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02/16 7a - Headlines, Chiefs, KC Sports Expectations

Feb 16, 2017|

Headlines Worth Talking About, Chiefs mock draft predictions are all over the place and the realistic expectations for the next year in KC sports

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah I saw there. Broke my. Talking about state pension display learn something yeah. Brought to buy worth Charlie Davidson north we're currently Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from. Very sad news yesterday in Kansas City three days after a ruptured brain injury ism we valley highs air crystal there head football coach. Passed away at the age of 43. On the he won two state titles and is survived by his wife Carrie. And two daughters Rachel and moral I was talking with with a buddy of mine at the was the first person given CPR when it happened what almighty god no I've not heard that I had talked him in the last couple of days it was at the the Kansas City coaches association meeting. On Sunday in in coach Driscoll was up giving a talk and just kind of collapsed and everybody went you know oh my god what's going on. And they thought CPU market could revive him in the paramedics finally arrived on the scene. And they said well he's got a heartbeat the pulse so it's definitely not a heart attack then that is going on that's when people start to think oh boy something worse could potentially happen and it's. Very very sad but also. You know for the family you never get over something like this but fourth for everybody else. You can see all these great stories that are coming out about Eric Driscoll and realizing man this guy was freaking stud intensity great impact. And so many people here in Kansas City. And it's it's refreshing to see a coach of this nature with the outcry of of support that he's getting in the great stories have been told on social media about him. You realize what oh what a great human being he really was. At the stories and I did not known. But the stories are reading about coach Driscoll are just absolutely incredible and it makes you understand how big of an impact to coach canned half that's right on Acadia nine. I think sometimes. They're for coaches whether it's high school level where it really anywhere they sometimes you get so caught up in the winning aspect you know keeping your job and all that and it and that's very understandable for obvious reasons but there's so much more to it and it's supposed to be so much larger. Van it just games and especially that high school level. It truly is a lot larger than just games and go to our Twitter feed at six and sports Casey is that a fund set up as well by I think was the blue dog touchdown club view. Two how about the Driscoll family if you're interested you check out the link on our Twitter feed at 610 sports Casey and the other thing too it's. It's not just a coach it's it's everybody everybody can have impacted in a positive way on somebody you know you don't have to go through life. Being a jerk or being negative and and you know this country right now isn't it in the worst spot it I think I've ever seen in obviously I'm only 39 years old and a couple of months. And so I'm gonna hang onto that so they'll that I turned big 40 but you know I I see this country right now it really saddens me the fighting that goes on the difference is that nobody can except for right now we we battle over things really are issues. And then you see all the great things a coach Driscoll did it's it's a really good reminder to everybody. Be nice stop being an ass okay stop being an ass have a positive impact on other people. And do good things you don't have to be a college coach her high school coach were some of the deals at the used to have a positive impact. I'm somebody's lives people that are in the sixty cent positive impacts on my life all the time so can be done. Of course it can be done in facts I think if they say you look at. We've grocery store you say. You wanna change people's lives you actually go out and do it your FaceBook posting or Twitter posting. They changed much now so. Change it at a micro level before you start thinking about that macro level changing the world there's other like that that's all well and good but. You can make it impacts they you would be you probably wouldn't even fully understand it. Intel later get if you go one by one and try to make an impact on people's lives who you actually now. Try to have a positive impact on somebody every day apparently that's what coach Driscoll seemed to do based on all the stories that we've seen about it that was a very good man that that we lost way too soon. Michael Roth flow of NFL media is reporting that the chiefs are gonna pass on their option for nick polls for the upcoming 2017. Season early reports. Said that his sellers can be about ten million dollars. But it's actually about six point four but she's will no longer have been assurance. Of Naples which probably means no Tony Roma right. I don't know of that justice. Early means no Tony Romo because there's going to be other options at backup quarterback throughout free agency united Naples isn't the only possible legitimate backup quarterback out there. To me it's a bigger thing about. Their belief and have their brain and I have almost no we can calibrate it. I liked out coming I got to college actually but I washing through the pre season. Just slow release him play in this offense with a slow release for the wind up Byron what type movies doesn't work. And it be he had stats is issue as his issue agree and if you don't fix it. Well they never going to be any securities or audio play in this offense I don't know why they're still suspect Tyler bray I've seen nothing to indicate that he can actually be good in this as a starter. Pretty good in this league you. So and did he's going to his fifth year right. You don't see what goes on behind when he thirteen door yes but he hasn't played any legitimate football sense though college. Andy was drafted and very blue side is an undrafted free agent it's 4013. Clearly he's not ready yet and they got Naples last year because they could tell he wasn't ready yet so my guess is. Billy their draft a quarterback or they'll sign somebody to be a backup. Or possibly signs of Arabia back up trade you know whenever there's a lot of different possibilities for the chiefs at this point in the game but nick pulls not to be wanted to. I likes holes at six point four million vs the ten point four though and that was originally reported seem like it was a little more manageable. Kudos to Andy Reid's relationship with them either told to mail baby. You have to go somewhere and start. And I got to start is not going to be in our plans here but if he had Apogee somewhere else while I keep your from that yet and the gap the backup quarterback's going to be the first round draft pick. It's good point that's an Iran. Bonnie is the Tony Romo the first round draft pick II yeah I'm in a plane XP and you need new baca so PGE Alexei in the back up to Tony Romo. No not that anyone at one the other big trade for Romo than their trade and Alex hopefully the in the first round pick as the backup whoever the others the starters. One of those two quarterback as some of whatever in your water bottle with where to find out if I'm being optimistic. It clear saying Cody what are you saying that this means because nick pulls a star in the Tony Romo train is dead it it hurts it I think it does do. Amanda so many different factors out of CA actually hurting it but but but political also does and we'll get really in depth about a fifteen on this is. If you're gonna go all in the last year and that's what they did they would all in last have been in a backup quarterback and everything they cut everything they could. If you're not gonna do that again this year I mean you know but she did you have to do they didn't get nick polls until August right so it's not like they're locked in and there's nothing they can do it doesn't matter it's Smart it's February they get full still August I'm Howard about it. That Argo and nausea. It falls probably does have a higher Q racist speak society and Alex Smith assured us. That 24 hours ago it was announced that Kevin Love was going to miss six weeks with the Al all star game coming up this week in an all star game festivities. Taking place in mule and starting tomorrow. Carmelo Anthony has been selected as the injury replacement for Kevin Love or is dead spin put it. No more vacation or something like Madagascar animosity seekers are going to play in the all star game but. That's fun via the all star game at the NBA's and it's going to be in New Orleans Iran gets his wish. You're so it's wet the Carmelo her L for life if the do you think this will be a little test balloon data that LeBron does for goodness. Good they can't they can't get him now now obviously Kevin Love trade can't happen they can't trade Kevin Love because his entry. Unless that's done what they have to just roll of what that I was watching. Altman backed out last night do via the casket which is a lot of fun really and if it was like. It was overload you know but it was still very entertaining more entertaining than any college basketball game. You know that it could have been on anywhere else it was a very very entertaining to listen of those two and wall just kept. Actually buy talent you know how might Allen's well physical just evils like why. It's like so like dead bad it was a really good. At a yin and Yang that was going on in there I couldn't buy a watch some of it I wouldn't like it for every game no god you know. I would not like different there is good for an eye is interstate it was novelty and it was funny at times but. I would not like that for every game and sold by 2000 did the judge what some of the Walt like they used to do supported Bernard Mcguirk yeah. It is is. We sell records dating him so good and Walt sit there might be stool I'm sure everybody behind it was probably ticked off disease sitting and as I write stool. Wearing a tide I sure to get a whistle around his neck like a coach's whistle. I don't know if that's any where's all the time when he does games but man it was fun what it for what night it was really really fun day passed deserves. You know extra pay for that last night. Potential backup quarterbacks lists made expanded by one now Vince Young has hired friend of the show Lee Steinberg in super agent. Vince Young 33 now. Once you get back into football guys see Leigh Steinberg got back amnesty congratulations to him but I guess died in he's been he's been threatening people recently there was a long time there it was really I saw I had a nice cropper rookies and all that and of course it. You'd don't know we've Steinberg he was the he was the basis for Jerry Maguire right he was out for awhile Z gave us a fraud as we interviewed him at that super talent or right civil heated he was making his comeback then get it wrote that book I didn't know that meant that interest it will issue to take care of I think in. Got it all straightened out so now he's back wrapping guys I would touch Vince Young with the with the raiders. Check yet but if you're Leigh Steinberg you're looking for a way to get your name back out there I'm sure that's that's a perfect move for him to read Vince Young guys don't. I don't envision view why ever actually get a chance in the NF all he will and here's why he does cost. Quarterbacking in the NFL sucks it really done but that's just one of the reasons why it's not he's this guy he was never very good he had won rookie season that was nice and then he just fell apart I'm gonna play the devil's advocate here and I'm going to be that -- it you know when I see something in him on with a safe and he's gonna listen ominous turn it around he's gonna be a good play I remember water when he came out of the draft right mirror gal we wanted him back you know this to be unity reads signing up I can remember lines and in today when it doesn't matter. I think it's why you wanna come backs of somebody will give him an opportunity to go to camp Leo get to camp spot for sure I don't see him making a 53. At a 33 years stage anyway. I was T 87 Kansas State 179 down in Manhattan last night's Iowa State led by sixteen and a half island. State never trailed and in the state now falls to five and eight in the big twelve again you adjust your liberal media bias this morning put your case you glasses off and realize that K state that they've won the hustle chart last night they they want the play hard chart last night. So stop giving a final score and acting like that means something. Gives the play hard chart score it's K state kicked gas and that that's going to be Bruce Weber downfall wasn't it that bit the play hard chart. I bet that's the thing is I mean I don't know its downfall but it'll be one of those. This is word this is where got desperate kind of moments but what are those things that everybody's gonna talk about that for all time you know coaches say certain things that stick with them forever. Bruce Webber's play hard chart is going to be one of those things that twenty years from now at K state into a well let's play hard chart today it their butts and the scoreboard Missouri also boosting up 5754. Even though they were up 55 halftime 23 to eighteen but then they lose to Alabama fifty cent a war up a about 22 and eleven in SEC play twice Tony good happy to see the game you know was garbage of god. 5754. That's a good like that's a score you look at you that game sock that was at halftime score the NBA and bloody good college game you're at least in the seventies. This could even reach the sixties for either team that was bad basketball team way to Missouri last night and combined did you watch any of that Josh it's the Beck and you don't have cable in the world did you watch it of course not -- to watch it to note was garbage so 5754. Right as the saints have combined for misleading watch one seconds of that game that we know was a total of steaming pile of dung. Down including which 23 to eighteen at halftime. Why bother like why the collapse of the second act is just quit I understand why Missouri fans keep watching everything because you wanna see your team improve you wanna see him get better it was a close game two so about Missouri fan I'm absolutely watching that game because. How many close ones have you been in this year offering gazelle. Like coming Missouri's teenager still dug in to watch and he's single game watching every single game but watching a lot of them you think you think it's a group out there and I don't in the arena to get hope for the younger players you get hope for certain guys and you start to think this could workers back to work. They just hope that. Maybe some of these guys pan out after commanders and aspire to maybe sell about it and I who has the talent and that's what happens when your face and you thought a year why do you see your roster together for an entire we wanna keep its its 4012 is supported twelve chiefs you watch all the that was that was his re watching so many different ways they had six guys go to the global since all other pieces there and that's what I would watch for an 2012 with the chiefs who. Makes this team better in Greece through moved on from I think that's how you watch Missouri even knowing that they're going to have a new head coach next season why I think watching you know Ky U was better than watching Missouri passed Ky use the worst creation of man kind. So he's going to maybe have kids. We have kids that snot nosed little son of Canada. Act guy. Ass kicked IU IU needs his ass kicked he had no idea it does to worsen every parent out there's a grade nodding their head and he's right. Hi you need to be taken out back and that guy. Holy camp coming out the chiefs are going to draft who we want but the pick they will make. We'll actually be one that makes it's not a sense we'll tell you who and why next. He's got all the tools yup there it is that is your first draft cliche that is been uttered. This morning had to your ice extent sports radio and I heard it through the Twitter timeline Bucky Brooks and NFL. Dot com right. At Bucky Brooks on what he's hearing and seeing from quarterback prospect mid Stravinsky quote he has all of the tool. Yes and yes they'll ideally. Is about on the oil lease if you make all the throws sit down. Start tomorrow okay can take all the cells DL today is cool you jets on this one man let's let let let's not rush this process today and all our rules. Tomorrow we can make all the throws her bagel armory here and analyze or his arm. Yeah early for the football IQ knows he knows the game while he's a football player you don't let. Yeah really likes football could add another excellent you loves the game son of a coach. About a when men first overall I'm clicking on the rest area disease at our worst series is our starting right. Families eat you make all the roads he's got a viewer isn't. Call me crazy but I see a little Derek cartons. Is decides it is a great delivered in the senate to pass in Atlanta schism he looks like the real deal. That's from an ANC senior personnel executive they refuse to be in practice on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature and subject to the emphasis and ask a scout he said. Cody has all the tools like his arms ballot. Arm strength and a lot of schism. He is the prototypical quarterback that you draw it. It's the back yeah. Review of the Soviet. Palin to speak it says it's an X it an exceptional thriller AFC Khaled scouting director I like Travis key skills. He can't make all the throw it. Move around. Cold case got Specter dubious paper he has the skills he can make all the throws it every that it coaches want us the that from an AFC scout please go back and find these these the article that said Alex Smith can make all the rose when he was coming out of college would you please find a did you go out there. And and clearly can't make calls or is he missed Tyree keel and an open pass. O'Donnell's own and I'd just thrown out at Israel at all all all what do we get. Mr. mesquite brightness the mature and is key page and the public on his NFL comparison. Alex Smith bill. And that's gives you a little spiral of circles. I took this is that is at issue gave him my. Wealthier or. Well cross his ass off the list then we yeah mixture of this team now. Would you use that as a comparison. All of these of these and a twelve year career runner I guess but I mean doesn't mean make all the throws or anything. Boy. Cliche bills for a instruments. So mr. risky he doesn't have that strong and our guests and it has nothing in this us of anybody ever talked about mr. risky is his arm I guess he's pretty accurate. Krista delivery all that stuff so Alex Smith probably makes a lot of sense for mr. miscue in which means he will be over drafted out his first overall remember that and and he was coached by and coach Marvin Meyer and then later. People learn you don't take Urban Meyer quarterbacks in the NFL draft Alex Smith is the reason whys of somebody's making it Alex Smith comparison to mr. misty. Well the bad news forever drastic funding this is a history comparing me to that dink and younger who now that that's your comparing me to your comparing me. A visual of the road quarterback and I was considered maybe the sixteenth seventeenth or eighteenth best quarterback in the NFL. And you know what for a lot of teams it would take Richard Gasquet over the pile of dung that they have right now to bring your act spot and I mean you go around the NFL there's a lot of turn birds out there as we've talked about. You know with this quarterback spots of their there'll be teams salivating. Can't help themselves. To draft mr. risky the Houston Texans are are one of those teams that would probably let to have it should be ski on their roster because of what they have the Minnesota Vikings right now. Are looking for a quarterback and we ended the Chicago Bayer's. Needs somebody cleans away and I mean there's so many teams out there that need a quarterback. That mr. risky would be perfect fit. Or exams so we don't know where any of these cats again and down so we checked out all of the mock drafts that come out for you so far. And they're all over the three in place not one mock draft that we scene has the same guy going to the chief says that now threaten mock draft that Todd big Shea has. That she's taking tree did various why the quarterback of LSU. Charley casserly of nfl.com has taking linebackers Eric Cunningham of sandy. Mel kite or hasn't taking wide receivers Nate Jones from east Carolina towed pre. And USA today has him taking defensive back Buddha baker it's Bada Bada is a Buddy Baker yeah there's no way to describe but a baker but a baker. Defense of back from Washington so. All over the place right all over the place I look at these these mean nothing to me right now. I'll bring look at not necessarily who what what what what what what EA yet you look at wide receiver linebacker corner a linebacker and another. Defensive back all on the defensive side of the football and as I think milk diapers out out of whack because the chiefs don't meet a wide receiver in the first round win. Not only guy I've seen go watch here for the chiefs though that web kit from western Michigan I saw him go to the chiefs in a mock draft. I really hope it assets available player at that time I really hope that's our best available player that's on guys to be one receiver could be saved you know this she's we'll take it right the problem best available but I have Dorsey drafts that passes Africa weighed the weighed two grammys for best available inside linebacker safety is probably the safe bet I would thinks I would think you yet this from the what we've seen from John Dorsey he drafts replacements. It's now payrolls man so I would just. I would envision the chiefs taking it if not a quarterback or running back. Maybe they'll get to those in the second and third rounds if they're gonna go defense. Really go anything other quarterback a running back it's going to be. Safety or linebacker. I think that I. The eagle defense in this little stat the Specter found Scioscia defense is very very vital since 2014. The five best teams in the NFL doing little Denver Green Bay Kansas City and Pittsburgh. I've used 86% of their first round picks on defense the five worst team San Francisco Cleveland Chicago Tennessee and Jacksonville. Used just 41%. Of their first round picks on defense alternately we watch offense for entertainment we wanna see the quarterback put up big numbers. But at the end of the day it's still defense that wins championships defense that still goes out there. And stops the opposition if you could load up. And have first date guys in second day guys now on your defense from top to bottom from one to eleven. You're gonna put yourself and held a lot better position that if you have seventh round draft picks and undrafted free agents playing out their so if the chiefs do go defense this year they end up with a inside linebacker or safety. And cool to criticize John Dorsey stress they've been flat out amazing I mean they really added an unbelievable drafts. But they put together so if they're gonna go out there draft you know whomever needs it nine times out of ten it's gonna turn into a playmaker somebody that produces Circuit City. Of tax on 69306. If the running back from Florida State is available would you draft Mitt you're the chiefs if Dobbin cook is available on the first round. That did win the chiefs come out I don't think he will be but let's say just for arguments 127 dollar and cook is there. You take him I really do shorts John Dorsey is gonna need you shorts. And at that entire offensive wise Indy duke shorts because the excitement going to overwhelm us. So if that happens hells yes what if he sit there you you probably do taken to seeking contribute immediately. And beat MB basically is does seek Elliott type of player. That can come in from from day one BA big John. Nelson a former K state wildcats said something yesterday that all seats fans need to hear will tell you what it is next. So the Jordy Nelson. Played at Kansas State number Wii was the wide receiver in the state has now gone and do great things the Green Bay Packers he was I don't radio show the other day up in the Wisconsin. Talking about. Well the Canon has gone on with the the Green Bay Packers over the last here and they finished in the NFC championship game you would think. Is pretty nice season for you guys well. Jordy Nelson doesn't think so and when I read would Jordy Nelson had to say I thought man. That's the type of guy that I won that's the type of play here that I want because his expectations aren't just to make it to the NFC championship game. In the day we're here to which images and I mean that narc. You know we don't hey if we win the division we don't hang a banner you know you're the anywhere are building dealer stadium. You wouldn't know how many division title of the Packers one but you know army Google or championships that law right. And I think that's where it starts and one might open notes via the think it dispersed by their own and how you've been in meeting its hunting as well the first budget but certainly come back here for a few days or turning camp that is our goal. Division in the play out when to rule on knocking at a good. Either in you know happened with that is that from improve aren't you proud of what we did absolutely but I. To be locked out of Seattle unlocked and out of Lannan you know you know what they're feeling. I really don't care how it got there. So Jordy Nelson continued. Paul LAQ could there at bear Goldman championship and then you know build on it they are great a year and he went whether. You're kind of target on both sides amount I think you're bill our goal of yours civil union have good news season and you have a successful either but. To me it not hopeful that that must learn championship and that that listen we are so. So that's Jordy Nelson talking about how the Green Bay Packers few things and I heard dynamite that needs to be the same attitude now. That the Kansas City Chiefs division championship we don't how many were at we don't care about those we don't care about all this other stuff we care about winning Super Bowls. And winning championships and we don't win a Super Bowl we don't win the title. Then the season it may be good. But it's not a success because we are here to win championships and that's beat these these philosophy that I had the issue with the chiefs and as long as Indy Reid's head coach of this organization. That's the philosophy and still going to happen it's a Super Bowl type of roster that they have right now only Super Bowl type of coach. And it's time to stop resting on twelve and four division championships. And start striving for more because if you wanna be a great organization like the Packers. Then nothing matters except winning championships and so I thought would Jordy Nelson said was very very very very intriguing and very cool to hear players. Must be nice four championships for your entire franchise spanning from the first one all the way to 2011 so that you can sit back ago. We don't hang banners for division championships like. I get it is the hacker by is that AFC west gas eastern you're not sure because it's the Packers organization their organization with a longer history of what winning it. And frankly. Their bar set higher. You can't set the bar the same for every team in the NFL's every team's bars said it's Super Bowl. The 31 teams failed if we're gonna make it were a little world it's that hyperbolic I don't think we're going to be able to enjoy sports anymore. Because of one bad bases are gonna pay thirteen. So why understand Jordy Nelson. Looking at it that way and of course the Packers organization looking at it that way. They're fit base certainly should not so well I think when when you look at certain teams are certain teams and Jackson they're never Cleveland they're never away you know Houston they're never gonna win it. You've got these situations where you've got teams they're just perennial heard birds now with the Kansas City Chiefs went out hired Andy Reid of eight million a year you got John Dorsey away from Green Bay you spent draft picks on the quarterback I mean. You've invested a lot of money into the defense even invest a lot of picks I ticks of the offense so. You've you've got eighteen here that needs to be held to higher expectations I think when you're looking at the Kansas City Chiefs. They are one of the few teams since 2014 there was a five winningest teams in all of the NFL I mean they're one of the five best teams. In the National Football League when it comes to record wise but when it really matters they've got nothing to show for it and that's the way I look they they may be great the regular season and at a phenomenal job in the regular season but what really matters the that the chiefs think they they they are terrible. And so it's time for them to be held to a higher standard and that's why for me like what success looks like for the chiefs to meet as well as Andy Reid is here now. Success for the chiefs is a Super Bowl and that's the way I'm going to judge his team and if they don't win the Super Bowl but to me. It's not a successful season because I've seen the twelve and four they should win twelve games he should win eleven games roster that it's time to take it to the next level and take the diapers off. And win games what accounts. I understand the frustration from people that she did when I assume you'll never been in the super ball or the AFC championship game. But they're trending in the right direction. You can't tell the chiefs are training the opposite on one AFC west for the first time and Andy Reid's tenure here they've had four straight winning seasons they've been to the playoffs Rio last four years. This regime has done a phenomenal job of making Kansas City football relevant. So relevant but they're likely going to play the patriots in the first game the NFL season. It's that the very least you have to take a step back look at that says okay they're doing something they haven't quite elevated level of the New England Patriots. No one has because they won the Super Bowl 31 other teams did again I'm not saying you need to be patriots win it every year beat you need to start winning games at eight and he needs start winning games pressure type situations have been in tough situations. Not in October and in in medianews whoever beats its kinda wing games in January for the stories I've always looked at the NFL has once you get that division championship. Everything happens after that okay. I can't really I can't really. Back on you too hard for because the playoffs are so different every single year. Teams like the cowboys that dominated all season long go to playoffs they're losing their first game in the divisional round. It's ex Brit doesn't change the fact they dominated all season long and they brought really. Football back to Dallas and Brock cowboys fans out of hiding after an atrocious Tony fifteen so. They still accomplished a lot even though it ended disappointing at the same thing for the team and I agreed because there were really no expectations for the Dallas Cowboys stay chief. Higher than anybody thought they were going to do especially when you lose your quarterback in the pre season in your starting a rookie. The Dallas Cowboys I thought over Virginia yeah we can't say to achievers there's there's not a way to put it they're very group of 53 under achievers led by the head under achiever start achieving in the post season. That's what it's come to so for you guys what defines success and what does success look like let's start with the chiefs. I I wanna get to the AFC championship game I think it's a step. And if that's going to Foxboro. Against able going to win it then go in the super ball to do I feel like that they do let's take steps as long as. The hierarchy of the AFC remains how it is a wanna see them get to NEC championship game that's been long enough. There really close. And did that AFC championship game would be a great benchmark of weight divisions a great benchmark. I don't know. I like when in the AFC west lead to big deal to dominate your division because the longer you dominated as long as you're one of the top two spots. You're going to get there it's going to happen for you. I know for the chiefs historically it's been terrible would be a two seater of one seal a place there like historically it's been a whole disaster. We still wanna be in those spots you don't wanna once eager to see so as long as you're doing that. You have a chance but say I'm gonna be fun I think that attitude right there that you have is good as yours you. In Texas fan. But despite the chiefs fans had had so much forgiveness like we have forgiven this organization so much and let them off the hook so many times like. Idol I think it's time to start holding these clowns responsible. And being angry when they don't do what they're supposed to do in the play by the. It was an amazing zero B a massive task I think it's going to be signing as a tour that would be that would be a fair accomplishment though I mean I think it would. I think winning division I is what's a group food and when he divisions a good thing and I but I do think. In this particular earlier your disable open help them to do that sure they win the division. By doing it themselves. And they do it next year I think that that is that is a badge of honor I don't see it is Oakland handing Kansas City to division because everybody has injuries. Maybe don't build your entire team morale one guy. There and to me that's the fault of Oakland and if they if it's there targets in your early in the and they they run the table. They're targeting injured gave them the division that in the TC I didn't know it is or around that right seller I mean. When it. And that's why you have to take advantage of those I'll obviously deal and I guess he's the king not taking advantage is just I didn't take a master. And if is that they did it located AJ Anderson is CJ Anderson doesn't go down when the blended Broncos are seven and three. Maybe the Broncos are a lot better to more accurate and on opening day for fur San Diego domesticated now it doesn't go down there's a lot of different if Derrick Johnson goes down the chief bettors still if he doesn't go down. Which she's better at stopping lady on bell probably maybe there are a lot of Belgians are no good with him with lady on bell playing in the game and to say I can directly correlate the quarterback. I think we acorda some Osborn position. Talk of all time surely can directly correlate quarterback to how Oakland finished absolutely and that she's take advantage of it no doubt about it that the goal and win the division when it's when it's. Tough hey when individual is tough go teacher high seed into the FC championship game I'll be on OK good but do it and then next borrowed and he beat. Beat the pats at that time. And and get yourself to rate these or why can't go I can't go the step Togo. When the Super Bowl that's a bar because I think the belts get to the super I think I think that's canceled the harsh reality is as long as. As long as Tom Brady's playing. This entire like this entire conference that's that gets the emergence you're hoping yet you're not thinking you're going to win you're hoping that you're going to beat the patriots you do realize that Tom Brady will still be the quarterback and New England beef after Alex Smith has done hearing it city you realize we will have a new quarterback for the New England Patriots right. Host analyst to sell stuff sent right anyway toilets but I mean yeah you're right where we will have a new quarters something he's okay it'll. At some point that he's my guy I think he takes that eugenics that debate that's of do yeah. Coming up we'll see what success looks like for the royals talk about the case you success as well according to. I Jordy Nelson plus it was a shocker to me but the fans spoken when it comes to a very important decision for the chiefs will share with you next. Talk about what defines success. Are sports teams Jordy Nelson. Station Wisconsin the other day saying success for the Green Bay Packers means a Super Bowl was not a successful season for that we talked about the teams our last segment. You can check out our FaceBook page are on our podcast patent suits extend sports dot com. When that goes up a little bit later on for the royals guy. What define success for you guys for the Kansas City Royals what does success look like for the boys in blue European this year. Well for just really hurt us here that is making the playoffs. I'm with the playoffs this year I think making the playoffs this year define success for the royals what do you think defines success for the royals this year. Playoffs define success. If you make the playoffs and NL wild card capacity for this team considering the division therein yeah. There that of the central division has messed around become one of the toughest divisions in baseball the Cleveland Indians hard juggernaut team on paper. It could change in mood or whatever people see on paper as we know beating Kansas City MBA royals fans. On paper doesn't really matter right. But that does give you at least an idea how hard that task will be to win that AL central when you look at on paper see the Cleveland in the Indians what they accomplished last year. And what they added in the off season which is more power yeah. There's legitimate reason to think that the Indians have the central bomb locked down but I think for the royals if you win the central that's amazing if you get the playoffs that's except. Yes the acting so to other players define success for the royals and and you know in in years past finishing over 500 it would have been a you know ended it's a solid year for the royals are a little over 500 that's a great job for the Kansas City Royals let. Now the they set the expectations they've changed the bar they put together a very good team and they've given us an opportunity to race. Our expectations for Kansas basketball what do you guys see as the the bar for success for them what defines it for me its final form or as every year FR for everything as if you make the final four and that's good everybody that is great that's that's that's a fair. Caremark. This affair bar because they get to so many elite eights campaign. Have to be tired of a bill has to be tired of it so many elite eights and not making it to the final four you almost has to feel like. Hearst passageway was his record to win six on assay. In the elite eight. Since beating Kansas and he's a two and six in the elite eight. Which means he's getting there a lot of obviously he's a very good coach with a very good team but to miss out on the final four that many times where you're close. He got really sick that I know bill has is championship but that we're talking almost ten years ago now did that 2008 team that they won the championship at Kirkland on a decade now almost. Since Kate use last NCAA championship so. I mean he he probably needs another one I think you know adjusted to ease everybody's mind just like Andy Reid you know needs a championship to panic eased. Everybody's mind about what what defines him but I don't think anybody's mistaken Bill Self for not being all things coaching music hall of fame coach there's no question about it. But he gets another championship that's just another cherry on top of that big Sunday you know that he's created in his coaching career. I put this on Twitter the other day about the that seeks restitution the chiefs' franchise. 6001697. Votes later. 36%. Said Don Tariq though. 34%. Said no one. 25%. Said Eric Berry and 5% with the what what Jamaal Charles and I just got through and receive and if people would vote for him as Charles Woodson debated was any attention 5% of the voters respond far follow blindly voted for or Jamaal Charles played well tonight including well this evening and turning them on it right now do you guys with a 25% or every that voted for Jamaal Charles but you guys surprised by the results because I know that I was not that they take poll overbearing but the fact of 34% of the votes said they should franchise anybody. And and I thought that was really amazing because I think would team stands for the most part yeah we got another very Bakken either vote for. Bowl or are below pole or very. And 34% over a third of the votes came in for no one in this well I mean I guess that he if your cap pay attention you think Eric Berry. Won't play for the attack right that our plan the tag and maybe you U been listen to us that says they've already got the replaced apropos. So neither would make a little bit of sense I hope nobody its franchise tag that's that's. The west is point out is Eric Berry signs long term Don Tariq coach Powe is cut and Jamaal Charles Scott yeah. Don't franchise tag anybody there's a tougher ponies Roy added just let him go let me and that only added you cut Charles he let the whole walk away because Domtar toe isn't that good. He's decent if he gets on him as like a middle of the road defensive tackle nose tackle great but he's not elite players we shouldn't be paid an elite level yet. I mean ever have a replacement here already they are addressed to the replacement in Kansas city's rushing defense was terrible last year right even before. Derrick Johnson was hurt right and Don aren't always the center SOS to carry some blame for that ES to have some responsibility for that I am I willing to pay somebody that amount of money when he's not dominate in the middle the way that somebody being paid that way would dominate the bit. No question about it two minutes ten or I stared at two would franchise. Bow our Pau or whatever I would franchise Barry I would just kind of played out I'd phrase any Alan I averages bury you would I'm. Call your bluff will be in Downey if I want Elantra deal worked out with them but you United's let him walk just hazard nice. If you need in that back here next year franchise a very year I accidentally you've played as a rule yet played in the rules that it's his. Decision whether or not want to sit out after that chair and I get that you've got to play in the in of the screw you cars thanks in these area play in the rules set up by everybody that negotiated all those you know. Playing with that so good at that our top ten today top ten things more awkward. Than this or. Thank release a nation a nation need work better looking than the movies that anyway that. Ashton Kutcher goes to testify before congress John McCain John McCain says he looks better. In the movie faculties nation patient we're better looking movies that anyway that. Who knew seaspan can be so entertaining Hurley was their but awfully awkward. A type of these more awkward than that 69306. On the tax line today asked the public that will do to 850 messaging data rates may play yet coming up here on 610 Sports Radio legal commercial free for 8830 and we kick it off with the ever popular somewhat famous. Mock drafts next.


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