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03/03 5pm - The Hits, Pick a Player

Mar 4, 2017|

In a shortened lone hour of the show, CDot & Heis play the hits and also sneak in an edition of "Pick-A-Player" because it's Friday and we're in a giving mood.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's do this. I'm ninth. For the save. Parents and like I've been ice on the other side of the last ice it's good. At these Friday's he's not really good game here and I think it is a live video that was posted earlier and it's very quick show went up when he spoke to giggle yeah as the giveaway today we have our finals of the Boston would give them away in about a minute we are going to pick the players it's Friday let's have a little bit of. Find will play pick a player and a ballot in the fifteen minutes we're gonna do that hits today were to pick a player. And then hopefully get you home safely but before we do that in ice. I'll take it all day long and innovative news. This historic in the Zain Kansas City we talk about them every day at 5 o'clock we eat itself. Up and play the head that guys. The final day EC dot. As we've a lot of it's for the past couple weeks that this it's an opportunity to view play a trip to Boston. Thanks to our friends over that's before. The Boston I'll wait to see the boys in blue is brought by asking and Dick Smith board his trip for two with airfare hotel in 400 dollars in tick credit. You just heard the final sound there are no more after this the last one. Celebrating teen years as the whole. Your favorite baseball team hits and two there's number two is the crazy possible rumor. Indiana now. Bremer how we thought the Tony rumor Tony Romo rumors were done. Apparently no I guess I'd say they were done for us Kansas city Kansas City to entertain you know Kansas City coyotes. I'm saying we thought that we would probably not be talking about Tony Romo for awhile ID and apple support. Is now brought Tony Romo back into our lives you reports earlier on sweater. The Redskins in the 49ers are discussing a potential deal for quarterback Kirk cousins in the near future until they may include. Cowboys' Tony Romo as well also basically. The 49ers. Now that they had zero quarterbacks inquired about Kirk cousins Washington is talking about Tony Romo and Dallas Cowboys tanks. Where you start it's all right let's go to. Each permutations. The Redskins. That don't fully believe given their quarterback Kirk cousins wouldn't trade a young quarterback commodity to the San Francisco 49ers I would imagine for their top five pick they hand. The niners don't like Mitch Robiskie or Mitchell as he wants to go by now they don't like shall lots and their mortgage rate that it or Kirk cousins. The good that they're going to paid for because they have a what I wanna pay a quarterback. Okay. I'd disagree with the Redskins on their violation of her cousin but they're gonna get our overall pick in the and start over and you don't wanna make him with a five ties to a quarterback's league. All right let's mobile and we head he got the value out of her because of that this deal is trying to find an extra because we think we can interchange them in this offense. Why would you want Tony Roma. It just felt team's goal is to get seniors all at a position. Eight and you're going to take that quarterback. From a seemingly ordered this I would view the bear he cautious. If I'm accepting Tony Romo would trade within the division it's different. It's different if Dorsey Francisco. It's different if you're one of those team. What you're going which were you really let the cowboys looked way too and we skew and it's right for Tony Romo. Makes absolutely no sense on the Redskins perspective understated in the cowboys pulling. Why not why instead of just releasing them let's get you four of it seems stupid enough to trade for Romo is in his bat. That let's go hit inflexible little bit and come out ahead on this deal. I didn't Tony Romo domino is the biggest one of fallen in the NFL offseason and is the most interest being there. One to me this will be a huge mammoth trade it just doesn't happen very. Often in the NFL. I doubt it happens but at the com bind when NFL reporters talking to coaches other front office executives I'd like to juicy football odds though. It's a crazy hot stove and it's. As long as those guys continue to be reported incident discussions continued and on its gonna keep on getting bigger why would you accept. They kept outweighs into the against the cap. Is it straight to your votes that you did they thought he still had a lot of ballast blow it in the division if that's that's where the red flags completely. They did come mines and so Leonard for an ad showed up. Thirty pounds worth the water in his belly heroism and a big conversation about it would make it you make any lacy looked excellent. I I. I think what happens to any time that the com by Andy's. When you watch college football every Saturday. We follow play off we know these guys and that we let. All day and it combines drastically change our opinions on guys. But Ford has arguably been the best player in college football since he stepped on campus of LSU I'm now going elect. Twelve additional pounds it'll more local jump changed my opinion on what I've seen Butler pour that over the last three years at LSU. Ellis is silly having got included a very good running back. He's not utter the words were meant I'm not going to let them come by in one worked out convince me otherwise. As opposed to what I've seen in in the last three years I think that report it is best running back prospect in college football since Adrian Peterson. I am using a top five pick a letter for an. He deserves number five thing they stumbled we've seen over the last three years it is a little bit of a concern for me knowing that this was his priority at the NFL's number one for and and useful shows up when you wake coming to a cop mind idiot. More than enough time to prepare for what others are to come out of town mind a Christian McCaffery guy that was trying to work his way of the draft fortunate pretty slow forty. A four point 59 his second go around again. Any concern for somebody like Christian McCaffrey was that New England Patriots are no no I don't have any concern about this like that he's got that we reached at Kevin to reappoint. What I mean by that is remembered him entering he could lift 180. The people like maybe Kevin ray is not strong enough. Basketball it was going to be a fantastic player. Let's not let the vertical jump ever litter fort it. To showcases for a coal in an NFL but jumping over people. Political outlook bunker on the cap what I'm running it doesn't I noticed that perhaps. Help me I think that we go to fold. They're going to be I guess oh my god you'll convince through it 510 times. Yet the second fastest three cones wrote a book I take it. Now what like take from this bench Presley. Mine is weird and out we think people are what we would make it being street 2510 times. Are you run or six abortive anti slow. Me that's. He put backs if that's love. Thought of the day from the online. Kids are doing their do you do their due diligence talking a lot of quarterbacks are on threats immigrant and cities are reports that full meeting with Patrick Holmes. But the Shawn Watson amongst others. This is exactly what we want to hear from the common especially from the chiefs knowing that if they weren't gonna go with a veteran out apt to go and look at court. Despite the shortest that we ever ran for a change the formats and that's that's what they're supposed to do. And Friday whenever Craig looks just smoked he says his heart here beat. This is like that's supposed to do that but the chiefs cornerback. The talking to quarterbacks that's the dumb mindful. Be different they flywheel of the it or private work out that's a different congress they acre interviewing quarterbacks at the I. I hope every team is doing that the patriots should be interviewing quarterbacks have been gone by that but that's all. So you you would be concerned if reports are coming out and they were pocket where I would think that John Dorsey was the dumb and wild things on the system. They're at the top by an antiterrorist suggests there they're blatantly off the block it is all the numbers. Teachers are reply hello Patrick Holmes Tex that'd agents that's like it was just let's say that it is out there and talk maybe maybe there's a good bit our good. We're fine we were here today but there are plenty of people that are on the roads continue on and it's they were driving down eight and it's not how is in the middle. Of Ohio this is the most it's this or amber. You should avoid the cow town snag this is not often gets a soldier at 8 o'clock this morning you know there's going to be is the word of one of the season met. That they're gonna be tauzin who's going alive. Where part of our city would you have said. Every said the part that they are running. Since I was at Salina. Maybe I don't full logs line again maybe a few people that she would the peculiar or belted any Dodge City. Few people as far out it does seem like too good a good guess. House. In the middle island drivers in Kansas are bad enough now to deal with cows in the middle there. Can't people can't get the apple drive so now you've you've added another element of surprise I was trying to get you going to now the tax line is going to be you bet you alluded to a million. But it turns drugs Louis the data to another element of surprise. Now it's just three Cal's running. Two times a year there is that animal balloons sort of like Bayer is on the zone and average restaurant a downpour expected. Something Illinois and I know the draft right now cost that's. That was like is zoo is closed and running allison's Wal-Mart. So here is down process and the closer streets and on you mayor mayor boulevard you think I'm joking but there is your ass written down 71. Ayers and chimpanzees write it down to say yeah. Like you keep the houses line dot if you were trying to rebuild the image is. It's solid today never forget. I'm Brandon Marshall leaving the New York Jets opting out of his contract. To go and play elsewhere. Not pick Brandon Marshall supporter. Estimates and burn a Marshal support. If that she certainly has been DeSean Jackson money but they're not gonna spin house on just reminding. Marshall money. Money see something they can of over his agent at mostly gets a three year contract was not really a three year contract. No I think he gets it. Honestly what I think is gonna happen is gonna sign a one year deal with the patriots filling. Four million bucks you mentioned other team in the early and it's on an interest in alt. Able to him like a one year deal with another one year off basically the only teams or give him a three year deal. Desperate team. Are completely desperate teams that are still in need to try and read read a Marshal wants to go to winning teams never quit that's why he's got the chiefs. That's why our marshals that she mom's side. Something year. Old. I because he played for the bay loses the Droid the bears' locker he didn't. This just keeping so you're telling me the big old can read. Every report coming out of Chicago during Brandon marshall's finals he's had you seen the bears organization locker rooms they stuff. I want you there you I don't know why because the real problems that then it's Jay Cutler Jake is part of the drop. A lot of problems that billion dollars. Him. Is that lately. Editor he seems to follow Brandon Marshall OJ got Jay Cutler okay you'll big bad energy is followed Brandon Marshall every stop he's and it's you don't bring it Marshall Marshall of the problem we're arguing that. But we definitely see that change in attitude change in his demeanor. And he's now because. Stable I guess that's the that's I don't know that that's a good idea you're talking about it as far as news. Understanding comprehension. And holding down and talking openly about his mental illness is far stability as the I don't have a problem in the jets' locker room it just got problems. There are former quarterback of the line that money to wanna panic got punched out if we're to blame and that'll bring him marsh. We're blaming Jay Cutler's problems all Graham marsh. But go to the plan is a Marshal as far away as a Marshall has played with bombs it is in a film career he's still got numbers. We're now analyzing Graham Marshall. I know the played the playoff game and now that's the receivers alt. A look at some of the quarterbacks he's way would look this up. Some guys he's caught passes from your blame an ally you do and that is played for some terrible QBs you want an opportunity to students are mavericks on March the twelfth. We for callers right now it's Friday. Now some fun let's take a player 913. 5767610913576. Sevenths and would eighties names quarterbacks he's had in his career saying he's played with great I. I just give you the names that in the and now we're gonna say bright marshals never played a playoff game. Maybe because these other names. Jake Plummer. Jay Cutler. Kyle Orton Chad Haney. Met a war. Cutler. Jason Campbell. Josh is Rick Howell and Ryan Fitzpatrick. So corporate employees it is well. Marshall adds a playoff game is because of Brandon Marshall. But because. Say what town has been as QB. Or Cutler. What Jake is the best quarterback you play for your career I think it says everything you need to know about why you haven't had. Post season success it's Friday let's have fun it's a new addition to pick a player next on the ground. On the drive and Harrison here being. Chrysler on the other side lives go to my pick a player of the year and a bit of money into this text message board make big player. But two of them actually that is pretty funny. First sex brain a Marshall also drops a bunch of passes. No thank you. Sometimes I think we don't it expects its proper context. Yes Brit Marshall this season was second in the NFL in drops with eight. He dropped more passes and I was LC this year. Listen to the guys that are at the top of the NFL in its. Number one Michael Crabtree we don't take my Crabtree right. Next dumb Marius Thomas we all go to raise dollars I heard it like he's good right. The next vs Austin okay camera on him bomb Erick Aybar on next it and other good players yet is he finally did you take your bronze sixty catches seven yards a sport as you take that. Eric Hebrew and always seem to be that guy that you would play. In drafting after coming up like ten catch game and then bomb the next person Mike Evans. Are we filed by DeVon it's like he was diverted via the drop was tied for third. The drops a lot of passes is they throw the ball to you a lot like Mike Evans had seven drops he had a 173. Targets. Abraham Marshall had eight drops hotter it's 18 targets. Like we got to put the statistic into its proper context like it all you also catches a blunt problem to which asked the factories and that the player. I take it upon myself with basically the lack of work that been given to make myself the pick a player contestant for today. Just in great town you're going up against me today so I feel really start heated agent are you don't. Doing good man basically eyes I just have nothing to do throughout the days that we does play. Random games to entertain ourselves you don't care about this on its value anyway. We I. It no we have been basically filling out water buckets and just going rain and things in there to see if they sink or float that's what we've been doing like the last three days. Own community. Is it just understand our pain before we played the game without guys beat me no idea on the radio I think that's. Also and I are right Jeff and what the small talk are you rate. Our eyes what category to see outbursts. Earlier today Janice. Our guy. This self proclaimed pick a player people's champ Carrington Harrison. Had to name as many. European countries. As he couldn't fifteen seconds some European countries you named Jeff rates on an earmark it set go. England France Spain Portugal. They aren't put on prayer Germany Hungary Russia. Italy. Ukraine and. I am given how many of them eleven disease that France twice. I cannot give them crack. I can't I guess France for a second time and thirteen at your friends twice or re cut the difference well. What are we doing serve him well okay all right were given twelve I very solid Smart but I didn't get one offer for world scholar caring Dinara I think it's. He did not yet it's well let's see how many European countries can't dinners in and able to name. Italy. And Turkey. Greece. Yeah. What happened what happened. I don't I'm not a not a scholar and I don't know until I don't know my countries in Europe yes. You gave me Africa than ever consider the continent Africa what's your. We got more than four. Bullet out of you get a year 20. I didn't know clearly need to read more I'm not a scholar by Ewan globe. It's spin on your desk. I was that was so that's that's a that would be a plus eight death rates at almanac. Just my something. Definitely. He might do. Teacher by aids. Tex I'd say in their rush is a part of Asia not Europe. I cheated the bottle you're asking me and I am I'm asking guys a year ice the judge year. I. No Johnny AKC. Your next item name and. You know our company. The making is like Christ be the judge of the game but knows the rules like you. Eat well is subject if you're gonna give people that subject eyes. Russia's not in Europe that the us. Oh I asked to name. Entries in fifty O Russell Gordon reference dot com is located in both Europe or. That's a good enough for your. I graduated college promise no more of Russians 75%. Is located in agent remaining point so they're able. Russia is its parent are you rate. Out here are right what does he got ice I'd. Ericsson earlier today had to name as many past or present. Baseball managers play to choose from baseball managers. Fifteen seconds on an earmark it set ago. I'll. Don Mattingly. You know green. Don't Martin. While. It was meant for the chance that you royals. You and good and I guess it's. There. Dale's lame technically counts he's the hitting coach now but he wasn't one point managers. Now he gets he gets the Johnny was coach has done it all and all alone now. Well and I can I will say this I think you were able to get more of this and European countries past or present baseball managers with CNET. The coach dean Dusty Baker Ned Yost Bobby Cox. Bruce and Dick howser who. Or. My destroying the blue and I don't even. Choke job. Falcons that Owen. I was finger and I'm now one but I wasn't good. That wasn't my best you know. I wasn't my best. Although disappointed in my effort I mean it was a win but that's not when you're proud you know now. That's like it that's at nine content we don't pretty Kansas you know I've got to win your proud you know you squeaked by you beat blocks Byrd held by Levin it's not. That's something to you should be proud of you know. Next up Edward in Lawrence. And hey what as a woman. Drawn. Our rights ice what does Andy and as is category earlier daddy. Our guy can't an heiress and add to name as many cell phone service providers. That are out there one of course is based right here in Kansas city of as many cellphone providers as you can Neiman fifteen seconds that he. And earmarked it set go. C mogul eighteen he weren't. Rise in. National more. Cricket. The four spot fives by I an enemy out of it by you at the big four in any more the big four in the name. Cricket. It adds that the big four is really give you get that the other ones are pretty much gravy at that point. Those knowledge that you've got to do you got to get them for you gotta get the big four. And in any thing from there it's. I I I can say I'll assume a caring and Verizon T-Mobile screen. Tricky MetroPCS. Will all tell. Nextel. Bruce mobile. Yeah. Resonates but I got an eight spies he got me down for an eight spot. I sent me down for eight are right. All 430 Sinai school. Doing good seeing cows out there today. Now actually gone up. Out that direction. I don't know my directions pretty well or were ongoing as evident by earlier today Ike Taylor ice what does he hands. Finalists are today Caleb. C got its name as many watch manufactures that he couldn't fifteen cents last companies may watch it it's mark. It's set ago. And here though all. The auto right now. Apple made it ought. It that way. Apple absolutely count until the three sets of three pivotal. I'm given to seek tiller Psycho discounted is seek and we know what he. Would be Psycho. Seacoast Nestle SE IK you know cica makes a lot of I mean fanatically its ballots cycle larger on the watch them on site well. It's slick cycle life is solid as watches they Arnold had to selling product in that Ponzi scheme. He Arnold got another him on his dad clearly is that where they basically flooded the market with those watches and he couldn't sell anybody and he sold back to the people it's an episode on their own tax on backing up for that I. Firmly believe I think it's at the Arnold is teaching kids about the dangers of ponds and Israel and so. How many watch manufactures Carrington Ericsson name in fifteen seconds. We'll find out. Gas apostle ninety apple Michael cooers coach. Gucci. Autumn are. Roadway. You blow. Burberry. Well that was the as a clear victory solid. Solid ones like English dirty five out of here so just in rates down the clear winner. I'm in today's version. Of pick a player on a Friday text on the same it is pronounced Seko Seko Seko bullet goes this eco we knew we don't wasn't site at Cleveland series we lost it doesn't matter. But it. Jonathan Jeff the answer over. Just generates sound as though it's. Com and got a couple minutes left the front of ours is married this weekend is to be there. We talked so much about that wedding on the show but I think it's at least right that we acknowledge that the wedding is happening. At a strip and it is it is happening this weekend. On. I mean. They relationship began on the issue well art we know that the actor there. For the rest of their lives together she is going to you beat him and win in. Sports that's. In beat it and entire segment that was based on her destroying. And Ian in really everything they've got to be honest that the NCAA tournaments coming up shall be given that scene it was a really good. You know now predicting Ames there is thing. So that's not really heartbeat you know that the very very low bore two year. Captain now it is actually did pretty insane story out and Nat. The idea that she was a Clemson fan looking for somebody who went to Syracuse on watch out at. And somebody's idol I listen to the show on six and hostess of expertise and you should watch within. Get it even like what 34 years ago. Even 34 years ago. That was kind of a crazy thing what happened was Watson's freshman year actually and Boston freshman year. It might be it was crazy thing about and I remember I shall Los like we'll see. Reversal about them. Actor Bradley sedan happy to be there had to be a part of it as we can see it. I am excited about it. Not until it's going to be a fun letting us in the great time. And I'm looking forward in a part of it is like any other big plans that's a wee little all Iraqis are coaching your team. He's gotten practices lined dissenting anger at ten hours at the dinner. I think will be sometime next week's I can meet the meet two kids meet the team. I was gonna say before we get here in this year. The point she made about gaining his fiancee now I've I've read this book called modern romance by in these names sorry. And we are great for me it was the first generation. That more of us had met our spouses along line and the other like. Church. Is the number one where I met my spouse. We're gonna be the first people that more people in San animal would know the reason the the biggest reasons and it's not a full on Morton a bottom line. He used the usenet and and people it is okay but a school. Even I ten years ago people that don't you add to other online dating service but do that. All the world's Republicans really good and a year relationship that's it I would mean if that it's by the seasons are absolutely I really enjoyed I did in new. Southern and I'm still finishing up past. But it's slowly boiling there now and on and in and out I've enjoyed it but I just. About it focusing announce them no I got you candidates and feigning. Highs night shift coming up next. Backed all of Monday. Out. Sixty and sports.


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