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03/08 Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride Previews NFL Free Agency with CDot

Mar 8, 2017|

In today's "Drive Podcast," the Blogfather, Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride joins Carrington Harrison to discuss the biggest stories in NFL free agency as it kicks off and what could be in play for the Chiefs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What do you think the biggest story in the NFL right now is a mom I would say Kirk cousins. Just because am. I think he's you know the Redskins are possible playoff team with them. In the air like the worst team in the NFL out of I think that's a huge swing so yeah I would say Kirk has I mean it's always going to be cornerback obviously. Kirk cousins I would say in the NFL for the chiefs. Obviously. That Adam. The don't Torry post stuff we talked com we saw earlier Jason Cole I believe otherwise says that post market is not what he thought it would be. That he might end up taking a one year deal which I think would be. A bad idea. I think it. You know 27 years older our goal all he has right now you take switching gears right now. Sort of trying to play it out another year so I don't think it's like. Was aware of the reports that like he wants to go some place where he can rush the passer more probably to get those steps up in gated bigger deal that's not gonna be in Kansas City he hasn't been like. A pass rushers since what 2014. Two dozen thirteen and hit a couple of good years there are so. I don't know I'm kind of leaning towards him like I thought the price valued and come back but I don't know I'm I'm a marcher. Are going comment on the bottom of this on either FaceBook lateral answer questions and talk about what have you guys not talk about throughout the course of this. What's with Kirk cousins. I always think that pains complicate. How NFL contract should work. You're paying for the next year old is not because well we so underpaid you the first time let's not go back and give you bet I don't think aired Barry can play up to forty million dollars guaranteed. Important and parents like you will take that hit from your fan base would you gotta do what you think is the best interest of your organization. The Redskins have clearly taken a pretty hardline stance we don't believing Kirk cousins long term so we'll keep take it one year peaks and see if he can do it. And both were not going to be stuck by the same thing for nine of the stuck by a cap predict the same thing you can argue happened to Chicago where Jay Cutler were Cincinnati. We're not gonna let that happen. But then I would say you've been open yourself up to. You're gonna trade at some point right at your affording naturedly you know would it cost. You trade does address that second overall pick are you better trade next years number one unit in it who were something you better packaged some kind of deal like that. To get Kirk cousins I drew think by the NFL draft Kirk cousins will be a San Francisco 49. Yeah no I think that's a fair prediction. I think words like to trouble with cousins is that do you think he's gonna win a Super Bowl. I mean probably not so like you're gonna hesitate to given a guy a hundred million dollars when you're not sure he's gonna win a Super Bowl. Now if you wanna be at all relevant in the NFL it your view Washington of course you have to do. Go ahead and Indiana and in pay him and same with the 49ers if you don't like anybody in this year's draft. Cousins is by far. The best you know guy you're gonna be able to get like outside the draft and probably few years you know. We say that all about certain guys and maybe I'm just gonna like always like got a false use like I feel chiefs fans and teams used if you have a quarterback Alex Smith well look at. Number what they did last year to look at Joseph Flacco well. Those little ones though those once and every five year kind of exception to the rule. So let's say they love that Ryan. I wanna start to see continuous Rubel an outline true I think and you get a sports nation poll the answers no for Matt Ryan now that's clearly sought to commute tornado debris in the Super Bowl right right definitely witnessed horrible with Matt Ryan that. I thank Kirk cousins is. Pretty close to that level but Kirk cousins talented enough bit in the right situation go noticeable Kirk cousins so I would trade for a. Yeah I think I can find the 49ers I think I probably would treat form additionally because they have so much freaking cap space it's not hit that you know would be for like another team. So yeah I think I probably would trade forum but it does have the feelings of you'll little bit of like quarterback purgatory. You know where you're just kind of good enough. To be relevant but not good enough to win it all but I mean the the Matt Ryan point is a good one like. Five years ago are probably said the same thing about Matt Bryant. I Wonder Woman be seen in five years about Kirk cousins so yeah I mean I would I would do it but first ball I was in Washington it would give mop of keep them again. Let's list of quarterbacks net you think you go with a Super Bowl with I'd hear that argument I don't beat drew won a Super Bowl with quarterback X. Let's go to the NFL starting QB I'm curious on the ones you say I can't won a Super Bowl with bag guys my quarter. OK let's go through this I Palmer. Now. Brian yes black joke clearly. EJ Manuel Tyrod Taylor and no way to hand yes Matt Barkley now in and Barkley Cutler know Elliot Cutler tell the I would put Dalton in the yes category you what is normal eighty doll manager quarterback I think you. I mean you have. Now that's a tough one I mean that's a really tough when Apple's in the same category as Kirk cousins. Where me and I just don't know if those guys can get over the hump because of angles were pretty deemed good team. Com you the past few years and haven't won a single playoff games are lean know so right now we're now but like he did you know. Five years from now could be a little bit different with a lot more time the league right now in detail now. We're at three Matt Ryan and Flacco we came to the ones we think you have adult in the no category. Yes no I'll you have not in the know category I read real RG Currie at frost dot output actively Ascap or. I and yet I'm on May be drawing like oh like an arbitrary line right there because me and told nick Stafford are both like really close for me I think Stafford is better. And had the lights you know carry the team on my back impeach MVP caliber season. And I think Dalton's had some really good years just not like it that. That next level. Or Quinton Aaron Rodgers and yes or no category yet argues in the yes. Our I was I was in I was in that Dallas. And I saw him win the Super Bowl back I'm totally I was asserted viewers what I was in the section next to us okay. Tom savage Brock got Waller and know Andrew Luck I was and yes yes. Portals knows no. Alex Smith. If I'm saying like again I go back to sort of the same thing with any Dalton he's had a pretty darn good supporting cast in a good situation and they haven't gotten past the divisional round some initially got gonna say no but that's just such a fine line right there I think I got you right now at six in the AFC against the patriots and Tom Brady now. We're going to know Jerry golf no. Matt Moore right entertaining bill I would put a note categories Sam Bradford I'll meet you stay healthy long enough negotiable. Brady is an obvious yes Drew Brees is an obvious yes Eli meaning yet dug in present day and you are sitting around all of today's Gilad and you're miserable with them put Brandon Marshall on their excited I aren't aren't quite an article not disrespect the go to Eli. Eli didn't know what Ryan Fitzpatrick yes on dirt car or car yes Carson whence I mean just it's so wearily but I would. I mean it feels or what exactly yes categorical Casillas haven't done enough to be in the yes categories I'm going no cars annoyance that's a tough problem burger yes -- big band. Philip Rivers. Yes I collect enough for not listening to your argument for Philip Rivers I mean the problem is he's not through treatment excellent cap no Russell Wilson yes. Janus Winston yes. I think he's clearly headed the right. Skier aren't they went all right if it gets dealings a lot higher than a guy like in eagle fourteen. Our markets are very go to. And yes to our knowledge I've put him in the yet scored Kirk cousins your footing in the no category. I would say probably not see fifteen court actually that you Google does a bullet. There's a really that many up fifty yeah that's I guess that sounds like that seems like more than I would spot. But that's up sick I think we've clueless. If you have like another five guys that I put no on that you can give me an argument because he's on Stanford's Alex missed like you can you can give me that argument. So that's why I think if you'd think but there's fifteen different quarterbacks you kimonos Super Bowl and I see why you would trade the number two overall pick to get one album if your team that puts cousins in the yes category I put cousins and yes category so I would trade the pick for because you clearly see. There's the league of ads in the league and have nots that's why you played Mike Glenn and fifteen million dollars I would ultimately the player you're saying. I would almost say like are you that even if you're not totally in love with. One of the quarterbacks just the salary difference in drafting a guy in the first round vs signing cousins for 25000020 million dollars a year. You know I would almost think one of these rookies is a better shot at Seton stacked team around him than cousin. Yeah that was the argument that I made yesterday on the show is if you look at pay discrepancy. I did. Michael any contracts crazy like itself Craig might let it has thrown what like 300 as the NFL he'd get fifteen park. That completing 60% us and that's kind of what why is in the NFL elect a line is. If you take your quarterback. Can she go all the global football he gets paid at least twelve point five no doubt. I think it's like if you go look at it there's like a quarterbacks that are paid sixteen million dollars a year and then it drops down like TCF. Us are out there there is no this has been elected developing problem for a few years. There is no like middle ground. On quarterback. There is a middle ground now the middle ground is just more money that you seventeen you like middle ground as Alex Smith outs but now like its 41 paid quarterback in the NFL. The battleground is just seventeen million dollars now that's the middle ground it's it's it's the market that's kind of object up. We have someone here asking I guess we're talking quarterback that we don't sort of always got to talk QBs Romo. I saw some new this thing that popped up on your phone I'll give it a pulled up really quick. That Romo could be released. Thursday on the reader I mean it sure sounds like timbers GAAP. Shot. It's there's actually some. It makes the most sense for academic elite does it does make a ton of sense and someone like. You'll throughout this like all like that the chiefs had. Etsy Jason Marcum for the U ready for despite a board hearing a very they've very strong likelihood. But boring a strong trade offer the cowboys released Tony Romo tomorrow. Let the chase to begin. The Romo I think is going to be the first domino to fall broke outside in the next two weeks and then see if it's a schoolmate or play for Kirk cousins Tyrod Taylor of all the board. I guess because they maybe might Clinton iiroc and there's going to be a decision on him next couple days I think he's one of those options or something where it's gonna. I Tyrod another like. Super. You know look at look at just a real top decision we announcer he's not enough to win in. You mean you got a commitment big money to a next year Sam months that I thought made the best point abouts. Tyrod Taylor he's like a black Jack Haynie at seventeen. Hit a batter in the seventy like it's potluck issued the next cards at the YouTube you can project. Well we don't trust our Tyrod Taylor I think Tyrod Taylor is good I think Tyrod Taylor is at that range of king you win a quarterback with that skill set. If you look at him he's essentially black Aleks Maric matzo is like there are almost the same quarterback. So it is furious and I mean that's pretty much yeah. I would rather they're passing numbers out he's formed a global it I see some sheets and saying like you know they should trying to get Tyrod despite. That's Alex just a shame seniority and that's exactly exactly exactly so I wouldn't be in on the at all it up the the not that you upload a Romo goes to Denver. Right they become the AFC west favorites. What's profits a lot of good to have no idea yet you know I don't know what but the why it's gonna be like if they're gonna pick out Romo. And then there going to be big players in free agency says a little by the off of the lot I think yes I was at war I think it's an obvious point everybody can see it. Romo the question among jeered executives in general managers as if he can play it's can he stay healthy enough to is going to be a question. About the cal arts together Broncos are that they're committed to putting enough parts around. Tim from an office of life standpoint. Very worried about it you get wrote most of the clear upgrade your quarterback they get CJ Anderson back as one of the broncos' problems was good luck the ball last year. Because he did Anderson back that defense is still back for another year. Pretty award about the Archos all I hate. To say yet but McConnell liked the the Broncos attitude towards this. You know they they drafted Paxson lynch in the first last year to look at this happened to the chiefs. They would say we're gonna stick with our guy you know that we drafts of a guy we're gonna stick with them. I kind of like how bold that that are that are gonna be if they go out and get him you know you have Romo. In you have a first rounder sitting behind and so. I don't see what's so bad about that fine if I'm Denver. I made the point on the show today. Her as the team that she's fans want their team to be. Denver ever since always been there has always been aggressive at quarterback they had Tony you're actually right hate it makes me sick but in the end they aren't he's he's money as they head Tim Tebow. You won a playoff game always said he's not good enough. I got Peyton Manning. They've been got Peyton Manning they did Brett the rock out while that same year you know they let them learn. Behind them they gave brought out dwellers Chileans they are willing to pay up to a certain point. We're willing a lot of golf they say we're not gonna spin what may sixth they were not mean eighteen we're gonna wash our hands clean in the would just pick up Mark Sanchez will pick up. Author Axel when you go for they didn't. After drafting. That first round quarterback. David had a competition it it would Mark Sanchez he lost baiting remarks Ian shares true competition to which is unusual a true competition they didn't. Set aside remarks agents. And it didn't play the first round draft they had played the other draft pick that they have and still want him the job off the Pat Lynch. Yet they won like there's there the the third least intriguing quarterback on that roster 19. You know in the nines. And it out yet whatever west Indian like you know he's he's obviously not the future but. As far as back up quarterbacks he's more accomplishment tasty meal whose cries feedback obsolete you know I mean. Irony there any really good spot to do it Romany get the aging veteran to make a run now. The guy with the you know you know words lorries and Simien inane you get the guy with you hopefully is ceiling is higher land so I. It's ever been that bad last year oddest thing if your regular rookie quarterback to Cooley has limited skill set and many run the ball effectively. A debt quarterbacks is gonna have a tough on the Oslo to a report means outs. Other at the fair comparison or herb you know he could get out of it at the fair prepares in this the FaceBook live. With jolt tormenting I want to pick it's it's in the comments for sexson for a second so when just the argument Brodie Croyle and here's proof. It's already gone off to DM rails is your favorite old chiefs quarterback. I about a lot of Casey printers via Gregory Casey printers and you can Google Casey trainers and our web sites. He had Hewitt was going to be a model. In 2007 Everett L I think and I don't run on time of that Casey Casey prayers yes teach preferences among my favorite animal cheese. Data's always take a hard knocks another to Casey printers so yes I heart our second invented and sell tickets in that Beckett it's been hard knocks him making these things in interest and it really made a quarterback controversy Eric and it can't battle between Damon Huard or Brodie Croyle and Casey predators on interest and take that acting is my guy I remember sitting in comment sections before Twitter was even invented. I'm talking about how one team team and humor of thousands sat. Not humorless. The man in Germany picks he didn't turn our noted does that sound nicer guy you look less go to someone like Europe they made the point about pigment. And it was good. But it was the goat. I think then. That team. I always tell people that is the most competitive bad team I'd ever see like you know lose in the fourth quarter but they don't always be it'd in the fourth quarter that I was kind of fun. I had I had someone close to they. It was talking to them about something else in the last year. May ask me why we always keep it in such a hard time I was like I appreciate the hard time like we we just laughed it you know it was a horrible chiefs team in the pin was only entertaining part of that team. I was thankful that I appreciated their parents who lets. Switch gears a little bit to meet your shares. Will leave yield a team Friday. Let's start with that gap is going to be dominant on Friday. Think so. Obviously like lets you know. Right we tweeted out that story earlier never on one's you know sand like what an idiot in and the other half was saying it's weed who chairs like. I eatery its wheat who cares you know why some people do care. You could get suspended I care when my players taken on the field so I care from that context. That you know he he got busted has plenty of people can smoke a lot of weed without getting arrested Antalya. So I I think it's it's sucks that he got busted on. But the chiefs also like he's been here for years thinking my three year contract extension is at number two. They can save some money cutting them like a they've. They'd like a more than we'd so they liked something about them cares so I'd I lean towards you know maybe him surviving this. I wouldn't be surprised if he had. Competition next you're some widget competition and get though we'd who cares takes win. The government payers policed area. That's the only known data needs the matter to get the mattered to me out of you are right around with a Q should you wanna smoke in your free kind of verbal reply just don't smoke and driver don't yet time and dropped. I got on it doesn't matter to me personally don't give up one make an innocent and so. I'm not want to all the low. So did you know like. Aunts and is asking like how would you know teachers or how well Lesnar won when he tested so. It's realizes in drug testing starts in April in an artist if you're not in the drug program. That's the only time you get tested in usually yield to test until team. It's really expensive descended drug test all around the country where these guys are insensitive to a team everyone's in one spot to hold off during those four months. You are not tested on the cop where you're not tested. From September. Through march so it starts ironically on April 20 not skating we're doing. So if you if you are not smoking by march 20. All right well I social and I was just trying to explain to. Like why you know he might have you know why there might be pot union YE you might be okayed smoking right now because they're not gonna get caught in less. You get pulled over so he won't play and with you know an ounce and half on you then that's that's a problem for the poli. This is not based on anything our goods are my. Paragraph with that that's to be attacked. Got a you gotta be stupid in the NFL to pass or fail the NFL drug test 'cause you know. What was said they'll bobbled a big smoke marijuana on the percentage 6% to 5% notes that over fifty. Like this is west look at it didn't go up five guys on the team has been like fifteen guys who they are saying. I would guess it probably did do a little while ago somebody tip you rob a drug test of the government. You and then you don't have the discipline did a spot for a little bit. Last year no joke the NF LPGA. Tweeted out I'm march 20 one on the way. Hey that they're gonna start drug testing and I think it's coincidence right in one month away. I'm in. A lot of things muscles and ponies are there some happened earlier lion metal me Nolan video airline. Policy now than I had to make sure. Started checked Twitter and do this at the same time. I know vote news. So. We mentioned earlier. Would you take a back on when your deal of course I take them back on a one year deal you'll end up back all year do you. Yet there's another one that's at Washington will be in on oh but I don't know I think he should get the biggest hawk he should take the biggest offer he's got this year it will with that. Other than that this talk of you know taken a one year deal waiting until an external think that's a good idea. I would take whatever you can get right now. It's a 350 pound guy like how how many of those are playing until they're 33 or shall not many. Obama let access to see what the franchise tag was I could remember what it is a little over thirteen. I'd thirteen voice for our right thirteen point four million you're looking for two man. I edit this out by yes the chiefs can't even. The chief and even it franchise tag the they couldn't even at them. So what are we talking about a free agency gonna I gonna do anything in free agency. I think it's like get up for all one year deal for Don target totally jetBlue what he's talking about that it would happen. Have to be a multiyear deal we you can mess round the cap but they go back look at Berry signed an eighty million dollar contract in his cap hit this five million this year so if you want to get somebody in a you can't it's gonna cost problems on the road for shirt but you don't work something in this year you want. I just don't think that that's you know two or cease MO two put them in such a bad cat position went down there did she then like. In a really good cap position I think actually they've been a good team they spend most of their money. And I think they're really gets. I did a good Kathy position up to this point I think they're now at the point where it's like. You probably need one or two more free agents that solidified your team a little bit and now you don't have to capitol ago do you will the ball have to get pulls out of here for the seven million have you know eight million bucks could love that Graham marsh mobile. Two years twelve million dollars I would love that contract that she's probably opposite side of Macklin so that you have embarked. So but they don't they don't film inside the NFL in my city that the duke the giants well in a martial beat theaters. I think he's the type of guy like Q did that foreign media. Are always like like you know after playing career there. So like I guess I look at it I think they've done a good job with their cap to every year I think they've made one freeagent mood that solidifies our roster a little bit more. The capital Buick this year when your all league year. It what are you what what are we doing here like all good. And all the for the team's gonna come from free agency. Mean let's let's say. You know I'd I'd agree do you this year what they're going to be a pretty good team and make the playoffs in the right up against the cap which like logically that makes sense to me. In the next year let's say you take eighteen million bucks off the books in you replace it with two million. It's sixteen million dollars in taxes just because you talk to your quarterback. I mean that's like it all comes back to that you know the quarterback on a rookie deal so. Mike I think down the line that's kind of what it looks like if you go look at some of their. You elect the chiefs' roster in the future what they have a really strong core. Group of guys that are going to be here for awhile like through 2019. In any sharks talk about you don't work is Peters in those guys start and come up. Where it's gonna get some some are real real real money. What did you make Obama aired bears presidents George and yet he's he's grow. I could believe how much of a family affair laws in your illegitimate. Mom and dad uncle uncle Lou there. Hold she spat within the bad sub Reggie in the back yeah did you wanted to pick like. Staff photo after that yeah that would like it seemed like a legitimate vehemently a fair I'm being there in that that comes off. In the way that you everything Gary does what you can tell the duke was brought up right. He has some great parents clearly who our theory involving their lives like I. Mann act are I would be jealous of that it's he's got a great head on a shoulder after tearing teens you know forty million dollars in the he's talking like. Like you can tell he's a grown up dude can seize like. Talking about not being rich and be wealthy you know we're he was like I would invest in things that are going to you know keep going down on the road in. He's not just going to look out Mike. By ship to a select invests in companies so that his money becomes like you know more generational. Orbit it's I think it's incredible he's extremist. We're coming up on thirty minutes let me ask students. Do we think third chiefs may Katie. And jobs are our restart referred questions still for one it's an active do you think the chiefs will be a free agency one being not. Active at all to his being the most aggressive team in the NF. Or for hockey to be active on the on the aren't like next week. You on the like who steal Abdul types of movements that now there for awhile to come into play will roll forty I think the get a number of those guys. CJ Spiller types you know got guys like that I think they might get beat you get one medium size freeagent. You know guy elected the first couple days where European a few million bucks a year to like maybe they get one of those guys they can afford that. I'm just depends like who comes up. There's other players is going to be surprised cuts to. On the are not expecting some of those veteran guys. So I think the explorer. You know some of those yet seen. One medium size freeagent in a number of those like lower end guys. Who often not often sometimes end up being pretty damn good signs. Dorsett kind of had a decent actors you know. Poland the Reno and you've got to discard island tournaments. And so you know what did you make of endorse these comments about the quarterback position Atacama. I mean so he said basically none the none of these guys are ready to play either read them if people read her I was Paloma. But come yet know so I think this mean honestly like in XP think they're even more likely to draft a quarterback now because. That's exactly the type of guy that the chiefs need somebody use you not rate a player right now Samie they can coach that's what the classes. In the chiefs have already said publicly multiple times Alex is starting next year. So you just need that like somebody to come in and sit for a year where there's absolutely no pressure and whoever comes in. If they draft again the first couple rounds it's going to be clear as day that there's no pressure for star. By the very convenient thing to save because if your stance has been this entire time then we know who our starters for 27 team. I didn't expect you to get in the same breath the same meanest report advocates or do you want. I it's your pocket for backup quarterback essentially the moment you say we know who our starter is how many times we need to say that number I was Dorsey is that it whitlock and for. I've told you the coaches told you the owners told June the ghost Alomar and soldier audience saw June. The house is going to be to start this year so then at the top bind you Vince I want not he's got to starters. It's already think I'll look at forced are looking for a good backup quarterback and one you can't develop so I felt like he kind of gave them information about quarterbacks. That light. Wasn't really information does not really what she's like this in good draft at home could move up the draft homes. Not start for the chiefs next these are also what happens like thick trap at homes thirteenth overall a bit its name it we gotta go get the skated to move up to get them. Out of the starting next season IPO. Right now and and I'd agree with you I think you know there's a chance that Dorsey was asked being honest. You know and that there really isn't like any day one guys here I mean I think that's like. I don't I don't think that was them in mind blowing corporate he'd use a lot of people about the last obviously. Top guy even though will be at the top. But yeah I don't. I don't really think that as much of an effect on what the chiefs were doing. I knew I did often like yo paralysis by announces trying to look that way you Dorsey said. Mean liquids and message and sometimes he's just like. Just say that you you know immediately it's probably some you know there's a lot of truth to that a lot of people think about the class. But I don't think it has any theory on whether the teacher. Or are you are come are. Argue keep up what did yeah yet know I keep up with that. A lot of times it just appeals like some guys you know the eight masterly pass it he should your receiver unit take him just because he's fast market. You know that's I don't I don't feels like a lot of clouds. Too much information. I think it'll. At least this year as last yellow and transition into it is. I'd like running back was really productive position this year at the combined. Always kind of felt this way about the running back position by. Good thing look of more running back this year good spot yeah like. Well I mean you know nine and seven I was a pick 59 you got that you take 91 you got. But due to reporting kid from Texas you got to third round picks I think is igniting wanna pick 106. Like a really good position as a running back this year. I know the one guy wonder about there's going to be a tumble as delta Coke it's you we talk about the com minded guy he tested like that. Essence you know. They're not often drafted luckily I'm running backs. It's something that's so it is like. Explosion numbers support that I'm so I wonder if he's gonna slip a little bit. And that makes me very intrigued. At 27 album because there. And then you know obviously this discussion will go and others. At some point. Chill makes in its cheese please. Arm pass blocker he always talks that these guys or can they make that pick twice though. That's a that's. You're the first guy you work your your gonna get a lot of a lot of angry people although I will say I hope this isn't like the sentence was and that's almost like a market. The guys trouble. To find the right one. More trouble. As you type re he'd be opposed. So I do think that. I think about that do your homework on the dude and it was this. You know you just use you use can look at the guys in. And figured all. Each player I don't think quite. Necessarily. Like they need Tyreke works of their more likely to take Joseph Nixon I think they're two entirely different valuations. I thought about a from the market inefficiencies stamp I always focus away with marijuana and I was like ready Gregory now some other stuff is. I can only go up based what I read I never talked to Randy Gregory I don't have the information in the reserves the teams do. But if you thought this kid to be the ninth overall pick. He's been out of it now is that out in the cycle and the only thing is let's again I've got to take a look at the clear market inefficiency a preclude to find some of the Dodgers it's been good. That's when he stepped in and you know you do year you you do your work on the player like. Holy (%expletive) like this student knew he was getting tested and he still smoking lead in the end it's in the league suspended again like you know. Don't question about marijuana march Arabia's bright I did get it when might actually be on the field and see if he's in Boston with marijuana. So you know like at I think that just doesn't like each each person's gonna be different. I agree with you man how would the I don't know how they would. That would be. Tufts now that's what you sold them we would you salt Tyree till last year. And I. In the market inefficiency of you can get a kid that. Probably in the top fifteen talent you could select them because some team will have a mom abort some teams more interview with a minute won't work them out. I will say this. More so than any other draft pick you better be right or Joseph Mexico has another incident. That's like your getting into arable. I would say then that the backlash becomes news because. I tell every Joe's got to the a's it's another another incident. I think the payments would just say hey you give the second chance up for merchants now maybe that regular isn't reached that point he was so good this year. But we will look past it but Joseph Mexican I think because there's the video of this so much yet. The video in it's been publicized so much were no idea who Tyreke Gil was going to last Oakland I. It never heard of them and then he got drafted and it took like five minutes of Google. Hold on you know I mean I. Have a draft tyra took an X on the air 'cause beaded village rapture goes right the whole time Ira Roland. I remember I was like I've heard this name before I just couldn't I didn't put two and two together I think is in Oklahoma State. And about cougar like it was an Oklahoma State worker rely iGoogle like all yes I did a lot of people abuse your op art group eligible feel like myself. That kind of Rico moment acting like after. This kid before like I I know this name before. As it is at west Alabama like Saudi your battle from west Alabama and you find out why he was no longer at Oklahoma State. I think that the GA distinct adding that's the question with Nixon there's no question. I think in terms of talent. Think he's the bird is running back in class I think once for net to his delving cook breeze Joseph makes. I've but it might disagree with abaco cordial mix and but the outlook report net thing become one Alec tablet over the use the other back. Of the which. A bigger recommend just. McCaffery maybe that elect them elect candidate. Yet McCaffery LX four bit out of Texas like this year running back I think is pretty deep tonight you can find good value you have to the 27 they are running back. And I think T like this each line is he gonna be the cowboys are the raiders but I think they're gonna. You know. Continue to get better the next couple years has a fairly young we are all these dues and contract. I think the line something any yet better. The W do offer you any back on.


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