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02/16 3pm - Alex Gordon Profile, Gordo v Soria, Fanning Defends Everyone, How We Remember Driskell, Give us a Min

Feb 16, 2017|

In Hour 2 from Surprise, CDot & Fanning covered a variety of topics including profiling Alex Gordon , why we defend Gordo and not Soria, how we'll remember Blue Valley HC Eric Driskell, and end the hour by taking a minute.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you all of the rise. They're big players that is being hyped up right now and they'll discuss his height three three team. We discussed the situation with the blue valley. At a rally about the we've valley coach your crystal to pass the way we talk about him at 330 high. What is topless pop quiz is of course pitch he had real life as happened with the tennis our Jeanne Rashard and dean is these students I think you'd think back and play. I don't view. 606. C got just make meaning come over for cooking was the guy and make a stake holding call that paying off day. That's not a decline might you know. And in Tokyo. Dinners on the impression or. Does he deals are very important here Fannie got to remember that with caring in this yeah I shouldn't shouldn't buys if I might over. I could humanize it make its veto to wield little utterly almost. That's not a state and the bitter but as they. The person that wins that it's that you use. It used to our citizens and asked for the for the condition before each. Of the conditions. That. You read through I always there. Except that scroll down like all you other people are read but they know exactly what my opens new unit with on the conditions and. We're talking snakes now Salisbury. Chicken like numbers makes an agreement that that's like. School. But let's TV dinner for. Right. Ehrlich mystery meat covered and some sort of sauce is Brown & Brown sauce assault is that you. Hold on every other those just goes to stud chicken fried I don't Salisbury state. Obviously. You like just like states. Albers like chicken fried steaks on the one word complete. We might we might disagree on the kid from Missouri that got all time shot. Is doing it for rep you know like it causes it to be really great for me. Did that. Twice and people they would. Wreckage or art in the absolute maps always the pessimist. But. It's. You know. I guess the key credit for oil out there. Getting shot but he's he's he's it and it's all. One. Or that I do think your opted optimistic about outs Gordon is going to be our royals player profile. Of the day Gordon met with the media today. First day our first time he's met with immediate down here in spring training the conversation without Gordon started with. Has he realized that he's been living in surprise for over a calendar year now. Mr. Rupert it's that open up there and it's up to him. Bunkers and hopefully. We'll go up more years to come. On children. It is. I didn't. Like you find Botswana bottle liners on the plug on the semi so. Doing good but longtime news. It's okay. But you do if you look at this city contingent interview you Kennedy didn't go via. As good. Together and built those great what he said we don't live in Kennedy. First and foremost there. Some news. Was good. Usually go back home and office to discuss for a while but just an off season. Kind of built in our relationship votes on the field it's it's it's always guys and we'll have kids who goes and we spent together with kids and it's good to have to build those relationships not chemistry that we'll we'll outside of Austin and here it is now. Don't have the funds in the filled out loud voice yeah for sure we're gonna miss them. Unfortunately. For the game. It's it has come. He's moved up one. So to select. I'm sure every year's different we'll find upon. Only gonna. He's not going to be. Every year's different. And all my might surprise you. How do you deal with last year he's just trying to put behind you sort of peer pressure. You look back at what you know you can last season had you focus on its way. Collect prevalent here in the bottom line I'll try to make excuses and name. You know whatever you guys its products are so. Police. The same time. It motivated me dissolves in your radium. Who are married now and hopefully. That this is a father clustered. The original packing. Just keep him or. Ellis who view the business side of baseball and it was speculation that this book. Who would get richer and talk to go play with the group of guys whose book. It's. That's been great watching those of us transform over the past two years old young guys come up with a there. There's tennis relationships in the slope and you know we've evolved into a family type atmosphere and you know we're all friends were all family here. I guess as early unfortunately its business and so has my you're an element of leaders look. Can't really you know we're about that books on that. It's better to limit the season. Pretty special. What was it like seeing investment that was front office made this offseason life. Free agents signed twice and ask me broadening. Because it's you know the Rosario policies and they have to wait until everything. You know unfolds and because obviously that's what visited him and I feel like do they told. You know a lot of boards that we needed and it's not so good about the signs and hopefully. Come and contribute. What we're very happy. Maybe it is a very low bar to clear but I'm always happy and appreciative and ever athletes can just tell us what we already know. Or wasn't good last year like there's no way you can paint it differently you can't spin it differently. They've made you a lot of money. You give performances standards that we set for you and that you're in that and that you set for yourself there's no need to sugarcoat it there's no reason to dilute the message. I played like crap last year I wasn't good I was diet whatever you said about me within bounds I appreciate that level of honesty from outscored. Pages so here's my question. We killed gore go but we kills or. Rather that your mean we all of that year. Hillary feel good about him out of it about Soriano had a bad year I don't feel good about him. Really got to see these spurs and appearances deceive sort. I just I don't look look what he did let you had a great career to be an all star was very good pitcher leading up last year at year we watched Soria. One Russian born. I think the big difference between the two is Alice Gordon is forever Roy Jones or is it. Fair. As it is fair I think his guys have bad years. I don't think it's fair I think yet as a society ever read along time ago people that we like just to operate at different rules people we don't lie. So outscored. You played poorly last year he's one of the reasons why they missed kaposi's. Blocking sort of what we're last season he's also one of the reasons I think what Alex Gordon is because. Gordon is a reason you won the World Series usually you've got the world's wheat or team I think it means the world willing to give him the past now I think the past would run out Southport if he's not good this year they've outscored struggles this year I think you'll be public enemy number one despite the whole running in game one of the World Series and when he team despite all the stuff. I think he's gonna be on the hook after two bad years for years and forty million dollars in the news the Contra. So I'm with you that we each recording in Joaquin stories differently. Why. Feels that you like gourds the last time to turn around like I'm not ready to write off any and maybe a ball into the same trap. I gotta find hard to think that what you are really gonna turn this year. Why go like why why fielded. Korda can turn around story can't because I mean to me that's a fair question. A guy that's had a really get a career has been an all star. They're very good relief pitcher for a lot of years but he cancer router Collison the gore opium like why don't we just hope. Some of why Gordon's got what you want ordered her wrap your that fans want gorge or router kind of waiting to be angry at lucky story. I think some of the stuff with court last year the wrist injury in the other injuries that happen. I think this year if he's fully healthy I expect Gordon to be close to what he was I'd just all such an up and down with Joaquin Soria. The I would bullpen guys like that I think it's going to be apartment and get the old flame back from Joaquin sort maybe that this being. He's a decent bullpen guy I kind of I kind of on our depict the slower is gonna be the got a being envisioned when they sign him. Fair enough I'm just saying what criticize people. Let's spread it out evenly. Because Korda had a bad year admits he had a bad year Soria had a bad year admits he had a bad year but we press Soria in the court. I don't like it there. Oddest thing that we give people passes that realize that there. I think it's life I think it's like extra like I like sometimes I'm just trying to put it that of respect for people like this story is the guy that we can't wait match. If he blows it. Gordon who I have an unreasonable to benefit of the doubt like it. If bill cell engineers and to be exact same thing you agree to criticism is going to be stronger or Anderson because you can build up equity. Without our new more ethical equity with me. When the first means yours that has accused hello all star and he was really really good picture we've forgotten. And we forgot what the outlook saying he's gonna be like what it. I don't have a crystal ball like it is sort it and it's amazing comeback here in August and crummy year gore had a crummy year were careless or any court though. I admire the heck yeah I love. 148 strikeouts 52 walks last year and as the guy that is supposed to be. You know your prototype. You know if you look at just straight numbers you'll beat up. Under that under 48 strikeouts in 52 walks last year he had an absolutely awful year. Joaquin soaring you're absolutely its record your advocate but got a lot of people shot a couple people jumped once again. Nobody. Makes as big deal back here and it is. Ridiculous orient let's look at some other guys. About that Oprah will bounce. Let's keep the conversation going on the other side we discuss the criticism for outscored their relationship to criticism Joaquin story next dropped. 66. Slogged their myself mentally and physically. We're we're my mechanic you know that in and took it as one of those years. And he had and he have violent. Those type for years until lives here it happens it happens and now. But just put that away and now move forward. Drive everybody grab. Surprise Arizona last night so I've got a golf cart driving that streak civilization and mark played flipping job. The person in the car. That's an easy got here and we're not give the city BCC IC three guys in two days that's not got a golf they drive golf carts around here like there. Regular car. It's unbelievable he sees things I hear you and I could see cases like practices. I can't imagine I can't imagine Fannie if you're the guy gets furious. With somebody driving the speed limit on the left side of the lane. When you're driving around that somebody with a golf cart is blocking your car from getting around I'm sure you're losing it collectively in about five. They have golf cart lanes late in most of the rose today really yeah and then golf cart parking it in a grocery stores. Sony people drive the golf carts everywhere here I mean and I get it on your your like your little community but if your goal but some really busy rent those real easy. Do's and their golf cart at least it strapped on the back in there is. Drive around like that they use of like cars are additives seatbelts on and the raised up a little higher but. Yeah this. Old is this intersection and this dude is is. You know shoot the bird this car and I'm like you cannot beat me and you don't understand what my aunt she's 79. And we're talking about this last now inevitable Beers and zones at them whether it's if you Google you can look up like look at. You know I'm golf cart deaths. In Sun City surprise that area I mean there's been like four in the last year. And it makes absolutely no sense. You address that golf cart. In traffic on really busy routes. I. It. My old flaws. Road rage does not want them yeah. I'm not now Jackie wrote gaggle of cars I've actually never driven a golf. He's yours eyes I'm I'm I'm the world's worst golfer so whenever I played I played on courses where we walk the course. Never driven a golf are there is never another occasion where. I've driven it it's actually been a goal of mine is one got a golf or it's them when apartment thirty got a little more than a year. We'll make that happen Oca gut I appreciate that. Before the break you know how to fairly spirited conversation about locking storage Ers outscored and you know court though it is correct and and ease. He is somewhat mr. Roland he's our guy he's in Kansas City came up you know through the system is being here side here wanted to stay here switch positions. And Soria isn't. Ensor is as much rye I think when you Rodham back that. The the catchy nickname the lockdown closer you know the royals were awful. I don't know people have the closest the law. Do I feel like they do I thought maybe there be a little more closest nobody brought back last year but. The point the conversation was this mean gore is coming off the crummy year it's not a really good career. Joaquin Soria is coming up a crummy year. And is that really good career but we rush Soria and were let gore go off the hook and I think part of that maybe. Because Horry is a pitcher. Gordon as a hitter and it's part is we expect hitters that they meet a 70% of the theater of the hall of fame and you fill one. Or two or three times as a pitcher. And they are common after. Series and the feeling is a picture is different than failures in which you agree. I think I think there's a couple of different. In line with what you're saying I think stories of bugle kicker in the sense I mean as makes them as they. A mistake later in the game that we agree not all the stakes are created equal if if somebody offers the second browse court in the second inning and he strikes out. That's the mistake you wish he'd come through in that situation. Sort of comes in the seventh eighth ninth inning activists are. An opt outs and try to overcome the mistake that Joaquin Soria made that just based on the timing indicate his mistake he's just magnified because of how important it. Is. Hitters strike out late in games. Happens all the time hitters I think we're more condition. Hitters failing in pitchers. I just think we are I think we just. Completely. And understandably accepted hitters you're gonna fail more yeah 300 fail 70% of the time one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball of course your career he could do that. And you got a place in Cooperstown when pitchers. Patiently. At all and I like and in part of me understands that but the whole point in all of this is that listen and Gordon had a bad year. Watching Soria and he and I talked about this always. Needs first. Day. He shake. Of Goran it's not what court it's not a current stretch what is it about 05. But warning. Having people are turning on outscored like I think the least that you gain is up to a certain way and polls open and I the other it's an analogy. I think we have decided as excited as a society and other people. If you reach a certain level of success or light Hugh who rules just operate differently that you we give you wore the past when you mess up with reports that the Kansas practice I would guess that Bill Self does ago frank basins that he gets a somebody else but it's got to the point. All right all. I couldn't live with Wright's mistake that I understand that's part of the game I'll get on the subject to kind of condition ourselves that way but I think because Gordon's been years. A lot of your memories of your group royals are asked Alex Gordon I think he gets more of a past and other people for being. Private the year that he had. I think that runs out at some point electric continue to sell me 2014 and 4050 when you knew when he last year and are currently eighty 180 and that analogy that you just gave. But I think it eventually runs outlook outscored northwestern this year. And I understand that I get that night I fully she recovered from I really do which is a is it me or to pick on. A certain player or this week you never let a thousand news came up and Chris Getz at. Second baseman for the who's a really bright guy. He picked up front office job of the White Sox now he's been retired you're just the easy target that's sort of saying I think in the historians. Soaring out of stories a bigger problem occurs it's. OK either you know he just let's get habit when you know all these young guys the royals brought up they're going to be the future how to lose we're doing anything people. Were rushing Pozen knows but. Nobody pays much attention to those guys to second base and the reason royals didn't. When it's not a game to go to the playoffs and Chris Getz at second base and had nothing to do with him so I'm just saying I think we pick a person. The legal lap around we make in the back and that's where people golf Soria the other guys had bad years you know so there's always gonna do I really don't but I think. Players have had bad years and were going after she Oreo and other like guys like Gordon adequately to or next year. About told the only one of those guys going about our regular old garden if I close yeah but the but that doesn't mean I don't believe that story can do that I mean I believe in court a little bit more but. I files or like I think Soria deserves the benefit of the doubt based on his track record I really do. I also think a big part of it to use I think storage dual himself a lot of papers in the media should be accountable for his. Gordon always come off as very accountable about his failures that are I Soria junior brought. Slower gave up the double. Probably drive dies and for him giving up the double. Like what's the word you can't do that you can't do that it's always been excuses soared. It's always excuses but that would certainly was in Atlanta and it was a lot of it is the end of that it was it in the beginning of the season member was well he's pitching well -- the ball with you are. Don't hit the ball our or he's originally well there is finding opens it will. Why. It's true baseball those he got in this. Story very closely when did he constantly double game rocket. You know in the gap and seen it a whole smoked balls score. Oh and I have broken that sort of makes that you get it broke the bat hitter. And they mean part of baseball the part not all those story is not making excuses restore at all don't get me wrong about using it. So do you make great pitches you jam got all the sudden while it falls out it's not you know the booty out single that hot that audience I was against the Astros maybe. And I'm the blue eyes apart the unfortunate part about it is is based on results like we can talk about all the other stuff I'm with you sometimes at app. Wings meet in it in a picnic spot and if they ask you outsource your confidence yet if it's opening day. And this team is up 32 neighboring Soria. With Oprah wanted to Wear your confidence level. Nine. I'm serious and he's got an entire offseason it's it that's that's last year man that's old news. He said it in the clubhouse two days ago and I forgot about that there was over the war economic can't work my tail off. Now while. It's a lot easier to say that in February in the locker room in the news in that scenario opening day up 32. You know the pressures go at you and you've got to come away with the Al I'm shocked that not mean. That's why I've felt in her error I think I mean if it's. Rare. That outs or if it's more than I am confident I. And in the region opening salute you like more story or report. It close. It's. Easier to love these guys saying tried it. You you'll Bruce lover SP I like this it's not that's not true I don't look Bruce Weber like certain guys need to be defended. You know because it's like guys on the aisle to Chris yeah I was definitive. Pat Rapp is that but he picked him that people can sort. Yet they're really good pitch at bat here so I'm going to let that go back a year ago that Bruce Weber. Making me look bad credit and he's really lose six out of seven app should stop defending and innate skills certainly some of these games but. And up until about 67. It's. Not coach well they'll sell you nobody is not him Anderson. He wanted to premieres next week you got to cross bow out that you had little or like him Anderson could use that then truthfully. The pileup right to operate. Yeah I was lucky she eighty cat dirty feeling when that when you heartbreaking I never felt like. It. Eat eat and eat it and are edited and human beings you need. An awful situation would you agree. I mean I would my commanders and read news or an eight he coached a basketball team that's a data due later this great article have a beer. That Bruce whoever is easier to defend him and he's a great draw. You've got a problem play with your team needs a bucket when you go eat chicken wings and I'll be. Speaking publicly that. But if you're down or you don't drop like man making the big little loose I've seen it time and time it is. Coming up next not personally knew blue valley coach Eric Driscoll but there's a reason why we can all relate to how the community has responded to his tragic yet we tell you how next. Sixty and sports. Fanning and see down to the we like more story or Bruce whoever it is close. It's not that it is irritated that I love these guys and saying I tried it. You you'll Bruce lover SP I like is now it's not that's not true I don't look Bruce Weber I've been shown my love for Bruce Weber for a long time and. At least they're gonna do me like that gets. Bigger man. But. Back in the except. I don't read them like I I know what you law shell and love and love things completely I know what you law. I think you could I thought I'd probably view in this. That every year there is a guy at Z they can click on electorate it's called like secondaries syndrome. A Maltese. But at least favorite team is always the guy that can you speak. You book and a personal ever for deal you're on air or you. Everybody likes the royals Russia is blocking slower than your own salaries being didn't you like pays your press numbers. You're on the group. He's harder to plan and make all analog daunting Alex. But still I am I am but. All's. Known. Non non team rules. Good Ole Ole football team gathered Sunday and I. Think certain people deserve to be that Italy's that baseball or a trail that. Lead and loses six seventh or eighth date. Bruce makes it tough on these negative event related but if it if bombshell love that Danny's treatment is way. I mean we've had a problem here I mean I meant to break me it was like glasses if you re not look right. I was shocked like cheap laugh at you that three pack Wal-Mart at seven bucks the brains operate. These. It's thirty minute though they are and what I like it is badgered the Croatian. It anger and then they. We've been at some point you get a new better player. That's what is it about the that's where that's where it looks like it's gone that's what you think about the duke didn't miss Barry's gonna get broken pair of glasses. Isn't that wasn't that it is like the program to start Mulder and yeah yeah. He eternally give like him as a basketball program definitely. The government of pills as in there. I mean you so let's go over everybody makes a lot of agree I'm such a peek at the top five job in college basketball. Great pay and there's always goes against that they're not findings that the more Missouri that was. Basketball like the chiefs in the eighty's man but he go to that game and stretch out their playroom. Nobody knows nobody with G games in the case. You don't question was there. Probably never try to talk about a positive you know stock was upon notre has been I mean it's the stories now popularly you can yeah that is now. I'm disappointed evident in Kansas City because of his coach Driscoll story that happened very unfortunate. Incident that happened he passed away yesterday I saw the story or this with a note we united duel on your iPhone notes you can my organs and reach post. This was from their blue valley boys basketball team. It was never about winning with coach Driscoll. He never talk or mention the word win to his players he taught his players how to handle or how to prepare to grind of focus to handle adversity. The love to communicate this year to be humble Lan to cry. Celebrate in salute and by doing so he taught us players out of life coach Driscoll was a teacher on how to win at life. His players will someday be exactly what you when he husband's winning fathers in winning friends. I never met coach Bruce. Never talked to him never came on the show had no interaction album though we was before. Hearing is workable days ago. But it does make you think back. That a lot of us they grow playing sports there's one coach in your life that had lasting impact when you. They taught you something. Bay picked you practice and you appreciated the father Lee advised that they gave you. All of us that played sports growing up it's you can think of one individual that wasn't your bed that didn't have to take interest in you showed your interest and taught you how to be mean or little. Absolutely. I mean I. Great car right you finished up in principle pale as one of those guys comes to mind my golf coach in the western Kansas. For yourself but that they got it comes to mine and I know a lot of people that was the right now known as George Alice who's the com. He's athletic director China should north he's also a teacher mining junior highs well and yet those guys. As usual your life unfortunately as an adult George he has in his in his. Awesome life where we've become friends but yeah there's there's people. I know. I see that there's people in your life outside your family can have such a tremendous impact. On who you become. You know and you read some of the things about coach Driscoll and things that have bit that people are tweeting and Blair Kirk off wrote a fantastic piece. On coach Driscoll in the Kansas City starving is all those kids at the blue valley and he's reached so many people. So many people like so many people are hurting right now because of his passing. And yeah I mean if you think he has three kids have three kids get up. 40000 kids. You know there were affected by his passing but yeah I mean. He sounds like he got and I never met coach Driscoll either but he sounds like you've got a mean it touched a lot of people and it was just because sports and I just think. Acts when I was in high school when I was in junior high world learning how to play sports and it's fun and we just enjoy it and spend time with our friends but those some of the happier memories you have as a kid yeah I did you go back to time your life you go back to plant high school basketball or college football or. You know what ever level when athletics we'll that was such a big part of a lot of our lives that again. I don't know me. Never meddle. Would you read the story that you see the impact he had I do think it takes you back to a time where you were totally where were you were in junior high playing football or basketball baseball or was borderless. I still remember as a little kid we get a baseball coach herb march this big out. He was bent on making it be fundamentally sound baseball players and toughness. Hewitt hit ground balls were so far. You know in an active pilot field her amazing fields that now practiced yet. It will last two and he wouldn't these rocket back in my day no seriously mean that much better now than they were backed me truthfully. And he would hit these. Ground balls so law. I remember about four I can like. Eleven years old I. Before you know everybody got a trophy your better than me because the moment at the bottom to make notes on done on time but I mean you know that's before you get a trophy for bed where is it worth or like I'm out here nobody's. It would hurt so I remember ever getting in the car and my mom Ingraham on at practice and I was years. Look back at that moment and I'll never forget it because. Makes you tough. I things like that. Tough in Europe and I'll tell very personal story here my mother passed away over Christmas break up their teen years ago. And I tried out for the basketball team and over year I didn't make it because I was gonna in. In George south I was talking about it Dave Whitman and there was the coach of the preteen and you that I love basketball. They knew that I wanted to be part of the team. And so they let it be a manager of the basketball. One mother passed recently over Christmas break. In 1983 car. And so I was gonna midwestern Kansas Lou my uncle my mom's sister. And here's what they did in this this is an athletic and they were like coaches but these are men in my life it did something terrific for me. For a game. The last game before I was gonna move to western Kansas. And it uniform and put. This at Lee's core. Lisa on the court and I didn't. Do meant coaches. Give me a minute inexorably drive. 610 sports reading. Coming up it's. Just plain. Throwing the talk royals. Baseball because of People's Court coming up in about thirty minutes. Our first people were actually good breadth and I'm excited for you insert. There is fast. Like guarantee you'll have to be set up here. Reported this set up your scenario that the people decide the earth. There there there that the judge injured and they're the injuries election night court and in my intro here. From I don't know what the People's Court you presents up into the court. Andy you tell us what. We and give our opinion on the ticket and a did you. Do. A duke and life and I do. Enjoy your live site really quick guys. The players Tribune just get some of the atlas. If the omni here over the the tackle the home that went for the bears ideal my wife passed away. And I found out over the Internet. Tommy here it's down tightness in your. Well. First off I mean you know the players Tribune is right I mean it was it was created by Derek Jeter bypassed media mean that's what it is. So they submit their content they tweak it and they get their message out there exactly the way they want. There's it's it's eliminate us or writers or TV guys or whoever that's what it's force that's really get it. You're guaranteed your message is gonna come out exactly the way you want to. That's what that's that the players are Venus. Well for more concert more avenues that. Deliver the kind since I I like the players I think it's I understand why or if you're white or do you want Tommy here is that you use the hours you can write and tell the story. But the but it takes the top readers can't it's probably very sensitive topic for him. And he needs to get it out there he's gonna get that getting asked about as soon as the players Tribune and goes out exactly the way if they let out at times I mean it's one reason why players don't. Ours is forthcoming with the media as they used today. They get shredded things get taken out of Constant Contact. Or context excuse me and there are and so this way it goes exactly they get final approval on what that looks like. Not forgive me admittedly nice. I'm gonna use gimme a minute the petition for Missouri go out interviewing another coach already done that for an hour or you know already done that with Bruce Weber who getting fired in a month. A legend has remark got three if you hadn't heard the news yet mark got you was buyer at North Carolina State what is going to finish this these guys I don't know how that's gonna work at all. I've had it typical working Byron let me tell the credentials. All was that Bart Scott Reid. Three regular season titles in the Ohio valley count went to Luke in the SEC. He's currently in the ACC. And he has gotten his team to determine it. Four of the last five C and I'll make it this year is a little before six body in the year. What you're telling me that is Hillary's got to hire somebody had better than a 63 winning percentage. No that's not what they're going to do Missouri go in or you mark Godfrey. That's one minute. Also like. Also go out and give mark on premise equipment and well. It's actually also a college as well. But it involves. Our 43 president Donald Trump now before you turn your radio audience stick to sports guy. Believe it or not they nonpartisan. Nonpolitical sweet. Yesterday reports came out that Donald Trump will not allowed in NCAA bracket. On ES the end game is tied it's not follow in the footsteps President Obama. ESPN's said that the White House respectfully decline their last. I was here. I think you know I think president truck doesn't want to do this on ES the end. Because if he does fill out a bracket I think you could prove that he's got something wrong. And I don't think he wants to do in that I think he's gonna and its leading all the upsets that he got right. I always knew Baylor was never gonna be good enough captain was gonna beat in the entire time I had it down and believe me. All the upsets that we all screwed up on that broke our bracket. I it was eerie it comes 5:30 in the morning the next day president trump had a White House ancient bracket. Saying that he got all the upsets right. This been for Texas and Brad having his bracket on ESPN I think it's very bold strategy I think it's Smart move by now our 43 president of the United States. A lot of people. We're gonna believe him. I'm disappointed that he's not doing I think it would have been great television. I enjoy when. President Obama I did yeah it was great. And Obama both with the outlet I just I enjoy I thought it was good television I'd like we went through with eighty Catholic. The cultural do the exact same thing I'm disappointed that he's not doing store meets it you probably know anything about basketball. He's I don't know warning residents to know about that's bubbly. I mean we see he spends time on Internet every morning he can't take it minute but let us know what it's bracket is a follower asked if there was there. Deletes in there. I don't know I don't either but it's awhile I just as I I clearly know he's involved in the Internet its refute it done with a lot of brackets we could see it for the content I enjoyed. But politic minutes ago. We talked last segment about the passing of wood well we about football that your house is now. To facts. What we got some games here. I'll make sure these guys now. Bill prepared to break cartwright the oval AZ GA Reese. Her Marshall Mike Marsh are going tops and big threat. Those are a lot of like coaches that I. Grew up with and policies their names on the air Alison thank you to them I would encourage all of you out there. Cannot wait to the last man cannot wait to tell the people that have impacted your life like coaches or players or whoever maybe it's teacher. I don't care who it away. Go up till this day they can pack in my life music. That is a good reminder. And he get chance to bring up just looks optimistic thank you appreciate your your back to my life in years. And really really appreciate it make their day you'd be surprised. You turned it emitted into the shout out segment on the high today. I did at liberalism. It is like dollar friends. Yeah I can't brassy classic when he money. Like romper room yeah people. Just got to go to shout outs they'll shut out to my future in laws that never happened at a shell out my future in laws market d.s and other evidence is like well. You do we wait like we feel. Certain things about people in our lives we don't do anything about it I think is that today's a good and I'll take a minute. Is it listen. Those that think you tell people I knew how to impact your life that's it for him as if the souls of those people to hear maybe you've heard that before but famous rapper Kanye West that people never get the flowers while they can still smell which hurts breaks that it's exactly what I'm saying he had an idea Italian I had so much in common. That's why I'm here thank you let's and that's saying blood is exactly what your your bridging the gap between me and rap. Coming up it's two minutes to give you a chance to win a pair of tickets that Missouri mavericks and Jeffrey Flanagan from MLB dot counts it's down it's a rose with the next drive.


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