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02/16 - 12 pm - Alex Gordon

Feb 16, 2017|

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, we hear from the amazing Alex Gordon & Bink says this is embarrassing.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are there weights it's noon here. I think. This news. Which means it's. Hungry time for all policy on the shelves although we can't eat right now we still a couple of hours left of the shell. But the C six to force expect here on the states. Shout out to Susan you give us send me a solid birthday card with dancing and singing iceberg when it out Susie I think we're gonna get our reinvigorated and nurturing. I don't think it was included for you but popular nicely you'll be hard you'll be part of that basically. We're part of that maybe you regulate the provider attitudes it suits he's done it hatred of us. I don't because you know the show was a family with us if you're not just with your your fame here is shipped. I was there on sacked San Diego Kathy for a mom to the hospital and on the mend out of gas on the man moms that are about. Absolutely. Charged it could be. Just. I could. You know we are all done almost we are. I don't really know what day it was soon idolize but we are close the one year anniversary of the very first ATP. You don't know the date. And I don't know this day was it hot stove show the guys you're dead in Ireland the I let the cat out of the bag. Colonel and everybody on this Fiat was there was. He certainly some discreet about it thinking about Josh Berger he's done surprise Arizona just have a hoot nanny at a time. Reverend last spring training or there. I. Asked earlier exit of the two years. Or. Held about what sort of our FaceBook FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash six tenths or. Live stream videos interviews up their pictures of the guys. But he was with the or invoking sure it was for some reason I think a lot of requests. Really after what the writ this year from birth. Just from random before social media. Begin talks toward one of the experts and royals though today agreeing just wanna hear you palace sports flat on me and I'm not the only one. Rove agreeing to a one year deals today with twelve non arbitration eligible players I'm gonna go for the whole assists. These are the important Skiles simmers just a Tupperware Mary the Bubba starling. Think we're and I talked about this earlier this spectators like these guys gonna get contracts if you're under team control. It's going to get the deal is just a matter of wind not so all of these guys are getting good deals done to resolve eleven other players. Who do not have a deal in place yet. For 27. Just another failed the royals. Talking about contracts. Just as governor. The biggest thing politically topics going to be at the end of the season I'm not really concerned about leaving and in terms of content right now but the big contract news. With regards this or is a security and we've done money like Hosmer where's Angel. In the pits and other royals do you know with the score level deep. We do big boot treating its prospects. I feel that we do depending on how your season going. Believe historically I was the features could be a thing for several different levels. Such a system on it. I'm sure that's the first I've heard shouting about eighty feet by the way train young. While on the and hopefully it's excellent yeah. By the way trio that is easily guarded Oklahoma you mentioned earlier is because the penalty he's 200 new not I don't want on the original life no life that would be twelve. Right now are you an idea right now yet so I don't see that right now though I don't he'll have to do. Not doing a right full pages. You are not doing it right there. ESPN's Ed werder reporting today guys that dot Tony Romo you church. It was quarterback for the dials out adamant sometimes we've done. Heard it Arabia. 37 year old that's a variety of ways made a glass of is right Tony Romo is a critical expecting a rerelease. Not a trade. And he believes he could start. If this can do it three more years and that 88. He's delusional in terms of the hole and this does help though create a market himself if he's if he's stepping away from the contract. This is this trip to mark you just got to make it really really gets betrayed when connected to trade it was not happy just. He's old so much money by the Dallas Cowboys if it the least of them and be free at the contract yeah. This is this great guy. Off a list of teams in the league devils won his service again exit especially bitter be more teams in the mob all the guys at him now because they're not. Obligated to that. Because that's where the Texas heat it brought a good defense in good skill position players what they've always needed to seek quarterback. It lasted he flips his rival. Controls. Gotta have a quarterback in. Houston will be but they've bounced well from. Brock a spoiler still load. A ton of money side of four years of the two million dollar contract. Is average salaries eighteen million a year guaranteed portion was 37. Million dollars for broke and they could be walking away gospel far. Which are regular. Thing. Think if you pay for somebody don't get your money's worth out of me just I'll spoilers. If I'm listening. Growth of Ottawa's most most of that DMZ your teams he's forced just posted this and Charles Oakley called irked. Do you said that James Dolan as the new Donald and after I yeah I saw it online stuff. You know you says he quoted as they slave master mentality to. Little plot of a very bad patches. Is that what he's errors that was. Remind brings him last night. And it was straight mongering that's my apologies on but Daniel was on you don't as cited portals trees that's right now. Disaster as you consider James storm on the same level as Donald Sterling is filled it was a simple yes. A lot. And actors. Cellular USC can't city's. Seven despite obvious it would invite them. Carol we've beaten craft meditated with the oil and as the result a couple of bags to beauty I caught two guys. Try till I also leads with forty mile flight. James Dolan and a fighter of his shoes. Of course Charles Goldberg was Charles over the the only rule of the fighter as if under six feet. Eyeballs. James. Dolan and Brad fan favorite Charles can't figure and through Phoenix. For one get the job done that in what's. A few. Days that. It's the job done. And the base of the day let's definitely get to this day of the most the dumping me earlier this. Last night. The zoo actually almost found themselves the full blown. Hold winning streak going on. They've won back to back games at home. For game aggressive yes me. Atlanta snapped last night our roll bands had Alabama. 5750. For the finals of him a shot eighteen point 5% for staff to disgraced in the friendly or didn't. Look I don't want to save a little get a lead they lost to a team that shot 18% the first fifth worst I have the year I want to second that we visit wolf. I've sought halftime that they were leaving an asset to you guys just say you know don't count was shot at winning this ball game tonight. There's no matter man number of Alabama has not been playing well as a means maybe moves or just pick up the win. The third straight game and held the what can be in Alabama football team basketball. The five guys that are right for you jobs in that matters to you but it was spent on it. We could do it on the road to get home. It was a special and Eric who manages one techsters best friends I appreciate it out. I'll try by the way trade whose vanity three young basketball players see that the team that he's talking in truthful. Follows the don't want to disclose. But there's though some general Eliot watches what does that would put Oklahoma panel. Is go to Oklahoma. Maybe just like such patent your feeds data mind. Yup just put on a friend Norman cities are you to say it. Were you. Worlds because ago. It was down so basically all doing chances it exclusive. From what just text and I'm off what Cooper negotiate. What's. It is to our and that's about. Where alas they worry guys. Here slips to the states. Who see Vince Young sort of come back. Yeah agent never wrote. A book we get back and has a lot of money when it's out of yourself with yes. If this and people were you take what we did that music of the cheese expect but it wouldn't go by with Richard. Secret Kris wouldn't bite. Out of state actors pretty. Yeah. Helping me see that you are on it all worked so man turn. You know and selling only go to beaver. Because. Three hires Leigh Steinberg pretty good agents. I don't know of Vince Young is delusional enough to think he's going to make it back to the NFL he's expected to help him not hiring at least five or other reason and think these highly at least divert it to the seatbelts. Well. So what they're feeling because negotiated himself there. I don't Roanoke being negotiating parameters of the CF well. I told that I was the last one alive I forgot I had this before us here. Tom Brady yesterday said he was the play into his mid forties yeah police said this before Tuesday's. Good morning and again again again when they asked Brady put a year or two ago when he would retire he said quote or retire when you suck. Which has by the way. The best response. Because I don't see Tom Brady sucking any time soon. He's at right now is actually the best time for him to play that Peter Jennings article Weatherly at least respect there was vanity you know I think forgot sorry Peter. But it would sort of like Peter King she's Roman and he does he does. But Tom Brady essentially told him and I'm paraphrasing here that now with the easiest time for him to play he's he has the ability to breakdown defense is there's nothing that people can broaden and he hasn't already seen. And it's not like he's easy to right now. Would Tom Brady when a walk and at the sensory if I would I will walk away when the game is the easiest it's ever been. While as he continues to feel good when he wakes up in the morning he's gonna play football. How many more years to stay injury free see that's that's the biggest thing but look. He may wanna play for obvious. Do you think it is buys them get a hold of for another five years he says next year is not going to be his last but I would view would be is a big injury he misses ten games he suffers they went eighteen of innocent game that isn't a problem. To want to argue that if they keep Jimmy. I don't let out here talk about it like it is here right I think they are just keep him. I don't think they get a move away from mom pat him as a back if they don't Janine Garofalo. Armored. And I thought Africa. Beat grace everything he says is fine it's I don't hate. I didn't I actually kind of found my. Titus you wrap up the sixty minutes or six back here. On the station. Or forgot to ask you guys your thoughts are paid up against sponsored. But really that. Got three different for different cover. What does that it'll the other two. Terror ate up emotional yeah difficult to read different covers you can choose from. Two of them have for a for testicles bear. It. I was there on the boy I mean are covered up. Just like in this cover with the arm with the early to think about he he actually tweeted out not so there's room with him OG but so. He's clearly okay with the. Pretty excited greeted if your fiance was. These Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model what would you think about that question nice. Kid she guys. Oh and by the way we are though. Received an email from the what do you aren't there a key city chiefs through the little awards agreeable to back how much. Will be receiving the Libor plus award for professional football. That means a mortal combat Devin how as a out of Michael's work in case where it's not a good thing is not yet. All right we are about fifteen minutes away from giving away appear to get to forbid bacon fest also. About fifteen minutes away from hearing from Alex Gordon. But we get back to a conversation that we had a little bit earlier this. Remembering the life of their fiscal. With cold Steve Brandt thanks. In the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah I. The and I. And I'm. I'm just all this could buy it later right now. Welcome back pace of late they took out you know success Sports Radio. Six of sports. That now. I'll start up to show us couple segments. Talk about the passing of thought votes air air Driscoll. From blue valley. And down one of the conversations that we had early on this morning man was like a guy Knowles and extremely well or doing extremely well in LB uncle Steve. In coach Arabia of course coached the blue bell for a long time. Really developed him into a power in the pits the eighties the offensive coordinator. Down there to coach your tour school he plate. For coach Rick you wanna state had a with him. Back in 91 that was an assistant coach after who should for school got back from baker assistant coach under coach rabies who goes in well. He knows an extremely well we started off talking about just seeing her grow up he literally has seen growth from employer to the coach the Mahan. That he was today. No question I've known her for over thirty years in. Saw this young aspiring basketball where it was never future. And turn until pretty good actual football farther than cool ways college is really not ever think about coaching that we've graduated. And so while local coaching forward compared with victories in addition to the he would he would. An inspirational young coach in fact if he wanted to learn briefing room. A lot of young guys can implement coaching and it won't be one. What they know Eric well some exceptions. Once or in the game. All every aspect that we can lose a great coaches. In you know toes I I never met tackles Driscoll ominous for all the amazing things about him I know that. They'd say as madam may and you told stomach norm well all. One the things I can tell from all the people that I've talked to bottom is the impact that he made on young people's lives in what was it about him that day. You know traded disability for him to impact so many people. Where if you spend five minutes blissful family he would come from the purple days as is without doubt the most is being known. Yeah very loyal. Father and amp Lou well in school history. Yeah. He always has time forever. Remembered he pulled me. If I've seen they've. My parents and problems besides it's a great relationship that's the basis. And the courses whether. Substantial musical achievement is that in this beautiful world. Insists it will tomorrow I will be able to me and so. Put those two people. First and that some people in and you couple that passion for life. It is passion for young people. In the discussion for sports and support for the important part of life without little forceful. And he really. Low. Being young people eat or sports. That the track all over. It is so great wolf that people. Talking to coach Steve green pizza. Off the corner at speed course longtime coach Ed blue Valley High School coached. That your Driscoll wouldn't on the nanny once the change should team he's the head coach. For that in in one of the things coach who received it's the outpouring of support. From the community and a lot of times you been talking about coaches is just the person I mean football does come up but. Just the impact he made and we just what those kids are going through the vigils they've had this been football players that slept. On the football field overnight the all time high school coach that you work coach. You feel when you're doing them a sense of community and Kevin your responsibility to mentor kids this seems like coach Driscoll. Went down that path to be impacted so many different people baby not exactly sports. Right well we'll vote the social place and so those. And look as if it is it is a place where the well all these formation or artwork which. It's such a unique group of people who support everything because. In ice and everything and it and the network from the users. And it's just really that could well people thought the fruits and went for the first programs. The blue well since the early in the nineties and football is that we prepare to respond to what. Every time. A lot of things that we would also. Football program could rise to where it is. And we will look at that a coach Wright and Eric facility giving. Never. Players in the things he wasn't ready to do in the in the amount of time and dedication and commitment. I received little its openness and reform. More on YouTube and short of the student load them first. Look and whether we want results and forces are still. Here about what should go to Google a much. I think there there was. Knew that they care of them much more pollution in the wreck or quarter. Say. Coach that you have any memories in regards airy but is there anything any one moment to kind of stands out to you in your mind right now. North for the last 45 days and long in the flow of useful things shall be me. You know equal to get off listen well known. For a long time. And well. Firms have that most players and coaches that would. Oh I don't think that it it will it will. I don't think in this situation. Ever disagree here in New York this is yours I don't ever remember having this time. Were you disappointed me. And indeed that lived inside an uncle who and so in order to function as a friend. I mean that's where. Ever put somebody down. This is what you meant to work with them action network relationship. Hear about the right thing old. And we're appreciative. There are those one cliche that the what is certain and so was somebody's life. So. Great stuff. Awesome stuff like coach Steve creepy and now it's really habits they doubles real he goes well he coached team who's assistant coach on the staff. Studio a lot of different people Peter Bergen an argument exactly always did exactly what you wanna. Now that sets that some special man but. Thoughts to endorses and and prayers block everybody in the treaty effective by his passing. Is specifically. His family his wife and his two young children so easy in there was news this morning you know coach Driscoll celebration of life will be on Saturday. February 18 levity in church of the resurrection. Since these were tiger your this is for blue blue valley tiger went. The put this news out on the putter you know up. All right coming up next would you give away appear club urban and they confess tickets for this Saturday February 18. Aetna blitzed riots and also hear from mom. Okay. Mr. trying to oust is but seeks Alex gore which it outscored. Studio sixty in sports media know Judy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. I am. I get on the stage just placement was out. In this segment we're gonna give that we adhere to test you or been taken fast. Saturday February 18 place drives. Decent rate of special departments into unique whiskey. Give back to Hillary's as well as your favorite big skier played. Sample assortment smokes he staked in it treats. Must be 21 years or bulls. When tickets. All right this was getting here outscored the signal would still with names of people that log out the first name. It's a war. Brian. Loves. Its house in Wisconsin alone for people who county. Deport these boys. But I had to be up for debate it best when he's there I don't know hopefully you'll FaceBook lite. And their tickets on hello. For your talent though. Who would give you pick. Idea announced parity have my plus one or built into. Them. But again it's that it is plus one fill these the sound at. All. In the eyes of the birth of stalwart is why all right let's hear from mom. And one of the best in the game. Al scored ribbons to be tattooed on the left cheek when Ryan McCaskey right cheek and apartment cheeks and space. Those who have a partner. We'll go listen. You know how much turner and I after it was good living was good through. Structure. Everything. Someone else so it's good for votes whose. 1011 years. We've been. Dozen years. Lives okay. A year ago. Blue did surprise me more than. Think about that and that in perspective. Registered troopers it's I'm just old enough earnings. Of him. Bunkers and hopeless. So go up more years to come. Handles things. Why do. I didn't. Like you find out why bottle liners something that we'll come semi zone. We'll go to an all time looks a little. You break. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Look what you do feel good kick hit the city continues to review the Kennedy in Bethea. There's been. Together. Those great what he said we don't lose you Kennedy. His car was there. So it was. It was good. And I usually go back home we want to see these guys for a while but just an off season. Kind of build your relationship outside the field it's it's it's always nice and we'll have kids so doing we spent together with the kids and it's good to have to build those relationships and that chemistry there so we'll outside of Austin and here it is now. Don't have the funds and filled out loud voice yeah for sure we're gonna miss them. Unfortunately. For me. Yeah it has come. He's neutral zone. So to select field I'm sure every year's different we'll find fun. Fully gone only. I'm going to be there. And about thirty years that her car. You know in my life is present. But you do with last year he's just trying to put it behind you sort of hear fresh. You look back and what you know how you played last season and you focus on. We'll collect prevalence or those bottom line I'll try to make excuses and then. You know whatever guys say it's from Richard so. Police. The same time. It motivated me results in the uranium. Who are married now and hopefully. That this is fathered a cluster. The original and just keep him or. Ellis who do business he's speculation that this would do for your pocketbook leave the group of guys. If you didn't. That's been true watching those of us transform. Two years old young guys come up with a there there's canisters relationships in this and you know evolved into a family type atmosphere and you know world friends old and later. August and early unfortunately its business and so has my you're on the players who have can you know we're about netbooks on. Scope to limit the season. There's a song that's from what was Alexi investment on this front office made this offseason life. Free agent signed winds and asked me well I mean. Because it's you know the rules or policies and they have to wait until everything. You know unfolds and because obviously that's what it is and and I feel like do they told. And a lot of boards that we needed and it's not so good about the signs and hopefully come and contribute to what we're after. Some big part of my life. It was nice to bottles food. It's always good to me. Have friends outside here. An off season. That was the first time just because. New York's approval. There's. There's. Those guys. Good Jones. I think I'm back home. It's. You guys. Sure. Another long night. And it was. Situation. Over the so. Sure you. Story was. There's been. RS and Alice Alice Horton out surprise Arizona earlier today. Some interesting things that he that he tell us on the air especially towards the end talked about stances. Came at the exact right time for everybody he said the best thing because. This leaves talking about you know recovering from O'Donnell passed away he said it helped them to be together. It helped him to get through because you're not grieving by yourself. You're grieving with your teammates you greet him with the community group with Spain so that was a very important thing. What I think about als Gordon. And him talked in a ball. Like the struggles last year and him having a down year. He owned and he's old he said he suck last year he wasn't it last year and if there was ever a player. That looked at a Major League Baseball. Double only indeed that come back better not to get a bounce back year I do trust oust gourds and have a bounce. I wish I don't sugar coated Ned didn't sugarcoat it is I had down year Alex's take responsibility forty take accountability for season and they're not sugar coating it. Wasn't going to be an that the need save them. We usually nobody owns it now like that about it. I identity he's gonna have a bounce back and like affected that he got in shape he got Kirsten Cologne and shake. He'd get outscored he's the one that the bar none data but the altitude best -- meeting get to work our guns and it was in the best shape of his life. Maybe Pablo Sandoval worked over the warden do. Can you imagine Ryan with doubts. Or in public for months. Glad to be dead or in the best shape sort of outscored all the credit for the training. People this training outscored. Given our scorn or he's the one that we attacked or scored for trees and so you hear Ned talk noted earlier he doesn't. I told you bar none is a once point that is video online if you wanna sit there and Google and Alex organs what he really stepped in and Betsy I've watched it. Other times several late at night when I don't come off sunwear but suffered. More than once. Almonte. You heard Ned just talking about earlier when he said that you know Tressel was working albums that. Surprised he kept couple of anonymous people questioned the McChrystal to us about it but Christian Colin working out. No keep. Kudos and it looks quite. He's a basement scores of the east as well we'd like to refer to as a man. So ripped up this year. Some portion of the shop it does say he looks bigger. But now I concerned about his atlantis' them you can certainly read them Friday morning when three home runs point 4040. And he says smoky barbecue and the looked. If he stays healthy that's the big much bigger you get. You do as a predicate on health atlas is the man hit people I know oh see you're injured you put the put that in the air I mean he feels thirty these field that mattered and that is a little bit the bit a bit like just experience that wears is video you speak at. And asked to assess your video shots in the show she'll launch this. Parent teacher just don't want additional all the old Earl. What holidays ago about the the premium porn out urban. She does best she's probably this forty minutes he's talking what if you added mr. Wouldn't it checked the podcast feeds we every put that up at six transports are. Fitness easy slopes that participants will be a while and chromium bonds entered. Lot of jerk moved. Was there. We are tech angles off the final but he about bill would. Be. That's. I'm. I helmet and the final cold words for the Corbett and bacon says tickets are. No ring no ring. Final code word Rory. Let's go with caller number seven call in number seven did not want to read by some 676 and caller number seven. You know bulls cold words in names they were both names you receive appear to just suburban and bacon fest this Saturday. Paper the eighteenth. And yes Ryan Malone who gladly take it gets to two on expert who will be what the kids like all white girl wasted. Uttered. Libya and another bad look for the Big 12 Conference. It's embarrassing actually would get to that next. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio.