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02/16 - 10 am - A Life Worth Celebrating

Feb 16, 2017|

The guys pay their respects to coach Eric Driskell & talk with his former HS coach, Steve Rampy. Plus, we hear from Royals starter Ian Kennedy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now don't sixers Sports Radio. Dot com we'll. The video continues to get played it 24/7. We were just off the body would just going. Idiots Charles Oakley and the supplements. At Madison Square Garden last week. Everybody still talking about that so what happens it happens Ryan. Is that. April 15. That's brits and as a part of the USC. We should have. Stolen purses all. In the bill goes through would be there. I'm Susan. That was sellout the place was funny that Acela hey why I should say. You because they're so you faster fight in the first ones that rosy for whoever I won't be final seconds and seconds the other night you lose over. They'll be boom early on rounds by. A riot police are you gonna try to get tickets for the judge let's see a bit experts that are let's get out of hell yes. I'm just gonna try to get tickets put them yeah outlook is the open. Look at it and don't get it all added some funny stuff right yeah a belt it's funny. How. If it all we've established mills wasteful right. Did he just he is definitely huge opportunity too good trademark that. She's ever Nielsen got the trademarks buffers that is the patriots are doing their. Mean Zell had Johnny football and surprised Mills Lane of I wish they want you to remark that if you did then I'm Marvin gave way to work that you've been I'm a who should the played. It's a god game ago. I thought it was already heard like a statement. Like you can. Solo. Our right to home. We we go from odds clowning around ambient funnies and all that stuff to actually being serious on the took three we tipped to be serious at times. Will win it when it calls for that we we clown around and we we. Cracked jokes and stuff 24/7 on the show but we do need to start to show the theory unfortunate news some. And it's really starting it now control the people. Across Kansas City. And especially at. You know blue valley in terms of that the passing of coach here. And down. It actually happened yesterday on afternoon or evening. And forestall our boss and in Dole's glut is his wife is his children. From all of us here 68 but down yet Brinkley I mean that the news we we we knew that from the moment that we heard the news on Sunday. That things were not looking optimistic but. Now the realization as sub. On the these past. Man in just just have the ways the influenced a lot of people's lives this week. Coming to the forefront. What they did at the school. A vigils that they had to people that affected in people release you know starting to find out all the things coach Driscoll bit beyond sports. Been toward the class for getting on Twitter and talking about. Go to the musical to school the school via some football players inflow and what leaders though were more than to spend the night in sleeping bags at the fifty yard line of the football field on Tuesday night. But it tree descended further than football. Is that people talk about coach Driscoll at just about him coaching football she's a very good coach extremely accomplished. What he did out there it's unbelievable. How good of a coach but he was but what he meant to everybody is person to what coaches do above and beyond. Just coaching foot also in the news came out. Knew about the finals Asian well with the swat his wife ordered out. It's basically a trusted the most throughout this whole thing was her FaceBook updates and dealt pretty much you know win by that because it was coming street from her. But he is a bad situation that touched everybody. I mean I'd there was an news program I watched the didn't at least give you an update. You don't coach's status in stuff like that in and of the installer talked about a lot we did people are talking but didn't even know. We DB Duffy on twenty Twitter has some about it too deadly coach speedy tweet about it. In everybody ceased tweet about it daddy's chiefs coach of the year on the Kansas side just this year. But are braced talking divvied up between Ted never met a number of stories who's first who's logged in key seat. He seed out like the hope SP and we look it up you can do that also in my hand Porter counters until four page that have been touched him glow of their. A blue valley to give back to the extremely broad. Just hear from the people the effect. Kids sleeping at the football field overnight he can't stick our main it and what civil like this is stripped from them. At that age it's tough. And I know when a kid. The guys in the core accident or something bad happens to a neighboring counselors made available over the kids who talked to. But with a guy like that he impacts everybody at school. That was his plate and he would school there. He played there he was a longtime assistant coach their coach Steve reed. 1015. About what. They're meant to him he coached team gives in the drew schools and assistant coach under coach repeat he goes and extremely well but then. Just it's the coaches were on the metro in a different school programs reaching out I mean is this really affected. The high school sports community and school meaning in city a lot more than I think people think the. Let me just some women on this too just from personal experience. Spending a lot of time education. It also being the son of an educator in my mom. Com. Bullet you know start off as a teacher then went into administration was an assistant principal there was a principled and eventually a superintendent cell. I'm talking from a standpoint of extreme bias. But I think even trying to do with me on this too because his wife is a teacher. I am always going to have. Com. On lulls and appreciation. Four people out here they teach that work in education and that also colts. Because it takes a special. Individual to do that and went on me to do what I'm talking about apple old white reasons I'm talking about beyond just. Obtaining a check and aid and getting a livable waits. Ain't going out there doing the things to you know have themselves be a better life to meet with a nursing goals to go professional working in education. And teaching and coaching. I don't think that the majority of people look at incident. Response let's. You have to get that it's that's not the thinking to me when you go into it with your heart in your soul. And the mindset that I'm going to improve in rich somebody's life. That is what it's all bow in that is the most in at full speed that they get people to do when their lives is. You know it's funny because a lot of times people talked about. What should or the what you should be paid an apple with stated that. Teachers have always been. Under pay when it comes to what they give. All of us in society. And they policeman fireman at a book exactly and sat exactly look at athletes and eighty. Millions dolls to play a date OK and we could be upset with that. We can be frustrated by that I. Get all of that because. In this in the whole scheme of life. You've got to use that overpay. These guys winded in the big the big game you know treated. Calm like like they are the best. High school level and even the disks you know at the middle school level whatever elements is cool eighty signal they're not given the respect they deserve. The thing that I appreciate about like what has occurred here this week. With colts Driscoll is a fact that so many people. Has come out and talked about how amazing of an individual. That he's being in apple in people's lives and to meet that is sold. Awesome to hear because you know a lot of times when we talked about all cold seats. We talked about we use and we talk about losses. Right or what's the theme of this week. The theme this week hasn't been this nearly the all of the field success cities add this bit about the success he's had all the field with impacting so. Any young people yet to be his go through his Twitter account in its all about his place. On signing bonus of morals were tweeting recount of some bills about is players that are going on to the next level weaken gradually it's blue valley cheer. On a national championship you know means what he does that's about the football news about whatever happened to that school he was a part of your right. A lot of times these coaches don't jumpin to coaching or or teaching you to be rich. Coach who takes a long time. Like longtime assistant coaches which he wants for a long time. Under coach ray was assistant coach for a long time. He finally get a chance to be head coach but what they do what they do that law. They do because that's where they want happy you wanna be in school and will report to school. And he's got an impact players like is that these guys go back and talk to go go back he serves is not only coach to mentor what he's not coaching football. And it's one of the good ones. I know it's hard at work right now he's it was a month some other things on the other side glass but I do wanna bring him into this for second. Ryan as the husband of an educator as a teacher. All your wife get into education because she thought she was gonna get rich and it is is because you know that. This is a way that you can impact somebody's life in a positive way and let me see a quick sport. His odds. Well all worked in various different. Type of schools. I worked in schools of which there are some visible role to do aborted situations in schools which maintains it have anything. I'm talking about dead in the hood. And what are the things that will always stand out to me was there was assembly. That down. Let's say it is you discover. OK when see was his seventh and eight great she was very hard head she didn't make the best decisions in the world of cables always getting in to trouble with administration. Are getting suspended. Getting put in time does not. Going down the right path. I happened to see that young lady I wanna say. About Nam seven years after C. The spot sever or eight years after she got out of club middle school which would admit its C. It was it was a couple years removed from from from high school going into how to. And ask cedar out of the mall here and she was working in in one of the other stores I have to be shot at him. And not just have a moment with somebody like like. Years ago we butted heads. Because of her stubbornness in not listen. And see set to meet that day she said. Mr. late in the nest I appreciate when a particular look look at just say mr. She said mr. late. You go back when I was younger I didn't understand why you were. Soul. You know all the over the T it's about to the right things and trying to make good decisions. It just some really haven't given us a hard time just the way that it had argued given us our time. Was he set I understand and I appreciate you that's the biggest compliment that I've ever been given. From from from young people we see of years later when he didn't get it may eighth the you know that you felt like maybe I'll I'm not appreciate it. When somebody sells that appreciation for you what's tried to give them in the lessons its try to teach him. That's all the matters. All we talk TG two and I'm not trying to say and other professions are like this but. It takes a certain type of drive and motivation to want to do a job that is. Largely thankless. And you're not going to get rich. And I remember when I hated like first met my wife and we were talking and I asked her about why she wanted to be teacher. And she goes this box of men cheat you know all girl report card that'll school photos Galveston right it she pulls out this note. And there's no book was from when she was twelve years old and like you know with some writing class patent issues. One of the things that they had to do was write a letter to themselves about what they wanted to be when a while and why they wanted to beat. And she says she wanted to be at each link made you wonder you people know who when they were twelve years and mighty mighty young beat. But when you were that young you do what you wanted to do and then you actually be in like when I was. Well be in ash otter and the warriors about to rain and stuff but I thought was cool pie in the sky. But people who get into that type of profession. I'd be happy drive and desire to not only. Make a living at rear but to make an impact in people's lives and he told C I don't teach you think at least from my experience of most of the teachers that I notice from you know like the teacher or no way other people professionally. I don't think those people do with consciously I. But they have this sub conscious desire to help other people and better their lives. And now this my wife's ninth year of teaching and like she has students that come to her and you know. You might hinder my wife's got three different like inner teacher my first teacher and you're still like eight like. That's an impact and these people like that going and so when you talk about guys like air Driscoll light and Imus entity. This entire week we have a about his coaching guilt if we even talked about how good of a oh she is in good coach we talked about how good person. And you know. I architect whenever your Donovan for a path we spent a week talking about everything but the baseball and and it's times like this when I realize that there really is more polite and sports and we get hyper focused on it because that's what do we do that's her job but. There really is more to life than than just the sports and we have something like that big tragedy that occurs in the sports world it's just those two relief. For. In I think he sums it up on January 4 coach Driscoll tweeted a picture of sunset over football field. It was great first day seventy tigers getting better each hash tag team which is a January's than size sunrise equals November sunrise. You it says says it's not just about put. Tortoises there and as the let's sum them up. Now you know so lomb. It accommodates a gentleman who not only new coach Driscoll but close to him as a young man told Steve grant you this state joins us next. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Back in on the basis play Johnston. Just wondering assistance force dot com talked about cold air crystal glass segment. We continue to do that some I don't know some extremely EST Greenpeace the offensive coordinator Pittsburgh state university legendary coach blue Valley High School. We forced the chief Jim they're that affect future Driscoll played. For coach Reid Pete Williams in blue valley and coach Reid Pete joins us right now the coach you morning virtual condolences to everything that you were there. Go and there was holes the Driscoll family. Good morning on the second he was feeling better circumstances with a nice that those people. Yet coach take what I've I've known you for awhile and they have talked you through years but we heard the news about coach Driscoll is here's a guy. The plate for you coached under you took over the program for you would you would do if its worst day you literally saw him for a while. No question I've known her for over thirty years and I saw this young aspiring basketball where it was never future. And turn into a pretty good as the football for other than school work it's really not ever think about coaching network graduated. And so while local coaching for compared with a victory in addition to. He would he would. An inspirational young coach from the fact that he wanted to have learned anything from them. Know a lot of young guys can come and coaching talent and what he one. To what they know Eric was an exception. One of the game. All every aspect of it and we made great coaches. In you know toes I I never met tackles Driscoll ominous for all the amazing things about him I know that. They'd say as madam may and you told Stillman dorm well. One of the things I can tell from all the people that I've talked to bottom is the impact that he made on young people's lives in what was it about him that day. You know treated disability for him to impact so many people. Where if you spend five minutes Driscoll friendly SeaWorld come from the furcal Dave as does. Without doubt the most giving me he's. Look very loyal. Father and friends and those who well in school history. And he always has time for everybody. Remembers. Me. If I've seen today in my term problem decides to have a great relationship that's davis'. Courses vote. It's and so you're going to shoot me in the world world. And just working up a little animals to humans and so. Put those two people gathered there as and that's some people in and you couple that with passion for life. It is passion for young people. In this passion for sports and sports were important for the life without little forceful. And he really. Low. The young people succeed in all sports. That the track all hopeful. Does that great world there are people. Targeted coach Steve green at pizza. Author of courting of the speed course long time coach Ed blue Valley High School coached. Couture Driscoll wouldn't on the nanny once the change should team he's the head coach for that in in one of the things coach who received it's the outpouring of support. From the community and a lot of times you been talking about coaches is just the person I mean football does come up but. Just the impact he made a mean just what those kids are going through the vigils they've had this been football players that slept. On the football field overnight be a long time high school coach that you were coached. You feel when you're doing that a sense of community and Kevin your responsibility to mentor kids did it seems like coach Driscoll. Went down that path to be impacted so many different people digging out and played sports. Right the blue clouds of special place if so what has. And look as in particular is is a place where the we'll all know these formations or are you more concerned. It's such a unique group of people will support everything conscience. And five cents and everything and the network of computers. And it's it's really that people thought he pulled off the fruits and reform their first programs. The blue well since the early in the nineties and football as does that. Parents should respond to what. Every time. A lot of the actual awards called the football program could rise to where it is. And it will float into the coaching no ordinary facility giving. Never. Players in the things he wasn't ready to do. In the in the amount of time and dedication and commitment. I received wolf it's something that we influence. If you more conscious is to ensure that you would love them for which. Look into that you want there's Yeltsin's forces are still. Here about what should go to Google about to hear about and I think there are always so. This means that they care of so much what person in the right door quarter. The city. Coach I bet you have any memories in regards airy but is there anything any one moment to tennis stands out to you in your mind right now. North for the last 45 days and problems that's enough to move out of useful thing national unity. If you are put together a long time Clinton sort known. Let it violence for long long time. Well we're both sides of affirmed that. In the most. Players and coaches he's oh I don't think I ever that would. I don't think in the situation. Ever disagree here and we have superior. I don't ever remember having time. We're disappointed me. And indeed that lived inside of that golden social order as performers. I mean that's the word rarity. That's not ever put somebody down. Insist and demand or. Action better relationship. Hear about him right over. And we're appreciative. That there are those the one cliche that those are reserved and so was somebody's life. The election so. And we'll sit there coach admitted it's a great story told you board an extremely intense competitive person and a it's very nice and you over a nice word you said about coach Driscoll thanks like coach and you're going to a more time and you knew him well. In of course hope to talk to you under better circumstances in the future but I think particular few minutes and talk about the life of future Driscoll. Thanks coached circulated. And it's asked saucepan aspect stealth but that is. It's a best of special best of duke that's that's a special relationship right here. He coaxed him. He's known his whole we take some abounding. Steve ripping intense individual. You don't coaches that are just really intense. What eight eights the cheap chips of who don't want four he won national titles and off the corner it's been easy it's extremely intense I've seen an act. He decided to coach from the box before like his last year you could hear him yelling the street if you call yet he's he's a very good coach a great coach for the best coaches. Others matures every scene he's extremely intense in the never have words of them are hurting right there evens that out. There's not many I have had worked with. On out Audi and the city never did with him that was that's strong stuff they're from coach Steve rate now at this man you know it's. Relationships man. Relationships. They mean everything that type of relationship now with your players. What spouse. Coworkers with everybody. It doesn't need a Dole's back to. What Salvi was talked about never went me ever wins when Salvi was talking to. Did you on Josh in the Dicey over the course out Wilson was just before was a couple of days ago. But you know you just tell that he stayed about your battle. He says man. When that would take anything for granite the site. You don't know if we got a week with a guy. If we got a month with a guy if we got a day with the EE he said adding it up in the you know it's not a fun audio somewhere maybe later in the show whatever but. He he he gets it he understands that men tomorrow I promise to. Anyone. I'm glad that people are spurred a note all the coverage that it's gotten people understand how good guy he was he's great you know we talk a lot of coaches on our high school show every week. Talk to multi some special on him in after games just island cut it up till needs some things that funny during the game. It was coach first woman go and talk to him. We talked to him after one games or we're talking the coach Chris what the semi final win over sure initially charting mission he scores a touchdown comes back. Great comeback within that scorched let's go two point conversion they send it to overtime at blue valley. And shut ABC's Kate speaks report blue valley sports coach Driscoll got twisted me. He goes for two to win. Coach is it that extra point. He's at home he decides to go for what if he runs a play they said the practice every time he ran that play today at. It sticks and stones to go for two to win a game that's kind of the better he was. We're gonna win it we're gonna win right here that's set to Richard gross you out. All right last season was his force with the Guinness the royals in it was a successful season at bats. You're from starting pitcher Ian Kennedy next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. Back to you on the basically they would jockey here. Six a Sports Radio systems Forsythe now thanks again to told Steve grant you for joining us arm. It's not only tells four it's for the Driscoll family dust off everybody. The new coach in all the kids that norm at the at the school when everybody to me that's. This to us by Sears and so that's so thank you a couple of minutes ago. From the official Twitter town for blue Valley High School student newspaper the tiger print. Armed post Driscoll celebration of life will be on Saturday February 18. At 11:8 AM at the church of the resurrection. Please weird to tiger so that's from beer official Twitter account that does. It is the eighteenth that's. That the Saturday as it yet okay yeah is this Saturday Lemony and church the resurrection yeah. Please where tiger so that's from your official Twitter. All right Tom. Let's talk some royals and one guy that we did not know how good he was going to be. Going into last season's ink in liberal that. He was signed. We talked about its. There a lot of national publications. USA today it was one of home without a question to. That the money like. The white hostess Oprah paid for Ian Kennedy. Which got a question of we on this show. I was good with that that we struggled early season depth look at it sort about the make it seem as though we're more concerned about it aren't there wasn't as much maybe you were. Just about what. It is a lot of money keep in mind this year still means thirteen five a lot of money but still but also stated it wasn't good form to love what he's gonna just say candidates that awaits and we player option to get. 20181610020191652000. Would be sixteen by. So the outside that I think you were saying right New Year's ball out go get a big major country. But I don't know what his age 65 BC pitchers to make it able it to your twelve million dollars. With twenty Kennedy get him is he's 165 these these here it's Ian getting in order what was the most Contra direct. Travis woods was two years twelve million what was. Campbell this is a sixteen. Maybe it was a sixteen it's sixteen million president of edged a ball just got Tony too. For two years it up but nonetheless. What does what does Jason or what is including the enemy Iran and about a way to your 161000005 million extra nine million next year. OK so if you're Ian Kennedy. Who's how old he Kennedy at this point he is 32 years. After the issues we 33. You tell me he's up bachelors and I can't even open market he get more than 60000065. Per year probably now well. Probably now he's gonna take deals we asked to be good I think he became actually the most consistent it's the relentless. Don't know if it does better out because I questions about each Indy going into the scene didn't stroke them. And hopefully we decided settle back contract. He tried to ship exist once talked this morning good last year bigger and far these counters Dead Kennedys would kill you if you wouldn't. It never got to the point where people like easy it'd be packets in a deal with the Dodgers member with a table about Blake Davis. But each hit any props to him man he did he gets out people. He rumor mills are owed to who would back away from the Contra commodity and good from the royals are you back we've mean Kennedy. Reporting at its problems with the box. Where are what he's doing something his delivery in his motion last year and they kept calling on that did the couple games in a row is trying crazy. We don't these look this means that you are exactly what he was doing he's doing some interesting stuff. Yup well law. Get a bunch of guys out no surprise Arizona we got jostle our news out there each and every year outbreak fanning out there we see got out the year. On so be doing us a nominal job over the royals but in the any other station in surprise RET in the spoke to the media. In east start with building the rotation after the walls of the tour. We knew we often Owens. Was sad. You know unfortunately. When we talk about big talk got to move on thing about the business partner of everything in development are so. He did Jason I felt when I wanted to get signed Jason while ago. I told the house because I was really hoping that we use scientists. We need a guy we lost fulke who. Potentially fit your he had some good years in heat in a lot of innings so use reliable. In 2015. And last who's up and down but you know we're we missed we're gonna miss a guy who can do things like that and I thought Jason was like for an art market that. I was hoping that we can even sign. And did. You know it's like citizenship and be able currently just don't feast officially give us. Or I'll take that just hit it in the you urges the detective agency pays us to tell. No I knew but. It's intimacy it's a lot of pitches. Hello. One like this silly if your if your friends and team like I knew Tyson Ross. Tyson Ross got designated him over an idea you know what was not. And I was like not the only time I ever said anything and I I kind of felt like you know those that might sound a little bit but he said he liked it he likes. Player and Clinton blended you know and you know guys are solid guys solid teammates. I would love like if I know a few more calls him on one of the players. Can't come out of college football players through. They'll probably only one. Denials like OK and he knows it isn't the freeagent. He probably lost. Some other guys it's played them so. House opens. They can. And I pretty happy with the overall it is looking back. There's. You're always gonna have rough spots yards of bright spots but overall the broad. Yeah I was applying sort of reached my goal to that you like that's always when Michael's. Go after our report card and the nuggets you can. And everything else will come pause it. Could be so. If I'm consistently going out there blowing away plug away and everything possible place. I feel like you're you're from have a home school. I found a way to send a few people. It's really deflect every day focus. That being. Just because. It that'll be your that'll be your focus if you uncle. You wanna have the other day. And what this stuff like on the three. And you're not. Give 3637. Stolen disappointed. Or you have moments right before he doesn't matter like to me. Feel like. Every time I've gone out there when you go out there. You'll just thirteen of them. And they got the or even a bit of a middle just yourself of the house. I feel like Google's coming. Some guys will. It didn't. Baseball and it. About throughout the night. Oh absolutely. I feel like. That's why I love baseball so much. It's. Maybe somebody in an your normal five eighths ten job. A fine job. Just doesn't need a little kid experience of that stuff that we do where I feel like them constantly praying constantly. Getting thrown out different things thrown at us. You think it's wise that test us and greater rewards await more families alive. That's another part of it. But yeah like. You'll be instructors can be there she's taller than its speed he's constantly. On the road we have filed cities it's gonna keep each other saying. But I don't know how I'll single out guys don't faith. Anytime they background. Let alone and I Jesus in the like when they're playing this game it's been so tough. And I certainly would like. It's okay yeah good. Committed. You guys he. This review being. It's. Hoping you can pull it blows it. Yeah. And I think that's kind of help like 2000. Came close to keep the city schools like Alan. Like that is awful things people pass. You. You know there's no place and you'll you'll you'll know what happens in good enough times and he kind of just. Hopefully play about it might win. It didn't come across in. It help that's what helps me my time off like an old person he music really really hard and I just want to be there for him. Does he played the Marlins. Flipped over here. You get pretty close and keep it under one season. But CC was hit pretty hard and let her uniform and his brother price and this. Have a file photo. If he needed. I saw doubtless of royals starting pitcher dean Kennedy. From surprise Arizona if you did not know prior to that interview he has strong statement. It does it eat you deathly depths of props him that he beliefs. As we should. The Bentley speechless I. It was a good. I Kennedy would sit right now number two pitcher behind Duffy. Yeah. Read more faith with consistency the whole year at the point would Duffy at big W can be. I believe it dad can be better and Ian Kennedy give a kid he's nice he's a nice option in the. AJ has some real nice being so it presents lesser known he impressed me last I didn't know what we're gonna get out of it early on aisles at Maine we might get hoodwinked. With this deal no yeah it is get a ring he pitched one inning the Yankees in 2000. He hit batter to act as a kid and he didn't he start the fight was figuring he. Keep eating drinking and started that fight between greed all the tiger by Utley with the wings would die or are you Ian Kennedy was part of that brawl. You might be right you might be. Ever had somebody Waltz on a bed. Or props to this athlete who did not would tell you who next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Oh. JP. Ridiculous question ever it is ridiculous and he's not the most ridiculous question I. No don't eat. Doling neat. You thought I was so yes. It got to play tomorrow but the ninth. Time he asked me what I ever get hot you belong but is he jumped out about it of course not. But only with a forty feet. I'm I dated a hot air balloon and I guess are going to go take a song that would go wrong to. That it frees you bush. So story you take out your blue in the Minnesota. If it would only indeed but the the all time in feet what I did that. Etiquette we have buildings. On he's going on in the semis. Eight feet is a work eighteenth Google Video that doesn't work like. Used to just get an idea of low pressure on them nervous about it. Entered terrifying. I'm that's possible accidents release those statements he had. Mean rural and in that you hear that pioneered that they now. You're going how many deaths per year after the waterboarding is a field. There's a few since 1964. Of the national trends there's safety board missed it 775. Hot air balloon incidents in the United States it says indeed. But since 1964. That's still 270 a lot in all the fatalities sixteen people died. All hot air balloon in from 2000 through 2012. Stupid me. 68 people that decade but keep in mind a little water to people these things. That aided that an ethic of more people wondered if you otter a lot of that has more to. This year and it helped. Well it sure. All of you get up and those things at 28 we ought. A kid. At a I'd say for the driver that apparently sizes vary but you can now you can have up from eight to 44 people and hotter if all I definitely give up a little dogs what he or PD is the inner Ronald McDonald last. And a basket secret. Sick fix assay and or hotter bowler over the prom date four prom when you're pretty fun did you pursue that for a trip went around the world than balloon it's what goes way up there. Almost the space the balloon usual round the world I don't think it needed to get it's got a problem and made some big lived it. Don't think the thing the thing. The reason I say this is Jeff Flanagan and others training in spring training and tweet picture global. It's that spring training looks like point two people in this basket the way thought. Is balloon spring training. Big we have growth. Wolf some of that. I don't know better question is anybody ever waltzed with you on just Brian. Ryan with the old ball in the gavel hit an opening day makes here because I want you to spoofable. All. Rights that that bears that rise. Was on with this. It rains in the weary. AD account and and and in no way women let's pump the brakes here. I saw you do it would be going its own phones and you're trying to sneak this into the show so I never agreed to that you just tried to set up this for some reason you wanna see my butt. Until you're almost yeah I asked was Jack and all. Else. Says yes amicably and will's company did try to get me naked on a bare skin rug equator only he. Yeah. Agree to a what is the basis of the Beers there's been where it's due in wins. I'm sorry that we didn't make it deepened the bit. About them. Bet there was no that was it did me the makers of the basket routed the program as the bat. Click on ads. Well is impossible to do it it's not cold wants the bad and one lucky student at the university his story. Is happy that she didn't have as players you bizarre she. She did not. What's the bet she kept there word after the Atlanta Falcons lost the lead in the job or lost the game in the Super Bowl which is weird some tweet that she's except I see those guys and enough. Note to see what she's that was it's not happening and in light what is the better she said what average that's a bit he can't do it seed. But. Do you think she had security with her producers she did. She said I'll watch dinner with Ernie SP enlistment are saying. She saw the Tiger Woods' picture but exits super fan says like Tiger Woods regularly big Tiger Woods fan. She's afraid in my view Superman super premium guys these are actually decent. She's in August swimsuit issue as well yeah old and she's courts yes these courts Canadian tennis starts is she better looking than she's a tennis where. She's addicted is what she's really. Pretty dark too you know she's from reports says that they met and they sat courtside at a Brooklyn nets gain. Armed last night it sounds like he's getting. He's looked into a second nights he spent some money did he really and it's in the yeah yes team easier updated this this morning but our all he's looked into a second day. Real hassles we've got to play in flooded new York and they get it out will fly anywhere says to me error. Inaudible in which a flight plan and night when you're assured to be on city beauties who would be needed to be on your bulletin non pregnant. It was a blow. Is it blue key here in had to teach you 45 miles and was below fifty feet year higher. Was a low round in Ennis technical phone call from marshall's a martial. Good morning guys carried little cement our. Did I can't tell you about my father. OK interest and ought I'm never and that road. Good hides it. Well I talked you into it and there's about prosperity. And I am spa bar incident they normally wouldn't do it late August. He had cancer survivors so all the rats that yet this year. Thank you users yesterday. Beat the it was just they tested all the key in the year on year and we'll score. Well. But how. How did beat like that with all. Yeah yeah and while located post a couple of trees that they because in general purpose. Little thrill ride I would hear it. A little while federal Tibetan about it it was when he would shoot the fire and the play out into the balloon yeah. I really Turkey's second chart below world where we're. Like. Yeah. Plus auto club okay. Eight marks but let me ask you one quick question before we let's go. Yeah it was with the destroy your wife was it other people in the hot air balloon with the guys. There's in my art and four other people okay. End. It was extremely hard to keep my concentration is one of those people want a potential control floods there recede. Where at least we're distracted deli man. Yeah out. I think it just all call yup they call the Marshall was opens it was called to invite you wanna blue note board will be open that's what he was doing them by you know in the blue note we're good return on a free hotter balloon run. We about a pony ride. Let's stop podium. Oh man come up into ministry here's a manager Ned yells live from surprise that the. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports.