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02/16 4pm - Jeffrey Flanagan, People's Court, Art Stewart, Getting to Know You

Feb 16, 2017|

In Hour 3, Jeffrey Flanagan of joins the guys out in Surprise, plus Fanning has a "People's Court," Art Stewart explains why he thinks the window isn't over in 2017, and it's our latest "Getting to Know You" with Jason Hammel and Drew Butera.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Keep things moving on the drive as if there isn't here Brett beanie live from surprise there's not a whole well worth it rained. Both sides of the games. Everybody canceled. I asked for people they all canceled on me you go to bed at 830 now. Yes we couldn't go to NBA game together and how would you call me I was you would have been lead I didn't. Every other night on the bed so early that I already knew what was gonna happen I was excited to go to the game. I let must take it goes away I was gonna drive 45 minutes the lots. Lakers the islands by myself back into Owen knew it was wasn't answered that islets. Today I'd call a six right now on 91357676. Then. After caller six UN a pair of tickets of the Missouri mavericks over the Silverstein i.'s center. Arena like hockey. I don't know it actually a huge hockey. Hockey cities like NASCAR. Like I like it in again. I'm not overly passionate about it and then make sense and I I understand why people are so passionate about it in truthfully like I covered Minor League Hockey for years. And living around the Great Lakes and to me like my favorite guys interview where hockey players and offensive line is that hockey players your. News. But the majority images are so yeah is is it his sport and I'm super passionate about like baseball though I understand why people aren't yet. That. Villa soccer yeah I don't think until I don't like soccer translate that television at least immediate casual Pena. But go to the sporting and seeing it on again it might seem to skillet my argument for soccer always is that you don't know much about soccer. It's until whose coattails the war you know it's those get seriously. If you watch English or merely like a watch that. It differently. But I think I think you watch him person that you like bears you can see you. You know and it and like their ability to yes apple bought I think your vision can appreciate soccer and look at it are completely different view having hockey it's strictly book TV all the not a part all the pot what do you go to C a physical game is up and. Yes I think the thing is blows you ladies there's a video. I think it was shot here in Phoenix and they put. Yeah hockey players going through some of the same drills at the Arizona Cardinals went through and then they play football players skates. The hockey players to do the drills football players Adobe Butler FitzGerald on skates it's a mess I was at is that it wasn't a complete disaster is very funny. We are planning to join us today came up here and joined us in studio here at surprise on the live from the home of the rose pre training. I wanted to talk about the lead vehicle let's you are focused almost or lines. That are affecting this team present is that the typically we start our conversation with what the biggest thing looking for the royals desperate I think. There's going to be some interesting battles going on that's starting at second base that you've basically got four guys on firms in the starting job and and of course he got although that's the team from Warner to bowl spots. And of course number five rotations but in Cuba. Mainly the second base of him and yet 1015 going for responsible. Let's is going to start up and down those lists of those battles I know that the that meeting is kind of passionate about those battles and things that people are thinking too far ahead and they're talking a lot about that we seventy offseason. And I love about the position battle as current owner let's start at second base. Nick talked about it today he threw for names and had patties that battle playing itself well without the without analyses and with the three men but that's pretty adamant since he tucked him Tuesday it. He keeps them in the name says the culprit in there and and there that's it that's what they're trying to sell pretty hard right now and chancellor. Padilla converted third baseman in middle island different angles and footwork to do with second base but he worked pretty hard at it. Kenny beavis and every basic embraced I don't know to me it panic and down to two Whitner feel encryption Cologne and and a Christian cloned a lot of work in the offseason lost ten pounds and looks really good and he's now at a crossroads here he wants us during of that Batman and Mary fill those shoes though I think that are probably better off with Rowe money c.s that are you know law. Considering how much he struggled offensively last year so. Again the gun in my head right now that's I think it really comes down to two whispers of course in Cologne correct if I'm wrong comforts out of options you know it seems like that's somebody that wanna protecting you from the roster they spent a lot of time developed and developing them last season. It's hard to believe that they throw some what yeah that's that's why they're trying so hard to make him you know fit somewhere else besides third make impersonal. If he's going to be a 25 and on the roster. You normally just don't give to someone who can play one positions though I think and things and ground short suit to an emergency case though. If he's out of options they want him to make the 25 man roster. You know also that would help too if if he has a versatility is that you know it in the spring training if they wanted to trade him. Now that's not gone crazy considering moves nuclear free agent after this year you know another guy at third base and hundred villagers were working on outfield if there is so. All these questions look at sifted through over the next six weeks that I think that mayor probably has the better chance of making those. Those guys like his versatility kind of called them like opens over us last year. His ability to play 34 different positions it seems like there's a spot this roster on him I can't imagine a team without. America right now on this breaking him without him the sentencing compliment because that versatility. And also you could be at possibly ideal lead up I mean he can do a lot of things that's SPD compliant. And you know it's pretty well go to opposite field. So yeah I think he's almost a lock to make that point five manner unless something and you know we're with them on here. The victims on the question mark who your backup infielder than me can you play acoustic loans out of options to so. He afford to have Cologne and copper as your backup infielders. You're talking to Jeffrey Flanagan of kind of going through the position battles that he sees in me camp right now. The other position battle you talked about was the bull. This team in this organization is being basis so used to having 789. Be completely locked up in and basically became sixth inning game that's not the case anymore. I think there's obviously the competency Toby career. You have finished the night. The rest of it just seems pretty open IDC plan yeah you'd probably get five spots slot in May be six feet now by miners as locked into your gut. A rarity yet you've got Soria you've got Strom. He got the two guys who are gonna battle for the fifth spot in the rotation the two losers of that data will be number 45 in the bullpen. And in the dimension Mike Minor second year is a two year deal. It's kind of hard to imagine him not being part of the wrote that bull parents about six guys. And you're probably gonna that it carries seven bullpen guys who really. You look at all of bodies over here in camp and I'll maybe play for one job one spot in the rotation. I mean in the bullpen and you know that a human include acutely jobs c'mon it's broader miles now I would not on the forty man Soviet squeeze him on it. There's a lot of guys in camp you know Brandon League Chris Withrow Albuquerque to go to on the list there's a ton of them and they might all be like for once I. Something about being more like this always noticed he was just keep a good bullpen arm like blast at the beginning of last season I don't think fans knew who match from by the indices were asking him to be the eighth inning guy on this team like one of those names you just mentioned I think that audience on know and understand they're gonna play a pivotal role. Well this summer we'll merge in a year before that was Ryan Madson and Joseph Blanton though. Yeah they're they're they're masters at finding these guys that are author but he radar. In Austin they have a terrific spring and well Jerusalem of mentioning on me wasn't terrific but he was very serviceable bullpen last year. And this year might be in you know one of those names you know and I'm really and president Chris Withrow who Tommy John surgery two years ago but. Seemed to bounce back and have a decent year last year and for the surgery was pretty darn good in the bullpen too so he's he's a guy like you and I and two how to handle locking stories UP yours just how the season ended last year it comes off to me is first appearances. Are very critical maybe his least won't be as long as it was a season about the first appearance in sixth if they favor likes of the first person mr. Kauffman Stadium appearance since the fans react. I mean they're convinced and as you expect there would be ideal level bounce back years and you know some of it was bad luck Simone was bad pitching last year's so. You know Joaquin tucked in the other day and he's he's right to flush the memories of sixteen now and a hurry to get back at it and they need them desperately to be in the eighth inning guy to kind of pair up with mats from you're talking a different way you know it'll be dot com. Kind of going through I think some of the questions. Heading towards next season I don't know if you saw we can Rosenthal peace with the royals are optimistic about our opportunities to keep my sockets and your house were guys like that goal for. I kind of CA is seems incredibly unlikely you're gonna keep your house molest others willing to give this team a significant. Team friendly deal I don't think they keep him. My sockets seems to be a little bit different I don't know he's gonna coming in those big dollars in free agency I don't think it's crazy to think that Michael soccer's going to be on the team next year. I I would agree him and he would be in probably the most affordable bunched. You to Butler on the came to an end in a season Escobar. It's it's really are determined how much Haas could get on the open market right now because some of the metrics for him last year. He ends with a career high homers and RBIs put. You go beyond those at the numbers and it wasn't exactly a spectacular year forum. What would he command on the open market would it be fifteen year twenty year. Would be like a Brandel that the deal it will kind of deal would be yet I just don't know if they have the budget to keep more than one so effective. Pick one of those four guys. I think moos has polity. All things considered the most affordable guy you've got mine is he backing up as the bar. Lorenzo Cain minutes replica. Addition to this team. The last few years but he's a guy who's been someone injury prone so does that make sense that locked in and long term maybe not. But those and also comes down economics how much can afford to small market team on the in the dish out. If the try to keep two of those guys I think they will make a pretty good run in one of them and yeah I would I would agree that it moves is probably dynamic runner. Fifth starter was the other position battle that you were looking attic we know with the four guys are locked in the spots Duffy. Kennedy Hammel and bark is I think that's the four that locked in. That fifth starters seemed that he could be 45 different guys I think the royals plane is we just got to get it right with well. We don't care with a combination as a beginner right Travis wouldn't be here right with caller that the Gator right with Mike Minor. If we get right with Chris Young we just need to those guys the work out to give us solid rotation. Yeah and Mike Myers not going to be among that group he's gonna go straight to the bullpen and but you write to me that you need Chris Young actress would step up. You know two weeks ago we thought they think aren't is going to be the number four starter on this T those poor animal signing. You know now it looks like you know Nathan or Chris Young could be long relievers because I think woods got the inside track at the number five job. On the that's why they went on game two million dollars though. We'll see how that pans out and I know they believe Chris Young likes or is gonna have a bounce back years and army was very very good in 2015. That's a good last year that. A mom and we don't know much money think I'm either and he's a guy with a power arm. On. BN I mean and Dayton laws to go on every spring training with Lee at least. Eight or nine viable candidate for the rotation. And right now it's at about seven maybe eight so they're pretty good shape there pretty yulia that this. That missed our spot right now a go it would. I think. I think they would like to have a third left in the rotation. He's been very it was very effective last year 77 appearances and two point 95 here. It was all star starters few years back. Yeah I think it would be his job to lose right now but that if that's what we're down you'll it will record over the next six weeks you're talking as if the slang you know a or go. More minutes bounce back candidates for this team. I think this team a lot of there are believed is that and is that a couple of the guys our core guys they're going to be much better you looted some of those guys in the pitching aspect. Well on the field. Outscored their Lorenzo Cain Alex Gordon can't be as bad as he was last season came to battle injuries. Are you looking at both of those guys the kind of getting back at their peak form together fifteen for Cain earlier report. Absolutely and and I think you know Alice Miller would never say this but I think that respect fracture in May. Kind of like him the rest of the year he just went admitted. I think he's obviously brick and throw bounced back here he doesn't have to be spectacular just you know do what he's done in the past you know accused of any. You know twenty homers or so and he got six or seven guys in this team be it anymore homers. Lorenzo before them that his hand injury and in the late August the group put together decent years so. He's back healthy. You know again moves back healthy. You Osborn was and disappoint in the second counselor open he'll bounce backs opera as children and ten pounds lighter and you know all these guys. And they're pretty determined to make a strong run at another title. You've been here you've seen all these teams you just said it six or seven guys on this team can hit forty home runs. You think it's the best line of Dayton Moore put together best offensive line up that that he's put together by far I think fans are gonna have to get used to. Less three to two and two point games in May be some more. You know 64. Of five to three games I think this this office is gonna score. The Jeffrey Flanagan and Jeff appreciate the topic for coming up here make you better any time. So let it today that's not something that we talked about yesterday. And that I think Travis would get sidetracked if that fifth spot in the rotation if he's a lefty because. A lot of the guys that crush the royals with the Cleveland Indians are left handed bats or switch hitters though. I think that's another reason why did Travis would probably has the inside track on that the lefties out I mean the royals are 46 and thirty the division last year. There were five of fourteen against the Cleveland Indians at Heathrow three lefties in your rotation if you play three game series that he needs there they're gonna face at least two lefties in that here. We have our first People's Court that involves our old Brett fanning. Also involve all shortly and those brain and newts and to explain it room drug. Sixty and Sports Radio. Nichols score it. It's where we columns that you with the people. Negate your wisdom. And advice here and there isn't threatening. And I'd lie in surprise there zone. Read meaning we're bringing you People's Court. What's your problem. I so I thought about this today is Apollo Orlando. Record can't make any tentative. Any it is. Jeffrey Flanagan wrote a story about it on royals comment tweeting a picture of right now on my Twitter Brad show. So get ready to let you last year ya wanna himself that was on his back. This year he's got one. Pictures why I've used it viewers. Like Katrina make and hopefully there's a tree is. It's. Of the day one so it's his wife. Picture with Lockett treatment. So here's my problem here's here's the thing that I help though. He's an army. Units. What do you want you to get a tattoo. That's coming up in me really and I can do. I can you'll angle out of him direct why is it that it's part of it if things yeah yes yes the older she is three G got one that was it. Awful mistake when you're younger. She's got one with decades in as a kids' names on CNN. Again and analysts like all the things that are grandmother love. And so she's equity that you do that you're gonna get the pork that's in. And yet on. The lepers did accused her own shoulders and she wants to put something like this on the shall yeah. Yeah she could put Libya there absolutely so should we get it that you and I you know I think after you've got chills and that would do. And now sort of reconsidering. That because of our pets it was very firm legally bound by some is that what. They're well they're made out of city you retreat. So. So yeah that's my dilemma should I get a tattoo. If so what ship again and where should. So let me understand that is what a fully understand before I bring this to the people yeah. Your issue days. Your fiance has an interest in nets news yet crazy (%expletive) like that that do. Eagle wings on the back you know just things that while it's an absolute a loud and that through yet I don't want to have once you that you once you yet hall in her that may or may not have been my fault that I brought up and that I would do it while I was in the so. You are our shared traits yeah. You get liquor not yet. You're 88 ticker in this scenario yes. And you agreed to get a tattoo yes multiple time that you're gay you're probably pretty now you're having second three are our second article about yes now I wanna say it's. And we can pull the audio. You always Yoon. Reached via gave your word it's as if you say so that you got to follow through and argue now gonna go back at your own work. See you in Munich I'm ask him. You so that we can pull the audio. Not set numerous times absolutely. Yeah this is a tough ones I don't know lake eat under my skin kind of creeps me out you know I mean it sounds good after like. You know a couple of T goes on the rocks and a couple of Beers you know and exactly great idea. You know so I don't. Are you afraid is it that it's permanent like personally I'm a great little yet there's beer involved there because it's a very permanent. Hear about it being perm because that is what it does when all. I yeah. Like what is going to be you know quarterly. Guys in college to get secretary letters other angle. And now 46 you plug it in jail. If I did it and we were nobody can see it. You know and pepper. Your hearts and it's not. God. But I did get my words and that's the dilemma so I'm not going. Like I situated inside personal. Life and our hearts because of them. Overview cocktails anatomy back. That's an amateur did you witness but she's she's got a little bit about the zone thinking meets rock art I have got the People's Court and he and he did. The rule I spoke. Or at though it's gonna wanna say I wouldn't do. This debt to its up and permit this isn't like go into the ballet to maybe use that when you look at pay out a ballet with you it's a three hour process that the absolute most you can out of does that basically talent it's it's like attach it depends on small and you wanna get it exactly like did some initials there's my a I'm afraid that it hurts. And gets a smiley face day use you're gonna get me the Anderson is gonna get them OG ten dale. Order number it. A bronze letters and her back but the whole. Start of the way of the the patriots fan and a Tom Brady at the honest by. The did not that is it was a thing now he has decided that he was gonna go and and wanted to picture of Tom Brady with the Sunday on the patriots. So yeah another that would be. If you Brad so I would I would say now. Another man's face tattooed on my body is weird. And do I get any debts. Now. I do. Big big shocker an average. Yet you seem like the most into it. And not for over anti tattoo you wanna get a bunch of ads is that's that's your I mean for your body of for you wouldn't do. Is that look like it typically occur. Like an idiot does that did that the tattoo art I'm meters would not. The it is a barbed wire on God's man it's. If somebody willing marble. Some auto detects I think as the best solution that I think you about it. This paper next that's due she wants and others answer just made that one. To say hey honey you know what I said that when I was quicker I don't feel comfortable witness wanna do when I get back. Will teach you another chance. Whatever you want. Will set up the appointment. I'm not gonna go whatever you want exactly. What you think she's gonna she's not gonna get on the another main aim at so I don't. Whatever you want it yeah. I'll hate war like that that's what you were obvious you tech's third the flood comes and the people of the people a good solution that's I would Putin. Why would you sign up for us up and for the rest alive if you're not sure about it. I told you a couple of deals on the rocks at three Beers or four I don't remember. All it knows that it. I'm gonna try that so that's the ruling them get right now. That's why I would say it's probably 81 you don't yeah you can hear the uncertain senior more to deal. That's who don't do it and the don't do put on that he's up. Of the internet's one I'll pay and you just a 179 dollars for Valentine's Day you should be like them much and we hear she's there girls are mean to keep telling. Us how to start buying it and did for. Dinner start. Dirt Emeka for him to go getter among likely won't be lonely. RG and they're stars and dignity leader to do it all goes into your governor. We'll definitely be out of all right so there try to get out of this by other wired it to the next that's done it before one that's erratic year that's your good. Short art Stewart has Nazis or not but it's not so. He thought divert earlier today he says something really interesting about the royal window. Has done we let audio for you next. Sixty and sports. If we continue our beef in those series with JC. Amble through an era. Today little fun interview green and question can the find out more about the guys or oiled birds were included who FaceBook live because though. Once today you can go on FaceBook dot com back. Last extant sports you can view all we were on one yesterday a heated one with arts Stuart it's away for you if you can't be on the radio to still be connected him plugged in what's happening. At spring training. There's been a lot of talk in a lot of conversation about the royals windows window how long it's going to be open. Art Stewart ran the show long terms now. He rose window might be open for awhile he was asked what's the difference between out how team's farm systems have been built up over the years that you've seen throughout baseball. They've more brought that philosophy when he came here. I'll never forget. What he should have an Angel ownership. I want. The biggest and best image scouting staff waiting yet. I want the biggest and best professionals times fighting yet and I liked them best international's. Just. And if you have. Good Scopes. You're gonna keep that right and that's what's happened royals that's way I look at the future and they say well we just got that went through this year. We don't have just went this year because of that so many young players we got coming up. End. What you can do and what they did with the Yankees so a similar. The only traded away a world Myers they get a Davis. You know and I get a shields and help us do our first championship. When you knew we had good players in your system. You can make deals like they get players and help you win along with the players that you development system. M that's why. No in this system as I known now and see how she and our farm clubs aren't summer when the clubs on the road. I know what we have I know that we got players that are. Sought after the other organizations. Ends when that happens. Dayton can make a deal together certain player. That's why were at Portland area her or perhaps. So. That's that that's the secret. An update has. Well that same formula and he's never got off track and that's our that's why it's so exciting so via. Part of this organization. I think. Same ol' Roy hill's how bad they work for over twenty years I think that parts done and their organizations to strong. They're gonna have inked a core of players that knows how to win that's going to keep being competitive. But I think that royals organization is this whole long ago I don't think they're going to accident at the end of this season. But it is going to be an adjustment. Like you had a pretty solid core of about fifteen players that you won a championship with. Your oil lose at least half of those guys are gonna replace them. With young guys that don't have that level of experience doesn't have to go through the same hardships that my sockets with the same hardships they're out right to go through. There's going to be a learning curt not that the broker when sandy two games next season. But make a play off after this year is just going to be a lot harder at least in the short term because a lot of things you have to overcome. That's what our sit sort of the beginning about building up his scouting department mean. You know the royals at those awful years and they barely were invested in Latin America. That's one of the biggest thing that date more did he went down the Latin America and they became heavy hitters in America look at some of the guys there. They get salary. Date yet venture. Pereira a with the royals decided to make commitments that good attitude I think that's where that's it was the beginning of where this team change and their stories about the royals. You know in in their really bad years and they barely had enough money to pay players when they draft and they are they're paying him next enough. You know what when they tragedies players in Dayton Moore came in and he. He's listen I want the best scouts or Gordon Latin America. We're gonna stop check out these guys we're gonna get up and keep in mind right now is it time. And I can name the teams that there are teams that are doing away with scouts scouting departments because they're gone so far. Into the numbers and give the players. Based on numbers with the royals two with a done though is. Develop such strong scouting department in going out and find these players I think you're gonna be okay. The garage and yet if they're not able to keep. You know. At least three of those four free agency cane as he moves the odds are maybe two level then yeah. It next year is going to be a rough year and for certain but you know archer told these guys he's been around forever art Stewart. You know he's got a lot of race with the royals since I think 69. And he's the guy that you know he wrote yeah at he did a book with Sam is that right and then. There's stories about him that he'd get his windows shot out yet scouting in Latin America's if you talk scouting you wanna talk about. The latest data department was. In the beginning with the royals what do turned into an in what Dayton brought it back to be he's got to talk. Yeah there's no doubt they've oval like that. I strongly doubt this team goes back to that is because I think that means expect a certain kind of product I think Dayton. It's a properly implement his plan and his vision and the quote a lot on his locker. Last at least they've now implemented like Alan Latin America outlays down how they developed. They would hate outscored in six years ago the bottom either eight or team unity or villains some of the things like. It uses as an example agree the ass (%expletive) I'll answer I don't know a couple of years ago they go out and spend the money to ensure that they're still competitive yet. They've been reinvested the money put it back in the team and are now trying to fuel the best team possible. I don't that you can always say that about the royals team in this organization not a doubt it goes back to that point. But I do think you have to be realistic after this year there's going to be learning curve you might have modesty playing shortstop. It's going to be different analyses basketball like those guys are gonna go through their own struggles the same way you solve this court author. Yeah absolutely. You know but as art said you know if if you've got guys in the pipeline you can make deals for players that are Major League ready. And that's why I think. That's the value of out and that's the value go out and get those guys and that's the value of developing a scouting department and it's his. You know you have to spend money you have to invest in and that's the royals are done I mean look at some of the trades did. You know they got the royals were they aren't Zack Greinke deal. You know Dayton credits that what is the big yet Escobar and Cain out of that deal he also got GA. Yet Jerry Jeff is again literally panned out but you know it you'll get in the shields deal he will Myers you bring in. Wade Davis and James Shields and Jacob are raising the flip rotary is he. So gathered in it just. That's the thing with it if you get young guys. That project out unit seated in the big leagues but if you can flip mom for Major League guys then you've done your job. You mean Osaka to a royals' front office guy at last season in the elevator and it has writer on the graph and I asked him. You know how many guys you draft and sign every year he said about. As to how many of those guys do you expect to get the date he's like three. And so that's the way it works in baseball you sign any draft a hundred. You expect three to get there but if you can turn those guys. In other guys that are Major League ready dues or guys are gonna be ready in the near future you've done your job. Exactly and those guys has become assets for you even if they don't absolutely Wellemeyer never played against the royals was an important part of a rogue access oh yeah like you're absolutely so it's practical will Myers develops into the point another organization thought he was I able. The Trajan shields for yeah he positive or your organization and that's why I also think the window. The window's closing a lot because a lot of history you loot zoo to pick up a guy like Vince over the coverage on Puerto. You traded guys that would be a part of the window and 48. Yeah absolutely you know listen the the rose slightly citizen is is it isn't as great as what was used split. You know it again John and I'd do great pitchers in those guys are traded. You know but did it over yet equally though it for deals like that and so that's what it's for. It's it's a long shot for any kid you drafters no matter how I have a trap that he is in the big leagues in the organization but I would lie can flip for guys. You know when we continue our kits in note you series Jason Hammel and Judy there are next on the drive. Six pin. And sports. Thorough. Hitting didn't know. Okay. Beckett on the drive here here here bread meaning. Being high flirt banking CDC we live in surprise Arizona the home of the world's marine training. What Billy Parker field is really part via yeah I know they'll Billy Parker was able. To do that sports here. He surprised it was very. It's like no other reason but you know. It. And it waitress. She said that. Your son expect to happen. Now now she said we literally fanning understand it's I don't I've noticed it as an area a lot about her video a match like. She is perjury coolers yeah of course like she is. You know he'd look out of that you beer in my community was. Museum that you hear that doesn't imply that your then throwing beer across the room and she's going in bringing it back to. Yeah apparently in as I said weary from me and she does North Carolina. That specialize in that she's out sports it's never game suits economy. Hugh I don't what does that I don't know what that is the line. Popular movie mean girls oh yeah I've seen me go to our target is Zambia I can't I consider me of The Breakfast Club on my old got them and that you heard of before. I got a related to some and not right now with album my generation mean girls she uses spectrum displaying her yet and Georgie Georgie. Slash main character yet she says not trying to make that up front victories at gotcha that's what makes that yeah. It is bridged the generations we did it or the patches and the bloods having alongs in the day actually. There's so many people from like different. Nobody's from Phoenix really you know especially down here I mean people it. Moved out here they're from somewhere else to go you'd like you meet people from all of the countries. As the good place to settle down once you I was doubly blessed me and I moved west and south once you've lived that cold like in Kansas City, Missouri like you know. All trees and sunny weather everyday that bad now it's not mean I all right get the more I understand like humans. Really you know again I I completely understand it we're on target to know you series. Let's start first attribute it to get to know you series if you're not familiar with that is these guys talk baseball all the time will get the series baseball stuff. Another time but this is let's learn more about you its aero or more would like to learn more about Jason Hammel. I started my conversational urge you to Ares playing for Italy in that I know that upset you he's played for Italy in the World Baseball Classic moment I started our conversation asking him. Where's the good spot to grab Italian inking it. You're talking royals catcher you future rightfully cortina Italy in the World Baseball Classic was a great place or that Italian food in Kansas that it. The roses. What he deluded. The really Tony. Best for him it's on the menu. Do you see anything can often. And what looked at sauces need to retain bus and it's it's not their chickens convenient never had at one time is being. Right next question here late night at 1130 your hunger and what he grabbed me. Brussels. But it never crosses my duties next. The stimulus on the late night in defense down about John. With the popular foods that people leaving people like that you dislike. Error but I just like people's. I'll pickles yeah I don't like adults and I think about it on all of Campbell's kitchen mustard ketchup. You relish an this aircraft now. He beat had a lot of tension and guys like I've noticed that people that like hot dogs or hamburgers pizza pizza. We're very repeats of what gives. So lots of room and it takes it down but you get three pizza toppings were you familiar feature sausage onions peppers. That's it that's a great question it's here thanks. I tributes there yeah. Never been bigger as the everybody talks are rated and Ervin neither Pakistan against him the same thing I always gonna go to grow those as the Boston in river market it yeah is at. Amazing amazing. Pulls out its. And I'll go with you gotta bring five people army might complain about the bill goes going to be dollar and thirty dollars and go to early in the that he's. This map and broke out at a dinner isn't there. So we're talking about war over the should go work on things you know it's no children that are and that again and and it's just me get a last that was much cheaper it's emerald so. The next person targets and no you series they'll acquire royals pitcher Jason Hammel. You're talking to royals pitcher Jason him all right what is in your chipotle chipotle order. It's. Basically the renewable chicken little. What do you what do you get in you and you've got to give mortgages to steamed chicken right right let us. The Pico are the next. Intervenes notes are black beans. Sometimes they go after me are you gonna five guys you really need burgers or burger joint committee for non achievers. Lettuce tomato she's speaking. Mayo mustard I don't know mustard and Mayo. Did you. Does it eat less messy animosity blown him it was a favorite cartoon characters to keep. Favorite cartoon character. Some tough questions. Not a lot I watched a lot of cartoons. I can't think character I have to see characters it's turtles. All right who wins an array speedy Gonzales on the road. The speed solves. Kaczynski himself around and no he didn't. You know why would this little right now play a little Mexican council dealing a blow anybody else means involves guns. Are you like Chiquita got a big one to read those ladies and Pringles. I'm here guys is pretty good guys this is Yancy Gates today don't cancel a hometown crowd here. Plus I'm not I'm not a guy. So they have salt vinegar. Any anybody that's not a good song she a ball and it's the most money you spent only gift for someone else. Gift for someone. When I lose. Rehabbing my knees. Baltimore. From my users. On the transit. Stay within the whole time. We're together 24/7. I spent I got a much travel. Targets are not guitar drums kick myself so it's probably. I give you a thousand bucks right now you have to spend all of it on yourself and anything you don't spin you have to give back what you find yourself. Thousand dollars. I have to spend at all. Golf ball. If you could if that was Jason yeah. Golf balls. What are you bought thousand books thousand bucks what a lot by right now and forcing them to put it away can't pocketing the money and no but I got to put the latter is what he's expensive. Some output in the mine and we've. Got the sixteen game. Always running out of storage. And just try to ignore I would buy a new you know I'm not getting. That's due here plugs. Or to play or to name until it Bosnia or look me in a little ball look I don't like. Those guys at the trailer finally Portland accurately styrofoam head with them. And you know like entrapment but The Who and the powerful men in the room with. The good question I don't know too. Familiar with I like that the question not to be asking you about to pay I don't ingesting the under thirty year old about the history of duke made. Coming up at the minute it hits your chance to win a trip to Boston who watched Kansas City. Later in July and we are they hits off with a sport kit Rosenthal Eric Hosmer in my which sockets in two minutes on the drug.


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