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2/15/17 The Night Shift - featuring The Show & Serda Hour 2

Feb 16, 2017|

As we do every night shift during this hour, the best 59 seconds in sports radio with the Serda Show. We also try to debunk the Theory that small market teams need to pay more in modern sports today. And we close with what KU should learn from the Lakers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I just flowed at an embassy in search yeah well. Part of winning at 59 seconds shall vest if he had second show in the city sponsors of pending. Our falcons wide receiver Roddy White doesn't seem bitter about the fact that the falcons Jessica him last year but he is. Bitter about them losing the Super Bowl specifically Kyle Shanahan to play calling. Saying he'd go as far as biting him after the Super Bowl. And he did say in an interview with ESPN last year that he was upset because he felt like Kyle Shanahan had it out for him and that's part of the reason he got cut. Also says he destroyed dream for a city its better than me in the city of Atlanta need at that championship and you hating. Roddy White I respect you as a player man but the falcons didn't tacky because Kyle Shanahan had some type of vendetta against you. He just weren't very good anymore. You're all. Which is why no other NFL team chose a sign you I'm sorry Roddy White. They're not gonna give you a Super Bowl ring for pass service. So I. It's the city is. That I sit with your home run is usually. Shout out to law heartless as what those fingers that because we salute you. Or allowing us to be a small part of your Wednesday evening. Julio Sanchez produces as bad boy in my angry. Lipped and guys that sort of an angry. I almost on coming up. I almost thought it was eating certain coming I like rowdy Roddy White. If you just doing my boys shot we have gotten so many things like. I've aids sound like Kathleen Turner. I set like Bruce Weber but the odds that the culture Major League. Graham and he regained lube I don't know of yet we've got it all runs sounds like Griese Vegas. Oscar the Grouch is doing that tonight the night show our favorite. Wendy Williams. Continued bringing. Did he take six that was pretty much better with sort of shows out if he caught Woodrow. But for real as rowdy like and asked for an NFC championship ring from the bush. You have already. Been able to hijack this entire second. At least I checked it to what we've talked. All right we have over the last few weeks. And repeated encounters about sort of having issues. With roommates. Yes. Yes so it's your roommate is here with us. Yet it's are you might need it. Yeah network other delta. On the yes that's as I'm. I'm on the Afghan matter I don't do things like this you know you turn on microphone he's where he's worked in radio all the come by. Probably. Parts old grainy from the bull is well good blog yourself what an honor it is to be here. In the studio with you and if it did to its rising stars. In the Kansas City Sports Radio scene the wrong on this island. Brownie brown Stephenson. Let let's get to X and oh yeah. It's excellent thing about Howard Dean I could hear yeah. I have heard that I hear and angry Howard Dean Howard Dean is now like that it's gonna go there on the State's Q yeah no look to you should. So. The first the first one we heard was reached skate. Do you that he's where I'm now. Which one did. I'm just curious during my allergies. If you don't understand what you don't reportedly practice you have an ice cold blast she's in joint last with bright here I've got. A text line. It is this the 08. We don't mean only call the FT yeah I. JP if we don't mean oracle vigilant of assertive let them build or in stores because. What's real quick if I think there's still I believe certain stole the orange tunes that was stolen goods and any sort explain. It's a I think to do with the fact that it was buying oranges and it was got a he's switching it up and Chris don't have to write a story just agent left and right. So a couple of weeks ago I got on here and I was very frustrated about the fact. I would lead to other people I have two roommates right now at this point at this very point in my life. And my orange juice. Which I told roommates not to touch because I was saving it for the morning when I got up for breakfast balls went missing. And it was gone the next morning when I got and I was very upset about that and I confronted both of them about it neither one of them would admit. To taking the orange shoes balls so so your rebuttal day's news on religious and it's all fake news. So well so what what happened year. I hate. I wish I had never even had. Seen nor heard about this infamous phantom or she's okay so I I wake up the next morning it every heard that never were hard. Everybody we have Ortiz in the three weeks. I don't check for its been on food and yet so I looked up the next morning. Bombarded. By a belligerent. Screaming. Hiring Stephenson a busy I'm. I'd also just not pleasant to be here and when I can't. I guess there's nothing I'm just not a nice person by sir searching Digg evening. Solve all in I'm I'm in bed trying to you know get my day started waking up a little wrestle mania seventeen. Pick Wednesday had. At. A hard hit. It hard to an idea I have no idea. What he's talking. Regularly issues. Rarely so I wonder wheel and eyes and drink Stevenson is Lawrence's it was not me. He doesn't cause you gala biting me in the other room mate have lived together for several years does that. There is why Powell there isn't mutual agreement between law. See that if you use it's okay. To take a couple pieces of bread and it's okay. Take a couple of Turkey will get to the grid it's. Okay to finish it as okay. It you know what not OK Steve what is not okay. Dump off week IQ are out and not just the roommate I ghost up ours say we're blood Stephen and did nothing but let me. And doing. I'm at home. Stealing someone's morning. OJ. You know I wouldn't do that state. He's great it was to jagr sixty let me tell you all these little. Before you giggle at you still is Brit the nuts that's the difference and a half an hour. That is that is not the quote I currently doing when Ron you give yourself. Any ticket sex why do you think parts of grain. Is the orange used the texting gonna take its sex six three zeroes. If you think hearts of gray is the yields eight feet that we don't mean or at all. Let it tick in the tub and it's gets up again. It's on this. I've actually respond to begin with somebody out but due to the beat these spoiler alert answer. This is what really happened today. This is what really. Steve ought admit that the stick a bit of sleep walking problem. Okay he omits that Sony BO about that it's not a problem at driven it just happens. Here and and that sounds like. It's generous. There and I Vijay testing vegetable popped in on the guy has got boulevards of them and all of a sudden. What's the start Roman malls of our dear sweet I. Look at in just random spots in the hip before Asher Allen. Do you conveniently left all of this stuff out. UK and that they me. Well IU. Game that happened yesterday. You industries and and making the lean yeah yes I. Only two years that's the quick little he made what is it. I've had my previous roommate I've lived with for years that we've never let it drop but all. Us when this Bill Powers and sitting right here part of it's I'm at the blind date and currency is out now and it's Steve it's fair next Steven could you explain the bread still maybe this gives three I do. My bread miserly honey wheat. To guard. It's a good break. It was it may sound breath of debris you know it's. I get the other to make breakfast. And Joyce and to us with my breakfast. I've got other major Brad is off. So I ask the other inmate who happen to be awake he said no of course it was hard so. It's nice to mend hearts and yeah. And me five I'd say did you eat my breath and he says. Oh that was your breath. You. I would. Like that currency will say that the Brad was married and I'm Brooke army. Is that have low parts how many slights that it. In my it that Redmond fading there for a month and look at it. Max Max and I don't know what else do you keep it. What it has to do is that I'm looking out for the Brett okay that's gonna go bad here and T minus no time okay. How idol the last thing I want is a good low necessarily. To do is go all by 2000 sit on top of the fridge didn't mold. All I'm saying is Steve. Take care of at. Harmonies place right now. So yes. Eight to two and it was within its. The just say eight just regular bright just by itself. What happened adding that because that's the thing because we're getting a lot of things like Israel in the dark shopping pieces of bread in his 78 thigh. Null but I think he may have orchestrated. No my mother had its image and stuff like that magically disappears accord. The game that's weeks now helping. Add this additional information. At this that art so you work now. A part of this so you can be called the net I think this that hearts 88 dictates. Of a Brit. I'll have a different opinion on who drunk is storage to its. I'll give you it creeps are all the ticks six these heroes. And L. Is this the old. Three. Parts ogre is this the roads they keep you have two minutes. I will give view the bread. I did eat the bread he did actually buy me another eleven Brad but it wasn't honey wheat debuted it was awful we have our debut of I gave you some better but. Yes I hate to grant editor was better I would. And a breath he used to aidid limit at. Hole ST it's a little uncomfortable. He is bad for awhile what does like that I have anything to do with it because you beat ever as odd is it takes me to eat it because no equality carves if they're being wasted on the top of the afraid I. But you always give you any event hosted Internet and in case you're just she's okay. Street what do you really hurt them. I there's a problem with the brand on the top of the refrigerator. According. The tax and that's that's a big issue public pay good money to see the absurd as to be reached up on top of that. Refrigerate it. All. Do a lot or we got like thirty sec what about the deterred. Is this the deterred the that's correct. Though I know. The determines that I. Other detergent paying update that aren't you the detergent ping was from the other was for the other. Big guys. Everybody. The big thing it detergent Crimson Tide and and everybody wishes. Since we moved poking fun it's a real sense to go by more deter urging he can't Bible little boy and that's gonna last week you gotta by the law. While the other roommate says like the dry she so I don't have to buy detergent which he didn't by the dryer sheet I purchased the drive she's right about that. He goes my haste and this guy he's so typical live with the fifth. He's the dollars I think I was under the understanding that the laundry detergent would be supplied. In the apartment that was my eyes I finally could it. Yeah. I think the big. Kick. Fifth and the situation once or no yeah. I think it was I couldn't stay in my case I want the listener to be well informed before they make their judgment. Which OJ trials are more interest in Simpson and Simpson. Getting it fixed line to do like arts and make that appearance on this outlet here it is. Every week I would say these will make chronicles. Every week we gotta give the other one year to. Did it once it sports talk show him to leave. I think there and what you view or stuff. Leave. Q hearts thank you thank you that is out this platform. To devious than some real backs. Are tired of facts and spewing for weeks. Here's of the Wii in that you that. Julio came up with a topic that I'm sure was OK let's. Because he's never ever come up one but I'm and allow him to spread easily lose. So see what they'll Julio came up with Bo did you like art missile on this show and yay Ernie. The next. For that excellent. I doesn't get the show came it and then we're also getting a resounding yes on it. Parts of being the one who did steal insuring the or it. I asked if his goal is to come in here and proof is in the city and state did not doing it did not help with keeping them between and that the whole Brad thing. Laundry so I mean. Hello to you all the living together. Two months. This is the trigger a one clean and it's hard is that to be. A to let it for us she hit arguing over petty things that we do we do you have fun. I am. I am fairly ratty little help. Two months. Ago or excuse gate. Detergent gate. Now just. This dude it's eighteen slice or is he apple by our hearts to get a hover boards I think that's the biggest thing he's contributed to a Mara. Our relationship mr. itself it's a we did it we do win that thing yet freedom. Don't think we didn't. Sleep that you took a lift its move. I can take its fixed line if you didn't like that you don't get our show. I hope at some point you will. As we said earlier. We're weeding those guys out. If you wanna make the turn. You don't have to be good. That's us. I'd rather do is admit then that. And talk about Brandon Moss. Oh relations. Let me each. I've read into this. I've residue that segment. And talk about which there. Edwards does. Get them. You get the pitch. This does get the Schiller however 75 shows outlooks look at the local house Torre talking about. Home. About the honey glazed ham that was a long time even for awhile says it. Join a party tell your friends. If they can get the ship. All right so we talked about oh which I think was. One of my most spectacular teases him you talk about catching up color. Leo's. I got to give Joseph and up. You weighing this is this the third member of this group Julio I don't know why I'm doing the glee and the Parliament House. Members flocked. To Google and Julio so you you hit me up last week about. I think it does it because. That he could mean the royals' opening track is wounded bird is headed and his name is Travis and I think they're signing it really don't mean much to be. Put the wood and all of these lower layered does that mean what was your let the audience know which it. So. I mean to say this and off the top might sound a little crazy but really when a really really want you to take this and think about it and he is letter so I got to. But okay saw I wanna debunks the theory that in today's modern sports. That the small market teams have to pay more for players. That's that's what I'm trying to debug I don't think in today's modern era of sports. That that's necessarily the case might be a sport to sport type of thing I would think in general that theory no longer hold. But he took a sex line weigh in on that phone lines are open if you worked. I think Vegas is all hard statement it just may suggest parole. Every because. I think it's a lot better today than it was fifteen years ago but. I still think it's a sport to sport the because I think baseball here to take on itself. Even when you're all little free agents. Bryce Harper if there was a situation. In Major League Baseball. And Bryce Harper said all right it's down to the national that the Red Sox in the rural. The royals would have to pay more gate yeah because of those two markets. So baseball is tougher the royals will damper. The way baseball is set which I have reached and reached my issues with the royals will never be able to sign a top thirty player. All that's with mark. A free age of free age when Max Scherzer. Max Scherzer left was a free agent right now from the next the royals Woodside. They can get Carlos Beltran to come back to Kansas City two seasons ago. Because. It was between them the Yankees and they offer mobile war. Did the Yankees the more yours any still lit the city now players here through this but it actually wasn't with the MBA football. Even in baseball that that very well might be the case that if everything's even. Does the smaller market teams and have to pay how often how many times is everything just even across the board. And then as far as the Carl's belch on signing right the royals so I think it's more. On the organizational thing and colts rule right the royals at the time when they're trying to sign Roosevelt room. War in the position that they are now right at the the last couple contracts that they've signed are pretty teen friendly contracts. Right. But then but at the end of the players which are about track is lit. Jason Hill but I'd say. Three seasons ago they'd probably would have had to pay more in the same spot without having. The World Series under the belt without going to the World Series you know two years zero. Now that they've kind of establish themselves as a college energize. They don't necessarily have to over pay those types of players especially those mid tier players. As sort of we talked about sports show and Julio. Yet winning is that thing. Is the one that stops. Okay. Any NFL people go play in Green Bay which is the worst market in professional sports but it'll go list. Utah rough I don't wanna live in Utah. May be as humble heart into it. Green Bay's worst market in sports what people goal playing Green Bay why. Because they got their rights organization. That got them right. And you're brits or for that people wanna go play Charles Woodson played even as far as maybe the first started agency. Rich light but I just I think. I think still winning helps ops but still when it's even or even close to eat. It's a stroke like this analogy I gate said. Kevin Durant was a free agent if you look at them. And I'm not talking NBA people may not even though the Milwaukee Bucks. Roster ever really that young roster Greek right. Among others injured boy Parker towards a Selig in but he was playing well too. If Kevin Durant wit there. They would automatically be the second best team in east and could actually have a legit. Chance in beating LeBron can. He would never go because it's moloch. That's proved my point. That's established reputable team I mean it might be a team but. You're gonna overpay to get high high priced free agent but if Milwaukee. At their same teeing. And they were the LA lakers. I think there was a real opportunity for Kevin direct those. Think they can ask him what the lakers and I've done. I'm not but it can still attract how onset of Israel's current 38 hit the lakers head. If you just took the entire roster it's switched Milwaukee's roster in the NL. At the Greek freak Parker Jason Kidd the coach and all those players there's Middleton is a good shooter. I think that would have been a lot more attractive just like I think I think Milwaukee's. They're rush is better than Boston. And Kevin Kevin during actually gave Boston its rule. It mildly a look at. I'm all he's got in Boston's got one of the best coaches in the NBA Brad Stevens the keys. One of the aisle and coming guys in the NBA he's going to be a very good head coach for a long time. Boss insists I know Isiah Thomas has been great season he's he's been remarkable. But they're lacking that other guy besides Isiah Thomas and I don't know how long Isiah Thomas can keep this up. But ill and even talking about you know the royals trying to attract a big money free agent I icing about a guy like Mike Trout. Who's under contract with the angels and goats eat Swanee. But the royals television deal which we keep talking about I think runs through Tony nineteen and we see Todd Matt how much my they're gonna get off of that. They could probably bunch of money in my chat and Tony Tony that might still not gonna come here are my job's gonna go to one of the biggest mark. That there is or he's gonna stay in law or he's gonna stay with you just think about this who's at the better. As you sit franchise. And winning. Winning atmosphere the angels rural hills last week the last four years the royals. What do you think might routes let's quit it even at the royals came five million. Think it's with angels in the early if it means he was gonna go a World Series I think you it's on the ruin your. So here's another example of your grades up in the NBA the spurs the spurs are. A perfect example of such as friends and great on long time it's a smaller established. Team it's an organization that you know if you go there you're gonna wait. So if I had my choice between the lakers with errors bone spurs an architect will have less money. Then so be your book that you brought the good and we'll go to the others have a good look. The spurs is a good will come back and I'll tell you why the spurs the makes it harder for small teams that's. Yeah. Good good city to its text. 816 quite for months here in Missouri near Casey maybe that lure him over. To the royals. Like struggling to get endorsements in LA. Oh. I'd be even a bigger. If air we're we're new Yorker a layer Miami. I hear Dodgers to get my Trout. Air goes these air it would be doing. A baseball players don't endorse forgot sikh men assembled Gardner had one of the greatest performances. We've ever seen anything. African chop and blew it. And those damn. Work people votes. Lumberjack. Knuckle there forget that parade look at the brand of thought that somebody get. Now also Julio ulcers on Julio brought up the scorers. And this is the other thing that makes typical. For small market teams and why they struggled with free agents and why they potentially had to pay him or. Ticket free. And it's because it's. Since free agents don't really like to come to smaller markets to tune it's Regis spoke about endorse its issues. And also old. Sometimes just not a great cities to live in. Philadelphia. And Pittsburgh in the same state to boldly different it's. Car. Yes it's. LeBron honored to its bright. Do. Robert did itself if for. At least some. Notre it's. These olympians doing it thank you the text line 913. Our heart sort of feature. But not when three was all it breached but no but because. They are forced to. You have to draft well. Like they can't miss on track it would you've seen small market teams be successful. But like you say it spurs able to attract any LaMarcus. Able to attract. How Gasol. It's because they drafted the best power forward in the history of the gay. And he was willing to stay near Cleveland just got lucky because the greatest basketball player in the last forty years. Just happened to live forty miles away. Born and raised forty miles away from your city so he feels like he wants to actually be here. So let's let's use that. Let's use that argument as far as leave windows let's move that towards the Cleveland Indians who had a monster. Offseason this year in foreign players. Right who is that they just get Rick at a monster I know they sat Edward Chernoff CRC yet lunches at all. I'm physical place in dar. Like they had really good offseason now why why is that because they just went. Two worlds here yes but. Those guys you're already there it's much easier to keep guys the Marty had to employ this they weren't they were but they create other free agent signing some pretty decent Edwin Encarnacion. Is the big is the big sign they may. And he's really really and may have led the league in home runs it was in the top three and RBIs but he still. You know on the might try route I mean he's not so hostile years superstar players those those types of players I mean. Even people will say they overpay. For it in current RCO. Like the blue jays in a much bigger market didn't touch they they decided to reap is quick interest morale which was three years 33. By the league that it takes to excellent six 306. I sit. This is. As we don't know how good this topic went to be this is Julio is not how good is this topic it 69306. As a big are bad. And it's. Allen in this particular case of this San Antonio Spurs. Yes having Tim Duncan there help then but then continuously. Bringing in talent of the draft. Help them attract a guy like LaMarcus Aldridge it was a big name free agent. LaMarcus Aldridge wasn't. Top ten player in the end yeah it's like day one out and sign and got evidence is pretty pretty extort. Is not a big time player but I don't think anybody. Regarded him. Is that type franchise changing player he was god he's Chris Chris Bosh. Does it make you better than making a perennial playoff contender but they already had tell place like Hawaii and other guys. Who make them a legitimate championship contender. Pop made a difference having Scion sound Connery or made a different Gregg Popovich. Is in the argument for one of the best coaches of all time up there was filter. Eight or nine when three Trout is not the kind of got to ignore small market team he's a humble dude. Come on. They grew up in the outskirts of Philly and New Jersey. Is played in. Right. I'll let the shock. If he said that Lee and thin that. Mike Trout signs with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mike Sarah sides with B. Tampa Bay race. Mike Trout signs away at the Minnesota to a beat she. Shia. Like at edges. I hear what you are saying I just think it's hard throw the blanket oh. I think it matters that surge sports baseball I think argument really hurts because. Even mid level guys like it would corridor sealed at the Yankees really wanted him. They can make it is that are up three you're seventy. And Cleveland. Hitter couldn't match. It definitely leaves the top guys the top tier superstores off the table. Out of anyone in baseball in baseball and baseball and basketball if you invest all of football if you draft well and you have superstores. That can attract others not named Russell with the F superstars and attract others. That you can get it cuts in the NFL if you have a quarterback. You got Aaron Rodgers didn't matter where it's. In any of the jets Green Bay they hear it could be quarterback. It's a daily. And people Otis the daily appearance. I quit JR Smith is planning Cleveland. Do you think it's because it likes them. Rock and roll hall of pain. LeBron. Kevin Love his origin and loved LA. You think he wanted to move from video that Minneapolis Cleveland. Well let's go to Cleve. Bills still don't know how they get those kids to lords. Coming up the other south and it is. It is and it its. Corporate. The tradition makes it's obviously I hit. In places to eat they'd pull this ego of eaters I guess Kansas city's thirty minutes later X. I just don't know how you could be key it from California. Job on Paul Pierce Scot Pollard visit US eater UCLA. Come to lower its its. Yeah this. It said. Just a. Are coming up on the other side a lot simply our nightly sleep. It involves mr. Griese Vegas himself. You don't want to miss. Now. But he didn't say smile. Sit billions in the. Shout out since the daily. I heard that. Almost down to the second or. You're just joining us yes. It is sound like. As hearts grace literally hear Howard being. On top earlier on the text and obviously the Bruce Weber. Wendy Williams was stadium after a Oscar the Grouch. So lightly browned blue ground and editor. It is a little. Bugliosi it is really stepped it up and his producer work coming up the topics and I edit laundry list of green teas herbal teas. Cartel is. Whatever those ago. We colas that. What are they called his column reconnaissance. That's called cheese if you can now at the Els beat. A that he's. She said it was touched a matter at this is an effort that's that's. Doc Rivers stuff. Doc Rivers it. It it it. Ed is pretty good it is pretty there was that was really it earlier. Aren't we do this every night. You know my feelings you know what I wanted to do with the quarterback situation this is what we call. The walks. His confession. I'm in love the man. And unload them is still orbiting. And brother's staff and students. Come to witness the miracle for yourself near as strong words don't just throw that around like in football. Asking you soon receives. Some kind. With the first pick. In the NFL draft. The Kansas City she selects. Clinton put it back to John Watson Watson to. Lots please sponsored. Absolutely. Nobody. Somebody could step up. Please. Talking to the end. Clark. John is still going to be years. Any word on any changes that by the list do it he's starting here ever. AV. Bread its fiscal said. Child's wrist. Matt Nagy. Talking to you guys. My plea every night. I'm serious I feel like it sounds like you get choked up early like I'm really needed it's like duck if. No man. Mr. Griese Vegas itself the guy who kicked as well the very first person to be said. Is Griese biggest milk that came out which is 2.0. Eddie didn't budge in addition. These steel has a number of tea to buffalo. Now I am. Craig may begin do this earlier Alina. Third as you say who yet. I'd seen of it that is half of these it took a thing game. I'll make this happen. And is doable and it's seventy spots that is doable. We can make this happen. We had gotten rid of nick polls today you're clearing up money just. Just he's. Doing. I don't from its just a lot. There's. The and I believe that they were. Deal with that collaborate. Alex Smith blew at the wrote him. Past and one. And you blew the tin. Act and that's not even have a nickel to one. Who's gonna. The house to do. I know too please get dark and I don't give. But I'm here if Griese Vegas cities in and got. Think he is going to be at how nervous Leo was and that's it got out and followed would. Here as a please. Just make it's. Just. It's that time it hit showroom stock. Us. I. Cash. And children. Julio is important I'd like it was done. But he can't be hurt rift fumble on that guy gets choked up where we will Tony at its ease. Yeah also cult of Aaliyah and said his topic was gonna suck. Earlier in the past well. Or is it today Mike green was the latest to sound. I'm the next during Wednesday's. Victory today podcasts apparently that's something I need to subscribe to you. They blasted Dulles slave master mentality in the XPR department for its statement about oh please arrest. So the man's alleged entry and it's such. Why is he buying tickets at this game that's a slave mentality. You're doing it for me it's all but how but now you're doing it against me. And goes on that basically just call him a slight master. Well Dre months doing this because in about twenty years. He's going to beat Charles oak oak. He's going to be wanted to walk in ORACLE Arena doing whatever they want it we wants to do but people are gonna wanna be around. He's going to be have them agreeing slave master he's an. You know I'm Terry can't we trust. Anybody. Well is it superstar the NBA. Has the balls to go back to his college until a college football player. I'm the one that pays. Your two weeks here I'm the reason why you guys get a free. Go right. He's the type of guy to you that if he were ever leave the warriors I think we would hear lots of stories about how a lot of people in the locker and didn't want to Ahman Green as much as they say they do. I don't want to stop. I mean usually just gives us the top keep this up for. Under average CEO Kevin plank was taken he last week for his comments about president Donald Trump. To got a full page. Had the Baltimore Sun company's hometown newspaper fantasizing that it publicly opposes the travel ban. Supports diversity and believes immigration as a source of strength for companies like under our. Yeah. Stickers apart. At the I think it's impressive enough this enough staff at camp if your Iraq came out is that something about it too. Box fairly big names its depth is a pretty big day. Her area and it Wiggins had 41 points and 41 minutes on sixteen of 29 from the floor last night T wolves 116 a one point loss to the cavaliers. But even this big time game which has become customary against the cavs. He's still got cot looking on just an absurd dime pass that is. Atlas us. I don't know if either one of us were there that all the sudden it's coming up on the other side. My voice is probably going to get worse. The biggest stories that we started with today. The NFL's down. Fall. Started today in two years today will be too that's next.