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03/02 4 & 5pm - No More Romo to KC, Coach Carrington, The Hits, Mick Cronin, Brandin Cooks, Brad Fanning

Mar 3, 2017|

In an abbreviated version of "The Drive," CDot & Heis start the show with how John Dorsey has effectively dropped the hammer on Tony Romo not coming to KC and that Alex Smith is the guy moving forward before CDot announces he'll be coaching a basketball league for 16-18 year olds. They then play the hits, discuss Mick Cronin's comments that the NCAA is entirely about the money, debate if the Chiefs could trade for Brandin Cooks of the Saints and end the show with a visit from Brad Fanning out in Arizona.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a man. It hurts your addition of the extra time when. He's in the last couple days we appreciate you listening is scared to parents is being Chrysler. Take you up until 6 o'clock this blame if things start off the right color number six. Right now 9135767610. To two of war. Act of tickets to Missouri maps march 12 at the Silverstein. And I sent her a ringing in the game. Is at four goal five hits coming up at 5 o'clock your chance to win a trip. To Boston coming up in day it's at 5 o'clock eyes it was good to Damon. JC we of course are stays the -- video that we got started over today just after 2 o'clock team catch that out yet a conversation with Mike Walters of the podcast page. At six cents force dot com put on another Sunday another beautiful day. And a lot to get into. I start. Today's abbreviated show lol. Buys something I need to get off my chest I need to understand. From all of you. We spent a lot of time talking about the quarterback position a look at sheets are going to do. This offseason I want to play some audio from you this audio is courtesy of CBS Sports Radio. And I wanna see if we all come to the exact same conclusion this is John Dorsey talking to Jason lock and four. Owens CBS Sports Radio. Here's what the best part of it is how strong but endorsement can you have Quigley owner. They head coach and general manager also remarked starter 2000 servitude. I guess that's its clubs case closed. Al Kabul when I opine about certain veteran quarterback lesser teams he'd like to play for on the T you guys off the list as it's done it's announced on. Back back there Jason lock and four is alluding to. We all know is Tony Romo so highs I'm asking you this question because IA. Am willing to concede that this is true. And that we've spent a lot of time. Talking about this and maybe it's the last time in the last date we need to discuss it at the sad news. Done having it's only early this discussion. What's your home no longer have the conversation about a lot of people that conversation. Peter King is a lot of all people or throwing out the top of the possibility that it seats not on course. John Dorsey said he reads it Clark on its that it. Alex Smith as our starting quarterback. When he seventy. Are we done that. Especially not saying yes. I'm saying yes to you it's done it's got to hear what you thought it was a possibility here not the problem was that Fonda that's what lies you know I was saying yes. It was Vegas and people inside the room wizard of busting people over there they started to get us. And not mean you lives on those odd couple well that's what. But with people behind the current poll and I got people behind the curtain delaying a decision on hand of man behind the curtain. Making the decisions in convincing so many lives that would odds start to get closer and closer from eight till 13 eagle line. That Tony owes them against the city but everything that has been said from the Kansas City Chiefs organization. Now again the NFL com nine has proved. That this is not going to happen it made me very convincing point at this point moving forward he's not going to be the guy. It made a plan to meet their extensions with Mary and Larry do and tired of they're not going to spend the money. With Tony Romo. With Alex Smith currently the endorsement is finally done it sealed outs is going to be your quarterback OK we're done I'm done having its only real discussion was the last time. That we will discuss Tony Romo coming in Kansas City. I think John Dorsey was pretty clear if you missed. It. I think John Dorsey is pretty clear about a disease they're going to do at least in terms of acquiring a veteran quarterback. Here's what the best part of it is how strong but endorsement can you. In the order they head coach in the general manager also remarked starter 2000 servitude. I guess that's case closed case closed. Al hobbled when I opine about a certain veteran quarterback lesser teams you'd like to play for me to keep guys off the list as it's done it's announced on. And I stand axis people out of the lords but they have spoken pretty emphatically. That Alex Smith is going to be either quarterback if things change. Their way to path to answer on you told us all this what you're going to do you went out and you've got Tony Romo. I'm going to put it to bed for now so I'm not waste your time the listeners time anymore with speculation from reporter X about Tony Romo. But the conversation I do wanna have about the cheeses. These other draft picks up the chiefs have this year. They have 27. Pick 5991. At. 104130. To 1718216. To eighteen to 45. Let's disregard 132. To a 245. Because in my opinion you cannot draft one of those quarterbacks. And didn't tell me that that is your quarterback of the future that's not any different and Aaron Murray that's not any different than whole gain. I know Tyler bray was undrafted but. You're not selling neither of those guys are the quarterback of the future. We'll be impossible for me. To give the chiefs a passing grade this offseason. If they do not spin. Only 759. At. 91. Or pick 10 or ornate quarterback one of four is pushing it to me. Well give them a little bit of the benefit of the doubt. But at seven. 59 or 91. Need to be a quarterback. These quarterbacks started weak one this NFL season network pick. Or pick 91. That press got Trevor Ximian. Number eighty Ryan Fitzpatrick Tyrod Taylor won the won a Super Bowl. Now it's possible that way so that one lady in the new finds are quarterback of the future. I think we can agree that Tom Brady is a once they generational once and a lifetime kind of move. That it 199. You're not finding arguably the greatest player in the history of the NFL so let's operate in some reality year. Your odds of finding your guy the leader you did in the draft. Did you understand or slimmer slammer. That I think you'd like than to take the quarterback two point seven but it's not a failing policies that they take a quarterback at fifty I'm. But if you start to look at the names in the guys that exist. This team needs to Spain a significant. Resource on a quarterback. I'm looking at pick Tony 759. Or if you move back in 27 in the years like in 31 at the quarterback are. But a significant resource needs to be spent on the quarterback position I achieve that made it pretty clear point. We're trying to win now we think Alex Smith give us our best chance to win now okay. I even agree on my eyes as its entire autopsies Wednesday. I'm final announcement coming back but there needs to be that quarterback waiting in the wings that needs to be they're playing so. Yeah that's that's been the plan whole lawn I would be stolen. On the cell be stunned if the four picks that they have. 27 in the first round 59 the second 91 and one of four in the third suspect that extra compensatory pick that they got which is nice little gift for that. Now you have to take. In just a little bit differently if they didn't have that additional third round pick trying to be a little bit more flexible trying to move some things around I know they have a bunch of of picks now in the fifth round and a couple more in the sixth round as well. As part of the added value that are those are not real picks no ordered I agree and you've also done that a little you know the last handful of yours with Tyler bray and Aaron Murray. And got in a trading away two at the end of releasing on Tuesday as gates. I hold that note so this is already big dough line. And now you need to start thinking very seriously about the quarterback of the future and it's a guy that doesn't need to player right away because you made at full commitment Alex Smith. Now that you add an additional third round pick you have to take a quarterback either at 91104. And hopefully for RC eight. In the apartment if they take a quarterback with a 59 overall pick personal some good quarterbacks looked on the board in this track. And depending on how the draft those early on. If you decide to use it early on in the draft because you feel the need is in in players start and go it and so be it. But it needs to be addressed it kick it can't be addressed on the day where the NFL draft is outside. Yeah random strangers picking expert teams that can't be where you address or your future franchise quarterback it has to be on one of the early. I would say if you're really serious about improving that position you spend a top forty it. That we're talking about the quarterbacks. That were selected in the top forty. That's 45 but that's odd quarterbacks Carson Palmer Matt Ryan Joseph Flacco like we can go down the list. All the guys that were selected in the top forty if this team is serious about finding a quarterback of the future. 27 or 659. Or for a quarterback if they don't use one those two picks on a quarterback. Then I would say right now ID and I'd give it would be so far there early on to have a bit of a free agency signed aired vary. I'm and all the layers do grenade tardy deal I could you be so far. Will see what you do in free agency I think he'll do something. I'd like the decision tonight he Domtar Apollo let's see what you do now quarterback that's the question. They have now knocked off the active were going through aussies being a checklist in progressing. They've knocked out the first part as well as they could. I was pro signing your bare I was relating don's heart pogo I didn't have any expectation that the later rejuvenate party deal with that deal's been done. We're now that at that the next part which is next week free agency. I still think they need to improve their coffins the money that they didn't spend on dot art oh I like for the has been out money on the dolphins continue to put parts or announcement. I think they're gonna get it running back this offseason. I could I could see pick 10 for being a running back I could see him saying 27 draft that's available let's ABC the other picture we can draft a quarterback. I think there's a lot of different things they can do. But the chiefs will be difficult for for me to receive this as a positive in a successful offseason. If 2759. Or at the bare minimum 91 not a quarterback. Highest rate you viewed as the deed because the cheese need. Is so obvious to beat a young quarterback that they can groom and develop as a quarterback of the future. That they miss at this offseason they missed their window and it will be our package eight. Anyway differently let's step aside her chance to win a trip the boss until about 5 o'clock. But two major things have happened in my life that we have management talking about yeah that's they would guard next Woodruff. 610 sports reading. I'm your chance to win in eight. Live at least on this show coming up at 5 o'clock birthday today. Radio timely exciting got a chance to tell you guys a couple of things. That it happened in my life I mean I I may not even know about them again as I did so he's got to purposely don't tell you things like weight too it's a great. Bum out of that town is guys knobs and surprises on the sentencing my sister and a while. My mom she called me. We talked on the phone my got back. And she said your sister has her first crush. I'm like well. My mom is telling me this story Howell and just just forgot his your sister is seen forts these fourteen she's a breast and it's like a big deal far this is a huge deal that boy she lied and she was in junior but you know it's to it's. Did we have that first high school crush. So moms tell me this though worry Hal my sister wasn't short this boy at a school actor. And my sister was giving these examples. Of why she thinks the boy likes. A couple of examples word. But the boy always has an iPhone charger but sometimes asked to borrow my sister's iPhone charter. And every time he takes it from her mean he always makes sure that he grabs are. A while and I'm like well okay all right classic. The other story was. They were eating lunch together in the cafeteria and my sister. Accidentally touched. The case. He would move his feet or so my sister kept earth they're needed Lou so the whole time during lunch they were. Locking feet together the doll got all right. Andy in the doozy of the ball he added her own PlayStation network so now they've played with only do. So that I thought the bus this lesson she asked if I did it or the other call of duty so they could play together select RI RA as we can figure out. How to feel about. Processor she's fourteen to becoming a woman I am accepting all of those. But. Tell her what the likely ending of this is going to date I at some point. This didn't work out assists is gonna be devastated by. Concerned she's talking to some analyses interest in its last fourteen outs or eat into it as somebody. That first heartbreak like the coupling with Ers crush. Is also the coupling with the this is probably gonna in very poorly reminds us. This is a very easy situation here is your you'd be honest you say. Yeah obviously this guy seems to be India into you you seem to be an end. This isn't isn't a forever thing. You don't want it to sound cliche that you cannot forever thing she's 1414. Concept of what it forever they will of course not but she likes the likes. There's gonna. Add it she's gonna add interest she's gonna experience of the first part I can't hurt that. She got past experience CNET force you just answered your own question. You say go ahead try it out. Don't get super involved and it just enjoy. Have a good time with. It's it's very easy. You're you're you're making your attorney and into something much bigger than ought to really needs to date but if you're worried about heartbreak is going to be initially asked experience that are deal with a should she win. The nice part is that she's dealing with this probably at the age of fourteen vs some other people maybe they deal with that a lot later on in their life for things get a little bit more intense is a high school. This is the easy CI BMI is a leader. In my sister's life I'd try to letter I try to be like the boss in the middle summons that you got a little littler. My parents. Are actually be in the middle. I try to do like brotherly older adult wisdom. Moderate it's like try to could be. The quote cool parent of victory you know I shall come to me shall ask questions or something you'll tell me because I'm older brother. We have hottest opened a relationship. Does a teller you know it was an important Torre does little boy is likely an average art and into Haiti and seeing every day in the locker talent but if she's interested in an. We say go ahead and enjoy. You know you also say there's only very likely chance that this guy is not gonna end up your future husband team as we'll just enjoy it for what it's. And if feelings starts develop potential experience and honor it was but it's her. Deter her I don't wanna do I didn't have gone away from them experiencing it shall experience whatever emotions and his honor I sure they are the most like old person was the member items to order to make good decisions as a woman. I don't that's that's what the worst thing you could I was like hey you know. Just make good decisions on the one I thought the older. I'm like I'm happy for you really have fun to be careful make good decisions of the woman not a doubt that was asked of my life was the demise this there. Now if you're just there I had I dreaded I try to give that I was told that kind of like wisdom. I don't know until it made me feel better to tell us that you know the Eads also might be safe when they're driving it makes you feel better I felt better telling. Easily a fourteen year old sister beat make Smart decisions. Probably be Smart. Be Smart these other thing that happened. As their regular on Austin gives you a lot of this has. A lot of free time so basically over the last like three days anybody that wants their kid to job shadow has emailed me hey can we come up. We know you got spring training our carriage was at a time figured out. Sold. I check my mail yesterday. This high school kid asked if talent to coach their basketball team. When asked if the puts their back. Maltese opposites in the days. And let's talk about a high school team. It's like some wreck it's like a Wednesday night thing. So all you're gonna beat out Alex and media information so isn't information it's six it's six weeks. It's one week practice and in the games. And it was some of the times it was like one was 545. Not leaving the show earlier coach this team a built in to 645 imported by eight. I'm like you know. I'll do like greet decoder that's yesterday so how old these kits it's eighteen and under a kit your freshman so it's grades 1011 and well. Allman yesterday I gave this is going to be key he Vietnamese and there's you know I get my number. And next thing I know now and in this group chat with nine high school kids. As they'd like an icicle. Like this. I'm so excited to coach this team I'd like text that people my friends I'm going to be honest with you have no clue how to coach there off balance tellem it's a bit. Back screens get open this around and get open. Go to defense really well this is like this is like an act and references that just watched the episode like when Cody opens up the boxing gym and alive. And all the kids come men and they're just completely disrespectful. And you're gonna get frustrated you're gonna get upset cuttings in tight snarls at them that you're sitting next to me at that if that's at mindset. Tight uniform already word and sit on the bench next to me. What you thought well the offense you're gonna run we're running I was states often and it's a lot I've ever been on ballot is all I ask you can't issued a bunch of the guys. Is going to be Chino Hills. One kid's gonna be mellow ball this being half cooler sea level Melo on your you know how convenient is scored 92 points. Do you think you'll be late for any audience. The ones at 545. Mile distance for games that you have you taken this varies recently has tagged out airing tonight. They've been asked about Latino named to be set at tech futures. And our team shooters. We're gonna dominate as we've got to have a pizza party if we went. You gonna say that it's part of the championship. I just wasn't able shoddy pizza and fanning. Supply and I I just watched Mighty Ducks a couple of days. This advisory this is what it's behind to turn this rag tag blindsided she Indians they can know what it's like to be a winner hawks in this banks. Gonna go eat and find out what. Kids should be on our team. I'm gonna make sure that kid plays on us and he's going to be Michael Porter somebody we're gonna dominate we're gonna win. As your friend winning this critical and as an as your executive producer I I am rooting very hard for you to succeed I'm not a weak clipper like god the previous studies to be here. I don't like the clip anybody's wing launch flourish. I have my concerns and I think coming out to what is NASA you have my point. This got a team are gonna run if you want. You know you've done done no scouting. You've had no Prada racist I need to you scout I've always I've played basketball all I watch a lot of basketball and I am a decent to cape player. The basic concepts down. We're going to be a hybrid between West Virginia and Iowa State were pressing nonstop. You're gonna end up another yeah the first core guys we use. But there's a good group. We're pressing. Every time so sure. And that's. All I need you better than good rotation. If you're pressing on every defensive possession you and your sleep rinsing down the court on the offensive side shooting a bunch threes. June you better have a rotation. I have 56 guys they're going to be windy by the end of the first whenever the made basket and the other team if you don't constable of the net and your rate him down and spreading down the court to come and sit next to me I'm not playing around that you. Our confidence I can't I cannot and paid for this. And BI OSHA does he coach Carter is going to be yelling don't. The whole game and they're gonna have no idea what you're talking about our practice to practice. You're gonna Cullen the wild battle that we're we're talking our group general right now Mike practice and I. 11 o'clock OK it's got school tomorrow priced at 11 o'clock with a lot of baseline. When my fault since I need to make sure that your conditioning is at its peak you'd be running suicides and Sprint's put down call it duty and get ready. Christina shooter shot doesn't like guys we're joking around year. I've been up to the last couple of days we just walk around aimlessly with no direction that we don't have a show a little to do. I'm not here ruining my sister's child I'm now rooting kids I don't even know shouted. That's pretty much what I've been up to the last four days as though. Coming in two minutes is your chance to win a trip to Boston and then it's next on the drive. Congratulations again if you're 95 today appreciate. Listen I appreciate pace so it's I've been frustrated at a minute news show but man. McCain is carried hairs and it's been Chrysler on the other side of last. Text on 69306. I mean is on FaceBook live here to be more of like Martin Bobby Knight I'm I'm Geller I'm not a screamer like. I want it to be fun. I just want us to run and press the old time that's that's really all advances. We run and press and I'll be happy. I mean I'm trying to basically where she threes. I'll be an expert in player development Chrysler. I wasted I get these kids that he wants scholarship they listen to me for six games that you would he wants out. Basically and maybe deleted at the Clinton Azeri. Am I it's like an accurate not like it's you don't notice if you can get Akron and you can certainly get there are never entered advocate but that was just at the. It's all day long and innovative it. There's a story in the saying Jesus that he talked about him every day at 5 o'clock lead blew itself. Up and play the head that guys. So you got it has been on. Our number one it for the last couple weeks depends on Friday we'll so you can win a trip to. Goes to the boys in blue monster. My wife and six. Six as forthrightly Dixon was fourth at yours is that a trip for suited being sound as Casey and baseball's there's a lot for this honor each week. Now until March 3 which is tomorrow it's smaller and you qualified which means to win a trip Fortson to Boston. This July column saying called lies there right now big C got the message of the day it's been a national story that's been getting a lot of attention both locally and on the national bubble. But together we talked about for several days and success portrait that was Holland happening he is now decided. That as a free agent after opting out of steel's remain in San Francisco. He will now stand during the National Anthem was of course. What you wanna be. Considered infamous or not I don't know if that's necessarily fair statement may I didn't present yes it's certainly depends on the US. But it sits acidity made headlines when he was aching need. During the playing of the National Anthem to bring attention to social and racial justice. I don't believe that if he wanted to stand you wanna Neal about some what you want to do now that it's a new year now that his stances RT three and a Republican there. That if he wants to stand mr. It doesn't take away from what he was able to do to raise awareness and also raise dollars towards a very important balls. Absolutely no issue with talent after deciding that he's now going to stands for the national. He protested the entire season. It has now been awful year and at some point I think. We realized that his process and end at some point. What game being. If you are with the belief that you shouldn't have been kneeling in the begin full. To be mutiny which had accepted widgets like that would you have accepted it it was and seven but now that it's at end of the season or accepting. I understand the question or the criticism about what now you're trying to get another job. What are. Cap X plus one is that he's in the NFL. And I think if you at least follow the story. He has always been open and receptive to ways to get his message across at first sat down under the national it. He did talk to. Him a better way to represent key military which has to deal. Better than the way it used to be sent to members that he started immediately. It now these things are I had to tone down my message a little second and continue it in about twenty to make this money and continue to give the money to. The cherries I have no problem as long as talent cabinet. Continues his 200000 dollar donation every mode until he gets a million dollars I have no problem with the change in the process. If the protest now comes well off 49ers well at given all the yes I was gonna give I'm done. To the national had been so I'm not give the money anymore no animals accuracy how he handles the national. He was barely inside. A couple weeks ago. Is now that you know some rain that's it and stand up and overs are trying to naturally I'm curious to see a story to so many layers. I think what made it Colin Capp that story's big. I think their assault. Platforms in some things that people do that bear to dismiss I was talking about this he was like like that you don't. The onset at yesterday's forty did. He's up for NBA players probably Indian players ultimately what it's. Very easy thing was a very safe was very PC down the middle kind of thing we should all be better except. It did with a pretty brazen thing to do it blows up it and always appreciated affect the answer questions about it and I think that some people have confused because they ought to count captain should have been the perfect messenger. The Sox thing was silly it was sophomore in my opinion. The T shirt thing I think is a big deal the vote I'd personally changed my experience or not voted since a lot of stuff this act. But if we're trying to find the perfect protesters there is one I've always felt like America has been hypocritical. Because just a year ago we all celebrate I'm about his life. The perfect. Activist in the perfect person to be a pull nobody and it. Being on the right side of history as time went he'd. And so that's what I think a lot of people could end up looking on governance for Canadian the other side. It'll just take a longer time for its belt but ultimately we'll see out of playing out over the remainder of this season and also of his career wherever he ends up going. Earlier in the show as the hits continue here on the drives we decided that Tony Romo to Kansas City is now officially game over with but it's a bad. Now officially funeral he thought. And the reason we decided to do that it was John Dorsey was speaking to CBS sports. Over at the NFL com by any at this to say about endorsing one quarterback for this team. How everybody is endorsed quarterback announcement. What's the best part of it is how strong horse. That's ahead in the order that they head coach in the general matter draw certain remarks starter through services. I guess that's excellent here's what. I'll I'll hold when I opine about certain veteran quarterback uncertainty do you like the plate for me to keep guys off the list it's announced. That it. Forces. Jason Lott for. With John D'Arcy of red NFL on nine you and I both were never in the camp of wanting Tony Romo on the Kansas City. But we also expected that the conversation would continue a little bit longer there they decides that at an increasing in the favor of Tony Romo. It was a subject that was brought up numerous times on the show. But enough is enough at this point when too many people. Over the course of the Kansas City Chiefs organization has said now on the record. Al Smith is their guy and they're likely plan moving forward its quarterback in the draft we just unaware. I was never on the pro Tony Romo sighed he was old with injury problems yet that will play in two years the last time it was that was only fourteen. Saul it wasn't a fan of a choir and never thought the goal was all season was to get older and more injured and the quarterback position I have my problems about Smith like many of you do. But I think that Alex Smith is at least a viable NFL quarterback in at least over the last we hear and she has shown the ability to stay healthy. But. The near impossible for me to get the chiefs of passing grade this offseason if the quarterback of the future is not on their roster of their first three picks. They Tony 7859. And picked 911. Of those needs to be a quarterback that fringe pick like one of our what hopefully okay. If they use that quarterback. I'm not going to be the biggest fan of it outside the top 100 put our what do but what those first rejects needs to be a quarterback. Or I think he messed up this offseason. This offseason I think is about also preparing for the present which I think they don't they signed Larry do grenades hardy they resigning air bearing gave him that much money. Part of it needs to be about preparing our future and acknowledging and it. Alex Smith is it going to be your quarterback for much longer and preparing yourself for that finding god it's like. Having a lower under your system and be a part of your system. I think is what the plane is that this offs. You handled the first part of the offseason on I would give you'll be so far. You signed aired bury you gave Larry do grenades party the deal I agree with the move on Jamaal Charles I grew it went on hardball. The next that was free agency we'll see what they do next week means that Hillary needs to be all right. Let's get quarterback that's what this team plain stupid. Now sit as we continue on the hits here on drive. Casing might have saved their basketball season at least. Somewhat and went last night on the road at TCU and upholding on 7574. They have one Martinez senior night. On Saturday against tax aggregate senior aides at noon hit balls. And then the big twelve tournament comes along if they win two more games. For Bruce like villain of the twentieth. And twelve or they end up losing Lamar will be twenty in thirteen is doesn't mean anything anymore because these teams this place so many pop non conference games all of those Windsor this garbage wins the opening counselor but factory in. They're conference factor in some of the big wins they did they did get a win on the road and also lost some add schemes and all what's that magic number for a state but let me get into the N double. Is there one. I mean magic number they need to win the home game against Texas Tech. They didn't play in the first round of the big twelve and to win that game and they need to when that second game I think right now the way lineup they played that receive the big twelve. You don't win that game to give yourself a chance if you don't NC game thinking of the city sailboats and I say. It's that simple but you're not as good as with a winning record the big twelve the best you can finishing conference is eight and if you win those two games that puts you it's an end game. And then you lose to a team will about it it's got a tournament. I think that's enough for K state needs to win its next three games to view it and it's it's a bigger term northeast and the play. I think that's a I think the conference like the big twelve without deep it is I think they'll get the respect that they need to wins in the big ball and yet they need when they're next regain. They do win at home against Texas Tech on senior day I think they'll win he's got McCain is sitting with the mindset of we do into game. So we gotta win that first one. And we got upset somebody. It you can I think that's enough got a good quality road win at Baylor. I think you'll get some credit for the close hold loss against Kansas all the road loss against Kansas. You won at Oklahoma State a team I think is gonna make into double A tournament you've beat west tradition be like you got good wins or your schedule. But you gotta take your business needs who went really quickly let's say they. You make this tournament does that saved Webber's job yes I'd respective events. I did we keep going on the hits here on the drive to go to baseball. Where one of the highest paid pitchers in all of these that royals fans are very familiar with because of how it's typically meltdown in the post season. David Price bet is coming out of Boston today that David Price under one an MRI on an elbow injury he was scratched from the spring training start. He is seeking a second opinion. Doctor James Anders the Red Sox are one of those teams that were favored very happily with them in the obstacle and when the World Series that was the expectation that both those teams are going to be back in there. But it would be very good news for the royals to know that David Price mean miss the higher season with an elbow injury and the fact that he's gonna see doctor James Sanders and all should be buried its earnings time off what scares you or girlfriends. Take that we taught. Or seen that your favorite player or a player and your team is going to see doctor James injured this is clearly going to see doctor James Andrews because you know you're likely outcomes going to be your son your wife for the odds are whatever says it's thought. Could really be about anything. You end up having something very positive not that conversation. When someone is seeing doctor James Andrews you should be frightened you should be having night sweats at the end. I don't think he once your favorite athletes even have his name went doctor James injures. It is borrowing costs too much about. They are prized prices and Timmy we know what is it as well we've seen enough. David Price is going to pitch really well regular season and you don't want the pitcher team in the policies. So. Prices doesn't do anything for me anymore. I'd I'd I'd seen that David Price the worried one too many times. I funnel it to have more hits it hits and what it takes a lot of kids that they should well. It's coming in Netflix. We had a chance to see him live as one of the more incredible standup comedy comedians. I've heard a chance to see live. And finally. Gets to come back to Netflix or you're already putting in in your calendars it's written down if we you have plans to be at your Netflix TV. The moment this comes animal I had about them having our side and I played two weeks now BS I'll watch it or are you check what it was this Tuesday. So it's away from the NC double interment of no baseball's all gonna figure out its model and perfect. Achille two specials. Not people to walk away from the amount of money that Dave Chappelle walked away from the man to walk back to sixty million dollar net interest. Well alive and can't wait useless these things and everyone I'm David Letterman talked about walking away from that type of money now. That was before a lot of comebacks lots damages ended up happening it. Kudos and that's amazing accomplishment to come back from all of that he just is funny if not. That's Pittsburgh. I play this audio from you because the IA. She stands when it knowledge. This. But the Broncos are what the chiefs are trying to be. You this cut this from John Elway and the come by and I'll explain what I mean I think. The Broncos are what the chiefs are trying today. As far as quarterback when looking at a quarterback. You know. To me it when it comes down quarterback. To me it's competitiveness and his toughness and mental toughness because it's it is a tough game and it's a tough position. It's a great position but it's a tough position because the expectations that go along with a depression that goes along with it. Into the reliance of a lot of people like you planned well in that position with a controlled house so. You know those are all those are three things to me. You know you get a quarterback does not mentally tough as mad as we talked about earlier you know not not able to come back after a tough game and bounced back after that game. It's tough to have success very wrong. She stands how long wanted their team to be aggressive. At the quarterback position. I don't think theory is a good team in the NFL bad embodies them more than the Denver Broncos. Ever since all it took over. Elway has been in read be aggressive at the quarterback position. Then a quarterback in Tim Tebow that Datsyuk to a playoff game he never came back. They went out there was some once in a lifetime circumstances that when I mean he was the ultimate free agent. They had a situation in a general manager in a roster are good enough. To attract pay any they attracted they would choose animals patent in 11 of those Super Bowls they didn't realize. They'd pay might not be here forever they got rock costs while. So league's wrath the broadcast. And groomed him for if something happens to pay meaning you have Brock asked while ready in the wings but the second round pick on broadcast while. Patent in a pain meaning they have brought us while it was good enough to at least keep the Broncos competitive until Peyton came back we know how that story ended. They they were faced with the decision. It was time it paid rock cost Wyler and were willing to pay Brock got Waller but there was a number they were like we're good. We're final which are receiving a final Mark Sanchez were finally do all these other things at quarterback. There's a number that we are willing to pay you broadcast while broadcast while wind got his money we see now that's going now at the use sex. They've being spent a first round draft pick on excellence in the trade back up to get past the lynch. Any stilled and our last season they still chart rescinding start over and now this year I think it's liberals one of the brought to the Broncos. I think the most not done in Houston are the two teams that make the most months and get right now. Now if you ask me where is Tony Romo going I think the answer is now. Denver makes the most sense. I think it always is always being aggressive at the quarterback position I think there's one general manager that is taking advantage of the rookie wage scale. It used to be a being the financial burden. To get a quarterback but packs or she draft the first round. You've continued to draft room you played another dial traversing it. And now I think they're gonna play another guy over red Tony Romo like the Broncos are doing I think what every AMD's once their team to do at quarterback. They had gotten Peyton Manning they still drafted a quarterback they insult pay meaning was good anymore they drafted a quarterback is he retired. Quarterback wasn't good enough they had another guy's art and now they don't think the court that the draft like most teams I think we just came duties over to pass the point eight. We spent the first round pick on excellence. The brought those I think are still aggressive in going to do it Tony Romo like the Broncos are doing what it felt faint hagel try keep shooting and missing. But the Broncos would do that right now fully acknowledging that the general manager is John Elway young people of nobody is incredible job security would we do we knew that job security you can always be aggressive at that position. I would think so today you're right but I think there's a caveat with what you're saying. Would you want a team to be aggressive at going after the quarterback position of course but the difference here. Is that Denver is currently eighteen without a franchise quarterback to really work. You could say that it's packs them in the city it's the first round pick and that's the guy their future and so while and so forth but the teams. That had a quarterback that don't necessarily need to take on this persona each year at the draft trying to figure out who's next. I guarantee that if Denver had Matt Ryan on their team are they out another franchise quarterback top ten quarterback there's no need for John Elway to go through all of this. This entire process trying to figure out. It for Kansas cities guys that don't argue that they had and it would be aggressive but. They had the hall of fame quarterback they didn't after the first round quarterback and quarterback was ready to do overs in fort France and another one I'd like. Last year's team has been aggressive at quarterback and and we give your also talking about a guy that was coming in at the age of 3940. Years old play quarterback. So by nature you knew you had to be more grass. Saying don't always agree he's reinventing the wheel here he's understanding the nature of his position you bring in Peyton Manning didn't need to be prepared for the future it's like new. It understands that at some point Tom Brady's place rappers that are keeping Jimmy drop low around for all and is they're not gonna do they're gonna try and boost his trade value. Up as high as they possibly Kansas City should be thinking along the same ways that Denver's knowing that announcement is in the play forever and that you haven't reached the pinnacle where you want to deal with it. It's different if your team that has found that franchise guy there's no need to be as aggressive and perhaps but if you're looking at it from a comparison. Point to Kansas City that's been you on Kansas City could be but not every team needs to go ahead of this type of oppression at the court I agree with you. I mean that's that's. Step hey we know it's argued that if you find Aaron Rodgers and that's been in first round draft picks on quarterbacks he wore. But if you don't find that guy you should always be looking for that guy. The Broncos. Are always looking for that guy. They acknowledge they don't -- Matt Ryan were Russell Wilson so there are always looking for. The draft Paxson lynched and service it means better than we're gonna play and that the tax alleged where most teams want their quarterback to sit down four year. And we're gonna go with Tony Romo. What they're doing is. Completely different to what everyone else is doing that is in their situation I think it GMs are motivated by the your the fear of the unknown. If you're Denver you're good enough with your quarterback. Ending you just go from there and they had this belief club let's keep building around the let's give another offensive line let's give him apart. The Broncos have a different thing they were getting better at that point. A lot we have this defense that we think could be the best in the NFL we need to keep trying to be aggressive at the most important position in sports. And it never stop doing that John Elway. At quarterback. Coming up. There is a number one wide receiver on the trade market and he's only 23 years always tell you who he is next and at the chiefs at miniatures and basketball coach made a really obvious point about the tournament that I think all of you'll see coming up next draft. 66. Thank you on the being a few years is spinning coming all of us I guess is what good is scheduled to join us at 545 today about. I didn't know he had gotten. I didn't know if he'd gotten eaten by coyotes would this went through some issues good down there and I saw a nice way to coyotes. We're gonna talk to him alone well I. I think it's it's really sweet that guy you're worried about the well being of one Brad standing down as homes they woke up earlier than me he's. He knows what he nobody asked to do to avoid those it's wild coyotes coyotes. It's wild card user called coyotes that he spent a couple weeks down their party. Wild coyotes were coming and attacking you in. It now and I know it coyote looks if we're being honest. Like I would likely will work spots there. What will and I've seen a coyote that was at the zoo. It an ongoing areas that they're a lot of coyotes. And I can't go opposite of the neighborhood appeared. You know and driving down a road. Please work coyotes does live in a country song and others drive in these wooded areas with high that it's just those places as the eagle there. It doesn't mean that you haven't driven down roads in EU grew up in Kansas City. By no means that mean that does automatically takes you ought to be going to areas where there might be coyotes in Kansas or mister big you're under the how CD five I remember when I was in college and you're gonna laugh. The story. And they were talking to his house one. And they were talents like these animals on the side of the road and I'm like no cows are white spots. Am like no that's a counselor. And it here like no that's it now not looked like big brown animals at oak like buffalo or something. He's a talent and awful I thought it was a little like it. Anything about this like no I wouldn't I would normally I would recommend milking the awful I'm genuine if it was this year. I would think it was a fox out of selling like this was with had a coyote idol leech oh walking through the honor on the old you with images of big dog. Like a box ideas would soon that's in the fox family. I know in I don't know I know president of box and a coyote. Oh. I don't open about my lack of understanding of animals. Tiger trying to name to came in the bush I could just show the guy that guy that was here before it was was in a far. Worse situation and you could never tell the difference to I don't know. Giving yourself enough credit I could feel a Little Rock I know I know me. You must suck coyote outside right there I think you would know. You've got seeded outside OK that's a coyote. What is it he's beat process of elimination ugly outside. Until I'm inside and that's the kind of situated. But I don't buy myself an out Mick Cronin head coach I love the University of Cincinnati. You're only news yesterday fox nineteen. Eighties at this point about the NCAA and how they see teams. I'm a firm believer of that the NCAA tournament committee. And everything is so financially driven that no matter what is said on that Sunday. They're trying to sell tickets so you may get moved to see the line in the main up FiOS but seems to get moved around. Before wolf 4089. Out of that was seven. To get that pod to sell more tickets got nobody would admit to. It's all but the student athlete supposed to. But it's a business that wasn't a business we'd be able to have a bus trip. In the conference we've played. So well tell me itself up. Maybe you guys buttress its. Case taller and that's a fact. For everybody anybody thinks this is the business fall. Living a fantasy land. And so that's what tell you. You can sit there that what we won this game will move up. You can move up within you could end up playing a tougher team has exceeded the seedings were wrong you know so it really. You're just worried about coaching career to. The rest of the way. I appreciate the honesty from Mick Cronin but it did somebody give people credit for being honest about things that we already know. We NCAA that was a big television show where we pick at turner sports spent over a billion dollars on the NCAA. Tournament and they're not trying to make it the best television product that's possible we just think that rain that Lee. North Carolina is the eight seeding teams is brackets only way to play team is negated the site around riveted as rein them Lee. Wichita State is being kids his readers like you played each other a peninsula the draw. It it's not defined by television we think is randomly in the first round duke plays VCU. Well we have created is at the television show. That we put teams into certain seeds because they sell well now on television. And we all look at the bracket that first round and they were all. You're Tellme Kentucky complete Indian in the second round of the NCAA tournament yeah we know this. Ain't it's normally eighty. Knock I would say on those lesser teams like if you were a team like Cincinnati and you're not the television draw. Are really rough spot. If that's the case. Rough spot like they're not what did you hit the pod seating where your team like team does that deserves it you're gonna go to tolls that it you're gonna plain to see you get the best advantage if your team like it will all take care of you're team like Kentucky. But everybody else is part of the big television show I'd go. All of this is get the best in the plate he would like the dirty secret about March Madness is as much as you well when Cinderella wins America watches with the big boys in the big. You wanna see a little bit of Cinderella sprinkled outs of that turner and becomes a little bit more entry. Well you one number three seed falls or maybe even a number TCU didn't really expect get to the championship game but maybe the at a outside chance looking in an idea of the the magic in the entry in the uniqueness of what the NCAA tournament it is. But absolutely it would make the argument the you would want top four teams going to the final or because you know the fan base is going to be there the NCAA it's her name. And the people behind the NCAA know that the bad big fan bases are going to be there. But if you couple mid majors what wears it in night in Phoenix is there in Arizona if bottles or OK so if you have. If you've Villanova as well as your final fourteen yeah it's that's good because they're a top team. But realistically. How many people from the Philadelphia area really gonna travel out in huge clumps right after winning a national championship. Last year to go all the way back to Phoenix. Is one example that's a top level. They want the biggest programs where they can get the most amount of people coming in the most eyeballs are going to be in the crumbs a 100%. Mean it's it's. It's postings like that you Rico moment where some people figured out like one people are used to seeing coaches. Really especially coaches are always trying to protect. It's much of the identity of the student athlete of the program and the message that they're trying to send. At least they're crunchy fully aware of the circumstances. BS again but you come to this though like one is always at the NCAA news. I saw a deal wall can make this argument it's the honest as much as athletes and people say. And we want the athletes if they want to at least get paid like saints is a very easy one. We exploit you. We do a lot of retired. You look with. What we did you go do something miles that's really neither State's. But the NC double load the parade this student comes first even though every single day we see it it's not so we don't it's just two days. Some kids don't say. Richmond baseball team got suspended because they had a fear SE football war that involve money S. Act and they benefit of students all the time. And they always act in the mindset of money right Mike what does that were reacting the way that we are because for very few times. You actually have a coach that is under that NCAA bubble finally breaking through from the outside and saying something that. While we all know its words and surprise is that somebody who is in that bubbles actually saying what he's. Now I'm happy that he says that the NCAA will continue to would be one of their biggest television shows after the council ball playoffs we'll continue to be about. Then create the best match those for you to sit down a loss on television people to buy tickets I think we all knew that. The saints and another example Weis listen to what they do and what they say the saints were adamant last week that they were trait breeding coaxed. Today Chris mortenson said that ray cooks and on the trading block to the Eagles. And titans. It's going to be traded this policies. 59. Bring cooks. Pretty straight break that were second round. For an end of the second round pick to get a number one wide receiver who's 23 years old. Yeah I'd make that deal I wouldn't so I certainly wouldn't trade a first round pick and that's right now with the saints are trying to convince everybody that he's worth. He was drafted I think twentieth overall that he was traded from Arizona to New Orleans that later on the first round so theoretically. You're getting a wide receiver with three years in the league well established number one wide receiver who still very very Yong. That was originally a first round they couldn't get him for it and of the second round pick. But the chiefs. I did a trademark. I'm convinced that reigning folks is in major breweries creation. At the New Orleans puts up or so gaudy and they're so big. And so many times last season like brain coax. Alice saints are you'll have holder yards one week in and not have a catch the next week Internet how to receive. All right. I I I think their system. Just makes guys like braiding cook's book good. That real scare me if I'm a team treating you really high commodity a break I would he's a good receiver. He's a good receiver. I don't know about treating that viable Olympic for brain I would agree with you if this was a fourth or fifth or sixth round guy that they turn is it that this type of player with. Gaudy numbers. Brenda cooks was a first round draft. Are there other teams that were looking at him in that same category. So does he tell me that you party seen him established in the lead. Three seasons and at age twenty the rest house on Jaffray is going to be a free agent coming off two injury ridicule injury I'd throw injury filled years. 27 years old. And by the time the contract is finished he's going to be on the wrong side of thirty. And you could get Brandon cooks with one year left of his deal. Site into a new long term deal two years left as an in huge optional breakers charity can you can it is OK somebody but at least 25. They'll be sued twice that I would feel the same way you waited. If he was drafted much later on in the draft and then if he goes to New Orleans and becomes a creation of what the offenses. But clearly the guy is talented clearly he was looked at as the first round so it's a straight. No other option is a bit of other options he said publicly that he's not happy with his role. In the same system in our Sean Payton talked about it's an easy not necessarily on the trade block. But didn't take away from the rumors as well. Cicero and a team calls team looking for a wide receiver we're looking to Brevard defense were always listen. It makes sense I. About the story make sense if you're the chief not the titans or the Eagles. A sense Tennessee. And you had absolutely no wide receivers cyber shot Matthews if you're the Eagles in your receiver deficient. I see why you'd take the chance on brain coax. It cooks this it. Everything about this that's read like age robberies creation that would just scare off well. The guy's been injured the guy's been inconsistent statement happy with his role. Got a happy with 78 catches almost twelve yards and eight touchdowns less than it really unhappy with the team goes in beating everybody there's no way he's doing now. OK but keeping it to me better than the numbers he's put about why would you not want that from wide receiver why would you want a wide receiver who thinks he can be even greater than what ER it is even. Nothing else like go to any. That's the mindset of a lot at odds rating could have a better year next year than he had dispatched in Kansas City are easy and would he goes to 78 catches 12100 yards receiving. Touchdown passes what I did a better use his rookie year 84 catches. A little 12100 yards nine touchdowns passes. The better years and I brought put it need. 61 ounce. The price for five teams in the NFL really really featured just walls Christen me two times these deals that people thought out trade rumors asked the question. Why. Why see century why New Orleans Saints Tre 823. Year old. Still a team controls can easily get better defense the defense is terrible and they have other wide receiver playmaker they have Snead and Michael it's. They eventually think that Kobe Flanders gonna become a battered tied and they brought in and he has tracked ship has sailed. The bad fantasy pick every week Turco we've later. So. I look at it is this is a guy who is unhappy you can trade and Max value. Get a they think they can get a first round pick from either Philadelphia or Tennessee I don't think. You're telling me that if that's what the lightly value is going to be. In Kansas City comes along as it will give you pick number 159. It's on it I was an option on the table or a former first round pick. From only three years ago and yes I'm done Garcia making them. If I'm in the Tennessee Titans out of draft what I call it. I rather have that contractor of the had a 45. Years control of Mike Williams that brain coaxed the dependency on Drew Brees and take it away if not offense I think we have seat came in late people's numbers. What would scare me off of route about bringing coats coming up in five minutes. Brad Pitt joins us let's if you stay alive went as high as he calls next Woodruff. Sixty and sports. On Twitter at sixteen and support ski seat our teams are down sixteen and Sports Radio. He did things move. I got red fading joins us Linda the driver has me. But wait a beautiful day barbecue like these that your warm side about it's got off a lover. Other times it's keeping you safe you are letting students. Now man they are ordered a partner that's great Olympic order upon. Golf course you that you and your real. Option get like. Traffic on camera and send a letter of that go on coyotes that like camera on the senate that. That was good then we get even sure about Eric Berry signed a contract since you've last been ill and later rejuvenate party. They made the decision on that are polished start into it on the line where you got Eric Berry's deal. I love and the you don't talk last week barge you mean I I didn't orchard at one that clinic. But got thoughts on my biggest concern about us. The fact that they didn't get a deal. What sort of natural etc. the locker I mean. Seriously that does Bob beyond that everything in one of these. It has to do he's such a part in cities such a great player. That you know you're helping and who do now. So the fact that she got that what and I'm happy for cheats we have the matter in the city and and I get itchy major crops that that. As arms. Urged today document. If you go. Just I don't achieve I don't know it but. Well again you know like for like a contract they get one out I think is way too much money and affect everybody else so. Got a party is is. Party back I mean closure to seek out. I didn't like him is start this. I think she's including made the point of they're going to build their offense aligned to the point and that quarterbacks they acknowledge they have a deficiency at QB position. And that well that quarterback as a rookie next season or Alex Smith this year they're gonna try to support him through the Austin some lines of that's why they did it so I think there's only there's only two ways to go about the quarterback position. It's either we're going to get a new quarterback and improve at that position or trying to put as many parts and pieces around him as possible and Italy selected B. And it started it he's Smart Alec. It'll get better yes you know listen if they irritate me to play and in that regard luncheon. It didn't go for the thing I think it really surprised me about the project there are gonna do I sort of leaving it. Or essentially draw. The obvious thought I mean they they declined the franchise tag in vacant agreed to now a free agent contract. We've done our polling I've visited the chains that happens I expect don's heart poll to sign elsewhere Winfrey starts next week. Premium market in which you showed any break in. It. Our life I mean that's that's one of the things you read if you look at the threat stream Horry. You know came to achieve certainly in Philadelphia. Eager well he won and he goes after. You know and in the first and second they're acting as a result yeah I mean you owe it to let him. But if you look at the consulate in yellow block because. I mean yeah I'll come back to achieve our. That we talked about this like entered the lies dark eat so you can. It is saint sort production. You know without haven't paid its robotic ankle for electing your. The goal line situation. You know he picked apart who do its job. And I would say and I mean I say hopefully the quarterback of a bailout money to me you know it. Maybe an hour zone as they can just turn the law and just into doubt and cook. I'll I got a problem I love that. Yeah you know shoot the video for the royals. It looked at it and it looks like to me like the ball well over the sent. But it it the brass knows what it slope you know grant you kind of hang out with blanket down right now. And watching game in the outfield and in what Selig right field and in in in left center right center on the. It was a lesser. And it. It clearly what I would say it's been a sprinkler matters not your typical it came back in this he'll apply it also like at the top of the railing here. The ballpark surprise is similar the way it compensated got a patent law and you've got that sort chain link. You know like I don't know maybe a at all metal. That starts sending around the top of the wall and if you just look at salt out it looked at it you it would make it say that at the top of that railing. And I'll and I'll stack it like back at it looked at it. And and it would clearly over the railing and hit something really art and perhaps whether the Iraq. Or sprinkler or something in between you know regrets he cheated on those built that water that's for sure so I think that's what it and pop. Fly but you know it it was sort of an optical illusion. And make it look like you know money at that software and letting Omaha. In today's inning on the show you missed it we have finally put to rest the Tony Romo. John Dorsey does repeatedly says announcement is a star Alex Smith is our star he is our starter that I finally puts arrests the conversation about Tony Romo coming of the chiefs. That is integrated in the industry at large seat out. Yeah. It. Order. Team finally kind of probably sound outstanding that he's going to be basketball coach coming up he's going to be coaching sixteen. Seventeen and eighteen year olds and he's gonna run and Iowa State offense and West Virginia defense and his team will never run out of under. That was an hour seven. We got here without the actual at forty. Actually. Ordered it quit like that start great shot. It would work on the order. Not mean camera of those kind of seems like this is the perfect millennial team Darche you'll love this everybody play him out of time every about New Orleans better than anybody else. I'm gonna wearing orange slices and juice boxes for everybody to celebrate that these are sixteen year old who got five Euro and eat pizza after the game it's I'm not I'm never gonna yell items can be fun. Hard at it or you. That. For the game. Now when you first get here. It's the end of this it's the last Wednesday march I don't know the date had but the last Wednesday march. But ultimate what are you talk about the current it's. And bad guys in all it is it it's often makes you feel get cheaper and it's it's really hard to describe it in that you knew that you feel like there. Brad Fannie. Coach Holtz this wonderful radio show event was a department art out. What's gone about their size might shift. Some might shipped off to a nice if Brian this jokingly and Stevens are coming up now just certain just certain. It acquitted so why is radio show that it's not easy for you bring any energy tonight I mean he got his adrenaline at the end Stanford gel interfering energy insert maybe never been I think I don't think you know Stephen sort of the way you think I can't wait to hear that I'm inside the others goes to get there as a red staining for been highs about again tomorrow we. 610 Sports Radio.


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