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02/16 6a - Royals, Coach Driskell, Shout, Gundy Impressions

Feb 16, 2017|

The Royals are making us cry, Eric Driskell passes away, we Shout It Out plus some impression work of OKST HC Mike Gundy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's really disappointing to listen to your update see the liberal media spin that you're putting on these things K state want to play hard chart last night guys. I don't know what the hell you're talking about given a score. And whenever he and a score for never leading. You give us that they've they've won them the play hard chart last night and left again and I don't know I'm just assuming they don't play hard chart every night every night every single not a matter how much they lose by their own there literally is a play hard chart for Kansas State are framed David as pumpkins on Twitter tweeted a picture of the play hard chart lists. Last night so literally is there ever. Exactly and it is there but there is a play hard chart and that what this Missouri stuff where do you get off that same day 23 to eighteen at tax time. Well this liberal do you sell ice. Led by as Mae's ten in the first half I mean you have I realize I I led at the good news of that are spinning this enough to suit your militants head in the first half in his. Or 23 did you see the crowd to add that Missouri you know last night and more people in this room right now in the aura Missouri read and I don't blatantly I don't blame for for now watched 2319. Couldn't pay me politely to show up to Missouri and at least couldn't couldn't pay to watch the game on television last night and Andy's EU could mean I'm not taking cash to watch that type of thing if you would give me. 600 dollars would you watch the game for 600 dollars last night how much would it have taken for you to sit down what senators are sure you what does success as your re not. Don't call on TV are 600 dollars he's against senator sat through even liked how the bill will do in the NBA game together yes it was 600 dollars down or you're out here make you about that 600 dollar us. I guess your -- -- litter box is probably have have you that's a hundred dollars would you do it for a hundred LS US two hours and I think you know and man I could see myself doing it for 400 you can do for a hundred every exit is easy of a decision as it would be for sixth on dissent at a hundred but I can sit down and watch a game for two hours for under boxing can do that would you drive to Colombia are on now now got a chance how much would that take you to get in the car drive to Columbia to watch that -- 80800. Dollars which your limits on the 600 Ed I'd be -- six -- clubs gas money in Lincoln town feel vouchers and about her yet each is a hot dog and a small soda. Which is he good with that in technical producer Gil that your some drives Max I don't know what. We'd be looking at informant itself along anyway this evidently I think he's gonna pleasantries or I don't think Casey's that. All right I have really done well candidate acknowledged I had a nice you could stop in what's the name of that good Chordiant go to Brussels Barbeque and give a bit of time before it sounds good Welch if you biffle now no chance spektr's ever beautiful or right he's never been clearly we haven't spent as much time on my sanity if you ally did this for three years driving back and forth but before that when I was in college that we get a game in Columbia Missouri they played the western Carolina catamounts do you remember the catamounts of western Carolina. And for whatever reason I went there and I called the game for west it was hired by western Carolina to do the game and so we went down there. And we went to Brussels barbecue and enjoy ourselves some nice bristles barbecue on the wing concordia Missouri so of stopping point about 2530 minutes outside of you know eastern Jackie get some nice baffles barbecue so keep that in mind. The next time you drive on I seventy. And had the next seven headquartered in Missouri don't exactly have they asked that the saint loser you know should wherever you may go I don't know I'm just the Chicago happening. 35 to 36 and cut over the top part of Missouri you don't need to go down south and it saves and now as a steadily guys go through that area for it's. It's if you've seen though the because watching anybody at Missouri you have to wonder why are they there yes like what happen. What brought in your life at some point to where you ended up. Here watching Missouri basketball against Alabama against Alabama what went wrong for you to put you in this situation. That's a light for reevaluation. Moment and what you just like retired and you know as at some heated and finds a bit better there's other things to do better than watch Missouri basketball oddity of ammonia I'm with the I just don't think it is it's really well and I'm never gonna get on the fans not go down there and. The other thing there there's the there's a late who posts on her FaceBook page Susan every Missouri game when she's at every game. And her tickets are upstairs and she takes a picture every game of this empty arena and posted up there. I said a few weeks ice it when she moved to get closer she was they won't let us. They're they're making people that you know the diehards that are there that are willing to support that go our bodies that's French for garbage. On and and they're not allowing them to move down to get closer to the court these people are paying money coming in watts is I understand what somebody may buy those tickets but. Odds are there and let the people move down and let people sit up top. If they're willing to go and support the team let them get close to today's kids here's somebody Democrats and for me you know I always hope that in a perfect world that would be. What are readers allow people to do is to move down when there's nobody sitting there. But then also the president yes they don't set it you watch NBA games all the time or look at a crowded just spotty because it's a rain on Wednesday night. And people have things to do so even in like the prime spots you see just spotty attendance and there's not a whole lot of people their cell. I get why don't wanna set the precedent but it a perfect world but as the president of sports. Absolutely allow people to go to our closer to a quarter of the field when attempting a breaking news is text line six on threes or six biffle is out of business wire stem c.s and that's fantastic had not Dempsey and there is it Casey's in Columbia Dario and will use them away so extra well so I guess as a guard got a slice of pizza advocate what the hell would missiles go out of business has audio triples wasn't a agreement that also been around fifty years I mean it had to have been around forever and day at mean bit. Was like a staple along I seventy fairly now it's not as it was stopping. Nice but that parties parking lot one time a frontier would run each one time we are dropped to watch the the the royals when the cardinals way back when in the early two thousands on the royals for no good but they would play in Saint Louis would go over in watts is something different. And I remember he was eating pizza took him from the time we left 61 ward parkway to the time we were like pulling in to Saint Louis for him to finish that piece that's how hung over he was that morning he tough that out guided Mac arc in rock and parties parking lot and concordia and we made it to the game that afternoon Garrett author SOB. And now he is a Kansas City, Missouri fire mentally tough survive that stuff. It is it is a day with baseball on the mine for a lot of people and I guess a lot of sadness coming out of surprise Arizona yesterday act I don't know sadness is the right term but a lot of punch in the face realization of things that may not be happening in the future with the members of the Kansas City Royals are Josh burn your has been down there. All week long it will be down their for the entire length of spring training and he's covered like a mother. I'd down in surprise Arizona and he had a chance to talk became in Salvi yesterday and started to tweet how what these guys were saying and we Saturn what. That's sad that really stinks that's not it that's a pump yup get ready to go type of thing. That's a realization that these guys understand. What 2017 is all about I think these guys also understand now. With the passing of your Donald inter also what life is all about and and I think you can always taken negative and something sad and spin it into something good indeed good out of that. And I think the way that these guys are reacting to the passing of your Donna venture. And now what's when he seventeen finally being here. These guys all have an understanding of this is our last for rob in this senior year you know that that this is senior year. This is the last time we're gonna get to hang out before we all go off to college or jobs or things like that. And Jimmy listening to these guys will eager were they had to save a second and what you guys think about it to me. This is what it's this a senior year Diane yeah it's the same year year this week out last year to get a sliver of on and that were all going our separate ways this is this is like American pie this reminds that the American pie you know well there reminds me of college football actually. Before Alabama kind of took it all over resist dominated every single year in your at all these teams with. Note sophomores and freshman making big impacts. Back before when he used to be the upper class heavy teams that won championships. This kind of reminds me that where all these guys were recruited together the raw kind of in the same class then you know some redshirt someone ever. There are kind of in the same class they all grew up together during their formidable years and then at. They hit this point where they know it's over after this some people are gonna stick behind yes some people here got a couple juniors they're gonna stay behind but for the most part. For the majority of this nucleus that is gone through all of it together this is their last shot. That's what it reminds via that that football team it's kind of building and building and now they have an offense with like. Seven seniors and for juniors and all men distaste it'd be great every case Iran well and their have a whole lot of fun and at the end of it. Hope to win a championship if they do it sets off the right way because at the end they're all gonna be sent off anyway. Would you take on you anymore. Press and you're talking about. How it's like you're seeing here I'm thinking OK there's that you know there's there's some tallies are left behind it right it's not trying to kill off the pigs video like. Crap is this market back. No but it doesn't that feel like this they're looking around on Hannah and off lockers today by you again. I don't know year Europe too soon. Who knows the less cotton when the whole flip that thing right that's exactly what it is it's Major League there's only one thing left to do when holes opened things you know just really good point there about. The small market part of this because that's that's what makes this unique. Hit the city being a market where you know that you're not going to be able to sign in Eric Hosmer for a 150 million dollars that he's probably going to get on the open market. Knowing your racquet be able to do that. It's unique because it does create this almost college feel. Where you know people are graduating you know people are leaving you know it's gonna be over. Unlike if you're a Boston or New York or whatever where you'd have to get more blind side by guys leave and a free agents book and it's not gonna be a situation where were. Really anybody's gonna Google worst situation they've made in terms of team they might. But they're all gonna get paid Brighton and mean and they're all gonna if if if these guys I'll leave it's not because there out of options. They're all gonna go do better for themselves financially. I Fabian you know the cash and they really are so awesome interest rates at its it does feel a little small market big market to me but you know it. It's it's it is a little bit unique in that fashion that this is like okay this guys kind of out of options and is no good anymore and it's the end of the road for him however all. All these regions are gonna move while hunted and get a probably really nice thanks contract right where well we've got here we kind of put what they had to say yesterday to song. It is Bloomberg and I do. And all things. Me oh man oh. Swinging it around on it. It's. Swing and high bound third base side doctors took the railing of the dugout sweet reaching the rally car. All this week. That's all I'm sure was gonna happen. Plus you can never be. In ten categories here you know. You know you've got this list wrong. It's about its dividend is group. That this person. This is the those playing really has been found to be this coming up it's big business news. It was gonna go out here you. We'll. I mean these things into. That means when my drive left center field this is gonna go all the way to the long. Orlando scorers Escobar scores Zobrist scores Lorenzo Cain drives in three. Royals apple pie in the twelfth inning. But you do. A very good in the afternoon won't. To lose morally culpable for approval form. Yeah. Broken bat. One hopper to third. The first time Ratigan it's. I've heard gambling. Today show. The throw to first base. The royals have tied the game. He gave a moment and then from home to more known as the you lose. You can do everything to lose and two officers who saluted. So there's Lorenzo Cain and Salvador Torres talking about yeah I don't know what the future's going to hold. And I think that means that these guys for whatever reason they're gonna make this season some special royal man at it it's it's a sucker Roy of Arroyo is right but they're gonna make this season special. They add on of inter you know he passing was a wake up call for these guys I think 2017 was a wake up call. And they realized they wanna do something great this is it this is their last opportunity with everybody equally one guy leaves equally one guy at least it still look the same team itself. And in in his two guys leave it still not the same team so no matter what happens it's not gonna be what they have now I think these guys. Are going to realize that are gonna take it to the next level. For the fans of Kansas City this year coming. He had an impact on so many. And Kansas City lost someone they gave it all for others we'll tell you about it next. Thursday morning here I'm six dead Sports Radio Nivins Barack will be added 930 lots of fun with him coming up a little bit later on in the show you'll be a lot of requests for shout outs a lot of request hey it's my birthday and all that kind of stuff well it is curt Nelson morals all famed director's 49 birthday today. So we'll be playing him a birthday song a little bit later on it is our choosing of the song that will be played for curt Nelson he does not get to choose a song. But I got this one today nice that this can't and it would kind of be interesting it says. Please tees Welch about David longs mom's house with KZ. And that is noted down kind of piqued my interest you're smiling like it's as dire as David Long bomb ops. Issue issue like the mom and American cited stickler hooked up with pretty much yeah it is seriously again did you run did you get let me know no I did not but obviously this is opposite sides are trying to root out was that said that is on somebody by the name of Romans sent it to me sets and that is still up. And I. Had to answer like ten and ten years ago it's an idea. Why are you three shades of and can we got to hear this I'm sorry I don't normally they gonna draw the radio today Aqua friends up Obama as well as those. And they're. Seemed to do though like that did you do it your teenager or you're like oh really is nineteen years old it's a slight. She's not she's really did that's all you care red light you don't have that town Ed Vick critical thinking mindset of light. Well I don't I approach this note there's no way to approach it the least like. Finch for American pie two made up thing. Most like 99 present them guys 99.9 percent of guys when you see the hot moms is like. This is rule like you got it right there's no there's no like actual. Connection or trying that happens there right now and it is it is pretty made up but like. Do you know anybody median age you I don't know maybe jobs may be spec as anybody ever had a mrs. Robinson. No now. Those cool enough to pull that off outside of movies right thought I refuse to believe there's anybody out there that's been able to actually pull that off. And sleep at their friend's mom when they're high school or just out of high school lessons criminal. Jack well but does say a mom as she said in a public high school senior. I said those are usually. Criminals are criminals but like now there are those ones don't actually get might yet they are actually reported during thing I mean if they happen they happen like say a forty year old hooks up with a 65 year old you know like like say. Save a forty year old hooks up with Christie Brinkley who looks as good as she does that sixty right now is that a mrs. Robinson or not now because you're forty Eddie once you 120 to mrs. Robinson windows club got its shots at nineteen is the last 83 can be that mrs. Robinson and AIR I I don't put that. The forty year old woman or whatever at nineteen years old OK then you've that you've you've made it happen you've done. But if you money. Doesn't have it's a soldier now lives up with a forty year old daughter and she's cougar okay she's a cougar and you're getting and I eaten by the figure OK fair enough. Whatever whatever whatever that her days we used the particular I don't now cougar hunting and add and others turn out out damage to students to see this guys mother so we went to posting a picture for though we don't exhilarating and sports that it doesn't. Why why. Why did they can bear why does it goes that's a bad place I thought that it likes. But it is nice and have yet. Sad news man in Kansas City over the last couple of days with the the passing of mayor Driscoll head football coach out of blue valley and it's very very very very sad and I didn't know air Driscoll but a lot of people in Kansas City did go air Driscoll and just being on social media in the last couple of days whether the Twitter whether it be FaceBook. There have been so many great stories shared about the impact that this man had on so many lies in just 43 years old for him to have the impact and he did on so many people. Was really overwhelming I mean like every other post yesterday and FaceBook and Twitter was coach Driscoll this coach Driscoll that is great stories and I started to think about my life a little bit in if there was any buddy from a coaching standpoint. That had that kind of impact on me and the answer is emphatically no my coach he sucked I squads. Are just be honest I mean. And I realize that when I moved here to Kansas City. And then I started covering the tees and got ready for meal and you start to experience like when he real coach away real leader. Is supposed to be about and I never had that. As a kid growing up my best coach I am I to say this my dad is the way the best coach that I ever had. Was my father and I'm not to say now because it was my father I'm saying that because these coaches that I had I would have been so lucky to have somebody. Like and Eric Driscoll as a as a coach to lead me. And we didn't we just didn't back at an animal that was the generation which we grew up in or just because I was very fortunate about that but this guy seems like he was is the stud in a superstar and had a major impact. On kids' lives and I think everybody one way or another has had somebody at a make an impact on their lives like air Driscoll did. And I'm interested to hear who that guy was for you guys. Well good. I do have one of its that in a second but I ice all the stories about mayor Driscoll and they were amazing stories new guy seems like he was remarkable and it. The reason why not a lot of people get to have that is because there's now a lot of guys out there like that and others is not a lot of coaches out there the can make that kind of impact because it is don't have a there's the emotional capacity your whatever might be they'll make that kind of impact like air Driscoll did it who sadly passed away. My coast though is Jermaine Jamison goes JJ. Hardest I mean of anybody that I've ever dealt with at all like he was by far the hardest on. Meter run talk follicles die all that kind of stuff and Tomas hustle was belief and password all the time. And number one thing though we always drove home was take pride in what you do. And that's one of the few teachings but probably the most prominent one that is stayed with me for actors does matter what you're doing. Even if you hate what you're doing your push your name on take pride in it. So that's what I cared are. Other tennis coach's name is still Roos. I he passed away I think. Couple years after I graduated from from high school but he was the first one I said he could coach any sport yet to be coaching tennis and and literally get addict but it was like. He was just he was like dude right now like pick he could if he could affect basketball Olympic Olympic baseball. And would have been great at all some leg that first got like people person like that's like manager yeah like one of those one of those types here like. He could have he could have coached anything right he he could he could talk unit to be able to do anything. And Andy and you bought it. Now well those are the best coach is the best coaches I always thought were the ones that could do anything like date they were pigeonholed as you said and in the tennis or basketball or volleyball they could be a guy like a chameleon he eagle and their coach anything and I think that it didn't go to other sports like Bush's best rotation. Era like the rest because of this because he was good people and I I think that's been kind of the evolution of dad I think that was the deed the the Dick for meals factor I think that's been the Indy readings. Bullets on his team may be down on the public as much but on his team. He's a god can identify with people and managed people when you can do that when you've got good bedside manner good people skills. You're able to get the most out of people from meat it was actually. The the the person that I remember the most from high school is one of the teachers she was hot she's got 25 years old fresh out of house and it was miss Clark MI SS Clark. And she was an algebra teacher and backside of my brain does not work OK the math side of migraine. Does not work I have to call my friend Brit Haney who's a former math teacher now of a vice principal of Shawnee mission east. Any ties in with two plus two had a may change what's the tea you know I'm the same way I got a call him for everything man wise and self freshman year of high school. It's an adjustment going from eighth grade high school obviously knew at football all kinds of things and ms. Clark would sit up there on on the on the front desk with a legs crossed the short skirt on. Kick your leg back and forth and the partnership and so when you're a fourteen or fifteen year old boy and you've got a hot teacher in front of you the last thing you're doing is paying attention to anything that's going on. And then have that subject matter of your brain not work I still remember her racecar sweaters which he used to Wear out like she was quoted graphic member of our actions not good numbers here. Yeah this is saying and I mean it's insanely hot. And and I couldn't remember anything that she was teaching and it's not because of the way she looks because I'm not a math at all. And tuition which it helped now didn't help. But I remember sit there meg not being able to comprehend and she kept saying I'm not spoon feeding I'm not spoon feeding and I used to get so mad. I did media answer but because she said that. It's it's changed everything in the way you'd work in the way you approach things. And I find myself saying to my kids now is they're trying to learn how to read. You know might my youngest is what's that ornament Lama the spoon feed it he sounded out figured out because if you look on you were all. You tend to remember a lot more and so why did alike are in the moment not doing that. Years later you'll look back to you truly appreciate that was the proper way to do things that she was one of the biggest impact kind of I mean it was never coach is again my coaches it is. Dog crap. When I was a child going to a coach's name was both for six. Zola yes pat Bobo. Was our football team's history teacher football coach Tara that's a tough last name it's a terrible last poses just to go through life of the last name Bobo is a rough draw gap it really is a very bad so. Best wishes to the family there Driscoll who passed away at 43 everybody whose life. He impact coming up will shout it out. Plus as sports fans we are lucky we don't have to deal with this in Kansas City X those topics we'll tell you what it is next. Sixty ads portray us 693. The text line today whatever it is that you wanna talk about we will discuss. Coming up in a minute here on the 610 Sports Radio via the sports valuations came out of the NBA team yesterday an old guys Welch now this is this coincidence that just came out aired this come out because of the incident would dole and that's been going on over the last week or so which Charles Oakley. I honestly don't know assist error rebel doing what Terrell bell does which is pretty out information maybe he felt like that information was more. Relevant but I guess now that the Forbes put it out it's a yearly thing right so my guess is it's coincidental but I wouldn't be shocked if Forbes. Question a little bit because the Nixon the most valuable franchise and all the MBA grad 3.2 billion dollars in New York Knicks are worse now. There there's that much because of the you know the clipper selling for two billion a couple of years ago when they had the bomber you know a guy committed by the team for two billion dollars that raised the value. But every other franchise that league that your New York you should be the most valuable franchises of number one city and in in the world you know population wise and so. When you have that all of the the availability of New York City right there annual backyard. You should be the most valuable. It's nice but basically discuss in New York Knicks now he's becoming. Pretty much disgraced now for the NBA. I think James Dolan. I. This whole thing this whole saga has become so there's so many layers now to everything but with James Dolan. He makes me think he that if our the president of sports. I would have a vote where you get rid of your owner like the fans could all come together and vote of 90% or more say this guy should be gone. He's out here that's what I wanna have happen because. There are certain times like in this situation where an owner can hold the franchise hostage in this scenario hold a fan base and ex players hostage. Say nah I'd I'm gonna do everything this way. Even if it's terrible I'm still gonna do it because we're the most valuable franchise and all sports are all of the MBA. It can't be allowed to happen because then you're sacrificing a sports city. Because of the code for bad owner essentially the New York Knicks are worth a most of probably more than a billion dollars more than the team city chiefs are right now I think that she's terminally. Billion answer two billion dollars somewhere in manner somewhere in the knicks are worth 3.2 billion dollar so that shows you the power. But the knicks at the only flaw I find and it is it is ten years ago we would have voted if glass out you know as owner of the Kansas City Royals. And obviously looking back hindsight being 20/20 that would have been a terrible terrible decision. Two of made it bad to be fair it's Kansas City. And in Kansas City you do have certain things that you have to deal with the you don't need to deal with the New York pitcher so while David Glass who might have been under spending and people were upset about that. He also did have most viable franchise in Major League Baseball he wasn't in the largest media market in the country. That to me puts a different borrow on it in a different a different expectation for success when your New York City I don't understand how you couldn't. Like BOK even at four point four bill may be that maybe that solves everything. How you can sit courtside. For every game. And as the old like have all the power of these on the and not do. And and sock yeah insipid at least he's got to sit there are deep deep or that he goes to every game sure. But Edwards made me like you could sit there as the owner and watch the products. You've. Just torn apart. I did a night out at that takes I don't care what the value of the franchises that takes them. I guess I guess it does tightest a big keys so. Disconnected from it. But he thinks draws Okaloosa only god hates him right that's like that's that's I've bid is become very clear to me throughout this entire saga is that only problem Jim Dolan thinks that's an Oakley issue not a knicks issue. Where reality no it's a mix issue it's about James dull it is. So that's I think he is just so disconnected surrounded by yes men and today he's he's born to that's what you do when your billion U surround yourself with people are gonna tell you what you want to hear just a quick tidbit from that those the NBA franchise values came out. The warriors are third with two point six billion and now of course Dave elevated quite a bit the last few years in fact they were sold. Seven years ago. For. 450 million dollars unbelievable right now the rose 2.4 and out 2.2 point 62 point six billion so they can't. They've increased more than two billion dollars. Incest or years to pretty good pretty good. Our whole high return on investment it is time to shouted out 69306. Of the text line today you text the topic we talk about whatever it is that is on your mind is on what you by leaving James haircuts for amendments he tells extend sentient. Snow was February 1 it's time since the late eighteen hundreds I was on and that's true well I was in Colorado last week and in Winter Park in I was talking to some one of the guys who works in the forest out there he works for the United States department of forestry. And he was this the first time ever in the history of the world. That we had snow melting in February the first time ever. That we had snow melting in February and so when people say climate change isn't a thing. All it is that we're experiencing here they are experiencing an amendment. Maine and you know what if it's gonna eventually changed the momentum of the changes it for the better. I think we should not talk about it until the end of February okay yeah exactly yet because lonely. Halfway through yet. Just let I don't know if it's gonna happen and I Kennedy. We might get hit by a snowstorm will get in May we'll get like a small one toward the end of February and then that'll keep streak alive. Have him play tennis since high school thinking Tony doubles league with my wife Josh. I did I am retired after 2525. Year hiatus and started playing tennis again about a year ago on the now I don't care about who went inning for the running a company out there and I needed appointments. I've been by you before midnight you don't travel south of you know we have to play somewhere north zone in contrast to go indoors as he invites the united yeah it doesn't go play some runs on its part but that's a big prize money on the again. I find Sonia could be a nice court what's the what's the weather turns and we get out of this winter nastiness that you actually although lots sit there and well tonight in common Tate in duties. Would duckling take on exactly onslaught action hero if there will do or should be able ball. My clients can I say that bought them and played Saturday sniff the bulls. Now that's Nepal's. Our bodies and their poppy there are few better sounds in the pits and an opening night game at SF. Yes. How different is ten top ball ass yeah. Potty training your puppy. Johnston well that's it. It's it's not that bad I got to rescue who was a year old though and she was pretty much potty trained already. She's had an issue Rasheed PMS how sometimes she was in a place for she didn't know where she was and then once the anxiety went away through further rehabilitation she stops so there really had to potty train a puppet that's part of our training ended the barking is just incessant and that and your body during the time you're at a citronella collar. Now to the hauler where doesn't harm the doesn't shock them but when they've Marcus little microphone on a hears it it sprays citronella open their mouth which. Place like nothing paused to condemn it tastes really bad. So it's a corrective behavior saying it we're all they get is a bad taste is that it actually hurt like the shock and it's just kinda people Nolan tastes like to a dog we don't know the details because they hated so much the stock market. That's. Fire Chris Webber. Look I mean he you know where I stand on and I think another year this program's going to be a lot better once guys get older but I understand like he stayed into one of the economy. They lost again these were fifty some points in the second half last night still lost a game but mainly on the play archer. We're down like eighteen I think in last night were kind of rallying. Where do you stand on what would you do your more than basketball mind well I think if they wanted they wanted Brett if they wanna brand with a miss Davis news that was last year well. Who's your natural guy you haven't. And you know he's got a lot of young players do you kind of in that when that class turns over type thing it was mirror I have to move on that. Your expectations should be like turned and every year and if they they feel that if that I can see Meyer sent. Lon Kruger and these are rough you're in Oklahoma maybe he's an opportunity here if you back to honor guard and is say he's had a beard Oklahoma would it be the most insane idea in the world to bring guys just went to a final four over to K state who might be looking for something different lot of sleep till noon today to that point guard decides to goes Oakland right on and and then that if he goes Oklahoma wants stated the Kansas and then yeah. I thought maybe decides to go. To Kansas State coming up your sixth at Sports Radio we will be wearing a single it. But will have a similar message we'll tell you what it is next. Only goes. Goes up I thought it. That out secretly okay X. That was asked me that. Was it only gets at what they're asking is Don you're gonna see check it out did you get an opportunity it's all over the many web sites that are available to you via the Internet. And that is our team play brought to buy it the plumbing heating and cooling techniques you can trust with your. House keys injure wigand's Donovan poster rising some dude you've never heard of from the Denver Nuggets yesterday. Mike Gundy did. I guess it's a public service announcement I don't know how to say that but basically he's sure honey wrestling single it. And kept this mullet which is still looking very very good lovers Molly and decided to send a message to Oklahoma State fans. Well I didn't know you're there I was just catching up on little cowboy wrestling. How wanna encourage all students fans. And cowboy supporters. To come out Sunday and watch Oklahoma State wrestling. We need to but in every seat. To make Gallagher the route is rated in the country. You're number one ranked cal always against the number two ranked Penn state Nittany lines the teens are co host. By two greatest American wrestlers error. We need to be error. Be let out goat close. I don't know Hulk Hogan was coaching collegiate wrestling right now I had state Lanka and he's just the right kind of crazy yet. At least aware that mullet to drag his kids crazy. He's got orange single and on with the gold chain I'm sick in his death it. He's the man he is at least it's just the right I Nowak and it'll play you know the best part about him too he's in you know he he gets it like you know you might as well just be kind of fun. And in Olathe yourself and enjoy and don't be so uptight like most collegiate coaches all we can't be a time of mullah rice exactly counterpart in the back man there's no way to be outside with a mall it's great it's really refreshing whether you're in Oklahoma State's true or not would she want a guy with that type a personalities lead your squad. And to his credit he's kept the mall in a while now yeah I thought this is gonna be some they do for will that hop hop. These kids and say all right enough enough pops. We also have this done any any still rocket was also taken over a program where it's not like Oklahoma State was any kind of relevant when Mike Gundy got there and he's able to hold on that job for what like twelve years Jeff. NASA's 2005 increased 14050s. Who is also pretty damn good co plot yes the other competitor every year contender every year in the Big 12 Conference and it is like he had a couple coffee and had a good year or something like that they're consistently good. And it didn't lose that opening game based on the bad officiating call happening they could've been really in competition for a for a college football playoff spot last year. I does look I'm Mike and he's Wikipedia real quickly just to confirm he's been there for twelve years. And the you know. That September 22 of this year will be the ten year anniversary. Of come after me I'm a moment man I'm forty he turns fifty this year go to our guests and try to stay as an inquiry that nowadays and on it and probably areas that debt and a bush was only like two years and at that point started 2005 that rant was in 2007 that's an average in 2017. It. You'll make it ten years later. After that rant he's still coaching Oklahoma State cowboys that's impressed coaches who have meltdowns like that don't normally make it another day you know they don't you ever I'm never make it to -- that's what's so impressive about my god I mean you think some of the great meltdowns Hal McRae did last much longer after that or Edwards acts like at the US like two days that he yeah you've got any agreement expiring in those exact years some really guys do these things it'll last you know muscle let alone ten more years in the van Gundy said nothing but success so we decided to do our standards and we are Mike Gundy impersonation it's a high. I didn't see there. I was just checking out the new Playboy because they put the nude pictures back in the magazine. They decided this month they're gonna give it a shot so if you haven't checked out the new Playboy with a nude pictures back well how employ your reduces. Say America's already becoming great again. That's what I thought about it and and. Did you get the new Playboy by the way did anybody get enough I didn't but I've heard all about it is again I have noticed people are talking about was the first thought they took the news out it's a genius marketing put your predicted new data magazine for like five Sackett I think just for years so do I was there a year that's so yeah hasn't been a year I thought was a highlight a few months my vice chancellor subscription last month or so yeah. So it's been like a year and then they bring them back in now people are flocking back toward Playboy begins. Nude pictures back and Playboy missed. To go buy that magazine of genius genius ideas down as it always works Josh Hull pay. I didn't see there are just going through highlights it can use twelve straight big twelve titles. A thirteenth seems imminent and boy what a thirteen look good on a brand new blue teacher JR fans don't take this stuff for granted. This doesn't happen everywhere sellout crowds fifty game home win streaks. Fourteen point comebacks at 245 to go. And embrace march don't fear it he got a pretty good but why am I wearing a single it can you do as even have a wrestling. A bad economy aren't exactly. That would have negated view people or do you but wildly viewed as Ayers. Swinging a robotic. Setting up a little royals baseball. I wanna hurt don't royals since the canal. When seventeen house and help our team make it back to the playoffs we need kids at every gate yelling and screaming and making the opponent uncomfortable fake networks and what he fourteen and fifteen and help our guys get to the post season. We all know that this year is the last year with this core group. Entirely together. We don't know what's gonna happen after the season's over what we do know that we have the here and now opening day is less than two months away in a run to another title begin shortly. The players will play the coaches will coach but the difference is the fans that puts the royals over the top. Believe something special happen this year. Go royals so there you go those are are going to be impressions if you've got one you consented to a 69306. Of attacks line today you'll laugh Specter to go through those. And made double play some of the better ones a little bit later odd coming up in two minutes here. On sixteen and Sports Radio can't city lost a great coach and a great person last night will remember him we'll do that next.


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