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02/17 - 12 pm - Gotta Find Bubba

Feb 17, 2017|

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, we hear from Royals farmhand Bubba Starling & play Tweet It or Delete It.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There weights. It's noon here. I. James but put this whole debate to bed watching it for birdie streak she wants quick it was someone for. Pool side interest but this is expected to their big bad news. Casting. Ordered a surge level over the royals talks royals out in surprise today get in their first full squad or. We work out you can check out all of the alive videos of her and bring enough he had FaceBook dot com slash six tenths boards. Great coverage as always from our guard Josh per year but the biggest story today that Ned Yost was talking about and a spring training you get a little. Were you on time sometimes but that. Alex Gordon will be working in left center and right field as you're saying it's letting him live out his famous. So that's a little about as it is OK I like Alex in the field that you does just fine right here third base didn't work out so much out meal field perfect but this the time he Iran. He runs you usually here with this instantly. This the time of year all right we're excited when they report. We're gonna divorce settlement star games it is reporting and who can't wait for regular season but now I'm 4050 games start. They. It's this is the fantasy about it or at the plate. Swinging the bat like he is and say maybe let's let's try about it probably. Instead of it Indians and the rule. All of that and I think. Barely made a good poignancy and drive you're talking about Gordon and Soria both guys crying for a bounce back here we smoltz. A lot of fans size whether or not gonna believe that this happened the clock he's sort of place he brought up the question of why do we feel that Alex Gordon can do you watch teams or you can't because. By all measures walking Soria has the worst season of his career. But he's had some pretty damn good ones as well our exporters and in the same boat. But a lot of fans are giving Gordon that. Definitely way you know saying hey we think outscored can be the bounce back guy walking story not just in the allies. Are usually gone my fear of Florida was here it's if it's if it's a homer. It's game one alpha familiar game she's eighty I mean he's. He is like right now already like these babies third greatest brought. That he might be already behind Britain like. Franklin he might be already behind so yeah I mean he's going to give every benefit of we got people like you love and just. But the guy didn't want to let them go Angela chase my I've wallpaper on my phone out for us. By the way he's script of even more than he was last year I got the wallpaper it rises between four more home runs with it would be her eyes got a rib that was hindering which you know these things go under always wins so what he stays healthy last year please 120 games into the hit seventy home runs gets that when he. Well when virtual easily if he's healthy for a most of easier equivalency to eat healthy. Apparently is to do is they should be apart. I theory. All of these guys it. But he's guardian writes in it's easier to get to import it into place in her field right field right so you've got anti hero portfolios I doubt the ago old dog rocketed 66. Here's a little bit more royals news for his Dominican officials yesterday announcing that the toxicology. Report for your Donovan or will not be made public. We'll get back to this here. And a little bit but kind of war. Off the top boxes that. I don't think it changes anything for anybody that does come out but I fall into the camp of just morbid curiosity I want to know from their own curiosity it. Did you guys vote big it didn't matter. It really doesn't matter. If I find out find out if I could change my opinion what were the other sure gonna find Ataturk do we do enough I don't formations yeah. Google Talk about it here what capitals like those proposals. Is that he lost his life that's the only thing gosh would you actually care about. If we find out I mean we find out. I. It will change anything for me at all that coming at all it's just a tragic situation people liberty a family of thirty. And that's not gonna change. Anything. However as we earlier this. This. The people who were irrational things that they. They should go once. That small groups. I told you guys like to me. I think my curiosity will get the better of me I do feel at some point. We will have a story that has a quote from someone who is both sources close to the family. You'll find out that way. We're gonna find out because the royals and his family something whether you can point three and a half billion is he in contracts. Or these something and then again I think the royals that type of organization. That regardless of the outcome of the stocks college your portable wind up giving a check that have been terrific so. That's a family over there they take care of their guys they don't treat him like ball players are treated like sand wedge I was going to handle that situation but the royals always been very close the best. When it comes to. Financial matters and any time we get an email that I signed contracts as. First come for per team policy we don't discuss contracts you know discuss this. There's always. Guys in the media were reviewed these numbers from the we find out this information provides assuming that at some point it'll we will find out of the royals have paid his namely the remainder of the contract. Or they paid him a nice nice check. But again one and a half million dollars are going to have been her payment for the life insurance. I think we feel like there particular ways to I think we all lord if the royals this. I got guys have absolutely nothing his legacy given no matter what the results in Italy the royals went to the players who did as well. NFL cornerback Darrelle Revis he was arrested. Yesterday four counts. Assault. Robbery. Ten seconds or sorry of that terroristic threat as as well it's what I pulled. It is the other story first went out it was very intently by our guys that was it. This will affect the burger chain's. Now that the voters that he was attacked by five guys and slowly you for a lot of the unit attacked by five guys and it sounded super bad actually noticed that I'll. We're. As we as well I've guys makes a good Burke. It is a tasty burger up. If he was attacked at Berkeley this beautiful. I it. You step up. I loved you attack that are dead there man known as I wanna and yeah definitely and it's lately and it's not. I think the bird. A double which eats. It meant. A limited topic to choose from. They do. Are in the mushrooms could put on there let's price increase confidence you can sit there and eat peanuts why you away our guys give you know. Seventeen that's what it's edited it didn't count of the peanuts everybody like that it it felt like it and I can't be too late with a minute they accused they have multiple streets. Apple will be off quote zero grievances every every three nights ago which talked about the real estate. Prove. This is it's this week. You know hot and bothered that a five guys now because they. I think I'm going to. The IP market growth socially and happy hour journey with him. That's what's more some don't get to you know where you're about glasses filled with. For the lights. Sensitivity. Holes I. College myself for coming in the master foods with everybody as unless it's. Cornerback Darrelle Revis here about an order as to where we'll get back there I think that by. But just broke the. Hopefully equality pockets Aureus. Is there isn't that received great news if they're gonna lose that it is he would do and by the way. That's how that's gonna roll they stayed on the road as well they faced Texas at 1 o'clock view of a see you'll in Chicago State. Into the beauty for a 5 o'clock tip and number three Kansas at number or sailor was Kansas last in the room. Because. Is that went. That's the one that our coverage starts at ten right here on the tenth portrait of alien the other game ready to jobs or schools or bloodless violence. God for you got fired we'll fill in the state. Actually had a winning record what aggregate fourteen and thirteen helped him this he loses to Alabama whose roll tide shot eighteen point 5% the first death still read them. I know we're not meaning to go here but seriously. It's the state is is a program. That just doesn't know. Who fail and I here K state to do the same thing. That NC state. Case they should not fire Bruce. Bruce Weber to me is very similar in this success rate that he's head. Like mark got. At NC state for some reason thinks there are more than more Godfrey to get to that tournament like sort of the last I'd. There aren't they are Smart Godfrey and he's bringing his top five. K state saint state case dates and not fire was because they need to know they are. With the help was on the net adds it's. Great put a lot of programs go to New York but Missouri clearly needs to move on from commanders indicating to justify that would shield and by the way other techs like it in the hole five guys that you're different direct. Defender excellent bigger famed director respectable what are you damage I have not wearing any Bernie Mac's place and looks more like a pretty person you'd like outer. There glitter guy brown was for a man of sample proportion I don't know why brought more so much grief you're still wearing sweaters that was just Macy. This is not just what it was about where he may elect. Aren't you wearing a sweater yeah good point because it represents I mean like an early this word around because this is our it's a user. But as a fat man Ron what do you do roughness ordered seventy degree weather because it was forward. Broke a jacket that don't I don't regular stay quiet. Just as you split at a rate that most of us build on this way. If I'm nice and cool and mine shortly huge he keeps a sweat programs like ideas and usually so you do it's a fed. Here's all the fat. So by the way in the show I just told you this show is extremely obvious in human owners are foiled a personal. Well a final one for you guys happy 57 birthday into the go Michael Jordan. He's if he's at 57. And major role. Also Michael children's if he's so it's going to be six in three years there also are special 37 birthday throughout my brother Jeremy. It's a moral universe I'm nobody's off Gloria by. Are really sucked oh so did you. The each other. The First Lady has now we just always have like a birthday party got about and we have like. A case together. I was like in my thirties before you've got my own case which Dwight doing pre. And it's. Extremely personal. This is she by UK it's me did you get what you do for your birthday from my birthday and I ask you made its. Like usually wife weren't. Okay see now you're correct. Bryant used to work as a manager of the week I did not I apply only have five or view I interviewed I was forgiving myself because there were some so. So there is there's a little toys jiggling around Omnia that you were on the net. So I didn't even get the job I couldn't do that so he would radio I win and that I wouldn't for the interview they led me into some weird creepy saint John's in the smelled like latex. And then the manager was interviewing me with put palaces on her desk. Just walking around Iraq or what would board to consider one your strength and I'm like not paying attention to floppies to all of the MySpace like it. I guess probably a strength of mine facility lefty gave him a flight out. And then I quit quit as an underrated. It's that simple. Trooper past the radio. We're yes. You've worked at the gap I don't look it I didn't know they hired people of your stature gap. Black people there. People my black people. I hated that I would expect more for casual male X I hated my by the way there's an excel about our lives are so I how fast bowler in ice. But I don't lie. I'm smaller and smaller he still plays regularly at least smaller forty. It sounds so I order a Roland I covered Ron thanks. You're exactly quarterback outlets mall on me I thought I was police. But I would probably smoke I used to walk around knocking over. Close is arguably the old Adams Owen next request that an entity where Simon was 320. I was a small slivers. Did it right. Saying that Michael Jordan's only it's OR OOK well in my got a wrong right while instead. Actually they fail utterly instantly save for the knights right out step that in it's definitely it's reckless game is ordered them before. I thought earlier I thought I remembered right I didn't load up and live as it did exhibit which such god I did. It's great it's great bases. That it. That's all I got for it to us about next retreat this independent senators get. You're wrong. By the way Texas where he's got a day off of my way it delivers you this we're live in sugar creek. I found this out this morning don't believe it's march. Is Warren's amnesty month if you have a war in sugar creek you can just walk in a police station Bobo in front of you out enough but don't just just by hey had I don't know I'm not good enough not buying it well. Hell no don't believe. They. Hit people ruin people's politics. Nobody on the whole month marks which holiday sugar creek he ends wrote to say. That. So popular loser creep in to go to war. You'll get arrested relatives of a claimant can get this yet our. Target Billy club face. The big balls is obviously. I think it's. Boston I don't think that's bad. And they FiOS soon as they in this race I think is it. He did he tied 2000 orphans. We've played better lives and the greater Washington treasurer Judy I have killed Donald Sutherland force. And I keep being shocked every time I find it still. The wonderful I did. I thought it was there eyes of the Italians as it. Suddenly. He's 81 the techs like big hit three died when I say it every guy he's got the day off. Guys. I'd tell you if you did. I'm sorry about. Burn up figures after what are they used. I listless. Liberal government coming up and we we give you the latest on each toxicology. Report earlier Donald that your. And our thoughts on that because they are vastly different that's. Studio sixty and Sports Radio no Judy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Dude Hillary just. I. She'll use it for everybody who still lives by the league. Deal with season. You know of the Minnesota but he still he's the chicken and Reynolds we expect any discussion during the break we have a real factor at taco in our plan we always it. Adam that five guys they did me in. You were talking a burgers you talk about five dudes. That. I think it's also what he was talking about your take about environment and it's has birds that talked about the peanuts they give you out there and try and it. Our 98 he not said he did Bryant has for the about her when volume three months ago so the Georgia game it took in Missouri Georgia there. In our history repeats newspapers for these two big. You know double way to Guardia. Should we give that to Wheaties I guess you could. Now this. This is really interesting is I had noted is so when it Swede it is earlier. This was with with the U Donovan true thing if you if you haven't heard this this we announced this. On the night shift last night when it came about this. You're Donald mature. Does toxicology report is not going to be Mitt not going to be released to the pub just to. The family which is fairly common specially in the Dominican. And we have to have a little discussion earlier about this and that that that the take away that I had it is. You know I I really going to get concerned because there's going to be that section of people who believe me they almost. Should note because as Ryan paid at the pitcher. They're like I am like as much as the royals admit that this city it's of people here they're like and and we almost should when it's somewhat earlier Texas in images. They felt like this could be a life lesson that he is a reason why they would want I don't know. Don't drink and drive. Don't believe you're invincible. Don't end up like your Donald winter. Again what. I don't it's directions can go out of me doesn't he. If it's a clean toxicology report I would release. Those embassies in my eye when everything clear. It's Fredericks ago but they shouldn't have to it's a personal view is point if they want between investigators. In its information. That you'll probably find out but I don't know but I can't because they know what the gristle was. It wasn't code that's really the only information I need to them. I adds I just don't need to know for the stamp what they're saying. You'll end up like your doubles editor I don't think you're Donovan tour heads to the even if it even if he was. And I'm just saying even if it were to come out we've that he was above the lip. I don't I don't need that to be able to preach to people don't end up like you're down oh venture. Like that that should be a reason why you need to know it irrational means Jews work the hell. And would people just feel like they should be entitled. To a war because. They played in your city. Right. That just don't end up like your Donald center. I mean got a kid I got to leave it. It's not a Barbie is to be I just feel I I don't think it's our business the royals yes because of the contract stuff. But I don't think that needs to be released and those are rational into it and feel like it's their right. It would be easier look at another example Derrick Thomas a lot of people sort of wearing seatbelts dude that a little bit Chrysler were my seatbelt because what happened. The Derrick Thomas but the situation with Donahoe. But again I don't think we actually need to know. Some people think we measures what lesson did you learn. Texas one of its clean up and Malia I get the money in the contract that is correct he was a pointer in half million dollars if in fact. He comes back clean and all of that contract because they're money I don't know. I don't know how old bag gets dispersed and asked to be disbursed one time payment of over four years of a contract. And all that but I do know that is. The case they already have a one and a half million dollar life insurance policy to be beaten back as well I think Stillman the royals probably do something. But speak to the point you're brought up wrong about people saying that they would. Use it as an example don't end up like apparently happened we had enough instances. To where we are you know like you should hurt you know drinking and driving is bad and like we know the story but we get posters are forward and but sometimes sometimes as being clear alluded to. With the Derrick Thomas situation it takes something like that hit home and resonate with people and I don't think that that should be a good enough reason. To make is this. Public record out it's come possessions and starting exact counts apply. I do think that. There could be some. Like there could be something to Ron I don't just immediately dismiss it because I do think that. When they're Thomas passed away people's admin not TT was as invincible character in my mind and I group watch in my whole life and if if he can die because of it than than than maybe I should start pocket. Supply efforts a lot of people know he should injury to drive but a lot of OC people people who may not award a seat belt council some possible nowadays disease course to keep evidence. Work goes off near the sea below but I think even people. It no better than drink and drive. Noise Wear there seatbelts right did after DT. I just alias and Ryan. It like it just hits home more and it hit it's well but it's been the reason why you feel like you should be entitled no no I think it's pretty crappy. It's been a much does as the have been his business but if that. Helps people because I know I have I difference. Who. They don't drink because one of their parents was an alcohol and they know that that could be a possibility so they avoid that. Or they don't drink and drive because they had a friend or if a parent or relative or somebody they knew that died because they were drinking and driving or they were the victim. Of of a drunk driving crash so that yes we have plenty of examples but sometimes it just helps to drive home that point that should he be the example. I don't know man it's a little too close was desperate to really be talking about all of these I use him as an example because at. And I don't mean to put you guys on the spot with this this just came apart that that is kind of fascinated me is what percentage do you think people thing. There is. Well. I think the vast majority of people soon. I mean it's an early morning crash people jumped to conclude reasonable starting lady did when he thought he was run Anatolia get adequate persuasion or acts. Our honeymoon when my wife was in the Dominican Republic. We wrote we drove from the airport to the resort. Dude. The rules are shaky whale genes were anxiety and eight the way they were driving me and we were nervous. As hell just driving from the airport to. The resort and will we let the resort to the airport like I tell you that way people mold it's their people. Yes this does the roads are not nearly. To the ways the roads are over years old to just assume like day. I understand why alcohol can be your mind like you see it right early morning crash. This ain't driving over there. Is is not the same. SOU the roads are vastly different in my experience at the Dominican Republic. I mean I I thought we were going to get into some sort of issue a couple of times I was in or. So they write a big mortgages press conference the day of you don't root in this folder somebody asked about. He said he worries about it every single day what goes on their as far as the roads are concerned coming up next. We hear from Bubba starling and I am actually looking forward to hearing from Bubba does that take a lot of people really excited about the coming up here. The because it's taking so long what's by the state about his trek to the major leagues we'll find out next. Into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Spring training. Underway. Which sixth in these days just broke a lot of lives that they're on FaceBook live. This year's the media get there bitchy it's too talked won both starling before you today. We do every day if this kind of some cool it's happening tomorrow you with a pair of tickets suburban and bacon this Saturday February 18 that knuckle heads garage. Tasted by the way you weather's going to be of steaming piece an array of special Bieber opens in unique whiskey. A nearby just Hillary's as well is who favored big girl labels what you see apple. In assortment of smoky bigotry. Must be 21 or older if code words for you in in force was for the caller. You're an actor first code word is Ryan this Ryan is your first go to work by the starlet. Last year just out Saturday it that they it's gotten so hungry that description that it's I don't know what other Berkeley mortgage urban or the smoky bacon three that goes good stick and goes Cooper. Why is bacon made this huge about this big has always been good but it's like in both read it made it it left. It never left in my opinion but became popular nearly a bacon golf breeder he's taken these unpopular I got big consult with everything I love they cancel. There's lines 6930. Spirit six speaking of bacon. Yes back because of radio or as of hereditary. That both. Effective chicken and beer about show as well now here's. Actually it was all right industry run and run that it was really good player mood of Roma problem in life is that. Well that's that I think cute kitty. The royals. You can't even say ability to do. Its toll it's. But the stories. That word about. Bubba starling north of sort of solace your double play. He it's 185. When the movement to play two big home run away when he did get a clean slate into the pit 181. In Tripoli Cincinnati three year for Bubba starling once his outlook this year well this is Bubba from spring training today. Answer was with us from me and and I had to go in this offseason and put the word cannon hopefully shall Anderson were you. Down here might be back home. Back home intensity. On hidden is village at this facility in Kansas City and just get along hitting and lot of lifting and getting stronger and and racist and won't work or who are you know it's as far as what you need to work on what you think you're improving on. Positives than negatives what he. You know obviously the physical skills live look Obama think he loved it's mental song and the you know baseball and as long term overcome now on. And I'll learn from other guys and everything so well. It's been the long and a few years for me but I'm looking forward that you. This mostly hitting that you were working during the offseason was the newest incident where. Com get the flu a lot of hitting and I sort of mind my hitting on November ideals are close to Christmas alone definitely got a lot of hidden in an. Just just didn't and everything didn't work and the movement reacts you rusty. You're one of the most athletic guys out there isn't easy and frustration that part reflect the district that went in eclectic you know you know also trying to do now. You can be obviously so talent in the skin look at all thumbs up here and the you know baseball also wants you mentally strong and tough Obama think that goes along Landis. There's this. Foundation guides our world. Guys on the forty man tweak me but in the last few there be. They wanted to get this done this year we could do this without this there's a wave guys behind. You see yourself as part of that. Solid part of this and future. And obviously this is my third year in big league camp so. There with a few of these young guys with the first years come in big league camp and obviously been around. Puzzle is that turned you know odds on this on different cousin here and almost does look forward to look I'm sure well. You talk about mental aspect of anything. Like that more than him. Definitely. Whether it's deal with failure. He just kind of out for the season and overcoming those different you know obstacles during the year on this got to become. Field position hitter you know different. Things thrown to him. You think you'll. Hopefully if that is the season's. Yeah I think and the passing some low expectations he loves to put too much question muscle thing wants wants to go up there and relax and just. Ultimately help on how then hopefuls achievements. That's when your most successful. And it's making them. He's beat him. Maybe that or maybe that it and organizations are a little bit more it's continues to show confidence in you and what they think it's. I'm getting old yeah. You know it you know. And this latest that I just wanna keep working hard enough so that organization that. No I am back that they thought I was unknown woman keep working out there you know especially hitting so wants. If you you know just keep working throughout the game different stuff. No New York. Yankees beat the patience shown by the organization and others around the pain the works. Live in more pressure on her extensively in the purchase including. You know assist what it says the long road from me and love for the front office of the bishop's lit up with me. Lieutenant going from Kansas small town home. A little different tonight in Paulson plan is much baseball some of the other does it offend 15100 at bats announced it's time to figure things out go. Moving much conversation he had. Inner moves to. You took them awhile before they did it click for. Yeah not a good talk Lester has loosened he's legacy users and of the dismissal down in the clubhouse and on and bigger team men and these things are clicking for you and that's what happened with them. They go Bubba starling right here by the way your second code word for a Berber and bacon fest tickets to knuckle heads garage tomorrow he's show. Visual we're sick and co were rebut those complain Minor League Baseball since 2012. 1017. East 44 years old there was no college for Bubba it's eighteen and now at least 44 years old. You go to a certain point where you either have you don't know I really this this year Obama. This year all of this visited it and I thought last year with the year but this year obviously is the year or the live with mixed up what college football still like eligible. That might be. Actually it is the freedom we. Packages here personally he'd like this is this is this is above us darlings in CA term. Like this is this elections and because no one's going to hear from him again after spring training. Like an arrogant and like this is that this sucks dude some huge bubble again this is the time at a local kid out of this yet I feel like. Greg Gumbel just came across the screen. And this is selects it's a date. As a lucky to get interviewed. On the sixteenth seed sixteen seeds they get interviewed in in the ago. That's what book as someone so eloquently said the tax. Bubba is garbage in double. Hard to see him perform in the weeks. Hard and I'm with I guess it is is this is the most we'll hear from Bob. And in its alliances. Like is that I hole. That public it is up to be a local guy of course who grouped these small junkies from Gardner and we don't care proposal late if these sorts what's eased atop the it would be nice to. It would be nice to have him to itself. By. Yeah figurines were tied in the draft they came up early you always look at that it is a look at it now this is the Texas that they soap or about what's real what plea to the chiefs start to look. Third maybe. At that speed. Marvin Diener the head coaching harder edged and once told me he's faster than what turns Newman bastards aren't numbered lines hosting like a coach Peter he did get expert who'd been on folks and Bubba. At some point your third code word is bacon Seattle three damn beat the fifth caller we go to break here team Brian cast QOQ a broad debate you can. Wish Ryan. At Bieber the yourself with his birthday tomorrow. And he's going coming up next we've all leader Mikhail Rodney Leisle Arthur Bryant's the original seventeen Brooklyn. Or alleged shopping center. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Yeah. It's. But you can happen. Ham and look pretty good giveaways respecting you for your birthday. In Johnston in Buckner just in the book and gradually shift that needs. More bright. House but it. -- that people do that anymore and opening. The birthday spank and you have run and we lose that last break we would we be divide leads to. Do the birth weights and outlets kids that the it was great licks its. Stick it puts. Oh I think your lights on them like actually licking somebody had sixty glee lake has been that's what we thought it was convinced you that slick continues to run it down. All you know at the school. Under which all of its principles. It went on trying to exceed the thirty. I think I'm 35. Tomorrow with. Is that correct that fake news that's that is correct I know how old I am on like Michael Jordan. YouTube like he favors them. Don't ask jackets 82 sentences. Fields earlier this year before I'll respond in three years three years from six that hill's pet bills. For dozens haven't I. I think. Mike Mike with older. Is as old as my mom because the price dropped twenty. I know that. Is that well the point where those PG. As he stuck in ninety keeps wearing jeans tee start around your room is gonna go erupted there. Hillary and that tweet or deleted brought Cuba are the brains or the. Yeah Brooke and by the way or fourth or intelligent shopping services. Until you answer. Talks over an open every week Papa and every week. We if we did get via the sound that's why you said Tuesday they would get this it's tests. Tests. And also with the funds that a couple of hours. It was. That's why you sit on the dot. It's at least. I do I generally cinema much utilized and a lot of lot of movement back here birthday boy. Yeah. Fred really brought it by Arthur Bryant's is being Clinton's negativity what's there. As some phenomenal meats and by the way it's excellent people on the book he wishes broadcast and again look you know. Between us. Jerry sandusky on Twitter. At Jerry sandusky Gerry with a G manager with the Jacob. Not a lot of convicted felons have a quarter as they keep active on. At Jerry sandusky to all again who invited me to spend eternity in hell just a friendly reminder. I'm Gerry with a G. No relation to former and state coach if you were all this week. You form and state coach is fun. Charged with sexual assault week involved this is happening yeah I am way too many times had tons in the news happen again. With the steps and this week look at the guys by audiences not deleted it by the way. You think she seemed as he. The power actually is a skillful in shielded we from. Little guys Twitter can this week profitable fundraisers because this is bio and Gerry with a G. Baltimore sportscaster voice of the ravens communication coach and author no relation to the former Penn State have get. You talk about John Dorsey. People keep tweeted this port count in Ohio about Jon Stewart chiefs lose to an end to order him. I think at one point you just have to pool was it Tim Allen's. Go look at Tim Allen's name right now we'll look at what Tim Allen's name is Brian that it was his real name. I think you have to put him out. Big game though it is real name it is an apps guy at the Timothy Allen Dick. I'm Tim Allen didn't that add it up as I mean. Teary teary yes Michael's. Life that I play us Tim Allen 63 years old and return 69 gonna go back attendant is intended. You've just got to wrap it got to move past ugly it's it. Yet those you meet Ares I this idea that the air why should he change his name the other guy is a woman can't help I. Got it. You bet you don't want your last name to be Dick. And you sit when your lasting peace in this if your first things here. About that missile I still stand by Dick but it's the most important name and all of history that Victor who was there. That is that is up there by the way now let's look it's not exactly. It's acts. He's wearing gates all right I think that he's different he's got a little bubble boy who wants to get a little room. Rodney is getting. Yes I know there's the wing element too old navy site that they so skinny Jean via bat sizes if you gotta order with a particular times actually got. They're actually big board says he's looked in there any team which are right at the Internet in order model navy's web site to make them skinny on the left. Does any. It's just that comes skinny down. Addicted city. I was like we're in sports teams poke fun at themselves. Tennessee basketball no exception of that rule at all underscore hoops. I got whacked by Kentucky finally Tennessean is due gonna play tomorrow. If the civic throw out the rounds back when you're putts in the settlement puma between Seattle picked there was the final score Tennessee 58. Kentucky 83 with the action just read well. Another level one in the eighteenth lessens his ouster should you have such stupid rule about Tweety he saw that. You be. Personal shots go to the team. Will that. This is at that age old. That is not the name your doctor excellent indicated read that on there isn't there's no way to the real main person in every sport is not the last clocked. It's. You know big barns coach can sleep Richard the the first. And I asked Lawrence K ask underscore PD I always tell you guys got to follow. Law enforcement's twitters while you are what accounts of the by an animal I think that's all this one from Lawrence PDI on Valentine's Day. Roses are red violets are blue cops are bad bad at poems blah blah blah don't commit felonies happy Valentine's Day. Perfect. While wife to heart I am Moody's with the fellas I wonder what this people who think the couple. It's amnesty month which is where red violets are blue for a million man pants Kennedys will formally review roses. That's. This to all these days. Blue. You can't describe blue with whom it would work. Zune experience is. People who works blew. Me with. Your brain cells were few somebody help you go lower speed right it was perfect. Somebody help us that next level and it was red. Pilots are blue could dump up to believe this your brain cells are few days ago they go yeah got a I don't need your help to us like we're gonna we're final one for you guys era and that we're really brought you by Arthur Bryant's. Vince you Helen. There's got to come back in the works. He has come back in the work by the way I got a really I got a really Robinson late space if you don't even higher Lee Steinberg to go to the CF well. Police Steinberg. We have opened discussions with Saskatchewan rough as the CF OK Vince Young. Please nine Henry Lee Steinberg is what's great that's built in Greece that's not yeah not the tweet don't I want a I want to talk about. ESPN's weed out in case you missed it Vince Young hopes to play football again all the fine people at E. A. SPORTS got a hold of it. They joke they've now used three times and every time if you know. I copied or they quoted reasonable cinema copy of Madden seventy good. Old old old Vince. Still the best college player I've seen I looked stories of the rich and Cheesecake Factory southwesterly gets. Saskatchewan. And morning Vince Cable at that didn't Johnny trail for them to allegedly. The Rough Riders who. Is excellent it's killing. I knew that they return today. Now Richard favor this guy and local Sports Radio name. Rescues animals last time we did this somebody said they were the high school someone in charity had the hell man. You know that you know let. Pat Summitt dad's name is Richard. Help it's restored you definitely a program you Houston it's brother's name is Bill Dickey sticking out. The best basketball calling ever heard in my entire time was when I was at you're Casey on the UKC station. And Houston Exxon was on deep it's great defender went away. Martin's heirs who drives away nuts all over him and that was when I sit I lost it immediately. Actively bad. It. I cannot believe that's all I guess weird. Our brands of some new flights could be the meets with commitments. What does Chrysler's own talk a little films so great innings of work. A. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.