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02/16 2pm - Future of Hoz, Ned on 2B, Mizzou "Shoot Your Shot" HOF'er, Tim Fitzgerald

Feb 16, 2017|

In Hour 1 out in Surprise, CDot & Fanning discuss Eric Hosmer's future in Kansas City after Ken Rosenthal wrote about the team's pending free agents. Ned also reveals his second base candidates before they talk about the 20-year old Mizzou student who went on the date with tennis star Genie Bouchard and talk a little Bruce Weber with Tim Fitzgerald of

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Boy does that more royals reporting to spring training out surprise that the shortstop Alcides Escobar remains loan royals yet port. Brown beautiful golf and sets released former chiefs left tackle Branden Albert also former quarterback Vince Young according to his agent Leigh Steinberg is attempting a comeback. Held bass boat is NC state head coach Mark Gottfried has been fired but will finish the rest of the season. And NBC's Al Michaels will receive the Lamar Hunt award for professional football and yet a full one on awards in Kansas City on February 26. About Iceland that's we know now we'll start the show. Dry and this duet with initiatives like I assume probably you know in stringing her. River colors of excellence you Idaho luckily he's got their answer I don't want anybody in the world find out about how great list. Do you go to like the main area I don't think you'd like bullies you you bully really literally an area and I don't know. Oh yeah he's always he's like somewhat of a legitimate said he had climbed a couple of mountains and I know it is and then. I did not Bora which is the tallest peak and I my cousin that. And then that judge handles a little time. And then we actually went to Mount Hood. Tragedy that you now we have we were like 15100 feet of good coverage guys switching that's it. Sounds miserable this theory seems like a very easy way you guys to find an Arizona there's some really good hiking and mountain scene in Nixon and yeah I got Arizona. OK at the white mountains like right by the Baltimore. And there's traveler with trails Democrat yeah let's go pick someone to do what I'm finally doing together activities hiking and doing painting and those they don't hand him yeah he had a little bit and that's what it's it's it's doing half mile high. I've been the stuff I'm not I'm not I'm not prepared for that kind of stuff. Adjusted forward it becomes a few months we've got a group in the city. You know I don't know rattled and that's not route I'm not familiar with the rattlesnake it's good for you then. And comfort zone it's how this wall Roosevelt took all the water so morrow I don't know anything about that I watch though running wild with bear Gillis on those YouTube that's great weekend that's a broad enough for me I felt like at the very outdoors you want to Marshawn Lynch outdoors and multinational. Guarantee Harrison. Got a booty cat that drive. Let's do this another edition of the drive alive from surprise Arizona. It's errors in the Brad mean it is being Chrysler bank city. Right with Goodman the snow beautiful the paradise. Beautiful weather day evidence like it's redundant that we did say that but it's just part. It's hard not to wake up every day and appreciate. How beautiful. Phoenix. It really is where we're at June in the suburbs that I view traffic much guerrilla. Skip the mountains surrounding and it's beautiful sunshine seventy degree weather and it was a little chilly this morning was 46. Well it's drivable par there are some things that you see you don't see it. It's not coyotes on it yet spread across traffic jump offensively. As well a guy. Michael Wiley Coyote that's the one like if I can Phoenix Coyotes not a hockey player. In the while. Knows and isn't. Always. Reacts well you saw it. Freaked out about it because I sought to yesterday morning when I was rated and I was leaving my aunt is. Incensed that he was that was for Ivan one coyote had killer rabbit. And the other can't teach this in the east you actually were going in between houses rudder and threw golf against their. Do man I have a theory on this I think if you cull coyote a coyote you're not scared of coyotes. If you like that that was people literally from the Arizona area there is people have been around wild animals more are more likely to refer to them the sky it's. So I think that's where you fall in that you're not scared of nominee just so tired nobody. Leo well I mean it's yanks never talk about this for the show's Erica like year here so you know we're gonna start my fanning sky all of your vote. And there's that lets you know I'm actually what I saw there the vertical leap in this you know I mean he hasn't yet sprint pop an eight foot fence kept down. I want nothing to do with an animal back and leap over fences like nothing that you get in the car as well in this how much rival Johnson either of those great. Pictures for McCain's story is that he said what causes parking lot look at them. Morning when he came. So. The placement like geared up and that's you know seeing in cities that's. Runner on neighbors. I'm talking heavily populated areas I'm naturally curious are gonna put it up on Twitter at six and sports Casey is coyote announced coyotes. Or coyote go to its footer on vote on that throughout the show. Is Phoenix caddie for hockey yet doesn't Phoenix Coyotes ice to cover is cover high school team and they were called the coyotes. So I don't know what the proper pronunciation all now he's. Yeah I'm going the opposite. Direction in thirty minutes we tell you legendary shoot your shot story one release of inspiration. 245 and FitzGerald ego power cats dot com comes on the show to defend your guy Bruce Weber levers and bad men economy. He's not looking good it's not looking good at your case they look. That's what my position you know it's not looking good at all 3 o'clock we continue our royals player profiles. With Alex Gordon and and you'll hear from various royals players and coaches throughout the course of the show where I'd like to start today show always. There was a column written. By Ken Rosenthal fox sports and I know your stance is let's just focus all right now we're pre aids and Kia still looking into. Next year in the offseason. That's coming up for the royals but I do think that they beat storyline walking around this team and how they're going in the Ken Rosenthal wrote a piece today. That the royals are optimistic. And they are going to continue to pursue guys like Eric Hosmer Lorenzo Cain in my sockets we all of those individually. With their house. I love the optimism. You think you've got a shot the resign aired out. You don't maybe that's the face yet the put all the media and maybe in some royal circle that it's going to come down to restrict money issue. It is a bit too and that should be really. You know maybe he's gonna grow Kansas City I'm not sure I think you know we can't Rosenthal piece he wrote on. On I think. You know that the things that I like about what he wrote in this is what I do you think you were talking about is that. Rosenthal acknowledges that the the fact that the royals have. This sort of strange. In a good way. Relationship with the players and their fans and their communities only got stronger after the passing your temperature and that's what he's citing. This article there's a chance that there might be chance that they keep. You three for these guys and he also talks about you know basketball might be there and in favor of modesty but I think that's what he's saying that we've seen that. With the royals at examples that Danny Duffy outscored mean guys that we didn't pay. So sure about Duffy but I didn't feel good about Korda leaders though. I don't know I think Hosmer I would agree is a little bit and stretch him and he's like he's on the verge we have made a star like you know. It's superstar and that's going to be hard to afford. In Kansas City the other guys and -- ovals. I think that it's. Entirely possible that. Then air out for signs a contract. But you have to add up Alex Gordon number in India need to be number and that anomaly that heated Iger then. If I look at I always thought that like with soccer with the most likely got a son is because. If I was obviously let's just go with like if my stock it's obvious as a decorated. I don't think he signed to a contract that you look at say name the royals couldn't afford. Maybe these are the four year deal or five year deal. But I think we've seen just based on how much they dismayed Hedo being how much they paid eighteen community how much they paid outscored and that's contract that they're comparable giving. Biggest might have been comfortable giving that contract CU. Outing when you look at the contract at your house was going to sign eventually it's gonna be a note that July all right INS the other royals inside of it because it six years one or. The road or in six years 130 or something. Astronomical like that. A pork pork got his dealer to see update every 77 million either. You know not seeing they're gonna write a 139 dollar check Eric but then gone that I either him or we're talking about everybody's talking about oh man. Gordon's 77 there's no way that they're gonna pay. Per cent and 72 US 72 million forced them to dapper Alex Gordon. Oh wait agony in the. Which you agree Indy grand scheme of baseball 72 million dollars isn't that much I know it seems like a lot of it's not 130 yeah I'm not call that eighties but averages look at the highest paid player in the history of every organization and we see some teams you've got 250 million dollars of your high speed Patrick said he 82 million dollars. Pretty good guy right in the scheme of things that I don't think the Hosmer Patrick just when to be so big that it did I understand their optimism. Hey these homegrown guide you wanna keep community we wanna keep the band together with Eric Roberts would be a very simple thing. It's not Smart business Russ the pay one person this much money. We've got a good job sign more contracts like Brent lost we've got a good job sites more contract but it is Alice. We rather have those three guys and have one player or not that's up in its gonna come down to. You outscored today talked about with the royals have done this offseason this morning clubhouse and and you know every player that as soon as the arrival of the first questions acutely than in the offseason moves in chorus and you know the royals that's a great job in the late signings. And they do it every single year and gore obeys who said it's what the royals do. They kick guys like Alan Boss. And they find guys like that so that is what they do giving 100 in thirty or forty or fifty million dollar contracts. Is not what they do putt. That's not to say. That it could happen I think it's gonna happen probably. I really don't. That. Through the years while some of the royals who have left for either traded production happen. Or gone on and signed big contracts elsewhere people in Kansas City a little bit better about that if felt. Slight that they felt. You know while we raise you an aggregate this neat. I don't think the feeling of Oz is gonna be that way if in fact he does go because we gotta wring your World Series and mechanic. You know I mean I don't think anybody. That's thinking rationally think it's gonna be here. I've made this point alone when you're gong Friday a bowel Kevin ray and I think the frustration you have is under phrase you never got the CD in. If Eric Hosmer eventually moves on it goes where another team you saw the end. You saw what a championship but I think changes how you're going to fuel at the end of but Mike was sockets I've not heard this from anybody this is just my theory this is just my opinion on micro stock. I might. Appreciate what the royals did. That was looked bad for my sockets and Ned Yost in Dayton Moore stood by having given opportunity yet the Robertson when he got that sit down they believed it and they kept giving him chances to be a successful Major League player. He did eventually became a a successful Major League player. But I think moves his ailment they like each year. But I think they'll be willing to take a little less money to save for the royals again but I also don't think he's going to get that mimic the flooding if it comes down to the hypothetical. No one offers an eighty million in the rolls off from 75 I think he takes its 35 million dollars. I think for air October. The most money the royals might be willing offer is one vein but I would is gonna blow that offer out of the water that you might look at that you'll love it enough to give up forty million dollars for. What do you think about though and stuff like that see this. You know I think. You know the perception as your Major League team. Things pretty much run the same way every Major League team that's not necessarily the case though. The royals are close to what I can yet. When it's on a crummy team. With a bad reputation. With. That clubhouse with a question mark around a lot of different things. Is worth it. Is that were you remember ever talked to in the clubhouse and to a man it's around here talks about. The environment. The family atmosphere the friendships the brotherhood all those days so there's a little bit more registered you wanted to it'll probably work place. And Ole Lotta stress in different things. For an extra ten to fifteen point. And I know for you here like hell yeah for sure but for all players. Substitute that you only championship you like hey you wanna be a good virus. Yeah I think we say that and and Zachary goes that is exactly does he like Greg is different views as we said at about a lot of guys like me what you wanna play it. I think it's odd to say I would take a little money as a team on that was good but every offseason we see you guys sign a mammoth contract with like why would use. Yeah not get it I understand those factors at play and we company in the dollar that's all and that's a huge part of don't get me wrong maybe the biggest part of it. But this time do you want to go to a probably clubhouse with back guys with a losing atmosphere the manager that's on the hot seat with the general manager that you don't know is going to be there. Is that what you want. Or you wanna be in in a clubhouse it's a family atmosphere. A brotherhood. Guys you've come up with general manager of front office you know it's been. I don't think sometimes. Your agent or the other team put the number in front of you that's impossible to say. Flooding that happens every office he's said it doesn't disappear. Numbers go down checks still clear though there are some tax bill. Never guys different your life so that's what you want you want the money to go to outlook to positive and in the U firefighters passed away Kansas City. You know we talked about hate working to get through. We're gonna get duties this. And that's another reason why positives like one of us he's not a guy that. You know that sort of pick tigers in communities are so I think if he does and probably will sign a big deal. That will be okay. As a city and what are the biggest question marks in spring training is who's gonna start at second base Ned Yost spoke today we played audio or an excellent track. 610 sports reading. Drive there then Erickson here bread feigning live in surprise Arizona Chrysler exactly teens city. Just talking about the youth and Rosenthal worked plus what's yesterday that the royals are optimistic. In are going to continue to try to pursue their house. Her tolerance of pain in my sock is in free agency. My aunt's house or is. I know it sounds good when you're not resigning your house in free agency I think they have a good shot resign my sockets and we'll see you act with Lorenzo Cain and pessimistic I guess you could say about Lorenz okay I don't know. The an organization. Well liked to have to aging outfielders especially when the young talent. I'm a little cautious occurred in children's cocaine with the reports that it. Well we'll see AME that they mean that that's the part of it and I think the story to me from Roosevelt it is it. It almost rates alligators had halfway decent chance they get some of these guys back based on. The atmosphere and the environment and everything the royals have created the relationship to their fans the relation with the communities. And in the eighties right maybe not it does feel different than a typical sports franchise I mean a lot of times it is very cut and dry. And it is you know we we see the story of the story about Bill Parcells put nick asking and in. In Lawrence Taylor locker with a note saying he got he will she got let the McCain nor guys here hurt guys getting caught and released. I'm in a very cotton dry very black and white and and and brutal. Culture that's a pro sports become really with the money but I think the royals have been able to change settlement indecent everything I'm not saying I was gonna. The actors I wish he would mean a really Q&A and a fan's wish that. And a lot of people wish him Hoss would would go to Gordon round sign contracts inking agency heads that you. In the outfield themselves and I don't know how realistic that is where they get any team has a chance to do it. It's team like the royals that raised him that Brahma and and he won a championship without. I think he's gonna be too good and too big and make is that growth element. There's a couple position battles I think of points that intrigue at spring training so far I second base is one. And I think fifth outfielder earth he's not that popular that got your rotation is one of those back in the bullpen is another position battle I guess you could call it. Ned Yost for the first time today he's talked about the rotation talk about that yesterday today he talked about second base that's what the rules that bred sale competition second. Some. We're looking at. Mare's field. We're looking Ned LaMont to see if we're looking at Cologne and me and gave myself so customer's name and their duties. You know he's worked really hard. So as the season was over last year you know and we all sodomy was just worn down you know I was just worn out. But he still hop on a plane the next thing came down here and work two weeks at second base sabathia belly are. In instructional league so ralphie. Liked what he saw from him there. We know he's got a tremendous Barry's tremendous. Tremendously athletic and we'll see we'll look at them and see the other books what are you when you look at four of the guys when job I'm looking for got to produce. Move over got a can catch ground balls and double play get hits. So. Well we're looking for. Yeah we had every question answered in spring training at the full squad just reported today and in the other first workout tomorrow. Starting naral big things. And at second base becoming we've wondered if culprit was going to be one of those guys next house up there watching all for those guys to grumbles today. Modesty to me look the the rocket's at second base makes into the yeah yeah he EE didn't look as smooth as the other guys a couple of fine. We talked to a bare fields that it conversation in this morning about you know what he thinks in you know wit. Popper. Mary. Copper and a clone of all come out we tactical on this morning Jill and and they're all their friends the appreciate each other but they're all battling their tails off to win that position. As I've said all along the one god I think he's maybe a launch is copper. It is probably like command and instructional work with rock field because it had a lateral movement he doesn't and you've got to have. Defeat of a salary around your turn and double plays you do things like that got a quick you've got to aberration obviously got the arm for. Does he have the range to do that and if he's not the starting guy. And it's gonna be tough for him to find out because there's really no response form you can't put a short series either there a third baseman or a second baseman so. I don't know what I don't. No the answer is yet. But we you know we're obviously gonna find that out but I think that started narrow well he talked a couple of days ago about that's drawn is not gonna compete for a spot in the rotation. So we can eliminate him he's going to be the bullpen in the seventh or eighth inning guy or maybe it along guys who're we're eliminating those things and I think that's what it. Is he eliminated. Apologize that things yes copper is in the next so honesty so Cologne. And so quick merit. I don't think minus the have a shot. Too young to media options at least explore this season I heard it I agree a 100% so that being said. It's got to hello Mary feel and comfort and I could bring up Mondesi in the middle of the season yeah absolutely injury happens you still has options as lateral movement he can go up go down. They does doping months and had a shot plus. Is a proven he can hit the big leagues yet he has and that's the thing I mean which show that he can hit copper can hit in Cologne can hit well enough. So I I think based on that it's going to be one of those three guys and Mary feels the guy with the most his versatility you can put him anywhere. You put the outfit and put it in the infield. You know copper the least probably Cologne he can bounce it around just about any other infield position the exception of firstly probably could play if he had but so that's work. It's going to be a really interesting battle seeing those three guys based on their skill sets and based on who can and can't go back to the mine. That's why you select the options partner versatility on its hopeful because property Cologne I have no versatility in terms of options. Cutler has no other minor league option that is either and it makes that the more he gets cut same thing for Christian glow even makes Timorese it's cut at the clear waivers now what mayor who has persons that would be really into options you can play multiple position that before. Idiot the versatility of you could still go down I wonder what's going to happen just looking at. As you alluded to with low and with copper copper is doesn't have the ability to play multi positions the way with mayor yeah I'd probably give him the slight edge just because I think net relief values that. Ned really value is that Whitner you can play short he completes second you can play or did you concede to play left to right field at the India to. I don't really have anyone like that on their roster that in the beginning part of the season I think at least right now they gives in the leg up but I think what. Is the leg up oil and that. Being on the roster I think right now Christian Cologne either opening days ordered him into. Right now without playing any game dousing out as a handle pitching I think the longest the job right now. I think Whitman air fields on the roster because of his versatility Hamid who don't have Cutler do. That's the thing with a guy and don't say options for the people doubted that it can't sit back down whiners yelling go to and so many times. And upwards out so what you pepper it has to me that's the big question and he's too good stick it can't lose copper. And that's why in my opinion I think he I think it's the laid upon. And we think that. He's younger. Please let it get it looks exactly it's it's more powers are to me a bit and residents of in Utica glow of all would be yeah I mean I think. He's younger at Italy has more upside Albert. And so it's equal or maybe the odd man out of this and you know when he was docket this morning he decided in the offseason like. How big year this is war he knows this description this is a former really high first round draft policy was fourth overall. I believe. And I think one of the reasons the royals have eyes that he was a sizable. When they took him but. In terms of money they did a number he'll sign the bill drafted Hugo. But I'm not sure. If I pick between those two pick between comfort lone occupant comfort. And keep them because you can fly the second baseman if you one modesty appears to be the shortstop and future. A hundred notre behind moves who's in other power. They can come up that's why I think to me between comfort and Mary had it as mayor mayor feels versatility. Which under it to me has more value right now and Cologne Cologne note who knows he can't he would it outscored Aussie. Working out. If Alex Alex Alex does not let people. Hang with him during his work we know I mean he is of the couple hours a day crazy stuff. You know clothes okay man huge year for me. What might do state Kansas City worked out with cooler though he knows how important the next few weeks and surprise Arizona are him because he doesn't. If he's not Kansas City still go look at us as somebody else to pick a month. Coming up and thirty minutes it's the pop quiz but next. An inspirational story that is Missouri's greatest victory of this decade that they were that is next in the moment. Sixty and sports. On Twitter at sixteen and sports KC our teams are tacked on sixteen and Sports Radio. About Kansas State's diversity feared much on the court popped weighs about forty minutes. Your chance to win appeared to keep the burden they confess this Saturday. Ride. But dating you notice. There's not looking so good from my tigers' only. Like when that. Wouldn't that the last seven years I mean it imperative Opel that and art and drama that's just in general it's it's been bad all all around it's and there it's been a long time since I've experience. Jolie and pride in your university you've seen them go out there and get a big time. Missouri model lost or local work. What he's selling Bristol Alabama yesterday it Burgos separates when they won all but they want off the court yesterday this audio with courtesy of the yes network. This is tell the story with a net connection she. We'll show our professional tennis player she was watching the Super Bowl twenty world waited behind you. By the way. This poor devil was 21 nothing about moments later John Gerke tweeting if the patriots wouldn't we go on a big juniors but it sure. Don't know the patriots made it's comeback it's a global history. World exploded later Jeanie we did. Hello well they just went their moment and I won't do it I stay true to my work. John has a twenty year old University of Missouri student originally from Chicago. With Jeannie scheduled. Is. Tonight wow Centre court. Netscape. She paid for Johnson flight and hotel room. It's given a very cool there. Her agent contacted the nets for the tickets. She's part of the tennis section of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue that was just released so that's what fluttered in the Big Apple. Think about this the word kid is watching the Super Bowl with his buddies. His celebrity crush. You can't get an opportunity. Half court shot. But sometimes you make half court shots. 0%. On the yields shoot from half court he half court shot. Wish she agrees that day she and pays for his light his hotel and Centre court in the eight tickets. This real life that she's a light pole he's out corporate and in. This kid is the winner. This is an inspirational story. Don't give up or your dreams. Out of reach all you have to do is go out there and try to make it happen for yourself. This makes me proud that here for the university of their youth who got up I that they be written human growth and a spirited attitude. Fitting and it's and that's because. That's yours actually the NBA's version of Missouri basketball. Elects you try to hurt opponents Europe funnyman. It to a negative it's not a negative this is a positive. Like that you mean you it's like Hillary hater that you are. The residents. That you just acknowledging how cool it is one years old she's in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. Half court shot is the Christian laid her. Once a generational kind of what you can appreciate. The net or 940. Half court. On the floor feet on the war it. What the swimsuit model. Or wait there's more let me interview from the yes network ties. Letter and I'd literally sector. Every all the plant started on and plays those of us. You wanted it to be less awkward and making dinner might have I don't think. It's like you're making them he's not. Because just what ever happened to let's fix that tiger was so good on my bodies of those super I don't even know it looks like I'll. It's amazing it's. This is inspirational. It's the best by the nets have gotten Elliott at last fourteen under. This is such a great school you beat a detonator and brutal dictator here and that's about a college student. At 37 Euro Greek you name it they did this and now she's going on the he's doing one year old he's now at eight at this bar in a witness who. Hit trying to threaten Joseph. Trying to crack Missouri notes. And explorers. Shoot your shot hall of Famer put it in the drive all the way. You're about that you know it's technically ended. She is in New York. It nickel. This is this is getting now this is disappointing. I don't know I'm not I'm not even mad and I'm just upset. Here you're here you are there. There is an opportunity. Or just regular guy he's dealt with a lot. Being a student right now of the universe in Azeri. And student at it add add New Zealand he's gone through it just the heartbreak. And it just the troubling times of what it's like being in his youth and right now. And there are guys at a Smart enough to go ahead and take a shot and the odds are completely stacked against them. Eddie is is beautiful 22 year old tennis player who also happens Ian. I'm Sports Illustrated in the sun sued issue not only say. Yeah sure in this. On impossible thing happens but she lies about she pays for the hotel they put him at center court. This is this the script of a movie. You're right you're making this is real life real life niche electrical problem Britain and the best. She already agreed that date number two they won it so well. She had already agreed for the second day. Funding it at that Netflix. Look at this morning I don't know how they would handle the dinner you're nervous got icon that got out fourth conversation. Us advantages or seen it walking your talk about the game it's a little bit more Agile. Can't let him forever. All right and as the singer is on ice accurately you bet on. Can't believe you not know all and try to know. I'm trying to get to know you yeah I believe this things that you say and try to get you try to take a Brad fanning at his word. There's no wacky bits yet on the show with you it worked or still in the process of feeling all this out so what what you're making jokes about this guy I didn't know it urges a little jealous on the inside this didn't happen you back in the day I truly don't know I. I would like they did Twitter would pick and yet at Maryland he would've sent the pigeon. Pony express delivered it. It's your right. A naked bottom as you've earned. A cheap and I don't apologize both it does it. Arguing both know there's this awesome. The fact that this girl that word and other second it's a really really terrific I. Receive it. Weird and creepy forty hurled back over the moms basement. Probably hit her on Twitter and Oscars that are rude. And and and. Hope it's all about timing and opportunity I really did that really is about Todd and candidates that net if I don't want to go on a date with me to do what are you wanna showed. Meg on Twitter you know she could we do whatever you want you can do the talking about Al. Fifty yard line the jaguars. Right and Joseph what are you admit that on. Warner football with Rihanna if we could spend time together the other is tiger. Has his putt is as a. As a real quickly though because I I get a feeling that this is such a rare opportunity. In two different one I just a thing something like this. Happens again they're there's all the different she shuttles ours in a lot of people are going to be motivated and and for their sake I hope it does happening and is too great story. But I'm just think is ever gonna happening and in two. You guys think this would have happened on the other side if it was eight female reaching out to a male athlete just did. You know go to a school dancers felt as happy here Wednesday and as an appearance or not sliding into a DM either way Jeannie Rashard handled it. By putting it out on is to Graham and doing videos and setting an all out and then agreeing to the second dates. I think because of that this separates it and a whole different level I just wonder if this is something that a mail app that would never dale. Male please don't have to do for one. Because. Though the media area after royals game. You know. I know I've seen what it looks like I'm talking about this specific type of example where somebody reaches out. On Twitter on social media and this sort of situation in the media firestorm happens the same way that it I don't think it does. I want to because the male athletes. Hooking up with. Web and art celebrity who happens all the time like it that on. In pro sports and it'd happen so of course the Pentagon Wheeler. It was built track of where they it's on. You know what this thing is Lugar I loved that the stroke afterward and I think that's a great example I just hope it. This is sort of a ploy by her marketing people or Asian or whatever Carol. He's. Open you can rate it could have told you this girl was until this. I have no idea. I. At that point but I I I presume that are you about Saturday. If you donate a million dollars in the new gore until you with a donated a million dollars to donate to charity component and which to build it. You donated a million dollars maybe some of this result which he's like hey I'm not a household name I'm going to be in this maggot so those are. But you know what she's building he still wanted to date with the kid. They still paid for the can apply that Brooklyn based on opposite courtside he's got a spend time with somebody that you interest that it that the win. I can't understand how she could use it because to me is just getting badly. I mean this kid's gonna be riot at a quarter suck it Islam. College buddies in the bond bonds and watch in the know at home because he's so down depressed when he meets its hole ripped out. But this is player. It did this solely. To get. Fitting hates on the kid from Missouri but he loves Kansas State coach Bruce whoever we talked to double down baby. We talked to a Tim FitzGerald and go Arquette the next on the ground. 66. For. In about seven minutes or so we get that a pop weighs in your chance to win and a -- he gets the bird in hand they can here's the hairs in his rant meaning it I live in surprise yours on of the drive somebody I know that would appreciate per bit and make our next guest Jim FitzGerald. From scope our cats die count and Adam wanna talk a little case state basketball game actually royals at 3 o'clock hates him. Although they can that are added burden. Hold. I know it's crazy. Hole looks into a contest. They can present wonderful yet Burgundy. I act produce ago. Eight. A double edge on my love for Bruce Weber for a long time. Rivets sticking up for a nobody else will. You know like you should've got OT at Kansas. You know you know I cover them when you know they gained gets away that shouldn't have. That is. Loved him and even I don't know him. He's making me look what in the hell is going on. That's the bed I mean they. They've lost objects. But more important probably have lost three at home in a row. That you can it be that the big twelve if you want to contend for the upper at least certain right now they're disturbed cuter little bow waters. They're flirting and ordered him first they have the virtual charter. A look the last slide into for all winnable there are all manageable there and the other sixteen different with them down on the bottom part of the shared during. Now Willie and for fire and I would seriously doubt. But we'll Sierra played out it's just it's hard to defend this program manager director. I think this team has gone from. A lot to me in the tournament and I kind of wonder about Webber's future now and this stuff but over the last two and a half three weeks in line like a nut bag even think that. They'll end I think that you go at it and I think that certain academic terms of its future adventure now. It is here the program and in their program that it probably incidentally turned out fairly consistently and and took them to turn as the first two years when he had. You know a number of the wrecked our players but the center of guys were wrong. Look the program their strength in fact that saw that last night that his record so important last three years into worse than Jim wooldridge is what percentage. And his bluster here at Kansas State. And probably. What you need to know where. That are looking at their schedule at Texas home against Oklahoma State and Oklahoma and TCU in the in Texas Tech Q are you alluded to it. It doesn't look like we've got to win 45 are always kind of thought about this case state team and lately it's kind of change. That this team was going is going to do enough regular season and it probably need to win one in Kansas City. Do you agree with that now at this point given how they played losing six of the last seven. Well I've seen them. The bubble so to speak or shall we prevent Internet alternatives so that Joseph articulate candidate in the tournament after that circle. The mid major characters are providing much to the Cuba in two doubles partner right now and that opens vote for a major conferences. I find it hard to believe that there are no major change more all parts of that spotlight now on the interstate. Because they are playing well they're not they're saluting their. They're kind of you know losing from being. Leave you scratching your head in the stretch you know kind of poking at that teach you Lawson and now our state loss of hole so. I'm. I I think that they can get command and iron in the conference. Probably in the tournament. It just because the field so awful. But I think you're right it would probably help to win when you're sitting here saying conference land and they go on through the. There aren't a good chance she's been doing it right now because actually string answering popular began with a really haven't since conference where it started. They can't string wins against wearing them in general go. Last thing here with him FitzGerald from ego power can't stuck town I'm kind of going through this with Missouri's that looks like they're gonna fire their coach at the end of the season. Put case they I think is a little bit of a different coaching. Opening because I think the coach that everybody wanted already had a job at Oklahoma State who do you think state means war to replace Bruce Weber. Well I would imagine you you look around the landscape of college basketball and and stretcher there that who could possibly get out they're depicted throughout. You know I will proponent of making a move last year I was vocal about it wrote about it. And you know we you've got the right. And hearing can look there are situations your program. You make it open. Advocates who don't have a double. Make one if you direct it's right in front view. There and you're not making your move and it's it was a little frustrated city. Radical group of leading local mistakes that the buyout of 600 dollars and whatever it was side. You cannot lead you've invested in that program. It's now it's cold I can't say it needs to look around it and probably the person I you know are paper it's most likely for the locker. The beastie Forbes you couldn't see straight featured here at the it's Jack curry immunity and and he also. Played a big role would stop states in search women who work you know players final fours so that took I'd look at that. You seem to both likely to me. America it competitive for intelligent sell out the pictures. They're just isn't there are about me in the right starter out there who could move. That was Tim FitzGerald from cope arc that's not count him thanks swap information and appreciate your time. That was him FitzGerald ago our cats around that makes I think it a little bit year dictate the ease at which case they find themselves. I put Missouri. There was never right guy that I think a consensus opinion like hey go get this. Brad Underwood Oklahoma State would have been yet if that was the coast it that they brought he's like he's they've been like him as alluded to. Had a fueling this wasn't one worker Bruce Weber and there was a theory one end. Good coach available at European based would love that knows your program knows everything about recruitment and teams in you hire him. Yes it comes off that he is a missed opportunity for the Lockett. I told my less violent doubled however. I would go date moron. Don't believe it pesky. But it what my trust in moose. A double down Jerusalem Riley he's I think he's gonna he's gonna bring this thing out of the ashes and they're gonna go to the term. You wanna put away your Wasilla but because I mean look I think what some things that case it is done like they have the ability to do. They'd be number two Baylor at Baylor so they should be kids early got overtime with Kansas in Lawrence that played a tight game with Ehud that they. Go to should've won in Manhattan so. Oh I I don't understand I don't get it but. Stick to our ominous letter on this but the guys I think I think it went right at lap get five laps. He's on the run attacks is winnable home it's Oklahoma State went to Oklahoma winnable every game they have remaining is when etiquette. I mean they went four of those five and they get one. In the big well aren't I the ability Italy term because relatives that are doled out Laver that this team will in fact these you know in terms of small and yeah I feel like we've won the World Series. Now. It's a statement on how is it violence or witness bigger rookies make it turn make him make the NCAA term. Yet. Let's take on particular I don't know you might be a well you. Lower in my I think for ever backed out of that. There's no audio recorder like Akron at the hour. We got a state rookies on the this is they don't look on the me Ivan in the big twelve. There are old or five down the stretch after losing six all of that we can point that I high marks or the QB if they won at Baylor also lost its you lost that hole to teach you it's not one or pot down the stretch. Ice that yeah. What did I think you always there populate. Yeah it's. I thought that the thing you always do with Walton your bats and I'll never do you. You won't. Okay now won't soon. Yeah. Yeah. That wasn't a little bit of oil well let's not Obama. The net and you know those indicate you know on ion a 8% of this all along as well Weld's. Are you an idea how I completely welds in the eyes go oh you're due out. I didn't completely well and he's still owe this song in the easel with a show hale told me. Often as if you with that. I don't think that was the but it. I'm right now and they statue of limitations for it they win the national Jamie chip the day after all there's a song you can mark that. A guy. OK they're not. Recognized that right. Rocky. Gave them a re run these fictional hockey you can't however. The pop quizzes brought to you by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep grand some movie that's. Outer ring people. Don't usually talk to me like I let me rephrase that people never talk to write. It. I just it's kind of scary for them but perhaps I am really appreciate. You didn't. If you know what that is follow ice right now on 913576. Evans expanded the sixth call you and a pair of tickets to the verdict in bacon fat Saturday. This Saturday and knuckle head garage listen let's. You can paste an array of specialty Burt and that he was from nearby distillery as well as your favorite. Big barrel labeled what you've seen with the sort of smoky taking Sri must be when he went over this like saint smoky. Taken three speakers that I didn't get up off the match. We do our player profile announced coordinate the liquor under there. Sixty and sports.


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