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02/16 9a - Brandon Moss, Royals Montage, Nivens

Feb 16, 2017|

We're joined by one of the newest Royals, DH Brandon Moss. A very sad montage from Salvy & LoCain plus we're joined in studio by Nivens from 98.9 The Rock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So yesterday was a little bit of a dose of reality T for the Kansas City Royals and for us as fans I think yesterday army and just calling Wheeler down a desperate just click it just burn your dad it's spring driving away a little bit today covering the covering the royals forest doing a bang up job we did some comments that were made by southeast and came yesterday. And I had all those don't mind I can't believe like reality has set in but I think over the last couple of weeks. I'm not just with fans but with the players and everybody around the royals organization with the passing of your gone over it for a I think the reality of 2017 being the kind of finale the swan song for this group of guys. Really really hit home and then arriving in spring training and realizing that goes not here anymore where does. And at the end of the year we can all be going our separate ways. It really really is making 2017. A very vital and important year for the Kansas City Royals and Salvador present Lorenzo Cain. Both kind of addressed that yesterday and here's McCain had to say. Launcher was gonna happen you know probably two men who beat back together things I was that a lot here in. You know he does this list wrong. It's about good dividend is group maintenance is that explicitly. This is a group low plan ratings because I wouldn't you know this from the local management Dave justice being around. So we're gonna look here give our best effort hopefully go I mean the official time. So there is Lorenzo Cain talking about the realization but 2017. Could be and you have to wonder a little bit if you're Donald interred didn't pass away do you think the guys would be kind of talking about. The finality of what 2017 truly means not from a from a baseball standpoint but for me friendship stamp. I think the passing of your Donovan terra. May have had an impact on these guys to realize that from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. This is going to be it and we don't know if somebody can be taken from us we promised longer were gonna have together. And I think they're gonna use that fumble from from just kind of Reading between the law is a little bit using the passing of your Donald venture and the fact that they could never play gathered together again. Use that as motivation all year long and if your opponent that's the last thing you want is the royals have some kind of motivation outside of just go on out there and play. Might not addressed it as publicly. I think it would have been going through all their minds but they might out of brought it out is like. Like a realization I think everybody knows the situation there and sure. But it may it's hard on May yeah may be days would've kept out of the south Hayward were gonna about their play and and the futures a future run and worry about it but do you address again maybe they've all kind of and that stepped back. Reality moment and then McCain I guess may have shared his yesterday. It's a unique situation for Kansas City because being a smaller market Major League Baseball means. That they know they can't keep everybody right and they got the Yankees got the Red Sox so it almost has a college feel to it this year real a lot of seniors and juniors on the team and they have a really good shot. At making that push for national championship they were really good shot at getting there. So they rally around that idea that this is the last time we're gonna be able to play together. To go on and be successful are gonna go on and have been a better contracts more money but. After you get those better contracts and do you get that money increase. I think you start to understand how special. Where you were truly is I guess that the big money's great everybody loves the money the cars the house. But when these royals players move on and they get these monster contracts there we'll look back at this time there a look back at this error and they're gonna say man. That was the best time while he yeah they really are and they want it and it with a championship I mean really what it is right now is his senior year for these guys time to check in with a one. The newest members of the Kansas City Royals Brandon Moss with a us here. On sixteen and sport treated according branded thanks for taking some time out this morning. And joining us here on sixteen Sports Radio we've really really appreciate it nominate I ask you what I've asked everybody so far that has come on. Are you in the best shape of your life. Or. You know how about Vietnam yeah week one. Very very solid science the yet those days are gone of being in the best shape of your life. My first thought I had a very bad and I thought they had what is your favorite release dated today to give to the media all we ask you dopey questions. A month period there I'll equipment on the question of pocket courage or the outback question but here is. I gain the one that gained fifteen pound the ball over to hear guys say every year you like bro. There's no change you gain fifteen Albemarle fallen for market if you did. And I'd be here for what's gonna happen to you later in the future. Yeah. It's here. I mean there are you know you've been awhile right usage is 33 years old and you've been with the Red Sox acquired I mean you've been through. How major ball game up until you broke as well. He had to do the other day you were driving here airs on how you like your B rating. He does not. Of accomplishment between seventy. If it's a statistic of all that long did. Yeah that that's true you know they'll go to so many teams dumbing you have to learn something new every single time you go to another squadron. Yeah yeah involving everything every organization that's different and it got me back at that you have the perspective on how big defeat Detroit it was centered. They need to take some of those things are reviewed that at the same time. You know you move it around all of our people. One of those things that I. As I would have had a choice in how my career would resolve it certainly would not have been. We should you drove your dad to spring training what's your relationship like with him. I really good you know he in we're we're really close Pete you know I know is that their army and and he knows they're more of the kind of encouraged me when I needed to unify our it is so. We've you know work really honest relationship with each other you know he felt he bloody think so I think you don't get along very well for. Is he in the best shape of his life. He's not but I. Know about now there may need to be an absolute monster or legally lifting him that he's got to eat genetic condition. That that kind of flared up over the past five years since peaking at the battered more. He thought he he he's not the best shape possible. Now Randy you said you said what you guys were driving he started naming off all the teams to play for you thought it excuse for creating new. Yeah. Surgery you're tired journey of Major League Baseball he has been such. You beasts I'm sure he's been at least a part of it how big a part. That you're journey has your dad. Mean you know. I'm kind of a little prop person when it comes to baseball yeah. Like you called when you know he's both for the off he would. Talk about it you know just because it just then eight months if there. And it kind of a regular phone and then beer in the season. I get so focused on that eat him alive so they sometimes drive her crazy there's. You know I thought it. They didn't that it home with you from the dealership sinners picture while he compressed from the yen and then the next they're you know you're you're kind of wrap up demand. He's been involved is now allow anybody to see other about why he. If it all means more of the same. You're in the fees that are taken more seriously probably should be you know I mean not at the good off the field. The performance aspect it more seriously than a publisher. And here and now he's and I are destroyed or completely forget about. It's very hard to be involved Lou Whitney would say oh let's just say that so much that he ibizan ball. Talking with Brandon Moss new royal slugger here on 610 sports radio and that's when the morning. So you don't like talking about baseball during the offseason what's your favorite thing to do during the offseason. I looked upon the age. You know like I got there on the Georgia it look as well. An actor Alec you know it's typical is challenging it may have. I love that aspect a lot of little victory here Robert you know he played as a and then you know within months and I believe. They're out there and there's you know your years in the wilderness with the would would would grizzly bears like you know he was murdered them acute care and I enjoy that packet from a little bit of a thrill seeker. That's what I like. Eric that belt is like that but a little bit weightlifter and our. Though it did in the and that's kind of obvious one is. Your boat to sink in and obviously electric is that it could mean priorities. Especially while he's. And. No wonder dead wanna do you both have farms in Georgia and I getaway over a hundred years land probably butts up to him. Now he's got a beaver problem that does have a tough time catching the beavers on his way it do you have any suggestions for your skipper. To get rid of these beavers. Well and so on is that they ought to come down years. Driver on check everything out. In nature things and in the war Motley was a bit deeper I don't know how I. I don't know somebody you know model and and you know. Coached here or whatever. Of being in that might be happy about Korea it could reverse the leaders are each other payers. Take them out of the lake about creek that he ever really human error only symbolic. A pretty. You know alike have in the wild life around so I don't know on your little target you just need to live here in what somebody. Moderates here that he did terrible beds anybody that I don't know I don't know that I blocking escape it's obvious that I. I. If he he's in public you've got to know dead you know he's been there a couple of days or whatnot but he comes on with us every week in and tells the stories about. Hunting in and all of this kind of stuff have you ever had the opportunity to go up and in a dear blinder a tree stand would bed yet hunt. Now our there was an idea. He did it ship it well for property today this morning when a walk and I got it did it well but that's pretty cool it. Hi bill war written ball saw it out water or find out you know how he did what it did bill want a model. But I'm not culpable about yet let it knows that for a building so kind of got a I'd step around the question to make sure all the information. What without. They've been up and built something that. You. It packet that beer cooler so altered so we need the utility here you know we've got to hear it Erica. Had been an recorders. Wouldn't panic the under. And he built one of Arkansas R&R. I mean I know that it doesn't it's not read it bill but the amount of money you're he's phase. Are having a cooler on your farm utility could make this beater under water you're your own way either huge thing because I mean. I'll let state I love you so you know I would love to be able to make it well warned that the post pick up the process sir correctly it. And have them make it out of it here at I'm at their mercy. I'm of related to what he did not a thing about you know steal that idea. What is the strangest meat you've ever eaten. Uh oh gosh. Like on purpose yeah. It's it's. On on it is. You know. Well you know people people make something like what were on the hunters so they'll kill something and and cook it and then. You give backs can't stand over the fire and you'll it'll tell you it is a fairly you know. That's you know that their puppet master browser that you know that that's. That one partner and that the Bosnia. On the back here then I don't even know that is that he'd invite edible. Envelope that held without a vertical farming. Who could then grabbed me try that anyway all purpose that we hear that Hillary would probably be. While hiking route oh. Yeah there is places for all tall tale. And it's and tea what it called mr. bell. It electronic and nick cook all the exotic game are being evening in Fargo and there are equal outdoors. It. I just loved her and and and be an alcohol or so ago and big gain you're. I mean. How wouldn't lives in this. Up until the L is good though man that had helped seal the past L is great. Well is that there I mean I can't tell you out elect there's not really compares to. Now so. It is it is really really good for those who haven't had a go get some Elkins and you'll understand when you talk about all right it's cliche time man what was it like being in that other dugout back in 24 team that wild card game what's that all things take place. Yeah. Awful you know. You know it's funny how much like it brought out now yes we're here that likes. That's just one of those games that you'd rather not think about effort here it's it's. It was before it was the most exciting the most fun. Go to the same time both the press in the most miserable. Baseball game rather than part of like I've never had that any emotion. In any in any athletic and then you know 'cause I'm very cool. Both pieces were so good in act so we actually most of all though. That whoever won that game period for the World Series well you weren't is that thought there will look to. I'll whoever won that game and I mean you know you're you're out here that are very. They're in the third daring and Lester on the mountain are being hurt pretty much further over. And then you millions of it in the little trouble. In our bullpen. Kind of blow them out against that they gave what five. Part of it gave up they gave it 76 in the in the night excited. And we go any old. It was just it was awful I thought. Man that's totally understandable brand and it's totally understandable. You know we we were we that year we have such a thirteen to me do and we you know it was sort of thing where. Just get past this one being the good thing that we did not match up well and we dig at all. No doubt Brandon Moss with a 060 in Sports Radio while we wanna welcome you to the good side of the state of Missouri we so we're sorry you had a der hell last year over there in Saint Louis so welcome to the good side where people are friendly pizza Israel. And we don't friar ravioli is except when wanna ask career at the high school yeah we'll we'll do that either so we're where we're happy to have you here in Kiev city Miami and it was a fun signing. What we saw it come down and everybody got really really excited about it don't you get into the K and put on royals uniform. People are gonna love you up to double a plane you're so welcome the townhouse on its spring training and death if you wanna get the best shape your life you can try right. I'm Brian. I'm trying to not gonna happen. I. Anytime you wanna come on the man you're more than welcome. I appreciate -- I take care Brandon Moss royals slugger with us here on 610 Sports Radio immediately becomes a sand sand in Kansas that's terrific he was outspent he was outstanding in that store and Annapolis and even as the royals fan here to from the other side to feel bad it is. When that's the game coming appearance extend Sports Radio a -- hot -- tribute to what the 2017 season is going to be we do that next. Us royals designated hitter for joining us here on sixteen and Sports Radio good. I'll tell you what fellas that didn't just got a lot to live up to act and added you Brendon Meyer doesn't AME unbelievable. That a lot of without due coming up in about ten minutes here I. Extends for the best part about that drop is you know maven is listen and David is right here in studio there is an accident. Not the guy has got out I got back I had you don't. Maybe you did Baghdad bread blossoms and he's now does and there's some. The music and now he's telling me your number I love them wanna go with a bullet one we were talking about it earlier before we were joined by Brandon Moss rapist when he seventeen season being kind of one of those you know. Yeah guys are starting to realize this could be the end so what do we do best here we put it to song. That. It is Bloomberg and I do. It's. Me ma'am all. Swinging it around a lot of the swing and high bound third base side stock gets to the railing of the dugout sweet reaching the rally car. All this week. It's the launcher was gonna happen and postseason for the event together things have to go here now. You know give us this list wrong. It's about him you know and his group it was. This is an will play and we didn't good time to do this from the locker room each candidate does this mean. We're gonna look here he. We'll. I mean you can tell us. These went blank drive let's that are being all this is gonna go on the way to the long. Orlando's scorers Escobar scores news conference goers Lorenzo Cain thrives in free. Royals apple pie in the twelfth inning. But here. And and anymore. Blue moon applicable. On the week. No you guys in my world. Broken bat. One hopper to third. And renovated it. I've heard gambling that The Today Show. On the throw to first base and the royals have tied the game. He gave a moment but you know knows how to more known a few years we've. We needed every bit from the and two officers as well Luther. So yeah the little bond times. It's coming this season and a lot of oil yeah it's going to be a lot. Claims for you know playing for each other the realization that some of these guys may never played together again. What he's seventeen is gonna be the year champions again. In Kansas City. Coming up. This fits in studio he's got your chance and that's tickets will tell you how next. A friend it's good to see you look. You know Def Leppard is coming to town with poison and Tesla. However. Nice what you hear at bring that does that mean every day's back and we'll van Hagar. About that rocked best man and I still get out of those songs. You actually can't drive 55. Typically drive about 72 at 81 you hit it the other guys who write a song on you and I. Yeah can't you can't. In the mornings when I drive and I 35 between 67 street side mission parkway we slowed down to 58 is a lot of times there. You know the thug as a sit there radar ideas you're you're going off the Anderson and battle though you're some I don't know fifty miles an hour that is so be your year your cell medal and now I'm willing to. Mode to make here than at some point. In this moment this evening. A close access all wanted to get out August 5 set it's okay they have more look at that teased by the FM dude. What we do it here I'll Steven. All right when you hear this drop. When you hear that often. Act. Coming commercial break about IE eight minutes or so right now. I'd like that color number ten. And you get their practice to all right I Zoubek coming up and admitted his as you join us here yes sixty is that good hot fresh coffee and needs some of that if I didn't submissions lately. Mom let me ask you this and we just meet that I exactly know. Yeah. Brad and Hamas to answer the statement within royal. Mountain oysters yeah yeah. I mean they're not bad. They're not that you're really not asked a lawn I'd just like to tell us with the human even spiced up an element when I when I was out Iran tonight eat him in my early twenties and so did demise in the early twenties and they do what it was as it was presented to me is try this one is it. Just eat it. Will what is it to stride now. While there are. When I was like this and where that's all right that's neutral and it's a people suck pal Mario on your tips are stood by its great but they don't tell you know it mountain oysters in cal Mari I mean Judy you're going to talk. You both their pride of both they're not as what is a testicle and what is a school it. Think that it was an effort to break it down and I hear about here in a different one as tentacles one doesn't. Do you do you keep it. They both have how I felt a little articles ides of testicles have you eaten it just the one does the rocky mountain oysters and the postal what they were before it and ecology dreads Nelson. Stuff that's just play and I thought no Richard you don't have. Yeah no I'm asking. You said they're not that bad and I agree with you because it had been an amateur bodies without any wrong with that rocket final is nothing wrong with having brought what is your problem with my experimentation level. As the position themselves where is his crotch out I don't exactly my face exactly. Whatever you wanted to do we get real comfortable here. Listen up we're going Karzai who are good and I don't. And and and and I applaud that you and I let my freak flag fly I was in the with the hale who's going to be the Iraq fast look at hale and oh but that it's so I I never I wouldn't solve. I doubt that was out 2 morning with Lazio recently last night at the right and called Dorsey if you look at toward the fantastic horrible was it about snow now. Yeah I mean he's from California and it's a MacKenzie. Houk who cares okay but I cannot get a chance to ask her if he had eaten and sort of mountain oysters and so that's the winners meet every product idea I mean just review every student you know how to drive that even in college earlier and well now very. Now that he is a very liberal clay was the only thing I've. Iannetta. There was how is her I was good -- excellent it's only it was chicken and I was fine and manners turtle and I did and there wasn't much taste differentiation between I thought it was chicken I guess I was fine turtle I think is a little bit more robbery been shaken is there's a place he leaned her I had been home Louisiana there's there's a good guy's place we stopped to family vacation went in and turtles do so of course if you're gonna what do you know whenever fine is now skater IV. Gator. Crocodile and they are tired kangaroo yeah from Brandon. I don't know I wanna try that or not my brother is he's he's a preacher Wright and maneuvered to. Somewhere in the each area and actually Truckee he purposely tried dog old dog you know he sought out somebody to try why just because this whole reserve board want to hear about borderline he's terrible person. I think I got him preacher and a half I thought stare out of care doesn't change the fact every hour my wife for guides at strays Terrell person he hated to all. Yeah it is feature UCE actually seek out a dog he's a terrible person. The dog days of my brother who marry me and my wife and we're happy together and and on the debt and years and years I'm getting opposite and a doctorate so. Coming up so excited about that and and you know just like the airport is moving to Johnson County in the Arrowhead Stadium will be in Johnson County one Avant rock fest is moving across the lines that can't just do not just stealing everything. From the state of hard. Hardly birds well. I I I love the way that Brownback position that whole airport thing like. Take take attention away from how much and screwing up the entire state suit throughout this idea like. I'm gonna have. An airport. But he is began it's Missouri off its ass of and then to do something to build the new term Obama moving in the right direction I think that's kind of more what it is it's it's a wake up call but I. Exactly you know I'm not a big fan of the state line because I think it divides the city more than really needs to. We'll talk but idea right but when you have a situation like this it's a good big media wakes the other side up to get things moving in the right direction you remove an update to the speedway now as well and not because it's state I think with. That's becoming a good venue for events at the memorial last year. The best it's ever been the best it's ever bid was amenable. The year before is that air all Arab I'd screw the parking and so bad that the chiefs couldn't park five cars and a lot that they if they wanted to and do an efficient way to the did the what did arrowhead was such a disaster we took a goober. And we got off like out by the Adam's mark and wind down the hill and climbed over chain link that it was best out with. That same sort of as that in terms take in New Britain being drowned at summer that that's exactly happened when Meehan it's Manson went to check. Cheese vs raiders did drop a sob that Missouri visitors sure. And we had to climb over a wall and in duels and but that that the that we didn't drop Americans we did speak. She's screwed up. The pace. They screw ups aren't so bad at Els and it's everything they touch out there comes a parking is a freaking disaster self. Go to the speedway I think it's great and Alex is becoming a great saying you first for everything out there now with the big crowd and a big type of event. The speed laser spot right now it is at I think that it works for us. And I mean it's a twentieth anniversary so you know we have this this you know sort of umbrella of bands that were working with. On top of that you know it. And allows us to move a little bit out of made into the June timeframe because they're not. As we put this on especially when we put on him morrow since 2004. We had so much up and down weather wise that you really couldn't you know and metre here. In June 3. It's to be little warmer hopefully the a little more easier access for him but in terms like parking. Right lucky shocking we take into account parking in Kansas Lowe's parking but. At the brunt of the biggest things that it's. Were dismissive of lady's real bat and ball well. It's not to separate little border bodies we've gotten. That is all that is nice and I mean now it's like when you guys moved. Rock fest to governor moralists like 2005 issue I 2004 was and we just we have we came back to that area yeah that we moved from. Sandstone. Over to whatever it's called now you have only way to say it doesn't sound system and you guys who go over there now at that time there wasn't a Harlem a ton of people living downtown in downtown and have a whole lot to do no power and light yeah I don't know street car no no Steve that's arena yes I'm desperate there was an official 06 and our guys when you moved it there. It was like well there's nothing else going on downtown so this is also yes now you move it down there it's like there's a lot people who live here there's other things going on to huge concert to put in a spot with that much has so many parts. In order to make it happen at liberty memorial I mean where whereas some of those things are now builds and in the yeah in there and India and a secure area. So I mean it it's. It's a change in my dad I think as we realize on Monday when rolled out. Yeah I mean there's there's. There there wasn't so much an initial shock of the change as it was like oh you guys are moving sort of thing and yeah but I think whom were what we're doing we're doing. Or bring in if if you look at the lineup that we've got. It goes from late eighty's to today and it pretty much covers the 25 years of the rock has been in existence you know we are we were born 25 years ago in April. And and you look we've got you we know. One of our co headliners Sammy Hagar we came out of the bumper with yeah but he also throw in that Tom G percent to rally rat and top of that minions of the ninety's. You've got collective soul and I can watch and you read into it today you've got obviously the you know God's Mac is when you the other co headliner but you've also got you know. Up to today as you mentioned health is on hold me and it covers it really does cover this this broad swath of just sort of everybody likes rock general. Because that's one thing in going back to the grammys on Sunday. The grammys and and and that whole sort of world have always screwed up rock and metal does have no idea how to how to handle you know there and in Metallica has been jaded by the grammys so many times why they keep showing up to have to do even light. It's it's like a girl and just keeps screwing around on it and well. She'll she'll learn here right now it's like why that was frustrating. At NBC in though the the fix version where they they they they they pulled in james' audio in and you can hear him sing along with Lady Gaga I have not it's fantastic. Okay because she's. And I was talking to somebody about this last energy nights ago. Lady Gaga for for all the pop tarts or cellular. She started out in New York City playing dive bars with her guitar best that she's like Cindy Loughner yeah severe stuff the Tony Bennett. Yes. Yes really good she's great no she's fantastic yeah Dick type talent dole we're talking about a yeah games before but I mean like did she she spans the genre yes of everybody sees what of the few artists that really like it or seventy or your twenty. About a god I mean yeah I mean as I mean I mean according according to via online tools that means she could lose a few past drowned out yeah its good all my neutral site I will say though looking at the the lineup the first thing they hit me was the cross generational spectrum race like this the first three got smacked Sammy Hagar boy will be a okay yeah is going to be this going to be auditorium here yeah average right now. 1:1 that morning the bans on on the success that its time keepers Cinderella that's basically Cinderella. You know without inspired and that he can mouse and solo stuff about two years ago fantastic and I was a cinder it was a great rock bands got lumped inaudible like here and there but it is if it's. Rates of live there David's from Iraq in studio coming up during the commercial break be listening for the sounder when you hear the caller number six and you win tickets. Two rockets 9135767610. Is the telephone number. And also we've got a new Welch is a bit different dividends we're gonna see if he can pass the test. Next. Kinda. Yeah this is being raised nineties. I think that walk up music and I'll be glad I don't I don't think it was ninety's there's earlier without I yet now because I remember when this came I was in Atlanta when this came out that was. These guys out there hamburgers and released in 2001 yet that is is that she's vs Eagles like that game and they were they had this song plane. For the chiefs and how things. Bet. At your peak go to rob banks that Iraq. Gave away a pair of rocks those tickets of congratulations to our big winner though in Iraq since June 3 out at Kansas Speedway are well she's got a game might might have another very next week yeah I wanna blame game Evans winner. And well and the game is called overrated or underrated essentially might well tolerated out of sight what's that what. I saw that coming a mile away on annual log out as I did I did I put IT and I did every idea out like David's go for the cut at. But essentially we give you topics and you tell us. If it's overrated or underrated and why it took a YIDDY. Yes. It's not the melodies and ask you know you sent me was over it generates elect rat five and now I got exactly you know radical stance mindlessly. Okay in a place in America. Okay I'm reading the you know right now is they stopped things and rapid fire voted David has to say if it's overrated or underrated and why I don't that I didn't see that meanwhile my the I was political ideals on him when a reader you have. Hagel and I that's gone our ideals slayer. Dominick out to go overrated for slow day and why's that. And you start to connect Christmas sweaters I mean I question your mental illness and mega death does it to ask Alec again that he be enemy chant the man I give it tells them they're there also part of Sox. It's like I made by the way I'm made movie later on this here. Alex Smith overrated or underrated underrated Horton venerated and I think that he gets. That's why it's bad that my hell yeah I think he did pretty well. Okay thanks for coming on the show. The Doug underperform residency gaping under reform that's right now hey ya I think he's under. Yeah I think they are fair about that I days of that out there about that aren't. I don't know for me overrated or underrated the Academy Awards. Now all wards all awards ceremonies or are overrated. I've received a couple of that your words all right is that is that anything I. It doesn't get the pit doors know what they're doing. Ox called home bear we've ever seen very very you guys got national recognition you know. The receipt that's like doing new Wii U because I could add no way to top what you came as he negatively with other I would go to nines out negative as this you know message that I couldn't I couldn't top that I don't know whether there are down had to go the other way live idea at all. We're we're the fake news scenario where the fate he's speaking of that Donald Trump not filling out a bracket this year for the NCAA tournament overrated or underrated who cares. Why. All readers here who cares you know it's the same thing with Obama who cares. But when he did it and the people that add that he or they got happy and it was like that this super divisive thing that probably should have been device they have called mr. action for reason and that is who cares are right Kansas State president saying this students can say no more FK you. There's kids if they wanna say eight stupid but that's been going on for ages I've. Remember when I went win when I was in high school that the team that that I was supporting what to go take on now rockers and me in a bunch of people went there on acid a surprising. And they got so mad at us heard that our chance and everything that I mean whenever. My dad's in a mural team in college they were the dad's so really which it go and adds yeah. America cannot act after a I think people get so mad at that stuff let kids have fun in college me because once you're done you got the real world. About this you're getting mad about students chanting what they chanted you're making. Broken bugs of students they can't get it guy that's right I mean let's. Right exactly. Kate Upton. Middle not overrated I'm underrated and she's gorgeous women but that new meaning for me but so should be under are overrated them now because I think that geez you know she she owns her craft very well. 24 years old hat I would perimeter right yeah. Just in her and there's a University of Maryland it seems like she's older but doesn't it I mean when you when you when you get on Sports Illustrated cover with your life nineteen apparently of days there I mean yeah of course. I'll majors and overcame that and that's fine but I she's Miller does this though there's no over an ever Connor McGregor Floyd Mayweather. Man I want that to happen so much I think everybody does right. The hype is gonna be overrated the fight will be. Probably end up being under. But you hate it it never even have always. And I hope you'll think it is just too I money and all given given given given Mayweather is responsible thing I think his I think it's all about his ego and his pride and and not having any sort of blemish on his mark. And save what you want about McGregor that kids started fighting as a boxer gets you into an innate but. He might get a sucker punch he might get that one thing because I think he'll be relentless going after him. Where is Mayweather is arguably one of the best news we've seen the last one well Floyd Mayweather has everything to lose kind of McGregor has nothing exact sweated Floyd Mayweather wants to stay relevant. Which he's looking down the barrel no longer be relevant and very quickly he's it is just you know he's just an. I think he's got enough money and enough people behind business wise to navigate his money for him fame is addicting now it's. I obesity and its weekly award. They did it just because he wants to beat that spotlight he wants to have it. That now they go fight that everyone wants young loves that it if they did it he probably would on the oversized gloves in the sumo how that you have lightly it would be it would be almost like an anti arts I don't think that. As much as I wanted to happen and Cuba having Josh about it I don't think that it's going to happen now just given what I read and what does he know that. I don't it's amaze you or when you're the guy has nothing to lose. Hey you I mean he normally when those exact you know we're good we're Gregor with. He go downswing in our ever did he say it he might which he's won exactly he he he would chase Mayweather around that ring. Without any sort of like I might lose this thing even care if your. In your right he might get lucky in my head I was one and then he's done he's done via and then you know the guy who has everything to lose nothing to gain Allison loses and I don't have a lot Babylon is still walks whoever 75% of the money still does that still does that matter I think he's an I don't think he's very vain yet. Anyway it's a perfect rec button coming up in two minutes like ending the day shift is next.


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