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2/15/17 The Night Shift - featuring The Show & Serda Hour 1

Feb 16, 2017|

Hosts Show and Serda kick off the first hour of the night shift talking about the downfall of the NFL. How does the Franchise tag and Eric Berry fall into it, tune in to find out. We also talk a little Royals and a new McDonalds promotion they have going.

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Yeah. Is that these days. But I see him live here. Run this do you believe shout out. To all our listeners put those fingers. Because we salute to. Were allowing us to be a small part of your wins the evening. Those Santa produces is bad boy and and I want to let you know. My boys is. Hotter parts it better than it was approximately. Four hours ago I wanna give a Rios out now. Took that through. You're serious and this man over it written it's built it's that it does that put me down on some funny. Some hot water. Some lemon zoos. Is restored meets at this point. I got to hook up on limit I mean on Friday which was huge ship out all right click she got out. So give with me than night time fighting through the is that I'm a gamer. Julio Sanchez Sylvia. I mean it was a cough drops. Some hot line there. We will make this happen. Tonight. That rightly. Too. 730 where you think of struggled through it via. Awfully enthusiastic right now I'm not claim and that I won't claim it. Yeah this move. Lined up treated right. I may not be able to yells some of you made. I actually really enjoy it. Someone's as it sounds like I'm going to puberty. Please take shots. We exit then on this show all night extra. She. All that I will get you bet. Find wide. Kitty to get six slide jump on an 869306. Sounds like Todd haley's on the radio text in who I sound like. Right bill the radio. Text that it do we like prizes from last week that we should have given out he can talk that we prizes from last week which had given out. Think that we didn't whoever give those bacon Berman tickets I think we have an outlet on one Payer pays somebody to my left its. Somebody took my left steamy. As he is. Saying let's. Got a good show tonight that guy gets this. Guy gets a topic of the day a to Z. Two Z the royals make there inserts into that. The Watson Lee as normal. These are covered through. And the act Bruce Weber Webber 62 of those sock Portland. Though we'll have funded. You look like you're already having fun at my expense. This one might be at the top of the list. And 13 Wendy Williams. Though as we do at this time or late on purpose we do it this time. Every night will be bring Mike. Stevens soared to the states. I really pathetic kick start today. Mr. I don't. Erica that a smaller than most of light that system except that a from the mixed affair. That explains government up up up. Doc Rivers it's us as viewers that we whispered for an entire show to be exact. Well. Mr. and now we had a problem with its Julio came dressed halfway decent today is transparently it's shirt was. They afford another a but then Julio showed up in these slip on like trash almost real. It's at church. Is liberal interest news exert its its. I just hate. Your issues that. Right what I don't like them I don't like them and I am not a fan of explain yourself I. I thought the app that was solid of course from top and tell you got to the bottom. I was just. I'm I'm I'm a fan of nice to issues like spending money on my address issues I'd I don't think that pressures are no laces are very nice person. Just owners talk a little IQ it's OK like just now. No you can't you can't say it's okay if you like them. I recommend a no I won't buy what you work. Civil all up and expressing our viewers got it on the show and I think I can share I think it's a solid shirt and a black claim. Are now. I hate. I. It gets me. Like. Kathleen Turner is strong one. Really that it that is that is as strong. That's not why I waited this London night. It is 605. And we're already on and so. I want to get into this one tonight. Is so it is taking pitches so. I want to get into this. Who. Bit the apple it's. Eric. Eric. EEE it is one more time. They're here. This bit of a pitch in their size one dimensional but if it's us and V. A partner and I are old enough that it will be here all night on this if it that it. This increased they shared there. His first day. Being. Able to be except that the princess to. Yes Intel march 1 I believe is the deadline. I truly believe this. Com. Is going to be the downfall of the film like two or three years win. But new. Agreement comes up I think this is going to be helpful for the oil at these players hate. Franchised. Absolutely hate and I understand like art and as whole hour on airy fairy anybody else in this. But he's generally just because of his own feet. But. RR I hope to be here it's all the money that he wants to our hope he. He gets built 4050 cent are just all sit at. It's not really in that she's best interests. For him to. For that seems to pay him. So. I think down the line this is the thing it's going to undo the NFL strike. It's going to cost that no outlets not hosting the shale. I. Struggling. But. I do I think it's going to be the undoing of the NFL. And guys like Eric Berry who were getting screwed over here various 28. And he's had to get screwed over with this franchise today. Right in the years were heat a little owned his earning potential is at its highest. And he's been forced to have to deal with this franchise to. Am I think it's terrible act I hate it for the players. I truly believe they should go on strike. If they don't get this rep. It's yeah I think it is inevitable. Because every player in the NFL hates the franchise tag in its. You know it's teams just biding time in trying to use those guys. Best years to help them win games rather than do what's best for the individual player and give them an opportunity to go out make money. This is the way that the NFL isn't the players haven't done enough. To try to negotiate better contracts for themselves everyone was hoping when guys like Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson went out and got there. They're big money contracts it ever gonna try to command fully guaranteed contracts. To try to move the NFL and more of a baseball. Related weigh in terms of contracts in the way they get paid but those guys didn't even do that they got huge deals but they didn't ask for completely guaranteed contracts. Now I will say this is not just all week I mean the players agreed to this in the left CPA. We obviously see. This hampers the players and it's. It's really silly it you look at it as we talked about who's a receiver with yours. The country how he's really holds these five year deal out of college. Game and it's gonna have used it sounds a part of the aisle. And the Texans king. Franchise him for two years. And from the ages of 22. To almost thirty years old. He is stuck. With used to the full. Count Ernie prop eight. Minutes. Is getting franchise two years in a row doesn't happen that often it is becoming. Eight it's happening more and more so. Because these teams are starting to realize they're trying to avoid paying these guys in getting stuck in these big contracts even though. They generally can't get out of the contracts in some way it's generally most money is you know at. They're signing bonus. But we're starting to see this more and more and it is becoming an issue and I think the players. It's gonna have to get to a point where they either get rid of it altogether or they just make it to where it's a one year deal and you can't you can't come back. After a season where I when I stepped up and I performed and I deserve to get paid and then you're trying to franchise tag media. It's it's it's an issue and like that's it I I've always thought I never had any problems with Eric Berry the person or him trying to get money. But. Do its. It's it's issues that he has to deal with this and other players like him had to deal with is this EPA comes up. The 8088. This is something they seriously need to take a look at the players had signed or agreed to anything. A typical. This gives this gets taken care because they can't I can't be taken advantage of like they are already under underpaid. In comparison to. The NFL MD MBA and you can talk about whatever. Art Major League Baseball the NBA you can talk about. Whatever reasons why are already underpaid it didn't sue. Have this being held over their heads to score demo. It's for a guy like Eric Berry who. Perform the way he did last year was a legitimate defense of player of the year candidate. It's not really fair for the chiefs come out and say well we're just gonna franchise tag him again I don't think that's fair to hand. At all but and I know you don't think that they should. Give him a big money contracts and I disagree on that but if you're not going to give him that contract he deserves. Let him go get it from somebody else don't just franchise tag human string him along because he can. They get attempt to sit out but he can't talk to any other teams. Now he's. He screwed. And as sucks sucks for you like the boundary Hopkins. I need this or have break more than anyone else coming up the other ticket. They think it will be in the middle if I can't everytime you black hat it's the guy. Who opened it up. And we get to this is due from and it continues the Griese make history. Well as we continue on the nice. Actually we. Right soon struggling. I'm with a sporadic this. Through the lead to sit eat. I'm getting really pushed out serves as being breezy day it's that so many people texting. You have to Chad. With. A people ask him what's wrong with you than you mean what's wrong with a does that sound like it's wrong. It. Somebody on the tax line this early blow half can do is desperately. Let them as we were talking about on the other's home. This what I think will be the downfall of the this is free access today today was the first eight of the first alien ant build it could be used. And you look at guys like air theory as. Now. The country how Hopkins for the Texans have grown into this. Issues or for that and it's horrible for the players and it. Von Miller was having talks about it making threats like I'll sit out the year. And until the next time the CPA comes up with the NFL. They will not. They re signed the deal. Will not. It is if this thing is included like do you think they're going to try to completely get rid of it. The 'cause the owners are gonna woods on this either because this is that you that's true for. The donors are asked of budge on some of it there's a year's going to be. There's gonna have to be some type of compromise. With the franchise tag because I think that's the biggest thing for these players in terms of ECB acting made a bad job of negotiating last time and they know that now. Because we're seeing guys like. I think. Packers cornerback Sam Shields to yell he okay made a good amount of money but he got so many concussions that he wasn't able to play last season. And got hot and he's probably never gonna play football again. This. Everyone who's listen to me. Those. Feelings are that she's resigning here it's and I think the franchise tag is something that I think. It's good for the fans. Because it ensures that teams can bring back players. Did the fans like and the fans wanna see on the field at least for one more season and maybe go on that run to try to get to a title of thinking that's the guy that they need. But it's not a good thing for the NFL players that that's the question do you think it. Players would be less likely it is to sign with the error teens their home teens. If I do you think Eric Berry if he did have a franchise stay eating Eric Berry with a left. Well I mean act like he's I think he's going to listen to the chiefs and what they have to say but if he doesn't like but the user offering him. Of course he's going to go somewhere else Eli. The chiefs are going to have first day and even a thought like in B eight. Like the MBA yeah so the example we use Kevin Durant the Oklahoma City Thunder with a team to pay him the most. And maybe you do something like that isn't. The NFL instead of holding the cost. Us like that this crazy light sources are on the tax. The first text that didn't have anything to do them a voice keep the franchise to. Make it where you can't same player to that at least asked yet I mean led the team in around thing is ridiculous and we. It was to a point where teams were were virtually never doing that because they do wind up paying more essentially all. Becomes a cap pain as well. Which is something that they have to factor in or starting to see more and more teams do this and take it. Rather I think gave these fighters long term extensions because. They can change money so many different places. They they can change money and Erik Fisher academy. Alex Smith read you his watch it changed but I can do so many things with. And we're starting to see this even more the quarterback position which you know Tom Brady's a guy who does is almost every year. Let's the patriots move money around because he knows he's still getting paid and he lets them move his money around and maybe takes a little bit last year and then. Just so they can go out and sign guys and we're starting to see more more guys do that to allow them. To spend money in free agency. But the franchise tag. Only affects guys. Like Eric Berry I got guys that aren't going to see that type of money that Tom Brady's going easy. Am. That is. The problem your top guys in the league or the ones getting screwed this. Thank you ate what six. This is better than the show's normal. Cheyney state it's. It right now it's on like saint rod Samkon has been a are we Craig Craig it's a case you have some comments on princess take it. The the outlook interface. Now calm culminated in the important warriors. You know mom ally and former. Bill Maher there got dual goal were there. Ditka on hitters that are. You know. Archie star world. It also oh participate book. Not all Asia like that. A teen. Biggest ounces. By NFL players he used night and it William. I would. You guys. I got turned down. War. Or my first home loans because my credit. And all eyes. In the younger you are and it read or her credit. Because she Bob banker tenure. No who would certainly we have free access. It's. And I mean stop whining man you know higher there is great player. I. I and hung up on that anyone let alone. Stop. At yesterday I talked about Spain and you know I don't have this Craig why would you do this to. Yesterday I talked about it stands. Immediately an ill rational torched it sir. With all due respect I really do feel bad that you weren't able to eat your first home alone aren't legitimately. And I'm glad you're able all the little guys hate. But sir. You'd still make the money Eric Berry does. You don't even make the money that Eric Berry should or even currently. So your life in getting home loans. Your wife theatre owners is not the same amount that Eric Berry makes. I'm coming on and I'm sorry I really do legitimately hold it. A loan or whatever. I mean I'm so art and it's. I don't stay put your life. Like his life. You don't say. On and on the on sorry for your particular situation Cragg but it's not. Desire Mary's. Fault that he was given these. God given abilities to play football for a living and as with in any profession. When you exceed what you're currently making you wanna get paid more money when your talent level in your production. Is better than what you're making you wanna promotion and you wanna make money and Eric Berry deserved that any deserved to get pay. Lord knows Craig if you. Were the best barber. Kansas City hell you might. Use it feel like you're making more war. Your profession that people Warren is. Like oh well. Say he's complaining crying. What do you mean to tell me Craig give viewers the NFL. You were. You're getting screwed over in your money that you wouldn't complain. I don't give a rip if your make it well. Somebody sit on the man went three that was cool getting tickets excellent six and 306. Was the show. Mean Tikrit. Yea Internet. Does that mean with a cold now. I I don't see it now it was it wasn't mean because it wasn't what we were talking about well. And and it didn't have anything to do with what we were talking about and I'm sorry if it came across the air that way. But. If you're gonna call and let's stay on topic in this copies about it Mary how he deserves to get paid whether it's with the chiefs are with someone else I am proud of us. Are. Let him. Talk about bill's office. These eight that Chris Cooley is here was slow white guys he said yep punched in it Stiller. I don't know if he said the Nigerian. I think you make that I let him hang on before apple Rick and I have. A quick trigger finger. Everyone is elements that I've never seen. Out here out of debt isn't because it isn't because. They've built in as little sympathy out there where my father in laws that sound like constant. Nods is. I am I'm not doing an impression of Bruce Weber would be funny. And and I leisure burgers whoever has. A physical mail. On them with. A what would Bruce Weber say like if he lost his. Would you quite vocal looks it is what we look out. If he lost his. I'm just AM I I just think he got a look at. On the players know in his first off is currently with him out of money your pain we have seen. Guys like. Who's going for the that this is. That I can't buy a hundred million dollar deals. Whose side the biggest ill in the history of NBA. Make it a at the most in our league injury luck may get eighty all war. Guarantee you gotta he's hitting as might not even a top ten point guard in the NBA he's never made it to an all start up a it it's. Could you imagine how much Alex Smith would make if he was in the NBA. It right here it. Merger I'm not sure that it is geared you'd think the financial franchise tag is schools some of this. Yes well I think I think that tea and air. Really good because. Solomon but like Casey about a year ago. Did want to achieve are really like she. And on the game that they are but he scored on. Interception. Or two point conversion. I think that you'd cute important rule to security chiefs and I think they can and they buy it by putting him I feel like you varied the. Well OJ I don't argue that for the chiefs' franchise tag or eight I'm talking about Jared if you were Eric Bayer. You got a chance to make a huge contract you know in the NFL you're time is limited east when he eight. Now he's got to wait till he's 29. Actually he'll be twenty now with the season starts so he's gotta wait it's thirty. To be able to sign. The biggest deal that he can sign in as well that is unfair just because. They came franchise take you to leave tomorrow. That your. Depth of the talent that yet if pointed out that but he I think. As the new chief stand I'm really excited to see what he'll do you look but I hope I open and Portugal or great. Russia at the call for me I don't think geez. It's hard to France says it. Now I don't think he needs to be franchise tag I don't think it's fair to him but I mean at the end of the day I don't think he's NFL franchises. That concerned about the well being in the financial stability of these players that does concern of winning football games coming up that ex blue. Up next. I guess show topic of the day good lord royals really. Theres. Really this. And there. Well. French Fries pretty. Right right tighter. Yeah French drivers. Economic economic summit vacant. Yeah. Back and it. I generally jolt. Laurel with something world birds and I don't think calls but I'd like Pena. Pam is here a lot of burned show us your lack she is and it. Six to atlas men. And acknowledged the great Pam what's your thoughts on the France as that would beard. Hey how you do it I'd taxes it would get better. Yeah I ask. You. You're you're you're trying to happen. Is my question is this. Given the fact that Eric Berry has had cancer do you think. Debt it's seems that may have used that as a way to attempt to get away it was. Lift using the franchise tag on him greatly he made his father Leahy. What he can get paid. And I'm and I'm certainly not against him yet get lucky. When you know that he can get. What. How much damage leveraged and how have you think that she's been used it. Given the fact that he had cancer. Thanks bill and certain goal that Pam eyes on the say that was something that. God brought up last season when he was trying to negotiate a contract and then they franchise tagged him because. The chief wanted him to sign an insurance policy in case his cancer did return. On and we don't know the exact details of that insurance policy but that's what I had to do with an a barrier of peace assigned it. Which he should union he was well within his rights her views that. But it I mean it is something that with that history is something that teams probably look at. Thank god is still topic of the day. You've got to be on the brakes. Are you kidding me. First it was great like the anti sec exorbitant for a first it was great. Hale who took all call which column. To act like you can hear this dispute that aspect I kissed the show topic today. This match is well. It's time to act like you can hear this is. Due to show. Today. That gag gifts so topic of the day sponsored by absolutely no one of what could step up. I'll mares screw this up and up Leo it's thirty you don't need to screw it up to president Craig who made me start screaming and yelling and now Leah. By the way as a side note this tea is really help. This yeah. Would that real is that and that was really a but this has come straight at you at peaked. Wrapped up. Royals announced partnership with Mac I. The royals turned a double play of the game this season a Mac apple will cost one dollar the next day. Not to be kidding. You know. Keep McDonald's our players self it's gonna. They keep raising the price on those Mac doubles they got to make double and a double cheeseburger deterrent throw you out this. But double cheeseburgers written about a buck eighty back and that big double like what they've now. The because I. Because I've effects okay. It doubled doubled its double is a little smaller leak or will he. These. Years this is what this is what the royal. Right right signing Travis and we're going to bring you back doubles. May be a lie and said this cat maybe that's why this second base position is so when port. To the people in this city because they knew. That this was coming. I mean the people look the sector big threat. That's carried it over the biggest thing that Lisa took the let's hope. While her magic they did it again big. They. Had to settle for the dollar mixed doubles like at it and get pigment acts. Little one slice of cheese on them. Maybe that's that's the difference. I hope this is either going to be out this is the guy going to be. Escobar over its rules how customer in its its return to like out there is a Yugo and vehicle did. She'll stop. It is that time if you show stopped. Costs and. Best showstopper. You didn't. Then hey daily. Has become the testing ground for the NBA in its new advertising campaigns such as advertising on Jersey's. Announced yesterday they have entered a partnership with Gatorade the NBA Gator leave or did Jie Li. This the league is going to tell us what it is that we. I keep that alive and still play in the do you eat a plant over. No I understate the travel the world and make a bunch of money that play in the if the and let's just try instantly they just try it and it doesn't work that. I mean if it does about the TV there. Are worse and Minor League Baseball works. The Westminster dog show was taken over Twitter last night. The best and brightest dogs from all over the country compete for best in show over 3000 dogs competed in the event but only one can claim the title that's what he seventeen Westminster best in show. And that was the debt was the German shepherd beauty named a rumor. I tend to. Look at the wolf. It happens it. Does get. I wouldn't go off that I think what the law and just exclusively start wearing tied iShares tonight is that it does whatever they feel it was. 000. So now thank you for waste. This is their daughters who I will ourselves out of that. Famous rumors of beautiful German shepherd. You get. And I'll play Mayweather says there is no super fight the wards between him and John Macgregor and they used happily retired. The rumor. Was McGregor was on his way to Vegas to finalize the deal and after flights into Graham post Connor simply too we have pictures. Of himself on earth are thrown like chair saying. I am in Las Vegas. Floyd has retired on my arrival. You know I've never understood that while I believe was pursuing this fights or. Like. Keeps him irrelevant keeps him in the headlines. Again this is now boxers to challenge him anymore there's no money coming in me and less the monies went it just it just doesn't makes it like. Ads is our C white Connor is pushing so hard. I've never understood why it was seeming like a lowly as the person. Atlas come out saying oh yes it's gonna happen it's gonna happen but it never makes its. It's. No no one should want to see this fight. I wish we were just stop talking about it altogether but it's going to continue of to make headlines because of because of the names that are involved in how loud they are in the way they're going to sell the fight now think it's ever actually going to happen. Coming up on the other side look I really. Well liked to killed kids like college kids but. I can't help. There's a kid who legitimately might be the number one pick of the draft. I won't playing right now at 645. A month bullies have goal. He will never do anything of war. DMB. That's next. But he biggest test bloodied and six is the team healthy it shows start yelling yeah. Craig and Julio or try and insert a confident with they have less backed mr. adults. Like dots. Who wasn't watching the Westminster dog show last night. You worked. With even servant but if you thought the plus I got home you do the best. When you've got. These. Fantastic television. It is that between you Reagan. Corrects its. Biggest problem is his average is problem. Believe that the of the church with a Motley. All right shall we let talked about. This kid learns global UCL late or really really is up there right along with frank Mason. As potential picks for national player of the year. And. His dad is come out sits and things remember his brother that cherry picker. That scored eighteen points in high school. His dad is really outspoken because it was our Lavar ball yes. This. I'm sorry I I because I don't think it's kid is going to do here is lie. Let's into the com that his dad may please. At seeing it in all of our ball is a former professional athlete he wasn't. He was a national player but he was never what his kids that are. Being portrayed as or or potentially could be lots of balls of potential lottery pick in this years draft. Sales is that sales etc. It's and we Angelo hall in a mellow ball is the one he scored the 92 points high school game they're both still in high school they're both phenom. Top recruits in the country. This week alone this is via the big lead Lavar told T and see that his son a mellow sophomore chino hills high school. Well easily scored 92 points and game again and claimed Alonso will be better than staff Currie in the NBA. I he goes on to talk about how. East train them. From the time they were little kids day in and day out never taking days off he says I tell my boys all the time. Someone has to be better than Jordan why not you you've got everything. We we give them everything because the work they put in they don't take off holidays no Christmas nothing. Il sole win in a full breakdown of how his son is going to be better than Jason Kidd. Which was equally ridiculous. It's just. You're putting so much pressure on these hints and you can make them they hate the sport they're supposed to love are always pressure. What do you think those kids think that settles it that's what they could sitting around listening. I guarantee they're probably not the most humble kids who what's the deal with that pair. In the NBA. Did you imagine dealing with him at UCLA game. You thought you thought Diddy was. You know did each tried to beat up strip this coach. I'd like curled bores. What's lie what's a slew of moral bar all. Got up at his wife is excellent here's all the time. Never seen the show trophy kids. I it's dead horse. I've bitch eats all over those key. But to me you your dad talk stuff like that. It chills me. And a I feel bad it is but I don't think it is ever going to. Oh man. A regular is making fun of escalating Goldman. All of your bank account. And take to take over or he's. And I mean. Though there are on here it. Any light after the show I know he didn't he spring and well it's a rough go. I'm. Ticket that should account and the award. Maybe gay and everything. Mirror. Here here it's it's unclear. But anyway. Paula I can sort of you sound like your. Of course very much so. Good. The daily observations. Out and I. My I. Tiger and so so what. Lost a couple. Of beauty of the nicer mountains as Saudi previous lives right. One I don't know I don't know some girl and not a large. Actual and they and Disco wherever. And you see me try as hard. I try to do the last. But that they would get it all game long so. Yeah yeah. I won't remarks. It's the ArvinMeritor giver as. Yeah. Yeah now. And you're. Like yeah. Well you mean you're crazy and that's what that's why she's probably I think he's I appreciate the attempted handoff that. Nice I'm and again I hadn't fumbled it and you know look at our apple two and a beloved knicks. Looking kill me. It's too. Oh it has against its its probably on this hardship it eats what doesn't about that what does that good balance and gearing ET in order port saint Pete a he orders a ticket. He does it up as honor my eyes at Valentine's. Have rights to be put the listeners. What does a good balance that they look like. Or go. I mean look what a good. Chicken and beer. I'm assuming he drinks beer maybe a little orders. If that's happening and that sounds it's about a solid day and about Valentine's Day tablet or regular day ago. He Eagles do him like this offered you love could shut down here. It's very weird guy. On bra the chicken and beer as any merchant pizza this is it true. What Hillary is is that's a somebody it's a the bank for that I agree Popeye is that odd dollar Wall Street and get someone else gets up. I guess that could someone else verified that Julio asserted on someone looked this up a pop. You can have five dollar lawful chicken tenders. On Valentine's Day. Like. See I told you it does so maybe that's how to them and he had beard. Any legit had pop eyes of truth and rights ability. Thrives as there are days. They they did return to the menu like we we did so go get them for five dollars right now love is a Valentine's Day special. So we can hit pot pies after the shouted night. Come and up and coming up started babies up the best 592. Show. Radio. Because it's the only any might have some cringe at its next.