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02/17 - 11 am - Make A Splash

Feb 17, 2017|

We head out to Surprise to hear from Royals manager Ned Yost. Plus, Ron gets everyone riled up over the Chiefs & Bink is all in on this idea.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why spring training. By the way ticket via FaceBook page we'll. Just burn is going crazy. With a lot of coverage yet there's there's a lot of batting practice here that boldest. It all proves that that. It's good stuff phones get you covered also we did an interview with the story is feasted on the golf course talking to or score a believer that Chrysler. There's never driven a golf cart I think he discussed that yesterday that. Certainly catch a lot of good stuff on there we were and it goes runs early work in throughout my emotions he's mad about that George C and. We lost towards the animals brought big wrestling guy very upset yeah you know they did. Tonight to break the news. You did warn me about I'm sorry I thought you would already seeing him wrestling thing you need to the vehicle's fuel. Did you see the a wrestler in Mexico whose using gas and he's he's claiming he's Trump's biggest band in Iowa up via Mexican ground. Really hated that really worked really plane he is huge the the crowd. So other the other fellow giant American flag with trump space in the middle it's very similar in his Grace Adler would Sargent slaughter brought. The iron sheik. Right during all of that. Stuff. With like the desert storm. And they really were he and eight really is due date August 3 two CT test on wrestler than they do business that was more and more. The players coming out with it after the past the body was is donating to bring the science if those of football player but now more more contact sports do it I think people gonna find out there's a lot of sports just as dangerous as the NFL when it all comes to be is to that real art CT. The I don't sit quite bizarre attack there who was real although you know it's a real deal exists I just also the other day were more more soccer players. We look at CTX all the time the pole its author hit I think it's gonna come out the world these people sit. Play football little Jimmy or go play soccer in the with the results come out when you realize it's just as Peterson's football. What are unit duke is a bunch of studies that came out even from the Mayo Clinic. About how the with a steady football it would back from the 1970s rock rookie it's started now. In a result we use that is a couple pieces of the debenture. It was actually less write about with the general public is pro football team that they've been monitoring since 1970 that they won't you'll see that report. What do puts Elena are all attacking it. And I and I wanted out. Knows it's a mental did ritual and broke his nation on sexual personal coolest. How did we give. How we get to the meal Clint. Only gentlemen. The audience intake can be death of a hall you'll have wrapped in Arnold's deal in two minutes. Alerted depended football eats the terror to you know it's gel the I'll get Michelle Michelle does things like missiles one way to go to support completely different good tickets to excellence and I can show at six. You. Is ill. So please don't get the show is this something that the days it always does or is this something that date meekly to us that's a reference to you don't get the show talking about getting the show you know get this one you'll get out George the animal Steele got us to see the of the Mayo Clinic Alderman of a three minute is fixated on local alcohol show it we got him. It's sprawl it. Some now he'll topic of the day somehow it's well. Yesterday was able to that guy. I'd like landed talk about they used just like you've somehow just learned is number six it. It's seats either way you look at entered into an agenda. Part of football always been an attack. The credit to them to do things like this time. At least you can push it titled if I am learning. You know ninety tonight what I did six tonight at 66 and then out that there's. Exactly yeah. Just adds a guide the is that about rod gets the show on extra incentives it's that music like all of us. Prosecuted this. As to why this week dammit can't keep ripping a line. You gotta you gotta keep you gotta keep a new guy we move faster immigration and apparently you would have props Iran he works six to nine last night and I should these two and the shift that I expected to in the night shift. Again this Friday they'll be back of meat imported to a child during high school sports editor thank you for all the will was his idea but bronze or. I'm that don't ever compare please lady you've been out having surgery on that coming. See I've tried out. I've got assets Brian and I column for the it was too easy it. Adds. Up to guy. Where is it. It goes out surprise Arizona but don't say a few seconds to go CT. All I was saying we Georgie and still hope that this some of these guys are donating the brings the film's. You fight out of into the bush would be here at the Villa mex writer. It turns out that probably would be idols. The U we have to yes about professed terrorists. Like yeah. Like Daniel Bryant had they forced him to retire as he had to make. I am I am probably shoot because a lot of those guys played football. Before the terrorists. Like you know Goldberg played for the bout and not seen a plea for years and Collins. So I played football in college in a they have a lot of potential head injuries I cannot believe we're here and it's not even me was they had the titular head injuries I don't think it's that yes this. I'm shocked unifil lose a lot of these lawsuits are they said. A little bit is what I was Unicode civil hike he proves to him and I'll tell you prove this didn't happen high school how can you prove this didn't happen in new football ops. Stopped. Somebody of that excellence is CG the public principal leaders. Believe it's. Which is basically kind of looked like the principle of Billie met. They had the huge art Keller or stopped on the store in man. Odds brits. I don't know it's well Anderson as a compliment as soon as it's not a compliment well good. Look they called the blob that you. Looked up. Take. All my voice and that this is now behead the issue of the city if I'm close if you sit there and steadily this is now let me show in Kansas City we meet you what counts keep. This is not like we'd show. The odds it's. Gonna take beat him. We knew it did those walker by the we go to sixth in sports a FaceBook page. Burn as a lot of vote could live information on that Saddam once that hurt Stewart an ambulance that was good stuff here's Ned Yost. A little bit slowly coming. You know discarded a little bit he's going to be in all the drills were gonna keep an eye on him. Pictured that I'm overdue and it too much with him about it feels good penetrating and nobody else. And I'm not really you know. Made a sort of a little slow us you know right now because of his surgery and basically that's. When you look at outfield depth and please think we will have a regular season. Probably. You know we're going to be. You know pretty open minded and experiment here and spring training with our outfield you know we're gonna move Gordy around Williams on the center and right to. We know he's a gold gloves and left field. We're gonna move him around you know we've got Mary feel that can play the outfield Cologne gonna place now field and he might succumb to the field so. We're gonna we're gonna you know just kind of look in the experiment a little bit you see how at all Howell looks. And a defender you think absolutely could be. Caused. I think you can be Indy you know what everybody talks about is that they think that he can be an average defender. Under arrest he's already made some strides on you know as drops didn't. His routes to the ball being with prostate. You know he's a very quick learner. And so bargaining and I've seen he looks really good out there it's. A big city. Exactly and that's progressed he's got a warning on right now it's just taken to correct. Proper angles to the ball which helps you get there quicker and makes you. You know allows you catch a ball. Miss it too early to. Given greater. It's hardly. But yeah. Excuse or isn't sure what how how important. These patients haven't known it takes. It does take time and we knew that going and then you know a guy who's. You know guys come off a year. And you'll see jumps in and then their career a little bit in the spring training because. You know they spent the entire winner reviewing and and think about what like good what went bad and you know what I like got to do to get better I mean it's tough to do that stuff during the season. So I'm anxious to save of the springs. C. Accordions in center field. He's always wanted to play center field. He's always been bugging me for five years play center field. And you know spring transit time you can experiment you can. Allow him to live out his fantasy. Play center field a little bit yeah. There's that it was them didn't. Know I'm I'm never had voted in orbit left field. But Vietnam. Yeah it doesn't hurt it doesn't hurt to look at different things with an open line. Never Khamenei may be called on them. We'll have a situation where he may need a place and field and again and those that are just. A little bit of that experience yeah can you see how well you know he's pretty. And I'm that helps definitely hit it helps put. You know we've got new guys to you know mosque and play the outfield alarms in the outfield which can play the outfield and you know it's just trying to trying to find where everybody's at their best. You know where everybody can play at their best and Alex Gordon he's a gold glove left fielder book. You know I think or it could be a gold glove right fielder Jim we don't. Look at CC. That's in the spring and we'll decide which which way we want to go. Their best always win again this. Nan you hit it on the head you gotta you gotta have that depth is really really important. You know when moose went down last year. Cut for came in and did a phenomenal job and because we had that you try to have that depth of pitching on the pitching side and on the position player so that. Something happens on the field or guys missing time. He wants somebody that can diplomatically. And and help you not miss a beat. Were I think Dayton and his staff and a great job of Guinness. You know really solid baseball players and great quality depth. And there's no thank you. There's Ned Yost. Daily dead at 11 o'clock pigs got her near a pair of course speeding in cedar adaptors will burns appearances at spring church reading coverage. Brought to you by American topsoil column I'll mention spring training get 10% off 1800. Top soil above the store would be and you keep your name name in we we should be hearing from him leaders matter fact it. It took place about. Would this team there's no place still would be I'd say. Third best athlete of ever seeing come at a Kansas City but the sterling. Would last you should have been easier X two years ago should have been easier. Well we're getting reports that he was. The best defensive outfielders in the system lets you get him in a Beagle. But the baton slowed cameramen last year we struggle I'd never have those organs so they brought in local water clean slate so to walk to the plate. You'd see dead than bad game to dazzle clean when you when you go global clean wipe it out. It didn't happen but did that. I made it it is amazing. What date has been able to pull even with some of the guys like that. Not yet not everybody does. The book the reason Bubba starling is some difficult pretty new do and I understand in this. If you have a guy who played look much crap the royals took for not taken pujols even though everybody in Major League Baseball past five times. That he played years Ford was a judge school played in Maplewood new eco. Bubbles local kid everybody knew bubble was bubbles always on the cover. Of the the key it's in stores for the sports page for football we didn't want this morning warns of big big. If you pass on him and he goes to morals and stores. That's difficult to do that was a difficult position to be in with a local player like that a local legend was available. I bet form that they won't address we'd. If he goes somewhere else to me big time situation. But anyway Bubba starling read their new usage in coming up next the cheeks they can make a splash in this offseason Ron once seemed doable thing who's talking about next. That we're really. At the August 1983 issue of wrestling room. Is it written an article about a restaurant and it. The wrongful things lie. Because like some. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. Me. Some big news. Around sixteen points yesterday. Rock here. That's it you certain it's more like everybody thought he said it was interest bill. That's the difference is an interesting look here it is probable that the box to take heed to what local. Yeah I can't take it into an. They have bullets went to take care sir it is going to go first. Serve as diligently in the FaceBook live this Saturday at the black Barber's. Do you lined up right they've lined up have you been to a white barbershop no play. We do leave me have a bit and give them the jayhawks to. Other final four he's going to go. Think it is here that the let whoever shot that I'm gonna go to lady genes so. So if you go to but it classroom classic American barbershop the feeling celebs think. We're you know you have played always leave now that bought the frozen Snickers the book and real America Borussia June Farnham. It's literally America was 'cause I had this that's the real the real light Lindsay talking about it real item in his white barbershop I went to Pittsburgh Kansas. Timbuktu markets and what it. Big guns and ammo and it Playboy's analyst mark up gardens and in my car back. That you can't come back and I etc. read it in the chair it was it was cool pretty did it was cool these guys a day. Who's got talk. Didn't and his girlfriend and and in that Mary and by the way she comes walking in. All conversations that. These dudes freaked out you can do it at older afterwards he'd he'd be doing it's it ice policemen. So she in all the conversation stopped to some great conversations abortion is the black or show up that's my reconnaissance. Fox sports is actually due to show. With Marshawn Lynch is a black barber shop there are some great sports top export on the barbershop I think is a lot more similar and figured. They did it would skip and a Shannon to. It's weird when despicable what barbs about just pitch the barbershop and me myself and Hillary. When he drove the car through the windows that's the white boards that it's it's pretty accurate to say that I had guns and ammo we have eased. The U frozen Snickers. Thought he was glad that I have sort of like actual guns and ammunition ladies around has that I'm not going to let. The magazine. The magazine. Told some my best advice labored Apple's from a barber cannot cannot is that was out on the goes like a DV three piece of advice for the leak those the forced the town does that give you three piece about. Always talk about her don't talk much of what governor. Make her laugh and number two or three things who's number two in the other one was unexpected gift and an expected time. We means is don't bring flowers on Valentine's chocolate surprised. Surprise when she's not expecting it's them that she lacks. And you give it to words used in this came really think it's a game guys it's games you do this stuff to be happy with you for couple weeks and then big minutes against it would give. It appears that the bodies absolutely. Eating him up visible I've just judging by text line when I was in here on Tuesday. It is. So he came out then. The cowboys are going to release. Tony wrote. And before I can sing you my stance on where I wanna go with. I want to say Tony Romo was not my first choice for the chiefs outlook that address them. But if they're saying they're going to go with a veteran quarterback. And it's Alex Smith or Tony Romo I'd rather take the risk of. Tony were OK okay mr. your standards here it's insanity. Your high he's played four games the last two years. There's no ability at all now you do that and listen. To but it's still seven billion dollars dead body when chiefs are right up against the cap. The bad idea would you would you attach rate. It is important old school Bible in the back court. Tony Romo to back the quarterback it's either categories that are under five years not doing Tony Robles chided you for it and he's going to get her readily. There Alex Smith the draft a quarterback. Ryan didn't we say this is going to I'd he was not allowed to complete list. I don't want the point you bring up Tony Romo and regal is this. Going to finish. I finish your point you know executed I. Actually agree with I'd rather rides it took it took me about twenty minutes of moron finally agree with Iraq Vince Mira but disagree on one made. Yes. I'm just saying it. It it is if it is going to be between Alex and Tony I'm I'd rather take my chances with Tony I know what Alex is going to do I take my chances with the risk. Of the injury and I know the risk is higher. But the big thing that this could be is. May end this you can have the biggest story. The National Football League it yet Tony Romo. This to me this city has a bit on the mapping you can say the World Series but the NFL Matt in Major League Baseball that it's two different things. Incarnations of big storm not a good story this. It's. You wanted to hear more there's big story of our great I'm glad they just came to. This could be. You know you know I tell you right now they would lead off the NFL season against the patriot Romo against the patriots standalone game if we tell me. The first game of the season a YouTube. That I understand there is a risk. Under clear there in years may but I would love to take the risk how much Tony Romo being on the team would put the chiefs in the spotlight. By the late he's better than Alex and I'll take the risk that he won't get. Hurt but he knows better now how do you know they outsourcing gone work it will also doubles to a federal it's not I'm not your stock. You're considered to advertise to play you considered to be right now they're both healthy. With this system be enabled. Listen Portland is a big part of cable bill. It's the Mozilla he's a big part of the rod I can't tell you Tony Romo would be better in this offense and Alex Smith it has Alex ran a time as he didn't did it was a big problem but the promise. These are mobility. With Alex Smith that he has over Tony Romo. He stays healthy he plays all the time. That's a huge difference I don't know what book tour is is in the last years. In the last a year today Alex Smith to be is not a long term solution it's drafting quarterback I think we actually agree on this heroes gentlemen. You gimmick club downtown and that is Wednesday you aegis it is the do you think that Alex Smith is better than than Tony Romo. Following the football I don't produce for us with this offense I do it's been around us and I'd rather not they'll give me this off tell you right I'll kill you if you ground out breezy offensively for years the big deal in 2017. Started right now. You think that Tony Romo. At Alex Smith is better than Tony Roma I don't care in this off I'm going to say yes because you'll stay healthy that's a big deal on your team. Beat not these big deal you Tony Romo your quarterback right now is caliber it's Buddhist he used to what Tony Romo is gonna get hurt I got even makes it deuce trickier before our. I would I am willing to take the risk. Myself because. I don't know if you've watched you you don't want they're not doing a damn thing. But with Alex and I've explained I am willing to to miss take the risk of Tony Romo if it's between Tony Romo and Alex it. I'm willing to take that risk that won't it won't cost. What do you mean that. Put Rostock in cheek which could pay him eight I bit a bit you'll be cheaper than seventy million you have to pay. Alex Smith but he's not a pitch. Do you think Tony Romo 250. Million dollars. Was in the open more he's an offer for. You protect your come in with the money you were Smart figured I totally. Do you think durables that was cheap it's it's our bats and he's got a couple different feedback coupons and he's got the go Sony's gonna pay him Tony Romo was not making seventeen million dollars. When your contract. It's. You know he's completely you know he's now I don't know what you're doing. Come on. Here's the thing if people keep Texas yeah he's coming from organ market price you'd think it says. Look at field line if you've seen our allies. Yes have you seen the beat one of the biggest reasons the allied states on his jacket is the 44 million is a 100000 this year but not come cheap because he's getting released. If I hit it at least he's going to be three H. He's not gonna get a much money. I understand it 67 million dollars par which are just it this it is they're better off keeping it fools for six point four. At this is the argument they re at me and riot. This morning but I. I'm willing to take the risk that he may get injuries and he and and yes he is more injury prone than Alex. I am woman times and went out I am willing to take the risk. With him because he's a much better quarterback than Alex's you're you're gonna stand over there and act like you're you're gonna play done. What are they love how he's shivering like this guy wins super bulls are talking about a guy would work in many there are a lot of quarterbacks that have won Super Bowl that are better. And Alex. Alex Smith almost got the super bowl of wooden for two Kenny Williams muffed an overlooked is never won this I don't think I don't think Alex Smith is better I think Alex Smith has topped out resentments it was around and I don't think Tony Romo cutie duties he titled repeats the waste the money. Disease unpredictable he's China gold you don't know what's gonna get Baltic Alex Smith. Going into year five who's been eighty read only what does Tony Romo going in blind this season it's come to me Brinkley and Ryan I love you. But it would be to all of this and say you are what's wrong with this no one ought to ripe old people do the people at its options that's cheap shot that beat a look. Singh's comments since it's what you are saying is fantasyland of what you're saying is hot today. You're immediately jump over the quarterback this is a war is especially don't want it just because they said it does it mean you're five Alex Smith. You're one of Tony Romo was when played four games the last two years. You would rather give the keys the offense would back either one I'm going the simple neither one of what I when you first approach through discipline. Is currently in your life. This year's ballots that makes a difference Ron could you approached this right. Let me just let me just have to say now if you ladies elect elect Al Smith which I do not Ron says that number one the big reason you think about dating Tony romo's two give. The profile this that your race. Like we will be. Instantaneously. More sought after for primetime games people be more excited for the Kansas City Chiefs because of a guy like Tony Roma and out. I agree I agree with that opinion like Tony Romo brings some bus. Iraq. He week one matchup that you could be having with the with the patriots big match of Arabia Tony Romo that's a big announcement. Against Dallas Dallas in the chiefs huge matchup and all of a sudden you know that's something that screams thinks giving them. This is true to that screams things in and immediately raises the deep experience Thanksgiving it immediately raised the profile of your franchise in your city you know I agree with you and I think it will. I Tony Romo is just. It's it's a more attractive. Book and Alex and Alex Smith as boring as a man picked perky. For his favorite Thanksgiving food and then he doubled it already back analysts had no. As I was kind of off the cuff. I'm gonna go dinner rolls. Too bland is as things at the menu I totally. That's not Tony Roma. Tony Romo is run around Dayton Jessica Simpson and haven't headlines written about it Alex Smith is out to pick in Turkey is throwing to that's more important. What we differ on what's more important is taking a fourth round quarterback senior better than Tony Romo that's the truth what we differ on Ron is that. I think you're under selling the risk associated. With Tony Roma. To me and we did come back and looked at your rightly I wanted to see how many complete seasons Tony Romo plate until the last couple years. Agassi's injury free but he had some 1516 game season now. At this 2003 playoffs first round loss 20061. From playoffs lost 20071. Round playoffs loss 2009 made the second round loss. Think they would 2014. And. Our show we were total Robles been a winner. But if it out of me when I hear you say those states if you're gonna. If you don't believe that he's worse than Alex and that those stats don't mean. It may have lost those games and I think out of veteran quarterbacks the past announcement so let's say though that as he's healthy next to stay with the injury argument let's just say in both his legs it's a young quarterback in the draft we're all happy we agree with I would rather keep Alex round in your five to bring in Tony or more for your one went in general. I'm not saying it's hot take the say that he gets injured but you keep going with its you're fine. With Alex. We get in year five in this I'm not Mississippi but hey Greg how that matters I think he constantly does this mean most important continuity matters this is the most important position on the field. Why I'm lied march Ayers saying it. And it's got its problems and I think teachings or treadmill right now I don't see any changes the rewrite abrupt as of yesterday. Here's what she's done my wife she wants to count. So what I do she leaves removed counts is removed council seat comes back is that it looks different but he's viewed by the new cap he's moved him around to the chiefs don't coaching them. Put Childress to assist and head coach that big he's the author of supporting you know that it would be jumping in you know treadmill right now. What they would open rate switch offensive coordinators after going twelve for. Make moves the chiefs know exactly up for the go to the rim can go further and I'm what you want and I'm not an outsider. Tony Romo guy I think the future is a quarterback that they draft I think we can agree on that order but but but we always get Isabel agree. That they said. They want a veteran starting they don't want a minute they'd read somebody they want. Alex or veterans story and so what I'm saying is if there's going to be a veteran. To meet that the possibility. Of the positives with Tony Romo to me. I am willing to take that risk up I mean this team has not this team has not been on the mat sits Montana. Would you say that I mean nationally that's our I would say now. I think a big wintry group like that that offense would pick for meal for a thirteen three offense priest told that was national attention but they didn't win a game. Not like this not they were they can't lay off all its not like me it's not strictly was of I'm Priest Holmes I mean that dolphins of wine a year like that offense got national attention that they work like. The cheese would be New England the chiefs would be the story if they play the world champion New England page you'll be the story you'll win. I mean just just lost the game the other team kicked six field. Will. Smith 78 games to quarterback gets mad that's we obviously disagree supplement them a little bit of backed by the way Alex Smith Tony Romo both the played six career post season games. They both are two and exodus numbers in the policies that are actually very good welcome. Well his Hayward tells you what you want to try to win record in both of what needs accident I don't Dodi was just an interception it's been. I can't hear you can't forget Tony Romo would've won that game gets Steelers he would he would have missed. Jeremy Maclin on the sideline or Tyreke he'll pick it was a Alex Smith's fault in the India in the game yes repaired for a three dollar got into the game I think every other game yes you're just slap box of about a way of your. Miss quarterback rating in the playoffs by the way. Ninety feet four points by this is a book touchdowns to interceptions and so you're preaching Alex Smith. I'm Jill if you wanted what it. And little just say what Rangel to say about stats. Elect a loose woman actually live on defending Alex missiles which teams have you know under the photos wanted to spend a lot of really quick for you guys have spring training is your thing who's it who hasn't everybody levels spring training I don't order FaceBook page. Right now FaceBook dot com slash 610 earns Laporte. Bernie is on right now alive. With the first all squad worked out so pretty you deciphering the training right there to just make sure you check out that something we probably will agree on because Ron wants to talk about in the Olympics McKean city royals. This is something we'll actually probably a 100% agree on till he runs a theory next. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Welcome back. Speed. This is definitely we need to get that later still it's something that I. The united pulled from the same page comes to the world we live but they'll run. CB reads this and George. Enough what this man. I am really despise most of the royals. Nothing on talking about the second base position or the pitch to order. But what does interest me is. You know looking at this roster seeing that this is a team that. Doesn't have like you know top tier talent like. Legit like put up in VP numbers at least offensively evil hot market take another step but it'll as Ryan said earlier you don't have the 31. To one guy. Thinking you have on your roster and you know Danny Duffy had a really good second have. Let you know you don't. You don't think right now you have a guy click personal. It just don't have dominate guys but I think the royals really need to look and take advantage of what they do. And I think probably. Their players' numbers like sixteen to 25 back in of their their lack of their their roster. Are probably better than any other team in the leak. Like they're bitch is really did their bit players are much better than like the tigers beat players or even the Red Sox it's. And I think they've really need to look at the San Antonio Spurs. The spurs they deal when they come into the season saying you know it. Before this year Tim Duncan you've played this many games. LaMarcus older you're gonna play this many games Tony Parker got to play this many games we're gonna use the bulk of our roster. Because our roster is really deep we can play our got fourteen and fifteen. And it's still the rallies long 82 game season have our guys fresh. I think the royals need to adopt I think they need to look it's our right before the season you know let. It's us out you're gonna play this many games Cain you're gonna play this mitigate because. We have all the Orlando who is a borderline starter in Major League Baseball why not use him. We have first in Cologne Whitman airy feel those guys can give you games lies to the complaint when he gains disease and wind up playing like four. You know. You're your rotations not. Eight from top to bottom but you're six and seven starters are really good that you can play with him in the pool and play with them in the rotation so using. Your entire roster. Instead it is playing the way you normally do in baseball I think would be something that I think the rule is really look. In what they do is and I know it's been discussed. People think the royals is go by feel all the time something's dead says. I'll be able to swim their roster it's goes back this or legal the remained elusive. Analytically made those they did it's in the hands of few. ESPN did a great story couple years ago every single league Indy looked at who they declassified U all in. One foot in the door or beg if she's believers oral. Teams with cubs BA east girl. The race all at the royals were believe. And there are athletics department's achievers or they've admitted. When they got Britain laws they talked about there analytic report was so pretty helpful in getting greeted boss. But I see what you're saying to rest players they're gonna have with playing time problem this year. With a lot of that talent I have no problem. A with a dual I think the spurs do well I think the NBA does well it's good win to give guys rest of the Golden State Warriors didn't know how to do it last year. Is rest the players. It's Reza players but they're also using your roster. With Golden State the last couple years now when they got to rant mayoral record who did what they got a rain they had. They had out. They had to blow it. But before they really used their hold it that's what made them really get. Like they're not a lot of teams who have follower land deal and chancellor cup effort. All of the bits they kick it time. Why not laid those guys wars soul moves is fresher. During the length of the seas of uttered just two games of the a lot of games I've never understood. Within this age of analytics in baseball might be the biggest sport that it is that they have not gone to the portion of an Olympics that monitors. The amount people he works together like Paula we're doesn't work is a guy like moves pretty one contract year told them. What we beat yet it's all about numbers of skylab Apollo LB before that those numbers don't matter we got like most this is probably gonna (%expletive) Guys want numbers. I'm just showed it's the biggest obstacle is dealing with the individual play. And it took a while the NBA for that took a long time black. We will meet like. Tony Tony Parker and Tim Duncan's career got expand and I think you'll see that with Aldridge and you'll see that. Collide and it it'll get expand because. They are taking care of age you use your whole lot roster. The royals had to take advantage with the air and what they have is they in my hand the best roster top spot. They might talk to talk remorse here I grew they might had so they've got used. Again he's a good stuff thereby rubble us burn burn joins us at 1 o'clock today tells but the week is recruiting will bring this up and they don't actually think your on the something with this theory coming up next. Something extremely cool happened that I think fans would really like. In like to see implement it'll take what do was next to him. Studio sixty instant video. And sixteen sports. And welcome back Ron Shelton. It. For us in really good. I'll also. Coolest thing in general we are taking Saturday and there it was weird but them in the wouldn't. Put a real strong statements are reasonable rate real cola or with world where you get here. I'd lie. They probably. Should you have the Enron I did all of this with with being. In this. It probably about the plan this while they seem to bring certain. Monetary success that the sensors are dinosaurs started dropping their record yet. Was that a what's even the beleaguered excellence even in the certainly showed tonight shifts the services that are on your balance and things around. But I don't know what is there. He's a big servers will relieve jewelry is sending me text list. Peterson at a time and Jefferson just does it also that it is. Brenda and I. I leave the QBD. Unlike what about the same rate so coach gothic ghost the he coaches the intensity of being in the arena team that starts here. On March 13 legacy you look at that but when the call plays in the Arena Football League here's here's your chance to here's your chance right here. He says he'll linked to a Sports Illustrated deal Sports Illustrated so showed the game last night in north football league. Which is actually a lot of the phone AFL teams are in Arizona ran or I will born stalwarts in the name color a crush of these teams that you've heard before. But do Nebraska danger played this via Salt Lake City Salt Lake screaming Eagles. In the show the game live. On Sports Illustrated that comp cool thing about scheme is there a 100% in Iraq. Certain they're a 100%. Interactive. I downloaded the app if you can choose to play. You can choose a running play a passing play in the coaches stadium to sideline with a computer in what ever the audience a lax. As the play bad as the play they runs do you feel some equity. As if they had base and I guess what the other teams Colorado is looking to do this to NFL. They're talking about even make him the interactive football league essentially. And this is what working unifil but it it was fun arena football. Do you pick the pregame music. Don't even pick which cheerleaders when are gonna be a team you get to pick the starting quarterback this is a 100% being driven. You can be like me last night taking place in watching Sports Illustrated the place this arena football team only that's not cool. That's the coolest thing I've ever thank you thank you. I'm a regular did of that right now it's screaming Eagles Salt Lake look him up every plays they ran. If they they have got the defense down yet be but they will idea that the audience picks the play. The coach see you at ten seconds to do it Tutsis which play you wanna run a US is rule. Bragging rights between being basis casual picking the plays picking who starts a quarterback in only sort of water. Yeah Burton points individually you're watching game film in saying in determining whether this players should make the roster now. Brilliant really. I heard you. I age I don't I that. I now know that certain talk about rod Johnson tries out the bay hill and it took us into this like I do every night I. She's screaming Eagles put a link of the sixth and FaceBook page you don't you download the app you watch their games are so there are watching the game. Picking up it's like Madden but with a real life and what it's not cool about that Bryant. Could you explain the wow. Jews. Jay Bentley was about. Oh. Yeah you know run and I was talking about as it is available right at me up on Twitter with the download via. He sent me about re emails with this very excited and then when I was trying to put my son to sleep last night. At sounds like component dog around but like when I try to put them to bed last night. It's accused he holds me. And so like I'm like so I ignored his call. And I call him back on land of free time and he's just still am like this is 51 minutes later as a he Douglas thanks and it completely saturated to the does just a little suggested that really this team has seen that lets you pick a coach and let's pick arena music and logical place yet to build points and I'll play you. You call please republic. To build up points to have a say in the organization coaching staff. With the with a chuckle. You watch game film and this team signed this player not to sounds of it's it's it is amazing that this particular running play a passing police should pick. It's like. A tech slide what I normal person as advertised us. The guy who eat. Used to actually pay for NFL re line just to get the altar when he two films like it sit there and watch games is that if you are considered. Certain what voice of reason right here these are there blow do you in this to me is the potential topic. I wouldn't presented to you decide top human. Do a bit at it yeah. You are somewhat accurate and it's cool it has yeah solves this even you. And execute. By the way to get the basket civic order that's about it for several hundred regarding burner. That's out like they need me in their column I asked most often we would do you have an important detection between bullet. If you're a hardcore football person this sounds like a cool idea that we are like these guy this suggesting you do don't think yeah this is the game mean society are we. Had you know what this sounds nerdy is held me I don't know that he had. He actually take steps outside. 69306. Is this nerdy or is this cool. Texas has certain set in stone noted in. The end I guess he's normal. This is a normal conversation between me and Stephen like what is as early as I possibly not. Only has accomplished for you was that you got to watch in Salt Lake City screaming Eagles in help pick their place. In it until fourteen and tell us again I am here's a guy key city in thrall of what's going on in Salt Lake in the north noble and I think this is quoting. That's just picking a place in Korea and read it well enough about it I don't know I got out of the view that nobody put us in two hours to be laughable I think his brilliant coach coffin parties agree with calls home plate I don't news. That betrayed too by the way he's invited the practice sitting for nuclear program right. We're going to feel right rumors that Kim wanted to phantoms practice is legal theory inserted Deirdre group and I I went to drive my truck I. I begin talks about it she that's five I think it's excellent is trying to do is just because I made it sounds awesome this is awesome it's super cool super legit. This sounds acting amazing the problem was thirty. What he's conveniently skipped over that one selling Jersey and amazing. Super legit covered I thought the download industry. I saw his. Every president plays fantasy footballers who plays Maddon has dot I could be a general manager head coach. That's not realistic but everyone has not that incidents this or does it make that real outlets that it. Or about them apart by the way Verne is live once again on the scene in sports peace but peace partners like this very cool tech's final agrees may be couple people don't think it's hurt the wrist problem. 100% agree with this code on wildly up and have fun with me then called police and Stephen cervical plate. As well on the next game coming up next 166 back. Do that died in that we return. To studio sixty and Sports Radio.