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02/16 - 11 am - Edgar Live

Feb 16, 2017|

We head out to Surprise to hear LIVE from Royals manager Ned Yost. Plus, Pete rose says he' not hurting anyone & President Trump wants to end a tradition.

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The job. It's expected to. Intellectually Houston to. Looking into what they do Brock and that's a big money problems there. I mean you paid him for nothing laugh it'll pay him but nothing again yeah you can eat the time OK okay would say let's say they eat the contract from rock. They go after Tony Romo Tony Romo crippled a month. He gets her pre season and for the year this early it would that you. The fifty million reps that the quarterbacks never played. It when they did they were terrible also backed up on the roster. The Texans. Maybe they don't also have a Phil savage. Savage so they drafting. They would throw Topps isn't right. We don't in Britain wings are too. You don't you played in a week and you do like the creative player yet to make their name and there's like you hit access to randomized wherever randomized that's what that's what happened on that. A solid created player with a made up name and it's an important. The same man. That day. I would not as his own thing as Tom savage is a real person I got it or read and I think it. The Texas are so frustrated with oss while the the probably look at mobile. They're probably looking Obama straight up our we'd be hearing from mom manager Ned Yost here in literally. But a few seconds. Is all but over now to love chat with the media let's go to net. Yeah it was very little. Would you ever go all out. And in premier experiences not only here to Atlanta that are run a lot of pieces drew number ones. Is there a common traits outside of being a good pitchers so they all possess. I just great stuff you know and they have great stuff and great command. And they have that. High degree of competitiveness. On and beliefs. You know there. They can do anything when they step on them. You know it's Greg Maddux was like that Tommy Glavine was like John Smoltz does like that. Multi had more pure stuff than the other two guys in the other two guys just did it with moxie and island. Fearlessness. Not even the hall of famers they're talking about their boat with this club which Duffy had that mentality that competitiveness. Self belief did you see that really come to light last year. I did. But not a competitor and competitiveness ideas he's always been an Alter competitor. Almost to a detriment at times you know but again. The most important thing that I think turn a corner for Duffy was. You know we always. He always thought that he was a good pitcher or could be a good pitcher. He realized last year that he was a good pitcher and that's that's a bit of a hurdle to get over for young guys. You know when they. Totally understand that take my stuff is good enough to get Major League hitters out and then attack with it what's with that solid belief. Actually turn the country and a corner for Danny is it there. Just the police and stuff it is going to do. Absolutely absolutely it. Premium will be enough times you tend to give the opposition a little more credit than. You need to its. In our confidences. And that in her beliefs. This was really really important. Cool do you consider in the race for the second based. Some. We're looking at. Mare's field. We're looking ahead on the scene we're looking at Cologne on me and gave myself so customer's name and their duties. You know he's worked really hard. So as the season was over last year you know and we all sodomy was just worn down you know I was this morning out. But he still hop on a plane the next thing came down here and work two weeks at second base sabathia belly are. In instructional league so ralphie. Liked what he saw from him there. You know he's got a tremendous Barry's tremendous. Tremendously athletic Ian we'll see we'll look at them and see the other books will be when you look at four of the guys when job I'm looking for got to produce. Looking for got a can catch ground balls and double play get hits. So. What we're looking for we're talking live this morning and I didn't hear related to its next ordinances request was. Not to be in the same group was alarm or. Brian is that an admission that I know it's only batting practice but have you been impressed with the powerless. And very impressed yet and but but you know you can tell things from batting practice do you know and there's a different sound when those guys. Haas has a sound and so to salvage but. You know they've they've been very very impressive to watch during the game. Only talked about moving him closer to the big leagues. Moving from work permits while I don't think so not for him you know he's been trying to. In my mind the closer the last couple years anyway soul homes I don't think it's. The major hurdle for him. To get over it's just to move up one inning. He's in defiance of an official with the happens to them exposes its policy. Yeah it was yeah extremely beneficial I mean I don't know if we if we wins. Without those guys to be honest with you but in other thing that I've always found and is that I've gone in the spring training numerous times without even having a closer. And then somebody surfaces and then next thing you know they're all sort of close as we did a third term Bo we did it. You know a couple of times. In Milwaukee and we do it in Atlanta where you you know you just going and not have a close and abetted in the spring training got a guy that ends up. Dan very very productive and very successful in that role. It's. Seems whenever. But overall stay on Alex. Rules or it's. You talk about nurses. Well it's nice salmon damning case. His work ethic I've never very soul mind I can't recall another guy that never has the routine that he hasn't and is. Stays on a group as religiously as he does. And I mean all phases of his of his game I mean is nutrition. His workouts his stretching routines. You know it's it's. It's a very very dedicated routine as a very tough retain an innocent retained a you know last couple hours a day he never takes a day off. Ramadi. That's what makes it's OK okay your reaction to hear and that home. He's worked what this offseason and nutrition it all. My reaction is about time. Hey good for you because I know I wouldn't be able hang authority so. Good CC did then looks great social resume our studio there's always going to be everywhere you. Altitude. The masters yeah. It's not as you had a full fidelity is there anything weird yeah it's. Not a authorities. Yeah and none of us here would be able hang themselves. It's important talk with sporting news yeah. Strong language in describing himself last year disappointed yeah. Like here's. Like an elite player realize man I don't worry about it Alex Gordon you know he had a rough here last year. Hum in the pen I don't know if we can all speculate on the cause because of it. But I just think she's gonna bounce back in the be outscored them right now. Stewart yeah. As he'll be here today at its. Record yeah and she's I mean I'm glad this case it's you know me. Andy they've played one of oldest winner didn't already got a an amazing great shape. We saw him at Sanchez and he's in great shape even plans don't get ready for the WABC making sure that he straight to go on and when that happens. You don't follow got here today. He needed a little bit of a break this is playing horrible to him. This good of those guys did your. Did you losers like movies. I don't mind as I mean it's it's really kind of a cool thing we kind of take it for granted because we've client of at least planned. And it you know and of the world's Arnold for your country is really really special and that's really kind of a cool thing and in managed against Jim Leland for years you know Jim Leland and that they'll take really good care of our players and soul. You know the other managers from the other change so long. I think it's kind of holding. It's. Like you. Yeah ice and Alice manager Ned yells lives out surprise there's there's something that stood out to meego all the things that he said bank. Mean you have said this for the last how many months. I it's like people continue to believe it. After nick to put dogs or for anybody tempted to do here for the fourth time directly from real. When asked about second base quote we're looking at mayors feel Odyssey Cologne. In this city park and you might as well throw caught Cutler's name in their two. He's I don't think cup is a second baseman Albert is on nine upward to me is again that if there's interest bigotry. Because there is hundred Hoosier voters will would comfort. To apply. We played well there but at least the second seed let's first Mair I think anger filled right now of the democracy the eight month C number two. Imclone number three how about that he said you might as well throw suggests the Edmonds looked oil and now we get cute or what he did if he honestly was like god that was a good at it pours greatest candidates that I says he is sort of based. While when he makes him towards the top. Two weeks ago he was gonna be doing some DH that's we'd be two in which two weeks who would you bring amber in a moss. In things changed how about when they said we're about often that was Gordon's and about. That is the altitude basket he has Gordon's got one of those because about time for that also by the way let's get altitude mask he no I don't hurt I'll get a view. Talking about the hotter Libby didn't wanna ride Lee was comedy yet he doesn't want to. Yeah chuck and he didn't wanna talk balloons. I'm not buying this Sessler at second base stuff I'm not. I think it's wishful thinking bustle boils it's it's not happy a lot of people buddy actually acts like he was thought about he's not. I just worry about his range that debate it's different third base but I don't know if he's athletic enough to be second baseman. Well. Really quick I just saw this on boston.com. Eight patriots. Is honoring Tom Brady. And an interesting fashion and trivia Super Bowl parade he went down to the Boston barber intent to come don't know. And he got a tattoo of Tom Brady's face on his butt cheek. I should last you wanted Gordon's. And Kirk cousins on the energy is not a good look and right is this is Gordon on one cheek and cousins on the other I just I just posted on the eastern cities weeks. FaceBook page disparate backgrounds like six and what's it like to check up with it but. Maria. It's good by guest worker or. Roy look at looks like Tom Brady but it doesn't all of the same time looks like a generic version. Oh. All right Alex Gordon speaking of one of mind but seats. He's hit it out of my iPod and minority wondered if it doesn't speak at of his other budget but it later here for Alex Gordon at 1230 here on the basis but is one all time great Major League Baseball living in denial. What does he have a point you Tibetan. To studio sixty and Sports Radio. I don't game would you. B list. In the 1 o'clock hour right around 115 years. Got to get the sounded calm the Boston fly aways to the boys in blue quality Biden takes bit bored. Trip for two with beer fearful tell what else tickets. Listen for you to call it. It's missing at 1 o'clock on the basis so we're continues as the home it was a who wouldn't anniversary which can have a thirty racked with the royal. It's an excellent deal right there. What do you celebrate with. On the anniversary this this this news this one is chocolate and anger voters would. Apparently Darren you're a suitable substitute. Would. So five years is what right there for years five years I've cardiac party hit the wouldn't look universal. Marty got the word also he's done the day. Yes or BA. Would or do. If you were. Chest as he put his head down Kmart rule. In Dallas that that actually comments that excellence that you mentioned chest wound and first base line or off. Obviously insinuating running over her hospital he did. For as it through that Justin was not watching all president. He took him out to what happened unemployment chest. His head down Kmart how many games settlements that that two or three. He's been carefully formed their he would do in Cleveland it's clearly a moment here. On the Cleveland did the chest or to go on a. That. Our announcement that is when you terror went on his Noory out there. The twos actually hitting the ball over and he hit two of the Cleveland in the death. You remember we're Denny Matthews that the -- document of the greatest player in baseball history right. You don't like it thirteenth street hits. The best against the White Sox will that this is a weekend series in just every time you feel young I. That's on fire it he says no reason magic stick as well. It is a reporter and an act of movement with a reporter from Nicaragua he comes up to cover Tesla. He's been a couple of years he forgot his charger burn burn out the all star game. He's got a reportedly comes from Nicaragua ruled as yet mr. Beatles licensed that he's the one of the few sports reporters they have their on this corner island we're. Just was from. Our tech summit not been the next segment gonna give you chance to win a four packet to its advocates of the golf show. Coming up to the to put up on favorite to seventeenth through the nineteenth. That's going to be at the Overland Park convention center. All right. Let's talk about one of the Major League. Let her. Forgot my Michael's last throes Wilson's were they. Hillary I know. If you was to live but he was on fire. Don't fighter. I one of the greats in Major League Baseball although he's on the whole thing we know why he rolls. Although they do in done. He's not out great. Adam Dunn an all time great stop. You got a man crush on Adam Dunn act and it's. Oh it was only a couple of years ago I doubt it has been in with the big donkey in the big dome. Wells which makes me gamble is that your tattoo you're asking if it. This right actually together you're two for one group there is as a tramp stamp right above his Alabama trip spent the just says big donkey. At. Well. See the the show but it's called undeniable. Eight and I guess the host of it is still bought it and look Fortis to actually catch in this it's put out by audience bomb sports. And former Major League Baseball star and current fox sports one analyst he rolls on the show. And we're gonna play the trailer here dissect it. Lisa stallions a conversation would chilled on until but in terms of talking about gambling. Is banned from baseball. In just a bunch of different things. Most of me is theory months is much is looked I looked for him as a that possibly one day make it's that whole thing. Is still living in denial. And he's got to come to grips with that although he does make a fair point this is payrolls and undeniable courtesy of audience sports on the show until. Who cares if I wanna go make it legal bets and go home and watched who might hurt not hurt anybody I've lived in my life. I don't know a lot of guys in the hall of fame the hall of fame is not apologize altar boys you want me reconfigured and I'd tell me what you what you. You better football now we'll. The funny when there at the end of its regularly asked UBS to bugged you bet on the ball until books has no. But there're couple things in terms of what it's from price Gideon's rodeo yet or what he just said bill. He sit what does it matter. In terms of whether I play is so bad. A sports spent. What does it matter. Who like her thirty. There's a part of me that it's what I hear that IC you know. He poses like he is not hurting anybody but it lives most time in Vegas yes he is not hurting anybody. The flip side of it all was up atomic that he made about. What do I have to do what I need to add to it to fix. Right he he said what what am I supposed to need to do to fix things in my life so that he beat. In. Major League baseball's whole thing. That's the part where he's in denial. He rolls I'm pretty sure I was told my Major League Baseball look. Pete for so many years July. About wagering on your team and wagering on baseball you place those beds we know gamble you play missiles that he didn't want admitted he got banned from the game. And now you wanna come come was your latest eggs you know I mean almost all I did it. I think what they've told Pete roles behind the scenes. Is he. We will actually looked at putting you into the Major League Baseball all slain if you stop wagering old because. A Major League Baseball pills like in the mind. Just him placing bets in general right now is go back look toward him. So if he stops betting all together isn't it it also is today. I would never bet on another sport ever. How old ban on tribal belt baseball problem that Opel bubbled back a little anything. How in the Kentucky Derby I'll leave it all I'll let it all all just betting this will Dhabi. In trouble in the fourth place. I think that he will actually get at the whole thing. Unless he gives up betting ought to get out now up to assimilate. Who was Major League Baseball to tell Pete roles that he can't wager on the Kentucky Derby. Who is made life to live and what who is Major League Baseball to say that he can't bet on the super ball I get all the all of that. I just think that that's what they told him behind the scenes. He does he's he's big and denial. It be tough to do where he lives being in Vegas all the time that's putting it to what. Is that hurting its toll legal what he's doing I'd be tougher in the U. Even if he said he's not gonna do it Mets took the B death of a relapse and ordered me to bed. That you derby comes up. Do you think that do you think that behind the scenes they told him. We can't have you part of Major League Baseball like it. Did think they stated that to build spreadsheets would mean for you is at least willing to listen to him it listen. He did he'd listened lobbies Cezanne was gambling. That's why I mean it's illegal waste or. Justice the issue though. Should he be allowed to be a Major League Baseball. If he bets on other things outside of based futures they'll have radios and the whole thing in Tibet or what do we want. Okay all right let me let me ask what's a house Ryan. I just as between the question acid should the roles be allow you. Wager. Beat the in the end in the all the same in wager on other sports outside a baseball. Read a read just completely forgetting about this past transgressions. Because to me it's it's not the current best one going if the past in effect like. You can't just go back in and make it. All we're saying. We accept what she did. You'll all admit your wrong. People would never gamble on anything. Out here. You go that. I mean and it seems silly me. To say hey there's something that is currently trending in the direction of being legal in the United States and several states have started legislation to make it legal. And the state level but right now we just talked to bill in congress that is you know aimed towards legalizing sports betting here in America. Well rob Manfred talked about how Major League Baseball needs to reevaluate their stance on we've heard from Adams over before Roger Goodell talked about all of the major sports. Entities know that. We're trending in a direction where early betting and gambling is no longer viewed as this. This back Alley dealing rooms as cookies are right around break in kneecap to collect debts and so like it's no longer backed. And we're trending in that are so I think would be silly for us to tell Pete Rose how to live his life. In so far is. Legal things that he can do. But that being said like you can't just go back and say well. It's at its illegal now whenever you did back in your playing days and when you are managing with Cincinnati that's all white clean because of legal. The reason why I asked that question I asked that question because I think with the roles it's a slippery slope. It is a slippery slope because. Let's say that Major League Baseball says OKP. We are going to allow you to be a part of the Major League Baseball all Spain. And will allow you to bet on other sports outside of baseball. What stops he rolls one day walking into sports book and betting on baseball nothing nothing. That's why can't do this is zinni's predicts the Eagles like to beat the roles for thirty years ago they don't. Politically I do like. I agree with Pete Rose when he says that they are not everybody in the hall and acquire. It's just that's just the bottom line and were were currently dealing with that with the NFL their wealth and because of people want me to hold that against TO about you know whether he was a good team. And when we look at what defines a hall of fame is it just statistical. You know accomplishments because of back with a case teal would have been in this and so if you look at that. And that was the case Pete Rose baseball's it would be and Barry Bonds and the home run king would be in the hall of fame. But it doesn't just go off of that also had you have to start taking into account other things that surrounded now he trade this for himself exactly and again I personally believe that what Pete Rose did wasn't bad enough. To ban him from the hole. I've never thought that he should be banned from all phenomenal. I think at some point in his life on the scene. No but he says an artist he said he Neville got it on them to lose. And you can't do he said he never better on the until the I did import duty diverted to lose the when he don't bet on the win. That's an elegant intelligent. Yet. All people. I can't grow with you on that dome and any about it a solo home. He can't eat he can only affect his tee like I can understand you know the lines injuries he knows he goes a lot of stuff man. Sure does and I know that the lions probably moving bag of Pete Rose isn't betting on the reds today you're like well read earlier lose hope eating batten down. He must those on the Wii down. Now again I don't view it as something that is so terrible. That Pete should be banned for the rest of his life is that dame hit keen for crime. And what. It's not saying that I don't believe the gambling can be detrimental to people it's an addiction just like anything else and if you don't have your arms around it in eking it. But. I just to me when I look at my Pete Rose didn't do anything to me that. That would. Keep an out and basically influence and and take away from the sanctity of the game as many people said Barry Bonds Ali. He took way in the sanctity of sport because he cheated in BP these. Guys did PD's awesome pusher he's summoned home runs. Pressure pressure. I tell you chance at Dell for packet to use of intensity golf shows coming up next and one in a fills what it's all prospects seemed to zipping a top pick. Might have just been compromised by Alex Smith. We'll explain that these. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. Back in on the patiently. Sickness or real success or not god. Gonna get out cold towards a segment. Four pack of tickets of the game Sadiq also. All the department sinner every seventeenth and nineteenth. If eight rounds of golf and more with admissions while supplies last chop all the huge golf sales to get more information into the gulf so. The first Cold War is ranked. Trying. Is the first Cold War and the reason mossy drink. As to that just came across this on Twitter from the LA times. They're proposing a law with the the last call California bars is 48 ill. Rick is that all of that last call it or you and that's what house to eat in weekly time. State. Speaking of beer at a really did your last night introduced last week or know him you're past all oh by the way. If you're into spring training FaceBook page sixty yes or Josh burgers. Opening right now bullpen we are looking and had Royal Ahold of it is with solidly behind the fish. According. To one Josh burgers share with your friends but if you'll see the royals. Right now in action Josh burgers or like he can hitting comments do people come into this and messages right government really answer. Maybe maybe it'll be savings program. I'd be to get across is last night you think that one down NFL analysts. In reporter. Might be doing some harm to one of the top info prosper Brooks former chief I would like but Hebert Alicia yeah. I heard a fiasco clean spec and Welch talked about this morning. Gain I was laughing my a really sort of eagle and looked this up just to see if this were. It's overcome Bucky Brooks. Just ruin mr. biz. His agent needs to go Donald Trump on. But Heber. Spread the fake news because this is what Bucky did. This woody has this sort glowing article of the instruments he's quarterback North Carolina many considered in the which market look at a mini have him go and is the first quarterback some don't but the usually having. As the first runner not a great crop of quarterbacks this year but there are some good. And it's good decision of your ties are there be some good with badger Rome I really like him but here's what he says in his order. What I'm hearing this from an AFC senior personal ticket. This is where the good part of instruments. This worthy agent your image you'd love this. Is call me crazy but they seal little they're coroner is being. From the poised the site it's the size is of a quick delivery to the precision passes atlases and he looks like the real deal. The inexperienced bothers me and I can't stop wondering why he couldn't beat Al or he's Wilson for the starting job in 2014. Fifteen another AFC scout says he has all the tools I like is or orange street atlantis'. Prototypical quarterback the drawl. For an AFC scout. If he scouting director from a college scouting director. Says allied too risky skills he can make all the throws and move around these are all cool shape. I'm a little bit worried about his lack of experience. In the in what Bucky says what he's seeing from this is a big athletic passer. With all the tools that scouts of it. In quarterback one. This is where. He ruins. The career. Of mr. Beers. NFL com. All all fall. It Aaron Rodgers. And Tom Brady's Bucky C and their core. In mr. biz he. If he personal people. In it fell comp. Alex and Alex Smith and that's a good team. I dissect it called lord is draft. Draft cycle goes on. The comparison the chiefs quarterback one Melissa roles in some circles. He got that right Bucky Richard this ease of lettuce is a minute fishing game reminds me of the pool your pro. So he jurists. This label. On me it's too big ski. Alex Smith. I did it mean if you wanted to be managers who wants to be careful with the football. Biz he's athletic zealots. We slid it. Now one of the team that drafts Mitch too does he's going to be looking up every article about Mitch. In the teams he quarterbacks for a look at the stuff like we are because we feel we need to were wrecked here. You're drafting Alex Smith so picture this key off your board. Yeah he's he's getting favors here now he did much money doesn't cause costly too risky better in little comparison Alexander city value Bucky Brooks. Now now if it was let's say that it was mill hyper or not it shade. It'd be way ports you'll be way worse. I get the idea that this is does that help build our own it's the hell was what I saw that. Those are you kidding me. You'll play it safe guy who is this what that your riskiest. Nobody wants Alex Smith. Nobody want and those were not up nobody wants to draft outspent if you happen to have Alex that available as a free agent yes. Live with that but nobody wants to draft that guy you want addressed Matt whines when a draft in rod addressed him new. Doles of the guys who want a Tom Green you would address those guys but Alex Smith. We did do. Good I'm good here's here's what. Says vetting team. Teams are certainly smitten with tributes east analyst at the passer he has been called the best pure passer in the 2017. Class. That's not an Alex Smith tough Bucky. He's fit he's considered the best pure passer. And I put down everybody. But then Shawn Watson Kaiser and homes and everybody. If I'm an agent today in this. Didn't have only analysts just compared me to be is key to Alex Smith. Derek Kerr key goal that would. We really trending in the direction in the next Alex Smith if he's just running. Oh to stroke the key or celibate wringing their hands. In a way to get next Alex Smith. Strap that Alex at that hour. I'd be willing to you recurrent now looks a bit of a problem. It the cheese and doubled to risky which have seen some moxie born in it seems like Norwegian 23. Besides 23 it's like and accept. With the chiefs take the next announcement. Out long. Would want. But Alex didn't need the image of being -- be read and certainly is best part of his career. Hardball gives you horrible little bit hurdles still putting on the bench. The announcement today of the evening and Jimmy B read them right off the belly to be askew but that's another comparison. If you're too busy. To risk he's vehemently. B agent that you want us. All right the third and final cold or is criticism criticism. Is the third and final Cold War. Make it easy on what counts here caller one caller one. 913 by some 670 cynical one if jab all three cold words could see that four pack of tickets to the Kansas City golf she'll. Is the president doing himself a disservice by not doing this Ryan thinks so we'll tell you what next to. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. In the summer. He won Indiana also takes. Wolf thirty Gavin upstairs to get to a board debate that's coming up here at fault there. On the day. I had a few via corporate bacon to get says. Tickets to dole drink it eat but also lots with house. Because what house he's going to be its rate. Which sets session when. I I don't find them when they want talent ago. Doesn't matter they refer to his talent by the way way. Not as. Now that Obama wasn't Israeli it really gets under your skin ya right stop its. In a perfect card from Suzy your mind and that's fake news. And Susie Susan the colors into a perfect card and self consumed with other things level only. It's it's just normal course that's got his gifts and that's. Oh by the way can cohesive. By the way can bone text right back during the show you said he did they actually told today he admits in the air I forgot to mention on the positive moment. If they don't got. Does charity events and public speaking events by twice a week. Tonight text him a picture of my area. Pressure and knows what did fox. Assaults on snapple and against Florida as the Mariners are for him early in the Susie is the deaths. We still got to get points as soon. Worth of press here. I can't hear things I don't know what senior is in Mason knows a ten year. I don't think I was like advancing ice cream cone. He knows you like food. Like dancing or scream and I. Will not dealt with Hugo because you can't crosses last night. Did you find it interesting but I'm not met him for the is so so president Donald Trump. According to the Washington Post. Is gonna pass on the tradition that I guess that Barack Obama started in terms of filling out in NCAA on target bracket with ESPN. So the network the restart the trump staff and invited the president to a lot of racquet on camera just as president Barack Obama had the past several years. The network recent received word that trump has passed. On that idea in ESP and spoke to said the statement. We expressed our interest to the White House in continuing to presidential bracket. They have respectfully. Decline. Think it don't sub is messing up your. I'm I'm not like up in arms about to be announced that the whole thing is kinda dumb because there was some. And fake outrage from people who were due. This new park now it's not a tradition all the years he did you let your people thought he was picking places that swing states yet. To a middle of every political and the problem with Donald I do in this league user. If it was a lot of states this thing legal fights of the bills that he wants to do what it and I its ultra bass ointment and. I think there's a reason why he's not doing this because they does. Obama did that for so many years now to keep posted to be liked. The guy coming after Barack Obama is trying to do the same beanie he was too so I totally get why don't subs not gonna delay. And again like what do you think you'd think you'll want. I told you it's twofold number one I think that he didn't want to do it because it was Obama's. I present you wanna come off of Scott whatever ESPN approached him at that tape would you be if you do the other thing is. And look we know Donald Trump likes sports he's in the sports. But I don't know how much of a college balking at he has like. Obama was big in the basketball was big and college hoops he he did both the men's and women's brackets and he spoke about the like you knew what he was talking about. I just think that Donald doesn't wanna set himself up to be back guided doesn't know what he's talking about makes me look stupid or is trying to thought brag but I got was ardent. Zinn that he's not an ideal pick. It said but maybe he'll do some that he wants the bill I just again I these guys are physical models the but think that is wrong about it is that you did say you're doing yourself a disservice this is something that Damir everyone our country doubts. People fill out brackets and if you don't fill out a bracket you know would you do you talk about you know I. I'll tell you could have absolutely had some fun with the U gonna humanize yourself you can make. Yourself be part of what we're we're all doing at the athletic confident Aristide to vote for it that I agree with you when Edgar I think Wisconsin's really gonna go far. And the ball well Florida is only good. Just like really is run with it and let. I'm not upset I don't care if you don't bottom bracket that's fine I'm personally guided and opera. I'll pay attention to it but I I like to enjoy it hasn't happened I'm not trying to Abby rooting interest and is wondering you case human term worry about my team be it but. It's like to be able to enjoy upstate and they happen downward our bracket in Boston I think Donald would present from this today. It's all disservice by not being able to engage in what everybody else in the country's doing with all due respect. Jane. He's got a lot honestly. It's so it is time for some bright that's their. A month he got a month president trump just I don't know ponson bona Boston College buckets. Will give you a couple of talking points you go out there. You did did did Obama pick a winner assigns asking them. Not I could be picky and now. He picked North Carolina. I keep it to swing states where at the news political. Texture dumb Brian a previous sports and the auto bracket come on. Because I'm a sports fan I don't know thought bracket you come but it's not his thing. He's got talent and so I need to fill out zone thing it's some anger some Russian intelligence I did rocket fired up a racket before it's revealed. Next we usually. If it's tomorrow techs are saying he picked UNC repeat that the North Carolina I did take and I want you to. You could argue that you've got women okay well let us. We're going all in their Obama. If you were it were to do this why don't a lot of bracket talk a month before the brackets are you revealed. The ride. Angeles. You can all all. You do 123. I mean you only won only one. We'll probably use the same war. I went to bullies picked that there's. I'm a genius at it this it and to bracket that it nab it I app on the equity that exist existed feels like like in brackets and his. If fourteen. Day. And the other two and three. It has received a double on. AMD's genius. I literally. As miss you suck no bracket and the all the way it was all it's. Just. I'm not saying they are not fun I just. But this I think is why about it it's much like the fancy sports take that many people have been how can you. But you have somebody playing in a fantasy team for you were that's also against your team. Icrc worker rooting interest ago in the I like college basketball enough where I'm watching random games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays like. I don't need anything to make it more interesting if you do that's fine. Go right ahead of polite to bracket but you know what I hate here people the first week and have the term tell me how the bracket Boston I don't care about your bracket. I really don't you know it's fun it's real simple bracket I care about experience football team out there about it you know something we don't do but it's fun. My dad is. The Philips B it will promote. Just fill up Brett for that just a bracket within. And for the year it would bella people there are many offsets in net one defined are still fun though. What makes brackets flutter upsets basically yeah I'm with you but no. It is there's it would all the time. Made a good pick with a I'd go up in two minutes we had the sixth in sports expect here. On the basis for its. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports.