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03/06 - Gabe DeArmond with CDot on The Drive

Mar 6, 2017|

Gabe DeArmond of joins Carrington Harrison of "The Drive" to discuss all things Missouri including the end of Kim Anderson's reign as Head Coach and what lies next for MU hoops & athletics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Having me join on this podcast by gave the arm and of power ms. Dudack con game how you don't Zaman. Not that Eric Elliott I'm doing good let me start with this question a very open ended question. Whenever you go into a coaching search as someone whose job it is to inquire and add to. Gain information what are you looking to accomplished when you first start this process. Well I think ultimate goal would be. What you put up that initial wouldn't. Bet the guy they eventually hire on. All that was the case when Mike Anderson was hired you would on. My first pot or in fact he was the guy that I immediately it is I think urged. Out the convoluted process by which they got there wasn't necessarily. Obligated up. Brinkley. I Wii U I'd never mentioned his name nor anyone else when he was hired and and Tim Anderson was I don't know. On our initial hot border not it while it's like I was very clear that what got to be Anderson and get this up as long as Michael the like I. I did not seek any way it was happening. I think equitable and lists especially after eighty cat. You know put about it they candidate because if you learned one thing in covering the earth during Michael I'm here. It was a baby cat put something out you knew where in Prague in junior you better pay attention to put on the lip but it still didn't really think he'd get it. Dave let me ask you this and arriving weakened let's let's start this conversation with this question that I'm sure it's gonna take you twenty minutes they answer how it's at a debt how exactly did Missouri basketball get to this point because it goes a lot deeper than just hiring him manners and goes a lot deeper than frank Kate. Had Missouri basketball get to this point. Well a lot of people wanna go back in. Or the point with my game I don't know I like that took it out here when he yours point five years almost. And what did he quit recruiting on his way out the all of what needs you know pat. War. I think fourth straight NCAA tournament when he left you left a roster that became one of the Cuba Missouri teams of the last week year. Under frank day you know on how they got years relief. Obviously. Worked the ball Michael Bolton. After the Quin Snyder debacle. Got relief here in micro managed to be basketball program almost every. For everything he did well at the universe you the very. Yeah he handled the basketball program very very or. We got that situation where it became all our for Michael do higher basketball coach speak at the beginning and you get. A bit of a reputation. And the got a bat well coached. It won't work. In the eighties you were down to Florida with your link we'd like medal but I can remember yeah and its this spring of 2000. In the lab and any met with Matt Prater any 100%. Absolutely let that meeting believing that that Peter was the next coaches universe you. He made the mistake of leaving without anything signed state. Peter went back web floppy gene Katie made final pitch to hold a Sunday morning. He went to appellate team any found he couldn't do. Any call literate but I'm not taken that and it fell apart in the current went from an eight Q. Also at an age where hate although that may be a little eat it may be should be called collect points. But somehow that what they came up where it. Rank in when he got here. He didn't have the people Burke all the Miami stuff all happened in nearly got fired before code to it. And heat in happy equity with its mandate or by that point which his administration. To go to a rebuilding prop. So what he did with Egypt they updated everything. For three years in captains are as competitive as the core I eat. Antiquated and a number of times knew he was sailing along in the vote. Constantly whipped up bucket it's all in the bucket of water out and look at war. Kept the bulk of what. What you knew at some point there was going to be that time where he couldn't keep up or work leopard coat or couldn't keep up. At the end a three year he wanted an extension. Michael didn't grow and trust in baseball where the program would go you can offer an extension he would Ole. Southern echoed through the process and I'd I'd thought I'd ever so typical are Mike and Anderson but I'm also never. Because he'd had three chances to do it need never had an. There's I don't we did that you went through that change apart that lap times so whatever they hired in Anderson and in the end. There was going to be like a crater at opal we knew. Now I think in retrospect. Into the building you're warned he should come in debt. I don't like usually you know you can't play UIQ coach you were not gonna get along he declared everybody out. It did when you're one with two scholarship players you know what. QB Anderson had been dropped out he. That name with the very. He could've done per year. They could go on to win thirty or a year and he could got all his guide me. It started the rebuilding crop that he didn't know he tied it it is a little bit here a little bit there. Mentioned somewhere in here that this administration made temple work. On that would never gonna work simple word kidney and alone ever made together on but anyway so these guys. You know EP Neil they're rebuilding process over a year and what do they adopted. In year three he's got a well a couple of freshmen sophomores and a couple you go to. They're mostly in their first or second year on campus I thirteen guided last worked in your story that you are in year war. And nobody would irrational mind could've made an argument did it and sure enough to yet a fourth year if he'd come back for a year or what they've gotten better. I don't know on will never know I certainly believe they're feeling the what you need to do here years. I just posted audio today in our side from a teleconference he would. Certainly preaching hey we were brought here to stabilize the program in the region still culture and we did that. You can agree or disagree with that it's early yet to every individual. But the bottom line is that I mean. There were guys. Out of what it meters and took over. And Anderson just one of one Obama I frankly got a little bit higher to eat it's that Greenberger you know analysis. The job Al Arian now it's. He took over an impossible situation. No I didn't. Doctor took over a work situation was in the NCAA tournament you're cute. Tom Green took overworked this situation. That forward situation in its first year or bad don't get me wrong. But the direction was clearly there and that but we do which you're war could figure. One of those two he won the big and it went to the elite eight I mean they're. The pieces were there you go see that would do you didn't see enough with this program. Cute deserve another year. You're talking to gave do you army opened it. And probably what's not here find out you're targeting Gaby Armon just kind of going do is Missouri thing. I agree that Kim Anderson I think was giving it such equity at the beginning that Missouri fans were almost accepting inept perjury commanders and you're going to be bad. I didn't say a year two we knew you were going to be bad at some point I always made yard and I told him this. So what you gotta hand me something you can't keep telling me what's common it's come and its common well beat Illinois beat Oklahoma State that you lost to on a buzzer beater like you got a win one of those games to hand me something when you've never seen me anything in your losing at home you know Casey at home NC central at home the lipscomb. Like at some point you gotta turn some than any Turk and some kind of work. Jimmy Garcia and it turned anything it. You know character there to do it looked. We knew they were going to be back like look for a year war and I I think if he'd probably like fourteen. 85 under right. What nine and twenty re. I mean. I don't I don't remember I got a message from warmer player in the middle of that thirteen indeed I got a message from a guy who played for or. And it is what I think they've lost the Lebanon well and eat that you don't understand. How hard it is to lose eleven straight games at our copper. You can I played on terrible teens and we want to let it it and I I went to the number for the last nine years. Every year there or somewhere between. About fifteen and warning. Major conference teams like with the big east or what that power our conference between fifteen and twenty they're and so pot under. About 75%. Of them are winning at least cast their game like it's not hard to go sixteen and sixty. You use dental yourselves twelve and that. In the third handled himself well win and couldn't ever get twelve we. I mean it's there have been different between bat in historically. In Missouri was historically batted not getting that there. What's always giving commanders and I think that little bit of a buffer in his. Anybody that knows or is been around commanders and likes Kim Anderson and frank say it was the exact opposite. Know who likes frank Hague but you gotta admit that he can coach Tim Anderson I think can coach. But he never showed me anything in the three years that would really suggest that he could coach at least not at this level. But he's likable he's personable he comes off as accountable but I think always kind of gave him that buffer that you really shield him from ultimate criticism. Well look you you think airport well I actually disagree with you on track like a bright personable guy you'd. He would always good to work with I'd I'd bought wearing cat on. But it will his sensitive I thought he had he knew everything that was sad about it and we view our major to be one. Basketball coach you have to block that out. You can't react to break is sometimes but other than that. I didn't dislike or think I didn't think he should have gotten I thought it was a terrible hire. Why you know whatever he did a good job for one year and Eddie eagle petticoat often about I think frank. I think they are all state may be great career early and all tickets were brought up yesterday. It might Dick should never get suspended and ultimately dismissed from the universe you'd very. This whole thing. What that he needed in ranks second year what what might stick it. And baited. It and it hurt them. And they lost it in gravel on the power of state that next year they'll make earned them with corks and grounded. Writing was on wall you know you have the name recognition with the very thing. Like you know now I will say it but they can't deal with the park now. I mean like 90%. Or like this is a terrible idea beat casual what we called the key European I think they like it. Because they thought. They went to ruby hey lets just bring back in 1990. Let's make it to work again. Around Tibetan rarely work and it didn't work year. You know for a variety of reasons that you like it's changing coached and yes like. People would think it accurately know like I remember when Quinn was here but he eloquent with a terrible culture. Clearly understand basketball and is incredibly how did she would be. You won't be ready for this job any hard time relating it to twenty year old kid and Anderson didn't hurt yet how to design. He understands. Exit ago. College basketball 80% to you get big and at number one concern from day one looked cute in person that he would be able to get. In court. I mean he got a got a visit you know on the Bryant. They pepper go into how he like he not up. And while he would not getting note guys you would also be at the. Not offering OT and no end you know a player like that so not only missed the value it but the guys it. That he did evaluated debated about being good he couldn't get 08 in the end it's recruiting it's always were hurting. There's only two things release it usually gets you fired. Recruiting and in any NCAA violations or you just don't get along with the law obviously. You would reward troops in got partly to recruit won't. You're talking to gave the army it's funny that you say that because I think you and I might be in the few people that are in that camp. Missouri basketball really change with Mike Dixon. If he's on the team with Al grassy I think that. Bill and how the end of games to be a lot differ because for all the flaws of Mike Dixon. He had that gimme the ball the last four minutes I'm gonna make the big shot more or make the big play and that Missouri team didn't habit that. Like if somebody asked me what happened with Missouri basketball I would have Mike Dixon being kicked off the team very high up there for when things really started to shift. It's very our that was the year they've laid down in Atlanta. And I remember going to vote and it played Louisville. And still okay now in Canada Mike so they have their backup point guard sobering Britney it's what church and it did the backup point arc. It's been a long time and I've seen it something as painful to watch it and trying to bring the ball up against were brought. Like you legitimately felt I had predicted an at that moment it became clear to everyone including drill press eat I got up late thirty minutes again. In the end what it also did what you would still playing well all indicate because there were no repercussions could or couldn't venture. You know and any he took the domino factor a one saying it and look I I don't want it. Q did you whether you know my deserved what it would ever that was one. However was in the blood you know lies that that was it that you can. Let's start with the question that I think you're being asked nationally by everybody in Missouri and that every time there's an opening at Missouri yet to ask this question. Is Missouri basketball a good job. I think it is on I don't think it's a great. You know to me. I wouldn't even make the calls to Gregg Marshall Archie Miller course you're not getting. I haven't you wanna call and app and so you know that's indeed Bob but you're not getting note guys but. There's no group of people that thinks that this job in the public art center that he telling me what they can't get anybody that. Now this particular job I mean it can't duplicate the Kentucky game a couple weeks ago. That big would that commercial for what it would be if there's a good game that people care. If you get it going what he can be I mean Mike Anderson talked about on the teleconference this morning like look at what terrible he got here. And and that place was really followed for about four years. From you know maybe like thirty year rates first year with a lot of and edited it got a lot let. Quickly obviously but it's only been in four years since the very mid term it's only been five and and they paid very well could've been number one eat in. Probably should have won that copper country. I mean. You know they're they're not in league history here. But there is history and something that I think in if you wanna talk about Tom Green plate right now. We're winning don't eat two or three times in beating the sweet sixteen elite eight who deemed not good enough. Each your the guy that does that that number. I mean. If you look 500 next year they're gonna consider what conquering hero. If you were a god that would support proper title and it but you're finally breaks down or get into the final four. You're going to be elected governor treason. I got in his argument with high circus Chrysler went to Indiana policy if you agree with this or not. I think would now with scholarship limits in the fact that everybody's on television and that we clearly see that talent and it. Wichita State is a much different mentality at Kansas State. I think there's only like five real destination jobs in May and everything else it is based on geographical location preference like what makes NC state a whole lot better than Missouri is now I agree with you it's better because dot ACC in Carolina they went the final boards. Won a national championship. But in 2017. Is that job that much different it if I look at a situation like Indian is it that much different and organ basketball war I had till night. And now pac twelve network and all that. I got to look at a side brought out. Kansas Kentucky duke Carolina and those jobs may end jobs seven through thirty are not that much different anymore. Op Ed you're probably right I would actually put in another tier I would have sat out here those or you mentioned and I don't baby UCLA. May be too bill you know they're they're like probably between pot and that are like those in the clearly they're better than ever but he then I would put that next year of Michigan State. Maybe you can put Florida in there. You know there are kind of a second here but didn't when you get to the job the job about. Mean. You're probably talking from fifteen bit. I don't really think they're a big difference like you can argue that NC state the better drop in the Larry what I can argue convincingly in the current actually a better job because it Europe late liking peak day. You're never battered and bird in your own steak you probably. The only bear on a consistent basis his fourth circuit in the ATP. In you know what I see some like that that he would get the burden is clearly the second or Burke that program and yet and yet were singled. And nobody to compete with in your own state you know so. I think. Your general link is right and they're they're not a huge difference. And I think it does come down to new personal preference and just kind of what what do coach. I wanna talk she got individual candidates but I wanna ask you this question first because I feel like this is another question that. At the core of what's happened at Missouri this is part of it what do you think immune has been unable to recruit Saint Louis and basketball. I don't really helps my idea it was very would probably higher intake meat. Under out of all of varying reasons I mean for all probably the ability. But he stayed in Quinn was here what seven years and it Michael Cooper were six and and bring partnering import very you having. In basketball you guys are hurt me in an expression. And sometimes before so like win win in got here in. So you Carty got offer from a birdie in America you can't yet you can't make up that are. And that's not speculation apartment and that's his bat on. What do you staying there and you look at it if I had. A dollar for every miner number hire this guy is gonna fix they're recruiting in the state. Like carry immunity would go to like you know somewhere down on the platinum. But dollar Herbert matter that so that need to beat the argument that hiring on our what did you think on the mark right cool like. The argument can be eat in picnic well it did nobody ever takes. Or edit and relatives are in pretty late Q I would make is I think little deal that they would re doesn't produce more players in. And if you wanna talk about your sick of it doing noble one a it's change the bird got the ball more than anything else. When Tyler Hansbrough. I have maintained even with all the NCAA problems it wouldn't matter to our integral. He's not you'll hear eaten networked. Makes sense I mean I actually thought you're gonna say Otto Porter first because like Otto Porter on that team I think jade is David you go back to rewrite the inability to land dollar trans world then went on to be. Basically college basketball Tim Tebow does greatly changed. The history of Missouri. No question I mean in an alum went here in in what the job like handle the next. You know now obviously in public stop was wide. In large part by. You know that would change a lot. I was gonna ask you about Kwanzaa mart offers us why wanted to ask you the the Saint Louis question. If they hire one's a market is that the why because garlic until Martin I think he's finally I don't think it's a bad hire. I'd its record quads a Marten and his. I know I was gonna play itself out they'll be all right but in four years from now will somebody else to be their coach if you kind of tap out their ceiling which I'm fine with more this tire. Like I always argued like right now it's a lot of ideas and items are. No I completely disagree with that you don't hire got no human. If you say to eat if your start in that squad of our feelings you don't need ought to. Like you are hiring the guy who you need to be here for it seems that doesn't mean he will be. But I. I'd never in good was saying were so bad right now to tire guy who can help with dirt and export. That I bit. But I overall agreed completely with your assessment. He would say high floor low ceilinged. He hated it into pretty boring to watch what pitchers they put really could be that they're terrible. And it's on new recruits well but not great. He is. I think the war is pork want to know what the bird is your like eight and yet he brokered at ear ache or not. In the ceiling and for Beatty hurt every now and again you know you're cute. Always decent but never agree that that is what its history. He's always on the bubble but he never say we you know. I think each one year 12 or three games to get to the sweet sixteen but that it. It never doubted that it never take that second week yet again. You'd find. And I think that's are where. Like want to mark and easy or were gonna take the modern art that we would Quantico is on. Or work on those number one I would I would question. See because I I I was gonna make this analogy. If you're a browns you'll love Alex Smith. I think you know what the ceiling is if you get Alex and at the right now you've been soul unstable at the quarterback position. That you're willing to take a guy you know that make you competitive became did you over the hump. Could you make the comparison at Missouri that. It's so bad right now we won seven games this year nine a couple seasons ago. That we need somebody give us to the next step that's why I've been pro mark got free that's why I've improved Bruce Weber but I admit. I don't know if those guys can get you to be deleted her to the final four. Right now it's about being stable being competitive in the may be train an opportunity for the next coach that they hire. I eat. A legal logic but I put them up last week it's a good Indian media of great. You hire the guy you think can beat her I mean it's a. You know because there are so many coat like in the bell went there at our group quick we're gonna go yet it's a better option you know I mean. They tried to drafted out of work that okay you see if you think if John Watson that died and three like we make up for a couple years did three years. Kiki what a Super Bowl here and that's what you do. Over Alex Smith I mean I would argue the recent streets have been what they have been for 25 years is because. They'd just been all big all with the content. Because it. You know they're good but like what the people here I think I told you you don't get to play up the old doing what they're rare. And that's what they all would partner that to get there. But not so good that you needed once there and I think that's what all the more so. The chain following the guy. Who whether you'd think it's critical than whether you pick whoever you think it is being in Moeller I didn't hear. But whoever mr. banks that got is that one that maybe we're here we're doing that against a navy worked so terrible but you know what. Maybe we're not about that or work finally where we should be which is proper program leak. Because I don't think want to offers you. Personally that a lot now I can certainly be proven wrong it's just my opinion going into the. Which of those mid major candidates or at I've butler's kind of weird like I don't consider them a right major but they kind of are mid major or which of those guys do you like the most 'cause I would actually dumb or Wikipedia does kind of do some reading on Jim Moeller from Indiana State. Like him he's young. He seemed like he'd be there by the seven years by key seems like somebody if he does well at Missouri there's no way he turns and Gary Nicol he's ever fifteen he seemed like that. Upping coming got Kelly shot a Smart like he'll be there until he can being gate one of those top ten job we discussed earlier. Yet I know that there were reported in the laster a lot of people want higher. Payable are obviously that Roger is a pretty good job socket is a pretty cautionary tale like what. There are no sure things league coaching hires like that would assure me right pocket Smart. Would it kill you all England was optics. You know no there are no sure thing bowler. To me he's not technically been at the mid major ish guy and I use that because like that. Well we're not in major you can argue pretty easily bought work better. Off right now but I really like cripple it. You've done a good job at the one I'm really like it or it can't eat sort UNC Wilmington capital that they like Kirk. A couple of months anyway. But I think he's obligated in the next coach in the. That makes a lot of sense from a geographical standpoint he knows that region that be a nice step bought that does seem like where he's going to go I I looked at it. Good mid major coach. My options would either be. I hit it in it in an ideal world they pay Gregg Marshall the money in the were done having this conversation we don't let an ideal world. I would say number two would be let's see what happens with Fred Kornberg in the new offer him three and a half million dollars and say we love you can be your coach. That's the option. Does that properly or it. More reality that I would say the third option would be let's do what happened with Tom Green. Every about conquering just makes instant Miette Missouri he's a lot that Kwanzaa mark I know we can recruit the area to me seeking going to Saint Louis not that he would fix it but. He certainly has name recognition he can point the guys these coaches that I can make you player acts look what I've done. Conquering makes so much since this team's next head coach. I Erica. If I the radio lipstick guys. You know that's the one thing is it to. Often that's probably where I would go with you mean you can work. You've got to rely on in you know a little bit here because the reality. If green is told you'll get another year Indiana but he better. At the alternate Tom Green has got to bet on himself and local Baldwin next year no problems and he's gonna stay there but it he doesn't know what he's. Get that other year. You very well could. Could jump in there that could have been a Missouri centric they're a lot of people will be pixel expert. As we are seeing I like the Tom Green higher I think it makes a lot of sense for Missouri. We've heard cover different people Robert Edwards Ella talk to you about it it always comes down to money. Like I think sometimes people oversell what this guy has a Missouri connection and all of that oil. The best connection you can create the university is how much money you will and it's been. Are you convinced that Jim Stark is going to spin the money necessary to make Missouri competitive. Again in basketball. I think he's willing to every indication I did get that number is willing to add on I think they will pay in the little overblown and he. Look they were gonna pay Matt Treanor. Mike Anderson with my Internet million would you let your you know what they haven't paid trip the last few coaches hire didn't deserve to get. I think they deserve to make what they were naked. If you want to turn now the one concern is. With the higher education budget cuts across the the state. On this university taking about twenty million dollar. Budget this year and so. I think there will be a little bit of hesitation. Rubbed the academics and Romney had been. They had and law we're gonna pay a basketball coach 3.2 million dollar and we just took a twenty million dollar hit. Which is why I think it on insert to go yet. You know is older and say look at we gotta do it like we're losing money on that basketball program we executed I need to. A we talked about Michael Alden in their clearly wasn't the trust I think from Missouri fans for him to go make good hire. Do you think fans should trust Jim start to get this decision right. Deliberately gave up yeah I mean what are the what you have right on. I think. Looked OK what do I get done if he comes back here weren't a remark you can have on the pot. The Bartlett goes he would get. A lot of people have the role mark questions I assume you and I are the same on why they shouldn't hire Omar. I don't wanna vote words into your mouth why are you against Missouri hiring greens are Romo. Because the birdie and an NCAA tournament or even. Because you as the number one pick in the NBA draft in the nine and. On what do you mean the guys it's the backup quarterback here in Munich I haven't seen fail over the guy out or. I look at role Mars I tweeted this yesterday he is the coach that people think Scott Drew it's like I I make this argument big twelve Spain's autonomous accused means like a look at the Taliban targets like whom like who is this player that Baylor has gotten our Barbara. It. I keep hearing that the Bible who the guys you're telling me Baylor should've won a national GB two with Tweety Carter late dear done. Oh look at that goal on the Washington like he's gonna have. Martell faults and Mike you know one picks really got to be a top five pick less than ten games but that player like that somebody could underachieving. Baylor is doing everything you can possibly do in that situation they're so much IQ that also yesterday's Michael Porter is gone like. I don't wanna chase now this goes to Michael Porter and now only bringing a role market is one year will get Michael a quarter and then maybe and that's 100. Eric in its heat not connected to Michael order not one person in America thinks she is sister. But how much do you think Missouri needs that kind of Shockey in just. Michael pour we deathly wreaked energized. Basketball in Colombia by people would drive from Kansas City people drive from. Saint Louis like to see Michael Porter replied I'm not mean that his average was Michael Porter but you don't we go watch him. Let's say Michael Porter is an equal player than I. We are repair what that any there that may be stretched been in a really good but they used. LSU supporting cast was probably better than numbers yet so you bring Mike Porter and. I don't know what he looked at what point she corny and well go to the united he could win didn't get into work for the FCC to go to an IP. Mike or go walk in the Olympic brat next year. And yet visited Redmond return of seven years for more. I don't get it. Now you and I agree I mean you retire in the exact same boat with the greens are more like. He can't coach now I do believe that were ever brought Margo is next season porter's going like maybe that that that's that that's admiral nice polite. I'm willing to make that when it comes the not having him on the team because right. It's basically signing him for five years for essentially one you like that the only Euro wanna is just the right Michael Porter. And I don't think remark in part. I I've not heard UW had but watching it on fire. And how much that I I guess is they know they have Michael Porter coming next year's like you can continue to sell pay. We got a top recruit coming his brother to potentially qualify at a place a will be a lot better next year with these two guys. Yeah you can try to sell at a I'm not sure why it. You can track how quickly do you think this is wrapped up. I think I mean it obviously depends a little bit ordered. On and how long they're playing. Right now what target date would be between weeks wanted to have been. So we're looking bored up to that we are weeks. The reason I guess I go a little bit later final four time is. I think that's when things happen like if you look at the frank. Melamine or higher would have happened. In two weeks are we should. Okay and that's what planning. On. You know I I think. It's your ticket Tom Green like look at you like and by conquering your god like back but I'd. It that they're gone when they're idiotic and out burger we don't insert or are conquered. Could be done this week I don't think it will be on but that bit that the fastest. It your way or cripple that he's playing it on that second week ended that could change saying. All but let's just do the very not gonna hire coaches in the sweet sixteen. I think you can get it done bug on the sweet sixteen or. Another name I have to ask you about and try to get you out of here which I keep this under 45 Craig Morton I think Missouri fans like Frank Martin actually was a one Euro paid I was reading you're like standing list are you called it. You're gonna talk about the by Al that it would happen to have for Frank Martin. Didn't frank Barney is a realistic option for loser. Now all of a what you love it bet buyout would be good what is. I love it I have been on the higher earning more important for years. But now I don't think it in the third not today. Bring Morton four point eight million dollars before he did. Our last thing year give me your top three realistic I think are unrealistic would have Gregg Marshall Fred Kornberg and Frank Martin would be the three most unrealistic ones. If you added a handicap right now who would you say the top three most likely people to get the Missouri job it. I would take green. Want to work. And Altman I would give you that you'll and I would feel like I at least it's a deeper into it. I've looked at now living in change but it. I think kind of the starting sort. Yeah I'm with you I think it's cuando Martin's job to lose I think Tom creed just makes the most sense what have him in my top three. The third one. So about Missouri and maybe it's as Michael syndrome just tells me whenever seems obvious is during an app like Chris Altman from Butler does seem so obvious that that there's no way they hire so. The let that's the one I actually you'll vote on it. Why's that. That's my job I got here is that you don't in his about it I was just I was curious why there also got I. Pertinent or do you think he's over Kwanzaa mark. I don't know what the order honestly I don't know at this point is here is. But I I feel very competent. Cripple the air on I don't know making. I think he that we likely debris that was Eric yet but I think. That I think it up there. I said this on Twitter and I wanted you to confirm it I guess for everybody. I look at this process at at the end of it. I find it almost impossible that they make a band higher. I look at it as whenever they decide who their next coaches I'll look at that as being a good two eggs rate hired do you agree. All the. Will be that you honestly my hours solo and partner and I wanna get the wrote messages. On that night that this fire has broken that say who that happened back. That or would that now most people knew who Jimmy Anderson was but I first. I got probably fifty text and art they are out that while it legitimately did know. So yep you heard it's a step forward. I think the database will be willing to even the year cute to eat but the good and they're they're going to be progress yet in double digit year. I was gave the Armand A game I took way too much your time and I appreciate the is that average and of amazement thanks a bunch. I don't rob thanks it.


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