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02/16 5pm - The Hits, Gordon v Soria, Ask Us Anything

Feb 17, 2017|

In Hour 4 from Surprise, Fanning & CDot play the hits, Fanning wonders why fans only defend Alex Gordon over Joakim Soria when both had down years last year, and end the show with "ask us anything."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dry and as you had issues like like I assume probably you know stringing her. River color so it was you idled by the ways of days ago that once I don't want anybody in the world to find out about how great you know as. Do you go to like the main area I don't think you'd like bullies you people really clear an area and I don't oh yeah he's always he's like somewhat of a legitimate said he had climbed that a couple of mountains and I know it is and then. I did not Bora which is the tallest peak my cousin that. And then now judge handles a little time. And and we actually went to Mount Hood. Tragedy that. And now we have we were like 15100 feet of this coverage that's something that needed. Sounds miserable this theory seems like a very easy way you guys to find in Arizona there's some really good hiking in mountains in Phoenix city and yeah I got Arizona and. Oh yeah at the white take up to like right behind the ballpark. And there's trail of art with the trails a look at yeah it's gonna pick someone to do what I'm finally doing together activities hiking and doing painting and those they don't hand him a little inevitably and that's what it's it's it's doing half mile high. And I believe the stuff I'm not I'm not I'm not prepared for that kind of stuff. I just stay far away becomes the scene possibly got through the city. You know I don't know rattled and that's not rattle I'm not familiar with the rattlesnake got 48. And comfort zone it's a smaller Roosevelt took all the water so morrow I don't know anything about that I watch though running wild with bear Gillis on YouTube that's great weekend that's a broad enough for me I felt like at the very outdoors you watch yeah Marshawn Lynch outdoors and multinational. Guarantee Harrison. Got a booty. The guy that drives. Regulations don't get it figured 95 we appreciate. Listening to show it to hear. From our lives in surprise Arizona the home of the royals here for spring training. Ready for the season. Bear grills. His name yeah that I let my apology well what we're or at all it was only one episode don't. Like episode actually President Obama what you FaceBook live hiking near samarra. All the effort in the reception that you know. Are you talking with scary to think can be hiking the airs it'll it'll liberation. Like. On the hiking and I'll think about it utility a few hours Robert. Deleted scene in his place. I. Like rap on the ball mark. And it you know these dress up for you issues. Anywhere ocean up the tonight lol you got it would only on this let it go to sporting goods get ice bag good. Hiking genes good boots don't care you know the elements. Out there in basketball shorts and Jordan might balance out there at 75. You know you know. The album and it's easy to where I there's you know they're trying to do. For a table. Hiking with me and I'll do something with use completely. Fair. I would go out and I would consider going let me consider. Placing that I am or. The element. Sneakers shorts and years of knowledge of the right I don't. Like they're too ignorant to. You're high notes that one old goat since. Three cats. And they've. Allowed notes that it's important the mission may need to race in a while ago. We all want go to Mexico ice on we work in Mexico or just go to law. Mexico. It's. Not too far away they wander out here. It and it's nice I'll take it all day long and innovative yet. This historic in the name Kansas City we talk about them every day at 5 o'clock we eat slowly and shut up and play. So does that wonder what does happen finish out. The first day it's been hit over the last few days. This citizen you can when he trip to Boston suitable as well. 66156. Yeah I. Us here at six network radio and the war. Had your chance to win a trip for two good teams down as Kansas City in baseball in this July you've heard the sound or listening each weekday. But in the morning negation of your on the drive when you hear that now under the caller number seeing him. If your politics your qualified between now march 3 you'll draw one of lucky winner who will be on their way to watch the boys in blue in Boston airfare for two. Three nights hotel and a 400. Dollar ticker taking credit. It all the details right now at the web site sixth and sports dot count. Thank you see Dow first hit of the day Ken Rosenthal fox sports wrote about pending royals free agents and that. Dayton Moore is gonna look to try and keep as many of them as he can. Including most notably. Each right John Eisenberg. Libel left field pretty well throughout and it's going to be over ahead of and we're though. You play it off the offense came you'll score and customers at second base. Larry our leadoff walk immediately turned into a run here comes Terry Collins. See guys of that even if Dave Moore has every intention. Of trying to keep Eric Hosmer long term I think it's safe to say that if you're a betting man. But probably not putting down a whole lot and on and staying in Kansas. No not putting. I get calls reversed emergency. Like zero to 5% change it. I just think that some people priced themselves out and I'm a big advocates it was just an entire outlook outlook for positive economic team here. I don't think it's good business then not much money for if you look at what your budget is that what you mean I don't wolf it's good business to pay one player. The person is that they aired on the when he made it look their optimism. And I love their public statement we're not gonna give up on these guys are forever what we want to keep them near. He got to be realistic. Enough playing for the royals next season I do think Microsoft is that you instantly next. I think it moves weeks I doubt he signed the conflict as you look at insignia or else could've made that you see that. A contract like it has aroused I think you want to keep Obama out of Africa while Clinton has decided not to. I don't think. Microsoft is gonna Islamic Conference that you thought was going to sign a contract. That really puts you behind eight ball financially I don't think it's more money for the royals assign them long term the dollar I think he's gonna remain only a month. What we've seen it happen and other markets to other markets it was nice it see it's got me the good job our side for Minnesota and put them that. They could afford paying. And that's my fear you know did they do that I think about Hosmer. I'd urban Meyer's go to show news first time head coach 36 years old all increased eight hours to get to a 1993. You pretty darn quick he was gonna outgrow. Right they could they have they couldn't keep them he was gonna go somewhere he was gonna use god that's a little bit the way a fuel costs. You know but that that the differences that. You know some small college coaches they'll go on win championships in their fan base happy you know it with the moon and on the that you're getting a single to right the reason experience. I don't like it but they'll understand. Is that how luring him. Which two World Series. And so if they don't bring him back I think. The deal and I think it'll be okay that makes sense. Yeah I think I've made a comparison on Friday when you're driving down. It's different in the case of pandering to we just look at the ring go back to it does not beat him legit mentions the loss in game seven of the teams went to slot understand the frustration and anger from Oklahoma City is. And eventually they'll get over the last thing right now. If I perfectly silence them or else I don't think you ever shred of regret. Error problem in our world uniformed. What like 95%. Of what you thought it was gonna be when you first heard about how brutal it was how remained in the first day he got called up to thirty home runs yet that went in BP yet on a multiple All Star Games. He's been 95%. What they told that he was one that you want a championship with them you agree that at the birthplace of great beauty is but a spokesman for the royals. Upset at the takes that you Google like the Texas Rangers maturities and he gets it. Salute to you we appreciate what you did in Kansas City I think that's the mindset at least for me is how I've approached their. They're sick guys zoo lost in basketball last night we are not really surprised by this thing. One area that we were surprises to one year old student from New Zealand got a huge dump last night he made that during the Super Bowl. Gorgeous kinda start Jeannie Rashard. She lost back in the that was that she had to go on a deep with this news is student she follow through she flew into New York for a night's game. And while everything seemed to go just about as Berkeley is it. Oh. Worry because that's what I picked up let's fix that kind of play. My god he's one of those super I don't even know it looks like I'll. He is awesome sportsmen and I'm gonna take this thing normal. The fact it's. That's courtesy of yes network in new York and I don't you guys but I think this as the ability to be he greatest. Shoot your shot moments. Of all time but I. This is a legendary inspirational tale that's one year old college student. The patriots were well when he ate the three. Tom Brady and delivers this means that dates this is real life. She's electrical and he's Albert Brennan. They went to the basketball game just like in hitch. This inspirational. Story how can anyone had an issue in Tikrit the best part about the stories third all of that number two. It's been the dark days over at university loser Brad some dark days with the best thing happens all the yield for Missouri since burglary dot com committed it was a this is a great story. Congratulations kid I get the kids got to drive against the there's a couple things that I think you look at me. You. I. It's not that have accused gold as the mayor in all of us I think in algae that is not I think are what's going to be. Christie Brinkley though boot hill I did days ago and see. After a while. Well it's gonna Wear off. You can't beat the same god is that lets not talk to when he team at the royal but now it is today you wanna talk about what you're not a tour. Appreciate hearing now I can't per. Six got a great sport here collective concerns first and foremost. Elapsed. That's the first what you are in desperate for sure to make it a shot and doing. Think it here's the thing that I concerned about it. Did you notice that is Wheeler was before this happened decided you know Oca that not in my two female tennis where I don't know what the person I have a most people don't. But Hillary can potentially assistant yeah but you don't happen over the last life since Super Bowl. It. Gene so hard she's becoming house beautiful player. So my hope is that while this kid took huge dose and did this. I hope that she is that we is more dialogue in the just rip this all out. Because it's not gonna work its use is doing for the I think it's a possibility she did a court. The possibility I don't care if he's doing it for the public that's my easy. If you donate a million dollars this year let's is that you got a million dollars you say you know what I'll with a built this children. I'm giving it a million dollars. Every person you come in contact with no pay Children's Hospital I pay for that way. And it's not a self centered and now you have made it very gracious yet about you but he's built it. Donated to Children's Hospital that's the greater good that you're selfish. If it's Houston as the BO Jimmy Kimmel all that stuff that's fine bill. It's prodigy and pick one hero how do you still got the opportunity to. If it's funny 5000 dollars for all we at least walk all the all of that memory you can never take that await him. Shoot from half court. I basically it in the AG and the envelop the ball under you through it when I won the game this kid's a winner. People talk about it in life that's what this heated. Let's JP and a lot of kids did so please answer for a achieve in life. That's sick guys know their Ross loss. Home for K state another rough lost Brad standings guy Bruce Weber to FitzGerald from bill harkat dot com we had him on earlier we asked them. They sought to make an. Well I think that. The bubble but history shall we were inevitable turn it over actual articles you're sitting in the tournament after work as well. So they're still in according to Joey brackets let's. Keep losing and home there's going to be more trouble on the horizon for case. Really quick ran. It would stop with this every year the bubble was really weak but incur because apple always going to be week. Like they still haven't hit a legitimate chance but it sort of still always going to be weeks every year. This lets stop back by the last four years is that global mobile we just because college basketball. All basketball we've. This week you're that six to seven. Lots of home games. I've defended Bruce Weber. Is making me look bad. We got the man's back into the Gaza loses. A lot. I there might be able to serve and god you and I got to stick generally you got case state. Make in the NCAA part of it they've lost that I got that I got to like the likely term that you know it in CW says that. Are the very specific. We is that the term OK not not gonna get out of it pays the CBI Feliciano told him it's pertinent to the twelfth year. Well allows it varies for the next five games ago. Bottle it today guys can't city community Los area iconic coach Elliott a while but Frisco yesterday due to it ruptured brain and terrorism. There will be so operational life and that's scheduled for Saturday. It's not us knew him personally. The way we are able to snack I think all of us that the stories that we've all had coaches and teachers and our lives. That made huge impact now that I've got interest allies and earlier in the show right you talk about specifically. That 12 with three different coaches that you'll always remember for the terrestrial life. Yeah I've got a more than that really unthinkable off early show on comedy you again built cared very far right heavily theories. Or mark Mike Martz are going to option it threatening those are all guys that significant impacts in my life we've all of encouraging people play sports. In other lazy here's somebody that your life that played a major role you'd see them you so the more power to make it all in Florida beaches. Just because you had such as the only had three kids these days they had about probably one house. And the audit of the impact this. Is that the time five minutes Saturday picked up the phone. Notes that he Nelson attacks. Go see somebody who's made an impact your life and fortunately. I never met coach Driscoll never talk film never interviewed him I didn't really know we lost a couple days ago. But I think when you. Hear about the story you read about you hear the accounts of people that would its poor who now completed and that really had a close relationship. I do think that it makes you think about your childhood in your offering courses that there was some coaching your life it. Motivate you that's all you'll life's lesson that you still apply to your whole life. AA and are needed him sad story yeah. And you really get to see. How he's a pack obvious impact and so many people's life. Today Ned Yost spoke with the media today as he does everyday but. I feel like since he's been here they're like different themes every day about what the hole and of the messages maybe it's based on what rust day and age are you planning your writing. But today Ned Yost talked about second base I think that is their most heated position battle they have so far in spring training. Net talked about second base in the guys he's going in the mix. I'm not worth looking at. Mare's field. We're looking Ned LaMont to see if we're looking at Cologne and eat and gave myself so customer's name and their duties. You know he's worked really hard. So as the season was over last year you know and we all sodomy was just worn down you know I was just more out. But he still hop on a plane the next thing came down here in more two weeks at second base was Raphael bell yards. In instructional league so Ralph via liked what he saw from him there. You know he's got a tremendous Barry's tremendous. Tremendously athletic and we'll see we'll look at them and see the other books what are we look at four of the guys when job I'm looking for got to produce. Looking for a got a can catch ground balls and double play get hits. So. Well we're looking for. So for guys in the mix rove Odyssey with mare's field Christian Cologne just a copper. Mikey two of those. 12 baseman more leisure utility guy filling these people. So if dad. As flowed out of those four guys. I think we cannot Odyssey seats and I stunned of modesty at least he's OK. He's gonna have to hit so well spring training it. For him to break can't. Jessica Burke and Chris she Cologne cannot be impact of both those guys belong there out of options and whip Mary feels a guy you can plug. On any infield position with the exception of catcher and you could put in the outfield corners so to me I think it's already been narrowed down to. I think modest goal back to the minors and Cologne maybe the odd man out this thing. And I think it's going to be copper and Mary field that break camp and I don't know the stars of. I think the competition for the other spot is between baloney copper. Well there you can do so many things that he's over a week of play every infield position he can play in the outfield. That is part repeated thing that he doesn't break camp with this team is on that point five million roster since our opening panel heartened to think that I with mayor the yet outlet right now maybe it's 100 years bringing it looks bad ideas and adjusted. That's certainly possible. His versatility makes me think he's going to be on the team. Its existing between colonial comfort. Because I think we can agree if they tried it's straight property has some value. It's right well I don't know how much value. That maybe there isn't a spot here forum. Maybe they've offered over him there isn't a spot or go to another team and as a good career you don't look at the numbers look good in fuel for the age that all right. I think Cologne gets the job and I think they move on from just local I think the hard decision more than that you know what I Christian Cologne is the opening day second baseman. This could be either look at me. And that's the tough decision that the us again today in the pool the better second baseman cup leopard you know that was docked at the last year you know. Cutler came out surprise. It needs are actually trying to learn the position he has he has not played the position lateral movements that the vast. That's what you put him at third he's got the arm for a third baseman got more power in Cologne. The club's got he spares you can bounce him around different position if you need you on saying that virtually under. Get Cologne that he understands what he's in for this season. He started working out outscored in the house supposedly lost eight out. A little bit easier. As he knows what's up nickel back of the miners OP doesn't make his team he's gonna have to find enough and I think he will. If he's not here Christian global flat spot the hero. It's a real to me the most heated now. Did you reflect it utterly he said with those guys maybe fight one spot possible. You know there's a what you guys fight for once by at second base there's for probably three guys like for one or two. Coming up next. Meaning has an interest in question about Alex Gordon. In Joaquin Soria. And outscored met the media today we played a conversation for the next Woodruff. Sixty in sports really. Mac and on the drive is snares them Brad skating live from surprise Arizona home with a world. Sports training. Beautiful day year beautiful day back in that everybody didn't know whether that. This city here and hopefully. We haven't. Ran across the Ohio. Not since last night not to solemn hour. Dollar. Hopping fences and tell your kids break. Company. And you John and leader from the gains it is so one by car park and its spirit. But I don't do it all the it was one of those that you can attack him I think he. Was gonna do. Did you ask him niceties if you feel threatened more you can read them and doctor Dougal and communique out. Wild animals they. No but I think I guess that we're gonna to like you maybe but I think that people probably he does. So that's maybe why camera shot in feeling you know there are people don't. Who took. Scores. That people do it Booker is the annals of the one. That brings me I don't know I don't know I hope I'm not in the situation. I generally just quoted and remorse I haven't had even thought about that book series and like fifteen years equivalent beat me codes lord I pulled those references. In case you don't know if any and a Morse was like this paperback by scholastic book series that eventually turn into a TV show. Well like these high school kids could then morph into whatever animals on a line very exciting times. Sounds like. Today Alex Gordon met with the media. And I appreciated. The level of honesty in which Alex Gordon. Exhumed in this conversation the other is fantastic. I mean. Bill. Paint a different picture. Well we all can see with our own eyes you are last year are you going to be better I think outscored was really accountable in this conversation. Ice. I registered troopers it's just old enough clearance. Bunkers and hopefully. We'll go up more years to come book. On children. Is handles things. I didn't I didn't. Like find Botswana bottle liners on the plug on the same way so. Do good a long time looks okay. It's okay. Look what you do is a good kick hit the city continues to review you Kennedy didn't go via it is. Together. Those great what he said we don't lose you Kennedy. Christian follows there. Some news. Was good. Usually go back home owners to discuss for a while but just an off season. Kind of build it in our relationship outside the field it's it's it's always I think we'll have kids so we spent together and with kids and it's good to have to build those relationships and that chemistry it will go outside of Austin and here it is now. Don't have the funds in buffalo wild horses and for sure we're gonna miss them. Unfortunately. For the news. You guys come and go. He's in California. So it's like. I'm sure every year's different ballpark for fun. Always love Lindsay is not going to be. Every year's different you know my my its present. How do you deal with last year he's just trying to behind you sort of peer pressure. You look back at what you know how you played last season and you focus on the we'll go to the prevalence and that's bottom line I'll try to make excuses and then. You'll never guess it's probably true so. Police. But at the same time. It motivated me dissolves in the you're ready. Who are married now and hopefully I'll make this his father a cluster. The original packing just to inform. Ellis who view the business side of baseball there's speculation that this book. Your future talk about lately the group of guys who can. It's. That's been great watching those of us transform over the past two years old young guys come up with a there. There's tennis relationships in this on. You know evolved into a family type atmosphere and you know we're all friends were all family here. Ferguson early unfortunately its business and so has my you're an element of leaders book. Can't really you know we're not that focused on. Scudder to limit the season's pretty special. What was it like seeing investment on this front office made this offseason when it created inside the minds that this all mean. Because it's you know the Rosario policies and you have to wait until everything. You know unfolds and because obviously that's what visited him and I feel like there's this old. You know a lot of boards that we needed and it's not so good about the signs and hopefully we can. Come on contribute. What we're you have your. I pose this question on Twitter. And it's about half and half I'm getting crushed. Eliminating it and some actually like it and so the the question that I put out there is. What are we defend gore go. When he's coming off the bag here which he had me by labour class act mean. And Ryan we cows he would do just about anything for Gord elect he's he's got a series man crush on him on the right below that. Like I have such admiration for outscored as a royal. And the way goes about his business well. Cora had a bad year he acknowledged what he story had a bad year he acknowledged. We brush story. Russian. And we're giving Bordeaux is because he hit the home run in the ninth inning of game one of the World Series is because he came up this system. Now what do I don't I don't actually it's very I think it's. It's okay because it's realistic in its life that players are going to have gotten yours for. One reason or another accident he's not here there's something going on sort wasn't good for a lot of the year last not. I'm not saying that he wasn't understand that you know we defend gore though. Or in the post story under the bus and I think that's what people die is it because. It's thing. Is. Screw ups that happen late in games. Because gore shares Beckett struck out late games. But we don't crush court noticing when we rush looking story is that fair. Well I mean I don't know why you were particularly don't like that you can't deny what happens both players had a bad year last season. Gordon's bad years you differently Milwaukee Soria. My. Answer to the question would be a couple of things I think sort of like the bugle kicker. Court let the wide receiver to drop the idea a critical problem third. And your local address the opportunity to go yeah I Soria he has comes in at the 89 minute. There is fewer outs would you make a mistake but it's harder when your team chew over all seriousness it's fair. To partly why though like that part. All I'm saying is it's unfair but that's life. It if Bill Self and Bruce Weber. Both the same mistake at the end of the game it's more criticism for the person that isn't as good at their job as the other person is the person is as popular. I agree with in utopia society everybody would be treaty war. That's not light though some people are giving a longer at least some people are able to do things operate at their job. But the other people. Outscored in is quote forever or. So that the fate ends he hits he is viewed in a different light than it free agent acquisition. Which is what whacky story you know he was on the team but last year he was a free agent acquisitions he wasn't on the World Series team he wasn't when he fourteen he was not a or the royals. And I think at the end of the season. I don't think he did themselves any favors valiantly struggles I remember the game he gave up a double he leaned dropped ice and political. He can't do that you all know you you can't do that you can't do but a lot of the time we did a lot of time he did but the ones that he didn't. Real Adam have a a deserves it because they're supposed to be playing no doubles defense it was stated near the warning track so it doesn't matter we're Dyson was playing. Pebble it's so far so long would it matter of that mark I understand you can't say that. And that expecting excellent. Pictures dilemma though when I heard I can believe that he sent. Was frustration I don't know which he would say that he would blame. This all you can eat. Because dice wasn't playing on the warning track or walk right in front of the center field wall I get that all of say is blocking stories that are very good career. And if you go back over his ERA last year it was four point 05 he would see good. You before that 2.0 three you report that two point eight by your report that 2.5 three. That year fourteen of the tigers four point 91 your report that two point seven out. Does a really good relief pitcher. He's really good in it crummy year and you makes it a little bit of that like in that on top of the crummy year and he's he's. He's the target he's the guy he's he's the one that we all day to go after and fans that deal because the last thing they saw in game. Alex Gordon had a down year I love the I love the fact that he. So complete blame for today I didn't see economic and I thought it was terrific what he said he he's run a crummy year whenever you guys that whatever he has wrote. You're right that year I think he'll bounce back absolutely. I think what he will bounce back I do. I do believe that. I'm not so confident blocking why not why this why why not and I just ran like what like history and it never had a good deal last year I just didn't I used it like end. I think that sometimes because the more has been so good I think we like will keep his moves isn't apple. I or what you are one for the beginning to feel good the middle of the season and look at the end of the season and Hugo. He got off to a rough sport and I felt like media people and Iranians they a lot of excuses or. Well ball got hit hard as a senior icing goal of war but not columns on the market look and I think it's bad luck led. The season yet he aids in this day so the early part of the season he wasn't good. The middle of the C yeah nine ERA in a mom. And and the intimacy he was bad they essentially shut them down at the end of the year walking slower it was just so weak it's that the positive and make it seem like he was just bad the entire year that there are some positives. I think part of the frustration of walking or use. They wanna argue you can start all the season with a vision for Chris ago. I think you realize Chris Duncan matchup for more visually more we need to really quickly it's just what we think Chris Duncan and it is minimize the back on the team they never did have a blocking or they can put him in high pressure situations and big spot and continue to feel the team. You can point back to when we looked at it. I can do it tonight. You might find five or six games watching so I mean by reason number one that they lost. I don't know the reason number one but he's part of the reason he can't give it up like as a reliever delayed any relieve your job either hold it. Your job is to hold your job is coming their gated he didn't do that a lot of it's not say dude I'm not making. I'm not defending this season that lucky story on say these tribes and it was let's back. And say where Russian Soria when other guys here's 21 of which. It is one of the favorite royals in recent memory in outscored yet that you're too. Oh. Not just story. He gets a little bit if we're gonna go after sort of people are going after Gordon. That's olives and the court. 150 something strikeout and a voice walks is that it barely know art and I think a lot I think part of it you. Is is like when when pitchers fail. At bat. We that we expect hitters and it this year you know there they had to wait so they fail. Over 70% of the time period a year with pitchers he still wants in the wrong spot we don't forget. We asked Eunice. Opening day. At Kauffman Stadium. And both on the road we're just opening day Kauffman Stadium. Royals are down ours their reits for you pick the one run lead. It is the eighth inning neighboring Joaquin Soria. What's your confidence level in what you think the the year Indies stadium is with blocking so we're running out all the. You're just it's going to be nuts isn't it yeah it's get a chance because they don't trust and I understand why don't trust them again well. No way you do that stuff is that you trust them and that's I do I do early on I do I do I watch him. Maybe that's a fair assessment I watch you because you've worked through. It's not responding David being one of the great things. Are. Coming argue. I. This season on. I'm confident he proves me otherwise I really am I crazy but the only way to get that this is like deal. Woolsey Paul or should you pack whatever and you you have to do that you've got. Is a crucial part of that bullpen and it's not a money he's going to be there I want to work through the way get through it. It by being put back in those situations such a royal things what they've done. Net stuck with Penske organization supported moves as they struggle they did curvature. You know we're gonna sit him down because that was the best thing form but they've got stuck by these guys and that's what players play for videos in this organization because. A lot of trust him to work through. What keeps stories due to the pitcher he's not injured. To get the pitcher back to back out years because he's never done it before that's all I'm saying so yeah I can trust him. The beauty of this is this. What a topic that we'll have an answer like that like that scenario I presented biggest opening today. But we agree totally for opening series it'll be the open series we agree at some point it will happen they're going to have. Eighth inning and they're going to put him out there and they're gonna see how he handles it. And Woolsey and nuts onetime go to multiple times does not like it if he succeeds or fails and activate and or details that first time that they're not look Joaquin story. But he's one be given. Just like just like it would be you'll be given enough time to work with problems if he struggled. Let's. Get you in media art we don't have as much patience with players that the organization and I get it. I understand I get. That's what relief pitchers all the time and the from the TV side of things we don't show highlights an emotional money is the end. When relief pitchers go 123 in his we don't showed. We shall. When they give it up in Atlanta in the files competency that's when we show. And in those of the things that we focus on not the times and they get good remember this bullpen. And Graham the coach Aybar way gave mr. got this the fifth best bullpen in terms ERA in Major League Baseball here. Wasn't that pulpit. We had been spoiled just dismay with the HDH and all these other guys in our bullpen has been thinkpad fantastic and it was a bat ball and last year it was the fifth best in Major League Baseball. So Horry had a rough here I do trust him it just based on the track record based on the ERA in the things that he's put up in his career I do trust in this year. It's 6906. Accident asked us your questions and excellent track. 610 sports. Six on six Sports Radio groups yes yeah even in his undergo an easy. And I think we can hear you sure. Okay. That's a very good question. Yeah as soon. Rule Tex lines 69306. Ask us anything. On the drive we'll get sponsored by tells them and ask us anything is powered by a couple hours standby generators by seeing it now. It tonight. They hurt you again here last night. That and and I think that's I think I heard really really good he was struggling to do here I am now beginning to heat. It's excellent referred to him as black for his Laver. Well what happened to this point out all the top goal line. Hopefully. It's not so now. That's line is 6930. Usually ends voice you know rot or run talks like Dave Chappelle from that Sanyo Jackson's. That's out movie eat those saying that's what he's. This outfit await events like you go without Paul. Rob I good. Run got jokes. Thanks Glenn he's 69306. From the nine and three did you guys ever figure out whether cantons going hiking and I would go hiking in the city I would consider it go hiking out here I'm not I'm not dressed I'm not prepared. Yeah actually are on a pair of shorts and comfortable there Hughes. I isn't back so I guess it just don't understand a year in incredible climate in Arizona you have like a much. But is it against cities. Beautiful city but you have like the mountains and just from an outdoor perspective it makes much more sense to go hiking in Arizona doesn't Kansas City. I wanna do it I think there's no FaceBook like that it remains. Open. That's like 69306. An interesting 175. Is love and basketball a sports movie that no one's seen. No would like to know what goes. In one of the lower OK so maybe them one of the more or I think it's a. Obviously they know and leading white people haven't seen my movement at all look belt and black and blow up. There's no I'm why. I'd seen it. Now. I think we hope that incidents at a number I love the Oslo accords that it's a decent films. Najaf the bureau counts that. Is that the guys exited this Omar absence annihilate them and actual hard currency party and she it was a WBA is that going to USC's it's like. Great shot at this relationship. I have seen part of these reunions and it took him. Thanks I'm here. Tech you better years and everything I'm really union yeah yeah I was so my cousins and I we go to Nebraska football game every year. And we went to view we were down. Raskin Miami game. Last year or not this last season before in a bloody bodies you sportscaster or you know Ohio. Is now sportscaster Miami so we looked up before hand and he any. He's knows the way she is those guys they were tailgating and get real users who's been death. But even homeless story. I don't know a great fatal hit home it'll what we have here wants to pull out a did you do to counter quickly look I did not she was and they want you. And she was on the volume here she was delicacy and he'll. The loan she was front Toledo Els working at a even knew she was that it wants to create any. But so her sister was so she was to listen you're about 51 dollars or 129. And yeah I was over the age of god my body it's it was sales guys station. He sister and some real. Around hearings you know obviously she really it's all. Sex line 6930675. But he has to kill time after the show in Arizona other then trying to run from coyotes and you know explore. And would have been out. They've really done anything I've really done a good thing aside from the show I'm actually. I've waited this out I've intelligence Chrysler this guy text me one day. I want Monday is asked this in the eyes and ask the barbecue cooking with care it's an added Alice in Scottsdale so I'm going over this year after the show that we're gonna cook. Could you would care to with a stranger. So come up tomorrow standing and I'll be hosting the show pretty much the Zenyatta swat team trying to find anything that anybody I mean I'm like I'll FaceBook live like interest let me do you honestly like I don't notice there's mile allies and it's it's like a horror movies like they've made those for movies like based on Skype although that was in the next one it's about FaceBook lot Mikey. The star on the head and upper mainstream. Is that no matter I I'll grab appeared in the and isn't it her place. Some ups opposite route since Hitler. At dinner with outlaws box score tied for Don proctor last night. And once we. Run a couple ball close down to me ever gonna go bro. Mark I got my home and we start and you. Shall we played for the week and I do plan going to victory this week it rained it. Juan. Korea fiscal Q where care. All irony here is telling Carrie and it's going to be cold he might not go to the grand like it's only five he's wearing a skull cap and jacket and a single once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm definitely going to others happy goats you. I I still think you might about it it's really tell him. And ago here at you in cold weather and not get along. But I very rarely do you did somebody else has made the call are somebody else's paper. All just invest in the times ought to put on the new future album and I'll listen to a couple podcasts and colleges. I had to agree I really wanna see his wanna be able to say that I've been to degree keen. Iceland is 69 threes are proceeds from the 913. What's your goatee dish when you get Chinese. I hate Chinese all get out here I don't like it. It's tough time finding what gaining likes other than old Johnny heats up all also know you like here. I like that alternative theories and in Texas Roadhouse steak. Go to a non machine mired at that I've got the insects is presently and here. You're in Arizona for like seven weeks or trying to find place that's like specific there's an. Here's a clip there's an amazing pizza place of pizzeria Bianco and out. That was it checked out to get it's one of those things though after a long day and shoot video for the royals in the morning and doing radio in the afternoon. I wanna go it's not wearing any you know I mean I just want food. Closest place I'm going there's a lot of restaurants that serve food. Chicken and broccoli the answer for me I always in particular broccoli grabber every eight egg rolls outlook for. Big show tomorrow hopefully we do. Markets and Dodi was the rent those gains. Jake Colo. This article was more letters yeah yeah yeah and learn more about the royals but standing for parents and ice backing gave the city. I still coming up next yeah. 610 Sports Radio.


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