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03/08 9a - Romo, Big 12 Tournament, Breaking KU News

Mar 8, 2017|

Romo rumors surface again and the Chiefs are mentioned, its Big12 tournament week in KC and K-State is the only team that mattes plus some breaking news from KU

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Broke another. Yeah. Well. You don't. I. Yeah oh. Yeah. Who's gonna do that have been behind whom Britain. Mess them cleaned it up. And major terrorist. Getting arrested yesterday and charged with felony possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia down in Bates county. Missouri which is just south of here he's 25 years old he's a male he's from Kansas City, Missouri is middle initial is M and he was released that's the police report at firing so that happened to Demetrius terrorist. And we'll find out what's gonna become that the teams were not aware of the situation what we call them this morning but I'm sure they are doing their due diligence on it now they will get their statement out that says we now are aware of the situation and we're gathering more information so there you have it. With Demetrius Harris arrested yesterday at 4:22 PM. In Bates county Missouri and has been old officially. Or released big news from Kansas City you've got it on your laptop over the as the zoo this is cool man no matter how you feel about this person to school news out here for an edge here in fan or not but this morning through. ET online. He exclusively put out as North American tour dates ain't Kansas City is the kick off date June 29 at spreads that are will be the first. The like the very first concert of edge here is North American tour. After came out his album divide of last one Friday that's pretty cool so that's big and look at big time again starts in June point I think Kansas City ends October 6 in Nashville. And it's several stops through California including Los Angeles on August 10 so. Big news for Kansas City to get one of the biggest stars on the planet right now an music to kick off its North American tour. Experts and. And I'll would be possible there's an NBA or NHL friend Gaza by Google yeah. It is June 29 dad which means you beat out all those teams that have NHL and NBA franchise around that date I'd by the way all those cities and all those Arenas they have NBA they got to at least eight even as a playoff game or something going on 129 thing NBA season is long gone it is it's way over by an incident there's no conflict I mean maybe that lots of training camp starts suffering an exhibition games. Gone green is free that day is for everybody else and that's you know that's that's and he could even better you can Saturday. Yet so he's kicking it off since February this was the date where he kicked it off because there was nothing going on the arena he's kicking it off in June were every arena is available and days so. That's awesome news for four kids city and at pretty cold cabbage you're opening his tore here. And and that goes back to you know what we needed new arena. Because this is what happens you know we sit in a world of sports sports sports you forget that the arena does so many other things other than sports sports sports and have a big act like it shared open up that goes back to the connection we have with eight EG in and being part of the arena. This is one of their main venues. And when you have a deal with AEG. You get the biggest acts in town and if we never built the new arena and we did have sprint center we would be giving. These big acts years we talked about before the arena when people were starting to skip Kansas City because of the conditions here Kemper arena and they are playing all bond a mole in in which time places around us they were coming to us now. Not only are they coming to us one of the biggest stars in the music world is kicking off his North American tour right here in Kansas City and the people that are in town this week continue to rent cars thinks that's right exactly right continue to read those cars and to do good things are. There was a series of tweets that went out yesterday by Ed werder of ESP and yes familiar with the Ed werder yeah the name NFL insider. Four ESIs study hard out Brett Favre all day at far I was unaware that he was actually do another thing he does others he does other things and what's interesting about it is is it Dennis tweet became news in the bottom line for ESPN. And somebody asked him on Twitter where does Tony Romo one to go and he said Denver Houston and Kansas City. And any but the caveat in there but Kansas City really is interested in Tony Romo. And that's the one that really got the back here in my back standing up a little bit going wait a second here. Tony Romo is interested in you but you're not interested in. Him what the hell is going on over there at arrowhead. Why Alex I don't care. I don't care that's like waking up in the morning rush and I thought yeah that's like waking up in the morning and finding out the hottest woman on planet earth like this is like George is the end of finding out that. What's her name on. Or Chris Larry I was Tomei is interested in him. But he's already committed to Susan so like there's nothing he can do about it even though he's really wanting to do something about it. Wait win one of the quarterbacks of the south and could use you real opportunity to women and raise your level of play to the next level says. I'm interested in you you looked askance it would Marissa Tomei and start sneaking around behind Susan's back and fighting and if there can be a marriage bets made are because he's injury. It's like high school you're just in to meet checked yes no maybe a Tony openly Jesse actors getting kicked a city and sixth with a five. You're not advocating Alex Smith lick envelopes are you now okay. I I'm advocating the chiefs and he's interested in us we need to do something about this. Not a lot of times the hot chick is injured interested in us and here we have somebody that. Would be positioned. According to their reports. They don't bacon like him without telling us their liking us again. Rumbles got options. And less it's a straight line path you're not getting when mouse and premium straight path. Tony Ramos coming to Kansas City. Tony Romo is opening up his bidding to several teams that he is Anderson in if he ever gets guys. You have to you have to stick it out Smith until that point. At least hear rumblings though some kind of rom I think at chiefs could be interest or at least they're wanting illicit or something like that I think just by their name coming up. Somebody saying something I think it hurt their name is in every single one of these and I can't believe it's just because keyboard to speculating that they might one month from counts. I think you could it is speculation I don't. Well just there's just wrong possibility in my mind that everybody knows except for the people at one arrowhead drive there's a strong possibility that that pass though is that it dysfunctional relationship and often times and any dysfunctional relationship the last people to find out. Are the people actually in the dysfunctional relationship right so I look at that same way with Alex Smith in the in the chiefs everybody. Has pretty much come to the side of the chiefs need a different quarterback to get over the hump they've a phenomenal roster every single position outside the quarterback position. Of the people at arrowhead I don't I don't think they see yet well. In and that's the interesting thing because the three blind mice Clark in the and Dorsey. Are sitting over here and they're not recognizing that they need to do better and they are really the only three. That matter and so you've got basically. You know you've got basically the prom queen showed us her boobs and in your gonna managers and I've got you know this and I was actually that he round queen doing that we'd be more portrait that's fine round but it but it still might not shining Tony or abilities. Prompt eyes he's better than does the you know the they the day you got. You know he's he's better at worst we're up against the third runner up I mean I mean I want but he's a guy they who'd still like us an error vary talked yesterday and I'm excited about everything they're pairing us disabled in my mind keeps go back do you buy and its Alex Smith yeah but we're at it and I think out of their guests inspects and zinni has really wanted to say easily the court. Like like he's the yeah well and when the ball is the most important part of your. That's not a good thing in the news these folks keep continually saying how great the roster isn't the best roster in the NFL. And that you get this yet but looming over your head they beat Kansas City Chiefs would be the hands on favorite. To win the west and possibly even the AFC this year they have the best roster. To back. The perception of the chiefs would Dewey won eighty. From where it is right now people look at that she's as it gets a very nice team got a great roster. They got Alex Smith is their quarterback and it took. We've seen Alex between what he can do you dated Alex for a while now. You're familiar with his quirks you don't like the way he believes the sell on the playing Terry doesn't flush the toilet or whatever it is that he does you don't like. And it. Asked the so away. Let's give him an opportunity let's give him a chance. And the entire free world like you're right I was seeing this except for the three blind mice and they see. That they can do better I don't like about the Tony rubble was interested in the chiefs yesterday. We would be having this are you a station but it's a totally different conversation because worker who lives in Dallas and the facility all the times as well always interested in the chiefs. And tray we go so that he thinks Kansas cities the best fit the best fit now. There are a lot of people out there and up that I looked Ivan look that tax line avid checked Twitter mentions because right around 810 everything just started blowing up mommy and I decide I checked it's my set small conferences should be allowed to get hammered for that I'm. I'm sure I. Look at a I expected it I said. Uh huh what I sought out alone all I'm sure that that was like the latest events the last. I'm not had to look the idea that stuff but I can already see in my mind the tax line saying Tony Romo gets heard all the time Tony Romo is not good enough. If you get Tony Romo Ron says that he has more success in the post season that Alex Smith because he hasn't in the past. So for that response that I'm sure is coming and let me paint a picture for a look at. Tony Romo gets released by the Dallas Cowboys he then takes a flight to Denver meet with John Elway he becomes the Broncos quarterback and a healthy Tony Romo takes the Broncos would it. Easily thirteen and three season. One of the best defense in football healthy CJ Anderson eternally glad to see various Thomas Sander eagle Sanders. It then it. The Broncos become the unstoppable force in not winning in in their the chances of winning the AFC west for the cheese diminished greatly almost 200. To zero they become the third at best team in the end they have if nearly the worst quarterback clearly the worst in the AFC west it's not so conversation this is your flip side. If you wanna gamble and say well Tony Romo is not that good in the playoffs let's just rolled out smack. It more than Tony Romo goes to Denver. They're going to probably have a better record in the chiefs especially when you consider there to play at third place schedule Latin next year while the chiefs are playing a first place schedule right. So that's the other thing great night beauty toll rowboat a third place schedule but probably what in the west count are eagerly awaited as a wild card so even if you don't think Tony Romo is that good in the playoffs or might not be better than Alex Smith in the playoffs. You're the worst seat as a result of him going somewhere else. Counterpoint to that which they will say it would be able to but it's only a two game difference of the scheduled two games in the NFL's a big deal we're talking about my blessed right would you rat would you rather play the patriots. And the Steelers or would you rather play. The jets and the titans I mean that's the difference right there but those are you know. That's the difference between a first place scheduled to third place get him appears to the Steelers. Or playing the jets in the titans I mean it's just another way that it is so Romo is interested in the chiefs. But the three blind mice aren't interested in Tony Romo. Coming up what athlete has the opportunity to do Eric Berry did yesterday in the very future will tell you who it is next. I forced dangerous terrorists arrested. Melanie they're saying a felony marijuana possession charge and not saying that's in the press reports felony possession of marijuana possession of paraphernalia. For Demetrius Harrison the chief released a statement yet on this and she's getting out front of this. Now you know but. Amid a big deal though is eight kilograms or Seattle from more than 35 grams less than 35 kilograms this felony possession in the state Missouri and it. 35 grams or less you can still be charged with just with intent to distribute but he wasn't charged with that they don't believe that he was intended to distributed based on how was packaged. That's your neighbors Europe mets' dugout like. It depends usually if it's packaged looking like it's ready to be sold then you get the and intent to distribute a matter how many. How much we you have if you have more than 35 grams and it doesn't appear as if you are looking to sell it. Well then that's felony possession when I look at what our well. All very possible with Arkansas where there's just markedly better weed and decide to drive back up through Missouri. To Kansas City and during that drive yesterday afternoon got Popper felony possession. That's your kids supplanted affected there better read Arkansas on on the way you said it don't matter yeah. Everybody I'm now asked got to know. And I think it's additionally legal. In. It in Arkansas a really it's only just recently passed them so. We don't know that he was going to or from Arkansas but we know I 49 goes that way he's from Arkansas so they levees that connect the dot to deceive the eighties act. A to BC as you know as a to have the blue sure worked at the pool store told spent a couple hours ago. I'll talk about air Darius and Josh you were out there you saw Eric Berry signed his new contract or part of the press conference yesterday and think about like legacy vs money and where he talked about a typical I left I was taken less money to stay here in Kansas City and well like to believe that's true. And I think the cynical side of us on hasn't come and I and I don't think less money just stay. But did he just he took less money to state media outscored took less money the state maybe Eric Berry did take less ways and we don't know. If he took less money to say we only have to go based on what he said. At yesterday's press conference and were starting to seem more more athletes kind of do dad. And look at the fact that you know what I got what I want here in Kansas City it's good here in Kansas City. I don't mean to dull crossed the street from 83 more million dollars or five more million dollars in guaranteed money. When I've got all the creature of comfort right here in Kansas City. And what I was listening to this press conference yesterday right here live exclusively on sixteen and Sports Radio. I couldn't help but continued to draw a line from Eric Berry to Eric Hosmer and thinking about what Eric Berry would say and what are very was saying. And how that was directly relatable to Eric Hosmer I'm comfortable here I know the dessert guy I and like my coaches and I loved the fans got to work at the city and it's fun coming to work. And I'm thinking about all of that stuff in my warped mind guys I'm going. That's got to be the exact same thing that her customers thinking about right now look at the stuff that Eric Berry is laying out heat right now. And for me it was very consciously for him baby was subconsciously maybe he doesn't think about it at all. But what Eric Berry was laying out yesterday when he was speaking was the exact blueprint. For why Eric possibilities are recited in Kansas City. And out of their dairy was making his pitch to Eric Hosmer but it sure as hell to me sound like that's what great sales pitch. And Eric Berry was making to Eric Hosmer. In the chiefs and royals the loyalists to call Eric Berry Travis Kelsey and get those two guys in a row with their periods say. Are there customers say and tell this guy like you guys decided to stay here in Kansas City and make the case ram because both of those guys in Dini Duffy but portly buried yesterday in teenage proud to live in this town and excited to live in this town and he sold it to city better than any visitors and convention bureau could do to an out of Stater what are we talked a lot about the royals clubhouse. Close chemistry chemistry and a air here on how many times he said he yesterday a bunch. Nobody ever count for chemistry. You know you try to put priced. Different things but you can't you can't account for chemistry came you can. A lot of people don't count but it won't take that into consideration knows a big part of my. Thinking in the whole process. Have been. My family and his organization army. It meant a lot. Because you don't get that everywhere you know the business out of business. And the business side apparently completely handled by his agent because he wanted to be here was a comfort level for him it was a it was a relationship with a with a team with his. Friends on the team with his coach is with the community. Yeah I mean there's a direct tie in work I walked out of that sand boy out of authored Berry was in any of these contract negotiations. Because it just felt like you deal with the money I wanna be here. And his agent says okay and I'm so gonna get you the highest paid contract and I'm not gonna leave you any money in the table which you might not have in this case maybe not as was the highest paid. The highest paid safety in in the NFL forty million guaranteed. Like we'll take care view but. Air brakes has talked about his teammates making others better is like he's a stud who is an absolute stud and that guy you want on your team not only is he really good. He cares about making everyone else around him good. He basically assigned himself to be an assistant coach yesterday yeah. I will now now it's not my goal Natali del they needed to elevate other since like. OK I get that you need those type of guys and any controls other things like you mentioned by being Kansas City. He's being he's the highest paid at his position. Quality Kansas City and play for franchise that that. He blogs news life doesn't suck right now Chad Spector at right. That's Eric Berry's agent and he's also very parties agent and it he's also CJ Spiller is agent right and it appears as if he used that leverage. It trying to get the Obama they're buried to get deals done for CJ Spiller and borrow Dubin a toady who. That. That man it deserves everything he gets because Chad's back to his Gotti commission gal a lot of the bottom 10%. We used to think our guys man pretty goods and this guy a suspect may be better for us. I of his very natural dancer that's actually a guaranteed jazz that can't cancel it can't dance like Steve inspector putts. Ted specs like must be pretty sweet right now that's a big time deals to pull off in a very short period of time no question about it man that guy. That I cashed checks literally like in in two weeks cast a lot of checks. For being the agents and I guess I am having hard time does that then that's something rewarding but like. I'm still sit here and amazement like. I wanna be here now it's now cool that this has become a place where dudes won Thabeet. And it's cool to see that our guys we race like for years we talked that we just want that one home world player to stay here in Kansas City. Well now start to see him one by one by one sign these contracts and bowl sides the parking lot. And stay here in Kansas City from Travis Kelsey to Eric Berry to Danny Duffy to Alex Gordon. All the boxes or do you check and giving us his fans. Finally not only teams that we can rally behind but guys and players that we can now officially call our own. And look at and say they are Kansas City. Because for about a twenty year spell their after George retired to where we are right now we have that guy except maybe Mike Sweeney left at the ad and went went to other places but we can't have those guys that called Kansas City their own and we called them all hours and now we've got. The minimum right now or of those tootsie. Our defense weaned on our Mallon now. There wasn't like it was like he big time Kansas and now you're not in anyway shape or form so if Sweeney was was that guy he's like yes he was very much the exception to the rule of right I mean he was that one guy who stayed around Kansas City when he didn't have to fight and use very appreciated for that. But now we're C a that's that's that's becoming the rule yeah like the Mike Sweeney exception is becoming the rule in Kansas City were guys were homegrown prospects are homegrown players here. They wanna stay right there wanna stay for the long term that's a really cool things I mean you'd seen in the past from Brandon Flowers to Brandon Carter's recent guys that just. Laughter Branden Albert left got like guys left during free agency. That you're seeing the rule is you're right Mike is becoming guide stay and I think now moving forward if we lose somebody were almost like. Healy you ought to stay here in the city in the past was he could get out of Kansas City. Fast enough coming appear on sixty at sports radio and head out to surprise Arizona we may check in with. Terrence gore as well via the speedy outfielder. For the Kansas City Royals will also it will racquet discussion as well because the turning kicks off there's one team only. In the big twelve championship. They can prove something either good or bad will tell you who it is next. Salvage Johnson who had the job it's worth the headphones on people around them what does this whatever pop. Whenever notes Bob glass about your car speakers that's our slavery and he says that we don't want us while we're waiting on board though I game. I've been looking at the amount of coverage of Joseph makes its pro day. And I think the NFL is gonna have egg all over space here curt out allowing Joseph makes we go to come by because what they've created it. Is essentially everyone McClain and his dad his imploding every team there every media outlets there every networks there everybody's going to be talking about Joseph makes in today that. I said it was a mistake back on the stand idle until mix and I would won in nearly but. Not allowing him to go to the club it was a major mistake by accident itself ends look at the amount of coverage today and then of course I'm looking at Twitter and seeing hash tag you know national international women's day. I like town toy phrase let's add that on top of it he. So ESPN and every other networks going to be basically wall to wall coverage of Joseph makes his pro day with a little bit of Brandon Marshall being Simon the giants peppered in there. And that's gonna be the entire day of coverage for sports right so by not allowing Joseph makes me go to the com by the NFL essentially I may do with their heart in the right place but still. Handed Joseph makes an an entire day cup whole day you're you're absolutely right about that might hadn't. Really you know consider would be the entire day but were kind of in bank is it'll ramps up tonight for the big twelve championship macabre sermons get hot and heavy now going into the into the week. But today you know you a couple of mid major still going on what not Joseph makes it is going to be the story and that's why the NFL made a big mistake in not only did you put your year teams at a disadvantage and an inconvenience ought to go to Norman Oklahoma for this thing. But you put the spotlight until Nixon and his go to these anyway but. Yes but stale I don't every single team would be there on but that maybe placing Oklahoma every team might send somebody there anyway right but this is all about Joseph makes it's all about him and nobody else and had nothing Gaza coverage of it all right that's exactly so you wanted to basically. Prevent him from being in the spotlight the Columbine we give it my whole day ET game hold. SI I think in the end it backfires in the NFL they wanted to not make the come by and about Joseph makes it well. Now everybody's gonna make everything about Joseph makes it that yeah and it's just it's tough because. You wanna send the right message after the NFL you don't wanna so well Joseph makes me come because we don't have his pro day be the limits it's it's a tough statement to have to give. It's tough statement to say well we're gonna allow it to come by because we don't want a day of coverage going to him on his pro day. But. That's what's happening the flip side is they come out they say we don't wanna allowed Joseph makes in the come to the NFL com by your Levy's worthy of the NFL com. Get this it's there's there's an argument for that is well they talk situation for the NFL when it comes to doing the right thing it. With players like Joseph makes there wouldn't talk about telmex and obviously at the Columbine everybody would been focusing on. Him for a for a little bit of time but I don't think he would have a whole day we had to be shot Watson would talk you know we care about Joseph Nixon didn't exactly and then you know you got to united JJ watts brother performing off the charts every talk about him Sony. It would have evolved but today you basically gave him an entire yeah and nobody else of note like if you it missed the interview wise mr. risky. Joseph makes him the shot Watson. That's right that's how you do it because you try to bury him right try to bury him amongst all other players that would make headlines. That's exactly right by the way DD Westbrook also senior. And if a product and you also I was domestic and that's going to be it's going to be a big day and not an arm that enormity of obviously big day here in Kansas City and we've got the big twelve championship tipping off field guide to tipping off tonight I'm TCU Oklahoma first game Texas Tech Texas the tendency which is just an embarrassment for the university Texas they suck. I'm so their number ten but they the only compelling interesting meaningful. Team in this whole big twelve championship guys. Is Kansas State as the bubble team that they are the old eighteen in this and higher turn and it. Backing gain or lose something. By their play here in Kansas City now may be NC Baylor or West Virginia or. Iowa State or Oklahoma State maybe they could lose you don't have to be an eighth or nine Anderson of the united their ten or something like packet right. But Kansas State is the only team. That has a compelling story line one way or the other with what happens here in Kansas City not one other team nobody playing tonight. And nobody playing tomorrow with the exception of Kansas State. Has an extreme interesting story line. Like the wildcats because they can play themselves into the turn and they can play themselves out of the tournament they can play themselves into another year Bruce Weber they can play themselves out. A Bruce Weber here in Kansas City. Very very very kind of schizophrenic type of team and in your case state danger going down there with a law that mixed emotions over the next couple days to figure out what's gonna happen your ballclub nobody else is dealing with. The only other the only compelling story in the entire big twelve turn meant in a big part of that has to do with the lack of teams in the big twelve. May yet ten teams how many of them could legitimately be on the bubble every year. Probably want to step one year ago that aura or in the NCAA turn it we're talking yet lie I'm talking about like on the bubble team you know like teams where they could be yen could not the end of conference term it is really relevant for them and comfort to ten teams you might get one or two year. And if this had a twelve if they were twelve and probably get two or three it would make it a lot more compelling. It was just two extra teams. I know that I can expand but. That and you don't obviously you don't want to expand just to make the big twelve tournament brightness midge more compel say you don't know other ethnics and we have a good candidate hit the summary ASEAN. Has that story tomorrow there's an announcement. Yeah may you might think it's. That's freak out and everything I've buddies and like if you have a bigger conference then it you have more teams that are on the bubble and have a more compelling comfort sternum but only ten teams. One team on the bubble that becomes compelling it becomes a story line. He can hopefully I did this next couple of days is a tuna for Kansas maybe it'll Los another system type thing. You know as they but if you get to Saturday went belly prices that mentality dollar how to win every single game the rest of the year. But you know that's how people feel the applause out of their system just curiosity right now. If Iowa State beat Kansas I'm gonna say it's different and yet the I honestly I I would be disingenuous. Saying my access of time off is the right. I think Dexter game night outing against the West Virginia Baylor team it's physical or don't have that. Yeah it may be extra. Hated to stop yourselves that this is having any hurt was a good thing I'm already Marty talk myself into that's so loss would be good for Kansas the so this is the number one overall seed got nothing to gain from the state Iowa steal it can be awesome game to market weight to get them there may be the best game. It could be the best in term eight but if you get here at Iowa State on Friday atmosphere is going to be inside that building because of those things. Like West Virginia is not gonna do a whole lot Taylor's night and Abdul you know the fourteenth playing tonight have no shot of getting into the NCAA tournament they iron in and you're not compelled by can TCU gave in to via the NIC what is if they win tonight all gets on the post season which is good for their what's great program yet but no not a compelling outside that store down and I am not and not at all bubbles except for Kansas State and Kansas State's only one they can. And really. You know figure out what it with the remainder of the season with an extra layer of their 20. The extra layer is Bruce Weber by winning by beating Baylor anti peace West Virginia than there and no matter what right. If they get to Saturday and it yet then there and then Bruce wherever your head coach K stay right now Syron got us on anywhere. Do you think that they beat Baylor sixty beat Baylor but they don't beat west or did they get to Friday. Is Kansas State in the term that they're close built up well obviously yeah around the country and other ones by right. And their Darren. Good shape I think if they. I think they are probably just two wins over Baylor which is at it which is it a two seat in the tar you know there are able went over West Virginia if they're able to take care business against West Virginia right in on Friday their no matter what if they beat Baylor and then lose to West Virginia or I guess Texas or Texas Tech. Then as the it's gonna be attempt all right that's good pit total costs up and I. I don't know it'll probably be a 5050 shot that they get and so there's no guarantees edit they get the Friday either investigate this Saturday to guarantee either I think if you play Baylor and West Virginia the bottom half that bracket packets and two more high quality wins in which case statement very goods body and if they were to lose in the final on you know they Wear purple man go K state let's do this thing and let's push as many local teams is weekend in two. The NCAA turn let's let's saddle up and why not let's all it's for K state to get and it's better for us here in the area. And by they can I'm really OK state gets tentative there is partly because I don't think Bruce Weber is going anywhere anyway. Coach John Currie leaving its athletic director and not being able to get an athletic director and before the final four win. Most of the coaching searches happen because all the coaches are there and in the same place. That you're kind of stuck with Bruce Weber either way I case state. So I'd rather see Bruce Weber go out and in the at least I'm optimistic. You go to the next year coming off the tourney appearance than sticking around just because that is as a lame duck coaches because he couldn't get an eighty in time could we see. Oklahoma State fall out with a loss tomorrow more now. There it's a 100%. Iowa State could baseball out with a lost and they're a 100% so yet Kansas State is it they are the wall first vibrant. They are the one that has the story line in every storyline of the big twelve championship. Is all about Kansas State whether or not they get in and whether or not they convert her preserve their coach in Bruce Weber so very interesting stuff. I'm from Kansas State it all starts tomorrow. Down at sprint center of course our guys and in the mid day the after all the broadcasting live from northern pump down in the power and light so we're hoping to still catch up with our guy Terry scored down as a party or candidate and now very very hard. Very very hard to cancer or try new latitude. In a couple of minutes here on sixteen and Sports Radio overnight chief was arrested we'll tell you what is next. The biggest terrorist she's tight end up. It was arrested over the night felony possession of marijuana possession paraphernalia. Downing Bates county Missouri he was released out of jail. Of a felony possession of marijuana is what has happened to Demetrius terrorists also some news coming out of Lawrence Kansas this morning. There's does this falls into the value is really dig in because your distance K you Texas this. Our match tape Lawrence journal world. The US suspended Josh Jackson for Thursday's big twelve tourney game are for a February 2 traffic accident. That is where you spent attributed grew a bit on why it is busy July tellem he had he just left according to BellSouth her statement. Josh was involved in an automobile incident. That happened on February 2. When Josh back in a parked car campus and let the C without leaving contact information all the Josh was acknowledges responsibility. And has handled the himself he did tell me about it until Monday he should have left is contact information at the time and notified us immediately. I gotta be honest here a bit this is this is nitpicking now. This is really get picking. But it taxes you do it back to work hard and leave infamy has it that tape that's doll breaking the law I did that you don't. This this I mean this is so ridiculous that. Kansas is dealing with this Wright guy backed into a call or I don't make your car hit it eighty walk outside the parking lot get a date your bumper you have no idea I got there and there's no information that area that's had twice there yeah that sucks sucks yes it is the absolute worst but if if if the newspaper wasn't on such I digging expedition over their launch cancel you for fossils. Like this would need to be a story is in court today is an. March 27 I guess municipal court date and just I just I just find it to be so just. In serie. Feels like to me this is less expendable don't know why last. But they like he should have suspended after after the ouster was rice charged with with the vandalism right right midi ring dancers are some men and who knows this. I guess is just based there's no substitute I got a choice and now I had less valuable this got to suspend you you have no idea if he didn't do the other stuff was around the other stuff like. There's also questions just. I mean Diddy Diddy might say I'm guilty of that other situation. There is a kick in the car Farrakhan was it was the machine deputies say he was guilty. At an actress is this one of those things where like. Josh has to told them yet that's what happened yet and it's clearly it's in it's a violation that's why got three. He's there are three different things and it's what it's. In its head to drive an improper backing it and striking an unattended vehicle I mean he's lucky they didn't get. Eating getting hit and run type situation I mean that's the you can't leave. All you act he slammed his car he's got to be responsible for all I didn't do all that so no one game suspension his face whenever I just tired of hearing about. Like all of like all of these little things on the surface but he hit some huge car girls call. He'll know is closing 3000 dollars for the damage to call the thought I promise you that's not that's what is reduced to a misdemeanor. But like all these little things that they're just like stupid eighteen year old things. Or are now becoming this big thing because the stars out to get the jayhawks. Causes multiple. Things that are all may be small little precious and you say that I could I jayhawks doubters like hey just Jack's support package to somebody we hear from I don't disagree does not now funeral like right here for you got a piece of paper at all. Did he's not suspended for that. I disagree I think that's something that is suspended without really. Rather than the incident itself yes it does that's. Well maybe it depends he didn't tell them about it until Monday but if you told him right away ago. We're ready to go to told them right away oh by the way I'd Pactiv this car managed to roll I don't I don't know he probably had not that he did Bill Self visible gold dole gives the information to that person daycare would be an adult who after Agassi received the taken on February 7 and needed to held Bill Self about it until Monday. Do you tell us so that's that's kind of ask you this and I audience's question. Maybe his team rule are you supposed to tell your coach every time you get a ticket for parking I am I would think you probably do. So if you're Smart data court date for three counts after slated to somebody hardly drive and off they probably. Tell you that yes Ellis every segment same thing you do happens if they police officer gives you a ticket palace if it you have a court date. We need to know about that. Like even if it's a speeding ticket. Let us know so that we can see what happened and we know what's happening where we're aware of at all because the last thing we want. This big blind side a month after the fact like just actually did ask you though so that's fair that I just. Underdogs are tired of hearing about like minute things like it's just. Coming in when there's something will not doing mighty things that you are against you just have to houses can affect their chances of winning. Brought it it won't. Well you can't just lose this game. Where their play and what either Oklahoma or TCU yeah yeah I'd that's that's that's on them in and it is an ad and I'm just not doing or ranks legs might I. I heard it. Let's listen now to become the story at the big twelve championship the Josh Jackson back in the somebody's car announces he's suspended for four breaking the law firm. Hitting someone's car driving away without even a note. It's a big move him I don't disagree that in all it is is everybody's seen him and then they say hey I saw the car that drove off it looked like this and and they Witten look for that car they saw paint on the car because it'd be pretty easy to tell. If your car hit another one it's it's not that hard. So if there's anyone who even saw what happened they have a driver's life era license plate at all. It would be very hard for me as a Kansas fan I feel like now they're just looking for stuff on these guys that's the way I feel. That's the way I see it you can't help you steal you know I'd still like you're looking for stuff on please tell us why there is a fight to get. They are the sort of there's the. Or. Missouri it ever going to be a hundred teachers parents. And is up might Altman's goes faded out so hard I. Like chiseled and said things. Since Spain may end it's saying it may. Lincoln being in two minutes next.


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