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02/17 9a - Royals, KC Sports, Dawson Newby

Feb 17, 2017|

The Royals biggest position battle, the biggest fake news from KC sports history plus we talk with dirt bike rider Dawson Newby

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I stay here. Extends portrayed him as some of the best song. Did that work was Nobel and it's not good luck on that Friday worrying. Eight hours from bullying and. Pop I was allowed who was well yeah I get that that was also renews or dental work gets exactly it or just starting work on Friday morning here at six Kansai Portland Wesley goes I have. I didn't like you did not believe how excited we act. Lot goal at nine down and surprise Arizona and caught. Next half hour or so here on 610 Sports Radio this week. Play your favorites from the eighties our thanks to Susie in sales for coming in and I was trying to during that segment there Welch was a pretty good would mean people are. Flamed a mother Angela. They look good master. Not a terrible idea vector must've been denied sex Kuwaiti recently hash tag grumpy Gilles pace backe Suzy hi I have no idea if she looks like. Are these two going to be making out in the broom closet later. This sexual tension between spec in CC you can feel it through the radio. Is fantastic and has great stuff so. We appreciate used for saying all Africa we were talking what was it Tuesday or Wednesday this week about this second base position right is really really nothing like position wise it's a competition down in training camp went well just second base kind of is. And I think we we all kind of differ on who we want to be. The second baseman for what reasons I am a Christian Cologne. To be the second baseman because I think he's the best defensively. You guys feel different about that. While on the chest the copper bandwagon I have been says the you know last season second base if you don't play third and you have a little bit of extra range that you can play second. Just a comfort as upside is that Andy and hit fifteen to forty home runs and look what it was able to do last year in the west that is sees it. Jolie came up after Mike we stock has got injured so in west this season chess or comfort did very well. You keep given in that time to develop he's going to do incredibly well for the long term it's like 23 years old GM for three more years. You use him in the best way possible and I think second baseman is a spot that not only can work out now. But potentially for the long term. Hunter Dozier coming up the pike. Or you blazer for a year you play an ad and the best position to get in Atlanta now and then now. If third base is open next year maybe he's got a shot to be moved back to a third base the F I not been placed second why not guys got the most power potential. Of even this planet he's hit well last year now for a short body of work either he was. He was a really solid last year and I like to seen get a get a full season the opportunity to hit. And second bases on placing go defend so let's find out he plays second so you're you were in for Christian club because of the heart strings yeah I mean I I want Crist are you gonna be on this roster that coliseum go away but I see anybody from from those teams go away that's that's more heart in the head. Because he is the the I think of the candidates the least likely to. The be with the royals at camp. And he got to find a spot for copper and it's not second base. It'll be any you know kind of a utility role. And in merry field's going to be on this roster and Mondesi monies collected minor leagues. Cologne I know what to do with the fee if he's now you're starting second baseman. I don't know what. What value he. Oh well you probably having gone you will also explore the trademark activities and that's because these guys immunities to Stetson to you do because I still think Christian clone being a first round draft pick has trade ability I think of British trade ability as well are you go through a lot of first round draft picks from that exact drafting you would say not like guys have credibility I don't think Christian clone has any true although you do it's you'll absolutely you know it does single pitcher back returns Christian club built west if you want something back in a single leg I'm a Christian hello Christian I close a good defender but I think each year most do don't care. It but I think editor Roy largely Christian clone and how you could say that I call Christine quote the most painfully average player on this team he does nothing incredibly well. Pretty good defender Ivan a great defender. I'd like Omar Infante level defender so for what Christian Cologne does on an offensive level which is average across the board I don't see that much value and Christian club. And I know there's a lot of this Dallas attached to him and for good reason I understand that. But. This doubt it doesn't get you wins and 4017 yet to go with who gives you the best chance to win today in the future. Christian Cologne is not that gap that may be its copper that you trade me get something for and get something back for -- Richard subtlety you're gonna get alas for either of those guys cuts which body of orcas is one full season Christian courtly is that whole lot of body workout or did you get a break the bank big traders tirade can't candidate for for either of those no Elisa kits and lets you can't placed second let's he flat out can't play that position there's no reason to trade him because. You know is gonna trailer gave B trade residential. You be changes on that based on potential right where you're trading got based on potential but he's also had almost a full season of work that has gone really well. And east cheap easy and there's no reason to get rid of Jessica Bert well the dirt there a spotlight that is what their heels make. In this roster as a utility guy and I think that's best for Whitman air field I think that's what's best for the royals to bring him in as a a utility guy to play different positions every day and give guys have an opportunity. To take a rest you don't really drop off all that much because we'd is that good at that many different position so it really does come down the cut Bert or Cologne. At second base and that now really comes down to what do you value more as an organization do you value the back or do you value the defects and I think the way that we'd seen this team. Over the last couple months really in the offseason go about business. They clearly valued the bat more than they value the the defense in which a year ago you would've said the opposite they value the defense and not the bad. But I think he realized now the bullpen not as good as it was for the last couple years. The console to find a way to score some and so I from the perspective Welch you're right did you bring cut bird back. Because of the back that he brings and the potential to hit in fifteen or twenty home runs and I think the royals look at that this year with their philosophy now. As he very valuable part of their team last year chess or have what. Well home runs 46 RBIs in that was in a 128 games severe my 162 guys probably getting hit that fifteen home run mark it could even get up to twentieth he's developed. Cologne has like one career home run. It does accidents last year one career home run. He's done nothing to show we. Is nice AAA player. Maybe maybe someday become something I don't know 47 years old how much higher Kenny really go. Just there's what Tony 3.4. Point three after that point victory whereas here they just turned 44. So. Yet Chester carper has much more upside and he has better overall everything. Then Tricia clone outside of just defensive play and if you can played decently. At second base you have to goes Chesley. Who's currently the tax line 69 threes or sixth maybe copper colonial and a bonus season long. For a year but we countered that any split that covers got a ton of upside obviously Cologne. To me is yet more heart strings a name whose shirt that around him some clutch moments by. I think he's the the least valuable of that group so that's going to be I think gonna be tough for him to. When a spot if you want CJ vaguely right now in surgery you can find it on her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com last extent sports he's getting only six surgery I putted and now it is time and you you can watch lines. On our on her face to pace FaceBook dot com slash 610 sports and then America. On a show at ten that's what he thinks yes that's exactly don't know plan. It started tenth but could not started to iPod starts where by the adults who we may be OK we may be until two applying out today so we'll see what somebody's holding beings hand I don't know what it is holding your hand on the yours is it a female Thursday. It's definitely got his licensees or not. It's not excuse cell boost I was quite a bit after surgery right. Who's gonna take it to work seeded second at FaceBook dot com slash. Sixty of sports here's what the Jeffrey Flanagan said yesterday on the drive about what the royals are looking at a second place. Well I would without analyses it was a three man battle but that's pretty adamant since he tucked into bed he keeps them in the name test the culprit in there and and there's that's of this of the they're trying to sell pretty hard right now and chancellor. Padilla converted third baseman and there's a lot of different angles and footwork to do with second baseman he's worked pretty hard at it. Kinney beavis and every day second base I don't know to me. It can it comes down to two Whitner feel encryption Cologne. And a person clone that a lot of work in the off season lost by ten pounds and looks really good and he's done at a crossroads here he wants us stories about that and and with mayor Phil those two so. I think that they're probably better off with roe Mondesi starring in Omaha. Considering how much he struggled offensively last year so. If you the gun in my head right now that's I think it really comes down to to weigh it verses Christian Cologne. There's Jefferies landing using wit vs Christian clone not even mentioning me a cooperative but if I cut it must find out if he can do it. And they got him a long look to see if seek a dealer and you know again and that and the ten days working out Raphael belly yard right. Now they're they're dealing with pride reports. And so they wanna probably see it firsthand for themselves and you know I think you'll have a shot to prove them to play. Act at second base on the other two I think they know they can play second base. I think the biggest test is probably for copper can you do it or not and entities total butcher tonight there was that is what that says they're gonna put him out there and he just can't play second I have a hard time believing he just flat out can't figure it might. Point six bases now heart's not shortstop you know if they're trying to shortstop that will be evident if we had Oscars it's that same weird discussion they have our like guy. Like any move rights act at left tackle all right candy and try to guard and sometimes they make it rocket science when we're not when we're not paying attention. I guess that the boy by my guess is though across. August across the entire competition I would probably rather see Whitman air field in there the Christian Colombo perfect world. You have just the comfort figure out second base so he's really good defensively there which by the way US phenomenal third he and I don't listen let's. Cut ports comments are the same all the time when asked a disturbance facilities you just react at second base there's a lot of the intricacies and things that go into itself. Well we'll see happen that should be intriguing to watch on her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash six in sports. I don't think he's going to validate new ideas he's on his way as soon as this is no. Your credit talk about that didn't I feel uneasy I feel he's a much in his leg it's like I don't know what happened next to crack heads and is this heads checked it out we. Lot of fun coming up we will probably had a surprise Arizona very special guest rumors avid Bubba starling may be joining us momentarily here. I'm sixty and Sports Radio will also take a look back it will reconsider its very fake news when it comes to Kansas City sports will tell you about it. Next. The power. 610 Sports Radio so vaguely nice surgery has finished and this is a beetle or fifteen minutes after this quick. It's I know ideally success all I know I didn't and now you are in and out so you're thinking about getting it very vision man go check it out into the nice job. With. Come on we're looking at. Mare's field. We're looking at on the scene we're looking at Cologne Germany and gave myself so customer's name and their duties. You know he's worked really hard. So as the season was over last year you know and we all sodomy was just worn down you know I was just worn out. But he still hop on a plane the next thing came down here in more two weeks at second base sabathia belly are. In instructional league so ralphie he liked what he saw from him there. You know he's got a tremendous Barry's tremendous. Tremendously athletic Ian we'll see we'll look at them and see the other books what do you what do you look for guys when jobs I'm for got to produce. Looking for got a can catch ground balls and double play get hits. So. That's an idea was talking about second base what they're looking for out of that position in those cut were being an afterthought in there. About the second base and he was was fourth now that matters but I mean we'll see how it all plays out obviously something we'll continue to talk about because that is the the biggest question starts out Saddam depth chart is definitely not out that is definitely one of the things we will talk about because it is the big question mark for the royals down. In spring training are the the press conference that took place yesterday it was a little. Awesome I guess you could say I enjoyed it because. On the presidential pres president president suppressed country remind you the sports press conference like all these bought her media members of the national media complaining that they're not getting what they want out of the president of the United States. And I'm thinking to myself good hand. Applaud Donald Trump for handling the press conference like he did. Is that how were treated every day in the sports world I don't get anything and you can sit there and demanding answers all you wanna be the day. Well let me know a lot of stuff self. I love the way the Donald Trump handled press conference yesterday and I liked the fact that he even talked about a. That's all the can say it's the most honest so is very excited to hear him say that yesterday but he also kind of coined a new phrase I'm JJ different fitness now. Under very effective so very very good news is what we're going to wait I mean no war the White House. Press corps I mean TC. Eighties say they want them onto baby NATO into a press conference and didn't you answer I don't know my goodness when you who bombed Somali I don't I'm not telling you that welcome to the sports world what do you do in third and seven you know Andy but telling you that. Like there are things we don't need to know like what we're gonna attack another nation. Is nobody's dusting business okay because if we know well that. Now so why are telling people what animal. Apps. Fired up about yeah. Or actually we got four is her second baseman right near the auto lineup last press people are gonna get any Intel on his right now gonna get any answer huh. A deal that Russian spy issue about the coast of Virginia. Itself. A dose daily dose speeds off to a second base yeah I've been noncommittal on second base who. Who just doesn't care about second base he takes second base is terrible who. Press corps people like these general hostility every post that got such a costing by that the president yesterday and he didn't. He's not giving you answers we don't. As citizens we. Need to know basis we don't need to know what it takes your happening at all. Cortes sub label they think we did tonight is once does what Donald Trump to channel his inner Bill Belichick says that's one of his friends and his answer everything with. Runner ocean here. Ron brought up. Yeah two coalition relevant on a Russian. Should they'll valid checker injury press conference. The see those those national media titled Manson and there and could you imagine somebody from the white house press courted Jim Harbaugh press conference. They might not make it Ottawa though they probably would they might not only could they be here it was answered Harbaugh would have like in this prison they have underneath the University of Michigan decided dungeon from the old days that or revise revitalize and being imprisoned for media members who crossed him that's right I don't know for a fact that exists that is I hear stories like I think that's pretty good and I had I would do it. They did you guys like Wolf Blitzer Ed shepherds man and horse based Johnson and like all these people on TV on. And you and are looking at the camera they're developing tears in their eyes at the president's tree like that kiss my gas national press corps. Doing jobs and don't worry about every little thing that goes on to really hit you though the press conference that come back and speculate. I think it was in an. We're played last year went like that harsh for replay. January or February. IPod let's Nadal troubles of our task it is still it's still it's been resolved that if she. I I was Reggie we're gonna drug yet I loved every minute I'm not laughing I'm going. These guys well could you catch these guys covered sports they would last the day dotted because. Did they could at the end of the White House it shores up in chief speak much at re Max from achieved press conference and I excel to a lot of imagine if I came back into him on the show and I was like. He didn't tell us anything. We asked pointed questions. And he told us now teaches dance around the question. Ended that every time you essar with a twisted uses like this and they talked down to us like we didn't know anything about. Football and football. Talk about. Why do it every minute this is about this old guy who looked like I don't know that. A so senate. Is a lack of respect and like you didn't judge me. Read the tags and keep it up. Donald in back on this when my man but very handy man they should have. They should have me a full scale media debris brings all the cabinet members into one room. I have to go they say okay it's doubtful that. They'll find that out at media day would be the best thing. Big history of Washington DC and find out what it's like. Off of a podium podium asking questions of the education secretary and and they're back in the answers and this city very nicely dressed up with some weird outfit they dominate the entire. Well you just like wow I must restore a senator proposed is suspected of Austria. And a baby is it the media day for the White House to call this a must build on and. So it's good theaters trolling yeah. Welcome our world white house press all our food exports bad that's our exports willingly as yesterday so. They knew is very fake news items that Kansas city's New York City based fake news Carl's five your plan that's right it never happened never happen. That Mario hit the shot to win the game that never happened Mario hit the shot too in the game no I don't remember Mario had the shot to win the game. Fox News three point basket. It's. I'd rather. OK okay. It's. And. Russell director of the game was tied NASCAR didn't hit the game into overtime overtime I. Another Austin city fake news NHL's coming Kansas City right you know one never never fool our. Yeah never not gonna happen and that that Lin Elliott was the only guy who socked in the 96 playoff grind yet. Our effort you know what it down and Eliot look it. That is there now that it is now it looks like the lack it will not why. I. The our. That but let me. And they ended any bomb IT. Lately he's been there for a taste good like I mean. From a tech slide 69306. Is at a this year last year tribute to do the apprentice or the president it's time. It's a great idea I asked after a great idea of stealing them from attacks like please write yeah down here before so we can do that we are definitely doing that that'll be a lot of fun coming up big motor cross Atlantic City this weekend. We're gonna talk to Dawson newbie when the racers this weekend he's a Broncos fan so we're gonna rip them a new one next. For bronco fan but what valleys in town this weekend racing. Down at sprint center for the arena crosses Davis Dawson newbie. And you are new Dearborn in 1998 my goodness a young fresh faced nineteen year old that's at the top of his game right now in the motor cross and world. Tyson coming and and we appreciate it. That's it's great to be here we love coming to Kansas City is there it's always a good time good racing. And I appreciate. Hershey guys out of me yeah I mean and so I don't you grow up in Colorado but is is there any way that you can stop being a Broncos fan or not is that is that some we can't change with you. Grown up in Colorado mile life I don't think he has to change that prayer rather than have a Super Bowl season there. Not even making it to the playoffs I think always been a bronco fan who you consider the broncos' biggest rival raiders of the chiefs. Prize the chiefs you do OK only only because I grew up with a friend that was achieved stand. And it is always the rivalry between NASA gas die I think it because it's interesting because we always have the raiders but the Broncos and she's become more rivalry over the years. Then and that the raiders and chiefs have become over the years I think his chief of profitable pretty good right so. It's a it's a good time to be a chiefs fan and I guess he got a couple Super Bowls are dead yet just this kind of insist that since ninety eighths to okay. Yeah yeah yeah like yeah. And here have trouble converted and yeah it's like you wanna have a pretty decent regular season and they get source in the playoffs now and it is here she's won a playoff game like it's. Yeah that's that's your first time like the first time since you've been an aura again. Actor I don't know what you would like to convert to that do you go to a lot of bronco games. I'd I'd yes and now in the last couple years I've got a lot more just because unable to drive now yeah. Yeah lies in the obviously finally a couple of years ago. So ID go with friends every once while when we camp yeah so you're you're due to pros and your fourteen years old your dad slash manager was telling it did give me like the moment where you realized. I'm doing this for a living nominee cash checks right the voters ha ha ha so. I did move up to the end lawyering across hospitalized fourteen years old when I was seven I had the opportunity to meet a guy named Kevin Johnson. I don't know if you know. There's already a player now and that there after he yeah actually one X games gold medal in speed and style that slight freestyle while you're racing. And I had the opportunity to meet him. During across race and in Denver. And he was released in for a team for a flyer racing the team I'm currently writing for. And I saw that he was. Spread the love of Jesus and grace and all the same time for team faith and I realize that's what I wanted to do so. Even on bikes since you were. Three years old three years old disorder while starting young. Yeah I elaborate dinner. Yeah I started young well I see this kind of a funny story behind it he had a construction. Company built custom homes. And I wanted I told him along a dirt bike and he said well. Nothing nothing in lies for you gonna have to work for so I went to the jobs that with them at three at their years old almost every day during the summer and slept out nails slipped outside it's picked up scraps are on the edge outside just kind of following guys are down in China finds stuff to do. And he paid me. A very little amount that into the summer he said well. He worked all Summers yesterday thereby that's pretty cool story W announcer gives little kids need some work I think right. It's all about man. Yeah concealer from a young age of hard work we saw out right in and enable the kind of he'll parlay that so idol guys liking in football baseball they work out may you know swing an indication things like that like for you guys what do you do to train to you know get win we spin laps on the track I am currently living in North Carolina. The minute compound Todd Bennett has a place. Tons of track stands space and we do spend it's a spin lap after lap on the on the practice track and then. Go to the jam in China and they put any good work out. Eat clean Dugard did a day after days of that's nice and after tense now what's the you're gonna it's Fred senator is old. I mean he's such imagining the space I mean that's a pretty pretty small confined area to try to try to race then yeah it's like. The best way to put it is you take sixteen. You know wound. Bowls there and libel he would ride and stick them in a tiny locates. And then and then let the gate Joplin and that's pretty much there that's pretty much the fifteen lap race. You guys fight on the track of each other now and we don't fly a lot of bargaining in very intense. Most intense racing I think in the world. It's so close. Close quarters. Locking happened and the 215 month maintenance Dan Durbin and one those crashes this just like a holy bleep corner crash. Yeah I mean it happens. We we do our best and train all year long that in those situations. We do you keep ourselves from injury and we can make the best decision possible in those instances. My goodness I don't know I no big injuries for you through nineteen years. I have had some big injuries but I like I said. That the recovery is a lot easier when you're training and have a strong program. Talking to Dawson Italy in nineteen Yemen and and I asked Dawson newbie in studio with us from the arena across this weekend down at sprint senator. Please sing ring of fire by Johnny Cash. Ha ha. Is that a little mud by no I just made and it just course it's not your bio you have. I would rejoice you're burning ring of fire down has hung. Yeah the design. I pictured dad give you dirty look behind you you make me laugh you out in it is Johnny Cash or guy. You know I it. I wanted to take some though it was an. You know your typical potter actor rock music and that's one that's one of the songs in one of the guys that has grown. Deal is going to. News music and so what are you come out to a Q do you have like a walk up song for instance likely would have passed a law I currently don't I'm I jets actually started riding a couple weeks ago I was deal with the a few little. Lists things at the beginning of the season. And so only usually that taught ten points walking out to you a song and stuff in the Arenas I'm not currently. I'm there have been. If it was you your chance to walk out too subtle debate you know I'm not on the usher right now IA. Throughout the years there's a lot of different songs and changing stuff on ironing and thought about it this year actually and earn your way Islam it's pretty cool highlighted in everywhere. Also Blake lively your celebrity crush on how high you have Blake lively. She's got a lot of enemies and very beautiful. Have you for Tweeter for a date. I have not you should try that there's a good job overseeing Missouri who tweeted his tennis player for a date she said yes and he ended up going out on a real Sabatini was or maim or something like that out the the ordinarily is doing yeah editor at. I'm so so you need to tweet her and say hey I ride motor cross a pretty famous in my own right let's go out sometimes he says yes a I guess that never thought about it. I've seen a lot of different. People do that themselves that we yet to all indeed can take a shot at Rihanna wanna. And I. Go for it never done as well go you never now corsets in his in my opinion yeah. Tweet the lakers' trees there exactly that's the worst that can happen Dawson good luck this weekend in Kansas City appreciate it guys can you say go chiefs. Aha. Go Barack. It doesn't newbie in studio that's coming up to give you a chance to go see the arena across this weekend at sprint center will tell you how to do that. Yeah. Or. Didn't. It's the weekend go and hear about fifteen. You going anywhere fun well she just gonna kind of chills. Nom are going to be more of a school there sometimes is nothing wrong with this kind of just hang and a sit down placement. But basement to Wednesday market of 4 o'clock in the morning for a week they get out that's the case and down that's just if I got I had totally on board with that so. We were talking about it earlier about some of the fake news that is that is involved in Kansas City sports very fake news as president trump is now. I deemed in called it -- is having some fun with it and I liked him and president drop yesterday I got a lot of smiles on MySpace for the way that he handled things yesterday at the very very entertaining and enjoyable. From a guy who covers sports still to watch him do that yesterday that we've been dealing with bad for a hundred years now the thing that. Blow your mind to the 6 o'clock hour that I I do wanna come back to is a big is very interesting is the five year plan. That Carl Peterson allegedly had. And it's 6:15 this morning it was the first time he realizes do that the five year plan never actually happened. With Carl Peterson and I think ultimately if we're talking about. The fake news in Kansas City sports in the very fake news in Kansas City sports guys I would think. The five year plan as Saturday Carl Peterson said it is very fake news that are infected so the the interesting thing about that is is back in the early two thousands when Carl was still here at Bob Moore was the head of public relations for the Kansas City TC had me in his office would be as a watch and listen to the opening press conference. The Carl Peterson had when he was hired. As the general manager president CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs this was the December of ninety either something like that when you are 88 when he was hired. As that as the GM of the chiefs and I listen to the entire press conference idiocy did you hear anything about a five year lesson never mentioned a five year plan. But that became the narrative for his regime. That he had a five year player the only thing that people can really ache from that is. He said we did it in five years in Baltimore this is how we did it. He never did Philadelphia were held in worse I think it was Philadelphia and Baltimore about a franchise was split. Earning him a USFL I think it was. The vital USFL trivia is not the strongest host Philadelphia Baltimore stars I think they had some years there and what that case we did it whatever it says. And so so he's a that's how we did it in five years he never once said here's my five year plan. For the Kansas City Chiefs and it's amazing how bad. Became his calling card. And what Carl Peterson was judged on throughout his entire time here in Kansas City and still to this day. He's been since they hired him the most successful general manager. That the chief sat pack judge Dorsey is definitely trending that way they get to a Super Bowl he'll pass Carl Peterson. But Carl did so much for this franchise but I think at times we take for granted like. I don't know 70000 being there and every Sunday the tail gating being the best that is in the national football in the app. Atmosphere being the best that it is in the NFL that is all I Carl Peterson creation he started all of that would be team and and really flip this organization but there were Deborah was a five year plan to do anything you'd be fooled the coming to a place in Ottawa Super Bowl in five years. Mean there acting no wind suggestion that you that's a mordant. Press conference 10 on no you don't go and put up and vote. Don't think I'm Jordan days that I get a Rivet head and what it eight to ten year plan and a but he does it we're gonna win the World Series and eight to ten years they want the World Series today to ten years of my guess was that was the plan would has given AT eight to ten year plan. I hope at the end of that plan there's a World Series trophy I would date more set at that point was it's gonna take is I can remember just after that press conferences I think he sits at the like it's gonna take like eight to ten years. To get this franchise turned around to where we wanted to beat everybody rolled their eyes and eight to ten more years I just cited for sure you know nobody wanted to hear it but if you're gonna do right you gotta do it that way and that yeah way to end up doing it edited brilliantly by the way they did and it was like. I suitors that happened I thought back that the rest commerce present it was like eighteen years old when that happened these seventeen. And I I what does like duck acts he had ten years Dayton and they'd bank they got there later and what we did. Really now is I think hidden under that as well was. Can take its ten years clean up the lower levels right Mattson nobody knew it was foundation and go back and do all that stuff and a at a lower level I think we didn't know that eight to ten product like the entire pack right yet and yet you look at the Major League product right in and really when Dayton Moore took over. What's what went coral took over but easier to build in the NFL even at that time. When when date took over this this was an expansion franchise they might as well just started this franchise from scratch because that's what they had in the minor league they had nothing mayor. You know in the minor league system so you not only were you building the big league stir up. So Dick move or was essentially building seven franchise is when you factor in the as the six or seven minor league teams of the the big I the what are. Eight to ten guys that's not that's a Bernal ASEAN hooker at the crack but after losing for that long time in here yeah him more time. You know and obviously it worked out for the best and I still think it was a very successful run for Carl Peterson here. You know in Kansas City but he never said it's gonna be five years we're gonna win a Super Bowl even though that's what people want to believe. So we're talking about very fake news in Kansas City sports that's the number I think the number one thing. That comes to mind for me with fake news. We forgetting anything I mean is is there anything that you know came in on the tax line or anything like that there were forgetting. About some of the fake news. That came in from from kids. Now this is there. What else can I think you through some of these last night it was Seattle was via sprint center is built for a Tenet. Africa turned out to be like they do is but I think it was their original intents moon but. You know turn out that that it was either you know of are a ruse or some other team to try to get their arena built and and then. The sprints and then found out that they would be okay without it so it's it's turned it to fake news over the years but I don't think it was initially intended to be that way right that there would be an anchor tenant with NBA or NHL was I. Actually what they thought it was going to happen and it and now he found out later that it's. Basically amounted to fake news it. Really kind of as a man it take so there's been a lot of things over the years here from Kansas City. There we go back and look at a guy asked me is usually played Murray hit the shot you played. You know that the miss by Lin Elliott obviously he wasn't the only one that screwed up that day other steel box scores are adults go out I mean I don't want you've got to keep yourself got a Ross on maybe needed it sounds a look at box or is grosso next again yes because I got. Impacted by the expert here they are terrible that day right they were off and minutes from top to bottom they were and I wrote are going to roof and all that's a good one US is that they are bad generally rooms there's there's another good one rate won the owner of light rails. Yeah role terrified that I'd still to this idol I do believe that they do is because even back then I don't know how they've thought that was gonna work. I be legitimately thought that they were going to be able takes structurally make that. The Lamar had some amazing ideas throughout his life period dome of the AFL that was brilliance and merge with the NFL even more brilliant. He also and let's not forget this about memorial marker. Nobody ever bats a thousand I tell people what I when they have bad idea for a site now has a big deal know about that's Lamar Hunt at one point. Wanted to buy Alka Travis and herded into a space themed amusement park that's right yeah I remember hearing it since nobody bats a thousand and Lamar wanting to look at the end of that ruling roof a roof ticket roll over to Kaufman and over to arrowhead it. They go up and over to protect the stadium during that whether. Another not so great idea let's get a bit but I don't get asked well what's you can dream up with a ton of money every you have borrowed my god you're a lot of these crazy yes ideas. Yeah it worked maybe they don't at the end of still going to be African billionaire I still don't understand. Oh my when when Jackson Kenny passed that tax about ten years ago to renovate the stadiums and that they didn't vote for the rolling refused to go over the Tuesday's battle what was. I mean what was the point of doing it so. Other some other ones and so on FaceBook Andy Reid giving a play calling. Com NFL he's gonna get any playoff game NFL NFL actually committed. In scenario. Bigger from FaceBook just cooler city via a bear once so that others. On Joseph killed there in cheese we want Super Bowl all of that tennis so you know but the the analyst Alan she's winning a Super Bowl and pull out. Yeah. Everything involving both conferences yes do you take what is OK and real the other thing that ultimately ends up being a fake news is that. Don dank injure cost the cardinals the World Series stretching their way to game seven there was a game seven update Lotta people that aggregate. Game seven and another one Gordon would escort him in game seven of a fraternity that the World Series coming out. Is big bat for my surgery did you show in two minutes next.


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