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2/16/17 The Night Shift - featuring The Show & Serda Hour 1

Feb 17, 2017|

Show and Serda open the first hour of the show asking why NFL players seem to screw themselves when it comes to their players association? We also revisit the famous tennis star date and still manage to get a couple of Showstoppers in.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay. But nights when heroes Brian this you. He shout out in La La elicited but those pagers and because we salute you coral. Is to BA small part it's Thursday. Julio. Sanchez produces this bad boy. The price of the homes Mitt. Outlook to a yes I've NATO your voice is back already. Yes we have nurses this sucker. As well as we. I stopped talking today. And it's better hopefully. We can sustain this because. I have to do that base if in the morning with Brinkley. And Ryan hopefully. See if we can pull that putt. Will have fun deny it still plan. As we like to thank always some of you don't agree. Sometimes. And gives. We've got that gag is so topic of the day. And it should be funny at least for me. I don't know of anybody else either but I think it'll be funny. The Leo today we will do in the bed Dresser who. May. Have to shut us up because amount. Jun dorks time and whatever is listening name supposedly got a second date with this bribe I don't know what she's thinking. Why you sound so big you sound like like you're the winner got turned down for a second day we'll get to. Because. Julio. Showed up wearing the deed is Alston is like he had on last night. It worked for so he's tried to see it is. It. That's pretty good at spinning it. Dynamite dynamite strapped and mr. bin ice. I'll watch simply as always. A home. And or normal craziness but. Since it is 602. As we do. At this time every night. Libyan it is my guest and inserted Tuesday. Yes there. I drink have a kick start today. Mr. He almost vigilant today his hair as much as you tell him black people do. Mr. he tried to incite one of the MLB and it's an if disrespect anyone out there. I have fully apologize. Each got to kick off right before the show you one of the most annoying. Sports talk radio conversations of all time. I just simply went to a massive minute and it's extremely. Patriotic it off. I don't I additionally. I think I it is like I don't I just like bullets. And I don't care I note that next line is going to commit cute Q. Go I mean it's a lawyer because Saturday is pushing I don't even those that are really likes. Boneless wings I truly believe this guy to be the most a knowing. You wanna tell chicken nuggets that's fine chicken nugget that's why there's still delicious. And everybody is easier to eat I don't care I didn't want. I just want anyone else think about what is the other most unwilling build to non sports. Topic in Sports Radio because I think the traditional or boneless wing argument is right up at that. And I'm not going to let's use steer is down this road but that is like right now that. My second one I hate the most is the draft. Sorry. At mount Rushmore out Russ small hours did you have it chicken wings arguments are. Stupid because they had yes the seven I don't traditionally I used I used to like an America that would excite. They argue that. That dummies yes favorite soft as dumb does not support of its age and they're out. I just would go for both the swans it just like rigs like ribs are delicious. But they're not convenient to eat. I don't just stop it stops. Idolized his hair is her over here we're still it wears during this somewhere else that you're trying to have that infamous I did it. It is exciting. An American. Turn to Jack the show is an eastern dudes two are how we will not throwing town I'm just saying I'm glad I am that almost sounds as bad radio. You won't hear that year. All right let's let's move up this process sort of is going to try to. Hijack it. Carried out yesterday. We opened up and I was brutal. I'm someone. Was right on it saying this out of like Kathleen Turner. Or Andy Williams to have that they've. Well we talked about the franchise to tag the issue with the franchise tag with Eric beer a little yesterday. And as I did some more stuff today reading up some more things looking up some more articles. And it's sort of we've had this conversation. Off of the year before. And I cannot get over the fact that. It appears to be. Would you look at all the sports leaks. Baseball. Major League Baseball. The NBA against the National Hockey League counts. Like. All of those leagues compared to the NF. Compared to the NFL excuse me. Their players. More players in the NFL have on the top right. More players in the NFL it's more time college it's purely because of the rural. They don't have a choice if they want to play professionally the NFL forces you to be three years removed from college in the they also tell you. There's not really any training ground. For you except for calm. And so with that being in the point the NFL pants the most kids go that. But when you look down their CBA and you look up and down. There are deals with the league's. They have the worst deal. In any ultimately. Ended they are the Smart ones. But they can't screwed over more than anybody. Outlets and air listed today. All my might drive in this morning and he was talking about the whole. Issue of Illinois. With the column. The workmen's come. And now football players and athletes against Google. And then I was thinking man we're talking about rates as to how they hailed the NFL players agreed that then you look more. The guarantee contracts are terrific they make it over to. War any other sports league they get hate the least. CAA side glass was completely slain. To. The owners. In terms how much they're gonna make a much a year I mean everything. They cut the rookie salary. So it's Opel trickle down. To the to the vet as does the rookie deals were bad for the owners are for the plight of the duck hook and let us get more money to add that to the veterans. Working out there. I mean it is just insane to me. And so that's what happens when you have a players union that is Kemper comprised of former players and then the owners. Are are set up with a group of millionaires billionaires. Who have done nothing but make money. Their entire lives in their very good at making money am manipulating ways to keep that money coming. But seriously are you surprised at Harold. How easily they agree to its crew go broke into some of this it's just like it it doesn't make any system okay. We're gonna get screwed over with the security contracts or not gonna get him on top of that we're gonna let you guys put a two year franchise tag well atop that we're. The rookie salary. They're not really influence it could now what do people. I guess the players were Smart enough that they are right. If you have ordered a you have one player on the team. That layer means so much to the roster that. I don't want to re I wanna bring in 830 year old safety in what packages wrapped one for cheaper. And that's what teams do so it is just insane to eat they're bringing in. Thirteen million dollars compares in two like five from the NBA. At like six from Major League Baseball. And they agreed to that they're the ones have higher education. I mean how many players in the NBA our eyes. Didn't go to school or played one year or late. Benson and it would just. Stopped going to school halfway through the college basketball season be it might do well and I know back to it wouldn't affect him playing basketball for the rest the I mean he might like yeah yeah and Mike Beasley. His career it was a bit sketchy and his class time I'm just saying like. They irony in that is is crazy to. It's. Act the NFL's reached a point. Where they make so much money and they bring in so much money. That I genuinely believe for some of these teams is just all about money it's not actually putting. A good product. On the field I mean of course they would like to draft that superstar quarterback they can make them relevant or put together a decent team every year. Is always a money coming in these teams don't really care that much. Answers to the point I'm not blaming the owners. I'm in because. You care. In the owners they're there out there as they sit. This heroic things on the table and apparently DeMaurice Smith and company are just like. It's an and the and the players have had so many grievances. For so long with the way they're treated and their life after football on things like that. They spent so much time trying to focus on how to make those things better and how to bring things like concussions to the forefront. That they forgot that they need to make sure. They're getting paid in getting paid fairly. And you hope you brought relief to those in the preview in the last SE BA that area right now. They gave so much towards. Like after all and two guys who played for the which I do is call. That and someone's at this article in the loss and it was like hey. They're putting a few thousand more dollars in their pocket. After they retire. To then have millions left out of their pockets rather play. And I just can't believe we have the group of players. Who many of them have been in school three and four years I mean I would imagine the percentage. Probably should have looked this I would imagine the percentage. Of NFL players. They have college degrees. Have in outweighed. The amount of people have college degrees in the NFL. I mean in the NBA in Major League Baseball and even hockey. Just because Alice and a aunt. Anti and we see a lot of these guys in the NFL most time they graduate nearly. You are a lot of guys now lot of guys get don't college before they even enter the draft. It ages it is I don't like. To me it's it's nuts you would say to yourself. We get history. Andrew Luck. To stamp for. Is Dan. Has been involved in the hierarchy. In college athletics for years. But if you look at that two top guys in the sport. You look at LeBron James is now. Single parent home didn't go to college. But you would think it Andrew Luck. Is that number of that bring. Them. There ended. For us. You lead back to. Some semblance of togetherness Lucio on this list. Home. But it it is we were just on the others that show. Talking about. I don't know how. How else you can put it like you think about all of the ant like all the leads. You think about. Which guys probably the most degrees which guys. And the most schooling in what they. The NFL players aren't they supposed to be Smart. I just just because of the rules aren't they supposed to be the Smart. Have to be at least three years removed from high school to be able to be drafted in the NFL. And the numbers of NFL players. That I had higher education and have had degrees outweigh. What they do it it will be in the NBA. But. The NFL. Players it's rude like. Not even close the hardest. Any other league players. Like and it's it's just insane to me that that group of Smart Hewitt thinks more people. Would agree to some of the things they've agreed to. And a texture here from the I want races it would be nice if the NFL. Commissioner. That actually cares about. Its employees they need a guy like out of silver and as you say assertive. The commissioner really works for the owners. Yes and it's. He's just doing what he's being told to do well I think Roger Goodell is very good job of making money for the NFL. He he probably doesn't have the players best interest at heart. But he's just doing what he's being told to do because the owners don't genuine hand the players' best interests at heart they're just about making money. Yes. I think it's more the people out there right the the players that red roses and this seemed like if you just it will work if you missed to understate just understand. Like about the push it as we push this months ago this. The NFL players. And lest they are this. Real rumbling idiots. They're going to go on strike. And if you look at every having him if you look at everything that they agreed to in the last CBA. They agreed to. The amount of money they make with these guaranteed deals now I understand they can have your team deals. Like they do in baseball in. In the NBA. Yet think though it would be a little bit better than it is right. You'd think they would have had something to make it a little bit better within the as you did don't think that they were on top of that agreed to. That two year French guys to all in the east that this idea that. Why NFL rosters are so much bigger than NBA rosters that's why they make so much more money NFL players as it doesn't really work because when you look at top to bottom. The guys that deserve to get paid. Compared to the guys at the bottom of the roster I mean those guys are still making good livings. But the guys at the top there Oster deserved to get paid and they're not getting paid the way they should be uniting the EM BIA I think. Individual franchises. Are more interest in spending that money to get those players in place and making sure they take care of the guys that. That make them contenders I think they're more interest in actually winning in putting out those good products and lessen the New York Knicks. And and he talked. About paying aspect look. We can agree or disagree I think there's no way inhaled money edge thinking people getting paid the way they should. For me goes leave it for. And let's you know let's say I don't blame the own. These players are agreeing to. Like they are there any they are agreeing to it is but the part that gets me mortgages. The amount of money that is get route is. You would agree to and doing things that. Don't give you any power. The budget franchise to two years in a row right in the midst of earning power because generally if the team franchises. You two years in a row. You're between the ages of 28. Now the time where you are the most money is well. And the NFL has by far the smallest window for a guy to make money I just believe they agree. If so what is it eight point six. We receive their college degree is indicative of Intel. I mean. You're saying I mean I I've met people who graduated college you I didn't think where that intelligent but graduating college is an easy thing to do. So long intelligence may vary. You're not a complete idiot if he can graduate college. Oh but they. I'll guarantee you they got bored guys. Running around there that did more than a billion cents. Likely that I. They've got more than that. But they mean it would just it just doesn't add up it may be may be your rights are man may be the end of villages. Running idiots. I got I don't do it like securities in Los to a three the last seagate did a good job to rookie steele's. Not really. And because they cut the rookies and that the thought was of this money rule as Republicans say trickle down. To the veterans. These these front office people. Understand the sport. And they say well why the hell what I ia thirty year old. Big money when I can go draft younger healthier kid I can teach the play certain positions that aren't as important. I'll go in my quarter. It. This veteran out of and I just can't believe. These NFL players. Have screwed themselves so much in green agreeing to these deals. Especially when you looked at. What's in the 88 and end at MLB players that put together their in their league's image as a cat. What's their version. Of the franchise today sir what's the NBA's version of the princess. The team that party holds their rights that player and paying him a lot more money than any other team doesn't mean any Kevin Durant. Besides it to a deal I'll or five years in a Joker. And we get franchise you for the next to that you're getting out of here again your way they they still have a choice. They still have a choice if they don't like a bad teams doing and they don't like the way that team mistreating them they can go somewhere else the NFL you can't do that. If the chiefs refused to give Eric Berry a contract and he refuses to play under the franchise tag he does have to sit out the sees. As someone politics I hearing you guys act like players can just demand more money geared T. Yet to give up something I actually what are the owners giving up. It's just and the and who and what the owners giving that the rookie deal. Out of the last collective. Bargaining agreement. It was good for fans. It was good for the owners because a war handcuffing themselves with these massive rookie deals like Sam Bradford. When those deals didn't pan out you're stuck with this guy he's making eighty million dollars. It didn't help the players in any way because now it's handicapping these guys to where they've got to spend five years in the league generally. Before there making any kind of real money and it's also hurting like the New England Patriots. They're getting Rob Gronkowski right now and SSDs up at the because. He was on a rookie deal and they thorough bunch of money out and so he's you know years before his option was on peak and cool looking because they told them. You know we're gonna print. That she's doing the same thing with Travis Kelsey right now job skills if he has another year like last season. He's gonna want more money. They forced themselves to sign deals. And I look I'm not blaming the owners. These players who have come together willow these damn college degrees and smarts that you would think they'd have at least. At least on all are if not better than the players in Major League Baseball in the NBA. I almost like LeBron James take over the NFL players association. They they do you know much that it's bad guys it was certainly speak out that guy had taken a lit classes. It anybody's count. That might be Ogilvy went to Ohio State to take some. Some local quilting classes or something unless you let. But I'm is I'm just flabbergasted that they have agreed to all of it. What. Odds it's. It's his blows me away like is it like. Eric like the thought let's OK so now we use draft Eric Fisher number one overall. You'll pay him fourteen. Fifteen million dollars cutie that. All right in the future you should have a problem being able shell out money or their aired but what do they do it's still. They break its eyes to all but and what these what these franchises are doing is just. Once they realize OK we got this we get we gotta start in this player here. Or just a thorough bunch of money at him right now because it's gonna be a lot less than he's gonna command in two seasons as you and then we'll have them locked up for four or five more years before he can actually make any money. As uses. If it Travis kills. Signed his rookie deal which was four years. Or five it's they're generally four years at the fifth year option if he's signed for four years. And it would be would like 2526. The amount of money he would command on the on the free market. Would be used. But he knows. That four or five years give me that if option. That's five now I know literally staring at San. Just had to be at 26. I'll be 29. Under what are the three PH under his. Launder his current contract that he signed as he signed that extension if it is it. He's he's third when he when he won it assuming nothing changes in the contract and he actually plays out his entire contract with the chiefs virtually no barrier it happens. But he wouldn't become a free agent until 120 until the joint joint U offseason AB 32 years. But he had to take. It was he was on the third round pick the and you can't take it to to get injured. He can't take hits it he already missed Lee. You can't take that say it's like these players have handcuffed. Themselves. I'll give it to these owners of it Robert grant park. How else. Mark Davis that's been their age old I mean these guys these guys are salesmen they're they're they're salesman and they're very good ones so. They tell these players and the players association what they want to hear and what they will be flexible on them and they try to give them a little bit of what they're asking for. In the back of their mind. They can see into the future and see how these things are gonna play out the players association doesn't think the same way these guys to get up and it ate it drug test for. For week. NFL players and even get that. Hugh you sell miss an entire season what did for that what the owners this. It. If I'm the NFL players and I've come into eight. We're not only are we not get that franchise today we're gonna be able to cope if we want. Those a little reckless and they were there and be just out of a hole if so maybe yeah. And leave you weak knees and wrists and some of these. I had ups and about we take great of a please go to quote of two players look at a to hill owners. Out there it will their heads out of there you know coming up on the other side that guy gets so topic of the day. So it is going to be pissed. And it. I've got like a sack machine man. Doing it you know the guy out. Until that day. Machine. Everything went yeah actually this early on a show. That's the sort of witnessed this read this over that will be good will they come back to this bit later. I'd get this from the to a sixty owners definitely got the better of the deal with the NFL players won that seat he investigates an accurate total please. And they they did they. Up to about 60700. Billion. Dollars. Towards that towards retire late. I just know they would just give themselves the double figures. In the process. At that maybe it's a lead boulevard. As high as the league it's I don't think that's it. As dumping the players themselves. Understood and little energy to. Go. I mean and a seat he was an element wrote. That much. I believe they could have included that and just not just in okay owners you can have everything. Included as getting pop or a year to two marijuana use the the other leagues don't even have anything. I mean you would think that no one in the NBA smokes. When you look at suspensions compared to them. Didn't think it's excellent excellent there's 67. They've Lamar Odom would come back. Kick. Okay. We'll. Pick gag it's still tepid at. It's time to act like you fear. Associate that aspect guy's kissed the show topic today. This match and that is what. It's time to act like you fear this is. Used to sold topic of today. Yeah it's so I mean the days and I'm glad Nolan somebody that is that the coming to you here at 638. February 16. Coverage straight from the heart celebrations. Twitter account hearts of hearts and six. And for the a low cost of just one local bread today you'll need to chill in the save our hearts of these spots have been. Hashed it read. Apparently overnight. So I'm not paying me okay. Not only did he join our show last night. That it. He stole my sponsors pending tag on this Saturday showdown. And he also someone else I talked to him outside of more than just someone else trotted more bread today. People are actually bringing a hands free sued over the somebody had a box some one drop box of food off yesterday he's got to support. Also Brad he's gotten us this week. The bugs. I blew it. Hey be back. Ed people bring. Pretty stout. As I pray for me. Beating him as those of you that live and not finish the Brad not even drink the orange juice that was in the box Larry told him back that was. I don't care if it was meant for hand there are lots of personal favorite snakes and that might have a zebra cake when I get home. But the nice tall glass of Orange juice maybe some toast on the side dirty laundry detergent and there. Why do need to do laundry he has both of these forward into parts. A couple of responses. And out. It's become a thing on Twitter is that it's bingo account for about the past week now. That's what's eating certain it just broke out in the middle of a Baghdad is a soap opera of the day. I mean from Logan on that idea I shoot he knew and he gets free sapphire does that make any sense. Burst there was never any clarification ability owed. We still don't know he's he's still may believe the OJ. The it's sitting right here with. Them sleep. Unload it I only silly not to quit. Don't even think it's lead blocking yeah I just really round twice don't not hustles Saturday and that's with that. You do this thing. You have enough exits and yeah he would sit on its ads with a T like. Like he nailed it. They use to it. I found that late in the day so that. It is that time if you show stopper. Us. I. As showstopper. You. He did act I jolted her place the Sara Lee honey we so. And steps I took it out here is your garbage spread that he thought me back and got myself on and we. They. ASD ads at coroner reporting earlier today that sources tell him Tony Roma expects to be released by the cowboys this off season. What drama potentially eyeing the Broncos are the Texans as his ex landing spot. I'm telling you. Watch out she's means we'll field if Tony Romo of the Denver Broncos. In your city and I am just get her when he gets hit by just Houston okay period. All right. Eddie sit there and you're sitting there with eleven. How much about it and I made the demand it's obvious technical thing out of you've got a running game. I've Adam at. About to marry is honest guys back up to like thirteen 14100 yards next season advocates that that's that's the response and desserts service. A third of the billions of each day. The response of what's your experience. You know you'll get hurt but I don't I like to see behind you and your offensive line you've got to be crossing your fingers and eyes are. Offensive line is horrible to put the cowboys offensive line can keep them healthy of this nightclubs as they say what there's eight main offensive line was terrific right. Somehow isn't as was able to stay on Ramos and now let's get out of that related unloaded their boat they're both standalone guys in the pocket. And I bet you they've both changed the way it's play resident Trevor seemed semen. Five years ago. All right that was just two years ago. The annual Forbes values for each NBA squad came out on Wednesday and while these are the official numbers from the teams there are seemed to be very. Very close Ford says that the New York Knicks of the most valuable team in the NBA worth an estimated 3.3. Billion. Knicks haven't won a playoff series and for the past seventeen years. They say the lawyers two point six billion or number 20. The kings coming in at one billion in the box 785. Million RD biggest risers over. The past year I mean I just you know use it'd Tony affairs is what. I mean you got to be cute then it seems balloon fiasco. By the way. Still. For some reason has become the only white men in America. That it may. Black guys do and say really questionable things. But not have people come down all of that Charles Oakley beat up a bunch of white people who were security guards do in the James Dolan got blamed. Trademark green came out that he was a slave master and he's that if they didn't crust. Like he's your feet. Use anything bad about James Dolan. It's James Dolan he deserved. Somehow this has happened. It's. Steve Ballmer has finally earned his investment back on the clippers is they claim the clippers are now worth more than what he paid for them. Took about three years. It's very quick turnaround on investment. They are just cornerback Darrelle Revis has been injured after a physical altercation in his native Pittsburgh according to airport from CBS. Revis was allegedly involved in salt with five other people his lawyers said Revis feared for his safety and sound medical attention after the incidents. WTA Pittsburgh airport there Revis is currently under investigation by local police as a result and could face felony charges he is not yet been charged with and. And now I won't speculate on that situation until we hear more it's very unfortunate. That period back I just go and like you know sometimes we are reckless. It'll be reckless that we don't have. A lot of details on the story but it is. I mean we we don't know what happened exactly and his eyes and Revis is expected I think I would assume to probably get cut by the jets this probably is now in his case hopefully that's is there. It's it's it's nearing come on home time for him as well coming up on the other side. Steve insert is going to have to admit that he was wrong about it yesterday from isn't it that a date. Because apparently he is. Course this girl that giving him a second date sir that was rolled about this I was that's okay. It is still. Yeah. One of the most best practices in out decision we embassy. And public of this kid. What's his name. John thinking it's. Nor can it. John Portman. Or mean whatever is. I this in our VIP members go man who I've known. Is ready to explode on his this period Steve insert a good angle meant. Well first eureka and yeah. Everything your way of what sort of went wrong on hand. I like bonds swings I don't have a problem when bonds is a problem with only in leaks. Arab problem with the miners are preferred that. You're not impaired in any unique all of a bus. Visible breach OK. Julius. That's fine well injuries this year. What Leo we'd. Vietnam that I want to get on base number that. Oh yeah his emails and we need to go and grab tickets that I am I will not be there unfortunately out of. I appear. Well yeah that the words. I can pick ticket that tomorrow then got you know but. I'd drop off in there like Warren compliant and got back then can't go I got a big old block of new tools for you my Iraq at all this is gonna that your office. And why I'm. Here to. And that it is and I'll come over and I Arctic air. A crash and make it count man big I was is that by the late Q did you industry that went three. The have you student they get that date is not easy bake is we're about fourteen and wrote. Off and we didn't say was reached. The world that we get the Permian and this is this is annoyed. So it'll. This kid is tricked or she's doing this I believe about it charity or they'll never. She's given this kid judge working it's another day. By the way I'm ticked off outlets that hole a little story of what happened. As we were giving off the airlift. Steve insert it into uncle Leo Davidson went into cycle. Move. They're doing everything he. To try to keep this case it's him based. I eve. I want it to budget over the shell I thought it could be funny I was excited about it. He was eating angry every I'd like any idea executive producer that's an executive producers do they try to make the show better. If any he items so excited every time it was a real. Game. Look it's. All a I don't know why wouldn't wanna come on the show about how how can. Any leads did you think you had in getting its execute it if I had at least 38. It's X 80 I think that that's. I think that's a certain return to go through his teachers at have you tried looking like that's our dedicated sir Winston's. Any tickets text at right now is certain site. Or as slow as sort of cycle. Asserted I did it to the show I'm committed to Michelle and I'm committed to our brand and if I think it will make the show better quit I will do what I have. Have to quit campaigning just let him say it right now welcome to sticks at 693. 06 asserted committed to the show or sort of Psycho. Are going to the tipped debts. Including trying to find out who is professors or teachers or a at Missouri to try to get up all over email to this a soccer extraordinary here. I know a guy that knows people the student engaged in the business at the students that. But I thought Denver las what do you think it's kept telling people. He he he's norm. He's normal. He's gone that's all that's like being in this that's his outfit screen. Ruins OL beyond the friends. Well you can't I could be a lot of as the nicest person in the world. If I do is go out you'd. And it'll bring migraine. SO the good publicity for her her brain is. I've met. She's got to over a million followers now I bet she didn't have that many followers before this happened I never knew this Greta image is if it's girl. Is it even and what will quote reflect a plus close. On it's. It's a chromosomal. It's. Greta like the widespread panic Zaun added. And genius who's shy. Where did you get Greta right out he said he's committed. And we've got a committed to this hill and resourceful. With winds are at least you get here in the studio. It's certainly. You know bill I was tickets you can get the care roads and asserted it's this is. As Lloyd Christmas Day here in dumb and dumber you get crazy look at your third. Look at is guy that he is go I didn't I and you tax line he is only going hard Kohler he's. Get a hold of what is teachers immediately just look at the tether. Of course you know me I got it Emo. I got it Emo I keep going. Up our landlord think it'll that I. Let's look at it fits certain is ignores immediate it's right here sir is a moron frugally in you first he didn't do it. Charted. A discuss that now people and I mean it doesn't mean I went 62 world is a serious. I think. The loads the incident proves there. Both. Levels I. That's. I all I've I've not done with that. I'm going to bombard him with tweet pic kills and tell you respond to Israel's without visible it's at what it was a stopping point which you gave up that it's not so burn. I will get this guy on the show. Once again I will find a way I don't care I have to drive me zoo and head out to students and are all debt. Oh. It's a game you've you're hearing. You have the next two minutes. Take its sex life expectancy. It's a it's stevens' verdict a Psycho. Or committed to the show. The public did what he was tried to get this judge art of bitches well them. Herbal that would rid of edge as it got big. Music is like the ads. Part of the sorting and it's certainly a book a date that system it's just. Sticks to it that. It's what it's. Okay good yeah. I don't wanna kill. I'm gonna kill you. He's got a crazy look in your eyes.