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Feb 17, 2017|

Ron thinks that people are missing the point on the Darrel Revis arrest. Plus, Willie O'Ree, the NHL's first black player joins the show.

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Yes there. This they did in relay and cal Ripken junior is on the road will be here soon. Apparently tape basically as some sort of history. That we don't know. That he feels the need that he has to be at work every day and I know right now. I know he is in the Carson where. Pussy whoever's driving you know to get here fast are just text means they were my children and that's how I need I need a play at an emotional press. Good lord we got to worry album award for us is that answered this how it would be proud now that it was the evidence they let them. Like in all seriousness. He was outlet with the hernia surgery. And now they're grand total of 1 day I am late third street until we did that. Acute and Aki. Hopefully cal Ripken. AKJ Brinkley will be here soon because this is going to be. And all day. I don't know how. How much he's going to be able to see outlets he's going to be able to. To do that I am sure Jay Brinkley will give us something tonight or today. We'll have a lot of fun today. You introduce introduce myself to your craziness most of you will hate me at first but I'm sure by the end. You'll understand it vaguely will be here so that'll. We've got our royals insider. Just have partnered on with us a little bit later. We have a really really cool guest today in studio with this though equally well we'll read the first. African American. Players the National Hockey League I'm really excited about that so that will be around 1030. If me and Ryan big we've been talking about this is should be a lot of and Twitter to leave it and much more of our craziness. Today. But can we start here. I think is the biggest story. In sports right now. Eight and Klinger Mitch did in his update. This this derail revisits. Views. Out. Control when you first read what had in your life. Lol. I mean it's like. The charges if you just listen to the charge Brian Reid charges. It everything that goes along with this you're just sick but it's it is it is it is easy to. And an initial lead. Game he has fought. Of this that I think can be brought home to us. As for what real quick so we get all these things out the way. Ryan let us know exactly what the charges were. Everything that happened in this case that we know at this. Well Darrell Revis. Allegedly last night hurts or two nights ago was walking along there were two young men one came up to them. Asked if he was Darrelle Revis according to the police statement idea yes if he was Darrelle Revis begin filming. The incidence. Like I said it was a 22 year old male allies sort of filming the incident asked a few withdrawal Revis Revis confirmed that he was male began recording on a cell phone. At that point or at some point after that interaction Rita snatched the cell phone away and attempt to delete the video another 21 year old male. Attempted to retrieve the phone Revis then tossed the phone into the road. Verbal argument followed a B two people the point two year old male and the 21 girl Mel stated were punched. Then remember waking up in talking to please so it was. A small altercation at Darrelle Revis they claim they were ponson and was lights out and the next thing you remember. They were talking to the police. Witnesses say the two were unconscious for about ten minutes it will they did viewed the video on the cellphone confirming that the person was Revis. He was charged. With robbery terroristic threats conspiracy and aggravated. Oh terroristic threats that it is found naturally. From the Twitter account of my rifle that's the one that sticks. First I don't know if Revis is it anybody's in Oracle's these. Com. But we're worse is this really takes the and talk and Ryan. You have you have had some of these things on your show this week we talked about this alive the rational nature of fans and media in sports. And the big thing we get a lot. Although I hate these these athletes complain about their salaries to complain about their lives of these great lives. Like we would trade places with him in a heartbeat. But I don't think that we really understand. What. These guys have to go through. And oh we don't know all the facts of the case but we've gotten this. And that's odd is it's. How many people generally at 2:30 in the morning have people come out to them. Hey you ramble Carroll's feet. Nevada amber I'm going to now take my phone out in start filming. How many times a day do you think a guy like Darrelle Revis deals with situations like. I assume much more than myself but I would say probably. Once maybe twice today people a month to him I saw video the other day it was a Jim Brown was talking about. The Cleveland Browns teams you caught up in front of Lego like restaurant you know AT&T as it is bombard people and leaving dinner. And so Jim Brown stain in the front of this restaurant he's talking to TMZ and there are people just coming up taking self he's a Jim brown and Jim Brown. Isn't even acknowledging these people that are doing of just coming up like putting their arms around images snapping a quick photo and leaving. They're not asking for the photo that not doing anything like that they just come up and snap a quick self be in these so. You're rightly we have encounters and you know I told you about a couple of them were a little bit creepy to me but I've never been on that I'm on the world if this level like I've never had anything to that extent happened to me. And you know you talk about these guys and how often have to put up with this sort of thing. What's it probably Boroff now it means feel that they have. Some duty today and to take a picture of the router sign an autograph or do whatever and you just guys that are trying to live their lives and you're bombarded in the front of from a restaurant take itself is without even asking. And I'm ready to try to Californians because I mean I've done. I'm not gonna pay was a man but it's just like. But this is there about an opportunity to elect a vice president of a pretty nice company and had a pretty decent salary. All I want to trade places with some of these athletes these celebrities. Truly I actually don't know of all the wanted to. Because. This other stuff with celebrities that they had to deal with. It is a no link to the highest degree I could not imagine. In it'll scenarios like you talked. Walking with my family and people walking up to me like this probably happens 3040 times a day to summit. I can't even go to the grocery school some athletes that big because he got situations like eventual match every wind. No who is how much money you. Everyone knows your salary. Like you can look up its old has derailed thirty all ages it's got thirty now I guarantee. Not everybody looks at like eight congratulations. Some people look at that like hey. As a comma. That might be something that that I can win and at 2:30 in the morning to you guys I've never seen before. Come at me like that that's what I'm. Like. This is this as some sort of this is some sort of com. I cannot aunt and as it looks excellent I am not saying I hope this is not coming across I'm not saying that they should. Like these. I'm not saying. I just want you to think two years ago I imagine. Your life would be like in the frustrations if 1015 times a day. People came up to leave. And I'll say even. 75%. Of them were positive. Just think how that would be. I hope that would be to have to live like I got. I don't envy that part of them at all it's at least that part outweighs. The generational wealth at times. That's like 69306. On six accessories saying it's okay for derail the punch these kids well. One faced both these guys are of age to have a beer in this country a tonic it. These are adults. To know I'm not saying it's okay for Darrelle Revis to punch people. If he gets upset because of the situation however. The way that is attorney spoke last night is that Doral when he turned around didn't know of the phone was it weapon if the phone. Whatever the case may be he didn't know what was he just knows that it 2 in the morning here's people walking up and say hey excuse me to rail. You know in his name he turns around as easily pulled some out of pocket. And he and according to an attorney now now all the facts have been forced out in this case but. According to his attorney to swipe to the phone and you know who's trying to defend himself so. I'm not saying it's OK for an athlete if he feels uncomfortable situation or just doesn't want to have fans in Iraq with them. And and let's face it misses so very different instance then. You know being out to dinner and seeing a guy or or running into human target. Or bump and in the new with a ball like this is 2:30 in the day morning don't know exactly what Revis was doing out and about at that time by. I'd it's a very different instance to me than just you know having an autograph seeker and it and and having them seek you out in the middle of the street so no I don't think it's OK for an athlete justice or punching people but. In this instance if what his attorney is saying is in fact true I think he has a little bit of cause to to have some concern for his own safety. I let Al odd doses. I'm tell me if I'm out at 2 something in the morning in two guys walked up on me. It's today. Are you run usually. It into got a phone or whatever it was. It started filming me or whatever. Like that's not political which is great. And then now to imagine that that probably happens to me. On the usual basis that I mean. I'm going to react. Like I do this. I just think we always think how great they have elected to think what that would be. Without telling you people out here who were saying this. We get somebody right here on the takes live at least these two adhere to look a lot of contact it comes with the H. They need to stop acting like thugs getting racing owner. They need to stop acting like olives and embrace. Embrace what people run and a Q in the middle of the night. Dark story. You think. If they derail Revis has ever been with this family the people just walking up and filming them embrace it. Don't the F. Texas answers and it's okay for president trumpet punch a reporter receives. I guess that's what you heard. Mown no that is not what anybody says it. I hate when I run into an audience Ryan they have to understand the lead 66 so you'd you wore your smaller. You're just you're just holding onto whatever these are holding. Its ridiculous if that's what you took him this that's the that's an issue that you. Among them and that's. That is true like as. I. I can't even say it's time. That's really hard to get it. I want to say I think. There was another way for the real read this to handle this barber is absolutely another way for him to handle it easily ended in punching two dudes out. This is that does this mean that somebody is. Illegally get reckless. To say I don't know of real head a couple of pops out of Liggett reckless but man. It is it is it is it's rippled you guys are wrong it is our right. Let me come up to you sixty times a day pay here let me get a pitch which pay. Eight a guerrilla that your son is us eight months so let's the side. It may take you make 39 million dollars by an injury owed to change. I don't know man hopefully. Hopefully cal Ripken junior makes his way in years at some point. There was some news that broke last night we announced that on our show last night about your Donald Ventura. And his toxicology report. Will update you on that but the crazy thing is that three of us Ed. Three vastly different takes on the situation. And hopefully Brinkley has backed by that time we'll get into that. Studio sixty in sports radio. And promo codes in sports. Billingsley we'll look Shell's role in it is a victory you've got hair Don. Eighties doesn't know it was black as well as it is to do with it. Just felt your head in her here and that in her this. That way. It back pitch in this when he walked in. He says he looks like Ralph. From Christmas at that's at create this though and he's walking in with his hands. But he's being led it is about people in that but if it. So so how how was this. A really kind of makes it look like bandits right there that I read I just said don't let me act like a baby if you do a little what does it mean don't let me. Like they keep kids relied on the almanac I noticed that though when the nurse who's holding hearings with the demands that you are you sure. I did that accidentally lots she could tell that you needed he said no Cologne no tune them out. We had the specified. In this yet. Or a good to see showtime it is good to have for the show's future it would only years of so it was so as not as bad as those. It is actually. PP times better. And affect lease it took less. Did it takes me to have sex. I mean like ten times less throwing impressed with ten seconds for a there's a lot if I had sex longer business it honestly it's true story which. It's pretty fast process and keep it to yourself information is a lot different business editors. It'll be different if you never heard you say. On the depth guys out how we respect that I. Got now it's clean show that this is not. I mean you should've been around in the and in his nerves were just. On Ed Sullivan gets a theory that excellence is my duty in the unity so have fun. Hinckley is what we like to conservatively calling. But that's the two surgeries in three weeks made deeper. Good to take its excellence that's been through a new mission that mice the weeks ago and itemize a completely cannot read the text console please take it all the things that you always wanted to texted him. That's a day every Friday today he will not be Hillary. They had free Friday that wake up I go back and look. So let's let the pretty initiated you go on to it that way. Which still wears the debate give him those that there yet again and he says this deal actually but I can nice person and I have nothing Euro. Asher in. That led them. Kelly Tom Cruise. Knew you would not restore. If you're close. Oh really to me go to my clothes off Expedia corporate best so does your daughter of its news broke. And they said. Is toxicology report will not be released in the public. Only to the fans. And we all had different thoughts. On down. Fallen on it. And my thought was this was. It won't change anything for me and I you know I'm not gonna look at this this any differently it is. Tragic tragic sad thing and it's still going to be tragic tragic say they. But my thought was I think they're going to be a lot of Spain's. Who feel like they almost have the right. To know what the report at I think it's apps so. It took awhile for us to Boris come out from the mistake since endeavor principles in the Dominican they don't have to release the information which had been earlier investigators yet but. Small island in Ainsley cattle without the information leaks out now assumes that happened people warned. Zero hold to your judgment. Of what happened to the toxicology reports three of Iran I would rather not know. Here's the thing it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. What happened is done he can't change the course with a it was a alcohol later Burleson who knows but department. You can't change anything you're Donald ball so I don't care to know the information is one of those days usually I'm curious guy like to know things. I really don't care in this situation it'll. I. Like us I think all three of those did agree to the fact that it doesn't change our feet. Although we arrived this morning it has some conversation in this. The only think it may change is. This may even could have been avoided. It and at a much higher rate if is it alcohol level was really I. Yeah the talks culture for an Oscar arsenic in now was that he was nearly three times the legal limit now. There was hired initially to me when I look at. When I look at a situation like that mean it's a tragedy regardless of the toxicology report but. If it does come back the U war three times the legal limit the first thought the crosses your mind is man that could easily and per. I could've absolutely been prevented if your keys to somebody else can ride on somebody else. Whatever the case may be sober you up before it behind the wheel. If if that were the case. Again it doesn't change anything for I don't use your Don his wife I don't fewest passing I don't view the morning that we did here NC you know memorial to curt Jones of Boris used five times I. But please you. But Timmy it's just morbid curiosity. Like I told you guys. When the Kansas City Star had said today we're not going to run the photo of your Donovan for a that was basically showed that he was not robbed as was kind of going around as rumor light. That day that that happened in the in these terms were not going to run I sought out the photo just that I wanted to see if I wanted to see the evidence of support and so my morbid curiosity and it got now. The B Demille. For via exactly and so I told you guys this like to me you're right about this think it's a small island. So I'm assuming that it's only a matter of time before we get a I Fox News story or whoever whatever that the news out will be the reports that. It'll be the story is as you know this is what they found according to a source close to the fame. Isn't like we're. That's most likely how this informational candlelight as source close to the family says this. Because the royals still have to clear out. The 23 and a half million dollars appeal your O'Donnell and her and I think regardless of whether or not the toxicology report comes back. As him being intoxicated or not whatever the case may be acting the royals still gonna cut deep in Europe namely H because. That's the type organizations that they are heated they don't the players will and so yeah and exactly so we're looking. At about one and a half million dollars coming from life insurance to the Ventura fame. Are gonna be taken care is David Ortiz and her monsoonal these guys that showed up. To the funeral will take care if I'm sure the rules players will do the same thing but they will be taking care. The royals. I think Ryan was a loot and that is the royals party the team this. Wants to have good and they know is they know. If they didn't take care that family this isn't just your normal run of the mule. American and like this is a and lead that really depended on. You're Donald Ventura not just his immediate family like a lot of people depended on them so I think the royals would take care. Wrote that the thing that gets me about this and I said that's the first thing McCain mom. Man the biggest thing that is typical for me to get through starting working in this business is. Just the irrational nature of aliens. And bet that section of irrational fans are the ones that. Are really got to know me because I think there are people out there who really are going to believe. We should note it's. We should we should out here know what his limit was like we should have. The knowledge and I just I hope we don't get a lot of those people coming but I know there. And it's it's it it's it it it isn't always going to be people feel. Well. It's immediate reactions the zoo that's what was I told you used to keep with the that's what you cannot do anything about it. It can a middle with somebody as the commit suicide at the it is one that be known for the person that's the weighted I'd prefer people know that. In alternative and guard her keep his secret is always a possible because they don't want people to find out there to me I don't wanna find out. I don't. Probably will find out the civil sees them but whatever people changed my opinion you can't do anything about it. You can't root race time is they don't drink and driver to the bottom line is he did it. Who knows what what was whether he knew what would do is above the legal limit was the moment we didn't drink at all we don't know if it was the ball. I'm with the text it would sixes that they have RD of this Iger which do you and I both know. There are those are rational thing. Who believe idiots who believe lol why should they withhold it. One you don't know what it is and and maybe I'm just trying to see the logic in that line of thinking is that. Please leave. The outlets here this act it's. Well we got our hands around and and the way that the city reacted it was as if we have lost one of our. And everybody wheat wheat. Talked for a week long about. Your commentary and remembering him and hearing stories of your arm and with the fan fest for three straight days Erfurt whose street day people like. I think that was the first thing people were stopping it. The B Europe on an interim memorial was at the end up and that's that was the first thing people were co. And so the way that the royals have number one over the last couple years have captured this city and we feel like report. I think that the way that we live the last couple of years and embraced the team. Coupled with the fact that. They've really embraced his passing and every moment Coffman put out flowers for memorial and we. We have distributed and pest like you feel like your part of this and and I don't know maybe it's a closure they users you it's the only year as eight. But I felt like I don't necessarily I don't necessarily follow that logic a I can understand it you're over there saying I don't understand immediately appeal the swat god go I 100% duke did it. I don't necessarily think you should feel that way you're not entitled to know you're not direct family here. But but I think there are a lot of royals fans who feel that they want a little but the closure by knowing that. Is that it poses this is sold as is something that I can't understate. I can't you are coming up man I'm really excited about this thing we're really excited about this we see it. The Jackie Robinson. The NHL will Leo read the first African American hockey players that the National Hockey League will join us it's. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. It was. It will be back on the ship late in the show of course Ryan accounts as well but look forward to this interview. Ever since the Missouri mavericks. That I think we can urban salute to negro leagues this weekend on Saturday really good stuff for the next yes. Guys that pioneered. In the world supports his name is William Reid. He was the first African American players in the National Hockey League. Been dead according to turn the Jackie Robinson of ice hockey Willie good morning. A Willie I was reading your story. Aaon you had no idea what you had done until the next day would you saw it in the paper. This would not happen today you're the first ever prepare it any NHL you don't even know till the next day that seems crazy. Yeah what they want you know I've been brought training camp on to say in that might. And what I would but we don't recall back. They're being mine yet national. Game in Montreal. Yeah I would vote in Montreal and because. Although it will Hillary Clinton get from all your Canadian in the war and then I get micro poking their. What. You eat meat. I have grown dirt yard that's been around. We're fortunate that the Canadian productive and you know I didn't buy that movement David utilized both color what are your open or not only. I didn't call it were. So that it will throw it was a little bit going to micro community. There really is your play of the Boston Bruins you know escort team when the original six and it would have vetted as Willie it's today's times there's always something big happens that not everybody knows about talking sports are going to do these things. So you break this barrier in you even know about until next day which I find incredibly crazy. Now we did. It's crazy they'll be just the think about it wasn't more of a big deal back then. This in 2017 to be enormous but it's for is your eyesight. I always had seen that you could not see out of one of your eyes almost ninety to 95% of your vision one eyes you're a lefty hitter to turn your head. You know you didn't want anybody to know that your favorite phrase you in the NHL how was that process gives you ardea Beck going against his well. Yeah well you know my actor cure your I was putting him in the Kitchener Ontario aren't you would want rocketed and well you know back then metaplayer warning on the smoking Q what about the bill Biden or have been the cold war in math and it was a lot jump on the point department probable that ricocheted off Kamal black book of world. Are both part of achieved and done about them and then collecting and I have an ambulance there in that hospital. Aimed in the hospital doctor Henderson wasn't certain. Side that was problems that story one I'm sorry to a Gordon should be completely. Chapel where what should line. Up again. Well yeah or my hospital it and go to green chipped from social level playing professional hockey will hopefully put in the NHL well. Remained in the hospital will report page within twelve days I'm I'm back on the I'm totally blind in the right. And then as you mention being hacked and shot. And playing yet when the competition I have determined and all the way around the right local migrant ordered the. And I would what we're seeing a bit and then net the ball well like it just for. What you actually. Get caught great debt. So we'll be there to pick up another heat the heat over now why that occurred while actual or play amateur. I would hope I'd be contacted via their opening. Well part of that will equal to the Quebec. A gene would then vote for all of are you here called me that I want to let your public advocate camp. So what the camp and I mean it can I didn't feel like you know. Then back then. They were concerned of torture that took action and alarmist but in good shape so. And the championship would like pollute and the National League said that shipments will you could do that means you shut your mind to do you feel strongly in your heart and mind. You can make it. So. The 21 years that late goal of Roland I I couldn't one night. That's incredible that's amazing once again. Heroes this is Sports Radio we have Leo read. The first African American player in the National Hockey League. Well. I find this so fascinating. That you were in Boston with the Bruins gestures we've heard a lot of the stories were Jackie Robinson of the stories with. Likes of like O'Leary until be I'm just curious man what what were some of the things that you ran into in terms of negativity. With Vienna the first black player in N and hockey. Well you know. That what the court training camp on two occasions and then bam and I don't bother. And one likely if I laid it in that call will be written books that are computed from Canada and all the United States the. I have no problem couldn't build any candidate because they're at it and it in Montreal and honorable. I had I had problems it would be or it didn't ignore it Chuck Hagel. Are you know racial slur the Bible and letters of opposition. You know thank my older brother. By the uproar and that he got a lot of people the loans they're willing. You know look at the courier in it and it did you do it. People can't expand. You put the individual that you are because you have the ability. And then they get that balances just glow in the work courage they focused on what you wanna do and everything now as a way of working as an issue that's what I did. Did you ever have moments where you wanted to respond back. To them in a men or did you ever respond back to anyone who who had those type of slurs towards you. No I never that it that wanting economic reshape. I never responded to Sydney and obviously there. Wouldn't be outraged because I would have been in the public waksal kind. You know I bought a lot of Aetna because I wanted to because I just want you may. And that you're alive at the national because as you know might face exposed. Options that let them slide around. It got a little easier it is it a law. To get into the back of. Not only the respect that and respect the players on the opposition. You you've worked a lot here in hockey in 98 is that you did begin as director of youth development for the NHL in the US hockey diversity task force. I'm just curious in your opinion why do you think the fact. That may be there aren't as many African Americans. And the growth we've seen this much growth in the National Hockey League as we may be seen in other sports. Well I'd you know are prepared unique sport I mean you could walk in and you and you could go cultural told all told while. All of you know by hockey you need to be. Developed your bill. And Walton you know if I don't get your non war in in cold weather. Is it just takes it takes a lot of weight because. You just don't have the availability of getting on in those corporate culture. You know I AM. I heard it yet you the tree and I started playing organized in part because. I had a regular back Gerri you're there were on the lakes and rivers. Are used this in the school so yeah that that Bolivia. I I could get you look. If you bought a breakdown and you just you just need to beat army to develop large field. Our own program forward now we're gonna need board approved the opportunity to play a sport where they've ever had the opportunity to label or. And we're letting them here. Government play if you don't like if you walk away from. There are more important growth in our debate and the war in artistic it. The fact that there is the availability and well bring. And it would seem. More players are callable more black players getting into. Getting into the sport there. An article published thirty in Europe next year there's there is coming in so I think you're gonna see are coming more orchid the color coming in Italy. Well the one thing about it Willie is or the will will Leo read the first ever American player in the National Hockey League Wayne Simmons. Never heard player for the Philadelphia Flyers won it in the recently here in the NHL all star game. A week or so ago and I think it was the second time ever African American or she won the innate NHL all star MVP and I guess you were there will. There a way to just get there are beautiful human grade. You know we've joked we look around them just that at all. It just that you wanted to play our. And he devoted in circles for so that they believe that ineptitude that you have to feel that it's like sort of certain goals for yourself and work toward political. Party you can't I think you're able to appeal strongly in your heart and mind. Well we leave you with this you're talking a second ago about you know me you would you had to endure in not responding Jackie Robinson when he was selected to be the one. It was part of the deal he would respond to everything that was after he could've responded in it would have gone as smoothly. You had an opportunity to meet Jackie Robinson when you were kid you were on the traveling baseball team. In New York ending in many years later big 1213 years later you Mehdi made at a luncheon. And Jackie remembered you from routine years before you remember your name. He did. General. Sport keen and. And then then I was so I restrict it to be your loss and it was late. In 91. And in 1962 the NAACP. Animals and catalog and mr. Robertson Barbara and I got an invitation to the Arctic club and I went to the luncheon with the coaches. That game in and two other players mr. rob it's understandable in the corner talking to its immediate people. And then you just are cited and waited in the global in the coaches describe that public that entered into two. Altria were players. You know also and expressly. It's as well jewelry. The only acquired from the Apollo Canadians. Just sort entertainment. Mr. Robinson looked at it and Italy or it won't I won't shoot. Thank you had a young line item for this from 1949. To 1962. I mean I was off I just couldn't believe that you remembered me. And it durable low cheers. It it's incredible salute to negro leagues that tomorrow with the Missouri mavericks' big think's the Missouri mavericks. On this interview as well Willie you have an incredible story. It's great which you've done of the sport of hockey. Continued success in the thanks for taking the time with us this morning. My pleasure and certainly aren't going to be here against the city and 200 c'mon now you're game Malcolm but the the reception and and. We're entree if you work station and their Olivia would reflect. When your party here thank you very much will I saw appreciate them. Or big Willie Willie is a pioneer not the first he didn't know he even though he's the first African American player in the NHL he did not know. How does happen. Think about it deuces in the state sports into their lives before the game after the game didn't even though he couldn't see out of one's eyes he's with a plea nearly Chile didn't tell anybody about it. The left in the shot is that he's an incredible story. This is my favorite thing though we do as we get to have moments where I feel like I've learned something. In the last ten minutes then he said how can he said he could respond. But what would Jackie Robinson was selected to be that for Kepler to go because you get a temperament or would respond. It was incredible you could respond you you have to take crap. Any didn't do but incredible story William regal CM by tomorrow night with the Missouri man and I speak it must. They got that coming back. That respond port that they that they did a lot I don't know how much hockey. Speculative. But that that he's that he bro was Liz was something that I want to I would expect. I will do that some of these. Studio sixty in sports media know Judy tickets dot com right now. I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. I'm still I'm done I. That decision or topic I've just get. I'm glad you keys to go into well though I eventually he'll read this guy this guy broke the color barrier in the National Hockey League and again. He doesn't. Eight he didn't even know it till the next day something that wouldn't hamper the day he broke cutlery in veered a bunch of crap but this way. And he'd met Jay he's called the Jackie Robinson of hockey talking hockey players say another word on hockey market. I do love hockey you guys know this sort of heard big John Scott on. A few weeks ago never if we had somebody like Willie he'll re on the show ever in the entire time that we've been doing it for what he did. Yeah I can talk this type. No no interest. The game. You know but when he let me of one of the points he made those. When he was talking about the crap that he had to deal and he talked about Detroit new York at those markets. And he's and I maximize that did you ever won a follow did you ever wanna let these as you know. The more you though. I'm sure Willie wanted to take some of these. And do what he wanted to do with everybody do it to him but he's out quickly answer that he said no immediately now. Like he knew. This was something and I cannot take it it was out of fear I think he knew this was something that he could to. To. To mess up his ability to continued to play hockey because this is a that they can get in the way I'm sure people it's easy it tested. It tried to push it push it at this. And I just find that soul. Amazing. To me because I just. Don't believe. As a black man myself that I. It is if you experienced really no real Revis if you experience recently racism in your past Ron. Oh yes imagine that times ten would be an hockey player is different time a different day and age. It never excuses that the amount that he went through the Jackie Robinson went through it is tough the fab them. The words that were said to these people that they didn't wanna respond unbelievable. It it is crazy it is the second thing week is you know me and Ryan we told us before the show. Like I said I really wanted to talk to him about this because I. I just can't put my finger I think understand why baseball struggles with the a black players and getting him has held the struggling with young players. Anyway what and older for topic but I did that when I'd love to do that one but I did I had just had no understanding of why hockey east because that just didn't know enough about. And he says a lot of things that they say would baseball I think the price of the sport hinges not having the ability to have. Ice hockey and they don't like it is they economics. Port you spits those talk and somebody of baseball. Which you were there too we talked capable baseball coach is a couple weeks ago in fifth. Would they say no yet play youth baseball before we get them. Ice is is football guys can show up on the first day is freshman. It to be in really good football players and warriors have a little time baseball not so much you need to play it at the youth level that cost a lot of money. I thought the feeling about this do we go round and round. I knew a neighbor lived by the they spent 5000 dollars at least every summer. 21 of the double driving down the polls to a baseball tournament. Go when McCain's going to clinics the expense of the sport. I think we spent a lot of money in Latin America but I don't think we spent a lot of money in her inner core that's why this urban baseball academy for big more I'd love it. Because it gives kids an opportunity can afford to play to be able play baseball. It is it is ticket a hockey with an expense. It's this is is really oddly like. It's that I can understand the issues that we have in baseball I just don't know enough about. The sport understand but he made a meeting made it makes it I mean. I don't know hides it just seems like. At this point in 2017. The growth. Of black players would be at a higher rate. The disease is in hockey I mean I don't think it's great. In Major League Baseball but hockey three. The amount of numbers I would that it would that based. All know how would that but he is 11 common denominator a lot of that HO colors a lot of baseball players these kids are pork. These kids are for me the break it's at least once in at least once it's like reporting. These kids covered a lot of money until it costs so much money to play the tournaments of the summer by the equipment. Baseball is becoming elite sport white players it comes to believe backgrounds is how expensive that sport is its effort to football. You show up a lot of times and equipment is provided for you play your games local. On the weekend you played north of the bully deeply grounded or. Baseball you play all over the place and you better be on traveling teams but the experts of the sport beyond black and why it becomes rich in war. Is forums baseball's concern as well. Really really interesting. Glad I was able to learn a lot from him coming up next we have the manager. Of your kids you royals. New head is scheduled to be up with those around 11 o'clock so we will hear. From mr. Yost coming up. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio. Static.