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02/16 - 1 pm - Great Expectations

Feb 16, 2017|

In the final hour of the show, the guys discuss the difference in fans & players mentality. Plus, parents get in the way sometimes & the Ta

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Telecast on CNN sports. We just have to. Themselves. We just haven't I think the store and of course would fit. Dale let's ask one so it's fake audio. It's bad news is that they do it happened but happily they asked to. It's not just Jay is opposite a he does best they'll make some weird noises and some of his most spots. You know this is the best I mean did have a very weird man. I'm one of us are marginalized. And I heard it. Operatives it was by the way it was just for the record an out there nobody wants to hear man moaning or a the apology some of that you know. Think we've picked him and when I understand. It's up to Boston. So Kevin like the best post doubles vesco. Besides Kevin Love Boston this one's labeled an insane Pasco snort with here are insane. Actually since then your struggles. Wow that's still has get over it. It. You're about to complete gave the final would immediately goes your mind. It was. My. The Mike popping. That that the might might. I don't bite me and recreate that noise. That's like people blame off or Micah Micah whether off mr. and it in recreate the noise ever once through Judas ordered. On paper. As some east. I'd be dumb. I hurt us this morning calm. With those that stole my quotes and not just went just in the morning in touch well. I guess all conversation was about expectations when it comes to professional sports is specifically they cite the example lows. The Green Bay Packers. Today. Ain't. All that we're gonna get to executives from Jody nails. KK Stater. But now and why now for the Green Bay Packers. Because. With certain organizations. In certain players. There's expectations to win. All the damn. Thing. And would you look at a situation like Green Bay they feel like we're built to win right now. And they've lost in the NFC chips shipped to Atlanta. On the road. Into what else it feels like. Mass I did enough and we're supposed to be in the Super Bowl and principles to win the song. And there are certain organizations that believe that every single year. It doesn't matter if somebody gets hurt. It does it does it doesn't matter how things play out they feel like the year a organization that should be winning cheap in ships. I don't take it across the board everybody views it that way. In case. Not to do it now when it comes to players. If your player on the cheese if your player on the Steelers your played on the patriots or strictly on the Cleveland Browns we used salt for training camp. You. Two I think that the members of the Cleveland Browns what waited at it it's out tidbits of just as much as. A member of the team is absolutely I don't think they don't think anybody on the patriots wants anymore. Then. The rivers of the city we'll start. Oh when it comes to expectations though I think your expectations. Should not Obey the say. It's everybody's customers that is that all the same. In. When it comes to that history in the tradition of your organization and team. You don't have all the built in. I guess things that people look at and say. This is the reason why this team should be better than you know it should be better than one in enemy like differences if you look at that seems. People would expect it seems to be better than the browns because. Our roster is better in our coaching situation we feel like is better in their street eight exactly. Those are things that you can look at and estate that is the reason why this teach at different expectations that another. Organization. Bode well feels okay. With all the recent success. Will series a going to back to back. Basic have higher expectations with adding more on the roster in the organization. Right now they quite frankly the Atlanta Braves eight should be the same expectations. But not all of this is is saying this. If you want to say that the expectations from a player perspective should be the same as the face perspective. I don't believe that. Every player wants to win it seems that every players can look at its that you know if we get to assume ball. It didn't would feel if we get to the World Series win it we fail if we get the NBA finals and winning it. We failed best watch Michael Jordan was written on the Golden State Warriors are all last week talk about what 73 and I don't mean nothing. He's got to win it six. Don't say that's the reason why guys just like to other individuals like that but it's interesting hearing Jordy Nelson talked about. Off the the Green Bay Packers. In what the expectations are Geary in and year out this is what he had to say about the 2016. Green Bay Packers. End of the day warrior to a Cambridge and I mean that our. You know because we don't hey if we win the division we don't hang a banner you don't see that anywhere are building our stadium. You wouldn't know how many division title the Packers have won but you know army Google or championships it was right. And I think that's where it starts and one might open notes via the they can disperse plateau and how you've been in the meeting did I think it was first budget but certainly come back here for a gays or. Turning into this is our goal. Division in the play out when to rule on knocking at a good. He's in you know happened with that the path from improve on he probably did absolutely but. To be locked out of Seattle unlocked and out of the Lannan you know you know what they're feeling. I really don't care how it got their. Iso Jordy Nelson. From this perspective this. We saw out of the win championships. Loved every second of that soul some respects it's a Kansas scenes view their basketball team who cares they would another big twelve. Celebrating that they they hang final four banners being cheap cheap theaters will be due out like that expectation. That felt that we with the chiefs. Okay they won the division got a home playoff game big deal that would is an accomplishment. The idea again that when the division to win cheap chips and how to beat the minds that if you don't editing the minds of the key city chiefs scored four. Who cares about the issue. When they and they get to the Super Bowl bet on either way expectation. I mean that minds that's all well and good if you were the Green Bay Packers the New England Patriots the Boston Red Sox the New York Yankees. What do for the Cleveland Browns of the world. And if the Cleveland Browns go out next season and win the AFC north hell yeah that's that's on the celebrate they need to take it stepped in seemed to agree there's not a basically suggesting he'd take that step problem chaser in the divisional round twice but speaking the next. Georgia on Nelson continues. All if you could get there gold going championship and then you know they'll go on and they are great a year in England where there you're kind of target on both sides and amount I think you're built our goal of our civil union have good news either and you have a successful either but. To me it's not helpful except must learn championship and that that listen we are so the. OK so so why. Every situation is different and you just about weight every situation. Differently. Because of Cleveland we use the year EL division next year. That's a successful year got a house. Let me ask you this she's been different spot. If the chiefs win. The division next year. Is it a successful season no. One. The vigil to do with our what what what what what what what what if they went would think would win or untruth was this year successful. Seattle think it is you what the exact same place they did the year before. So would I guess we sell they wanted to be OK but you still got the divisional round you lost you a home playoff team. In law say it's a so so how many times did you call the AFC west the best divisional football. One division I can honestly it's not so that it took dirt car to get hurt what's so this was successful what you say you said it was it's successful I think it was. When I consider the fact that. Many people that are the AFC west the best division of football not only did you win that division you were undefeated. I met him so let me ask you this question. As you say it was successful you say it was okay. What do you think basic ones. It if we're asking you re about season. PC is an identity they would say that they floated a when these US that's good but I think the deep down I think they're disappeared supported their big. I think the players are to not know. Predict this would they say it's Essex are successful they would say they were neighbors of C failures though PD. They would never say I agree but even though they seem like they would say if Indy Reid's being honest with you. If you got an at a bar after a couple of Beers yearly gain and he was the season's successful stories how little ones. The expectation was to improve on last year but I think that when you talk about like yours. And the coaches vs a fan's perspective of it I. Don't give you a fan of my team or longer than any player will play for so I can't. Say it wasn't successful. That's correct I'd I'd say to Reid's being watched and teachers. Andy Reid didn't make the teacher on this because they like to make money lake it's not that they consider yeah I've had seen them Wear them they liked the best modest and there. No. I expectation. You gonna tell me that the Green Bay Packers have won division title before and didn't make T shirts. They probably have my my father was a huge Packers and I seen him Wear a Green Bay packers' division titles. I've seen what my own two lies they exist. So you know like a teacher doesn't define of the team considers that however. I guess I don't think it may be read as being honest with you on the give any player in there is the U outside of maybe guys that had great seasons. Individually. That season was not a success and yet unintelligible say it's not a success victory in of that team. You can't live and die with the same type expectations of the players do and my guess that I'll BofA and the chiefs in the royals. Four years beyond any player who's gonna play like I have seen guys start the career and in their career that team. I don't have to live and die with that just like a player does because their careers are short iPhantom is going to be my whole life. And there's always next year for fans there's always next year for players a mock. What is this I think idiots it enough of players lying about what they've accomplished. Okay. Just because you don't win a championship does it mean that you haven't been successful does it mean that you wore a successful means. That's probably always go back to the court a couple of years ago from mr. glass we said all the booze and for loser. Hillary Clinton's successful. She be burning in the primaries she got the president's election he's got beat by Donald she success wasn't its successful in in in winning the presidency buddies is she successful on ice yes here. She needs to define success seed team to witness it. As the successful team although I will see either stay a step in what is it beats. Seniors at a successful. The biggest knock on the call law and it'll hold it is not a successful court. A city of Atlanta Falcons what do success or share. Screams losers may well. It could do that figure does I could tell what it there when he got even where utilities and they re he's got legally saying that's breaking news coming out you're out at the it is that news. Is you don't leave stuff. Think she sees those access backwards and that's on and it actually stay in Marino out. The huge failure. And he's a box right now he's a lot right now yeah right on ice box at the white boxes. In 2014. A record quarter 2014. When the whales lost game seven you said it was our success. Is David here. Nestled all since I got to the World Series bitchy at the cheese and lost bill is up six. Some pockets of what took a Super Bowl in big that was. And about the falcons didn't bakeries defense he did say that warning for you but the royals. He did save us did say that 2015. For the chiefs once the success because they wanna play out year. I do think it's about taking steps to look at this is as a success because that don't Wear the with the same place went to saint. Of the team as the doubting people a World Series of course. And the chiefs of the cerebral success I just tell that she's on the seat at the mood been a success because the last year what's your success is dictated by circumstances. At the end of last year said that the Boyle sees a successful. Despite all the injuries it was it could be because all the visiting a dead heat railed would you still caught his success government rules non members in. Because all the ins are. Right and I did a good get over the injuries I don't think I said it was a successful I don't I don't remember this let me let me just written it any good news digest I think news. The chances and it. With all the injuries that they had last year it was a successful season and a wrong. It setter considered considering all the into the playoffs and cutesy it is today or failure failure. When the success of the okay. I think that that really irks me about this guy. We stay ends and the team itself need to have who separate. Goals nice when your face and what the hell you doing to support the other thing going out there screaming and pay in money you're not doing anything for the team. Going out there and playing here are going out there and practicing and going out there and show in the guise of breaking out Phil welcome to go and get drunk and yelling. That's all you're doing so that then you should temper your expectations about things because 31 teams in the National Football League. Are not going to win the Super Bowl 29 teams in baseball will not win the world see it you're an individual has all these you can always look at what your. He has been able to bring let's put it teacher student you win the chiefs were able to bring you a division title. Is it what you wanted. No man. But guess what are you stopping being a cheese spam I don't think many people are they'll continue to do it and that one day that they finally put a Lombardi trophy on the shelf. You're gonna be excited about it as I mean that every season before and every season after that you don't have the the coveted trophy there. Is a failure it's just not. Now if we talk about players. Some of these guys can say that was a terrible failure of the season. You had one of the best defense is that you've been you've had a long time. You're trending in a positive direction you're taken a step or from last year you won what a lot of people called as the toughest division in football. Yeah you probably should have made a further you should adopt the AFC championship game. At minimum you should've gotten so if I'm a player yeah I'm saying I think our season was a failure because we could've been better but if you're a thin. George the damn right man whose team won a division. The team's expectations to me CB difference in the fans' expectations. Because if you're sit in Cleveland right now. Come on major expectations for the browns ate the same as a teacher's assistant. They have the browns put together a run like he be reads don't you get the playoffs three or four times and there were if that remember gold medals are making the next level yeah. Success I agree with it. I everything is individual case by case now. I I can't stand overbearing parents in sports. All the way to tee here. This spirit and out completely delusional BR we get to that next. To studio sixty and Sports Radio. Tonight you gradually. Casey. He's registered. To try to win at Boston violated. The boys in blue there's a slightly gray beard but you buy stakes before a lot of fun. That's the Boston locker. Do feel involved. Have been able to. Boerse fifteen camp in the B. Bigotry out of Boston wants. What do we gonna trying and I get two week vacation. So my time didn't really matter to me through to the trains are part two days it's possible brain. And restaurants that I was walking in Boston couple years ago in any empty town near India. Beat him and he did it affect apathy now so walked into this established. Took a leak. And I'm walking by the boards there's this is the oldest for an American. I'll post or America yes what was the name of it I don't remember Lee playing so as it will be. I get a get a beer there. It did to stop calling because Jason's articles I've there until it was pretty cool guy. So I was born American right there say they are tomorrow once that it was her tears goes walking the streets. In his walking round also the seduce the home Paul Revere as let's read and write the most of the port oval all the beer and sit right there physical. Ourselves in and there was the north church were the British are coming to British comics again I'd have a go with. Is that you blocking piece of history that there. Is that what happens in India the north plan will privileges wandered around in. House now known says that the boss is like at all. House. All the support America. One of a do boss. You know what I don't like. Overbearing parents. Young women. Is overbearing. Parents when it comes to sports you don't women with thirteen. That's which stuff. Now we're negotiating dumber. You see it appears that the gains. There are all over the ransom I control. Even riveted to their kids yelling at the colts by hot do you Liza T isn't trying to you know. Just to wait two months. Well I think one of bill's tight appearance could be far ball game is the names sell Samir yes he's the parent. And the father of Alonso balls a standout freshman at UCLA. Lee Angelo ball in the in the mellow ball now lament does brother cherry picker it acted cherry pick or cherry picker amount. Melo was the one this scored 92 points in last week. The father told DNC that. Is some bull easily scored 92 points of the game again. Well if you stay ads at half court waits for the ball. So. Well. All of our ball man he is he must be looked at life and in LA right now he's always talking to teams he sports. We talked DMZ sports is everybody's talking about his son as playing at the ceiling is gonna be one and done. And one of the things that he he talked about and discussed with them. Is. His son beat them here to other individuals one of the individuals being staffed curry but this. All big compared to season skiing in a bunch of different people. This is what he had to say about comparisons. Okay which I feel like well like which was this part part. I gotta get his point. And instituted and got a computer buttons on what you can't compare public. There's talk. I don't think there's anybody executed with all of it is okay so we're just. Moments as he got a shot just. There just aren't a lot. These nations to appear on order and it appeared when he wasn't really thinking you're good can. Another landscape are good now what color. It. Jason Sosa now so now the simple malls. Why. When he may talk about it this morning. Why so all of that particular part of the sound. Not a deal with that at times like. That society Abbas the attack people based on their color. Based on. The NFL does all the time he's a west walker time. He plays like Julie Edelman. He's dating an adult when it comes the white wide receivers it happens all the time. All the black quarterbacks or he's got to be a wanna write pretty average order compared with a theme Willy. Cirrus is so I can kind of see that point. He he's being compared to light skin dollars Jason Qaeda. You know Marshall he said and staff car which is ridiculous OK what's. What also is because he compared to suns at Indy car win which dude your son is nowhere on the blood of opinion are but I and I digress. But he should just let the day here. This is where he absolutely. Lost. You can be this period. Now we expect her to hit your highs. An awesome job got time ago. In order to certain other doesn't want to judge oh and when it matters of this later in this supplemental. I'll take what you obviously want to model you don't abuse it is to allow workers whose real wouldn't they don't look back as the mid. An important role. Is yes if he's won one title. All. The TV sports. Does mine nemesis Brooke recruiters in fact number one he bakeries won one title a couple is one. Back to back it BP's staff curry has been in the top seven and score in the NBA it was a unanimous or the past. Work years ago probably make of that this year is a hall of Famer. He's he's saying this is going to be holes a favorite part is there's like that courage under my son you're right he's right there right. Right zone it was an they'll never be as young users on. You gotta there that's how chronological order works under the right. This is what Paul or your parents. Try real hard ever did abuse it's. It's a pro ball. That this is all old coaching his cute as you could be he's got other kids you would imagine at this dead. But they ought pistol. He has set his kids up field. How is most liberal at that high. I hit the ball and you silly is supposed to be better. Did step very. Pad more than two NBA MVPs. He's supposed to. Absolutely wit of bringing a championship. Or is being unanimous MVP when your. Just to be better. A program out there aren't you hitting they don't always been younger than him and always about it is that why he's such a doodle four felt like it. Don't understand what this is point out of a deathly cold edited and cement with let's condoms lube and no not making a sub this is what he said DMZ sports that you can be as. This period. Now. Yeah that's certainly hit a good. Opportunity awesome it's all got time ago. You orchestrated and it doesn't want to see what matters is this later in this supplemental. Okay what. I was going to blow not abuse it is to allow workers learned his real wouldn't anyone movement has meant. Well. I once made against Arnold it's. Hot is it. The one point that he made is that his sons are junger and his son want to jump to this after he got apart right. What does it. Why saying. My son's gonna be better today give me a picture. Looks like Clayton Herschel he's diabetic they are saw his turn in the direction my how mobilize younger he's a lot younger strike I did that writer he's held a lot. You know Drew Brees should go to Washington worth Alamo Bowl he's he's V hunger as well. Z dual the 92 points that he was chizik and attention to what Mickelson won the one note is not as young as well no I really Angelo this post we had to ease those who better than. My son is 24 years younger than lakers you better watch her show you'll never be as young as my four year old son. I just. Make this is that this could be one of the biggest tragedies and sports. Imagine. All is this sons. Being good basketball players in none of the handing out what he say there. Especially what police say didn't. If bonds is just as good as he is big propped up to be by his dad and his other two sons are all that great. At the highest of levels. Is one thing to make the leap it's another thing to be great in delete. I don't understand it. This is bad parent it again it is set to get up for failure and it broke it happens all the time though. These are welcome to deal with that you. The dual. It's. On blogging about it dropper stuff. On the believable stuff. I tell a couple of bond legacy gate two in the world of college basketball one of them is breaking news we get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Why why why why why. I. Every now and then I hit. Don't screw with the sirens and it's going back to Monte TO states. All right just a breaking news from the border town's basketball here. On the basis. According to Jeff Goodman from ESPN NC state. Coach mark marked Scott Reid has been fighters. He has been fired. Was higher back in 2011. Proceeded to go to the NCAA tourney each of his first four seasons. A couple of sweet sixteen appearances. Still has three years. In 2.3 million dollars just on the field. Is gonna only record fourteen and thirteen but there intake of fire mark on for like in the pill when hill came Missouri fire can mean. Alabama shut 18% in the first half inning to beat them and tell his one. A gain on the road since Bruce Jenner was the main. The trouble still doing the preakness last time. Missouri Tigers when he wrote game but they can't fire him the god forgive you fired. Caitlin generals and men watched and can get tired when I wrote it. Thrown in other words you've got is gonna be available Brinkley. Would you entertain thoughts of him in Columbia. It's been in the option now and again I don't know if we took an idea which saw an interesting nuggets last year there's been a lot of that people are asking questions about the theory he wants to stay there. Urged what's being washed in DeVon yeah he's Watson won what two conference games in the tackles been bad for lords and he's got out lottery tickets on his roster. It is Michael Porter moved out the Seattle. He's he's God's done. And it's again a few wanting back in Missouri that's one way to do it but just be good for one years he's a wanted to console suit that is the electric importer of smoked ornament well. All its Tata would Missouri take Omar and Michael Porter. And knowing that Michael Porter is only going to be there one year of ideas I think it's a slam dunk yelled yes of course given the alternative. I within the NC State's ahead of the game now. For looking for another coach speaking about things but things in place. They can do whatever they want is they got rid of the coach Missouri is no accountability for the basketball program it's business as usual. And crosses last night by the way I had have 100% proof that. But nacho. You Nunez Roche as. Good news overall shift yeah. John appreciate that he is not a avid listener of the day shift. And Dallas 90. Two days ago we had this McClain on our relationship advice so that's the worst thing you can do to get engaged on Valentine's Day. No we're not sure did what I am engaged on Valentine's Day. Well now and we should do Sid not to wish you nothing but the best picture. Mean I root for anyone named after a food. Where he has a nickname he should listen to the days. Gradualist meant. To or abruptly. I'm nicer ring for his lady though IG. So listed to show me yesterday Marion like in a helicopter they were gonna helicopter over the city. Obviously was in Kansas City but they were in a helicopter. And that is one hell of rock. Leader in helicopter when he when he I host in. I can tell that from the video. You couldn't tell they were in a helicopter from the body doubles in all its exit out of headsets solid group of Mike's I I didn't even adding any click on the audio. It is out here like. Bill where beats talking to each other at a tournament attic at attic click on the audio. Eight Dallas to the solemn and it doesn't work. So I say in his his English it is absolutely I'm not sane is currently because of what is McLane told us that he's he's got very happy with his wife or his beyond. It would guru lovely couple. Very nice. I wish nothing about. It's on the other subject last audio into and stuff whatever podcast Clinton not listen if you did not listen to any of this press conference adult subject is. And it's itself it was idols. Is being our this was unhinged. As us being described. Did you watching other. No I didn't I was actually busy watching Greg Maddux prank Erik Chris Bryant during work they do that by the food would you. Well I got an erupted in the middle of the but essentially the he was like cameraman. Sitting there behind and got all dressed up and and that's as far as again. Sorry couldn't give you better and Susan this guy is in disguise he's the cameraman and that's this hardly gotten in something. I don't know I can fast forward in the video game. The cliff notes version of light. For. Their teams and they'd be. A thing. If that's what it up later all reach would've in the sixth in the count it like six in sports at six and with a force that. Outlook for the challenge of 24 bit at a by the way. The organ docs are debuting. The electric green look tonight on ESPN in cash that. At 8 o'clock central time. Turn out the lights you see that even better they are literally glow in the dark uniforms. Baylor is 24 mind. These are glow in the dark. That's organ. Urging changes. Right fill my money and then of all right. I tell we have via the Tate two to 42 in the we're done on the days. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. And it's. DC and zags. This and the text long. He disagrees will be on the. The bar bowl situation will be 816 I disagree about the peer conversation what does this is what he does to motivate his son. If the player has a right to say he's better than the best why can't the dead. We don't know what kind of you'll lose needed to make good players greet us. And it does fear for him that to say that I guess. And I think it takes to actually brings the put good point. It just seems like the long political bomb molded dating your experience. Doesn't mean it's one thing to say some things and I didn't. Put to publicly applicable hot seat. Like like is he did a publicly say that his son's get a win a national championship in March. Not a deer in the say I don't think that he would say that. Well did you put that disciples. Pressure on your team. I don't understand. Why would you put that type is it Sunderland player of the year looked at press wrong. The precedent to get to a final four. That is. Debt is not what I think he should be up in the basement instead of curry should you do when you. Distance to get to a final. People's became close. They get there. Motivation. If that's what it takes the ball it's a kid to say it ain't much is going to be better and LeBron James. Axis it's a big fan of the corn dog. Die. Over fifty cents a it and wants me there. Fifty cents a mountain Horton. Expects through that and others they specialize it was called us last oval disarm the decent core Norman. And you give me you want I don't know I do not like or. Don't need that I like. I like orange red eye like hot dogs I don't like the tutor I appreciate all there wasn't really for you was for everyone else is. I get debt I'm not a regular sonic should have given that all to doing well. Mr. Mr. also last time you've been assigned. In a long time years. It's been years. Yeah maybe like two years we have and let's sit years beyond any size glass evident in India's that he. Signed last Katie and a in a cigarette and what's gotten us it was early in the day cigarettes earlier in the day it's us it's it was early in the day. Just gotten any embargo you know like crap as per the whole day summit in Moscow. Or fall. Till my boys all the time. So what has better than sure why not you got him for everything. We give them everything because of the work they put it they don't take off holidays no Christmas no. I don't. Missed the square this is Christmas. List. To excel is known Christmas now. As you get past ten days off. Is not as bad as more of them don't need to as it gets a level. Yet he can't bars Opel unit maintenance. And I don't even know McDonald's this. On it does. I've. Our list into the state to report. The important news he'd been. A little bit after 5 o'clock let's go to the passing of food or drugs. At blue valley it's been unbelievable type response. He's gone it's been great stuff to look at and I don't care about football track and field coach of the about other things as well. He would tweet out a lot of other things and even when some thoughts about football is that basically. Who was the bronze thievery is the offensive coordinator Pittsburg State. He he was the head coach of blue bell in the period who showed their new coach here Driscoll whose player blue valley won a title with. Did he was an assistant coach for Steve reed before long time for drinking. Full story that he's an intense guy he's been known to keep people's faces. This city neighborhood there. Is there is this is Jeff cared about what he's doing with players cared about him as a host the players it's good that I on the field on Tuesday he got a ton in the community. Very very sad situation. With the passing of coach workers. And secondly we talked about expectations and came home once again we're hearing is being different considered chiefs' season successor fill it. But the fact that they made the divisional round last year than at the same thing this year but with a hole playoff games lost. I don't know considered success and help the players don't think that there. We'll walk around she's thinking olds access. Okay what's that really gets nothing in the next few years after you remember won the division. All it's stable it's that you're not deliver the teams that. The teams to go to the title he means UT should game if you lose that way. You can get the Super Bowl is clearly everybody's gonna him. Those are expertise every team has their own level of expectations except for the teams have been bad for so long to the playoffs them idea. I was happy teams beat Houston last year in the playoffs. But I expected more this year that was the expectation. Twenty cold success. 08. Q but on this specific day I'm just gonna give you one today. And in the want to take as it regards to the passing the buck here this. The game is that individual that I never meant. Didn't have the the opportunity to meet them. But the one thing about life that you look at when it comes to bills that are in the coaching profession. In bills and are in the field that case. It seats administrator to wanna sold. Is that you build it's impacting somebody's life when so many young people went so that people all ages. Able to globally to all about you. After you've passed away. And then the stuff that we seen here over the course of this week. Has been safe and we're talking about young people going and paying tribute to him. Throughout the entire community you know going over to the football field sitting down remember him. They'll just just people talking glowingly about every scene that day. Two when the course of this 43 years of being here on. Life is that and I don't think the body when. What we had the doctor Donald passing and we just had a couple of days ago went south was talking about is not taking days. Good moment for granted what they're so sweet tea monthly year whatever. Let's all appreciate the time on the we have almost got it. Well beyond that you dealt the one thing that that I'll always stressed tonight. Did this probably a little bit biased coming out of a household which fumble that was an educator as this appreciating bills. It takes on that job for bills individuals all the that mental. Date that colts. They do all the things that make young people in all this great. Let's get to appreciate those people because educated now put a price or all Horton worked the bills individuals do. Recipes both those. Wilson. We don't dumb you know we get a lot of props and actually it's. You so pledged. Into people that make atomic cash for the people that done all the hard work. We salute you we salute you and to bill's gloss assemblies. For the final. All right and by the way the is it the celebration of the life on Saturday sedated DS church of the rhetoric that's that's why god lives. From surprise Arizona gone tomorrow and I'm gonna grow. A seat next week or all done on Monday to holiday. Net enthused and I receive a Windsor writes I think that's all tomorrow. I'll talk to next week based just like debate coming up next to drive lies from a surprise. There. I got a ticket don't.