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2/16/17 The Night Shift - featuring The Show & Serda Hour 3

Feb 17, 2017|

In the last hour, Show and Serda revisit the NFL, Lebron, and get into a little Phil Jackson talk. As well as a heated discussion on why Hasbro has decided to replace the Thimble in Monopoly!?!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you think it's simply that them hold. Man. This is. That night it went zero run this. Shout out to listen what goes does that it's a flip flop. Speak. Please salute you for allowing us to create small point you they need. Julio sits to reduce his head away. At the high jacking and assault of a Stevens RR. Hi Jacqui bone with three of them to observe it certainly is not even going to get me off of a sort of a there's a thumbs up. At least that many tickets to slide six 306 we had a bigger dues too late dale crisis. Of the highest order right now. Apparently according to Steve it certainly did show stoppers that was only limited to one. That monopoly is coming to thoughts. Adding new suggestions as pieces. Including a damn Botox. I had stick a freaking thumbs up putts drop. As stupid dot. There's a new car they're voting which one to get rid of and the one that had and we'll release about the boats. Was the I com. The showstopper. The Bane of it the best piece of all time in the history of the monopoly. The fumble. All. That's an Olympic. I'm just sorry that simple this is ridiculous. But he makes ads they have as a closer. So it's a little ridiculous I. Tiger watch. I will narrow what does this still. Does this Sabrina the teenage well. That's an episode of sort one seater car. A dog that's ugly. Issue would no shoes earrings the battleship market respect. At the iconic symbol like the top match. It's always on my guns and oh yeah. And we're getting I can't be honored at the end up with its excellent pass to be beyond what's the point to keep the higher there's. No way people are voting for the iron I mean the wheelbarrow should definitely. Should definitely be. But why do I feel like people are gonna vote in the hash tag and that's kind of a sad it is very. Our axes so probably it's in general though that's also a cowboy boot what is now think 816 make secure America. A this is ridiculous I mean this isn't even funny to be every day. They got idea compute I'm about to seal that put it speaks to have a computer monitor. Addicts people. Got this helpful that Zach or is it about the day off a they got old navy dollar flip flop as well let me be kidding. A monster truck. That T Rex will be it. Exist I just don't understand. I don't understated and what someone. Does that get the show. There's other opportunities for you to listen to anything else. Given this shows so many chances shows a disaster you guys do you room or than any other show no wonder you're in this times. I'm glad you know a lot. We heard the 119. Best. Night's show sports show that cuts. Sorry you don't get should. Navy keep its its in my open up your mind we could talk about second base. Who in here what's this talk about second base or do you wanna hear about what the hell is cool at all in this country. That the battle is being. Bull got out of that I love monopoly personally. Why there's a monster check why there's seven different vehicles. There's a speed well there's a jet ski. We got to let things go right take a 6930. Mostly because it's got moved the date lets it statistics and instead we're. We're off all the water this time slot. Do you what has to talk about second base for the royals or do you wanna talk about. The travesty that is going to let the mayor that its monopoly piece is not as big change the political that. Why glitzy red hat's. Has burn out is in charge coming up with these game pieces because I'd like to have them on the show. Your ego. That's your stock at. I am gonna happen after I get done Andy do you framing this one guy from zero. I'm gone after the people Hasbro. I just don't understand I just like I can understand they wanna get rid of this case. Look at this dog it's the show talking about getting to second base like second base this guy gets the ship it. But there are people here and one punch themselves and talk about. Whole month is here regularly went 62 base or right. Let's not for art let's get to the ops second base right below the fifth starter or. The travesty that is going on with the simple. Actually don't vote we're not gonna talk about second base right field or the finished. I can guarantee you could find that somewhere right now. I just. Just the thinking like look at look at this and what Sabrina that can protect the one that's too immediate and the iron I think there. He's right on the like that is yes these sunglasses are actually mess with the glasses doesn't like it's just walks in. Think it's. As we got here we're in order. LY is the cell on just the 1987. And the original cell phone. I isn't a satellite phone like that monopolies don't worldwide. We regularly asked why owner of flip flop. It's got what's the one team in the nation number one and pocket it a bit. Of a I. The other side of the you speak out listen I'm so those guys lets your right. You can understand do you think this is Oracle's. Just like I think you're silly for wanted to talk about positions on the field for the royals aren't going to. People laugh like they don't have thumbs a change of symbol change and took me. About life. The applicable possibly not being all of the monopoly piece is is going to be Billy still a lot. Life a lot more than these day a second baseman because we're old Odyssey. And married there going to be a hot anyway. Somebody texting that and if they're being student as a bunny slipper. Is that what that is. I just don't know what's coming to it and putting things behind his old. What's next. That minutes are they gonna change the board of sorry. You've got to add to travel few more spaces on sorry I'm about to contact Casper stop. It's a sort of bigger on a coincidence obvious dig themselves up emails ably and just not to read about why they're getting rid of the symbol. They don't be a good interview. Like to be honest with I'll be honest with zawahri year. A little this. In hell no he's changed things here lately this disaster called upon these cards a lot and that's about it called this a I mean it is not taking away the draw to. They're not taking away the wildcard. Taking away the double in late Sabrina the teenage. Which. On this board I just picked it. I just aren't you know it and argun river on what puzzles. Do you ever put real money on monopoly. I won't be doing it now is the dimples not around I tell you that like I said earlier people maybe these kids don't know. Maybe we need to start getting people. The post op is to do a Vince and high schools and elementary schools so these kids to understand how important the terrible I don't think it's all about and love still to reason she worked a close outs thirteen years. What she could pull it up it makes so I always love him. I haven't played about five years easy. I just. Just I'm against it what's next to draw two goal at the wild golden. It's and customer service line and what does that he could well what is today I did it ever get to know a populist hardly call them on let's not call you can we do that we're gonna do are those days immediately get a call the balls and break. Beta it reminds. Her how would love to call them right now yeah a series maybe tomorrow maybe we called them and we have on here tomorrow. I. It's about it's that simple really. Of all the things to get rid the iron is still taking up space. At the temple. What's next and I've got to get a rebuttal of beer Paul. Is. We got votes politics why trust called the service line on air. We should probably get that approved for her story might get in trouble for her for that you're not a good enough with a three. Forgot about that little did an. Slot in scored. That particular. Your cards your call hearts I could AV at all or you don't. It is under spot to take a break coming up next we're gonna talk about Nate. That's about bait cards and how he. Coming up next we're gonna talk about whatever Italy won that it's. Simple and let's get that trending police. And Stanford just a sitcom collects an issue. At six did. Pass today make America. Available again. Let's get pickle right now policy. That we get fifteen people to reach. I totally into it it's differences that the building either the bulls seized it all the way. I tell you I really. I don't have all the all blizzard where it's raining this body. As it were me. These of these people out. I think even changing the minds Islam but there's so many people they're people listen to this show. Thank you Avery who went other people look at this. There's those people cussing out he's got in the debate. That's the textbook. That. Well look it up. A there's a month later that night at three love the show guys just got to Wal-Mart applied all the landscapes with a that cats it. Guess reality that. It's the the we did. We did during the break strata called the has proud service line but they are they're closer right now we have called them during normal business out did we we will get there tomorrow I swear I'll. Yeah off we will talk to the service people trying to figure out what they hails goalie. 620 as somewhat didn't understand why I kept mentioning the post office that. My mom works at the post office he breaks out the rubber available when she plays cards game it's eight. Idiots. These people I mean there. Ridiculous. If Woody's cowboy hat makes an appearance as one of these. I'm just us. A dip computer monitor with people. Like the are kind of like the launch. Merry. It's like a pocket watch it's like a roll acts. Let's. It's so but let's not. Let's show Beckett is that we talked about earlier because I am. There was tactics. That someone's it hour. It was funny has failed to me but when you really think about it if you miss earlier we were talking about this quite. LeBron came out and aunts LeBron they sit aid and what are your thoughts about Kevin Love you gonna miss Kendall became I was not. Sure if I'm in the line of good. Arm of the line that we not lose it we can compete with anybody. And what are his exact work. MI let's he's the most influential aptly I think. In terms of how athletes look up to I think all athletes he's the most influential athlete ever. I just hoping that people follow his lead like they followed his lead a lot. And just say in what ever they wanna say as I said earlier he's on stress Charles Barkley naked earlier this year about I mean about two weeks ago. He's address field Jackson. He says whatever he feels. I just want athletes to starts say it somebody texted it's cracked up but I'm serious about this we really want to hear the real miss of metal world peace. Oh yeah we'll run art as it is. If there's a Tonya listen sports I want him to come out. Look at all week it broke out. Redick does psychopaths. Are right it is a dream on greens. But got isn't that a isn't that great. Could you imagine. Could you imagine. What it would be blunt. In entertainment that there was no. Let's. I think almost. Did you manage to go towards those that I was like I did let's roll it around here. I mean could you imagine me. It's just that the grammys dressed up like that and other Bay Area I think we'd be all right with that idea how to say. No we would imagine yes these if Ron Artest was really able to be himself and he was Roman around there. And they didn't give Colby this male athlete and he got what he wanted to do. Anyone in there and got it Michael Phelps. It just went crazy like Condit how amazing would that be. This it's I think the people that don't want that there are the the stick to sports people now all these guys just make millions of dollars they should just shut up and play their game. Like people who are liars in our industry. Like a lot of people don't like this guy some odd that paired him I don't know it's because of weight. But Jason whitlock says a lot of crazies. End like this week he's. That is seat. I just lost but it's a big Ed isn't it. Is it something like oh yes as he's he's that he hates what the ABA has become. The NBA is a ball. Off the court stuff and it's not about all of fearful. You love you have a talk about it every 88 you love it. The problem is that nobody let's talk about just rocket schemes. Well come on now what was it this game that. Sir sir bed rest a lot went to last night books nets. The guy who looks like. He works three hour shifts spending the pizzas. And stop right our bigs are why you made the guy to second day you can heal Haiti can you name three players have played for the nets right now yes. Brook Lopez. And that's elegant look low is com. Does it ripple of thing has that's about I had this. Well look and I went to a deal done here that's a that yes you should actually oh. More Brooklyn nets Brook Lopez I've never been to a Brooklyn Netscape got this guy they brought brides run out of pitchers of that this is an. That is he's he's he's got bogged down broad barbecue at my guys at them like. It. Well Kirkpatrick he plays that the kid that would Cincinnati. Are back together roster now. Anyway Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin is on there has been here all but no like solicit did you imagine Mike Tyson gently took it might might. Page story it's out of the league six Mike Tyson is ugly it's like. Almost set aside combat athletes right would you say that sort of Condit at athletes are kinda in the world place because they use that to promote right like. Yeah I mean people want to. There are even is does that sports ego driven and it's itself spike. A bit unbelievable you're gonna be they're almost WWE. In the way things sales. As you'll see guys it's each other and stuff. And. And I don't I that's too but I don't want them to about this and pay. Dove Alex Smith Julie and it shows in a you do this. It is this why not simply every night. What's your fat and it's no doubts about football your FedEx could make that the road Jeremy Maclin down the sideline I. I hear when Alex really feels I'll let us see Mike Tomlin uncut. I don't want to add to sneak in because. Antonio Brown the I doubtless see a real. This. I hope LeBron. Keeps doing this and people start ball. Sierra keep doing whatever you're doing and Russell because I love hearing this real Ross. Guidance they Israel doing Levi's commercials speaking at high schools are good it. On 911. Main reasons I decided that I wanted to get the sports media was because I wanted to get the access that the everyday person couldn't. Into the world of sports because it hard on just a huge sports fan but even we're not allowed to see that. I put post game locker room we have to stand outside for twenty minutes and tell the players get in there and they have their post game chat and talked and whatever. And then here and Jiri drop a couple F bombs after a big win I think I'd be amazed. Love our. Listeners as our cordless with family. I'll pull the card. About our show. You'll notice this. We don't do a lot of interviews. On the probably can't you know. But two week it it we can get some we don't want it to. We well we know we're not on have you seen that kind of stuff we looked at it as psychotic sort of it's going to hunt this kid down from the zoo. Because. Food. It's. We have started to trained as our audience right I think this audience we've seen day by day understands it's the show as Wii's. I just don't think it's fair to our audience to bring guys. Aren't going to be entertaining. Dude we had we had the number one maybe. Atop an interview in the city in here. We Eric Hosmer all on dirt and look we try actor Eric is up for a way I mean he is up roll. It saying what he needs to say. Wouldn't you love your husband unleashed I try trust I try to break it down and have. We acts are kids that west on you it's fun. They was and he a little bit. We got a lot of crap about the cob rated interview because really did I admit. It was boring. It was boring our listeners. That's what we don't do that because god doll seriously. Could you imagine. If we just right now that are right and we got wit. Mary's field all the lie and we're gonna talk to with Mary. Admit if we let go was to cut loose got it's really entertained but nine times attitude that would these athletes. What do the. And I got it would be amazing if interviews wit like real life could you imagine that interviews were like. I sit Eric Posner at the bar and he had no concerns. How much fun that would be as you know guys is a personality. Act. I'm sure he's got a sense of humor I'm sure he's a fun guy to hang out at yes. I did Osborn that I'd like to talk to these guys have this fear and I'm just opening the influence. That LeBron James had asked that. In the next few years for the next 1015 years we can see these guys feel much more comfortable to just say. What they want us. Ed B with a wannabe. And it would be so great Forex. Iraq and its biggest X. 816 you say. Hit the show us get the eight or negative I do too. You're right six duel under and I'd rather have mark king interview on these shows that almost every athlete in Kansas it. And because I know he's gonna give me. You know and I'm. Ron. It's on me because I am the type of sports nerds did enjoy is what we would call boring in her views. I enjoy hearing these guys talked about numbers and stats because those are things that Pique my sports and tired interest. But that's not what I want to talk about on this show because that's not what I think the you guys want to he. Coming up on the other side Phil Jackson is in a real bit. I mean. There is a picture of him Owen. Well. The subway. And he looks the way it's that lowers the it would Killy compels keep. Fifteen minutes or so. As we do every night finishes show was watching it it was who's watched there's that that big TV tonight. They would stick to show with the fans saved by the bill the college years. I did like colleges. And I did professor G I mean for president last glance he was gee I mean you know like accounted. I did. It responded is Kelly was its first. Girl cries. At least different Boy Meets World. Israeli and appoint. But but but but always wonder why we looked it Gypsies and though is on the list I don't. I was old enough to realize. The features in the look of its. Because. It maybe it was just the look well. Look when I watch it now at the image as it is that may because once showgirls. On public in any given Sunday my goodness. When I look at this in my maybe at the time I watched it I just didn't understand understand the qualities that just spit. It has heard her tight jeans game it was a there was strong. That she blossoms. Into something along the dip in the when she was portrayed blossom awful. Sick exactly what was at six Opel lots of awful especially six when she went to the parkers. She started doing lacks it comes with a six complex. I would like poll. Those states. It is currently gets them. I. When I was tired it's just. You know all the you get. Now people grow on you any kind of start to notice some like she she was always a girl she just she grew on you the old the. So. Are we did this out Lance Phil Jackson was. On sub. Apparently somebody spotted him on the subway. And it it is. Every since. Jeanie buss made break up of this. Bill is just looked at our place he's got the lime green Nike shoes Oleg. He's sitting he's sitting in a fashion all of this doubly. It's like I never bet on public transportation. But he's sitting there like ease in tight spaces but there's no one with the entire. Certainly it. Man that rough spot Ronnie news out of its eyes others picture it. Said he added that Israel I just started this directly. To me he needs to win a date. I mean average as a city bus. What it means she must good. That we just its atlas have broken with. I the other way or everyone's bringing out here that it's interesting he intentionally transportation because of his special chair. He ends up with the care is or images and a higher than everywhere he's just. Honestly believe is that relationship didn't work I think he's punishing him. I think he's going downhill real quick ugly not any light fast food lately. Instead of having home cooked meals is that deliberate Italy. I think he's been drinking like. Excessively. Yes I think he's been EED. And buying like. Off brands instead of the news for the real brains just upon its himself I don't know where he's headed. Because he is chest Barry casually. I mean golly I'm out sub. I wouldn't be surprised that there won't there or lenses in the they are selling it that it's hard to look at it is that code that he publicly that they thirty he apparently against. Officially no longer the zen master that if he needs he needs to read a book so I'm just. It is that time didn't show and stop. Costs and. I. Show host. And children. It's getting get to a point where people are just going to question Phil Jackson's legacy because of all the weird stuff he's doing guys on the ground and and it's an I have nothing to do with what he did Jerry is coaching career I've never seen a guy who looks like he's been drinking himself under the table. Still look like he needs he looks like almost got writing public transportation he looks like the week aliens currently feels. House. Hot out it looks like idea nicely blocker on the car and all's vote he feels the way aliens currently look. Papa Papa Newton who prefer it says that doubled its. Charles Oakley agrees that the comments made by warriors all star dream on dream. That James Dolan has a slave master mentality and there via that site now Oakley says Dolan is compared all the former clippers owner Donald Sterling who had to sell the team and Tony fourteen after his racist remarks were caught on tape. He's definitely control freak Oakley seven Dolan he's got everybody in the garden on pins and needles. Other owners know this that's a bad thing about it they're going to let something happen like what happened with the LA clippers it's that bad. There are so many things that. Made Fremont look really stupid in this one being the top one that makes it really hard that kids need to listen the rest of what he said. Because. There is some creed it's a little bit of what he's it'd take a slave master of but the part kills them the most is. James Dolan was that the older until 99. Charles Oakley left that. The first time they ever man. Was when they all met together for that that's another conversation. By the way I've missed this and earlier and violently against Peter pain and means nothing to these B roll out there but it's there. I also sent in on his podcast called the derail a day podcast you don't you know that pod cast is top of you know we using that podcasts. Now LeBron James is they. Or sit and think it's LeBron James it's I mean wasn't strapped to the podcast at that level that he uses or other athletes. It's LeBron James he is eat eat eat that influence people an idea. I think straight. Hate it eat it. Is viewed as products. Chris Christie couldn't help himself when asked about the Phillies last night using this opportunity just completely trashed the franchise the Phillies are. I quit if the pop tart with that okay they are not out area there there they're awful team here and angry bitter fan base. Pomp and Indy it's not safe for Purdue civilized people to go to Citizens Bank Park if you want to root for the other team. You gotta believe what. You've got to believe were awful people that's what's got auto. Belies responded with a tweet. We love our fans and appreciate their unwavering support as we bridge. To a bright future. They just need to find a way to get. So well in. They well. And he'll be fine. You bring them a title you know bass player is yen to add ons aren't they isn't all 78. He looks like he found he looks like he'd just found out they are taking them believe monopoly. Bill today we're at the the a a practice a little. It is a group that investigated the Celtics did not eating all deaths of 78. Text of that night so far he looks like he'd just found out they are taking up all the way through a monopoly. I asked why he got on the set black that's very similar yeah. Had he had to go find the clubs is buyer to drink is nimble sorrow than last that's very similar to what the look I had a month. But it looks like the I think Kellyanne Connolly always looks like it too. If it's at state that it sees it I am going to sleep until the reinstate. I'm pretty sure she did I'd like for you Corsica. Judith. Berry gas filed a lawsuit Massachusetts federal court yesterday against Howard Stern and the federal government. Claiming he broadcasts of her phone call to the IRS on May nineteenth when he fifteen violated the confidentiality. Of her tax information and resulted in difficulty finding employment anxiety loss of sleep any regular eating patterns. Incident in question occurred when IRS agent Jimmy force eyes called in the stern show on and on. Unrelated topic was put on hold and answered her tax related phone call law he was on hold. As cern employee caught wind of the conversation and they aired it over his serious XM radio show. I think it's the next. We've got to get ourselves. If you but I think that it system but then that is about things and growing up. They're gonna look for is its we've got Hansbrough tomorrow tweaking to get ourselves some. That's when we take it to the next level somewhat early years it underneath this dark horse I'd do it it's a great. Well it's the worst idea mr. odd hunting people down the teachers down to try to find phone numbers and emails or poor guy. Coming up on the other side I would get this email address or not I'm not doing anything on here. Except doctor Donna style. Stock you out if I. It is certainly in the break this I won't I would text him every day. They is not grass tournament. That's not actually respond that's our lawsuit you said you're gonna study them coming days Robert Downey nude. Coming up next can take its excellent six 3016. We had the night that segment that's sweeping the nation texting it. What you watch it licks what shows stay. And I why stay in up. For me to come home watch scandal what do you watch it. On the occasion. That mountain. And there just eats. Battlestar Galactica what commitment you'll want to. Indeed but it's too late to catch weight touched down at Super Bowl fly first class plane. Watch him by the electors. I'd like a remake movies does yeah. I'm not superstitious but. Triple and I think that. And the sirens are. It works against aids what a rather be feared or loved. Are being felt. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. That sponsor. Absolutely nobody. Someone out there that step up. For the tickets fixed lines 69306. Text in what you're watching right. What shows do TV night. Out here is it earlier. Scandal. It once and I my lovely wife stayed. We want to get there. Scandal at the episode tonight it's. Cyrus. Being just went to jail. That arrested for the murder of the residents of the tires beam get. Senators be his eight day something could diabolical than he was a gay. She puts that served in Tajikistan. Or another prince did that turn into vice presidential candidate it did. But the president was killed and he was the all around eight point six. Hill Street Blues might that this throat. So it's sort of what animal last night just sitting there with a great calls legion and legion and Jones rank. Legions kind of bay. It's on the darker marvel characters ideally SX is really doing it justice so far it's only two episodes and it's been great. Both school I went back and started watching and Malcolm in the Middle. Russia falsely tuna you know my first. Look spurs. Thought is achieved. Chris that's good. I bet that's really it's a solid group. This. I saw doctors change finely in the day's news it was very. Eye doctor in law. Some of the most creative CG IC GI haven't received any arguments yeah. Op also some passengers it was okay yes it is it was you'd like those done we. Yeah I see about that now. Alamo draft house tonight C John when it to you is that. You are who. Yeah he's out. The first John it was today and again it was it was fantastic and I've heard nothing. But get things about the second one racing teams embedded in the first 11 in Japan you know. He's off our best effort horrible in speed spins it see it I came as Shane Falco. In the replacements. Eight months it's does not have contact 86 does this every they'll give him his. Booty call ladies and or about the matrix. No. It was in this plate he's like. Not let alone what about Constantin. Not definitely yield here's a question on wage of 78. Sign you'll aside they'll let policy be outside Phil or the off. I I cannot get in the side so and the office is amazing that you can hear the vet. I love. I loved let's added it's not due to. Yeah the office on my favorite sitcoms of all time but I I signed filter I grew up once you know them them to go to the office doing. I'll schooling suite eight once it's going to be watching saved by the bill we've let's just check out its spin those nights he's a tele. I didn't notice it until late in the game Jay-Z that it. And Al Pacino did give him. The devil's advocate. What is 78 the man on high castle in sneaky peak later Amazon for if we get those two Allah. Amazon prime and the devils that it is in other Kennedys made it enough demand you know. Except bird is emotional performance. In hardball. And what they did keep. Love when you come with the problem never that. You scandal for me hopefully coming up on my Wednesday's it. Yeah. Three kings. In the third of the controlled this. And designated survivor Kiefer Sutherland a scanner darkly his father Donald is still alive. That obstacles that Wednesday. We have funded I think lovely stayed intact outfield they should tomorrow they had Ryan. Didn't do. Julio. AQ left and guys are will be back tomorrow with the monopoly he. These aren't out there.