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03/06 4 & 5pm - An NCAA Hypothetical, The Hits, Danny's Wedding, Fanning from Surprise

Mar 7, 2017|

In the lone hour-plus of "The Drive," the guys discuss an NCAA hypothetical before getting into the hits, recapping Danny's wedding and ending the show with a visit from Brad Fanning out in Surprise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everybody let's do this kid's a hair's staying here it is that drive and Chrysler on the other side on the glass of ice time we have in the segment. Like three minutes. Not to get off the scorching yeah yes about five minutes I got five minutes of I don't Euro was big about this getting out on time together -- at the top of the out of roiled the royals game just ended so it's it's a little bit different saw me give you five good minutes I I appreciate that they some unsolicited today that it's coming up at 5 o'clock. Always something right now. All I'm 91357676. Same color number six right now called ice you win a four pack of tickets to see them as are mavericks take on. The Alley and Americans. March 22 at silver Sinai center arena that game. The puck is dropped at 705. Pennies five good minutes of ice asking you a question. I answer the question I'll tell you my answer is but I'm. I haven't asked you this question and we have now reached March Madness the target it's this week the NCAA tournament is next week we start to look at the big picture and I bought ourselves down. With did day to day grind of talking about the big twelve. Jason McEntire the big lead said this. I'll take Kansas. UCLA. Arizona and duke. You get those fields which side do you have to win the title I took the Eagles in this and I'll tell you why I'm cures and who you pick. I still think Kansas is the best chance to win but just purely based on the odds of how the tournament works. You always take the field and that's an area especially with the duke being one of those teams if they can get healthy. There's still the most talented team in the country but they just have been so inconsistent all year they haven't figured out I know sometimes they do when it's tournament I'm but. Your gimmick give me 64 other teams if you're running in the plane games vs four I'm not even that sold on UCL. I don't think they're coach is very good editing Alonso balls and really good at the problem is that there's not a great supporting cast around him. So I would. Absolutely take the field if that was an option if I take the field soon because I think Kansas is one day I think whatever the bracket comes out changes will be the overall number one seed. And I think that Kansas is going to be the biggest favorite to win the national championship whenever the yield is announced next week. Carolina second. Media asked. If you gave me the four teams right now instead of did you east or in the you'd take the field I'm taking Kansas Carolina. Like Arizona for some reason I take Arizona and and I take Delano pilot the more than UCL a for sure I attitude those before that I'm taking. I like this because regardless of seeing the bracket I've said this from the moment I found out. They Kansas City was gonna host the sweet sixteen in the lead date if there's any team. That is guaranteed to go to the final four it's the Kansas Jayhawks. They're always top seeds you know there are going to get the most favorable destination according to the pod system. So they were always gonna go to tolls are old law hauler wherever that regional as an individual season. And now you've giving Kansas essentially. To bowl games in the most important games of their season up to that. Yet the final four and tell me there's one I think for sure is what the bottle for I have to include them in my had taken them against the field. You're going to give him the best college player in the tournament I think we're gonna see now offering Mays is gonna win national player of the year and all of these USA today. Associated Press is paean. Whoever writes about college basketball they're going to pick frank Mason to win national player of the year I'll take that team. I really like this Carolina team they've really grown on me the last couple weeks but again I would take right now toll at four and and give me the field. I take Kansas. North Carolina Arizona and bill no do kind of has that. Duke acquitted duke women as a (%expletive) (%expletive) but also looms in the second round I. The good feel about this team they kind of like. How Kentucky's felt a couple of years they were just overloaded with Al. A Kentucky team that was the final four that all those classic in shots with an injury Eric iron paerson. They have that deal to me. I know other talent. Is it enough if they put it together they can make a run I don't know they team put it together there's no question that duke player for player matches up with every team in this tournament. Can they put it together for six games. I don't know with this Duke Team I don't know with. It runs and they haven't done and I'll seize. They had some moments early on the David really look good they are playing well despite the fact that a lot of guys were were hurt for. And thousands of some time cobbled their players others in the sent Villanova makes a lot of sentence and I would absolutely don't want in my four. My top four guys interestingly enough the two teams that you put in your top two are both squads that loss to Indiana University. That's a little problematic. Considering how bad Indiana and it has been good so that's. Your logic is sound there's a lot of things that makes sense I like villain noble lot especially year after winning a national championship and a lot of guys returning to that team. The Indiana. I Kansas stated. And like North Carolina did. It gives me a little but Kansas lost to Indiana when Indian steel credit loss like and five time zones away your Indiana once meadows you know he was billed as everybody is at war it's not like you can feel the same way that I feel about Missouri like if you Missouri. Little guys we should knock you out of the attorneys should be disqualified from the term. I'd right there I don't care what you accomplished. Resonate the only way you make the tournament is if you win the conference are you accidently if your coach and you you bluntly if you're Arkansas. I don't I don't know Arkansas record is right now I don't know if there in contention to go to the ends at dinner. But let's say Arkansas is there and their right in the thick of things. Thank you saw is is in the term arkansas' and they're in the term and he lost desert they're nine seater now according to a bachelor party. Anderson what would you do with that tape after that game he's Bernie do you make your players watch it is like you did this year you'll. Austin is our browser. Are you done down here assault it's a self imposed sanction done not going to deter you can't make the argument that's. Adds that they're not allowed to make turned into would make it use or of our five minutes I felt like we had five minutes I'll I want to make sure that we that we did the listener. Every single penny of this rigors that it paid for it and I think so I I I think we we got we need to get done. Are going to be right back on the other side in just forty seconds. And then we'll come back well planets for the hits coming up in two minutes Missouri did what needed to be done John Dorsey gets interesting comments. At the com bias I continued to carry the Boehner a mid major teams and major. News that affects all of us next on the draft. And excludes stocks and sports. So five. Today we we certainly coming out worked so hard today we obviously got another hour ago I was asked to you know. Except you know that you just you're on your cell today you're working hard. And you're just tired in the ties do you know wake up every day at 830. And then I come in here and I'm just it's working for the main every night and this drives kids in Chrysler. Giving you a genes to win a pair of tickets to see the phantoms. In the next segment I need your help. IE I figure than we have reached a level. Of honesty with one another that these guys know my heart and no mind tensions I legitimately need your help is on People's Court. HS. Brother brother brother desist right need. Your wisdom your guidance on something 'cause I I think it's fair I think it's fair because how awesome on this show. Do we talk about us being able to help the people I the other we need help from the people that I need people's help and it's legitimate help it's not. I'm not being funny I legitimately need you need to help for a lot I mean academic need I need it is a different type of yet that's coming up at five point five or read that I'll take it. It. This historic in the game Kansas City we talk about him every day at 5 o'clock we blew itself. Up and play the head guys. Person of the day is seen is of course. Commanders. Are friend of the show him Anderson has done as the head basketball coach at university in there Sunday. But it can and it isn't that. Sosa went from us Tim and I remember this figured out from Kansas City attacks like you match. I can't remember the company. Bly. Is some jobs or restore order. AA might play a Would it be the man and he would like asked hey do you have any type writing experience. And the woman would say while got a great personality. And they would say it will take you work itself. But I've got a great personality and keep don't IEA yeah I know you got a great personality. Did you coach know I'm great with the media. And you guys gonna win games notebook I'm great with the media took care and it's like every conversation we had about him Anderson. The last three years has always been in his stare him. Thought coach really nice. I'd like to Maine are we tried to lead with like the good stuff for candidly you know he's a friend of the show is treated us really well. But I mean he set himself this is the quote from this press conference. To quote we are hired three years ago to stabilize the program and bring culture to this program and we've done that. The only we haven't done is win the Tim Anderson and his time at Missouri was 26 and sixty cent in the eight and 46. In the SEC. They're fourteen teams in the south Eastern Conference Missouri finished in fourteenth place in three consecutive years. Yet as hole. In basketball they went for instance in the sense that it is that looks. This year art and went seven games acknowledged that as a major college basketball team. Also north Carolina central us into this is just a little parties brackets college. Essential. Is that it has the play in for the sixteenth seed. Because all. I didn't realize that he beat Hillary over what teams. Does the sixteen Z but the play into actually. Fill out the bracket. Because we're on the road you're done yet he should end in Atlanta resignation and but no as a person I think Kim Anderson it was a really really nice guy. A basketball coach second wind I can give Missouri to the next level I I think. Was or is going to hire someone that looked at as being a good to me great hire everybody talked to and you go podcast page right now is that since we're stuck around. I talk to debut Arctic 45 minutes about this. I think gives an arrogant I think they'll make a good night. I genuinely think here's the thing that they last few hires have not gone well. Break it was in all right acts maybe. A good hire. Initially and it obviously fizzle out the way that it dead in Kim was not a bit higher and what's different administration it's a different department of what gives you. Any sort of fundamental reasoning that you think they will make the right. I think gonna spend the money but I think if you're college basketball team your willingness in the amount of money I've heard from is it's not as much as gate apartments in this date matter if you spend the money a lot of times acting. And health program if you spend. A lot of money on the wrong guy. I'm asking. Me what I'm saying that the higher they're going in May is going to ultimately be good hire. Like take a higher top creamy cannot. Or does it feel good I heard you and I'm seeing you field that the next higher will be the person that really starts this team realized I. I don't know. I mean he's not taint this where the person hired is the built and images like you got to really operate from hold and build much more further down. Saying it I think there was a point I think from day one person that they hire. Look at it as that was a good ports. We'll see if it works like to make it. The chicks might draft a quarterback in the first round I support that decision date my friend the raw quarterback in the first round. Also port their decision to draft a quarterback Missouri might hire the wrong coach. Like a coach it is a better suited like this quit quit spider was a good idea. They got the best says that everybody thought Kim was I was going to be good coach. India but the philosophy behind the higher was right to believe it'll be that this time no one can argue that hiring when the beta since about in retrospect. Health. Attitude about literature at a I hope. That's it. John Dorsey that beautiful come by in this league and of course the chiefs he had. And he gave a rather blunt assessment of all the different quarterback prost and this is as close but are there any finished products here. I don't think so where the warts and are you willing to live with the warts also people are just under siege that you've buying what he's selling when it comes at. His valuation of the quarterbacks that the NFL and I mean it's just convenient because they don't need a quarterback to scour. But they don't need a quarterback to start day one so that's fine but what does it mean to you that she's. Those guys Brit is partly seventeen when he told me that 217 S. Expected to come out and say man has to agree franchise guys in the draft. But let's keep. If your stance is instead ask you know we're doing in 27 team but also understand it they're gonna. Support it would be none of these guys are ready to start this year I. That concept I think it's just so may know what is it that Dak press that was ready did you date once or fourteen. He is what is the position assault us. Injured all the selected number one overall look ready to play last season of course always played it a it looks ready to play from day one. It's you guys individually evaluate all of these guys in this and then make the decision and a lot of it is based on what are hoping that works like hoping hoping that with the coaching staff. Of course if the coaching staff. He's willing to adapt like in Washington's first year with Robert Griffin the third. So much of what they did offensively was tailored to what he asked in meetings that are similar to how was over at Baylor some naturally. When a player is taken that quickly and utterly overall he's more likely and up the starting quarterback and that's how aggressive right from the very get. So in this position is John Darcy could say whatever he wants to say especially if they're looking at some of these guys for its element still under the first round. It's up to him to try and protect that asset expense and sopranos now I don't think any these guys are ready to go whether he's lying or not it's the right thing friends. Next from the com I felt. There's a lot of stories that came out of the course and tonight I'm curious to get your thoughts on what you cited John Ross really really quick. I'll wide receiver over from the University of Washington all I saw them do is on the forty. Which is really all you give us an I read a lot about this weekend I solid Miller had to say on Twitter as well. Yeah I know the exact commodity executives yeah I saw it. Yet. Somebody said is the clean version of tiger retail bear interest and I now don't wanna do retirees feel like I feel like he's gonna get the white line receiver statement when I mean by that is. Well because you really fast you can just do what I read shielded. It was pretty special wild touchdowns last year. I don't think now you can just find re in them fast dine college now permanently into retail or BC could just do a little bit of everything. Last season so I don't want it now I guess teams the saint it's very much a copy cat league same way that I think people are gonna copy cat deck press got and think well we didn't draft a quarterback in the third with around. Must try to do it. Let's now and I think we can just wreck really fast guy like mark he's good with the abuse on taxes and it turn and into the thing. If I Ross. But job loss and I think there's a chance I could break the forty record. I think I put on heaters though I was you. Nike's now signed a contract with Nike athlete rave review don't know a deed is promised. An island or image you and I and if you broke the poor record. But they broke the forty record. And then his logic or his reasoning for why he didn't Wear Adidas was well I can't swim that well and I don't have a boat. I would like honestly. It's it's not as I would like the island but it's gonna put him. Okay now let me follow up on this because the other part of the deed is conversation was he beat either get an islander you get a million dollars cash. Which when he taken in the book. Money of course of. Worse unless it's a hassle satellites fly halfway around the world and find your island means India islets are spending more money on the island. So it's great giveaway got everybody talking about it. Clearly the answer to that whether I think Alan ash can absolutely go with cash considering the answer on the drive. Subtle K state basketball they continued to find a way over the weekend and continue to keep themselves in tournament conversation. All right now. Things are legal case dates way you and I both believe that two wins per share at the big faltered and gets them want to get in one like music to. For sure 01 might get them and the other downside is that the team like Casey can get into the tournament and other teams such as Illinois state of Monmouth. They're probably out because it so the question is. What exactly does the NCAA tournament one what do they what is its public terminal one where the teams and they want the Cinderella want to hear. What I don't like. About the NCAA tournament is. Mine where 27 and four and won the won their last four games. They they are penalized by that essentially then they are forced to play in. 31 game tournaments to go to the NCAA tournament if they lose that here and higher regular season has been invalidated and they're staying home. I think the same things gonna happen Illinois State right now the minority has been is making the tournament there is the last team making the NCAA turn. Putting asked K state. All the bubble that'll last out. A case they had the chance to beat Baylor this Thursday the case they I assume based on getting another big win with the jump over it's like Illinois State. Who won seven in six and seventeen in one in the Missouri valley with their only loss at Wichita State. I take that the NCAA in Sheen in Cinderella. Ending I think penalizes Cinderella. K state you hit eight to ten opportunities to get top RPI. When you play in the big twelve play kid that's why should play Baylor twice play West Virginia twice to play Oklahoma State wise. All of course came to State's gonna have three to four opportunities other gonna get three or four top fifty RPI wins. You need to start looking at teams as what did you do in the nonconference didn't do anything to your major conference team like K state into today you had multiple opportunities at a game. Tennessee you lost that game. You had a chance against Maryland on it I guess you can call I got a road game against Maryland you lost did anything in on time. This conference play you didn't finish five under. The easiest way to fix this is it your office 500 or major power odd conference you have to win your conference tournament or put the same person knows that you put a mid major team. It takes they know that when the target that changes things your case state beat Baylor don't get blown out game two you'd probably make the playing game. It's so nice suggestion the problems that five hundreds of area arbitrary number if you go 79 in your conference. But you challengers so much more substantially over the course of the out of conference play what makes it different than if another team that finishes one game above. But you still have to leave it up to a selection committees also leave it up to different rankings at the actions of Apple's. It sounds nice in theory I just don't know of 500 system and conference a lot of these major conference relentless. Why would it not I guess I I guess I'm trying to trying to see your point where if your case they missed two games under 500. Been giving them two more wins I think makes a big difference I think at some point college basketball does is decide something if you haven't if you have a big. Out of conference wins vs another team that went eat meat conference and they didn't challenge anybody like it's it's a part of the equation can't be the entire part place. That's the difference but I sense a sense I guess I would say that in the. Most teams that had that big win I would. Yes at least finish 500 in their conference that was in the team that is complaining about we always talk about the team that missed the tournament. On one case went to one more day to have this conversation is that an open mind and in the big twelve. He's got one more win to take away the loss at TCU would take away the loss at what you make a grounded your actual conference tournament. And that's something that Casey could theoretically does not convicted they could win the big twelve. Turn Big 12 Conference tournament benefit and above. 500 record and bottle it today this is big tree. Because McDonald's in house there fixing all of their different ice cream machines all of us. The country I think across the world and every McDonald's. Now we'll have been working exploring machine this is a very exciting this much and that I don't think it's flat machine is always broke literally always broke it you have a hankering for ice cream. Nick was never the place you've that was never your destiny and this is news news never happens in the eighty year just the more frequent McDonald's visitor than I am every time I ever wanted to go in for undeclared shape. I've never had. I didn't realize this is an epidemic hadn't realized confident that did it shake maker is all over the world at McDonald's or just go one down left to rights but I'm glad there addressed. I'm glad there moving I'm happy that they're dressing it's to that. Is that it's for today the couple text messages I won. It's too on the other side. Are right now. Casey beat Baylor everyone. They say beat Baylor Baylor is that not a big win someone else says what would moms do and empower our conference are both of those. Let's answer the what would mom with two power odd conference. This I think those questions again penalize the mid major team. For not having all the advantages. That the other teams do. It's unfair than I would say in that aspect of Monday doesn't hit the financial dollars doesn't have the television. The case they heads. So if we're essentially going to tell mid major teams the only way you can make the NCAA tournament is to New York conference tournament. But what is the point but having 817 game win streak like Monmouth had if you're team like Illinois State what was the biggest hit. Of going seventeen and one in your league and the only thing you didn't. You can hide for your teens. Are we can have both of these kind of things it doesn't. It doesn't seem fair to the mid major team and again I hate that the NCAA tournament. Didn't sells you all ended majors and then they played its nonstop loop about easel and all these great other things. And whenever it comes bouncy well let's take average big twelve team I'm sorry case that you didn't do good. I got its excellent making the point we beat West Virginia beat Baylor you playing well. Every big twelve team as a Goodwin. You play eighteenth and what game in the big twelve is a good wind it's not an impressive. Like every winning kick. You're going to get a basic not a bad team the question should be what did you do during the regular season toward inclusion in the turner and you don't have a good not count in. Like just all going to get good conference wins like that is going to happen in the big twelve. Any team in the big twelve all that had at least one good conference win you play every team in the week twice. So that argument for big twelve teams as has done with me if you're gonna finish under 500. Texas tech's not good. Finished eighteen and thirteen. Good conference wins Texas Tech beat West Virginia this year they be case they this year. I've ever beat Baylor we can find good win for everybody arguing Texas Tech should give a target. I'd pick what teams is by definition. But. I mean it's it's it's different. For what the NCAA tries to sell vs what they actually go and view that hypocrisy from the NCAA it's always been a situation it's always been something that they've been apart. So you're right it's very easy showed the Bryce drew shot and all the different and Hampton win over Iowa State Marcus Fizer because. That gets the casual fan and more involved more interest in the NCAA it's at that point four ball at the really need is determined goes. Forward are the bigger teams in the bigger draws and the problem is that after that initial Cinderella stage. If you have one that hangs around for the rest that's very sweet sixteen elite eight you have something leading up in the final four there's intrigue there's passion about. The problem is that they just need as many eyeballs possible special with what the rights are going in on CBS and turner. Aid for the rights. To know that if they can get as many more eyeballs on that they're gonna have to court and trying to. It's easy to cells and without necessarily believing that that's that's always Indians double is MO of course I understand there I mean why they do it. I would say the believe. That case they should be in the tournament. Because they have XY and Z wanes they finished under 500 against the competition act they're liable. I'm sorry you didn't do enough this season to more inclusion in the NCAA tournament you either should challenge yourself more and 500. Talk about why college basketball is may be watered down now is college basketball rewards mediocrity. A team like Kansas State. Finished under 500 the big twelve now is the opportunity perhaps to play for the national championship. But it's it's again it's always based off of the tournament that really shouldn't mean anything. The only reason to turn in exists is because it's another term money revenue sharing opportunity. And because that it creates some sort of intrigue for most teams of people would watch on their that would say for a major conference is being Gunes. Some teens ages like a state now gets helped by the big twelve term they get another opportunity to get another good yet it seems what are you showcase but it's penalized his mind. I ultimate major major major conference tournaments grew over mid majors like modern it has to win their conference turn it doesn't matter what did any other. That we criticized India seems resting guys colleges started doing that you know these next two weeks we're not gonna play our best guys wanna be as brash. And healthy for our conference tournament because we know that's the only way to be negated. It lets your completely. It was you know for sure you're getting into the turn out like again. The team like mama the make a lot of sense and based on their schedule based on everything they've played for the course of the year they should be in the NCAA turn it over a team like east. But irradiate it the way system's gonna play out kick them out of Kansas State wins a couple games over the big twelve in your height. Your make a whole lot of senses long as you won those three or four games in your conference tournament. There's really no more advantage. Coming on the other side. I need you guys help with something. And it you guys help me out we'll give you a pair of tickets to watch the newest teaming indices I would that is an excellent. Six sports. Back in on the drive. People weighing in oil and he's fighting for the little guy Tex I 600 or six an easy way to fix our ammunition each conference gets an automatic bid for regular season and conference tournament champion in the event they're not the same team remained the field is filled out by at large teams I don't think that's the fixes. Is that I think that gives mid major teams a little bit too much. Power. It should be a very simple if you win. York conference's regular season. You should not be penalized by losing your conference stern. I would say eating if you don't win your conference tournaments on Monmouth case. You did having another opportunity to play the team that one is maybe you didn't. It opportunities. They had I would say that's the way to fix I don't think it way to fix it is to get Monmouth in Siena. Inclusion in the target of those teams are worthy of being turned. Like in this I would say were only really fighting for five teams probably at the most. I'd say that Monmouth Illinois State mid Tennessee State if they don't make the NC double our data when their conference tournament who's they should absolutely be in the tournament. I would say that's the fight that were adding. And I. Were seen you know or those kind of teams that. They finished eighteenth this team and just got hot at the end I seem to be shouldn't be in the term. If you wanna keep the conference tournaments the way that we had it and we wanna ensure that that team is. The Amish have another opportunity or I'm Mon undertaken rein in games off to make sure my guys healthy for the in season. Our wide play hard the entire regular season if it doesn't matter how you do. The it as a matter you won seventeen games during the season. Pork if you're like. Illinois State Buick seventeen in law and ending you're still going to miss the NCAA tournament that part doesn't. Make a lot of sense to me. I'll give you guys an opportunity to win. These arena football tickets. There was semen sound Kansas City Bain and they start their season. This weekend. There was days went. I was happy to be there I was happy to be there spec was there he spent a lot of time talking about. This wedding in the captain and all of analysts. I had never seen anything. Like what I saw during the ceremony. Their wedding nice drug if I'm wrong lasted seventeen. Took to isolate the wedding Sarah actual wedding ceremony. Was seventeen minutes. Eat out past that was. One of those cultural things in maybe it is today because it wasn't a religious ceremony. To plug in married. And so on how to pass the collection plate in this whole thing the past who got collection plate journal I don't patents was. The pass or what do I have disposed of her needs in the past there absolutely would have Davidson spoken word it would read a Bible verse. And at least 45 minutes. I think anything that item was more of a religious. Significance. Is going to be longer hazards there's usually more prayers involved you're right there's maybe a couple songs couple of something else to extended. Few more prayers. This was about as short of lighting services eyes as I'd ever I mean it was everybody walked down there they read about how they tell the story of how they met each other parents lit a candle. And boom that was it. How is like in this is of this I'm telling you to black people. They walked down there and here comes the bride would have been five minutes somebody quoted got up and saying Brian McKnight song that they first heard and they want to go EU. Been a much longer experience. Seventeen minutes before that I mean it started. It started all time. It's at 530. To play that music at 530 was rated go with a vision I mean I'm talking about West Virginia press a vision. This is the part that I need your help in it you can tell me something better than this will give you good Dana tickets. Is he why is having your dog in the wedding. Did any steps well it was all the Korean as a grooms and then walked down the idol. I hope you get a boat I am at some herbal splatter Stella. You'll wedding add something more light in man I'll give you apprised. The dog was in the way. And we we saw it initially. Just remember I turned you and I was looking at a program on the seats and all the different people walking down the aisle the bridesmaids and the greens and in. And one of the crimson answered Omar little. I looked yeah. Is this what I think it is something seems a little bit off it's ensured that the dog walked on the now. As well but it's not my interaction he darted a little but he. Is it a couple people on what my interaction with. Omar has always been an unpleasant I think he's terrorist a legitimate terrorist and I don't want that dog anywhere around me I got this act. But a series the dog was in the wedding now have the closeness to dogs the way other people do. The closest the dog dogs are great. Love dogs outlets like its name. I talk about. Dogs apart our elite like our children like this is even more more that people genuinely think that. But the dog. Was just isn't in the landing at the sink. This poll I didn't even think about it from diapers night. News. They both. The dog wasn't a big dog was standing up doll with standing up right where there. You went off to the sides and he did get a chance to walk down the Wednesdays I'd horse like this at no like like no not at all column are. Good. A situation like it's me you've got to put your foot and it's in the dog not being. She is the little booties the the thing like if that is I'm not a fan of dogs stressing out. The volatile and that's fight to get dog shoes. At some point this goes this goes way too far right. The votes I've signed a panel looks like a collar you're gonna go and give the dog awful ensemble and that's team. That's part isn't just a covenant on the tax. At 69306. Out once I was at that my cousin drove off the wedding in a tractor. I via the in the lead right now someone asked now on the tax side. Where you guys not slide in the least bit by not being in the waiting being upstaged by all. My ceremony and dean means that wanted to do their wedding night you know I used jokes it's all good. I just I believe. That the dog was active in adult role. I just couldn't believe what signals on the tax plan is holes a lot of people use their dogs as the ring bear. How would you trust an animal with with ring well. The deal could get dogs part of the family. Unit that the dog sleeps in your bag that's fine. Entrusting a dog and cultural I don't know isn't the worst decision especially at. Balls off the dogs it's giving me an example licking the rain rain Payer we just decided like it's easy. You got a little 'cause and you got a little brother got a knees are now gorgeous look the best man and hold the ring just hand. Berries just a little brother your little cousin. Does have them do it that's all you got to do just that little sad but now view. Walk down the aisle holding the hearing everybody feels. And it's good hag aunt and niece had little 'cause she's the flower girls she. Flowers and Nancy were good. Tex lines six factories or six my friends walked off to this team of stall or more. That's not as bad as the tractor that's not bad at the track there's not bad but. Eight I was just trying to pick us up when I was like this be the most. White thing you can do it wedding is that your dog I genuinely was confused I needed your ho. Chase you got something better go ahead man. Thanks so I was Irish wedding. And the best man was giving a speech at the reception and he ended it where it I want you to go hug the person whose major life worth living. And the 31 in line formed which the bartender was followed. And dumplings say oh well I like that. Good would. That that's a strongly. That's a straw would I indeed you got a story. Edmond. I would commenting on the end the dot actual agenda. In Atlantic. Yeah. There are very bright made it all all actually. And the only human Atlantic bright background. And of course he got was at least. The first walk down. All about where Albright made by her network where the dog at the bailed out I'd be like yeah. I. Caller. He could count on male well they have hired what are well. Our. Any in the league right now. Nine. Chase at a drugstore right in the league. Wedding party were dogs is is the lead like you'd. Again I'll. I love dogs. I fiance and I have a dog. The wedding is supposed to be used surrounded by those that you feel closest to you and those that you really believe should be apart of your waist and that was our. That's one adult. There are six dole lines at the wedding date and he called in six love in the all groom has been in bridesmaids sixth man. I was six worst everybody else. There's no brother there's no sense there are no friends lining up in this letting. I'm really not trying to be judgement. But how that only you. And your bride in six don't. It's sort of planning a wedding that is deeply does this and is six. People that his name like dairy country. Like takes like 6906. Instead of a limo for the wedding party we had a hay ride to the reception someone else. My wife was in a wedding where the wedding party arrived zeal livestock. Trailer. Or we're hearing a lot of camouflage suits like. Well I imagine that weddings this happen like. The back woods of Alabama. A that's just how I am madly everybody. Shows up in team of lives in somebody's backyard. All you can drink DVR nanny lie at the reception in good whiskey this man jetted Daiei gives a speech. At. They shot a gun in the air like it's new years. That's stepping on the last I ever seen that before where somebody's stepson glass no I I will say this is my first Jewish letting hammered into. The stepping on the last note the one that's like the one Jewish nation dad and and in this. And what's. Disrespect where they stepped in any open which they were a hole or yeah during the reception. Like Blaine how many Gila and couple other Jewish songs and it lifted Danny and staff in the chairs all in doubt it's like what you saw the think when you saw this slick when I was and that this is like Jewish people's soul train line. A when it it's like everybody else. And the eighties mom just grab and just aren't going so well yeah. Really excited first time ever view you know acted out your first hour of their guys on I was really neck and neck so I'm like the way you're supposed to go around the certainly it's mostly move your feet like a lake grapevine. It was moved 14 like right behind the other tried. And you'll actually be moving a little bit better on the dance. Some of the stuff that people this is just amazing to me. My buddies wedding when the pastor said you may kiss the bride all the grooves and and bridesmaids. Shotgun and a bush like you can hit the Internet and you're following a kiss between the bride and groom they also are shotgun and a bush why. This might be the winner. Like this might be the wax that's peak whiteness. Everybody's got under bush. And that's legitimately good. Written best wedding wedding party in full year it tired in the Miller written as they were surrounded by Turkey eating people. I don't know that as he. Let's give the guy but the bush lite stories the winner. I like that story about Stalin is that he has a good person tax again not sports at this moment shame. This is our ads on the site added if I can speak for anyone else I'd bet if that's not a bad site that was Foley's old senator from my enjoyment out I was down the got the prime adult dogs. I'm Cyrus. In India right after the wedding and come next on the other side president enjoyed as a surprise there is an excellent. Six sports. My sixth in sports we. Back in along the drives into heresy here have been Chrysler on the other side of the glass checking in with our guys Brent any. In surprise. Share result fanning was good name. Today they're brats they lost the game number out. These games mean a lot. Determining whether to me back in the World Series and by dropping. Gamecube and writers if you have absolutely no chance amendment so. As to be lost season. It. So I actually in public. Scream and well. You know spring training and theater and there are numbered before our squadron and the ball is not sitting in the role on the home. It spring training at their top prospects are yet to beat them. What is Mike who's my focuses first at bat like today. And I heard you made great play at third base sedan with a the first ball hit whom actually made a great play on it got to take mr. vetting the obvious immediacy. That order to get at the effort they actually played in illiquid third district obviously bird he. You know injured knee last season until. And of course. You know the first alternate itself which was made a nice play out of the order really like it. Order it it looked like little flared shallow left field but it struck out on court. But he got out the future of all actually dropped behind him. And so. That got in the patriots' where it literally it got out people. There's actually on saint that they're not after the game he said Bruce operators no pain or not been. Yeah actually thought about going back out there in the sixth inning. Support and you wanna push itself he unity agent Barbara that's great you. Others that counsel at you funny looper ish type play. That he went to both side is ranger finally turned the sweet double life. In the middle innings and you look pretty good you're really in it open it. And legacy felt so good yeah actually get trapped we're not there for that but it. All World Baseball Classic at least the United States starts this week in I know than it agreement already start playing Israel. Didn't play Kariya. Actually this morning the team is a little bit different now have they kind of given some kind of insight into what's going to change with how they're going to construct their lineup been. Eight aimed and move forward with guys like dust you guys like house were not be here. Yeah. The only a couple of then I'll bet you're not now. I mean they're electric gawk and other countries practice in Venezuela that your that. Count on yet you sell play against the oil on when they're surprised one minute later it somewhat but yeah that yesterday's it. All the pitching coach you know that your pitching coaches. Which are that is because certainly he's an intricate they're the island. The royals pitching coach out at your feet. And so they're talking all the time about that quote like amateur which is like someone I am so there is. So well the Venezuelan air quality Italy that you sit there catcher like yeah pride and yet. Yet again can't Eleanor Parker Moore and Uga Uga forty years at that body is going to be a problem. And it it made an excellent picture that those guys. A while taking care of wall gone what are so much communication when it. You know with pitching coaches look at exactly. You know that there's work so hot and maybe shall be a little bit. But the pitcher Israelis that you are in effect in their. Allen proceeded you crazy spring training and got used to get more action in a position where we're. You know shortstop. Catcher first base and she probably 200 mergers and more Peter O'Brien over first. That he's teaching him. Source things here talking and start aberrant fanning he's still down and surprise Arizona. Coming Herrera looks really good today I saw this this first 123 inning so far of the spraying. Heidi he looked in his appearance at a. It felt weird you advocate spring training starts so late and so early unique in the World Baseball Classic. I get so little weekend ninth in N out burger make its first appearance via a quick 123 inning. Yeah a couple of pop out in the end and strike out and birds that you know where they're personalized pitches so he looked really sharp. You buy today. That card and other guys were picked. He came out here and pitched into the Fort Benning. And he's just a quick reminder regarded as the oil required from you know drug trait. And he looked fantastic. He got into that trouble when he came up for the fourth inning that Hillary Rodham is it felt so look for brewery. So he wouldn't you are shocked and and the pitching to me it is. At least since you know play seven guys it cooled off a little bit is the story can't be a little pitchers on docket all of them into the section Sanchez. And the split squad a couple of days ago but I don't know or not anyway. But I live pictures rhetorical commitment essentially shut everybody. As a top competition that this spot in the rotation into a couple of spots that are available all that. Last thing here Brad at what is I guess the media talk at least I was there are so many media people there is also many conversations happened. What do people think about Brett lord potentially being a role. Brought I mean you are localized. And and so after about. Idle as possible. And the nation and every. And averaged yet you don't play under to keep him shortstop. Eager these are your blog for that matter the second patient. Fort essentially competing award. Cologne Cutler. Bob Diener you know so I don't hurt. In terms of the team are better are there any room about that to our first and Acker. Somebody that suck on FaceBook Bernardo hey look like without that public ought to know well I don't you know maybe you. And that is based on the history. At this you know after our career. And and it's his struggle but wait for me or search there's satcher about chemistry. Is it such a focus for the oil out C anyway helmet is important don't need it at all commuters. So much talk did you hear what the Internet and talk about last couple days. The second wave of young players are coming up only she thought she really you know meet at five under your whole or while spot CO. Is is looking great. I mean match like the second wave the young players is that they think it's really cool you know that's when trying you like. Bill this year so. Why would you were young guns. Like that had issues with the lows. You know it's gonna need to decrypt our money to be here. Record your apps are crazy if you insert in what. I got a late twenties I had this way. Okay. That's rare landing on time it grow. Where he got repeat we are in in Michigan island in their cars in particular it. A lag back you know horse it's not eat dirt lot off that black. Into letting you vote. Deeply dug in repeat. Such Internet it would that stirred up particularly. If you got to you gotta gotta. He got a allied to the Greg Burke Brad favorite kids as denies that we got here is the drive. And 68. And sports.


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