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02/15 5pm - The Hits, Best of Lo-Cain, Ask Us Anything

Feb 16, 2017|

In Hour 4, the guys play the hits, bring back the best of Lorenzo Cain, and end the show with "ask us anything."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They get dealt with in the locker get married now Valentine they'd changed for you since you've been. Any day they get the idea but I think sound good does me in other women really appreciate hours. OK it was fair across the desert clearly feel close. Likewise. It's quite excited where's he been MIA 'cause we have you big. Shockingly loud words hey bear like those kind of things are on the mound yeah he created. Women really appreciate the name of it at the open it high school kids don't want your daughter but you guys did a great thing. You're no Teddy bear I don't think every kid we're keeping your fiancee and her age. Is he that you think bill does that encourage you not help likely until the ballots until they do not mind. You know you think he wants those eighty dollar oversized bear what are you doing now you've got to put the red and I don't. It's going to be our house a lot of guys care. Got to free himself the our house we can do it. Take care of picked up I don't know that. I leave my clothes everywhere I would do that night it's about you that you all that you can be. They even knew about their that anybody but that's that's a regular day at our house a critical time but I know who's good good day. I guarantee Harrison. So tell me like Serena Williams Kim cart issue they could potentially be great pitcher no question the dry. Thanks a lot but listening congratulations. You're 95. There's different meaning that the Chrysler to drive alive from surprise Arizona. In royals. Marine. Strange but it's it's nice to its all day long and innovative yet. It's stories in the Zain Jesus that he talked about it every day at 5 o'clock we usually. Shut up and play the head guys. Hit number one he's been our first date for its last few days in the next few weeks it's a chance for you. Go to Boston to see the boys. Ten right now. 8767613. Fives and six. Brought to you why do. The good folks over here and six in sports radio and Dick Smith sport. Had your chance to what a jerk but noted beings out of Kansas City invades Boston this July. Just like the sound or was it fourteen today at Tesco in the morning patiently being. And the drive with me in vain you hear that sound or call up right now it's been caller and you were qualified to win the trip. Between now and march 3 would draw one lucky winner will be all there away. The Boston won the boys in blue with airfare so. Three night hotel and it 400 dollar ticket credit you can get all the details now on the website at six in sports dot com. They need us and number zero franchise tag windows starts today guys and is potential negotiations can begin. The chiefs have to prime candidates for the tag this year they had done Tariq and they also have Eric Baer. Is in front office insider Louis Riddick said there is value goes way beyond what you've been able see on the field. Both of these guys become leaders in the locker room and there's no question. I don't care who you talked to done in Kansas City that Eric Berry is that guy and he is responsible for keeping some of their more free spirits on the football team. In line in check because they Revere him. For more skeptical on the field what he's overcome all the field and just kind of way he conducts himself as a pro. When you start messing around with guys like this in terms of long term contracts and start making it all routes. Dollars and cents a sliding them into a certain position and you don't pay enough attention to how much they mean to the locker room you can get yourself the trouble. Deadline maybe ten days from now you guys think things are gonna change between now and then. Later we're gonna get a contract the Louis Riddick in my opinion is exactly right. It's sports or business you start losing your best people. You're in trouble with the ripple effect that so now they hear Bear's gonna get a contract in the next ten days. But the same time you can't lose your best people get good business he can't do it pro sports which of course is a business so. You've got to figure out a way to do this out of court and out to open. In the next ten days on on what the chiefs are gonna do but if it's me it's my team you put the tag on Pau. Because these two revival on the field and off. I expect over the next couple days we'll see your report very similar that we saw on 2014. RC people it was which he. Vets say it was a race to see who got that hunt and play. Like it's. It was would fall into that right now. And it was whoever signed the deal first the other person it's a great shot back I expect something very similar to happen this year. If you do not franchise tag or prayers. He is not coming back for the chiefs. There's too much money in this in this free agent market the salary cap them going of the belief fifteen million dollars. You're not letting Eric Berry hit free agency and didn't re sign it's not a run Parker situation Padilla moron are you free agency the bears were in on him a couple other team and you eventually convinced him come back. That's not going to happen with air fare. The I don't know if you can move forward with this team. If Eric Berry is known all the what did you make it for what he means to this team all of a feel for what he means that the steam off the field. I don't know if you can move forward without weird here today my biggest storyline this lawsuit and how they're going to handled here they're situation. I think you can replaced on target well you rant that Christian old rocking you approaches you Allen Bailey injury power. Are set on the defensive line. I think it is a few hole in his defense in the locker room you've Eric Berry that makes him by forty number one this all we do not much else this team to get a quarterback priority number one this offseason. Is air fare. What did the rest the team that do you got a guy that's done what he's done and done everything that's been asking them and done it it exceeded the expectations for him to beat cancer that all these things. You know tea. And I believe Eric Berry you don't you don't think you don't think it'll happen but I believe Eric Berry and for the franchise I got to the second hero. These won't like I hope that you will play how to get the tickets here. But again that's shooting at but about pro sports you. This is that everything that you ask of him and he's done it better. An ex expectations. Aren't sold at defense in that locker room and you got to pay him that we got a plan. You know got a lot of time if people don't know you could franchise tag got deadline is march 1 you'd an app for more experts until July 15 to agree to a contract. A similar what happened we just in Houston you franchise tag him and that you re on a number between now and then it gives you a secondary deadline. But you can only use the franchise tag on one person so they either have to agree to a long term view with one of the soup and they franchise tag the other. Franchise tag one of and then allow the other to walk. Like they are in a very difficult situation over these next ten days off out organ or as an organization that if this team's gonna have Al Smith. There's just a ceiling on what your team to be offense so you better be sound defense got one invest in on defense and I've that you don't do that without air. Great player throughout the league that you're gonna like that Kansas City if if they're like guys like Eric Berry market pain I mean there's a ripple effect the cutesy and throughout the league its players pay it that's been active careers are short. They wanna make money. Message to realize knicks' next it is the runs of and thought about it earlier gave the bodies handed. Honestly an interview today is maybe we've ever heard from him. And got he decided that he's going to be approaching spring training as differently as maybe ever. Well I'm sure was gonna happen and for you to not be good to those things I enjoy going to and you know he Douglas less wrong. As of didn't give him and his group is his business goes through. This is a group those plan and we didn't and I wouldn't notice from the left management Dave justice being around. It was gonna look here you've got this upper hope we'll. I mean the official thought. And I'm not sure why you're concerned about the royals discussing the future of the team and what's next and what's going to be happening over the next year. It's on everybody's mind for years it seems like you won just one of vehicle focus on the now and the now only. I think its second day of pitchers and catchers in spring training is a little early for us start talking about 2018. That's off. I'm not talking about the royals thought about it because of course I'm sure the royals' front office people have talked about it for years we know it's coming into another and a few. Understand the job of the government here you know it's like. You know I'm having spring training for seven weeks into account wanted to join the last few days my fiance. I would talk about the seven weeks and enjoyed it's not like guy. You know because I want to legit or is Steve and his group together. And what money is tied to talk about that odd mistake. From a knee is and what a lot of jump the gonna talk about an 182 days in the pitchers and catchers report that's the only issue I have with it. I think we can talk about that for launch I love the reds those answers very honest I mean you know we. We criticize ball players and athletes when they don't say which I don't blame them for an outstanding things at times because they get roasted by. So media members that are responsible addicting that context I love the recipes are just saying I question your talk about two dozen anti. When you've got is seventeen is really the start of the old school does have to report later this week. So let's let's can we just kind of enjoy it for a little bit and mitigated this season and find out where this team has gone before we start. Make it a big deal about 2018 that's that's my only point in that I have added a little bit I don't wanna see these guys breaking up. Grew up in Kansas City raised royal and I don't wanna see you break up I know what's gonna happen to her and Russian. I think solitary. I'm exit point we're not talking about when he team you're talking about when he seventeen penalized your if you look at a little bit different like the analogy I use your fiance I think is a little bit flawed in the sense of you know at some point you're going to go back. My point I develop more like this outfit that you go back home out I think everybody that follows the royals look at this offseason as what we now know what indicated. We know what ever closer to the world that you see on the lower and that won a championship that they're done that I think just changes it changes or with them for your. We're in. It changes your perception. On how you're going to use these I'm with you it's the second day of offseason. Bet let's talk about this team but I think it is impossible to remove yourself from the big cloud that is everything. That this is the last season that you're going to see all of your favor boils together the world's that you celebrated on the money spent on the World Series. The group that revitalize baseball in the seat this is the last eight months. And ended up just analysts. Are now. He's such heard about the future that we don't use it back negative thoughts that it was going on this these you know. It's such a hurry to know what's gonna happen in the future. We don't just sit back enjoy this a little bit not much and we don't deal with that we don't discuss it over the course letter went over again like we've all over Jordan with the two world seem. I enjoy it we don't know what's it but we don't know. What can happen in the pool that we don't the rotation. We played second base and also go to who's gonna the next that is true but I'm not ready I just think it's. A joke but the got to talk about two and two days in this that you think that she's worked out is it is I'm not ready to go there. This. Look at this is like one big long summer vacation now looks like July if you're like you knows all about to happen that you want and don't lie about it but you know. Mean and and for five weeks I've got to get ready for school would you like that's got Al look at if you look at this whole time with this organization. These guys and it's just different because they know the Indy with a lot of dynasty that windows you never know we've Europe that it's when it. Going to be competitive next season. But the championship baseball and the level you expected I just don't expect him to be at that level this season that changes your outlook on how people are approaching fair. Conversation around early. To Vista yeah that if a body that has a friend that was the royals that Debbie our guys. There with the royals finally won the World Series. He ask you about Vegas yet what about 2008 team I sort of be that guy and I actually. Figure out this season joints you. Next six guys we continue to royals' spring training profile today we got the heart and soul of team and catch yourself and our friends. LB network think that their top players at their positions and MLB network hasn't ninth amongst all catchers in baseball. But other analysts that Dave Valle doesn't seem new. With its value in showing up every single day knowing that your guys back there behind the plate leading your pitching staff I know south present you mentioned most innings over the last three years. Eventually it's got to take it stolen even though he's still a young player. Eventually your legs are gonna start get a little bit tired your ability. To block balls is gonna start to slow down but this guy I have a little bit higher I have hired as well lash I know he's he's just dropped one from the shredder but. This is the guy I like Salvador Perez behind the plate like the fact that he catches. And he can throw 48%. That's nothing to us to laugh that. So I just seems hard to you because there's all the inconsistencies on the offensive side note he brings defensively. Can't do you think this could be his best offensive via. I do I think there's two big talking point out we get to the monsters these I didn't look at SE specially from the power prospective. Every year he's been a major player his power has increased. Salvador Torres has reached that. Athletic age are ever at the time you or Stewart brought us that's out there were highs he said ballplayers. Is it but it's. We try to develop well and get into the point we're 2526. They can really get their athletic peak in that we can see their prime athletic years a personality is right now that he's the guy that's gonna be home runs this season actually it under our guys. We already know about it through the ability in his ability to stay behind the plate but the as the other talking point without a right. One necklace that we've played there was visual. Of now the first opera which is your monster. At a secondhand. With these numbers. The first half of the cities obviously 762. After the 63 one base percentage in the first half of the season. 30 wait a second half to 57. Slugging percentage in the first at 462. Secondhand 369. There's no arguments out corporate is different player of the second half of the season. But a lot of times in the offseason. Dayton and an awful lot about what we wanted to sort of self right wanna keep you healthy we wanted to ration. Well part of it sitting down sometimes because I think it is college for it like it happens often without it is undeniable. He is a different in his second half the season I didn't find a way to keep that sickness now is to be a little bit better than you at the last receive. Probably arrest of a little bit because he's a catcher the catcher first and most teams what catchers that are catchers verse that they can be offensive players we will buyers into the world system is catcher. There's a lot more to be captured and put up offensive numbers and it got him as the pitching staff. South really really good when it comes to snap Rosen prone guys out and do things like that the one thing I'd like to see him improve on. Is calling games and he immediately hailed pitches dad needed it was got haters need to know exactly who's hot who's not how to pitching how to get him out. Those things to media do and I'll refer back to 2014. But it's obviously the 27 in day. So he is in those peak years right now I'm about to 2014. What do you think this game to the jurors on the medical five straight fastballs. To lead off hitter than in the first inning and Gregor block with the fifth one in the giant hole. I think he needs to. Do a better job of calling game that doesn't show up in any sort of staff. It just does so to me. It sounds get a progressive beat potentially hall fame catcher type guy he's going to be able to do those those are things that are easily seen by fantasy. You gotta be able to do that and to be a great pitcher I don't see any way possible. It's salad and a policy and his team put up monster numbers in the second half when your dad take all of them face mask. You know you you take off your arm your leg let's get tired I hit it's typical that you. I can improve those little bit arrested published today. How do you judge that throughout the course of the season it itself you don't think he's a great catcher now he's a really catch I think. Don't Iran. Supper is a great catch. But his game calling it is the weakest part of it and that's really important part of big catcher that wasn't the case possibility that yet again. But you gotta be able to call again managed. Who else got it got to you know who's hot who's not. And your face and easier division nineteen point times a year he'd understand these guys understand what's got about last time you faced. Things like that I think that's and it puts out its approval it's really hard for us to see it literally see it go to the game what's radar. I was told by fastballs in Europe. Or his call for change breaking balls mix it up what's what you call a second time in line third not to lie and that's why wants to sell prove. That's one nice. Bottled it for you guys case State's residents and battle letter published it on a State's website asking the student body hey can you. I did not use up bonds anymore so it was quote personally embarrassed by it. You did you ask stopped profanity. To me it's it's it's hard argument to try and figure out the college students can't punish everyone is guilty of it. Not sure there's a solution. He's not he's not asking to stop using profanity. He's asking users the option any as a group. Completely different Alley it's a really down and did she or is that it's still all male we're asking you those split them here. Yeah the F word period. I think that is being too much of a student body. I understand why the Kansas State administration. Doesn't want there are students. Yelling expletives all of you is yes I totally did it from their perspective but I think there are some things that happen in college athletics that just. Or governing eight team that needs of your role sometimes they do things that are rebellious and that was something that you don't wanna do and I remember this happened that was there a few years ago. There at six kids that rain on the field. Everybody ran out of fuel what ever the sixty that they arrested. Columns both grossing. One example argues that everybody thought there you're in selling pictures of the students all McCall work. We get you arrested six kids for doing what you just to make a lot of sense. That in your case they. There has to be ended what you now write this letter if they JFK you during the next days in the next UK's they game you rest a couple of students like I would think that's bad you are. I think this is one of those things aside from you're just putting on the Jumbotron Bill Snyder say they represent this state university a little bit better than this I don't really know how you can solve this problem game part of being young and colleges rebelling against them all old people tell you do. I just don't know how you can salt the spotlight. I think if you pick your battles. And the other wants to stay away from that that's when public option yet forward and coming up next Lorenzo Cain talked to the media today in just for here. And he was forty open about the future is contract. About the changes that's been happening with the role we play every now excellent draft. 610 sports. Back and all of its drive harassing here threat gaining. In surprise Arizona really quick company into the text before we played over. The pain on that I think really good and you need to hear. Excellent 696. They're little kids after the PC games need to find something. Else to do it's not that much and score the offenders out of the game if they can't stop it. That's a fine strategy if it's two people this is a one guy in section 217. As JFK you. You watch the game. It was. Thousands of people doing is the way to stop the game and they say hey anybody that was doing overnight and escorts throughout the building or it's gonna happen widespread. People every island at the moment you see somebody do it supporting everybody out of the building like we don't live in this perfect world. I don't know if you can stop. Thousands of college kids from doing. They used it as it all college kids that cared either of adults courtship of course you know that should know better and become. She boom you got a new problem whatever coach. It's common sense man little. Set the record straight year of that but our easily offended some. Simple things really and me. And and the word itself does not want oval. That a whole group of people are changing it. Leads. The big plans. Today Lorenzo Cain met with the media isn't a whole lot of media stuff I think he's kind of one of those guys like once he says something really need to pay attention to listen what do you say. I thought it was really good. He said Allah the members of the media today in talked pretty openly about his future. The team and it changes. Make him a drug guys don't really different than burn tells the story in this audio. Then he goes out to the view yesterday says well they trade partner who wants the play catch him and as of late that they roll together the locker right next which they were really good friends. But now he's not there like their roster is changing and the team is changing and I think that. Pain obviously sees it the conversations are with Isner urgency for you guys to win now. Officer's home isn't always who was gonna happen and probably two men would be good to since I was having losses now. You know he got this list wrong. It's about good Uganda's Moses is businessperson. This is a group that I love playing readings in the time we have indeed this from the local management Dave justice being around. Obviously we're gonna look here give our best effort hopefully go. I mean the officials. You disagree that this is. Guys have success hitting the ball at its. Speed he does bring our guys. Apart from. Give this team being known more as a team in the past student. So much of the things didn't. Happen so moments ago if you guys can use it as a bit. But we you know law and so again. You know powers' home that we didn't. Doubtless learn. And malls and the government's. Or so and stuff like that. He's in the three months off steal bases and this is. That was that was. Have a good mixture over the line. Getting beat themselves here on incumbent and the fifth. Ask us anything yet if these guys would. It's good that blonde tips like this. Well you know what we're probably I don't know that he whether it's overwhelming dominance. Where we get a fair critique you hear it's minor. Who bit with the united. Has questions for her. Eight. Two you think you guys are actually he does acknowledge. What lies ahead. Is that have been around somewhere. You know talk about that we as we just have to talk that you get me started this since you get that feeling of what's gonna happen with a good future home. As it is Israel you know they can sign everybody has its way it is we don't spend their. Love the sinner man about it but as a way to lose or solo as we roll into other. My best known about this initiative to settled into. Well within his own offices and the news did you remind Lou mutants great with and so it was a trade didn't need a trade was that your first. It's a business moment was this offseason easy dives straight and what was that home business moment I'd say just. You know just seeing guys be traded this year. You know beg you got through represented at really no one's doing business no mostly really you know you know some of the games. But out all of the thing doesn't currently trades and dozens in this business is business. And of course it's. Incidentally it is. We don't do this but abyss before and go from there her talent yesterday that they are treated here you're catching part. Out there a warm ups I was in Atlanta. I have proof alone so we'll we'll see how long they speak some right now Stallone. The senate. You have a good season goes along. Laid out and what is your presidency would licensing and out there. But there Lincoln mariners fan fest and he and his quote was wherever I go champagne flowed. He came gives it about bit and these these the kind of guy you know. He's he's a packet again you know we've we've got a team lightly we know he wounded team you know. You know even though he was our messages you know he used to be supported all of us. So this is part of a dozen guys didn't miss a monsoon season so officers got to do it right now you know. I know he's he's gonna be greatly miss we will listen. There's got to move forward and hopefully. It's awesome to see him here how do you personally. Treat this like another year when you know what lies ahead and speaking of the business you know what Goodyear could mean for you and your family right but that's put too much personal myself and I've always been my day. That's not a player as relaxed as comfortable as possible it looked like come on man my best and I'm when I'm like you know an oppressive and time it's much as we must have thrown so. As they I think it definitely didn't think about it you know. I thought this loaded not us tonight which was prisons. As the maple syrup cheddar because this stick with the plane you know. This license to steal wrecking last talking to sell about us. He hasn't made the additions of Amylin and now Travis Wood. It seems like that bullpen can be strong again that 678 readers can make it six inning game but now with an even better offense but moves back. You're healthy toward those ready for a bounce back do you look at this father's there's another World Series caliber teams that these expectations for this thing. I mean I don't really know much about the guys we signed. I can speak for teams and fans and with the notable when they're dumped on the you know Holland and Coach Williams knows. Wherever. You know Lucy you know. No result was better and favor of those books and in that they got to go there and play games and that's all that matters we'll we'll see what happens. Noam would definitely complicated so you gotta believe he's so good equipment to school. You know. We'll see what future holds put us into the work we do it and we should reduce your chances for and win. Moments consistently find that report found that uninteresting because. He does our afternoon charge station and they talked about. I don't remember who was somebody got sent down a few years ago and we are talking union like he did me. And now you say like you know you don't know much about these guys these. I think fans as it would be surprised at how much. Think you're not a baseball doors maybe you know all good is the most guys the only news. Like most as far as your not enough on checking out the way way. Right I Mac don't speak for myself and I'm not sure one of those things I don't have tutors and me estimates are really. I don't really follow maybe as much as someone else I can speak very emotional guys might follow it's easy. You know when when I'm done was once all season you know small seed and not a regular baseball must also note that note that the authorities viewed. Those loans that eight month. You know assault rifles and you know when a plane so baseball when I'm home from monkeys so abundant soul. If they well they will those who have this are really know anything about these guys know from here this is all about him and give them you know but look we've all of them and pays him. And how successfully in our you know Koppel weighs about bloggers from the Celtics ended today. Though gain talking sued the media today. I remember that Dayton Moore said that a couple. As at last offseason. Then he said we understand the economics of baseball and we understand that we can't sign everybody in at some point we're going to have to make those are decisions I know you don't want it looked up or that or intuit. But I do look at it for Lorenzo Cain. And I'm looking at it adds a little bit so that it is all you do look at it is it is eight. It is a individual sport and a team that's what once you're up there that you get hits in his home runs into all those kind of things. But I think there are two guys on the team that are positioned to make a whole lot of money next season aside from hopman but I think that's contracts already booked now we're arguing if they're gonna make under point five million dollars 65 dollars. I think a good season Fuller runs okaying means. A nice five year contract. If your work this season if you hit seven home runs like you have your career outlook you get that you'd. In the back of your mind in a little bit of motivation. If you have a really good season if you can have the senior united when he if you're going to. Put yourself in a position to get a massive contract I don't think this year is as important to anybody else I don't think wanna be on the team next year. The immigrants okay. I great because Lorenzo little bit older those guys in the T 3030 ones like that. Yet this event it's going to be as one it's gonna be as one contract. I've I've said today two or three times. You know talking about 2018 a little bit annoying to me once he's in the camp but from a standpoint of course you're thinking about that. Q do you think about your family you have to think about yourself you gotta think about a lot of different things because it's your career. And that's what you deal. So. Yeah I I think for Lorenzo Cain it's it's probably bigger year to more important year for him than it is for. It moves. Are pesky. Those guys because he's gonna want contract that's really it an independent positive he might get to. You know if so this is probably the biggest your tolerance Ellen and think for me is the yeah really good job in 2015 with the royals did he's healthy and that's that's the first thing there's a and we bureaucratic and yes you know where he's at we're talking like guys in you know three years or contract years. That it can go to a naked plate super argued completely locked in and everything works great or can eat him up inside. And it and it goes completely against and so for the reds okay I agree. I think it's a bigger year for him and in most do just because this is going up the knee injury so I think there's there's a lot out there per head per share and it's important here form. Highs as you so it's excellent says regardless of the year he says there's no way they peaking to a four up five year contract. In my crazy and thinking. Today a good year from Lorenzo Cain he could be Dexter Fowler. Dexter Fowler this offseason agreed to a five year or 82 million dollar contract not not as saying in average season from runs okay. I'm saying if he's the same player that he wasn't when he fifty. If he's healthy if you hit for power the way to mediate if he's still the same defender it's crazy to think believe that he gets that Dexter dollar contract this off season. I'm looking of the. The ages and Holler and keen eyed believer both thirty years old. So I don't know if that's necessarily a five year deal on the beard but you'll look somewhere probably in that same window Lorenzo Cain stays healthy plays a 150 something games this year. Puts up arguably his best offensive season and the absolute. I differences you had dollar from one year to another. Had died in OK season in Chicago and then. They thought he had a three year deal is only about eleven million a year so we came back to Chicago to ban on themselves and the bad end up working out right. I think thriller right so it's very similar situation actually they like that Koppel lie. If logos that deals this year than yeah Republican and 84 years. Anywhere between I would guess 65 and seventy something million I think I'm around the league I think that deal make a lot of science. And that's why I really look at this year I think it's you guys can really set themselves up by mean it's a good healthy year for Mike whose stock is. Where he shows the same kind of power he showed the last year and a half before he got injured and tolerance okay. And it came as a monster season attic he sets himself put together a big deal or we struggled with injury and I think he could be one of those guys that you kind of look at say. May Lorenzo Cain still available I kind of looked at brain a Mossberg also really it's easy 48 home runs this past season. He was available in February yeah you know like a team still could grab brain at all. He said about September 2 and it's was it all years of bats at Denver. Well where is he drops at the its that your Forte he's. I take that interview and and it's one thing here at in his twenties you quote in print. It really comfortable in a good place that you I mean it's an important thing especially in baseball. Like. Life in any sports do you critique to be on the edge of I really care and I don't give up you know I feel like the runs or is there right now just based on that alone in the interview that he didn't burn. An immediate it's like hey listen man ominous situation. And I've loved it. And maybe he loves it here but I don't know what's gonna happen and that's okay. Do my thing hopefully. You know we get this thing got keys and get the best place to be and if your. Culpable as you all are and what you're doing and what your situation even if you don't know what the outcomes going to be. Great place to be and I hit that. You can tell when guys. There's it's a public domain it you know or act like they're they're great. Here's something different and I. From the if you remember ever really hear an interview from Lorenzo. That was that. True is not the word I'm looking for constable you know and and if you're comfortable. He no changes common. He's going to be on IBC's. I don't wanna get all philosophical McCain just came Alton is someone that is has accepted that things are gonna be out war absolutely and I do mean. Especially in baseball but it is actually probably are more accustomed to a that we are in Burke was you know over asking about. You know when the business of baseball first it was going straight to Kansas City it was a win. You know he talked about isolate games on it and like man I could do about. All I can control is on the go out there do the best I possibly can and whatever happens happens and that's it. That's the feeling I got a man and what are what are great outlook heading to a could be your last season as a royal. And I think more than anything I think it's about we and you catch it was not like you caught white athlete traded drug guys that I think it's a different it's gonna train him like he's very laid back there like you just had a couple weeks the got to process that you see ya guys and they were all they can always packers' playoff game. I think that is that a little bit that you understand. Hey I appreciate the years we have together all see you in the offseason but now that I'm here work its back the businesses back to baseball. It's backed off having a really good season as a team expected me being healthy and be putting as good a year ago that release that myself well by newspaper for myself and my family. Going text there right now excellence 69306. Little ask us anything coming up on the draft. 610 Sports Radio. Was any or work vice won't seem so bad desk with a morning sixty and Sports Radio. Yes. Even in these consequences as you can have sex with men you're sure. Okay. That's a very good question. Yeah as soon. Go ahead and zags in excellent 69306. Ask us anything power bipolar standby generators buys C gave power coming up on sixteen and then nights on the show you only. And even third of from sixth and nine. And I I've seen going to be on nine he won at him funny and easy which none of them we're robbed Africa whose counsel ice. Pulled in the doubled and people on the Ernie Banks let's play two and yet normally it's he's. A night appearance we got it spot dots it'll be a once in an appearance on Madonna wears down. I would bet that was the story. Of reports on twitters tweets. Some of the things that we were comfortable going enemy that we felt like we had a pretty good feel about this bundle up neatly in the city there's an air surprise capital that you would Kansas idiot. Have have been thinking about it praying about. Blue valley head football coach characters we had a brain yours growing this week he's on life support. In each unit westerners and tweets at it city passed away we didn't independently confirm we haven't. Done yet so we're gonna go with this that leader from ABC channel line. We did it as a five point 1 PM Wednesday blue valley coach Eric Rezko was still alive support query to HCA. Midwest health care spokeswoman and so one of those things you don't get wrong so he. Specifically and deliberately stayed away from this and so we felt comfortable reporting something on it and so we feel comfortable what Matt Weiner. As a tweeted out the coach Driscoll is still likes it here atlas who again and we're. Thoughts prayers. And his family to him. Anyway it's affected by this because and I was just in case the man when your coach he had a lot of kids and and is now situations affect a lot of people. Especially aside and let those that tanning tax minus 6930 SX you can ask us anything. What he has been up to a surprise from the 816 where you guys gone out teams. Well last night I think genius idea go to Texas Roadhouse we have great states but I didn't factor in is that it was Valentine's Day so me burn. And guarantee we're gonna go. Texas wrote I forgot there's an idea that way so that went to VW the racist after I ran over my glasses. And and parents and orderly totally linked to nineteen of Obama's very Amber's it. Like six chipped away I've really gone anywhere else alone might not nothing special I eat whatever yes. I'll put on by going a couple times we can't avoid the lakers suns today. I am excited about that seed Georgia Clark's instill little semis Z. And go home. That's it assuming I've done so far no I wish I had a better story this weekend all do a lot more stuff. So far just gonna work that I acted like George former drill down here so I drove a couple of partners in them. And nicely done as you guys are clearly getting after it and and surprise Arizona. That's why this is a vacation this is the that this that this extra outs were stripped the strip. I don't blame you guys and all attacks like this I agree never gone habits overly our go to bed at like. 930. Mountains either I was out by 9 o'clock last night I woke up at 437. This morning. Iran yesterday these people in the hotel next few days. We're. Up against them and I would think you know like. Any time humbled rose it's always them oh. I won't point you are you know. You know shoot the shot and I didn't use the money. Blaster Chrysler you know someone died I got it yet no I've not been added I got what it but I was arguing. I mean it's got to be struck with sleet snow was quiet there was no yield the you can hear it like it was like out purposely trying to listen to a but I think from the from what I gathered for the art. She was cheating on him and he found out there saying it not changed over your phone and then she was like argue why she did at the show on the phone. A lot of a lot of inappropriate names and what was likely that we tell the sound change which means let the door open yelling yeah now. And abstinence make it public athlete that I call the police. Quidel the news for hours so. Fast I didn't really know much about it. I didn't that it entered me I've all apartment. I called the police or domestic issue by. It's it'll be like appeared series admiral once on this this guy yelled at the woman. Keep it like that you can record speaks slams then I'm blood. I'm assuming you talk about and so they are talking about. It's up since Leo and I was a slide. You really bad on my concert that something happened in an opposite assurances does the exit and I didn't do everything. Like called the police in. I'd feel better about I don't know what a great team by that question be answered their questions of them. Not really sure how to transition and investment tax lines since nine. Al outer tell its story Sachs led a 693 cirrus expanding the one thing yet to take away from the strip. Axel Carrington this when now we experienced that at bird in a town. Gotta keep the talent say. You got absolutely got to keep down saint. That's like 69306. From the 913 we always hear about hearing tens thirst spy. Fanning who is your celebrity crush. Man. The one that pops in in my life I've got a big effort. Like love. I get in. I've got to think for effort he put a foot tall and you video you have quietly I keep I keep a blurs by I I. You accused that they always for me to hear another lifeless rent. You can't have when you're engaged. Them alive but he can't. One's almost too much got a lot but I brought up for you one time and I still that would be like yeah I guilt free will free her. Yeah. Yeah. They have but iShares held lots and tolerating it. This one yeah. He's here right nobody listen to that list that you hear it live for other people in the debate. Blake lively on and she should like the end of bird. Blake lively version. Much. It's like I like college basketball poll like we end up and down like for a long time to be able yeah it is now. Out with my number one for. Just forgot just the Eva Mendez is on there for me. School. I loved. Him. She's always with a little on the Megan fox and three that if she's. It. Wouldn't spending less so from like twelve years ago. Look what it's like an eighteen year old singer well I'm forties it's if it. But that was. Yeah Brooke she Christie Brinkley has left nothing of it and if and I realize a closet this is 63 this is why can't buy analytic argument moment. Another day from surprise. Tomorrow Jeffrey Flanagan is going to join Cleveland what people so he doesn't he told me that doing them. Beaters that glides. And a few. That I want to see you there would be if you didn't come on today but. Smaller roles we heard from today. For red baiting here there hasn't been nice that I became the sitting out. 610 Sports Radio.


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