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02/16 8a - #610MockDraft, Foles, K-State, Welch's Corner, Top 10

Feb 16, 2017|

Another edition of the 610 Mock Draft, Chiefs will not retain Nick Foles, K-State president on rivalry with KU, Welch gets a V-Day present and Daily Top 10; awkward

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. That's due in the morning mock drafts. We talked about this being a meeting details distract. You need great pitch didn't serve maybe even four drought relief prospect gladly it is poison the well the next level. From what ever more. Borderline for. Miles. Going home. Number ones. Oh my go right I can't Wear those this year it's you know. Little biased continuing to leave out that he stays. One the play hard chart I us that it never heard those courts last night so I can't I can't confirm. He sighed and looked parties in the east finals scorers not even the real story. Clinton HR do is play hard chart is the best story sad. Faith is being asked. Trailed from the get 891357676. Dead as are telephone number we need to contested. Or are mock draft today if you look at the mock draft you're gonna get a pair of tickets to the golf shows if you wanna participate 913. 57. What the hell's the number nine I says I says it's fantastic Pat The Bat that's an honest I started reading Lleyton is back there today. I'll works our top ten list today top ten things more awkward than. John McCain a nasty pitcher. John McCain on seaspan Ashton Fisher testified before congress on human trafficking yet. Place serious topic some the Pentagon awkward when I think he's a nation as we move. Anyway that. Better looking in the movies theater person you're not so hot after pitcher. Top ten things more awkward 69306. Of the text like today passage of data rates may play top ten at 850. Also be listening around 830 today. Hi chance to get to have registered again to win the six cents Sports Radio Dixon for the chance to win the trip for two to be town Kansas City invades Boston in July listen for the sounder. Each weekday right here at Tesco in the morning playing at around 830 Smith went on to be listening then. The day shift in the drive will also be playing that Saturday the tenth caller Paul by. Now through march the third. Will draw one lucky winner will be on the way to watch the boys in blue Boston airfare for 23 nights hotel and a 400 dollar ticket credit and all The Beatles now. Six cents. Warts dot com all right if you wanna participate the mock draft 9135767610. Is our telephone number contestant just dropped off some 91357676. And the winner today is going to be adults you know courtesy of us here. At 610 Sports Radio we'll find out the category the second we'll talk some backup quarterback. As well for the chiefs of developments there on somebody that could be the backup quarterback for the chiefs next season and also get into what general Richard Myers the president K state had to say about the F words yesterday do what it what a clown show that is turned out to be. All over there my goodness tease you think we live in 1925 all over again are right Stephen what are we doing today and about draft policy never. Heard this before we all love and keep Gannon mock drafts you missed any that conversation taken out in the podcast agencies and sports dot com in the 7 o'clock hour. But now last week we drafted athletes you want to fight alongside. Here in Kansas City. Our caller Steven independents won last week. So let's see one of the three view in win this week will be drafting three Levy's. It's you wanna go on a day here's the catch. It got to be current or former happens. Teams show hard. He'd offered Twitter date that night at yup Brooklyn nets team University of Missouri student loan whose New York. Sat courtside with tennis star Jeanie who shark went and a very nice deep took some pictures. And does he keep it up on her bed thank you get new close to that date to. Yeah with the goods and a haircut especially about teeny Bouchard and I would do just about everything to. The with my best as well and so female athletes. You would like to take on a date. Current. Or past okay they don't have to be active. Bob went first last week so playing you'll have the first pick this week will be competing with Brian in north in the city services is not you grind it says. Yeah I'll take being right. Well it's good second Ryan gestured and fourth. A third and then Bob goes forth and it tickling the first overall pick. Kirk for her former athlete that I would would wanna go on do they mean it. The first half and had everything. It's obvious Rebecca Lowell. Still I'm. The same thing Wausau and cooling is out of the running for the golf suit tickets or supplied some of them sleep member of Ryan on our. Called basketball knowledge of what's the best on on some to wonder about global. Exactly right though Bryant does not mean you can win on Twitter user has to make 610 mock draft at six and sports he sees sending your prefix. And you could win a four pack of tickets to people show. Welch Europe Anna Kournikova supporting this at Texas history the import job our house here. If she was gonna go on the top guys out easily be a travesty she didn't she did. Ryan in North Kansas City. Female athlete you wanna go to game went. I'm I have to go with oh go. Both so she sings yeah she got on two straight out of my date with her Valentine's Day. I truly believe and what. Oops so look okay so we got basketball. Soccer and tennis off the board but you had back to back next the please out close out the first round for I I will do little. Let's see Alex Morgan. I haven't aren't heading electric pole beverage like it iced mocha practically now and through the first round Bob is way ahead of everybody else. Any second round gonna start now yes please see him war. We've put that all he jumps out of the top five pick. And just like that falls into last place. Brian in North Kansas City your second round pick please. I'm a half ago it how lethal. Holly Holm the you have seat fighter. Yet all right I'm hearing people talk about him now takes in the first round I don't see I don't fourth round where. According to Scott exchange on the guys that. Well she took in a court told the first round who he's going and uplift from the stand tennis Maria Sharapova. It's farther. She's the mother flooded offense the last game they had a baby bucket. Cooling went with no horse day's low blow in the first pick overall knowledge at best knowledge. And I'm Obama. Yes final pick of the second round please I am going. Again basketball knowledge I I would love to sit down and check doors for good like that if you have an epicenter of the city every the sport your team's books. Doris Burke was awesome she's created her cat she's Phnom men's ice pick her brain about hoops and all right playing Rebecca Lobo Doris Burke off the board where you guys final pitch in the first pick I don't yet there that grant has been run on tennis side I guess I need to get this one done Chris ever done. Actually for love he was what helps him just always think San Chrissie. Yes she wants attacked Jim Rome at its economy Jim Malone or time that the process table and it's right. Well it's two tennis players and Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova your final pick it is would in my first pick. But I know he Gator in the third page van Zandt who and I designer freakish talent that tremendous physical and athletic ability. And three names I think girls with unions and to be hotter than just just appeared mind it's a working theory but it leader president the last. Ryan in North Kansas City Hope Solo and holly Coleman's lead draft another person whose first name begins with the letter each. That stick with the chairs and goes Serena Williams. Whom. You know the great guns you know he's one step above them. Got a preview weekend. It's the tree is the U rivers and I didn't write down an effort to death her head back to pound the ball I get. I mean it's trailed. Okay. Let's finish this now the you be reaper class. Morgan and Pam ward your first two picks Bob and their picked you you say women with three names like yeah and I'm gonna do that Billie Jean Teague. Strong enough yet at the point of attack on tennis monitor. Billie Jean king and this thing. Well believe. Me. Jennie Finch being texted him listed on. Danica Patrick right. Caitlin Jenner I like it very high Skyler deacons. Mean spirit act is a female golfer. Faring very attractive are. They're in good oneself. Will mop the answer pretty shaken Ashley Courtney Paris who of that. It played basketball in Oklahoma home. And straight spewing. Adam on Twitter goes with that Allison still key that is. Who's hot and usually they pay you back when I was a this text file also notices something interstate I am basically having a a team full of Russian spies Anna Kournikova Maria Sharapova page vans that was it for you you're sitting at into the culture and a society today. I also winner coming up in about. Eight minutes from now any twenty. Brian does not when you can win on Twitter hash tags six and mock draft. Two at six stents or ski season in your three picks and you could be going to the author ship has always address about how you feel much pick that's right and you know. Didn't think you're within a feel good and doing good remind you of yours are very until lysine is very strong back to those of the three names that I. Put on the top right when I began to write this whole thing began Kournikova Kournikova Sharapova advance at those are my three top ones so able to get all three. Feel good. It's just received a tweet from at real Donald Trump saying you love the picks Welsh level that's huge way to go. So congratulations. Donald Trump loves your picks. The backup quarterback. Nick polls as it became big news yesterday for whatever reason this became national news yesterday that the chief should not pick up. The option I'm nick falls for six point four million dollars originally was reported that it was going to be ten million dollar option. Shows you how put all of you are win now what we go after. You know it contract status is for guys nobody really knows what they are so it was six point four million dollar option is not going to be picked up by. The Kansas city chiefs of looks like nick polls is going to be cut. Off of this football team and it makes you wonder now okay what are they gonna do with that backup quarterbacks by the security Tyler bray he's job and again to lose to somebody they pick up off the waiver wire. Or they get what draft quarterback you know is is the signs of the entire quarterback position being changed. For the Kansas City Chiefs but what I'm looking at right and this got my philosophy. Last year they Witten gotten it falls because they believed it was an all in your right I mean like Dick you've got the polls. Because if Alan Stern got hurt. Yet you wanted an insurance policy it's also like I don't know how to quit since Dominick falls happened to be available. Brady didn't become available until August so they were right or wrong with how they're brave but then the situation presented itself that gave them an upgrade that aside to take a guy a guy and he was earlier Weston didn't work rest and all those things yet as a it was -- perfect storm Ashe yet but but also and upgrade were like at that point in the season do you really cared a great quarterback it's probably are the back of query is probably they'll bow when you're a team that has the expectations of the chiefs have and and currently still have. God forbid something happened Allen Smith the lasting do you really are you ready for Tyler rated try to lead to an AFC west championship and the answer to that question for the chiefs. Was no point in time right on the ready for our effort to have their greater lead me to a rec league championship right and that's where I'm getting at now you still have. Those expectations. To go out there and win and win in the post season. So to me if you did that last year and got a really good back up last year and you gonna stick with a Alex Smith this year. Then I think the same thing needs to be said you need to have another good insurance policy just in case Alex Smith does go down. Does suffer concussion got the beat gets hurt is out for the entire year you'd need to have somebody back there because if you don't properly. That and get somebody to be your backup quarterback this year if Alex Smith does go down instead of having a veteran like big balls come in and perform. You could be looking at a spot you have Tyler bray in the last thing you want in a year. With the window closing and all that kind of stuff with this football team right now. The last thing you wanna do is turn the reins over to Tyler bray for ten games of the year and basically cost yourself a chance at the at at the postseason so to me. It if you still have the same expectations as you did last year you still need a better back up quarterback. Then Tyler Bret I don't know if that's the kind of another year practicing. When that because nothing based on your roster for a reason and the you feel like you have to get my I don't know. You have him shot goal right there unless I see it transforms Tyler bray in August lighting guy who looks totally different than what I saw last August. I have zero confidence and whatsoever about like a football guru but do you watch that. You prosecuted play there are a lot of problems in his game and there are a lot of it. She's that you could see even when he's going up against the third team defense. We didn't see issues in a quarterback go to get that third team defense it is just not very good. So unless he's completely transformed this August I have zero confidence in tiebreak. Like Jonathan Quinn. We ended up against thirteen defense is basic raiders made thirteen defense is like high school the fences. And he couldn't play outside of the CF well. I was felt like he got a raw deal but still he could well outside the CF also if Tyler breaking outline of a thirteen defense. I'll the into anything is just as did put into that starting role even through injury. Maybe it's also a sign that they are gonna seriously consider quarterback they're gonna draft a guy. In the first round trade up for a guy in the first round and that's the guy who's going to beat their backup quarterback planners are so maybe maybe that is the thing and it. Also I mean in this teenager you really pay six and a half million dollars to backup quarterback a salary cap there we could use that money elsewhere now. You're not gonna do that but if the opportunity does present itself again you know all days to go get somebody like that. The they probably will but I think this is the beginning of a total reevaluation. Of the entire quarterback position. For the Kansas City T expect to beat me just guessing but a sane mind would look at it though it's time to start that ball moving forward when it comes at the it comes. Right mean yeah to try to do something to make sure the season isn't over for quarterback goes down you don't wanna be. Oakland Raiders don't have a situation where your quarterback goes down your drop off is so large that the entire season's over that's what happened right the good news for the chiefs is their their team isn't built around a quarterback like Alex Smith. Is that what drives the chiefs the defense drives achieves the special teams and then I guess last year Tyreke deal. That's really what drives this team so that's the good news. Bad news is you can't let the drop off from Alex Smith be so drastic. They can actually hurt your teensy need to find somebody Weathers through the draft or free agency who can really solidified that back the position and it's not to say. Nick falls a rotten way to market doesn't seem sane doesn't come back for three male. Right could be that it slowly he he may think he's a starter somewhere around on a man and and it comes in comes back later as the camps I mean it's it's not it's just making a Smart business move now tonight and you're gonna. Rea for six and a half million for the 2.2 area you may look at you know he could he could be still the best quarterback right yeah it could be up to him yeah you'll welcome back to this. Number but if you wanna go on CD get born may be a potential shot at a stories up playing angle for rod hold you back but you've you've always got this is going to be a safety net so we'll see. How it goes are right Stephen who is the winner of our mock draft as we continue on there and our commercial free 8830 segment every day here on sixty export trading female athletes you would wanna go on a date with. Cling went with Rebecca Lobo him first overall pick he was immediately eliminated from contention they're on file so ought to be very good start with Alex Morgan. And went Pam ward and Billie Jean King. Well it's couple Russian spies in a Kournikova Maria Sharapova page in Santa. And Ryan in north in city went Hope Solo holly home and Serena Williams. Came down to Welch in fest go. No contest as. Him. Michael is weak so Ryan in north in city did not win you can win on Twitter has take six done mock draft. Two at 610 sports KC ten more minutes to get it in and you'll win a four pack of intensity got their tickets so. Do you live and. So you gave to a man who took did did did did trump get to the gently in call. Scrutiny and of course all around Greece and other open page dancing and speak for themselves then I mean that's it but it's an untouchable list and effective page fans in its fleet to be the third I took that race. Because I would have taken her over everybody but I thought she did a Gator in the third and took that risk it paid off. Your second round pick Bob. Yeah you went with. You know ESPN news Big Ten Purdue vs. I don't who's another bad team in the Big Ten I'll she's I'm against Iowa vs Purdue 11 AM kick the November. 4 now jewel football mind when you mean and I sports conversation whether. Plenty of plenty of good good choices available other than him in the second ago. Though wells literally went to receiving understaffed. She's now an athlete. This while he's I don't know if she's a parent of the Campbell was an athlete. That's why was terrible. Revolver dislike or all Doris Burke domestically up Providence after. She's good I like the super why was she did more games I take Doris Burke over that friends are Sheila any day. X he's unbearable. I was a little yeah I saw so so play you. Particularly Kansas as all turned on France yeah they really have character like that hey you homer for years and years now suddenly hit a piece sent a couple of bad things like K you are now they've turned it. I mean he'd eternal that they turned very nice talk Kirk herb street Ito is all about a nobody hers audit broadcasters faster that college football fans so. Kirk curve streets taking the brunt of our parties agree the ultimate yeah you homered and suddenly now he's an enemy number one brands Marty started to build up that Brady get bigger so now he's learning how quickly the college fan bases will turn on you for saying one bad thing about their program I mean it's like it's the cool thing to do is steal the try to find ways Kansas isn't going to wit and cool thing is the only thing that makes the big twelve compelling yet but its appeal only of their own way now to try to find holes. In the new reactors armor that it is ratified a way that loud as somebody have a chance to actually compete this you know the big twelve or we all just wasting our time and you were wasting our time if your friend for Sheila that's a bad thing you have to try to find ways that while Kansas might not win this one. Because everyone's expecting Kansas to win. So yeah to understand his job as a broadcaster. A large sense is to try to keep people engaged to touch the all they way to keep people engaged in that situation. Is trying to come up with ways to Kansas won't win even though they probably but but here's the other thing you know you wanna keep fans engage. I get all that but every deemed to Kansas plays in the big twelve is is a mail for the most part I mean look at the last couple games that they play from from West Virginia to Texas Tech to Kansas State. I mean this will last stretching gains have been down to the wire exciting Saturday afternoon Morton when it wasn't Texas Tech. McCain's going down to the final possession means so this seems raised their level of play the broadcast is about to find ways to keep people engrossed in the Kansas game. Earlier on being negative plays so well. That they give Kansas a challenge of the game isn't over in the first half so. That to me and in eagle to Iowa State I was becomes your winds have been so. I looked looked to to meet to find ways to keep the game interesting big game takes care of itself when your plane can't if it's to see how I'm just gonna get my way it's college basketball the game can't take care of itself the product is atrocious. Except when Kansas is point her. From the thanks Len 69 threes or city openly roots for upsets against Kansas yeah yeah I guess what sodas ESPN BA ESP indefinitely festive and has had boss is absolutely that's why they scheduled most big money's on the road this is chance Kansas might lose right. And that's good afternoon allotment they wanna see that and to try to make it more compelling but at the end of the day what Kansas is doing is is unbelievable Fran does he's easy Kansas hater and go. That's. Or else this season he has he asked inter. This year total birdies heady years he's been terrible this year he has been awful this year when it comes in the way he's treated my jayhawks. All right speaking of ridiculous list. General Richard Myers is the president and can't stay at the former Joint Chiefs of Staff he was head of the military on September 11 2001. Very accomplished Jack goodness yes I mean like like one of these probably. By far the most accomplished president in the big twelve I mean I mean maybe in the country and I mean this guy scandal led the military of the United States of America in one of the down into the worst times you know Gary he reported directly to President Bush. I mean this guy is likely jet net I liked ace they hired this. It massive higher grew up your Mission Hills I believe what's what are the Shawnee mission schools I think. Image regulated on the Kansas State University became one of the greatest generals that we've ever seen either of those it's circulated immature yeah. He's old old people maturity young people go to school. So now he's the president of resolve the model was originally hired easier when that guy who flies all over the country Kirk Schulz left and went to Washington. He took over the interim guy and it was promoted to be the full time president of Kansas State and usually in the sports world when you hear about a president of the university's really not for a good thing you know dad says he likes state your claim worry about the camp and they should be completely out of sight out of mind if you're talking to the president it's very rare that it's a positive news right and so general Richard Myers sent out an email and posted on the case state website to all the students that. They have to stop the FK UT and storing sand storm because run national TV and well quite announcing my friends are hearing this and it's embarrassing Mae and I saw that I'm like the one. You're drawing attention to abide by doing this because now it's becoming national story and every website but this has come out there and or two. Dude it's a rivalry III. Is a Kansas fan. I have no issue no real that that's the crowd trying to get themselves fired up and ready to deal with. You know trying to become the sixth man if you will have in and have an impact on the outcome of the game. Trying to distract the players we know what a crowd is likely Stephen Dara we seated at Kauffman we seen it Allen field house. And if you got that sandstorm single what do you think that's labor not everybody's tea man I dig it awesome I think it's great it distracts the opposition. I just I have no issue with Ed do we net at the game it's all the rivalry you know what I think what about the children and don't agent into the game. Sell to your children can handle an F word and I think. That it. They're supported bigger. More about more about macro problem for you again that is a problem for candidate is causing violence and so I work it's a full chance. And I think chills what this rivalry truly MB and what it is about at this time. It feels as if we live in a society and our everything's taken literally need everybody to we can jab bought it anybody else because it's all literal it's like off. You're saying we K here is bigger really wanted to bleed K you by putting me nuts now it did you should be a good thing to be hated NKU fans should enjoy. That chance because that means you're good. Bad teams don't have chance at toward them bad teams get ignored. So okay you not been a bad team they have chance to go against him in some of them are Volcker and that's true I don't wanna PC everything we don't have to PC everything. Stop them from running on the court win with the players still out there that should be enough let them scream Mathieu Roy wants and I'm happy with that. You know I was raised in the northeast and you know I went to games are people for an batteries it Wade Boggs DC Philadelphia fans doing what they do like people get passionate about sports now there there's a wind everything throwing things on the court attacking somebody beats being violent like that that's that's totally you know unacceptable. But chipping FK you one time in the course of two and a half hours. To me is not the end of the world and I think general Myers co cause more harm than good by sending out a letter to tell them to stop. Doing that chips I think sandstorm should continue because she should embrace that again even though everybody mocked that you should own it they have they do it's kind of worry audit. I'm gonna come from general Myers perspective bill. And I'm gonna come for McKay UK state perspective on this list well. K state. Wants to DK you and basketball. Sure everybody does what for occasional fans pride themselves on more. And anything. Game early on stormed the court case house's we have a brave act veterans. We would stoop is level we could and chimpanzees of having the chance that says athletes today. Were above that. In Massey hall beats. Pete BP just like they youth football wants to be K state football no question talk about all the time of taking things from bill Snyder's program. This is how they do they always talk about those things in reverse. These two schools. Have things about each other they wanna take from each other general Myers is now one of the low brow when it comes to a basketball phantom because he's looking at the ultimate. And dump that doesn't do anything about I mean and nasty and out of control nature. Because you know the case student section ever chance anything doubt now. Never know they student section and our incentive they are above those that. They are above those things and he is holding them to that standard they should be more like a U basketball fans which are the epitome of basketball fan. I know why that will hold up though that's why it tasted fans don't necessarily want a BK you they want any better than KUN and why in the world would anybody expect them to act like he basketball fans they're not in fact they he K you basketball fans. As any case state friend that you have. They hate K you basketball fans yeah let's deep intern on his there's a hatred for K you basketball fans. Be like hey you know don't sit there they're accurate as the days house's. Insist there acted like oh well we're supposed to win. Because where K state that's not who they are they like being gritty. They like being a little different they like not being that blue blood Kansas program but they like take it that programs ask sure. So let them. Be then it's K staters keep up the chant it's healthy it adds to the robbery it's enjoyable and god we're looking for somebody to hate us we could have a good rivalry with anyway. You know on on the basketball side of things and it would be great if it was Casey to keep it up and I like a good would that be listening coming up very shortly I believe there'll be a sounder that plays and when you hear it be the tenth caller 610 Sports Radio Dick Smith Ford of your chance to win a trip to to Beantown. Kansas City invades Boston in July in you can go to those but the sounder. Each weekday during our show. The day shift and the drive in the tenth caller to qualify now through march the third will draw one lucky winner will be on the way to watch some boys in blue Boston airfare for 23 nights hotel and a 400 dollar ticket credit and all the details now 610 sports dot com but I think you'll want to be listening for the sounder. Here shortly all right coming up that's sounder is on its way and Welch was very disappointed he didn't get a Valentine gift from his girlfriend the other day so we try to help them out with a gift of our own find out what he gets next. It's big gift for well this means. We don't know what we're gonna talk about because it's all him today we didn't get anything whilst in not getting things for Valentine's Day he was down in the dumps yesterday it was it was out of sorts he wasn't on his he wasn't on his a game yesterday our room. And I apologize for that and now it's fine happens by trying to. We we thought what can we do to make Welch feel better today and I guess for going in than that no judgment zones had no. The know anything's zone. Welch. We're gonna allow you to gate Tiki. To discuss whatever you want and beaten we will not play the nerd drops. The floor my friend is York city UT did she. Anything when he got home yesterday today as she got stuff OC yeah yes she felt bad night. Yeah it was utilized the crux of it wasn't it's gotten like some shirt and then nine votes chocolate. Balls or something and they're like. They are there little chocolate balls that are wrapped them like sports ball. Being yeah totally a little oil balls at all exactly golf ball soccer ball basketball that stuff. And then my car nice car so lucky she got double as it was 50%. A public good. The boy it is something that's like that's something. So I did talk about whatever it. I'm not gonna go dirty with it though on we have yet to get to frame on green in his comments regarding the James Dolan Charles Oakley feud Dre and green it. Is an idiot. That it is an idiot. Last week that's for a lot of things from athlete's perspective shouldn't be one of them because they flat out don't have perspective here's dream on green on his podcast Dre day. Odds and all of a problem when he speak out or something that you don't lie and now you wanna do all of you know. From its organizers in a slave to you doing it for me assault group when I you don't accuse me. Or not necessary if it was just economic organization. It's not good anymore. Later in the town slave master in the town. That's ridiculous it was offline daddy. When he was layups but I'll take out jeweler and audits. Or organization. When all that when he faces up and that he feels. The problem I disagree with that definitely they like us that are bestsellers submit sellers. Drill a green is the docking of the day yeah he's the does is still on for my guy Charlemagne the god he is the donkey in the day. Because. He doesn't have the perspective of what an employer employee relationship this guys who are professional athletes very rarely do. This is an employer employee relationship James Dolan at. Is the owner of the knicks Sophie doesn't like what Charles Oakley says he to have him removed her I disagree with James Dolan really James told the clout. Putting is not a mutant slave master mentality having owner now there's no real evidence of that and now also wind rate mongering says stuff like that man. It just makes it. It takes away the focus from owners who are like that Donald Sterling. It takes away the focus from real issues real modern slavery which we have now in the top ten is or surrounding John McCain say something Ashton Kutcher. To Kutcher was testified in front of congress on human trafficking the modern slavery. So it's a real thing is limited owner that's paid all this money out these players that's a slave master mentality now that's dream on green being stupid yeah that. That's ridiculous the other thing that he said there too as it was okay when he was land in Jordan and things like that bold to build a team that not only did not on the New York Knicks. When Charles Oakley was playing for him in an act aside. We view on this one to my because you don't see your dealer the team and each to each product needs its opening anything owning any kind of company. If you have somebody that's working for you or is around you that you feel as being a negative influence or somebody that is it is hurting the franchise of the company is connected to the fridge says. We see it happened. A lot more guys you know you know get in trouble with the dealer franchise it sideways and ending move on it happens a lot sports to have to do every job helps every time when I get on the air like. I don't. Probably out of it looked at a but I probably don't agree with every program decision 610 Sports Radio has ever made sure because I have a lot of opinions are we make a lot of decisions. But article on the errant talk about or on Twitter or really anywhere else right and say. This is a terrible decision I can't we were making this decision we should fire everybody because of these decisions. Although I would be fired I would not be allowed on the premises because that's how it works when you have a business right. Meg says maybe we don't want real thing businesses should dictate ex wife while they dip native that's life and that's maybe they why social media and you work for a company. And you put things out there that could be construed racial could be construed. Constraints rats are things that. Yet you you are tied your job and you should be fired for things like that so if you're doing something that's upsetting the owner of of a sports franchise. But he has the right to do what he wants to do. As an owner again nobody agrees with James Dolan. But it W I don't hurt anybody who teams are always just here just a few pool it's few and far between in a lot of it's just like Allison Donnie asking and I saw about it and it. They're people who'd do agree James Dolan. I don't I also think it's insert. To say that he has a slave master mentality the way to the rim on green set and a. That's what bothers me because it guys in the NBA are making a ton of money that it is not a slave mentality. In the NBA guys like to use that term in sports we've heard football players used that before. And that's just not the case that is an ignorant take by ju Raymond green in one day Josh you kind of that I disagree with as well it's hot would yeah I mean. Three months despondent in my tune out category. Box too much room. I mean I think he has a decent things to say about. A little bit later on but it's all overshadowed by one SoundBite one which may be is the baseball and all but also. You get to a point where it's like. Okay just remind now's drain money come and no offense Richard Sherman IDS a lot of good things is a timid he speaks out every single topic yes. It'll take a reason I tune look at how I bet you just can't take anymore Richard Sherman takes. You know it's it's like the greens fault of that category for a just just and I don't seem to play ball but. Just like all I didn't get do anymore I like playing with Theo at the Golden State Warriors that's good enough for me it's just you like he's in kind of my easing coming by tonight. And fortunately Greg college psychology any kind of business owner a books and has and they have a slave owner mentality is something that people say in jest. Because they realize they have the perspective to understand how incredibly insane it would be to say someone is a slave. Slave driver has a slave master mentality when they're running a business. It's something that Bill Walton said in jest of not knowing his microphone was on last night that we have that audio. Going into halftime while I was doing that hasn't pacers game. He didn't I am assume we needed knows Mike was on but apparently he's upset. About the fact that he's been forced to do all this after work so does that guide doctors play. Thought our solid driver played citizenship. I have. So does that slave driver have a city years perhaps not for the courts that are delighted to get up ago like. That's stuff that people would say in jest obviously Bill Walton not mean that he's actually Slater right lesson that you say in jest because stated in reality would be absurd. Even though Bill Walton probably going to get. Just a little bit shell for Fareed to his direct boss as. Doctor slave drive her easy. Probably not a good thing. Kerr bill wall to have dad coming up get off my lawn guy is going to be very happy. When they hear the latest developments with the NCAA tournament and top ten things more awkward than McCain and nine culture yesterday we'll find out there ten next to. I. I listen up men. Hello sports fans. All right top ten things that are awkward top ten things that are awkward death Ashton Kutcher was testifying before congress. They're serious topic going about. Human trafficking involved with that and then. John McCain spoke to a. Want to thank police and national and patient we're better looking and movies anyway that. So the guess was and is spectacular person it was in the movies himself. And offer top ten things more awkward. Numbered and Haas back during the mock draft earlier today I was equipped. You know you. You know the great guns you know he's one step above them. Booty again. And very awkward. Very the burden. David Stern would Jim Rome you know a New Orleans when the draft lottery. Which of course produced the usual round of speculation and days maybe the lottery was fixed I know the U appreciating good conspiracy theory is much as the next guy. Was the fix in for the lottery. You know that actually it is so that. I'll give you the easy ones no. The statement shame when you press. You know I I I understand why you see that's me and I want to preface it by saying it respectfully. I think it's my job to ask because I think people wonder though it ridiculous but that's what I know I know that I think it's ridiculous I don't think the question is ridiculous because I know people think that. I'm not saying I must say guys you but I think it's my job to ask you that. Have you stopped beating your kids. Yeah I thought that's fair. Well up up up up such an old reference to Soviet you'll be I don't I don't I get that wraps causes the rev it's an old reference because if you say. If you stop beating your wife yet. If you say no vineyard beating your life if I say yes to meet you Eugene V you'll be a good example was a no win question I got that's that's the reference at. Number hey everything's more awkward me across the right. We diver recite that during an interview and still know the night coming back or when it got my card. One sided feud you can anybody possibility shots and moments later he steals and blocked me again and it's a one sided it's a series and finally got. He's solid if things more awkward Bob kissing up to Bill Self betterment and pressure on columns or me. I idea I was joking about chew on it but that would be taken humor to a whole new levels. I don't understand why that's funny. It was not it's a question sign. Soccer the bill while the day by cal last ad volume awkward about it. That's on it that was definitely definitely about it I was never scored seven suspects zero ESP Europe renewable diesel. If it's the Pacific that was the day off like we're discussing Levy god now Moses McDonnell last night. Great stuff and a good guy. The five I think more awkward salvia low Kane Eric. I'm not when viewed those who greets you know I don't really know what. That is goods awkward and number. Struggles worth awkward what about say your nickname. Struggles worth. I've never heard dabbled four really of the all extent archives. Her Graham and everything more awkward big league talking to models so. You go to a lakers don't. Fall in line with the crack habits and all the bad habits people have their I'm like oh good good you to promise that now. And number two. Number two thing that was the moment where he was told he can do things other than sport so he deals fall it yet filled the Obama did not travel hell after that is used oldest in the sport those that correct and it. Others to think more awkward than McCain and pitcher. Chief it. What's. Let's. G bit. Yeah. Did offer me is I saw you smoking case. Only keep it like this. G two. G. We sold this thing it would go triple black bear people like that zone and a little bit about honest though I like to be one when your chief incremental Lamar Hunt when you're in the garden can definitely lucky kicks and G it would be reading. What puppets playing you know what I mean she's an all day is my favorite thing perhaps some funding to play with to another does better than she'd been with you. Next July ammo in the streets you can win every step that would be caught up tied to the top of the three G did its best when did you know Whitney I'm Mike Welch always on the ride and I think he then all the time no immediate right is going to be tough and considerable just like ET Nadal in the G yeah. TJJ. And smoking case. Is being she'd mentioned. The statement. Chief it is what they also called losing a home playoff game when your high seed. And don't ruin this nothing awkward about that one the number one and most awkward thing Ned trolling Verne was it a follow up. And a homer night's home. That he scored eight runs off of course clue what impressed you most about the offense tonight on school I rounds upwards Lugar fair to say that tender races back from the left side of the place. He uses fears that eighth straight game because in double digit hits. Would you explain what's gotten us offensively again. That other than long how would you describe that on all of Ned can you take us through that eighth inning what you were seeing from Soria and your decision to remove them. Yeah Salvi had a great night I'll cognizant of tonight where you during yesterday's game as far as how you used multiple that's totally columnist. We played that Vern Hayden last Friday when you're gone again in studio with Josh and I we played that for his head was on the table. Eighty couldn't breathe and got its start as this this is so good if it is slow so so. Good coming up at two minutes it's the saddest thing you'll ever hear but it's also gonna give you chills and it's about the royals and we do two minutes next.


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