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2/16/17 The Night Shift - featuring The Show & Serda Hour 2

Feb 17, 2017|

As we do the second hour of every night shift, we fill your ears with the best 59 seconds of sports radio. We also get some Lebron talk in along with some riveting Trump press conference talk. We also get our nightly Watson please in!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey nice gesture welcoming the C user shell. Command and they are very vicious hit executive chef I. Sponsors that is. Good well let's talk about the royals and spring training. Not really. The biggest thing that's got out of spring training is Brian Flynn falling through a barn and breaking his red side I think he's gonna be okay. But. The biggest takeaways in spring training so far from mean. As Salvador whereas in. I love my love south he but why does he have frosted tips. What is going on our trusted tips coming back Julio did somebody decide. That frosted tips were cool again. Lorenzo Cain was asked this makes it can't say star. And yet Johnson Terry Don tell me about these for us intent saying I don't even want to comment on that. I'm not a fan but that's the new thing I guess these days. It's dynamite the nice thing. Please get rid of the frosted tips. Kids sitting head is. That night here with your hopes. And run the COU. Shout out all your listeners I am still looking at the open your fingers and because we salute you for allowing us of a of a en us might be fewer coming up. To be a part of the or Thursday evening you've got to be kid Julio stated it's. Is producing this bad boy. And the links. A cut at. I'll just shut up so how does not sought to a couple of links to admit it you would go to into the I think the show you. All of us if we get. John John Dor whoever's name is on the shall I go get frosted tips I don't want to get rushed it out what that is that's right now. You'll understand this I. You're bringing other people want to hear it ignites. A it has been a bully and help you project said. It was well it is a win the music hits. So mr. Hubert out my name right. And everyone out here in the show every night knows it. It is all over when this guys is god and that million get some shine during the start this year. Eight going on and on about these frauds the tips and you add on you can't. Do all holds up and took the yeah yeah. Well the answer we'll play. I think it's clear. That the surge and show needs like a minute fifteen no there's no there's. It doesn't you're talking about wrenched. Look at pets and a. That's a look let's look yeah it's already high of about a I think it's ever went to Iraq. But let's say you're obviously out your only need. Let's eat the accident but it. Anyway on the text I. I am knots on levee quick tried this Leo oh went. I don't care if you listen as you like sort of that's. At least get my name. You ship. From the top of these people are making. A certain certain literally stepping on her to that theory. And now he's at his little navy people joining the fray. That's who I should wait to go to Cumberland let a he's probably get a college. You've been talking about for us that's. World since we did is she turned into a rest. Out of the lime colored grip. Eight let's say I love I'd stop. That that that is. Getting tickets they find six about it. As we global and to the Augusta out of asserted that six minutes into its tickets into early this. Do is this the worst hijacking that we've seen a suit my quilt pulled off some good ones. Even in Chrysler's loss. Sort of how you. I am professionally. I wrote the original acts. I think this is the worse pity tickets are excellent six that is my god it's tough to cast its plan its cup. Guys that when is this the worst hijacking. You do go sign mine. Tax I and I will buy that guy gift card Cheesecake Factory beacons on. I think we're allowed to do that I won't do that literally fueled it appears psychotic Steve answered that great it was really a question. Make him a cost him and his. Ailments that thirty years ago. That was go man they. All right before we ridges bombard. It. All right. Still. As I get back coach today. Yesterday. Before the shooter down. May be much personally my favorite actually. LeBron LeBron James. At some comments when asked about his feelings about Kevin Love. And any of being out and I'd just it is it is so interesting to me. That. This new LeBron James is and because. Whatever he's doing. I want him to continue to do this and I I am. Before I hit it two ways that are real police. Would you agree sir we talked about this before the show who the exhibit I think LeBron James. Is. The most influential half week. I think by the time he retires I will not out of that I think he's the most influential athlete of like I think. I think the moves that he's making is affecting other sports everything we talked about in the first. A couple of blocks about. The new CBA in the football players in the stupidity that they've had with their deals and now we're hearing people come out and express. Missed his feelings about it Von Miller. Taking the page right out of LeBron James playbook. I think. He influences so much in terms of how people do business now. It turns in sports in terms of how athletes. Are starting to take its role understand how valuable they are instead of the owners. Like. And the way he handles social media in the way he handles social issues and how it comes like I don't think we talked about it before. I don't think that. Stepped curry would have the balls to come out speak. The way he did a couple weeks of all of the owner under armour I don't think it may be Sierra has a lot to do with but I don't think Russell Wilson. We'll be coming out the way you do because all we've seen is. You know the normal way of doing and LeBron stepped in. And a lot of athletes follow the same train Davies. And I'm telling this latest being Al LeBron it's been. Lately just say in whatever they Haley wants to say. In terms of confidence like LeBron he's speaks his mind right now who recently. Like combat air fleet. But Mohammed Ali will you don't really see that in team sports or even sports in the last two when he 25 years he was asked about. What he what his thoughts are going to be if Kevin Lowe since Kevin love's going to be out six weeks these days. As long as I'm in the lineup we've got to take. We good. Kid is out extended period of time and JR Smith has been out. But I'm in the lineup I'll be sued we got its tickets anybody I were. This LeBron James and I hope since he's been so influential. Two other athletes I hope that top tier athletes. Will start to follow LeBron James is or did say it. What ever that hill they want us. Hope that we keep getting this guy. I mean what I don't I don't like he's going anywhere and he's not stay in this guy like he undressed Charles Barkley. What action naked and I enjoyed any continues to do it just came out it don't matter of Kevin loves your not pellet odd place and basically. We gotta say it's basically we go way out here on the line a week it. It's I think LeBron is finally at a point where he doesn't feel like people can question his legacy he's made his stamp on. The NBA and on basketball history. But I do using other players look up to LeBron. And they look gyms or when he is open about saying things like this and open about you know going after the people that are waiting on him I think other players that may save. All he can do this I can do is I don't think every player in the yen yea indecency get away with it. Like if Kevin Love started saying things like that I think people probably become an act Cavanaugh. I think that's just because of how we see things or am I am hoping that it's that number one athlete in American sports. Can say something and feel this way. And I am hoping that this starts to open it up for every once in a lot of guys in America. That's right I agree. Okay trademark green we've seen that Dennis Rodman's trademark green they really stupid things like slave masters fields that stuff like that. Not they are talking about. Why wouldn't you. I got elected. We don't like simply every night. Alex Smith will come on it's eight. You know I wish you shut your fan asks you could make the pass to Jeremy back with Al Asad. Alex it. At that would be on his mind if you listen to the lots of plea every night especially that and to actually got it about that peaking at. Ever close to the Heisman Trophy. Would just look I mean it would be great for us it would be great for the fans. Sports is that this reality TV show that we had. But the only thing we have missing is most of our athletes arch its parent or really speaking the way they really want us. How they've really feet. And not if it takes LeBron James has been able it's almost everything. I hope the likes of people all. About Smith said that to you in a press conference I don't think anyone would be able to speak. Nobody would just be speech you know. You know how Alex feels we're going to take to meet if if the chiefs were active Du'Shon watts how do you think Alex would feel I don't think at least. Harding player in the NFL enjoys it when their replacement gets drafted. I can be. Hey if there is they're supposed to you know be like well you know where. He's gonna help us he can help us win or I'm gonna help him become a better player and things like that and I do think. I think there's some guys you genuinely do mean mean things like that when they say that but you know there's plenty of guys in the NFL. Who was happy about things like that would love to come out and trash the team in the organization for drafting their replacement. Or stress team or just say how they feel I know we headed to break fault lines are open on this image of its adult in this I am hoping and praying. This LeBron studies. Because if this LeBron stays it we get to hear what the likes of the real Mike Tomlin. Could you imagine if we can hear the real Mike Tomlin and he wasn't scared of endorsements or something like that. Life would be amazing in this business. It's line is. A fiery. I think they also just really like me. If you missed we'll just open an outlet and I would this be more specific about talking. LeBron. Get a comment after being asked about pivotal. Gave him being gone for the next six weeks the bronze comets that thought where we'll be all right. As well as loans and we got a chance it gets anybody. And those comments. I just love this new LeBron he's a dangerous Charles Barkley and express exactly how he felt I mean to the links. Google updates and research. He is he centrist bill. Jackson who will talk about later pulled bill it's a blaze he is I mean he has been speaking his absolute. Mine did the like outlook love like I love the next they were got a note we're gonna hear from him is. It's better than Michael Jordan and if it feels out when he here and I think it might I think in terms of athletes. For athletes. I think that LeBron athletes. For athletes is the most influential athlete. All say I think I think you're. First of all you hear a big time LeBron so I think you're that your little biased I am. I would say of this generation by far he is the most influential and with with. Social media the way it is in the platform that he has he has done the most. Of any athlete of this generation but wait how it ever. There are other athletes. In other areas that have been just as influential if not more you know you're Jesse Jesse Owens you or your Mohammed Ali's. I mean as I tried to specify. But I mean for other athletes. Like in the future. I'm not saying like you know obviously like. Black athletes could play baseball without Jackie Robinson broke late first I understand. Doug LaBelle in the future. The way. Athletes. In terms of how they will make money terms Powell. They have settled to be of importance to understand how important they are Kevin Durant doesn't do what he says without the brunt. The way people are attacking social issues Michael Jordan the greatest athlete of all time some people think. It's completely different but are you talking on the marketing side stop I'm talking about everything because on the marketing side of stuff. LeBron wouldn't be where he is if it wasn't for the Jordan brain. I mean that's LeBron rod has taken what Jordan is it does it completely. Well LeBron is reshaped the NBA like my and the way and the way players. Approach free agency the way players approach. Contracts that's like yeah angels. In everything but I don't I think Bryce Harper. The way he acts in baseball is because of baseball's day of the project but I talked about the whole campaign of let's make baseball fun again let's try to. Endorse I think that has a lot didn't. With a Michael to assess it earlier Von Miller and how NFL players are now looking contracts a lot. Has to do with understanding a look at LeBron he ended those it BA guys understand how. They are the valley it's that these old it will leave forward. When you just just a small thing between Jordan LeBron Jordan. He he partnered with Warner Bros. to make space that was is entertainment. Le bride. Is me Warner Bros. Partner with his company and society digital deal and so on television deals it's like it's tool old enough. Level eBay is it is his goal is be the first billion their billionaire athlete of all. But that's about it as it is currently work when I just think he's so influential and I hope. The witnesses. He. He push its other people to be to say what you want us. This new LeBron just Andre is it just speaks his mind like you go to LeBron. He doesn't have fear dorsett and I think that's how it should be and I all. Other big time athletes because Tom Brady could do the same thing. He would have any issues with the endorsements. Tiger could. Kevin grant to do the same thing he would have he's he's with the endorsements. Like I just. I don't US is winning here the real thing we don't what I have here my we San Antonio Brown screwed up FaceBook lot. All of your comrade outs that we want patriots. And that's not the always on the CEO of under armour backtrack. His stance on Donald Trump because of what staff Gary came out sad about it and that's I rightly ours like I. Richard Sherman what he does. Like eat sometimes you know you hate Richards or not that it just talks to but I at least it gives you what. He feels it I I think if top athletes C will look. Look at LeBron James at least when it. That's the key is you have to be a top athlete because. If you are a little too outspoken you're not on that top tier athletes you're hurt your money but goes. I think that's also because of the way we've ever always looked at. I think if there was that should change like there's been a change in oh LeBron James means more than Dan Gilbert does. Ol Kevin Durant means more than Sam proceed. I didn't know why do the Oklahoma City via. All LeBron means more than Pat Riley and Phil Jackson that changed. All right let's go Colin case what your thoughts on the subject. Now I went to school German back and chase Daniels I like that and in the back room they are they being about. Frustrated by our. On the field there with their coaches in front of them they would say. That. They're all paid all work on. Adam pretty typical college and but don't judges wished. There are times we were even people in the media you know off the record here at the on his thoughts of some. I wouldn't it is it would bounce right for everybody and sometimes it's it's here's the real this and hold it starts and especially in the NFL it's frustrating from a media standpoint. Is at the guys in the media. Who do try to push. That real person out of those players. Most the time they get in trouble they scrutinized for it may get credentials revoked and things like that. Because the NFL doesn't want that they don't want their players coming out and speaking their minds they want them to be row slowed the problem is is you come out and speak your mind and you say the wrong thing. In the media us on clued us in that run. And then it makes them look bad at makes the organization look bad and it can go downhill real quick and I agree you have to be ironically we wish we had what the other part of it. Well I can't think a lot of it is because of what we. We thought sports and how boast that conductors. It's sports. Is this of the dude all of it whether it's come out say what he wants to say that it repercussions but look like it. I asked if I do think you have to be careful what you say. But I don't think that for a second what LeBron James is doing is it calculated in wealth on out LeBron James isn't stupid everything he does he's doing for a reason. He's got. He's got some. Type of reasoning behind he's not just out here saying random stuff like Charles Barkley 816 we don't want to hear some of those rules. Would you not Levin of all your athletes were more like Charles Barkley. I think you eager are you kidding me I mean I hope they're not that is dumb sometimes is Charles you know. A little harder yeah well that's that's the part like out what your real. Mike can't. And and Casey will Wichita it's in this tournament. Let's talk about the data at the Columbia with chase and Mac on the not even close the week if you look. Dominant professional athletes today. Not college athlete speakers it all the verbal. Pat professional athletes. You don't need to bury it under the lots and just be. I expect about it I think you should be able to speak your mind you don't wanna because Davis pocketed new leadership. There goes the key point to all the time. We need. And actually beat the National League great. Ball team whatever sport great blah. You've got to be able pocket and on. Any debt that it in this or at a time. What saved my. Hey here's what it is on record as well for you might you seem like you follow sports. Wouldn't it wouldn't you love each year. Andrew Luck come up to the podium after games on Sunday in express how he really feels about his team. And I think we would know understandable. It is that he comes up gives you you can close your. I.s in just grab cliche statements that he is going to be but you know that's not how it feels. Absolutely and I think that most people follow that script but I do think that. It's been soon that's gonna change and I don't think politics and what talent to operate it which he's more than. But what about that out about just the scene and what. Those guys need or what those guys steal or just being human being can and Lee. And do what you gotta do and an archer Bryant. And helping to break it because people. What people want regardless of political affiliation. What turn the ball. Appreciate appreciate the call. I guess it will open the phone lines is that we get a break click here at eight what's exploit isn't in the league he does an edge any one. It's like to speak what really I get that but that's old. Seoul. And holy balls I see a guy a guy like Floyd I don't really care what Floyd passes it because Floyd doesn't say anything. I know because he can't read but yeah so he if you don't there's no substance write anything that Floyd Mayweather says Floyd Mayweather just loves talking about himself and talking about is money. There's nothing behind what he's saying. I would love to hear some of these guys opinions. I would love to hear Tom Brady talked about Donald Trump what do you agree with his support Donald jumper not I would love to hear Tom Brady talked about it well I think I think Mike opened up another good point to as far as. Look when you. When your stand up there in your represented not just yourself you're saying these things and represented the team that that opens up the door with what you're talking about. Now your teammates are getting questions of what would you think about what he said well what are your thoughts on that it sold out also take into account what you're teaming puts it in his 2000 said the team and what everything you've got Hussein did you guys are bringing up and Leo you're bringing up. Respectable points. I think that all of the rides. This is how we've always thought. This is how it's always. Gives Maria. Tony Romo. How do you really feel do you think you would have beat the Packers if you play. Well yeah I do it never say it. Because all out decades into question. It. You feel and that's that's that's what I'm out I hope. LeBron keeps doing this if he keeps employ only seeing this as I. I would I mean I would love their views that we could have more Richard serve it's like. We got a little well. As college anyway it's just aimed in my mind in this AM. I'm now. All right well we'll finish this upcoming napoleon's. The nights if you can just next time bring them isn't it thoughts on this topic. Street from the world this trash talking harsh criticism. It's slow pitch softball but these there. Before we innocence all. And certainly you. That's the news in between the great about your or. Yeah I guess has got posts about 45 minutes ago on star. I can't cease our space but based on their website. Authorities in the Dominican Republic told the star on Thursday that the toxicology report on royals' pitcher you're Donovan terra. Following his failed car crash will only ever be released in his family and his attorneys it will not be be released to the pop. Aren't I got no problem with that. It was not going to change anything for me. If they can name it whatever. Just say it's his. So there is that the latest on the toxicology report or your Donald neutral only be released. To the face and the Jon Mann you could possibly have the last word on this. Which is thoughts on this topic man. And they have angered you vote in the wrong thing I'm not their valuables like Europe on Jordan. Great champion of all time and we look back with most frustrating thing about him you've never seen anything. You're not a powerful and everything now or worse you collect all that that didn't win immediately. He never came in Catholic. O'Brien is not a pretty unit and intent or respectable or him. And the package you know eight or some degree anyway and that people in the pack and still pretty cute. Rubble that in a moment shall count me in and it went for labor migrants. That he can not like LeBron James do. In Belgrade and unafraid to want to what feels her. I appreciate the crowds I guess it meant if as I think he is the most influential athlete in terms of influence or other athletes. And let the change that he'll make. Down the road. In terms of how athletes view themselves and how athletes see their values. Compared owners that things like that and it is also the other. Off the the field stuff that he does taking stance. I mean. Note this gadgets openly campaigned with Hillary Clinton. It I think he is beyond that tree sitter for other athletes you've seen so many of the sport. In the year of late it's yes. She is taken it to another level in terms of speaking his mind and I truly truly hold. That he continues its greatness and people off. Yes it somebody will get me. If you don't know the show. We have a lot of fun we are unafraid to discuss any topic. I am I thought I saw the ghost of ADB. Trucks dressed up to or likes of Andy extra risk. I'll watch that press conference today if you did. I mean I. Whether you voted for and did you don't like he is masterful. In terms just like Indy beat temple in terms it is. Shaking off what you should be talking about it talking about others that he. I will never forget. This was the same press conference I was in working for rival accounts of the of the day each. It in this same press conference they brought record holder the trainer. The same press conference Alex said he didn't have a concussion although it seemed like he did against the colts he had some laceration. On this year. Did it was also announced the same day that Jamaal Charles had to have meniscus tears. Did also. That angered the guard was out for the season with a knee sealed here. And Spitzer way there was going to be out with a concussion. Ed this little like a huge news day at just what the hell's going on. Like one all right what's this Alex situation to. I while I was. Jamaal Charles play. But for some birdies and that deflects it and hey Andy Reid was able to have that day it was yes she eats and by the end of the press conference was more about. Alex Smith's wife. Making it weak towards a local Kansas City weatherman that it was about any of those that they. Today I watched it in parts I watched her doing that. President truck during that debate. And he talked more about eight got. I mean he change the narrative to fake news it see it being. Taken all these other news states it's being. And credible at big east talking about Hillary Clinton did as if they were still campaigning for the presidency. Like. He barely talked about plea deal is amazing. He was it that well. It's in you know just like he said the day of that press conference and the press conference is made more about Ausmus wife. I don't it feel weatherman getting getting into a Twitter battle but what the let me and it's it's things like that that's that's why Donald Trump. To get away with calling. CNN fake news in the New York Times fake news and and brush some of these reports off as. Oh which is propaganda. Because we only we as a society only choose to see what we really wanna see I watched it. Our I get our pluses and I swear they talked about. They talked about. The might flee and think maybe like fifteen minutes of the time that I was lots. Out that it was amazing he got into it with a see it in reporter for half an hour it is brisk. It was just like how is he doing it. Like out of the pulling this off all I can think of the Indy need. The eligible but seriously bullet company. You talk about a day Alex missed like she's really grim boxes. Don't let. Every every president. Politician in US history. Has had controversial things come out about them in the news at some point or another. And they didn't fall attacked the news outlets for making us because that's that's a part of the job that's that's a part of the gig that you're signing up for. Just like it is with these athletes you if you wanna if you wanna be famous athlete you're going to leave. In the public guy whether you like it or not it's just part of the game. But come that you can't mean detail. That Donald could have thought this. President stroke and this is exactly the perfect Al this it. Like it like it's like he had any big this is exactly. I'm sure nothing like this I'm sure he thought he nailed it I think it off all. Just for over an hour and he snared it to be exactly what it's like. That press conference ended with the chiefs that they practice field we just a Andy distracts off did you look at it this is. I felt bad press conference I just that I know more about a laceration. On Alex is here. In the Twitter conversation. She had that wouldn't let him I got I I'm sorry but I'm gonna lose it. If I hear anybody asking you read about cheeseburgers at press conferences anymore. Especially is this week two huge news days like how that goal. To Jamaal Charles hurt. Or holes. You may detail these parents are aware that you guys innings out. Alex Smith didn't let the Alex Smith sitting up in a game that all's gonna start. But he didn't get a kick Justin though the weather and Alex what do you think Gary les acts weather report. And governor Neil is that the Watson it's. Agassi something that is what thank you through what you've done I wouldn't be president without. I think about it. Yeah couple in this. We complete our two conservatives that stupid lab doing over there and let those little. Anyone know this it is night Italian. A woman. Coming up in a couple of minutes Watson Lee. So you said there's been great thinker. Out that people just aren't lose any more about the if you drink political six. Has existed throughout the bloodless we know him. I feel like we did we did get job tying it in the sport so maybe we didn't make it make people as Madison usually dim and keeping it neutral it the good job keep an eye. I don't think we're growing our excellent or growing as a show so the chances mourn it so well harder it we'll do that next. Apologize it is the crusaders and if we didn't it yet. As we do every night let's do the Watson who. His confession. I'm in love the name. And I'm in love with a man is still orbiting. Brothers and sells all you. Come to witness the miracle for yourself miracles that strong words Mac you don't just throw that around like a football field. Asking you soon receive each site kind. With the first pick. In the NFL draft. The Kansas City Chiefs select. Clinton I backed John Watson Watson yeah. If it. That's about. This is big news. Clark. God is still going to be here. Andy. The deflect or. John. I said you is that going to be here. Read. Childress. And he. Like I don't do as a I can't even now but I idioms of with a people never understand how much actually hacker. And it is an apology as Bob. By the book about. All of you again. Let god know this may be hard I just saw this information myself. Floyd Mayweather expresses how much of a huge Fayette that he isn't sure what. And I know that's hard to deal because the shot Watson made him tons of money as he put. Tony thousand dollars Clemson when the national championship game that might be hard to get over. I don't really care for Floyd myself. He can't read. A lot. And he's terrible with women. It was strippers. Don't really care what he's good with. And yeah he'll be current McGregor but it. If that's the problem and if I can do something to put something together let Steve it's sort of cycle. He will quit it really get under way we can sets up and up to distance the shot away from Floyd at that will make you. Go to that it needs to be done. To make it because. Rather he is a huge fan of this on or not. Even if fluids in the pitch. I still know addition on Dixon would have never miss Jeremy Maclin running down that sideline with a game that had been changed the way that I eleventh. Yes some common DeSean Jackson do. To shot lots of him. To sleeps. It. Serves. A wide receiver. It is that time it can show you stop. Hamas and. Cash stock in children and. They would sixes he knows. I tell you it's a leather. I'll do an average age certificate I'll do whatever it takes. For the first time injuries include. And monopolies 82 year history well. He's an online vote to decide which game pieces it should stay in which one should get the actual civil obvious. But it is sort of extraterrestrial race. Showed Hasbro replace some or all of the traditional game pieces like the top patents you. But more cultural culturally relevant. Pieces such as they hash tag him OG or computer stopped off. And they announced today. That monopoly will no longer be carrying that symbol. I'll p.s. I think that that aren't that. It was the least voted on gain peace both federal. All available is gone. Any tickets text 69306. We need you now more than ever but do you believe the the food bowl is the least like a op monopoly piece of a right. Now. Are you kidding me a boat and all of booed or they would know shoot whatever that little boy is down our debt blasted. I. But a lot of monopoly doing this to me but I. Bartlett tried to spice it up I can't imagine the board game markets bear extra on Greg get rid of the boats. A simple vote Sambo. But. A iron about unexpected good chance of a sudden they're going to be good tickets that's about it easier on six of series. Do you think that monopoly should get rid of all all of the pieces that symbols should be the peace. You're considered so or something but I don't know but instead of the best to get a place at what point. With the crying among G there are a couple by the attitude of Edwards you're not let me that they believe the backbone of a matter of that. Well if people didn't like that demo I think most kids they probably just don't know that they've always agree. We need is targeting postal services to do clinics that. Something and I schools so they know how important that believes a Mort that both stopped fifteen years I've probably the levels of certain. A look at getting a chance they get rid of the stupid well there and activity not a typical of a well. A another. I'm coming up next we're gonna get to the bottom of this right now. It could tickets that's like six not Greece 06 can get the damned number did wrong. They did that added piece. Other monopoly board that it's simply the emblem it do you think it's simply that embolden that you.