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03/07 5pm - The Hits, Fran Fraschilla, Fanning in AZ

Mar 8, 2017|

In the lone hour of "The Drive," CDot & Heis played the hits, talked to ESPN's Fran Fraschilla to preview the upcoming Big 12 Tournament, and catch up with Brad Fanning out in Arizona

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's do this another. Dishes in the the short drive congratulate you you're not by accident date basilica listening is transparency it is big ice there. Going the other side of glanced giveaway early ice. 91357676. Standards if you are caller number six you win a full hour. And it to check out. The Missouri mavericks' eyes that was good. Tillman man. I'd be happy Tuesday am glad you guys both survived all the different tornadoes from us yeah I'd I'd feel safe. I was inside. I don't bus around doorstep but would tornado nudged him more from just going to college in Joplin I think both full. Are kind of changed my team like animals are talking about ever since then I tried to take tornado warnings very seriously so. I pay attention to yet it's one of those situations like there was one touchdown reportedly a 143. In mission. And wrestle it okay like I'm out of the clear and out of the way and then once he sees something like that on the news. And mentions that it's that close to you freaks you idol I've only been Kansas City about 34 years there's a sunny time knowing that something was that close to test. Why cannot some of the property around my area boy that's a scary situation told everybody's okay and recovering nigh son maternal gorgeous without further ado let's get to. It's always all innovative. This historic in the name Kansas City we talk about him every day at 5 o'clock won't eat itself. Up and play hard and the guys. Topic today SC got air Barry met comedienne and cities fresh off a six year seventy million dollars. Deals forty million guaranteed money is nice as I said today you would have taken lives in Kansas that. Somebody could offer you more money somewhere else and and they could offer me this year it it. It probably the balanced still probably came here just doesn't affect. This is can excuse can exchange is known each other and are no immediate everytime I walk on the doom I know. There only hear what I need to work on noticed my clothes and obviously in every day Johnson and its that goes along ways some are just focus on our craft. And focus on my teammates so. That's that's the best part about it. But to make matters comments I've. Leave aired varied now on the subject. Taking less money I always ask the question. How much less money on talking I think air I'll who's willing to take less money for the royals over talking about the difference between 105 and one team. Are taught the difference between 120. And 95 million dollars. Well that's a different conversation about less money but at the core I do believe Eric Berry when he says I would have taken less money to continue. To be on the chiefs and I'll give you two examples. No one if you look at the press conference today. Stanley a fair. And it has tagging pies are here. Tweets they. Offer. Mom was there debt was there grandparents were there the whole she's while office there they took a picture. This is up there and Lee of Bayer today at arrowhead in the celebration of Eric Berry getting this money. I will say this I don't know if there's a better guy won the team with what he's overcome his story when he means a locker room to sign the contract that he did today. We Eric Berry the second example I would give is it just didn't really really close and really really good for an. But I do think it your aired buried in you have to factoring you've already made money the first time because you've got paid under the old CDA. And you got paid as a top flight player even as a rookie before they had the wage scale. And now you rate your second contract. There has made a lot of money playing football but I think he could always operate a little bit differently. But yet he's might be willing to take a little less money because he's already bull got his second contract. Already the first time when he signed the old deal so I believe Eric Berry I don't think became the CDs and a very fortunate situation with. With both pro teams both major protein note noticed a forty. Is that I believed any doping when he said I would take less money I think he said that time and time again and actually proved it by signing a year before. Free agency. If you're tired dairy in you took this deal. Think about it they could a franchise tag you just could have been a long strenuous negotiations that theory up until July 15. They took care of you here David Page of the most guaranteed money you've ever seen a defensive player did. Forty billion dollars guaranteed the chiefs took care you just a good deal for both sides of this that great day for air bearing his second hit of the day see dives. Mike silver of NFL network at a pretty surprising report today regarding one Kirk cousins. And a possible fit with the San Francisco 49ers take a listen this courtesy about it on that. I believe there Kirk cousins wants to be in San Francisco. I believe that house had a dad who has been very very I had Kirk cousins and it was the offensive coordinator in Washington. When they drafted cousins. I believe that marriage. Wants to happen on both it's an expensive merit and we'll see you in terms of trade compensation. What it would take to get him maybe something did happen this year but if I had. Two you know. Making guess what where's the other at this early stage I would say it's more likely than not that Kirk cousins and in the ordinary course. Pretty strong report from Mike so are you by the report the cousins by likely the offseason and he's in San Francisco it makes a lot of sense I think on both sides it's pretty clear at the 49ers are skewed the Redskins don't believe me. He's the first quarterback to ever be franchise tag twice. The 49ers his old offensive coordinator is now the coach of the 49ers. He believes in him he loves them so he wants to bring him along with the I it just it makes a lot of sense. All in both sides if IM. Washington. I'm asking for the second overall pick if you want our quarterback and you were this high a lot of and you believe them in this they may urge that you think is best for long term. We will pick number two I do this thing. That the 49ers at some point will pay. So I think at some point between now on the NFL draft we will see a big strayed from add shaft or Jay Glazer. It's over what it is pretty connected in that part of the country that Kirk cousins has been essentially traded for the number two overall pick. In this draft. It makes a lot of sense especially with the 49ers are being 95 billion dollars available app space. And the fact that Kyle Shanahan has the relationship there it would make so much sense they wanted to go and pull the trigger the question yet ask yourself whether Kirk cousins. Is worthy number two overall pick poses a very good quarterback still entering his prime I just think the value at that point. He's so my wanna try and I'm a whole other direction if you're looking at quarterback San Francisco as a team that could probably move that pick back gets more asses trying to build their team on. I do the conviction that by Washington. I mean essentially said. We had a really valuable asset or and that rookie deal. But were not a 100% sure if you wanna pay him so we'll continue to take the one year looks at the NFL as provides us to do. And the normalcy and if you like Kirk cousins for the week do you come take them. Which are gonna pay a hefty price that comes they Kirk cousins I think it's a good message for a lot of t.s I think a lot of teams especially at the quarterback position. They feel so help end in. Well we'd better than this guy. Plus they absolutely does and believes they don't wanna be married to this dialogue term I will say if you're the reds games. You got every right like you have taken a pretty hard line stance and how you treated Kirk cousins if you go on Jaeger in your getting hired. That's simple. I you don't like Kirk cousins enough to commit to a long term. That's fine that's your choice as the coach the next quarterback you pick you better be go to take the next level. Because it Kirk cousins that goes to a team in your same conference and continues to have. That's that level of success somewhat inspired someone asked the pay for that egregious of a mistake. I would have agreed with you had not given Jay gruden and new two year extension he's the first quarterback in Alaska at the first head coach. It's gonna last more than four years under Dan Snyder so now I think that gives them a little bit more flexibility. And 81 at the foreign media that allows Washington to be able to be a little bit more flexible and trading Kirk cousins that's it. That's forty over the over at Yahoo!. A major college gospel report yesterday notably that runs over Omar over Washington is going to return you think this means something regarding the Missouri coach search. I'm actually giving me something in regards of user code insert I think that Iran's overall more at least two Missouri fans was on that bigger short list of guys that they would like. Britain's role mark is a good coach I said this yesterday. And as the last ought to say because he's now officially out of it in my V I trust them for you went to Missouri will source I trust him. I think the result role mark is the coach that people think Scott Drew Lewis. I think the people wrongly think that Baylor just it's all this talent and that. They have somewhat under achieved with the talent they have gotten Washington is under achieved with the talent they have gotten. Lottery picks that'll pick in last year's NBA draft they're gonna lot bigger they're gonna have a lottery pick in this year's NBA draft. Bit Isiah Thomas at their school was now turning to one of the better players in the NBA Washington hasn't made the NCAA tournament since 20102000. Elevenths. I Washington's not good at the number one overall pick on their team and they're nineteen and 21 this year in two and sixteen in the pac twelve. They. Pick last year on their team that went nineteen and fifteen and lost the second round of the ninety. The wise analyze it lasted as long as he says. Recruits he can get he can attract. Next he could have the number one pick in back to back number one picks I think if you can at least ensure that part. It's hard to that cut ties to Washington you're gonna cut ties with. Losing the number one prospect next year Michael wars you'll at least let it rock for one more season may be but it's also you've. Brought up expectations as a means of bringing in all these different high profile potentially lottery picks on the road if you're not winning with Adam what's the point of even happen. I should be but I think I think it you're the position of Washington fans at least come and there's interest. I understand from a certain perspective like if you talk about an infusion of excitement into their program. Michael Porter being at Missouri next hearing is in his little brother Johnson would put that excitement back into it and I think a lot of hurricanes. Would trade the one year of Michael Porter and seeing him that was an arena. For the potential for five years of this having an average coach I was never willing to make that trade. I don't roll bars good I don't think that's their best interest and you have to accept that you lost Michael Porter sweepstakes sucks that you lost it. But you lost that he's got he's going to wants next year let's not chase the ghost of Michael Porter so to speak by having this is ultimately a good. Day or loser and a metal lost the sweepstakes before the sweepstakes even began edited a spear a hail possible autonomy it. Buttons at the moment they hired Jimmy Anderson there probably lost those Michael Porter sweepstakes. But they sold to me the free that they have a team. It was like the publisher's clearinghouse thing where you get something in the mail it's like you might be her. And you realize that now you're still one of a million chance of people that has. It's something that's actually excellent way of putting a good I'm glad I was able to make in this bowl of caring and now spinal today. Lot of talk a Michael Landon who was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup quarterback but for whatever reason he continues the most popular name. On the market that tampering starting. Reports that he can get. 1415. Billion dollars on the open market. Is there any anybody in NFL circles that he convince you that might Lennon is worth fourteen of fifteen million dollars this. Did with Glenn and a little bit more of this is like 2014. Because in 2013 as a rookie in nineteen touchdown passes nine interceptions. I would get it. Since that point. He has grown 214. Basses. Completed less than 60%. Of his passes. And has eleven touchdowns and six interceptions. The yearly quarterbacks the worse that we see is one of the more amusing things in the NFL calendar the fact that guys like. Mike. Glint in. Who did has grown 214. Passes since 2014. All touchdowns and six interceptions could make. Fifteen. Million dollars. That there is now eight fights for Mike linen services next year. Is beyond me. I just prayed for Michael and you dedicate a third round pick will take a look at likely to beeping me can be Kirk cousins that's fine. Like he signs and then somebody else transfer he's create and about I'd say like if he was Jimmy drop low so to speak in this and you can just trade for Mike went into the third round pick like Ryan if you just trade for Michael and it. But it creates a paying him like he's already done. Not OK I rather drastic quarterbacks some teams got to get suckered some teams got to get hoodwinked and they're gonna pay the money because the NFL. Is it hat in had not business if you have a quarterback who at least have an opportunity. Los Angeles. If they had a decent quarterback makes you maybe make the playoffs good enough defense I think that helped the running game was tied early they just had absolute worst quarterback play in the NFL. A team like that. You either make the big trade that they made to get your golf or your team that's desperate and you pay might limit the bears appear to be a team desperate enough to pay might it and I stay away from the and I given a guy like that who's instantly fourteen or has thrown eleven touchdown pass six interceptions. And completed less than 60% of his passes on my given that got fifteen million dollars not sound good. When you say thousand have nots are looking at a guy and they see these measurable back point seven years all the fact that it stands 64. Six foot five a strong arm in the numbers and he has played. Have looked relatively good and based on a limited sample size people are over hiking embers and somebody LC. Tyrod Taylor we're you know the body of work and you know there's still potential. But it's nowhere near that same level as untapped potential is Mike on and it's me that's totally unfortunate because tire dealers are better quarterback that's likely available. I don't really understand. Why the NFL seems to be so at all by Tyrod Taylor. I'd you know what it's. But it. That's a pretty good thing if you're one of these organizations that's looking for quarterback. If you were San Francisco Chicago Cleveland. Teams like that there are looking for quarterback. I think Tyrod Taylor is good guys in months if the pro football focus I think made the best one on Tyrod Taylor. He's a blackjack Kenya at seventeen. Can hit indeed end date Saturday in seventeenth it's possible that there is Florian there and you get twenty. It is not the Smart play there if you add Tyrod Taylor I think Eddie Cooley enough quarter. That would go about it and I think yet to ask the question I'm likely what. Is his ceiling. Asset is about a couple other guys. Maybe Jimmy your blow. But he is just this year brought us Weiler. You seen enough to get excited about as of now he's gonna get paid. The best thing you can do in the NFL show a little bit of promise and the never play again. And that's the category that Michael and and then he was good his rookie year he hasn't really done that much since then. As any that is going to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Before we play our conversation that we reported earlier today with rain for show a ESP and ice I wanna I wanna ask you this. Ed Warner. Has a report on Tony Romo. We have said. That we're going to disregard. Tony Romo chiefs information. Should we shared the information or not try to get pictures of you think it's interesting man god. Today at order I say that I thought had a pretty obvious report. That teams believe that Romo can still play. But had questions about his. You and I agree then my concern or question for Romo. It's not based in Cheney play. I think of Romo was healthy he can be good for you this season. I questioned some of the skills have diminished I do think part Romo is the ability to be mobile we needed. But you're gonna lose some of that because of his injuries I think I help you robo can be pretty productive for you next season there's no question about that right. We're both in agreement at a Romo is healthy. He's a better quarterback announcement as far as getting sheets of possible opportunity at the super bully anyone in the supreme but we basically think he's last job essentially. I is basically mr. Glantz a them all you push demo I think he might rate which is makes me I'm all right dog Tony Romo. Today in order to I think is pretty source in that part of the country I think she used is being cowboys guy just like Sao talent don't know which is the ease BA in Eagles guy. And so forth. Someone tweeted you at order where does Roma award to play next season. Ed Warner replied I had been holed the Houston Denver and Kansas City. Denver makes a lot of sense to me if you're Tony Romo I've seen another free agent acquisition were there. Ready made defense. Great front office with. John Elway. If they keep it. Solidify their running and I think there will legacy Janus and backed it makes a lot of sense. I also understand Houston another team that beat defensively is there needs a quarterback you can stay in Texas it's not that much of a move for you and your family as we know Romo has young kids. What's the playing Kansas City. I also see Perot was like the white a makes a lot of sense another gene that appears to be ready made. And they are a quarterback away. Is there any chance that achieves a just sold us a bill of goods and ask. Because I know we said. We were gonna have these Romo discussions anymore but when Ed werder cowboys guy says there Romo he thinks horrible once the play gave the city I think it's worth asking the question. Let me let me throw it out of well just put some sort of area. Or because remember Michelle if we call it a theory we can really get away with anything. If the cheese and the Broncos are two of the teams that remain interest and also with the Texans in his while these are all prime competitors for the season the way of trying to get one quarterback away from being a very close to crumble under. It doesn't hurt the chiefs. To constantly remain in a lot of these conversations. So by being a part of our remaining active. That then raises the asking price for NC a team like Denver say team like Houston trying to Tony Romo is no other team was interest in the cowboys would simply release him. He'd be out on his out. So Kansas city's name keeps coming up in Denver's thinking of themselves. Both Kansas City and again and their symbol in their top legitimate suitable team. Why wouldn't they keep their name and whether their interest it or not I just helped drive up the market for Tony Romo for somebody else. And I might Glynn news and I think they're kind of I think there intertwine. Aides. When you fifteen million dollars I know it sounds crazy that you would pay that poor Mike when it is cores. By. That's kinda what it cost in the NFL. Like Alex makes seventeen million dollars. Certainly I don't think you pay might win in more than you would pay Alex Smith Dalton makes sixteen million Capra and it made fifteen point six last year. Ryan Fitzpatrick made twelve. Then after that it's everybody on the rookie contract. It's golf wins. Winston Mary Odom portals. Everybody that's on their rookie deal then at that point soul if you want. If you well somebody that you think is at least adequate at the quarterback position. This is what it costs that I've always thought with the quarterbacks. Is there is a fear that you've seen it better than the production that you have. And I understand the chief's position with Alex Smith. Now ice in the draft a quarterback but understand the position of RI. We have a quarterback that we know was clearly limited. Just like. It's a good example I think this team he's gonna go to at a different point in the chiefs are the chiefs alike a ready made team adding Tyrod Taylor is going to a team that won three games last year or two games last year. That needs that jumped to get to nine winds. The chiefs their thought process to me is a pretty simple. We know limits at the quarterback position but you can't deny that we're trying to do everything we came to solidify that in the and we hope that it works out. We know our five offensive line's going to be we had no question about that. We hope our wide receiver gets back you've already paid him we paid our tight in we have on the dynamic players in the NFL. This defense is ready made we think this coaching staff is ready made this is our team. Then that she saw that have and they always put themselves in that in the NFL I think now with how quarterback dependent it is. Is teams like the chiefs teams like the dingle if you wanna throw them in that same category. Are afraid to take that jump to the next that because it is the fear of the unknown it is the sunken place. You can either. Cut it would or quarterback like Washington might potentially do in the right. NB a lot cheaper at that position if you get it right. I'd right now you can take her cousins like he's a top five quarterback in the NFL it was the third highest paid quarterback last year because he's a franchise that. That if you think you can get that same production from Mitch Robiskie that's the best situation you can be. You get the same production for. A fraction of the cost anything you can use that ability to solidified the rest of the team around. Today. The quarterback carousel so forcefully interest and we see what's gonna happen tomorrow with free agency. I think is most interesting thing happening in sports aside from the NCAA tournament. Mentioning that lets up beside coming up next we reported something earlier today with used in analyst Fran for Shalala about the big twelve tournament. What advice would you give the Missouri Tigers in busy think a win against Baylor gets case they into the NCAA term we asked him next on the draft. Sixty and sports. Balance two minutes. Paul the sixth right now we. It's a pair of tickets to see the Kansas City fans season opener they take on the wounds in the aides at the Silverstein ice center arena march 13 kickoff is at 70. The Bloomington aids on the phone. But an apartment complex. Or some than say a phone or an apartment com once one of the two the movie she's in very different thing where you stand problems and source the women's department. All they sent it out like that it's one of those in one of those is Motorola had they had an edge on night. At soccer and I don't know. Not now that I'm in the iPhone world which I've probably been the last two years I don't think I'll ever be known and so I don't even think about any of the other phones. There galaxies earned manager. He's the only RAZR phones and I don't even now know I don't I don't think emigres are big and more Bret saying that's the lotteries. But that's about fifteen. Yeah that that's a really good point I know you guys are just clamoring for information from Adrian Peterson's father. Major Peters is dad said his son is interstate in the patriots but doesn't know with their interstate in him but he's dead doesn't know for sure. That Seattle and Oakland. Or interstate in the former vikings in future hall of fame running back. We agree that Adrian Peterson would be an outstanding. Fit for the raiders write the perfect. Be perfect because they party have a couple guys that can get any of Carrey's tablets it is Murray who's of solid running. But anything feature him and Adrian Peterson goes to just keep Peterson all of you get a limited rats mixed with other good running backs. I elves keep Derek are passing it down the field. Of course and excellence. Is a free agents I doubt they bring both of those guys back budgets that office of line with Adrian Peterson it. You're not gonna put eight in the box because you know there quarterback can be shoot. You don't want Adrian Peterson in my opinion ago the raiders have to go to Seattle conclude user running back they would like eight different running backs last year. Seattle's a bit of a CJ Michael's gonna be the truth than anyone awaited Green Bay and his and it GA you don't war Adrian Peterson making the move to the Oakland Raiders but that is the information from his dad. Adrian Peterson is interest in the patriots doesn't know if they insist it's a he likes it features but not sure if they like him back. But his day is for certain that the raiders in the Seahawks are interested in. The running back. You I had the opportunity to talk to ESPN's ran for shall early today it's been a weaker schedule just because of spring training in our inability kind of be on the air we're happy to get the time. From him today our conversation start off with thanks redundant. Pleasure bwic you know what report didn't hit as I was actually reading other big lead I'm sure you're familiar with their website their publication. And they are we're talking about. If you could take four teams this year in college basketball and being give the other side of the field that you would feel pretty confident that you had before for the national champion. I selected. Kansas. North Carolina. Arizona. And Villanova if I had to ask you that question were you got to pick the four teams and then leave the field which four would you feel pretty confident that you had a national champion. Look say charity you got three of the four yet that you have they beats for that I really liked certain you know we can't assist player in the league in North Carolina and play. They jump out at me I think Villanova is not as good as they were last year because they don't have. The size inside the annual cheerfully accept that that's probably the one Q and he'll. Of chances but their backcourt and so does that Josh Jackson so good I would stick chase you'd. You know I'll love Arizona. Absolutely an architect flyer and I don't I can't believe I'm doing this footage you know but this year turn up it's a technology UCLA. They are so good offensively and improving east sensibly by the week. And you know what model almost on to create the excitement around it came I think I would take two pac twelve teams along with Carolina and Kansas. I feel like if there's any team that you can pick almost as a certainty to go to the final four if you're gonna give Kansas those guards and they're gonna have at the beginning of the season. Didn't give me sweet sixteen in Kansas City where you're gonna hosts those two games forty minutes from your campus I just felt like Kansas going it's this season had the best advantage I thought offering Mason was gonna be good I didn't think he was gonna be best player in college fastball good she turned out to be I think right now yet to ask who's the favorite to a the national championship I would pick became the jails. Well as a lot of people feel that way and I certainly have no reason to argue the only Chile C a I've been around misty that you know all season long sectors of the chilly feel in everybody has won by the way. It would be you know their lack of depth. And particularly up front as good as the land that look this has been. He had a tremendous. Hit senior year he's thrown so eager urged get a foul trouble. Or where he stays out of foul trouble. Kansas has given up some big offensive games this year to low post players shall. I can't argue with the fact that Kansas has it as a great quote of war obviously also got this team. Playing really good basketball book that would be the one actually feel it is you know inside depth against say if he'd like the North Carolina. Who control Kennedy the exact she and all world freshman Toby Blanton. And also Isaiah pixel well that would be the one thing that I think again with all teams have actually feel that might want. Pray for still on the show today ESPN college basketball analyst. What is Josh Jackson remind you look who is Josh Jackson's game compare to. Well it turns out to be this good you know the the NBA all star media borderline or altering. Polite letter similar situations or isn't true big jump shot Josh is outside China was probably that it was wise was it college. Lies now automatic and now becomes such a great coach you've got to offensively but the intensity the defense the length the size prototype in be a small forward. Toughness. If he turns out to be nearly as good as why he's gonna happen Actividentity Greer but I think judge gonna have a heck of an NBA career anyway. But I had to pick one guy and again it's unfair to compare right now out of line that would be the guy that I would say eight model year gain master. Switching gears a little bit talking K state basketball with friend for Sheila. What do you think K state needs to do this week to guarantee themselves inside the NCAA turner. Well certainly aware and over to recede and if they can get it would equity its sale or nitpicking if they can get that and themselves into the semifinals it would certainly. Bode well for another conference. Record is still going to be under five under the data at least get them into the conversation. And then it looks like they would probably play all west Junichi that they don't all court if we're in his absence. So who wins I think would do with assured that the role possibility. But certainly oh win over pail approach in the discussions. What's unfortunate with. K state as well as some teams like TCU Texas Tech is this week it's and so ballot this year. Are we seeing K state lose some heartbreaking games. Decade and a player to hear there would've changed she. Doesn't discount the fact that they're very capable. Of causing some damage in this tournament in Kansas City this week so. You know sucked up wrote to almost certainly but very doable. Brent what is should have had with the tournament selection committee really my entire life. What did seems like Monmouth and teams like Illinois State need to do to make sure they can be in the NCAA tournament and protect themselves if they lose their conference tournament teams like K state. Don't have great non con wins finished under 500 in their league. And all they have to do is beat Baylor one more time and then you're in the NCAA tournament like college basketball regular season than penalizes teams like Monmouth and then makes them basically play 31 game playoff at the end of the season to ensure. Themselves in the tournament despite how good they were regular season. Well it's a great point and you're preaching to the choir because in 1990. I watched. Who was exactly like Illinois State and mom although I unlike Illinois State who have switched on their week we dominate koppers Austin stop all time. You know conference championship game. And we're very fortunate that a gentleman by the name of Bob stricker who at that time was yet like to record chances. Chair the committee lobbied for us we got into the field of sixty war back then and we want them knocking off the foresees a very good Oklahoma team. In the NCAA tournament but we had the same situation change would not look to play us in the nonconference shall we got to rely ambient. 20. We caught a break and that it may be that the velocity of some of the people on the committee this year. You don't feel the same white shall have to wait to selection Sunday actually whether a team like Illinois State there's room and feel for them. Last few questions here for is being college bass while analysts France for Sheila. These are two personal questions they're very selfish question I don't mind admitting that off the top guy I am a big if you basketball fame and and I'd ask you you think they're nice coaches and you a lot of big twelve stuff going on and on obligations let's say if you came to you and said all right we need your advice on how to turn basketball around here. What would you tell. Get a proven head coach who's looking for a new opportunity. Someone that still programs for what I would do quite frankly is make commitments from the administration. To help that will be successful as possible upgrade the facilities as best they can I think but who Arenas. Terrific do everything you possibly can to give me food and head coach an opportunity. To build back their basketball program because it's a program that is no great tradition. But there's apathy there are document merchant might be the guy that could do it. Recruiting the name of the game which also got to have somebody that's willing to go over so with guys like John cal Perry and it's not impossible. It's just a very difficult situation and I'll I'll try to find somebody who would track record. And last question here I am actually coaching for the first time this group will like sixteen year old kids ask me to coach their league and I said all right I'll do it. I've never coached before or Canada advice do you have for me. Fundamentals. Teach him how to pass catch triple. And that you would be the fourth thing but you don't want tricky place you want tricky players they work on passing catching dribbling and shooting and that's why. It's like clinic tip for the day. All right I appreciate because everybody ask you look on offense I'm gonna run and I just say I was state under is like just run down the court should birds there. You have Margaret more says the sixteen year old I'd do it otherwise. The metal. EST in college basketball analyst friend Priscilla he will be in town this week for the big Phil Turner frank thanks laugh for the time always appreciate you when he's been and always appreciate the insight thanks a lot. You're welcome as Tom. Stations today with rain for show love from ES. PA and that was good to get a personal story from for Sheila. He clearly has seen it from the mid major standpoint. Ed is somebody in that room was willing to fight for you to get there. We see now that's or works. Anything can happen especially now it's different you don't win Priscilla was coaches. The disparity in talent between Kansas State in Illinois State is not that big. But had played ten times brands that are out surprise me at times Illinois State wins that game it's not eight to two. A nine clause. Not even close as far as that goes. One thing though he was talking about idea and I give you have Monty Morris on your team for when you're going to be coaching year Iowa State cyclone offense and your West Virginia defense we have much more Alonso ball right seeds like what I'm impressive considering you haven't watched your guys play yet yet and coach them any game. Suspect you already have both of those guys back yard you have to lead point guards on your team is really impress yourself from the group jet I can tell by the way he hits it in the group so like kids are talking that we got legitimate Hooper I told you. 267. Kids asked the player on our team. And my team was like now we're good. I'm like dad tells me that you know. That we're gonna win this league when 267 teenagers asked to play on our basketball team. And the other eight guys like now I don't need you got turned down Eddy Curry and Tyson camp breaks and we basically what. Very unproven guys that are tall maybe they could be great you just have no idea to set it. It seems odd about Monty Morris holly Rowe over from ESPN's that the Monty Morris turned the ball over. Thirty times all year. And he also at 43 steals it is exactly what you would want from a point guard that's not only just taking care of the basketball. But some it's going opened on the court going with in the will be temple at a fast pace. And never turning the ball over but not more exciting got screwed out on a lot of awards this year he was gonna go to freak base. Somebody who had and he had an explosive terrific sees. Morse I think is the most under appreciated player don't ask actually. I just based based off the numbers based on where he played in some incredible what does this considering the fact they beat. Kansas in Allen fieldhouse for the first and they lost since 2013. So that's. Going all the way back to that type of time the most underrated player. An incredible season he's never gonna get the credit deserves it blends in governance practice. I mean like I like much more I think he's solid does think this year point guard is now like the NBA. In college where it is just so stacked that might say more than the Bob Cousy award. Much more what the five guys listed that's insane if that's the sixth best point guard in college basketball. College basketball is his stock to point guard is maybe it's ever been. I really know who's gonna win that award frank is gonna win it lines of balls are great player. And isn't isn't like minus 500 win player of the year he won the 15 Q the player of the year. Two months ago three months ago and you're just passing time. Offering masons had an amazing season he's going to win it every award is going to be unanimous first team all American this year. That is pretty crazy let's step aside. Brad standing joins us live from surprise Arizona next on the draft. Sixty and sports. Drive take you. Up through the night shift tonight we're first you know Sarah Poland from 69. But before we talk to our guy bread Fannie let's give you a chance to win a 25 dollar gift card twin peaks. College basketball championship season is upon us. And we're hooking you look here's your chance to 125 dollars to twin peaks in a lake or independents. Even go watch as the madness unfolds with. Party made from scratch foods in a great drafts election. I'm certain people are going to twin peaks for the party made from scratch foods in the great drafts election I'm sure that is the draw and you'll. To go and twenty certainly one of nine. At so begala number six right now caller number 6913576. 76 data and you have the opportunity to go enjoy party made from scratch foods that are great draft selection. From twin peaks are guy Brad Cheney definitely enjoys a hearty meals are serving up when the inning with good man. Well that it's saw age 73 royal plot in years here. Yeah that it would yep there's more. Handled tomorrow whenever. You're gonna see the royals go up against other royals went asked to be mean like watching your parents by. Yeah it's actually going to be pretty actually it was killed in he that you tomorrow in the oil is gone he's peninsula so operate as. And she gets the arsenal leaflet that is where enterprise. Peninsula to Egypt Egypt is in it. Actually eat either chipmaker crap I mean today it EU on the audience is that we ground ball short and so it's been kind of joke about. What their game and be like Margaret church elect. Look it up. Of Israel he knew that there right now in eight out illegally here. In elite tomorrow not pictured in her kitchen Sunday candidate. Your creature caught which is a good side it is. Yet minor league injury or pictures like it's fastball bullpen session content sideshow. Yet they do that much because they're so little he's written you know Italy. Yet shout at you Duffy and the terror ultimately golf is so over the next couple weeks so little bit different. Oh the World Baseball Classic. It's it's it's an exhibition and so that really. Countering and it's a balance and. And I'm sure he'll go out on. Six. I know you've been locked in because the position battles are heating up so you can focus on on this year's team. Today both Travis Wood aim Chris Young page aideed and they both look. I'll be here. Today Travis who looked really good start. And that's the first two innings came out there that are they're. Were swinging our. That you out yet. Ending slipped in the first a look at where. Else like me it hurt so for the eulogized by. And then he you know he picked up yet there would pick first stage. But he didn't overcome cover personally got around about let a couple of minister in pretty gently. In order to block it more recliner not overpowering it. You know I think by and buck eighty but he sort thirty you know the doctor like chip. Cute the mail every and and that's like now like about him sacred Shia and oh run to disperse your life. But there is not our. You know Travis what's slipping Ataturk your memory spring trend here today encroaching on ads and issued the mound consider alcohol on the it was different. In the amount of the ball in public but now a lot lower. Until late in battle is that you were after that would spring training you know the field some of the field dark. You know like visually it actually kept in great shape but they're not in the chase tiger back. You know the clippers. We or whatever brainstorm came out straight no clue they are on. He had done so the person he'll shoot today in the Belmont it would keep its action much in being completely out. Yeah well he's he's on the pitching it started moving there with his hands during the game because Hewlett-Packard which now so. There were some things today it's sealed a little bit weird. But you know making cards. Look terrific yesterday. Trout would grind it out a couple of really getting. Richer and they needed Abbott. But it's in those three guys sort fired up for a spot in the rotation neat there's been really interesting to watch. Talking about guys that are fighting for a spot on this roster are guy Christian Cologne played less field today. How is the technical experience. A couple of single excellence or any. Anything or you which say you're you you really start to see you know Kenny right now all I can make it grow on sac fly try to help. So any. What you're out there are a miracle in the last put. I don't know partly got a good deal. You know based solid start today if it if that's the position to comply. Regularly tested Saturday that at sea and out there recorder. On so audits were reaching here like children more than senior well. So we Sheila. You know one. It'll came back shot a nine inning game. Bubba starling came out one out walk the world tomorrow. In the top of the ninth in production of the Green Zone and got it in Samir UN has. Came up but you know rocket riot the second baseman and it's getting hurt in double flights. In this thing to me up focus more on you know what what he did today. And that the last couple days the pitching. It's been real estate to be a lot charge still not really have a great deal. For which one of those guys who it and yes spot now rotation this year it's our debts right now again at the two out in the public make our unique look at. And I would probably like cattle in the area we let you know occasionally in the bargain Duffy. But right now is based on all after what I seen they cars and really really impressive so far. Brad we got less than a minute left tonight another addition of cooking with carries in at 7 o'clock I'm making chicken Alfredo today. Do you have any tips or suggestions. He built our. You know naturally the biggest couldn't get fitness like bill are like you know it's built back on the air and never get me out here and every chicken out yet so popular product you. I'm a might actually try making my own sauce today I got the chance also that you know I might challenge myself today and try to make my own boss the sauce. They say you're crazy what you're wild but you are out of control there. You read that book was yet. I don't I got so could put you budgeting give any cookbooks but I ice was telling me he's he's doing the second couple playing so I got to get out of here saying tomorrow. What you Beckel and gain the royals against Venezuela I know you're going to be all types of conflict did we'll catch you tomorrow stay away from the coyotes. Cooking with Jackson on FaceBook live today at 7 o'clock it's really the best show on television like I can't really describe it to you any. Other way it's like. The Walking Dead the wires sopranos was shocked this kind of all mixed together insisted his one great entertainment. Smorgasbord. Jensen banning Chrysler drive back tomorrow yeah. 610 Sports Radio.


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