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02/15 4pm - K-State President is Mad, Mock Drafts, Dayton Moore, Getting to Know You

Feb 16, 2017|

In Hour 3, the guys discuss if the President of K-State's letter asking students to not yell profanity is a worthwhile fight and if they can actually do anything about it. They also discuss the latest mock draft from Mel Kiper for the Chiefs and also hear from Royals GM Dayton Moore and get to know Bubba Starling and Brandon Moss from Spring Training.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The back into the drive racked and it scared compares very high. Back in Kansas City were not rude surprise Arizona for this week headed next in Seattle head back and I'll stay here for the remainder. Of spring training gorgeous day here can't wait for games to get started we're overlooking. The beautiful ballpark in ages motives. I don't know I'm on the lawn weirdo seed out like I'm goofy about on law and I'd love to have a great mind and he's big flowers and a ball field and it just looks amazing and I mean I just love how the grass is what he's perfect line. I mean I I do understand and appreciate the beauty of a well on live in apartment one of the big reasons why Jews and you are a lot of us up I don't worry about not like I was a kid. I had to cut the grass once a week. And I enjoyed the you know that's the only guy and you know with the shore. I don't I don't worry about that they're here. Like rocks the mile and a yard work it mom ever car reporters that steam. She's with me you theories are. At the mall movies so. Plea of mulch. But anger and hedges yeah I'm done all right never again. This story this big of a lot of steam today get into that thing on it I think he has been comes picked it up now so I think we talked about it in that. General Richard Myers now president. I guess it's easier retired general Richard Myers who by the way. I'm proud shot emission norms high school Lama as a line. Is not present at K state and he. Put out. A message the case these web site. Requesting that he state fans. Stopped chanting. FK you. Because it was her coast to coast the last time in jail toxin in and the wildcats. Played in Manhattan and celery part of what he put out are on the web site. He said the strait of the wildcats Stanley. Lies in passing our legacy from one generation to the next case it is you know during the right thing whether our fans are 818 or eighty they deserve the best fan experience in the big twelve I think about those younger fans. Sitting in the stands or watching on television and no. They represent our next generation we continue. The spring competition season let's show them the wild not wildcat way. That was retired general Richard Myers now present case today he wants to stop drop and have our insane FK you and chanting it. At the games. Where it can be heard on national television here from a lot of his friends around the country that hurt and so he's trying to discourage. The wildcat fan base from doing and I take all three of disagree that's been pretty tough to do you because you essentially. Also won a college student in the early twenties heck anybody. It's a young person any old people do you say don't do that they're gonna do and so I think he's gonna have a hard time in forcing that. And to me that's me though it's it's not about. Then trying to enforce it. It just seems like it's a worthless argument Al with your student body you're talking about fans coming into the stadium you're talking about eighteen to twenty year old kids. That are passionate that are allowed that are basically hyped up the entire course of the game to be rambunctious and also be. Obnoxious and this is even setup by John Curry their athletic director he joined us. I was actually last year is back last year it was back in February. And this is what it saves did a good chance happens whenever they're playing sandstorm and John Curry. Joined us and sadly this is something that he wants to be able rewards students be able to do. All Saturday it'll be nurtured there. Fought markets had done an awesome job in our crowd was incredible and our players you know we're shorthanded point guards hurt. But they had fought back and were in the game in about. Cannot be very transparent protected our programs that are part students and at all so you know humble placements will be cool that he could go for it we played and don't forget also. So I'm not advocating that John Curry is going against the president's wishes of trying to say you can go ahead and cursed games but. I think it's a look at the larger message here. Polygamous you try get as many bullets in the seats are too hasty games as humanly possible if you're trying to send a message your student bodies you know it is. Take a little bit easier and maybe it's the president saying what a president has to say it. I think there's a need for it almost makes it feel like she's sort of separating himself that much further from the student bon. I don't think you tell that it easier this he is and he'll drop up to don't scream out bombs don't chant at Bob I only get Fastenal I really don't. And I think it is the president probably saying what a president needs to sat. Nikita the other records and they don't condone this you know I think that's part of the deal now. I don't think it's asking its fans like us in our conversations games you're gonna drop that bomb makers or whatever I mean. I've done that everybody most people that have done that literate sporting events or at least a lot of people have done that. I just don't please don't be cheer and scream out a whole lot. I really don't want to tone down their enthusiasm I think you go nuts. And have a placid games support dean went on the other team an have a great. Chanting the app for me. And I. Understand from the administration standpoint why you don't want their students Percy Owen games broadcast the ESP I understand it on the administration's wouldn't want a national TV it's hard to scream at. I always wonder in these kind of topics and in one. A out wrote this letter. If they do it in the next game what's the penalty you have to catch and it probably is crap that the problem you know let him back for season and go from there. You make it's going to be example up. If if that happens again and equally agree on. I don't know what that's. Company workforce. It can really enforce it. If they really wanted to enforce it is and I've I've heard this does when I when I went to Indiana. All odds and you get a lot of the similar types of chance and chuck crab with the public address announcer for forty something years. Would then go on that microphone after people were booing and screaming F bombs that you could barely even hear what he said but he said. Any profanity yelled out and results in a technical foul so if that's a way to potentially enforce it maybe that's the way I just think from that from the Kansas State perspective. It's it's it's a work you're trying to start that really does need to be started well. Can't scream Athlon to pitch and it as a group I don't think that's asking them much really doubt it but again what would in this situation even what the penalty are you advocating and lots of I don't like I have some sort of a policy in place right for vulgar language and things like that it's got its he's gonna be made an example I think it's different it's one individual that I one person if there's one person is banning cursing. But I think in this sometimes like the majority wins the majority might be doing something to approval but the majority of students are doing a kick out the higher fees and you're not you're not gonna do that and I remember. Gosh that it was a high school party wants there are caller whatever the cops the cops were called. Everybody everybody ring and they can grab it's not a people would grab one person. And made an example of peppers and that got everybody's attention pension if you're in that crowd. And your huge case let's say it's an easy game which there's not that many people that go to those game they may say that your your your one of the antlers. Personally there and you're doing that what's game by doing what is funny like you let the games or not you wanna be in the game or not because. You run the risk of getting caught being pulled out of the crowd mean Rona bull what's. Gain if you were the case administration. And in this game the entire student section is yelling at you and then you find some students and say all right we're gonna reject you for Delhi I think it is a worse shortly university good by doing it. That is think this is one of those things that unfortunately it doesn't have a solution and maybe it upsets you that they do it I'm sorry these eighteen it's OK I would say more times than not when you write a letter saying don't USY and Z I get that when you're audited the exact opposite like you're young your free you're rebellious you wanna do what the old people are telling you not to do. If it's mostly get you were I able. Which are going to do and that's why I again I understand from the administration perspective why you don't your students yelling expletives on national TV. I would just say there's nothing really you can do about it maybe you have all Bruce Weber say something he has a state yeah. I. Would have Bruce Weber you know it or players or whatever whoever's gonna get their attention because. You can't go crazy. And have a blast with. At at. Do you here's here's a look at it that much man using a. And Steve and I think there's a way. That the president of the university committed meaty statement without making it seem like it is that the way it was word. It just makes it seem almost a soul. New police describing as you know this is personally embarrassed saying the champ was clearly heard it. If you senate along the lines of we want our fans to be obnoxious. And how raucous crowd and we we believe that. That case they basketball or football student section can be one of the greatest in the country. We encourage. Our students. To be creative in ways to be able rattle the other teams that come and Abramowitz coliseum. There's ways to be aware of this rather than also why any innocents and Richard Myers Dottie why any type of life. But just wait it's written comes across to the student body is. All are our president's feelings are hurt and now now they really care about what the president's feelings aren't if you find a way to motivate them to do something differently entirely. The media think that's a better way to get them as. Would that these guys drop the Mike is my point was so bitter we lost our connection airs on either way we're gonna take quick break more than drive with banning NC got liven surprise. A six and Sports Radio. Sixty and sports. I can't figure here Brant Dana laughed surprised there's no apologies about that sometimes the equipment. Just now pulled by the will of the wildcat or sizes and with dead little. I think we'll add them I snipers. And he will wildcat is in his best interest in the eight state and best interest to have fans he has out. And as entertained as they possibly can't part of the reason yeah the mask mask that's there to entertain the fans that we do that shouldn't have bombs on the has been. I mean will the wildcat is and chanting and the F bombs if he did he did he wouldn't be employed any. Willie locked out of the ease of news. Is that I don't think it's that much. If you missed it before the break the Kansas State president released a statement. Basically saying he doesn't like the image that the students chaining FK you during a U games Gibson university and that he expects more. Students my stance on this is this a problem that you Justine. Sauls. It reminds me it was 34 years ago there were these players that rain on the field that are at a grateful always in and then they arrested six of the students. Clearly what is that there's Reynolds in all honesty Israel if the happens the next hour on the village. But Soledad well if you are going to like the SEC up front that will penalize the school priest who's running the old. It now buying this will put them Rick though because it would be like running on the fuel and food. Are running on the random game they're doing it with big wins this in the 8000 dollars it is the university. In order to school not the this comes off as one of those problems where there's been accused the administration why you don't want your pain. Mercy on national TV. The solution for. Putting us in or your coach or on the Jumbotron the message sank. Please don't curse during our point is that in relief to rest a couple of students. Or a couple of students out thousands do the participating in this. This is the hugest. Well aware that sounds like that word he used that end there's ways around it. You could have a good time and about its Sheehan again that's the part that I just don't. Don't do it's not. That. And people at the slightest thing about it is toppling sandstorm so now we wanna. Make college basketball college fast likes to chew on it's it's really easy like isn't that more of college basketball is why people love college basketball over the head of that atmosphere and opinions are and he's never buys the care about it. Sandstorm is a part of that at Kansas State university's of the solution isn't let in one of your tradition not that that that doesn't beat him. Deception upon its its really easy it's come up with a live or work coupled with a every chance it's still funny. And still get you riled. That does the airport I don't see how understand ways of typical mean anybody their. In the right Manny is back out there of the group of people start chanting amp bombs in public and the way it's marketed. It doesn't fly it just doesn't like that or doesn't and it doesn't bother me but in that sense I get where the comment. I don't know if you saw this or not we'll melt hyper he has his mock draft he released one like once a month they don't you different versions. One point oh at the chiefs taking a wide receiver in 2.0 that she's taking a wide receiver. I look at wide receiver as a need for the chiefs the chiefs are going to say that we're going into this season again with Alex Smith is our quarterback. In the play and needs to continue to be to shrink than the parts around Alex Smith. But I have absolutely no problem if it picked when he sat in this is where they're headed if the chiefs decide. The we're keeping this quarterback the clothing has limitations so we saw what just happened with that Lena where we. What we have our quarterback let's try to put as many parts of round and as possible wider receiver is that it makes a lot of sense to me. It'll do that don't do that. Mean they don't draft wider will come easy third if there a third round pick but that's not something that she's normally do. You know that's the only thing that. It was going to be in mock draft Corey mock drafts I don't even pay attention to on the jury that because. They're usually not right especially this early like we have in Atacama. Thank you got a lot drafts are out there for us to click on and talk about well what. There's not the jewel it's his style carpet or a pack the majority time a week for the draft bill copper mill peppers not right anyway a lot of stuff so much wraps yeah. That the subtle way. Can't stand. But she's typically don't go after wide receivers that high. They just don't dislike it don't go after quarterbacks. So what did you think that actually gonna happen who's the guy out there the chiefs of willingness would be willing to break what they do to go get a wide receiver in the first round. I look at him mock drafts not necessarily for the names because I'm with you don't you take a whole lot well he has picked number seven being is because that's probably not a number seven's wanna be more information come on happens interview happened and then this is one of the French. I that's another reason why you still incredibly Lima after. I like looking at mock draft because I think I think. Hyper and nick Shay and those guys that you mockery drafts were able to assess needs fourteen applaud him in. They based their predictions on this is what I see from your team it's what think you need and that's why in the interest in talking point is the chiefs. I look at wide receiver as being in need a tablet that a couple of the mock draft Adam taking a safety the safety from Washington than his name's Buddha baker. I look at it as right now you have a safety that you could franchise tag and aired bears. While the play in the UK and let Eric Berry go and and ramp that position in round Wharton and maybe you aired a year ago in the new draft position later on. But why would you be in lose the opposition to being traded need that that you goat ran in round warned of the dram. But does that make a whole lot of sense he but I look at some of the things that you need I think they could use another wide receiver I'll be inside linebackers. And the whose team I would like to. I would like this team has been valuable resources to selecting an inside linebacker I use my dresses that cool to look at what the team needs heading into the offseason. I go back to the whole point of it touch it no pepper were so you resentment in this stuff than marketing director team. And and personal guy you know I just don't. I don't put much credibility because we don't go back in and hold them accountable for the stuff that Tuesday I mean today we let with the fact. This is the first day he could franchising. In these guys are coming out mock drafts tell us what the chiefs are gonna do. And it's grown in the coming out of the locker saying position the first big names. Like how can that. There's a credibility that like I get you to look at that she's already does he does in the maybe this would get an arrow down to a guy. At a position that he's the chief you're gonna take on the first day. That you can franchise players I mean that's like this don't pay much attention to a and I also to look at the history of the franchise she's like receivers with a couple years ago. Well Bogut John all eyes. Wide receivers of Abbott. Like like two years ago pick they would. He's still angry at all those great receivers solid Benjamin and then lastly here's a host a grip it before over to elevate the great receivers that you didn't do it. If you read history he loves line defensive lineman and offensive linemen up he goes with though he wraps those guys and he gets them. In the first round all the stake in time these guys are coming out. On March or February 15 saying the chiefs targeted for should draft a wide receiver here's a guy I don't put much credibility that's why I I. I understand what do they do it is because we'll talk about it and people click. Now. Is gonna happen probably now. Now if the draft a wide receiver Austin knock them back about what my bat and you've got you did it play out the exact way. It was gonna play but I mean it is that you're wearing it for God's sake. And they're coming out mock drafts did it click and more we're suckers who bite out of every year look at locked her own dad. She shouldn't traffickers look percentage February 15 it's gonna happen. Now. Others who got talk about it is that the of course anybody can I hear. Trapping just can't stand mock drafts. Is to get a monologue thing is to get off my left I don't like additional. I think we're we soccer were swinging at a pitch in the there. You know it bowed out there and we fight every single time it's the guys. The auction on your shoulder actually. Got me and some. Tough times. Coming up Dayton Moore spoke with the media today he had a surprising answer for what the future of the rotation might look like yeah on your standard by play that I have for next round the track. Sixty and sports. 1621610. Sports Radio on. Back in on the drive in fifteen minutes on the ideal for clubhouse today. A me and tell a story about fallen through the roof. We played where you could right now be color number six to 913576. That is the name. And you win a four pack of tickets that intensity golf show coming to the Overland Park conventions that are February 17. The 98. Up to eight rounds of golf. More with the mission while supply shop all the huge Garcia think you more info in that city golf show. The Soviet active. Eagle you can track the latest equipment to be here. It's awesome. It's it's it's amazing it really is an eagle there and hit drivers that way you can. Look at plotters in you all's if your goal. It's awesome and elected on a couple hours on Thursday the couple more drivers wind's up it's. We're checking out this weekend at the Kansas City golf show. Today Dayton Moore met with immediate for the first time down here in surprise yet but the best of that for you the conversation starts with. Travis what's a winner and he's ready to compete for starting spot as the woods versatility that you're in the why you decided goodness. Well he's a winner that's what. Attractiveness to Travis Wood and you don't get the opportunity to come in here compete first thoughts. You know in our rotation certainly. Yeah I know that his mindset. His competitiveness he'll take them all pool but he's coming here compete. As a starter very few of your rotation. It. We'll we'll like her death as you know you know that's what many times I mean. You know we need several. Pitchers in our organization that can give us innings in a starting role. Of course 162 games. Jason Vargas is obviously missed the entire 2016. Season other than 1012 innings whatever was there. You know so that there's we were expectations that border state of course you know they'll probably be a period of time. Where you know we may you know I mean you blow. Seem wise always been. Summer you will take the ball as a starter as a reliever. And as you recall two years ago when we signed him we signed him as back. In our rotation but he declined primarily came in here to compete. In the bullpen and he'd never done that before so in that we know how that worked out in 2015. So. You can never have enough experience enough depth. And enough guys that has fallen into whatever they have to do to get people out in the you know you gotta get point seven throughout the course of the game so. Travis would certainly gives us an opportunity you know to do that. The players expressed you. Really. He's done he wants to start you know he Travis Wood is. Regard as one of the very best competitors extremely mentally tough as any player in the game. He he had that reputation coming out of high school. And since he's he's been a winners and so well. You know he knows he'll he's gonna help us when those votes. They the couple weeks ago entire franchise took about a potential of the passing of your. You've made some moves and with respect to the absence of your data. These moves. Helped. Heal a bit more out I mean it's it's obviously huge void. It's it's it's almost impossible to replace that type of talent and as we all know what that we feel with. Jason Hammel Travis Wood in and other simple step up you know through throughout. You know our system throughout the minor leagues. You know we'll have experience. We'll have some toughness and some reliability. And in some past history of success in that Jason Hammel Travis Wood and and it takes pressure off all your young guys that were potentially good transition and at some point as well so. It's you've got to build your team. Especially. This time here you gotta build your team to win. And compete well over dollars 62 games and we feel this group core group does that doesn't mean that. We won't have to massage or roster make adjustments along the way because the game is very. Unpredictable and we'll have to do that right now we we feel very good about. This group of players and then what they'll do two win you or recourse was season. It is it would allow us. To move the ball in his. Until you entering how confident are you cool and once again. A strong we look let me say this or would we have problems we have some guys with a lot of talent. Or power arms. And or they are they proven that they can continually. Make pitches and execute pitches and didn't get guys out welder some of it's a little improvement we understand that but. Greg Howell was an improvement when times over my career was unproven at one time and and nobody be ever became the story until they got a chance and so. Still the opportunity but that being said. If you're going to have a successful bullpen which we've been blessed to have in the past because of their talents in the great job that. You know Dave island does in Doug's injury and Steve Foster you know before that. An and ultimately the players the ones responsible you've got to go to make pitches the other fields. Compete with no fear. Throw strikes. Understand how to execute. You know a game plan a sequence of pitches in them so. That experience. As we all takes a little time that we like. Would we like the fact that. You know we've got talent. And talent to grow. Do you feel like those additions. To the latest to do. This helps shorten the game it is it is it can't. It's certainly can in you really important thing is it to have that that versatility. And I think we've got to be appropriate amount of links the appropriate amount of experience. And balances. Of power arms that could all blend in well. To make horrible numbers wrong. Yeah. And could be I guess yeah I mean he's he's a terrific athlete and he's. He's fullback and he came he's just a competitor who wants to win. So it was. That was royals general manager Dayton Moore as he met with the media today after the announcement of the signing of Travis Wood. I don't want this to come off as they homer opinion oral homer hate about the more have a Rosa handled this offseason. It's hard for me to give him anything other than a B plus. How they handle this offseason and I thought they made the most of a bad situation with your Donovan Europe and they ahead eight plain and employees of the implement it pretty quickly. O'Donnell and her passes away with two weeks before spring training. They go up they pick up Jason Hammel that they clearly had is like a breaking case of emergency is something wrong. They got in Beijing got Travis Wood and they made those who sightings and what eight days Spain and out of the can handle that. Much better than what they did. IE. Light skin as Morales I think if you look at the contract the guy to go to Toronto that's not a conflict I think Smart all the way of having to bring them off contracts mark the royals now we'll see if you can give you the same production. But. I think that's a Smart designated hitter signing ember animals will see what ornate sole heir I understand the plot the Wade Davis gonna make ten million dollars I don't think they were gonna sign him long term rice field has always been an issue for this team Saturday more but they've never had a consistent right fielder. They got what I think they believe is a consistent right if you order in one net projects to be a strong power order. I think they made a lot of Smart moves this off season. Homer to make that it's an accurate. You know. You know excellent in the media week. You know not be homer because I'm not critical of local team and accurate I mean I don't know how you prepare. Or out in the world yet the plan in place. For the number one and number two pitchers in heritage. And suddenly a month of forced entry in your right I mean they've. On about as well as you possibly. Series. And Travis Wood. Adding Jason Hammel citing Brandon Moss. Inquiry in Horry solar. Excited and I got to be opposite even before they're down past the way ahead. Concerns about this team like I almost felt like. Gosh it's the last year this group together and I'm sure they got enough. You know. Get back to the post he's in his final year and now I really firmly in listen where. Day two of pitcher catcher work that's I don't know I mean I can be completely honest thing but you're right what they in. In a very short period of time late in the Nazis is in less than terrific because you have to remember too. Great process and others are super productive at our jobs. When something like that happen to me it's difficult to do I mean I think. That's one of the things that we need to talk about because I think. The loss to family members you know so they're really closed it was fair ER it's not like they had. Somebody with an illness in the news is gonna happen and this happens suddenly. And get to work on this thing pretty darn quick and so they have to grieve the green publicly with able. Fill the spot. With the best available guy I don't like your ticket overtake it all I think it's an accurate and I even say it's an. The argument and I wouldn't say I think what they've done. Century now passed away is remarkable. Like the royals perk Ross and of course there's a lot of questions about the back there rotation. And right now you asked me I'm not sure this team makes the playoffs I probably am barely missing the playoff. And I don't think there when the division not likely gonna win the division I don't think their pitching is strong enough I think they'll be in contention all season for the while caller. I just find it hard to put the fate in the rotation in knowing their bullpen just isn't going to be Dominic as it was in years past. Like a look at what I think this team overall lead and I'm not sure the same way I used to be defensively I still think they'll resolve I think herbal and going to be good this year. I don't know it's a week ago. I don't know what their bullpen is clearly better than everybody else's. The way it has been in the past but Dayton I think under the circumstances as though they'd release I'll roster and one encouraging thing it will rotation. Be sure of us on a couple of movies when your two year contract that all do with it on. Like you have one in to increase it Gamal Duffy and those burgers. This out of those other four guys that we pinkie compete for the work and that's why you need to those guys that it. Here's the thing too is that the could be genius of the Travis was talking about this earlier in the show that you potentially have three lefties in rotation. Yet they Duffy yet Jason Vargas in potentially Travis Wood because they said today. And in its wonders as Travis Wood came here and said it and it says he's gonna compete for starting rotation so. The only team that that the royals had a tough time last year in the division's Cleveland and so forth sixteen's it's accurate right around that they were they were fantastic in the division. It's a start looking at it. And yet to English and your when you win your division when I gave you wanna play such Republican. That the idiots roster Jason get in his left here Francisco indoors switch hitter Jose Ramirez switch hitter got Michael Brantley a royal killer. Lefty Lotta issues at all lefty either and a quaint lefty. If you have three lefties in your rotation with Travis Wood left he left he left the his beautiful. Coming up. Next what superpower Graham lost wished for and a Bubba starling it's been 25 dollars anywhere where would it be we get to know a couple of the new royals and here's story about a man fall to a roof all that next the Woodrow. Sixty and sports. And hitting didn't know. Okay. Go back and royals. Stories for you today it's. In about ten minutes we'll hear eyes were open. Thank you started but today we sort of stick around 5 o'clock it is your chance to win a trip to Boston the boys in blue day all in. Off to be sure you listen to that they'll be the first day today. 5 o'clock target to know you segment we're here at spring training. Royals players to sit around we try to learn some things about him. Outside of baseball slice down the royals player asking like five or six reign of questions we learn more about we got two guys today. We got branded lost in what was wrong and was over Bubba starling first. I let's play our rain and questions and Bubba starling. I hear the royals outfielder Bubba star's apparent firing and questions will you keep tells the story the first and dunked a basketball. And it created Conan monitors yeah. There's regular to me and only in H one NE ink these girls just below those accounts of an absolutely counts are what is the best high school in place. High school game. Alone had people walk home so my father left my senior year alone rose from the 400 us. All right today's Valentine's Day what was the first that you know. Pregnant my movie days. With the girl probably like fresh and I asked would you go. To see movies I think we enjoyed me. Information advance came to us oversold the support he needed each point five dollar gift card where you pick. On desperate. Pressure our last question here your board and on the road. What are you watch on Netflix. Right now so long Meyer is in the middle of the season as a thank you. To see you Bubba starling play in high school the way people talk about them is yes. Like you is a god I did I did Astoria and channel company's senior it would not hand. There's about thirty out there. And I went to war that's up from the days and I said. You know scouts are gonna talk to cameras I wouldn't like problems are you what's not. And so were there for baseball game. Here he hit a baseball so far on the ground to the left side of the infield. And it was probably step would have to the right of the shortstop. The shorts got the shortstop packet to a the left fielder didn't. Like this ball on the ground so hard when all the way to the fans as a watching the ball. I see it's 3COM. And published our RD round at second base he gravel the step would have to do steps the ride the shortstop again triple. Because he hit so hard and it went. We use a free man you know he was apps EN I should say was he is an athletic freak. Obviously he. Pro pitching an issue for a meeting with the wood bat you know people like you know with what would make while there's no guarantee. It he's gimmick. You know hitting. Rockets off east Kansas league pitching with aluminum bat is much different than in getting pro pitching with a wood and a lot of guys can't make the transition it's really difficult. Down a tax on says. Texas 696 my senior year he threw a no hitter in the semi final hit a home run single handedly win that game one he's he's he's unbelievable man he was. He was such athletic free camera did you receive put all that I'd never shortly before. Before yeah he was just might not highlight a Nazi and never see where he was he's just an athletic. He sounds like he couldn't take your eyes are cute he was that good and he's those kids keep reform and I keep open you know is gonna figured out that. There's an the royals' top thirty prospects and he's going on and he es he's he's not under. The royals top thirty prospects in cattle farm and I really wanted to see him I will give the royals credit on this like. The sort of pitch because remember they drafted him. There are built those 2011 and we still hadn't seen loose and positive. And all those guys so to the royals got the best of both worlds and they drafted on kind of counted because they had a ticket and he if they did draft and he didn't make it. Or if he did make somebody else and but the royals draft to the home count town kid and still managed to win a World Series so I think the royals. It would look. Bob in the victories for shared it Iran. I just think that the royals. Did what they probably thought they needed to do and probably wanted to do knock it always depict on on some that they don't believe in but. Got the hometown kid got the World Series. So looking pretty well form. The other guy and argue it's a note you series for today is newly acquire royal brand of lawsuit had eyes for the newly. Choir will bring a mosser I've got five random questions for you what's your favorite superhero movie. Toward. Probably should and any others probably the new Batman she. Do you have any superpower wishing you had. And visibility wise. Obviously you'd be cool to just being in this here what's one thing that you can't do that you wish you good luck. Play in the NFL. Would you rather have the ability to draw the same. Saying. If you eat one food for the rest your life we've picked up. But getting it. It seems like. Of all the delicacies in the world you can do spaghetti I love spaghetti I don't hate you get your game one through them all wanted to go in our life. We're when it comes to superhero like a woman superhero to be too strong Superman is just too powerful we can do everything he's got a piece. It's almost un bill like a superhero to have like a little bit of adversity that's kind of like a guilty about spotted I spot or he's from regular publicity sometimes but he figures out a way to win in the script is. Superman is just wait usual big into reverend. I mean quicker than him against though it surprised I was surprised to. I had never heard of me and tell a story about falling the route until today. Well as a pitcher royals pitcher Brian Flynn felt the roof. And talked to the media about. I was secretary or utility. We'll plant previewed and much Jason. Knew there was some bad angles that I couldn't walk on and I do just lost my balance and went through when and so. I don't know all I remember as being here in. We've had some paramedics who. Why it was outside heard solutions received and found me. Going all right you can call it being soon. All things considered pretty. Pretty good time frame with the injuries is concerned we'll. Twelve. You grossly here it's a setback but. You're still looking for the 2000 and resiliency in places. Even the baseball managers considered are pretty short term thing going to 34 weeks no throwing in the rest of the time will be. This game goes on back of a normal spring training so. This is not a good time because we did have been. In terms of the time for an injures a long time ago. You feel pretty coaches yes well. Yeah yeah NC you know just hear my wife's perspective when she found me just she's anyone in baseball before your analyses. Happy. Huge Domino's. Because as soon. He's happy no long term fix me like a sitting fortune good baseball injuries or. You fairly short term considering what could have been throwing arm out there to catch myself or someone. So yeah we'll definitely. I apologize to Brian Flynn who we are making light of this yesterday because it sounded funny most of Margaret. This is much more serious than I thought it sounds like he's pretty lucky. Only have. I think it's one of those things. You asked if they're okay but at some of the statue of limitations on me I'm sorry you fell well liked. You guys give you all are all you like if that effort newborn boy every yeah this I don't think I realized is that Siri like whatever you like you know or it's not that well don't all operating yup every single totally. So we can do that next week two weeks after that but I don't. We're making jokes about guys heard that one weird things holy smokes I don't think fully realized. How series that could have been coming up in two minute it hits we talk about the franchise windows starting today it will Lorenzo Cain you hear from him. Our player profiles outgrow Torres in a letter from the case they've president cauldron in its next draft. Sixty and sports.


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