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2/15/17 The Night Shift - featuring The Show & Serda Hour 3

Feb 16, 2017|

This last hour we really have a lot of fun talking about Genie Bouchards twitter dates attire. We also revisit hijacking at the highest order along with discussing "What you Watching".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is still. City this is. That night it went zero. Bad boys ride this shows you and shout out to blow our listeners what goes fingers today. We salute you. For allowing us to be it small part. Of your Wednesday evening. Only you know science is produced is as valuable a battled side with men on that guy Steve sort. We were about to talk about it. The franchise tag. And I think it's going to be the downfall. Of the National Football League. And I think it's interesting. But we're about entertained and this this and touched my heart so we're going to hear. If you get the show. Buckle up tech because this is what are so it's all about. Explain this story. Stephen certain. They talked about a couple weeks ago after the Super Bowl dads this kid from who goes to the zoo. The bad Jeannie Borchard. Famous and very attractive tennis player. That's the patriots would come back and beat the falcons. And said if he won that she had to go on a bit with it. Well obviously we know how that story ended up and there was a big story about how. She's actually going to go on date them apparently that Davis tonight and they are at a Brooklyn nets game. And she is actually and Sports Illustrated swimsuit. Cheese new addition over. Good for him is on consent. Though this is was could you Tilly wind it Sammy Turkish. Just. Eat it every thirty rock and jeans but he please please breakdown this elf. He's at a green American Eagle that he polo. Apolo it's Apolo is that it's it's like a Jack like some type of sweater underneath. And jeans so they've gone to the Brooklyn FC east east. The Brooklyn nets. Basketball game which is a tough one to go to Italy. Our boxes than I wouldn't mind CN yes everyone's bluntly Nokia and a static kill Bob or books. It's only two books kings game they're courtside. At the box and this kid has some distressed jeans. And some sort of a green. So letter that he poll comedies. You've got to hit it lets his kids think. Leonard I don't hide them and that's. Fine but let's stick with Ed John and John Gorky. John door. Neighbor and he's subject hello came in. To act you act to. Put out as we say eight yard number one now. I said he's acting this is the best thing that's happened is a long time is it viewed all of this has come. You're regular has purse like John Dougherty. You've got to come forward to get this out right came when they game I. All of the tell. All at the I don't care sees. I'll Wear my number one out summer. My sweater that age as my best outfit somewhere he should have been hit them is. Ireland can put you back of the a only the Missouri jokes ages should it came with a better day amount that can't be his number one else. I just if I needed this is the date of a lifetime that I now know what else I'd I'd I'd never going to achieve this average and and I. I'm gonna pull over and Dominic go out and spend all my money on my astute. Democratic side to buy bride need. It'll still. Steal it yet it's critical December regular. Like I got the right. You. As a regular guy goes to misery in this colleges and Sports Illustrated. Swimsuit edition look out with. And a lot of damage and I'll be damn I will. I'm dressed the part. Mean and how would that be at soul you can imagine she went in there something to notable. All of this out accessories all together that he tickets to excellent six and 306. Minimum. What would you speak assessor he's outfits shoes everything and I know most of the courtside at Brooklyn. Twelve under. I'll sell my house Menem. It is going to be twelve having fun. I'm certainly yet another credit cards that it just aren't I I make this work that maybe it's 750. Easy and it. Fouls right after him commonly. Any tickets excellence and that's how low would be your guys about what about what the basketball game I didn't. Right I didn't know OJ. The giant by jury sits royals. As she wanted Jake do you try to apply the jury's. Oh shoot at all yes yes you buy anything she wants. And she wants. He pitched it once not shows you an island. Oh seek. Them. Out and about her says. That's. A ideally. IE when. Changes during she may be forced game. Maybe they had dinner doesn't INS are subtle like it was tired of them seriously my minimum I'll settle in without a G. Straight up. Thousand that would be minimal. I outfit cost. How much how. Outlets and what is your. 12100. I'd be worth it these vast wildfire on an ever spent so what would include a really it's just that guy off the top of the show. Criticizing people who were urged rich use that dough. You go into all I'm. Spending at least a thousand dollars and nice three pieces. So. I would be in wears nice blazer. I'd I'd ablaze. And high dollars due to. Now we don't you to tie and suit. Yes yeah at least you know literacy is quartz. It is. As she's waited yeah. I probably in jeans animal. Probably would goes. Nice suit some nice shoes and watch it is world. That's a yes you do need to watch them on an accessory at that time would be overdoing it on the U I don't need this you know it. Go to time. Because I'm I'm trying to prepare itself to the next move after. Forcing a second unit received out company and also knew it was courts that. I might MJ. It. Passionate he's been on the move. Much is the tapes saying that now he's. And boy this line risk would it stars. My normal fifteen to two win games and it. I don't know that that's a little. They would stick we don't we know Hillary is doing these days hosting the night shift. Not stop at stop this to be played 86. To be clear that the QX literally could thwart circles goalie debt. I do agree they'll watch the watch is clutch that can be the most I agree with the tax and the watch you'd be the deciding goal in. Its. You already did this year in college he's at and you can't make it any wars in this get beat the best. The best money you've ever spent in what if you pull this. What if I mean the people you could meet. Highly and expect him beauty of this suit. Its warehouse. I thought. These courts. It again. American Eagle Olmert nobody gets American Eagle which is a great. And an American Eagle global ran out of your sponsor Indies at that. An American Eagle pull over some distressed jeans doesn't have wanna do this if you have an idea superstars sort of liked the. And I don't sell it on Twitter page right now she's partisan some and videos and things like that on track and died deeper into this. I mean what do you think it. When you look at it. Why did your thoughts is when he came to picker she picked it really. For handoff to Twitter and I think most people would just would just meet that guy in ignored address book but because uses. Use this day with that outfit. Beyond Britain's. Is set the stage. All these. Look at these. Eric I think I think we are mistaken about the swung round to get the sweater against star. I know a year scars me and back at. Sony. It's out there is video but it looks more like to start that it does like him like a sweater these wearing underneath. She is well put together. Look at. That's obvious. This is to come and. Get this publish. Can we give him right you'd be hard to get posters. It's gonna take its next argued. And a search excellent. Think real hard about your outfit so I know you do you play it's. Two weeks about us doing royals fans isn't which are going to wonder sometimes John multiple outlets in the morning. He just walked up the just say let's go. Let's go get. Are you think as a watch this is not the night you Wear your feet. This is not the night you where your food. He's probably choke you gotta keep. I'm coming up on the other side I'm trying to get pissed at its key questions. Yeah. Somehow we made this bar and Josh thought he California. Leads. Spirit that we hear that a make road. We're gonna try to head this kid who I need to know what Dale's label him. He chose to and we are what he wore all of this. We're gonna try to reach out and try to give him on this show tomorrow hopefully by tomorrow I will stop sounding the way. Kelly column wait it's. A series of ads and that's that. Let's go out of business but it does it feel like as soundly. Caylee and it's. Certainly he's at this story now. What does this album that it's so John Doherty John Dougherty. The guy who. Won a Twitter dates. With Jeannie bush idea. Famous and very attractive female tennis player. Is currently it's an NBA game sitting courtside with their on their date as the Brooklyn nets in the Milwaukee Bucks. Retreat I'd be happy go and acting it's in Brooklyn. Outlook. Even that. But so. We are looking at his outfit and I feel as if he could have put some more effort into this and I know. He's a college student who probably doesn't have a lot of money Ulster odds. Dirt you're crippling yourself financially in college anyway he's a little bit of extra debts not gonna hurt you for this once in A lifetime opportunity. Your crippling. Ladies and gentlemen outed him as it. If you could put a number tag on a price is itself problems. I would say cost nothing because the art and on the it's like 5799. That is about realistically like once every five. Those shoes or at least it appears to have bullets and distressed jeans. Some sort of a white. It's sweater. With a green. American Eagle it looks like. Jacket. This is or he wore courtside. In Brooklyn. One of them Addis girls and sports is all. This is what he chose to where we asked the question how much. Would be the minimum of what you're opt out calls I said Obama fouls. After making a war five differently so let's keep in mind she's in Sports Illustrated swimsuit she is she's wearing a stunning black jacket. With the fur coat this fool. As all of distressed jeans. And a damn America and nothing against the people with the American Eagle I love I love you sponsor any of ours. That's not quartz right at the lady in the Sports Illustrated. Swimsuit edition at the Barkley senator Brooke. You got one chance to get your sixteen minutes of playing. A Yule wins with this. I sit I have says series. And watts. It's a nice whose. Bulls salute. Uncle I know I don't have a change but I sure don't look the part maybe you strike a deal. To her by a guy that's an average I'm really nice his immediate. Big goals listed this isn't it Taylor Swift video is meet out isn't it. I'll see. Beyond friends. Isn't media. Now it's a fairy. It needs is the big status undress and like I hospitals that meet your check out Michael talked to somebody else all of down. You go walk it talk to somebody else do you dress like you look like you should be. In the upper deck and I think they actually interviewed her act to gain if I. I'd be dressed like David Cameron and interview me. Like I'm an hopping I take over the interview effective. On the text. Eight would six. If our the united sheer drop out iPod. Or make it look like it was too late. Not a bad thought. You could probably really do some damage. At marshals to really put this together marshals bag TJ Maxx. Calls. It's from the jackets called on the ticks and why don't go to ticket pulled out his fifteen minutes of fame because it got an extra sixteen. But now that an elf it it's over. It's. Does he had read it really make him payments if he got a second date with. If he did not quit. A. Not my job and quit some. Skeptics glory. Eating cards I'd quit some. If we get a second date. And. And that's hardly the I think a quite apart it's me you know the situation like this. Right as you see is running this outfit by race. You're running this outfit but other people. I can't believe he's surrounded by at least on all of it nice to see but it's just. Unlocks the. I would imagine he flew out there so you know that before he went he was Ron in everything that was in that path tag. By his friend Seattle egg that's the first. It showed up at some sort athletic. I'm pretty sure in this video on her Twitter he's just like on a spot on oh wait what six you know it's not just a good. You know he's. Got here. Knoll. Inserted in the three peace and would that make him over dressed. Apart at the board consider. Apple. With a swimsuit he looks like a mole CE OR old tennis is lucky. To have an upper cut. Or COLT NS bloody black. She and her vote and maybe blitzed liberals bloody black dress well or is this. I know. Images bowl ads that others are. Aren't the only good to. You dress like you blind and he is not dressing like people these drugs like he belongs on the front row at the least of north. Soccer game I. It's cold out millions of dollars. He's just like he's going to including mean. It's Wednesday. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon it's good that Egypt is it to open on what is dangerous more details the better. He's dressed like he just left. Wednesday nights or is a Andy's handed them. He's until late night said he here mellow. Johnny's third slice it hit a get a burger. And rally house. Is a good news. It looks like he just left. His dad's birthday party in the middle of the way Applebee's. To go cash his checks. Like he was. Decided he wanted breakfast for dinner and hit Perkins on the way. It looks like it is with. To huddle. And it's all a cheeseburger. That if it doesn't get better than this every leans back. They would it looks like about star in American politics. He looks like his brother has been much more successfully than him he sits back shakes his head and says how did he do. Wearing that Al. He looks like he's not going to play it's in a black fraternity when he hits. Let me can stick it. People aren't that. A. If you look at it again. Series I've got a hole. I taught. Him. Ebitda getting tickets six 69306. What is he looked like what's the gate he's got an idea that superstars all white. I believe distressed jeans. A stupid white sweater. With a green American Eagle zip but Jack on the front row at the Barkley sinner. Eight what's it looks like a looks like the cable brother instead of the directing TV yeah. On man I'm scrolling through this guy's Twitter now an everyday for the last two weeks he's just been re tweeting a wink. Out. About it of getting this state. A city that's what it is it's a. He looks like he attends a nontraditional church it's things that he was Jesus every cent I think a little stressed. It looks like first it's going to be a place that is the combination Medicaid's. Putt well. He looks like his parents. At target. An old the red target carted still won't. He works at Marshall sending in discount. It looks like he buys surge it Sochi instead of great value of its 5060. It's cheaper. Quickly because the TJ Maxx and goods store. It looks like he wears flip flop six months out of the year even though he lives in Columbia Missouri. Coming up. The other side continue with what he looks like. Whatever the hell it's. Could it take its text line. And coming through just like I know you 913 looks like a middle schooler dressing up for the purchase of school. Seven a five it looks like she just shot and terrible when shooting his shot. 816 very descriptive he looks like he's wearing now it is grandmother got it for Chris. It's great cloud of acts just walked through it. It looks like. One of the guys who works at a pizza stores stating the sign outside admittedly. This is his number one now. This does is it equipment in. Street. It looks like he forgot his Turkish town necklace and if I put on has died he died only the treatment of it looks. It looks like he worked Martin's for the first ten years of this like it plays soccer also on the weekends with those same Adidas suit almost as he's wearing. He's also an inner mural. Will cross Lee. Seriously I hold ago we keep him. Which it needs used to work cut that big time yeah. I guess the last team effort. That's if you miss talk about searching you reset this really quickly and as long as you've done that the other two terms. John Gorky door. A student at the zoo who want a date which GB shard the lovely tennis pro over there Super Bowl ban on Twitter. Is out on a date with her right now at the Brooklyn nets. And it is out it is atrocious. I mean he came front side courtside tickets. Portly senator Brooklyn. With the DM supermodel. And other records I'd hate that. I don't give a rip great Utley to be. Nothing about going out on that date said. Distressed. Jeans. Sweater. Zipped up American Eagle jacket and indeed it superstores and not think about it. Meanwhile now he looks like that guy who's frustrated. Because they butchered his name during graduation. And they screwed his last name Lee blocks a little upset when he takes the ball. It's just it's it appeared. At this as girls when he years all but she's attached. She she she's wearing. Any. Since 2000. She's got out of fur collar. Kirk she's got enough oracle underneath it got black leather let there are. The slide he. Lance Deborah Rowe from golden girls type of health. And he came in with this. You know this had to go through 45 different people. Who gave a thumbs up. He had to have tried on. You've. Got on the plane each and every out that typical of them. That he got tired Andy it's regions combined all its out its. Thank you able sixty looks like he came dressed to come to your show yes. There are no camera this year that's something each. Action. He looks like he. It looks like showed up on the first day of real world Hawaii. As Colin. Reached her typical. Oh. You've been. On the unit above there would apply yeah. Just talk a. Is that time didn't show so. I. As showstopper. Q admittance at a. The real. Ally and college duke until they thought he did making it they had them helping them pick the rest them. Cats but he actually made it that's the type of Steffi what way. I'll jump physical IDS PN's offered to continue the annual tradition started by a bomb of filling out the presidential NCAA turn meant bracket. Savings from the White House saying we look forward to working with ESPN on other opportunities in the near future but they are declining. To fill out a bracket. Of course. Nobody's board ticked off indicates. Yes he has sent that was the only thing that he really got. I was that would President Obama. As but he really understand. By the way eight what's he looks like Morse let him in the face et Al just at the as for the presidential brackets. And now the property of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. O a a a as a signal. That Barack Obama as. NCAA tournament brackets. Are going in the Smithsonian about that school why do you think it's interesting because I just thought it was call. So you don't think it was that it was very interesting to me. But you have any reasons why it was interesting. I know that they sent NCAA tournament brackets of the Smithsonian's. I generally just ten mine opened thrown in the garbage. Listen I want a formal apology from a police. And apologize. For Steve is there to come begin tonight with the Westminster. Dog show everybody loved that. In this blog every one month that except that one guy on the tax line. He secretly likes cats because. Daniel Tosh is going on a college campus sewer where he'll make a stop at the University of Tennessee on April 21. Eat away at the also asked if he would need extra security on the off chance people mistake him for former coach Lane Kiffin. Tennessee just responded by simply saying through. Hey it's not sensible how likely get. Knoxville is a lot of time Knoxville Tennessee judge is a hell of a time. A little bit off the river I had some moments and eyelid and as Phil went down for UT Florida oh I'd. I mean. Well it was a good time they got tailgate. And not get to the end. Lane Kiffin will probably be here I'm sure Lane Kiffin had a fun time in his one season. As that the damage that leads to it and Boca Raton right now. Is amazing he can only hope. That he can do the same damn. Deadly it can I do. Tosh does say yeah. A big way he plays Lane Kiffin he's got like wearing different wife sitting next to him and she just screamed can't. There is now a movie. Being made about the life of patriots cornerback Malcolm. Estella. The story of an undrafted free agent going for more working pop eyes to sealing a Super Bowl victory was an interception at the goal. Producer Daniel Levy and his film lions nominated for best picture at this year's Oscars. Has purchased butler's life rights along with those of agent Derek Simpson porn film currently being called the secondary. He paid fifty cents to light of that at. That time the title is I realized some life writes in. The title. It's a rift. The secondary. Michael war ruin this for all of us. A series of the stories fix it deletes spaces Michael or rule was also a girl like that little bit. He wrote it's I never actually saw the blind side. I've had no interest and then that was it. But Sandra Bullock and they've rule it's now we got bush next. Who's next day and acted Julian element. The crazy kid that's about what a look at the story of a young man that was a quarter. At a Mets who can't stick hints they thank you to rent a plot to be the next. You know is next the guys on the slot receiver. And now. That's who this who we call the story of Julian and all of the crazy. Ugly Michael lower. ESPN broadcaster Dan tech coach doc. Dockets actually call is eight. Got called out by Michigan saint head Coach Tom Izzo last night after the spartans victory over Ohio State. It seems docket signed on as the University of Michigan so while he may have not in taking shots at the spartans program was all in good fun. He was actually just taking shots at the students as well as their athletic program and Tom Izzo wasn't very happy about it. Is it tweet us. It's supposed to be. You know that or is it. Beer myself. You bares himself. And I don't let Hughes. And Dockett one of the best. They shows that country. 10 o'clock. Indianapolis. Really good show. This ought to be adding to little Tom Izzo and are really. Loved ms. I've always if I had a kid he didn't go play for Bill Self. A beloved of the labor Tom is allowed to armistice. There's a lot of the collar. And I think a lot of it has to do it receipts. I'm sure he's frustrated but I mean this guy was taking open shots calling Michigan State students saying they weren't Smart enough to get in the Michigan that's why they went to Michigan State things like acting that's. About books for a guy that wears ESPN and he's a widely known for broadcasting makes that I thought it was a radio. Dick I tell took shots. People like means is telling them that the that they should tell all sent shots in to space yeah they should be more inclined to think about. Staining fourteen that's getting blitz and literally give their kids a decent. Simple adaptor as it. I guess that was economy. It is and we're being mean to. I want three Alex Smith to to repeal of the throw that never was. Great movie title. Coming up next you know the drill that we clothes that show which watts and six did what shows they're watching Netflix whatever Wednesday night. Black is big night. Texting and what to watch it expects. Coming decay. That's not live. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll want to think. Indeed but it's too late to catch weight touched on it Super Bowl my first class on a plane. Mark embark directors. I'd like to remake movies at all. Hamas and since my. My mom Google's it's been up front so it Brett roll. Vocal and I think that. When science. It works instincts. What a rather be feared or loved. If he felt. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. But spots in. Sponsored. By tonight the sponsor is absolutely no one. Someone out there and stepped up this is what you watch it texted right now. Predict it's excellent six and 306 what you watch it shows TV Netflix movies what have you. The New York Knicks are being inspired by Charles Oakley BD breaks of global city when he gets in. Did the first quarter I'm sure rule assures they'll lose at this team. The tickets excellent 6306. What three outs. Indeed Hugh Laurie. Who is severely dealing. It's time to Kabul and I'll. Because the back of his head at the Golden Globes or it proves it's. I did I watched shows recently with him in a night manager. Outside Tom Reynolds and house members as I'd. Or we never that this would oldie but that he in the heat of the night whole region's. This government. That in the heat of the night. Struggled so. To tips. Is at this time as Archie Bunker when he wasn't a raging racist. Six is being. Pretty good show LaMont still watch it some people up from the five NATO. I'm proud for you making it through the night. Thank you. I feel like he's better than he did. And hopefully tomorrow. Kim nursed my way to freedom. My wife sit it six telling me she she knows what it is. And I got to sleep was certainly the leads it also do lovely agent. Last night the perception was fantastic guy completely forgot about it I'm bag tied to go home and watch it now. So are you. Watching this you legion on time. You don't ever watch. Like some out last night was taboo. Yet and already watched was was able good. Yes spoiler it was fantastic. Match is gonna have. Is it's getting it's getting very dark and which. I know I wish if your weird it's like yes I mean did it the people we yours in dark. Tax TV's yeah. Think it was six the job carry through to. You'll see it is. The it. That guy embarrassing looks like I'm serious I want to try to give this kid show no one would do an interview. I promised my first question would be signed outfit what were you thinking. We have to make that happen or do you remember your first time at you know John Ortiz and an attack I would three. Starting the new season of homeland tonight really hope they stepped it up this year are white is huge watch. A hole and I watched the affair it's amazing it was great this year she watches home and she's at all and does is good pretty good. I've. Seen in the first two seasons. On. An immediate caught up on an ice hadn't gotten around to it I heard it was kind of going downhill a little bit but I still wanna get caught up on. First she seasons them. Somebody. Of holes and text afraid to tell us. If they're chilling. With a big daddy I'll go right. All right but but. Make sure you're drinking that sees it he did help out. We need help Twitter tonight nine Yale what's it I'd be drinking I'm going for the whiskey I mean Lyndon combination. Bradley told me something I think yesterday I really think about to. I know about places we SA kind of roots. What else helped you to chew on what else Ron baker doing it in BA playing the first quarter. A still a couple of minutes left in the sticks what you watching tonight tonight for me black case. Black is was really. Ginger right. On the is Italy OSHA kosice. Home. Yeah black is really really good last week apple did they hit them at home Amber's age. Like last week's episode was about they're having the kid inevitably. He wanted to name the kid. Dovonte. Were like I know. We want. Him to have his name written down to people to not know what color. Think about how crazy. And they kept referring to. Know we don't wanna name our kids third day of Jonas. This association sock on the ginger. Where art or maybe you eat a popsicle. A pops. Or may be some eucalyptus but be careful because eucalyptus can be toxic. We were a group that has its remedies for about it is yeah. Any anyway it's 850 set to give people. Hey we power through this Julio expertise to optics are letting guys inserted. We'll be back here tomorrow hopefully we'll have this key word this atrocious outfit all. I have your hose run the show thanks for me with this way. I.