginia bill organs t.s yeah. But Baylor a team at least. A more talent in case you similar to how can you just might be the best Baylor team they've ever. Britain on the voice of the Baylor Bears John mores coming up next. On the night she. Extent sport tree. Moan don't what. Ten. K a year. When. Who some are still trying to figure out a middle class earlier today. How's that possible penalties Escobar hits a triple sellable Phares drives and man. That the royals get shut out. They played team Venezuela. Those guys play for and they spank the rolls around eleven to zero you can get royals baseball all season long right here. On 610s portrait you can also catch K you basketball right here. And the big twelve tournament is officially under way in Kansas City the first team to advances TCU. Over Oklahoma let's talk some big twelve basketball. But the play by play voice of the Baylor Bears John Moore is John it's been quite the season out to eat but it could be expected Baylor would be quite this good. They're playing now compared to their people when they did in the number one team in the country. Yeah John could be on Whitaker XP back in Kansas City and looking forward that are that it's weak I would say it's your question. Baylor guy that I brought back near the end of the beat him we lock what five of eight gain during that stretch. But what our lives to the regular season. And does that not in the net get beat West Virginia beat taxes that debt built momentum coming into this tournament. But the other factor is not completely healthy bodies in the call are starting point guard I've been out today I sprained my ankle sprain on the left ankle. So he is expected to play to borrow but might be limited so. Not not at full strength completely and not maybe not playing as well as they were the especially early speaker. When you saw the brackets come out and can't do much about it as thought the NCAA tournament just goes by the records but. Baylor matches up in the first game against K state K state team that already beat Baylor once this year did you go and now. Yeah you know who applies. In this year. What this dirt rather polite though it got they had. We split into at stake here in the regular season one and they won back to Waco. That we note that it's going to be I would vote he would say eat their coach Bernie PH were. So it's got beat up gay again I think each and every game. In this tournament maybe tomorrow on is going to be. It's a curiosity how many teams that can actually win this. All that's good question on Wednesday. I would say six what do you think. Yeah I'm I'm right there with judges should be surprised if Oklahoma State her hasty end up winning the whole thing apple expect one of the top four seeds but then again. We've seen them go neck and neck what those other teams basically the entire season. And Oklahoma State you know they're playing really well right now they're really strive with Brett so. Our quarterfinal game Cole of Oklahoma State at Iowa State start things off the ball bedecked PP that BJP too big chip the other. A quarterfinal game the shirt called Baylor to state that they darn good first round game. Once the NCAA tournament begins and we don't know exactly which teams are common you're going to make it. Do you think because. If you agree with an iPod it was the best conference up and down and called basketball this season that'll help co March Madness. I do and a five. You know upload that opera to block. They're cute you know Oklahoman in Texas and it faded late in the lead that you know operate at its late. I think play with any operate in in the other car for throughout the country. And I agree I think it in its sleek seeking to play every year for stock offensively deep instantly so I think that really prepares it's well school's. You do or whatever they might see it in CA Turk. Baylor and K state tomorrow night at the voice of the Baylor Bears John Morse on 610 Sports Radio being heard all over the world on the line. At 610 sports dot com it seems you I was given a different conversations. Involving Scott threw depending on. What time of year it is he's got his team deep in the NCAA tournament a handful of times and I'm looking back on his career you pointed out last time we spoke that he got. The Baylor the same year Bill Self. Got to Kansas that's quite awhile. Do you think that he's one of if not the most underrated coach nationally in all ask all. Well I do to survive. Around Goetschl why did the retreat how hard he works at where this program why. We need to go over the program you know their work. There were probably coaches that would touch this job. Over it out brewery. Odd about being built on that. And at the weight yet represent Baylor sit well they're just perfect fit for paler. And at target they work the success Baylor at it's really. Gratifying you know it's the truth is that it's about you know I bought the recognition. Is this the best Baylor team that you called games for. You are right up there. I think the 2012 he was really the elite eight really the it is the bet eat it it's being construed at. I upbeat bit to numbers are really good this year net that you could. Almost always in your ad on every game even the shops are all. You know or your turn it over we turned it over much back the defense. You know he's usually pretty steady pretty much every day. You of course John has been the standard this conference for years and years and years and and before that for years and years and years. Is it frustrating for a Baylor perspective whether you're talking about yourself. A fan. Play here boost her all l'Alma. To have so much success to go deep in the NCAA tournament to win a lot of big time games to become number one in the country. Yet it seems that everybody always talks about KUN comes the big twelve. Yeah they a frustrating they get you know whether it be well. You know that they're no one in the nation right now. And that streak is yet believe you know the wind or peace conference championships in it gets done believable. So but I would say it's frustrating I would say boat I think knowing are confused and our players. They became you know they want the pitching will be the big twelve chance. But again that goes back to you day everybody's best shot here for the okay. That still look who's on top the end these so. Now that's frustrating. You know like it. The really good for art lead after I haven't eager here in basketball. Is this the first time since you've been there that we can have a realistic conversation or sentence involving Baylor and winning a national championship. I think they can be in the picture I really do I think that CNET look at things are like it big men jock awkwardly quiet side. Bursting unanimous all big twelve this year could be treated like at that. And you know it wants to big gains this year one battle or and it's beat beat you wish he'd stake bull all. Coming from behind all three of those gains be poured in earlier in the year say here. In the end you know finish ever admit or not for second it flee the number Greek peak. That that measure on a par that means in the country. Two for the morale down and Baylor duke I've talked about in the past it was a very typical football season and the basketball season has the best. But the school's ever had published a that. Q you're really lies. Could you think about basketball started mid November. You know football to wrap it up they did that it was an early origin. On our own lord materials that are in in basketball out to be you know stark and number one debate should. They're really did just it was a good rally point for Baylor natured Baylor Iranians. Not that not that he might jump off the lack it would look alt it was you know disappointing he's been good thirty years pat. But that basketball and women which just really. It really this year. Speak of women's basketball has that Baltimore thing ran its course at this point. Think that well you know you know where you are out there were very key she is audit all. And I think he got a quick there after that you know win over Texas Jack we'll make quite the big twelve. Kirk 500 career victory and it was senior day. You know you've got a poker mine in the you know it is it some people the wrong way. Get the pot he apologized the next day or at the bit about a week later get a Brett stopper what you achieve cure or about it. And apologize he yen though. You know you know that she could have used the better choice of words they're but if you eat your heart it he would give balky yet sure. I'm looking at Baylor Rhonda win a big twelve championship put it yet here at this when John Morse voice of the Baylor Bears kind enough to join us he's back in Kansas City getting critical game tomorrow night. Number three Baylor take on number six K state inside the sprint center. Talk tough sledding to win your conference term yet to be K state whose Borland a tournament team. And yet to play West Virginia is probably a borderline number two overall seed and the two played Kansas in all likelihood might be the number one overall seed in the term. Can you imagine a more difficult pat just to win their conference title. I doubt about real. But that you know that's what you got the big twelve you know which is right that partly due to break this year. That somebody close game summit meeting to decide I think it. And that can result that come along way away. What you're going to be like when you get all in scenes in Keene city are. You know that may be determined to remember Herbert the BH itself. I think that's what happier in. And ignited it welter of jail. They will hurt you know because they would be really needs. The best man George Kansas City John thanks for your time. John appreciate great to be and can't disintegrate as it yet would stick around for you. Welcome back and John Morse the play by play voice of the Baylor players here on 610 sports radio and tell. According laws to taste it wants West Virginia is typical wherever whenever you play them. And then Kansas. The number one team the coach or a month ago Julio. He goes on just sports machine show on the been on the other side. Talk about sports ready 610 sports tree. Nothing to stop me Elmo. That is the big twelve part of who goes on as on the sports machine show on the beach you can call me on Twitter. Action on the BBC. And this I think is my favorite sports time of the year when you've got. The big twelve tournament in Kansas City rule in his elections Sunday. Next Thursday and Friday nobody works some people go to their job. Nobody works. And then you've got baseball and opening day. Sort warmup Schwartz did shorter tawdry B this is an aspect that from the 16. Best text of the night. Love what jayhawks but since they're playing TCU. But I make up T shirts that say they're Christians vs the convicts that's not of course used yen. Had their Catholics vs Condit thirty for third at a few weeks ago the Christians vs the convicts. Sir if you make that your icu. I'll buy you address tomorrow at the sprint setter thoughts 91357676. And retake its text line 69306. Speaking of the college basketball. Yesterday. Guys on the drive caught up with the best in the business brand for she'll. Pleasure bwic hear a report get this I was actually reading other big lead I'm sure you're familiar with their website their publication. And they were talking about. If you could take four teams this year in college basketball and being give the other side appeal that you would feel pretty confident that you had before for the national champion. I selected. Kansas. North Carolina. Arizona. And Villanova if I had to ask you that question were you got to pick the four teams and then leave the field which four would you feel pretty confident that you had a national champion. Lot say charity you got three of the four you attacked US may be for that I really liked certain you know we can't assist playing in the late North Carolina and play. They jump out at me I think Villanova is not as good as they were last year because they don't have. This site incited the annual cheerful and got to accept that that's probably the one Q and he'll. Of Kansas but their backcourt is so dynamic Josh Jackson so I would stick chase you'd. You know I love Arizona. Absolutely an architect liar I don't I can't believe I'm doing this footage you know but this year and it's I think politics UCLA. They are so good offensively and improving east sensibly by the week. And you know what model almost on to create the excitement around that team I think I would take two pac twelve teams along with Carolina and Kansas. I feel like if there's any team that you can pick almost as a certainty to go to the final four if you're gonna give Kansas those guards and they're gonna have at the beginning of the season. Didn't give me sweet sixteen in Kansas City where your gonna hosts those two games forty minutes from your campus I just felt like Kansas going it's this season had the best advantage I thought offering Mason was gonna be good I didn't think you gonna be best player in college basketball Gucci turned out to be adding right now yet to ask who's the favorite to a the national championship I would pick to Kansas Jayhawks. Well as a lot of people feel that way and I certainly have no reason argue the only Chile seal. A bit or honesty that you know all season long if there's a bit chilly feel in everybody has won by the way. It would be you know their lack of depth. And particularly up front as good as the land that Lucas has been. He's had a tremendous. Hit senior year he's scroll to either urged get a foul trouble. Or were you stay out of foul trouble. Kansas has given up some big offensive gains this year to low post players shall. I can't argue with the fact that Kansas has it as a great quote of war obviously also got this team. Playing really good basketball book that would be the one actually feel is you know inside depth and against say it seemed like the North Carolina. Who control Kennedy except you. Yeah all the freshman Toby Blanton. You know also Isiah excel. That would be the one thing that I think again with all teams have actually feel that might want. Pray for still on the show today ESPN college basketball analyst. What is just Jackson remind you look who does Josh Jackson's game compare to. Well it turns out to be this good you know be. An NBA all star media borderline or altering report. Polite letter similar situations or isn't true big jump shot Josh is outside China was probably that it would wise was in college. Lies now automatic and now becomes such a great coach and guy offensively. But the intensity the defense the warning societies prototype in be it small forward toughness. If he turns out to be nearly it is that is why he's gonna happen I wouldn't be here but I think judged and I have a heck of an MBA career anyway. About a pick one guy that gets unfair to compare right now out of line that would be the guy that I would say eight model your game master. Switching gears a little bit talking K state basketball with friend for Sheila. What do you think K state needs to do this week to guarantee themselves inside the NCAA turner. Well certainly a win over to recede and if they can get a win at least it's Baylor. And thinking if they can get that and themselves into the semifinals it would certainly. Bode well for them other conference. Record is still going to be under 500 the data at least get some into the conversation. And then it looks like they would probably play all west Junichi that they are there all court is West Virginia absence. So who wins I think would do it for sure it's the row possibility. But certainly a little prepare reports have been discussions. What's unfortunate with. Case stayed as well some teams like TCU Texas Tech is this week it's and so ballot this year. And we've seen K state lose some heartbreaking games. Decade and a player to hear there would've changed she. Doesn't discount the fact that there are very capable. I'll causing some damage in this tournament Kansas City this week so. No sucked up wrote to almost certainly but very doable. Brent one issue I've had with the tournament selection committee really my entire life what did teams like monuments and teams like Illinois State need to do to make sure they can be in the NCAA tournament and protect themselves if they lose their conference tournament teams like K state. Don't have great nine Conn wins finished under 500 in their league and all they have to do is beat Baylor one more time and then you're in the NCAA tournament like college basketball regular season than penalizes teams like Monmouth and then makes them basically play 31 game playoff at the end of the season to ensure. Themselves in the tournament despite how good they were regular season. Well it's a great point and you're preaching to the choir because in nineteen. Watched. Who was exactly like Illinois State and bombing although life in unlike Illinois State who have switched on are we we dominated koppers lost all time. You know conference championship game. And we were very fortunate that gentleman by the name of Bob Frederick who at that time was yeah athletic director chances. Chair the committee lobby for us we got into the field of 64 back then and we want that knocking law and foresees very good Oklahoma team. In the NCAA tournament but we had the same situation teams were not able to play us in the nonconference shall we got to rely ambient. To oak. We caught a break and that it may be that the philosophy of some of the people on the committee this year. You don't feel the same place shall have to wait until selection Sunday exceed whether a team like Illinois State there's Rubin field for them. Last few questions here for is being college basketball analyst for a Sheila. These are two personal questions there very selfish question I don't mind admitting that off the top guy I am a big. If you basketball fame and and I'd ask you you think their next coaches and you a lot of big twelve stuff going oil on obligations let's say if you came to you and said all right we need your advice on how to turn basketball around here. What would you tell. Get a proven head coach who's looking for a new opportunity. Someone that still programs before what I would do quite frankly is make commitments from the administration. To help that coach being successful as possible upgrade the facilities as best they can I think but who Arenas. Terrific do everything you possibly can be if they proven head coach an opportunity. To build back their basketball program because it's a program that as though that's great tradition. Free for surely use on the drive yesterday it was done and any ice. You brought up the name Bob Frederick and I want to extort. Doctor Bob Frederick is literally one of the nicest and best guys that I've ever met he's the former athletic stricker. At the University of Kansas went on to school there and he's also the guy that hired a wanna sit ruler will. Here's my store. So doctor Bob Frederick also taught a class and can you colts or law. Our two K you I was under Redford play longer than I should. And I had an 8 AM class in snow hole. Well I don't know what I was doing the night before but for some reason I'm a mile warm screwed up it was daylight savings time. I within an hour in my class so wide and 8 o'clock class and I went in at 7 o'clock saint were. I looked around it was one of those classes it wasn't like an auditorium but there are probably. 6075. People and mouse around and I didn't really see the familiar faces but I wasn't the best students so that really wasn't throughout Orton. But what I did see when I walked into this room which I thought was supposed to be my political science class. ESPN's sports center. Was awful I'm talking about projection screen on the wall they were showing that day's sports. So I was like this class to its embassy in this. So why did and I sat there throughout the entire class and I even did the projects I've been raised and one time had some. And then at the end of the class. A one of whom I sit him and I'm does an underground and oh this is a law class but is there any way that you could that million. And he did he was like yeah I only did the Sports Radio you seem like a good guy I'll make an exception. Some dumb ass was in 8700. Level law class at hey you. Two but one addressed as we agree and I got that class. I'll tell you on the other side will wrap things up on the night shift six to portray. It. Other trade the anger. And we. He way. And yeah it is it's storage shown to be. It's his tonight here. Or about a political on this Wednesday issued here on 610 Sports Radio. And six tends towards dot com portal did you play Dominican challenge song earlier today. I don't even look me in challenge song and don't. Do not you don't Dominican challenges right of course can light there's a song that goes along with some pretext that didn't and it can challenge song keepers don't know the inflated didn't notice. Tim Burton says imagine the horrible machine at Topeka high school. It was. Very short lived with this. Build basketball teams do that don't like that you. You got some soul do little tee box and make it. Will be used for the next few minutes you protect us 693 years that's on the duties that it's excellent phone numbers 13576. 7610. By the wandering Marcia was doing and you but it's not because the current state program. NCAA coaches are amongst the most competitive people in the world. OK. I agree with that. Although. But that's more of a one sided we'd like to have you but I'm not his job. And you would vote that bird Marshal don't think Gregg Marshall wants to be with him. Howell fall or which dollar is from Columbia. He doesn't wanna get closer. Reason for it if the Indian it job becomes available you would think. But they roll back up a Brinks truck right to the driveway of Gregg Marshall. Which Texas should've looked back on it. About the Texas should go on Carter up Gregg Marshall in the first place instead they went out to shock a smaller which time I suppose. Six and one half and half dozen in the other team like both those guys. Would have success but looking back on Julio. Gregg Marshall. Eventually if it's this year next year five years from now is going to have eight not okay. Not good great college coaching job whether it's waiting around for one of the blue bloods taken the Indian a job next you're just. By 7676. Tempt your thoughts got this from the 91 Corey in terms of Albert creed is the best and you can acquire. Try to get Marshall but don't hold your breath exactly it's kinda like. It is listening earlier this year with most miles. I thought OKK state. Pro active instead of re active it nodes to all of your head coach bill Schneider. Goes along he's gonna stick around we didn't know about its health concerns and I opened it was the responsibility of an athletic director John Curry. To make the phone call. So you're gonna make phone calls the the person to get a look at your caller ID say screw that hang up. I owed it to the situation with both of these. Marshall Russians and you called Gregg Marshall probably goes and and the Missouri Columbia. And hangs up the media note to get a better job and more money. 57676. Day duty tickets that line 69306. Whoever does it that athletic director position a year. I'm sorry at least eight he said it is we get better as a sweet it. How many times. And athletic director be hired and never get a chance to make it higher of either their basketball or football. All the time. Usually these guys get four year contracts abundance by six urban plenty of athletic directors Activision won't universities. The third tired job. Was about pleasing the alumni pleasing the boosters. And how our softball coach at bowling coach and golf coach but the never really get a crack to make their name. That ever actually get a shot to hire eight football and or a basketball coach and a AD is OK state. I'll say. Longest. Two years they'll get a chance to hire both a new football and basketball coach Lou go to school board up their force I do I'm Obama. It's looking good right now the zoo is up 2722. Over Auburn we got about five minutes left in the the first half. Texas Tech in Texas we are looking at a Texas Tech the lead sixteen to nine. Out to eight happen it's O man here comes the commanders Enron and he's gonna win five Charlie. Go to the NCAA tournament they've already fired that is gonna win two games you can I controlled. Let's go to the phone goes it's even though what's up Steve. I mean nonchalantly. Marshall. I think he's gonna be out there there were called. That they talk is that there that are they are sick about expansion. And and Connecticut. Back in which to date in one of the key. And so that may need to target bit past you know idea that are at large large shop and map. It looked. I completely understand that. I have long been a proponent of this is gonna decrease publishers at this early in the shows that they missed basically my last point but I'm gonna go ahead. What conference realignment reared its ugly head a couple years. I thought here's what the local schools need to do this is simply from eight KU perspective and I'm gonna include Wichita State in there as well. The same way that the SEC. Is as close to the NFL as any other football program lead out there. Everybody would agree that the SEC plays the best version of college football. Why not formally called basketball conference like that with schools suck at football. I'm talking about UK are you. Talking to you Indiana. Talking to you duke. Mean Kentucky. These are the blue chips when it comes to basketball or football programs or worth writing home about at a Wichita State. At Butler. You know geographically would make much sense at a school like UConn who gained grade basketball nothing at opal. You all home and home every year with Kate you would Wichita State with Kate you would do with KUN Kentucky. The guy's got a little too accepted. Any final thoughts at yup on the duty to inspect line at 69306. What's the end use situation is where it's at right now. Wonder how much the key state situation is where it's at right now. Because of K. I think that it has something to do with that not a upon. What you're talking about. Essentially trying to recruit a lot of the same kids in the greater Kansas City area that Mac more working from Saint Louis and can use got the benefit of being able to recruit. Brilliant action every wants to complete it is. But the expectations for KU every single season and in my lifetime they make the NCAA tournament. It's considered the boss of the don't make the final four and to send a couple of players in the first round and it can't be easy being neighbors. To that school. It's like you've got a trailer. And on your left. Is a mansion. And on your right is another big house. Did you that's working state and you war compared to Kansas. But about your case state and close the second best basketball broader right now in Europe Wednesday. Those cages at the top of the heap but Wichita State has clearly cemented themselves as it better basketball program now and going forward. The K state. It's got to be difficult for both and you and for K state. Geographically big as opposed to one of if not the most successful college basketball program of all time where people have stopped high expectations. For that school and that kind of bronze rubs off. On the other schools new year as well thanks to who goes on to it my main man always brushing it on the books that tape of the Lawrence journal world. They're prepared to CBS sports and the voice of the Baylor barriers. John Morse over to K you basketball tomorrow or coverage begins at noon tip off at 130. You can follow me on Twitter action on the VTC. I'm Michelle Levine sounding off. On the night she had six tenths portrait. And number two. So that. In the us it's on them. That's yeah. Yeah. Actor on set. And it.