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03/08 8a - Tourney Changes, Small Town or Big 12, Q & A, Top 10

Mar 8, 2017|

Proposed changes to conference tournament week, we play a game for gift cards to Twin Peaks, Q&A plus the Daily Top 10; out of towners

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right all right all right let's do it here commercial free over the next thirty minutes and I'm sixty and sports radio's ER every single day. Here on The Today Show we'll get started was it. Trust Gary Parrish and that are common. Memphis. And he proposed. Anti. Sodomy a funny guy does he not or fur and yes they got a. Believe it does yes see heat for CBS sports I guess I'll get us. He proposed the change to be that conference tournament right he'd repeat for people for four pros the chains. But he's temperature mr. were watching all these like little conference championships down the NEC was last night and the LA see an FBI the CIA or all of the summit West Coast and then northeast and yet they all liberal one bid apparently exactly you win your league you get it you when your if you win your conference championship beginning so at a school like who was it that started one in eleven wasn't so that was C south southeast Australia state right they started one and eleven this year but they won their conference tournament. There's a guy in it to the NCAA. Turned keeping the number one seed whoever that was out. Of the NCAA championship we saw northern Kentucky yesterday gated to the NCAA championship but the one that a lot of people are looking at right now it circled. Was Belmont. They've lost in the first round of their conference championship to Jacksonville State. And just the state went on in one of their league turn it negative in Belmont that nice season now was left at home doing nothing and basically see I don't know why I know that a deal VC and they you know me. I'm. Soccer. Thugs like act. My eyes about her and that's a Packard out though he sometimes you don't know me laugh yourself in Philadelphia or through. As well. Anyway so what basically this does these these answered league slowed and actually now is it. They'll Xeon C yeah unity yet has it should be activity I equipment one I quid each ragged island betrayed Gonzales and that team here right. So what would it basically does is that deal VC in the Missouri valley in some of these other leagues. They have these conference tournaments which everybody does in the winter that turned it obviously gets the bid to the NC double started rendering the entire regular season useless putting no emphasis whatsoever. Doesn't matter. Really it does not matter what you do. In the regular season and so Gary Parrish is like art and that's enough but that's applicable with the idea to make the regular season more. Meaningful and what he wants to do in these one bid leagues. Is take the number one seed in that league and give them an automatic bye to the championship game. And everybody else has the play to meet. That number one seed and he also wants to give them a ten nothing lead in the thought is it that championship game how can. I appreciate the outside the box thinking on that I don't really mind about by if you will. To the championship round but the ten point lead is a kind of a little ridiculous as well. To give a Mac so I put like three games to get to them in the final game and then beat downtown going to start when he gets soundly a great plan the battles that up or right to try to ensure that the number one seed the best team out of that league from the course of the regular season. Gates it'd you do put some value in the regular season because of the Missouri valley. Like Illinois State probably not going to get him when he seven gained 27 in six. And they're not gonna make the NCAA tournament so like what's the point of the regular season now while it's totally meaningless for those leagues. That is meaningless where some of the bigger leagues as well the regular season because it all matters what you do in these tournaments I mean my. The regular season in the big twelve doesn't really matter all that much. Really a whole lot I mean maybe a little bit more. But it does obviously the obesity and I mean that's that's set your stage for being able to give that to the to the tournament before your conference turn yet. Yeah a little it's more meetings no questions more meaningful but I want it to be even more meaningful in so I like geared nurses plan. A couple of tweaks that we can make as the only thing with that with those. The one if you say the one bid leagues yet you know you're gonna have all kinds of fight we're not a one deadly their times or should have three right exactly exactly so. The know your role part of that Friday very difficult probably convince these leagues like you guys are only one diddly really well usually take the power side out. And it is that it goes down everybody else that's the way wanted to take the power five but I was in the five leagues and think about this over the last couple days dude. We're giving. The hall of ten or eleven EC EC teams in the to the NCAA tour and that I'm having a hard time dealing with public eleven teams from the ACC. Let's bet that that's almost like half of the term it is going to be ACC team right and so I fastener of Georgia Tech was the coach of the year yes. He's twelve seater. Wrap it there on the ball yet they're on the bottom right path so. An ice period since he is really good ACC is hands down the best basketball conference in the country but what we could do to create more excitement during the regular season for everybody because we know the college basketball season in the regular season isn't that exciting. But we can do. Is created new rule now for the power five leagues that only half of your league. Can make it in and it's judged on. You know the regular season type of finish and then you crown your champion as well with the conference turned itself. If you're the ACC when it fifteen teams in that only seven teams from the ACC Mac's can game the big twelve can have five teams next. To get it makes the regular season vital and what we love we love upsets in the NCAA tournament. And regardless of whether or not Illinois State is a good team is at stake as it in the first round and knocks off Baylor that's considered an upset. But it in the first round to a state knocks off a team like Wake Forest nobody's looking at bat. As an upset in the NCAA turn it so this creates the opportunity for more of the smaller mid majors to create the upsets that we'd love. In the NCAA tournament and gives the opportunity for the regular season in those leagues to actually matter because these guys bust their ass all yearlong. She's buckets and you know so I think limit the amount of power comforts of schools that can get in and they create it's it's more little schools to get it. More upsets give in and everybody loves the upsets in the NCAA tournament plus. If you do that you don't. State probably not going to be the final four Belmont probably not gonna make the finals or because them the numbers prove out since the expansion to 64 in 1985. Only 21. Of the 12018 to make the final four. Or outside of the top four seeds so what's the difference of Belmont is in vs K state beat him or what's the difference of Jacksonville State is in. Verses. You know Wake Forest being to me the only thing it does has got to decree more upsets from non named instant name brands because at the end of the day if you're not the top four you're making a file for. I'm only complete opposite side this hour eliminate all small comfort to me and tell her I want I hate us. Hate hate small conference teams in the big in the NCAA tournament there are a waste of time they're nice story but they don't belong there are good enough. And that's why I've always thought to get rid of make a power five hermit because that's the real turn and you really listen to K state now in there why not sleep for at least there's these are players I've heard of on those teams. There's there's people like yeah I've I've actually watched on those teams. I think about it you have these automatic bids yet these South Dakota State's getting into the chance to actually doing things new case number to sixteen could upset a one if you had only power five conferences or I guess however many you actually have a the issue could expand its slightly to get 64 teams in that power five and then. Seemingly everybody can make retirement and then you have to be a little bit more careful your plan against that sixteen team BC Texas. Your stick. There are created in name brand of matchups in the first round I just I can't stand it. All the small conference teams going in there and then of course took to complain off. If the Missouri Valley Conference here complain about not making internment. That's pathetic. In the Missouri Valley Conference barely relevant residents. No which does state fans gonna get angry but be a problem move up in conference it to a larger conference. I want to eliminate the smaller conference teams entirely I don't think they'd bring in. So they're telling them you're you're gonna go all the Missouri valley and basically tell them eliminate a basketball program that's what you do start early. That's distort her own tournament and a secondary turn out seeing how does that eternity upsets are what people love cause it's totally turn it light beat the what the big people love the upsets in the NCAA term that's the driving force that's the show every pilot the show. Is Bryce drew or somebody hit a huge shot you know to knock off a top seed you see these little schools dance. That's the number one draw quite honestly for the first two weeks for the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. Are the upsets people love the upsets that's the driving force of the Obama says this is the first excuse of the first week it won't just upsets that schools that you've actually heard of it's it's it's not the same like I mean to me enough to pull up a map to figure out there are 64 power five schools anyway to have to play and the make it 32 I don't care and also artist artists don't wanna have small conference teams in there. All fighting for this bit all looked. Well as well as Seattle on don't hear it could go worthless in the NCAA says what it would determine it starts you're not allowed to speak when an upset to talk about back talk now about allowed to speak we're not gonna happen you don't you don't so watch I don't want it put out the reality of my existence one a lot of things that are realities of my existence but I addicts were forced to accept that you kicked me about it it was a great upset because you can't you duke major -- could be a great up said he did our. I don't think it should be in there the first place I think they show I think you should be more than atlas. A big ice can't limit them the big conferences. Any way shape or form because I want the best 68 teams in the best 68 teams. And more often and York was really get expert bill. Not really is always it always is gonna they really anchored now there's are are they better than the six place team in the big twelve. No did you complain about being the 69 team to one of the last four out. You do need to do better you know during the course I season bettering your thoughts turn cancer this year like all the ACC only get seven win the Big Ten may be down or the big twelve made it down. If if if the best teams are happy to be is deep as those conferences ago those of the best teams I want us policy yes would it make the regular season margin ago. All my gosh he stayed no on the cedar battling out for the final spot to be able to qualify on the big twelve yeah yeah. But I still want. The sixth place team in the big twelve the end if there one of those 68 best in the country. Is are we haven't seen runs before UConn is a few years ago or seven seed made a run all the way one at all at midday that's think these bigger conferences like the ACC. Which is essentially mean the ACC is what the big east used to be a lot larger very basketball oriented so look at the ACC is an overall conference. I would I would not I would not write off any of the top twelve teams in the ACC is having a shot at going to the national championship. Because there are those great teams that sometimes why under the radar because they're plane is such a dominating conference and they get hot at the right time they go on Iran. I'll see the bigger conference teams get a and it is by and large they have the better players they have the better product why. During March Madness do we suddenly act like programs like Mercer matter. They don't because they do. The upset hang on one cent organs are and a bunch of other stories and our basketball team or store right next. I don't what sports is pump adrenaline three a 767610. Is our Telus and a review it would 25 dollars. The twin peaks grab a phone line right now 91357676. To grab a phone line we're gonna play big twelve player or small town in Kansas or Missouri so if you know you're small towns in Kansas and Missouri. And your big twelve basketball players and you can get three in a row crack was my B hard you're gonna win 25 dollars. For twenty X 91357676. Ted because I if you take the upsets away you take away a lot of appeal. Of the NCAA term because people always Olympic yes of the first thing people look at what twelve was beaten a five. What twelve is gonna be a five this year because it always happens you always looked at that. DCU knocking off Kansas Belmont abbey that all of those schools that have beaten to it just Kansas over the years. Our teams people thought one of the greatest up as they determined was that. North Carolina has left the school for the blind to whatever the hell that was a beat Missouri and Omaha that year you know nose and Norfolk state wirelessly or Virginia. And definitely one of those teams do any of them go on to win a championship Wichita State in the final four once again. Played Mississippi to game newspaper. Op. So bad but that's the other thing so you're not to there are legitimate contenders what you are saying and is just doing a tournament a six because short only does the sixteen best over all we don't get to see duke vs Kansas because do decide to sleep walk through Mercer Dayna get caught off guard down that's part of the time I'd rather see. Marquee matchup against the best team and and that's why a lot of coaches quietly you know they YE a place for the term they don't put a lot of style away team celebrates you know weekly or yearly titles beat but. Only point 65 teams per year on average. Out of the top for me either the file it's like one per year. So you're saying is go at the top sixteen teams and you'd be fine with that I love the upsets like the little guy winning it's I'm like delegates from the sex line six on threes or six. You finish under 500 conference you are eligible for at large bid good without him that's yeah like I got re emphasizing act and I counting the the comforts her like K state out out. Lets you McAllister but you're out yet I don't disagree that because that rewards you for. Playing well over the course of the season got 500 merely she really be well. In in the end I would say no I'm I'm I mean it was that it did it we can looking K state no for an absolute fact if they played Missouri Valley Conference they would dominate the entire conference and asked are the problems apart well yeah that's you has a right on the my conclusion that small conferences don't belong in the NCAA tournament. Because we know OK state would destroy. Missouri Valley Conference they'd be second at worst in that pops. Yeah and I get a bad and they brought it into the wind and I did it but they redshirt at that I'm banking on what Wichita State winning. Back to back against K state K they probably get remember him much and maybe. And then babysitting they're both the top. And I Marshall wants to play you know and that's fine print or until eternity is Gregg Marshall not wanna find somebody great Marshall wants a site everybody. May be reason why Gregg Marshall hasn't gotten big time job 9135767610. We are going to play. Big twelve basketball player or small town in Kansas or Missouri we start with Nate Campbell that's a good morning may. Rory. Good Barack got to get the. The arena got ten towns and ten players involved in this week's big twelve tournament. First one. According Buckland Auckland. Smoltz and any errors or your player in the big twelve small town small town. Auckland Missouri Buckland Missouri I thought it was Peter Buckland power forward. Texas Tech debate is a really good about our world herder now like if I don't know I'd say I could go that he's a Auckland Padilla got. Power forward. All right. Pollack. And our power. Quote clear. No I'm sorry I'm about all Missouri as a there's apology Missouri Tyler Pollack shooting guard TCU you know William ingrained valley good morning Williams. Good morning Harry. Fairly well thank you all right mailing house. What border that is true. There delegates should delve milling house on Texas Tech out food and gets. On the the work. Or four. No I'm sorry. Zain Marshall Thorpe on Oklahoma. Coach Jim. Authors of Jim Thorpe and this is harder than I thought JJ Kansas City good morning TJ. Out. There Thorpe on the white shadow. The joke that I guess on an out of line that unless lost altitude the joke and a shows also that's right well the white shadow right. Mold Zain. The ball out. Bulls on not folding on the late in the baseball player it's gone so are on the grill there's definitely out Kansas we. He's getting this 913576761091357676. Dead were playing for 25 dollars. In twin peaks gift certificates of you know small town Kansas or Missouri or big twelve baskets a mile lake and small forward Oklahoma State and I was hoping pristine lake and he has his girlfriend the writer editor I figured as much. Tyler and parts failure at next morning Tyler. Today deployed it. All right it's neat. Yeah. That would be here. At a at Kansas State there was an Essex need two plays of the New Jersey cardinals snow's falling there is back in 1998. Meet its big leagues mass. Now men mast mast and asked him. The day. I'm gonna go mowed down. No I'm sorry don't big twelve player Terry masks it from Baylor I thought that was amassed in Missouri I would have bet money there was a mask the Missouri. Ha 91357676. Stand where commercial free until 830. For playing big twelve basketball player for a small town in Kansas or Missouri. And owners going to get 25 dollars in twin peaks just certificates of Mattson is nearing a Max and maybe that's that was an AT SI and the Mattson SO ME TE SO the guy to pitch for the royals and they DSE and Madson. Is that the same personal talking about different guy. If reverse our 25 dollars and twin peaks gift cards on line Jake in to speak at good morning Jake. Breaking point already ready. Ready all right Burton. Know you're done guy radio's radio edit an iron down yeah rioting Gardner good morning Brian. Apple I'll ask Dan Burton. Here. There is utilized to. He's going with more with like first team all big twelve yard deeper but. These are further in this burden you're hurt us we would have accepted well. Yeah. Our our. TO idea trying to. Very different thank you for there's girls ask Erica a follow that confidence we had a look at it winter again. That's the jayhawks do every year they win again. Former well current. Ruler that is. And winning in Missouri okay well I don't want to rent it went again you know Brendan when he is off guard for Baylor every time he did and I think that I'm getting. You know. Missing plane anyway com let's go hand in its. And good chairman candidates and presidents. I'm ago dual port that is. Brian you are the big winner and a little. On the stage today. TV guys eat if these as Frankie Hammond junior was chiefs and fund town town Kansas. How would Missouri Kansas. Iron it bulls' main rate that's observe and although Kansas. Can't. Ohio. Missouri. Myers. The player that I can be bowl player player. Avon Meyers from West Virginia. Shepherd. Player in a car BR BR shepherd TCU are Barnes Cathy Clark. Nobody like he she passed. Out final one as proven the other day in her private meeting Newman. Rebecca B ball I'll do. I'm sure there's a new human Kansas or Missouri but I'm only human of Kate you and I think there is a Newman Kansas value of a rancher out. Predators on that that be tough well. We are commercial free until 830 here on sixteen and Sports Radio today down in Oklahoma Joseph makes it will participate in Oklahoma's pro day and yesterday he had four private meetings. With teams the teams were not one of those but Matt Miller. Bleacher Report has said that in his mock draft that he thinks to chiefs will take Joseph mix it. In the second round and he's one of the best available running backs he's also an abuser and I don't wanna get in the hole. Tyreke he'll thing. All I just don't I spent a year talking about how this please I was with the Kansas City Chiefs for their lack of judge of character in taking Tyreke deal. I will feel the exact same way if they take Joseph makes it. But what I don't like in all of this guy's. Is now everybody's just assuming. That Kansas City is the home. For wayward boys and any person who's heard off the field people are going to linked to Kansas City. Because of the tie retail selection in the fifth round and I don't want this to become your 1998. Kansas City Chiefs because not. Every guy that has a checkered past. Is going to come in here. And basically. Keep his nose clean for at least the first year anyway like Tyreke shielded their Izzy recidivism rate. In people who abused women it happens like 80% of the time so you took your chance retiree keel so far so good with his behavior off the field. Obviously phenomenal player on the field. But the more chances you take on bad people the more chances you have of those bad people. Turning into that bad person that we saw him. And Joseph Nixon is a bad person there's no other way to describe. I don't care about this football house understand not wanting him here aces look at his perception of Kansas City that now it's like the home for users or something I I'll see it that way. For pure football standpoint if you'll get through the eyes of Matt Miller of pure football standpoint but I'll watch you all those running backs. Joseph makes in is the perfect fit for Kansas City. On the field. Now I don't want him because of you taken than you could end up becoming that perceived. Home for abusers safe place for abusers essentially so I don't wanna take him but in just. Pure football form watching him. He's everything that she's won a running back until I don't disagree with another other really good players in the strapped another really good running backs this draft like in Germany Nichols or cream hunt though like to see the chiefs go after. But Joseph makes it fits everything. And that's why a lot of people wondered if the chief to take a chance on the Tyreke hill. The Tyreke hill conversation is going to happen no matter what. Because a star now it became a star than the conversation became national and became a lot bigger but nationally so. As Joseph makes he goes through this draft process Tyreke he'll be looked at as a comparison for him. And a person that went through something similar to what Joseph makes ended who did something horrible like Joseph makes him. And it's on tape which he'll mix yeah you all saw that the tape I think makes it. Order for a team to take a look at ambush at the same time the talent level is out Wayne we're seeing it right now. Receded the reports were seated through what other way other people in the NFL are saying the talent is outweighing things for Joseph makes him because it's so undeniable. I think of Andy Reid. Comments at the come island he was asked about it somebody asked him about it now get a message for other teams when dealing with whatever and it was basically do your homework. Set up a plan for someone to. To be able to to follow through. And don't have another it's an. And your talents going to. To ride through I think the chiefs a draft. You do I think if if if he is there it is looked as their best available player they'll do it they have a system they believe in place a aid. It infrastructure. Two to keep somebody on these the straight and narrow you follow through you're not gonna do it in a great chemistry is Eric Berry said yesterday leadership group I think. I think Kansas City will be looked at and that they but I also think because they've been through before. They believe they can go through it again and Andy Reid. So this one makes. Like it or not makes perfect sense to me. That the cheese would be the one to take a chance on and so now every minute of every guy is gonna say well I hit a woman. And I'm a good football player to begin this Kansas city's gonna take I I don't know why sniff I. Take care of my this is 4014 I thought about it so if you take care of your things and and and do not get in further trouble. There's a spot for you and he's gay he's willing to give a second chance I think that's the message I heard from Andy Reid when when asked about. Yelled the next and it it it it leads me to believe. They will take a chance on the net and let's not pretend that Joseph mix in wouldn't have a home anywhere if it wasn't for Kansas City you know and I'm sure. As say it's it has not pretend that Joseph makes him a get drafted by summing up you mill that national narrative and they draft him the present will be yeah he. It will be Kansas City is a place where wife beaters can go. And feel OK to play football and that's what the national story would be. I just don't want that here's Matt Miller of the day shift talking. You make that decision now Coca if I made horrible ethnic. Should we keep him out yet though because look I don't think I and I think we'll like tiger kill. The chief it took a back later that I was very vocal about it as well four. He heard. Italy moved on about it then he can donate money. The pilot shelter and on the field he's been. It helps a team thing that makes it easier to move on from that whether right or wrong what got producers or. He could forget the all of the issues I think you know we figured our front court in Seattle. Know what part about him and Morton about what you get you to pitch in the jacket got school or so. We have virtual memory I mean like and so we all you know get up about guys who have these these terrible issues in the past or. One was hurt by producing. At corporate here and there have been an error at but he can't artery when you click on Al. I think what people mobile while pretty quickly. I dived talked a couple domestic violence shelters in time there are none of them secretary kills him. That. If he's giving money. Kansas City and nobody's getting here I'm not. Pulled by any. But I refills donated one cent. Two domestic violence shelter in Kansas City so I don't know where he's getting after. And it doesn't really matter what short means random IDs misinformation while she's feeding him I don't know I don't know enough. I'd like to know that once that's a big thing to say those guys donating money to show he is haven't seen her to talk to shelters here in Kansas they they said the but he's donating the money so it is what it is. Op and that she's gonna do what they're gonna do because you know they claim they care about character and will see how much they really do care about character or. If for this sell your soul. The try to would affable Freddy read which we may be Nixon's pro days today down. In now in Oklahoma so I don't know if he's gone to speak or ask our you know. Yes questions you mention these are private meetings is gonna work out today and probably do her absolutely well he's he's in a very good football player but a very bad human being coming up here on 610 Sports Radio door weekly Q&A. And one chief has been arrested will tell you who was also be listening for a drop in the commercial break. For UFC tickets when you hear the caller number six. 9135767610. If you a chance to win and a chief was arrested next. One member of the season with the arrested yesterday his name. It's. Middle initial amber and last name Harris first name Demetrius aged twelve lives. Demetrius Harris arrested yesterday. And booked into the Bates county jail. On a felony possession of marijuana and a possession of paraphernalia that information is starting to trickle out today but came BC nine has confirmed that I've talked a few folks as well the chiefs are acting like it did pap knew we contacted the chiefs about 6 o'clock this morning. And their response to you was Steven. No for their talent they got so nothing from the Kansas City Chiefs but the beaches hairs are rested. In Bates county for felony possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. Did you get pulled over and drop. His pipe how I don't know man happy that's like I 49 the I 49 quarter he's from Arkansas so. He's either going on May be coming back I don't know why you'd be dates and otherwise and it's driving through that. Right down there by Clinton in an Oakland it's not in Bates carries a geography majors don't freak out and know that but that's kind of down that area ripple of Cass county and whatnot so. He was either driving to or from Arkansas most likely and in news and had a little green on them and got busted sports so. We'll see what happens in looming. You know how I feel about marijuana sewn on my. Not boast. I have I kick it under a template in they drop the charges. I was did everything today revolves around Demetrius hairs is going to be eight drop upon. That's my decision on this entire scenario indicates that two point conversion you're giving out yeah I want the he got a big Denver. Then catch yeah. In Denver Dallas on the counted on the apartment the Wanda got wiped away you're not gonna talk about that one how does Demetrius hairs is how does hairs is life changes that it if that two point conversion is upheld the right against Pittsburgh probably not much and he's probably not probably should get pulled over probably sells new comment butterfly effect and butterfly affect the season Demetrius Harris arrested Bates county. Level week so that's the story there it's time for our weekly Q&A A. Better than. Really. I mean that's Q hey. You shut your mouth from the top enemy six questions six answer. In six minutes you'll want to. And and they have no idea what they're beating and yeah. This torture. This term for a long handled gardening tool can also mean and you know pleasure seeker and nothing he is off limits and let's hope no. I hate it please the food we sit and each of course and Wellesley and ask you this it's ultimately what sort Bob we know you're gonna die you know nobody Norris ran along time you don't know what I would garbage usually eat one serving a red meat that we you should never eat processed meat which includes taking in Bologna and hot dogs you should never have soda. So for you well to what is the one food that you could not live without. Chopped him cookies. Street science Schulberg is not on the list of you know I read something about scientific study two days ago that said sugars basically poison it is staff and every new story every day at school all phone carrier also it was who want to some moderate you're it's gonna happen I'm probably it dies and yet. Holy crap Bob president's been very busy obviously since taking office what million pounds I'm. Has he modified key presidential fitness test yet I'm it needs to be modified to sit reached thing is really the most ridiculous part. But of those presidents as it has a test it's awful. It is just as this tent eating grin on his face like he knows that you set up something on her baby did and I didn't get it went went over my head I just figured he would he do about tiger about politics they'll talk about the presidential as that it district that's why it's giving a brief with the presidential fitness test lets it stay clean and they've released to equates it reached who cares let's do something else that world it's a big deal earlier school you know she's in metal like you wanted to. I guess it press the president with your believe you sit ups and Richard Roth our Josh which actor will you always go see him. Think Al Will Ferrell. And he's considered an actor not that. But ever. Samuel Jackson pretty much like it'll eighties and receive a night like. Think it's like I don't wanna speaking on the new King Kong moving yet this terrible. But he is it. Like maybe. Feels right. 06 on a plane even. It was terrible to you Samuel Haanpaa unless they've objects I just as you can have the ability to wire tap somebody's phone whose vote would you like to wire time. Everything that's known. I've always wondered that night. You know the conspiracy he's already been done definitely doesn't get that that that say there's always somebody listening like who has the time filled with people like. General people's phone I helpfully provide because. Elwood has that a lot of times but there's a story that's like the FCC no bugs deep inside you TVs and they can see you did you see that the CIA's and I was Yorkshire. I find real appeal their monitoring my eyes. You've never met any of them. They don't exist. Academy. And open interest yeah exactly go borders of the tears. Like I hear about I mean it would still be. Of course they would still be the chiefs. But I just think the war room would be fascinating in a draft. I guess I would really like to actually. See what they're doing so I guess somebody says patriots that's a good as soon. I I think the world's fascinated the good news about it is with the chiefs the wiring is already there are certain accessories at the back on it up as a a a a the all right Bob what's your favorite cliche. At the end of the day tired at that they do want to one that's just wrong answer but it is the end of the day it is what it is a good one though. I'm finally for for Welch. What's underneath your hat. Welch has been wearing a stocking cap for out what three weeks now. Three weeks or so I've not seen in the top of your head is there something going on your air. Numbers drawn out and Internet Tweeter stage where it looks terrible. Like every just looks like I really need a haircut that's that's how I look because he's just shave something and it is still wants to see Annan who lost the bet that we don't know about announcing. Figured I throw on the stocking cap because it's easy and it it makes it so that my shaggy terrible hair doesn't have to be like out in front of the world is just. Trying to leg browse to this so tight fit like the grow out process is gonna take a little bit time. So McGraw outside and actually do different stuff with it and I got something there for the sweeter stage a GAAP measures in his past that it agrees and now let's just knock it out of like I have war is looking at you. It's had asked what was what was going by the spirit I go with the beanie for a walk is perhaps put some stress on the hair follicles can help they can make it fallout troop. Ballard of that when I was like warning to an hour have like every day in my hair restarted it then. So I start as I saw where that bank pair came back it was like can silently with the beanie. Coming up there to advance I haven't seen without. Now there's a way you could be more like Tom Brady without ever leaving their house plus we'll have our top ten list top ten things to do out of state we'll have for you next. The. This. Course. Our top. The stage Tesco was such tweeting. Kansas City to ask what to do when he goes out of state yet. We'll get to that he wants a second but Demetrius Harrison the chiefs are rested. Yesterday for felony possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia no word as to why he was pulled over yet this took place of Bates county Missouri posted bond. And has been released but Demetrius Harris was arrested that she should not. Coming comedy that's for a look like I'd like. Yeah the tees back on anything there they're probably waiting for the details right we'd like to say we're aware of the instantly from the DC yeah that's not a big guy says we don't know what they're saying we are aware of the incident that we have no further comment that was added next stage yes yes so he would regret that it did she did not admit that they were well aware of this so I think I think the Specter may have broken to them this morning so. Demetrius terrorists arrested and released a debate scanning for we it was like 5:50 AM no us and health fortunately portly afternoon. We always mean like when we asked about it but if it happened four days twelve hours yeah I thought I thought I had it last night and realize it happened in the afternoon dance so. Each number and so ten things to do a statement rise streetcar they have Smart. Yeah okay. I was told today that if you show your out of state ID you get on the street car for free this weekend only. Pittsburgh. Try the barbecue from Cologne and armored mirror amity judge of that contest on Friday the big twelve championship contest. Number hey I'm a great thing to do out of state. You wouldn't do. Two kicks at the same tone my. That's exactly right now there's an exact time line for us up. There's gonna be followed up by your mom from Sean Connery. 8000 dollars mob our product if that's on my first back. Hi. Good good good numbers six for sixteen to do out of state dance like no one is watching attorney what you wanna do. Wanna dance. You're good you're good reply. Get higher percentage alcohol. That's right in. Beer. Tried to Missouri I can go to the grocery stores and get real dear and a number. They're forcing you would got a states check out both the power and the like bill. Very good song very underrated song. Her grades sees some shuttle cock so we passed their first of the show are. If the number two. Number two thing you do when you got a state busted lip. Until we take a street car. Well you must endorsed Democrats that's the beauty of it when you and I would. Tell you want. And that a one thing to do when you're out of state this from the tax line I think it's from what see the ones six by the Missouri basketball and god I'm in basketball coach layer upstate well. I don't ways ago on the got a ways ago. So Tom Brady's got a new food lion and you see this is incredible right tolerated in selling Indian food supply and from something called purple carrot and others for senate seven. Eight dollars a week you can get the Tom Brady play and that gives you six meals. Its wheels. For 78 dollars and they're gonna be by Brady stipulations. High protein gluten free and limited in sewing and refined sugar. None of the meals will contain recipes would very eggs seafood meat or processed foods. And Tom Brady says eating meals just like the ones will send out to our customers has really helped me stay on the top of my game. Brady said in a release. Sample meals down this this is this sounds good sample meals include a Robin ball with chart broccoli any engendered America has. And Chris we heard a case with a team lots of Bowie and does not IR yogurt who does not want to pay 78 dollars for six meals a sound like. As combat. As good it's usually think about the equality of the green you're getting there 78 for six meals a not terrible. I'm not spending an ad that's a lot of money and missed a lot of money but we'll spend a lot of month money on. Food now to feel healthy eighties it does cost money which is. And it's frustrating in a lot of ways but at the 78 dollars for six meals and that kind of food. It's not that I mean the ethnic about yeah high protein gluten free and then you have none of the meals that contain dairy eggs seafood meat or processed foods. A teacher how other high protein. Thirteen dollars a meal let's we don't have to dinner every night. It is like going out to dinner every night if you're eating really healthy and I quality ingredients Rockwell I aged I had the last the last item was into are the journalists are by analyst and two or the other other ways the healthiest and eat like this is this is incredibly healthy. Our friends on fox Sports Radio word conspiracy there because it's the patriots right and that you know as well as questions as to how he's playing later in life and this is the cover may be the cover. These. Is gonna come this whole scam he's eating a healthy that's the key be as. Does change they'll manage change your lifestyle we eat right here you are veterans Beverly juicy or he's tried some time Josh just ideas all the time red pepper carrot apple all the time misty she can make. Coming up at two minutes he wants us but our people in charge don't want him tell you who it is two minutes next.


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