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02/15 3pm - Salvy Profile, KC QB Hypo, Vern joins the guys

Feb 15, 2017|

In Hour 2 out in Surprise, CDot & Fanning profile their latest Royal in Salvador Perez, CDot throws out a new Chiefs QB hypothetical, & Josh Vernier joins the guys in-studio for a candid conversation about why we're discussing the future of the Royals before the season has even begun.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coming up in thirty minutes for Josh bird year. Joins us live in surprise Arizona after 45 we continue argued that no you see your brain and lost in Clovis starlet. What was today's pop quiz eyes pop quiz was Wayne's world I'd miss this the other day but yesterday it was the 25 anniversary of the iconic film. He didn't point five years ago fanning Wayne's world and a that's a great. Yeah innocent he's always seen it never seen when he wrote in world war. And I know who's an adult I've never seen it before and Rob Lowe looks the same as he does now point out here you know the pars. That girl's right to speech at the car I deal. Know. It was beautiful. It's like should that should have been. Although many ultimately get a actually. Media box that's a really expensive dvd player you know and I got to look at. We're doing our royals previews here from surprise Arizona yesterday we did summer unless we do and so pain and we did. Joaquin sore yesterday today were moving so the catcher removing two in my opinion Morse the most important player on their team. Several red MLB network. Just the kind of bill Conte yeah you into the seed they're doing their and right now every position. Every position in the in Major League Baseball they're giving you their best though couple nights ago they did catcher. This is what they set about some corporate. From the Kansas City Royals. It's also a this is the work force after his position. By far the most innings of any catcher over the last three years he had his best seasons at the base runners throwing out forty. Percent of would be based it's good for number one in all of Major League Baseball. Brad also had a career. At home runs in 22 last year. He's still just going into his age 27 season but after some early offensive promise you know had three straight years which is hitting the ball low. League average. Some wonder what you gonna thing. What is the offense take it ain't showing up or it's there and it fades every single year in the second half. Boy he place yes and I know you love that what do you think there's there's value in showing up every single day knowing that your guys back there behind the plate. Leading your pitching staff I know south present you mentioned most innings over the last three years. Eventually it starts to take it still won even though he's still a young player you eventually your legs are gonna start get a little. It tied your ability to block balls is gonna start to slow down but this guy I have a little bit higher ahead and hired as well lash out knows he's just dropped. One from the shredder but this is the guy I like Salvador Perez behind the plate like the fact that he catches. Any kids who. To grow 48%. That's nothing to it to laugh that this is a good guy who can shut down a running game and I think he brings value to his pitching staff and his leadership ability. Talked about it in that clip we just played you from Major League baseball's network. They're doing that pop in textures and it's not a parade is at nine and a graphic on the screen don't share with you right now. We all know if you follow this team and lost in the splits and Al Salvi declines in the second half of the season. The average dropped 46 points the on base percentage drops fifty points. And the slugging percentage dropped sixty points he's a completely different player of the second half the season the first half of the season. Well all that being said. There are two guys on this often that I know what kind of production they're gonna give this season. Eric how to resolve operas I give you look at opera is now the batting average has always been maybe where you thought it was going to be on base percentage in the guy just doesn't walk at all and I think Escobar you don't really project that's the mark. Escobar like if you look at his like I would be shocked if the 26265. This year how exactly it's 35 C I think it's a kind of a wide range. Alex Salvi is going to have his best offensive season this year I can you look at how it's kind of training for Salvador Peru is. I think this is like peak athletic the year I think we go back 56 years and we look at some corporate is I think you'll point back to twenty's seventeen is that was the best out corporation saw the power numbers have gone out every single year he's been a row. How good this lineup I think is the top of violent in the protection of power around him out of southeast poised for a monster season. You don't think that when people talk about captures the one thing most people don't bring out which to me is the most important thing. That catcher does not call a game. You know you talk about me which we watch these fans is really we look it. Hey how that snap throw out a new guy. You know who got second and nobody residents out of this or to thirds we got home. Call against crucial and that's the thing it's obvious that you that you can really do that by. Catching games you know I go back to believe it was. Was it game to the World Series 2014. And he's better since then but that your it was pitching. At that Saudi call five straight fastballs to greater or. That brought it up in the taxable. Like that's not. Good game calling to me that's saudis weakest thing and that's the thing that nobody talks about Israelis call and and it's hard for us as fans of his meeting to see what what saudis college in the pack again he's called it. To me if you're going to be. One of the best catchers of all time. You killer had a called game you really do and you gotta be any really good at this morning talked about how pager of faults the catching coordinator for the royals. Is really big into video and is out and get specific into what. Later once and do pretty stock and any guy strikes for pitchers in this act. But to me it's not gonna be that whole thing player. He musical better games at the chiefs are gonna we are skewed the royals are gonna. What more championships he's got a call better games you can't throw five straight fastballs to her tickle fights her fastballs to Major League hitter and that's his biggest weakness I think we know are gonna get out of him offensively. Most catchers do decline a little bit in the second half because he's tired and heavy lag that's a tough position apply I mean I'm not. Necessarily concerned about that was obviously that's just normal you take a foul ball off the arm or shoulder that she and neither the face whatever. And your run in the fact. Catches your gonna decline I mean that's just. That's just the nature of the peace especially when you get as many games as he does for its not gonna be the guy is going to be a hall of Famer. And it's gonna be completely respected around baseball. I call that game. He can make it a lot better for his pitchers if he studies hitters. If he knows the tendencies are if he knows what they've done in the last ten games if he gets to know these guys hitters on saying it is pitchers do. A little bit better attic shopper has to be one of the greatest of all time but until it does that. He's a really catcher finally have him rated but that's something that most people don't talk about is calling the game to me is the most important thing. It catcher and you'd be if you put your pitcher in the best position to be successful. And if you study the hitters in great shape and and that's what the veteran catchers do that's what they really do it here's another thing to. Lot of these catchers. I don't know that I don't know of wow is this layer now I've no idea but a lot of the guys of the great article fastballs why. Especially runners on base. One of those guys out man at the stats kitty pay and Johnny Bench that reputation pudge Rodriguez had a reputation. And that's what of your pitchers so to me and if you talk to captures you talk to guys that got the big leagues for a long time it takes like six years before he really hit. I okay. I really you know I get the make you know Agassi Michael Brantley nineteen in nineteen games you know for the unions. Okay what's he do what he delegates does what's he done against is pitchers that for me. He's obviously it will become a better game I think he can't that he will be is still such a poppy. You know but to me that's the improvement Allen CNN. How is that something as a pane you can track like if you're watching it throughout the course the season out you know at the midway point of the season. That's now he's improved in that. The first lately depends are sitting for one. In leadership I don't play you can tell it's a breaking ball. Tickets can be a little bit topic you can still see the theater's web front of it but if you're in the stadium you're somewhere watch the radar that. And it's pretty obvious I mean you know pitcher got a 997 mile an hour fastball. And he has the same motion and it comes in their 78. And that's extreme you know that's accurate. But it's a change in seat until breaking ball from the side. Or your watch on T easy to figure. You know watch but he doesn't know what he's on base the its duties call but is it like big hitters and I was one of the things that your pitcher had this crazy awesome fastball. Got hit hard a lot and borderline no movement. You know he didn't hide it well. They saw that it was. 125 mile an hour fastball if they see it three or 45 times. Especially if it's not movement. So the Hokies keep these guys up out to shop Willard called her game and he will. On for sure because again sold gone and what you and your five maybe. So like Datsyuk just now started as a Major League catcher just certainly get there but to me. That's what he's got to improve on so if you're watching at home and I'm. If you see five straight ninety sevens on the radar gun when you watch and you know the game one on television or got the ballpark you wouldn't raise our place you can't do that. They're great offensively like I look at saudis career. Al every year that he's gotten better in terms of power and I think on this team where he used to surround it with as much pop he's ever been surrounded by before. I does either really look it's outgrow parades and I think. I always got this guy you got a notice it is on how athletes are and I remember talking or Steward about it over the offseason he's like. We always look at peak years when he by the way we look at that is let's try to get our player developed enough by that crime and that's and we think the light on her own as a big league experience enough plate appearances but that's when he's really going to break their I didn't look at Microsoft is his career in the prime example he struggled before that point 546 me 46 that's when he got a lot better in -- LB really hard to figure things out here especially the messages of what paper are fallen George Brett and those guys have been teach them. Have really broken through. I look at Salvador Perez in the power. I look at it the exact same way. He's 2728. I that you concede at the eating or eventually go to our warehouse we made earlier than people anticipate because he touches so many games. I look at these next two or three seasons as this that he peeks out roper time he used it 25 home runs this season like I think he has that kind of ability. I have two I think yeah the thing I always loved about Saudi and I mean there's a budget that you love about him but. He was so unpredictable mean asked Jason Hammel about the pitch he threw him in the wild card game was low and away and somehow Saudi pulled down the line. In itself is not afraid swing man and he will sling but I also think you saw that 2014 season. It by the end of its Celso tired via the gas on pitches. Because he would start swinging early is a body was tired man. I was tired. And understand it because he cuts only games. So many. Every year always tell us the plane is were Salvi catch landscape I've got a happy at least this offseason they haven't sold us that dream yeah the last couple years they've sold. We understand it's now he's gonna Robert Downey plays pain baseball writers. And it's like gets out of one of the best catcher heating up a great offensive guy. It's really hard not to put it in the life you know I do I get that part of it to meet you got a Ferrari in the garage you mean. Connell to drive you know it's your pick up. I understood that when they were paying a lot of money but now that you've paid a little bit. The interview let's try to preserve Selby keep them as red possible I got to look at catchers like running backs. That I don't think you would. Can a harder person I guess we're gonna start to decline. But you guys are deceiving number where once she's argued injured as a running back are breaking down you never regain some guys kind of breakthrough it would seem Frank Gore as the lab Goodyear's Adrian Peterson thought good years after thirty. But for the most part you'd aid to the running back or you start to decline. Catchers in the length of all of the season I think is wears on you eventually you look at Salvi look the split is a completely different where the first 81 games of the both the last he would. I would just try to figure out a way how can we strengthen those last 81 games where the average if it viewpoints. Slugging it's seventy points. How the final way to do this happens that'll. 56 more off days during the beginning of the season and that helps you. But they seem like they go into the season with that plane is what we're gonna do and once they get caught in the middle of its army got a place out every day. Well it's obviously wait five days a week job if there's a way to those days you think. Just a final way to produce so I was a bit by bit more. That's like that's like and they make the big bucks and those are all decisions today and it's pretty it's it appeared say dad but gosh man appear. You lost the first two games of the series in Minnesota. And he needed W it was a scheduled opted for solving. Pretty dark down. Coming up next a cheap hypothetical where the answer may feel easy. But I'm guessing you'll think twice about I explained I that it was back on the drug. Sixty and sports. I. You on the drive and out burger joint I mean he's admitted. Economists at right now 9135. Six that. Call at 60 for Mac it's Buford after a clone Idaho. Steel head. No clue what it's speculation export. Silverstein. Centre re game is at 735. Missed you edit the issues. It's probably string camera river in the human elements that it was you Idaho model is amazing that here. Anybody in the world find out about how great. Do you go to like the main area that you're Italy police usually really lead to an area and I people he's like. Somewhat legitimate said he guest on top of that it way outside in Idaho where nobody can find him. A boat as well Boise like my cousin mark he's like well brother he's in the voices I've been there and it's and Austin's like boisterous. In and they have a place at the McCall Idaho which is you know. You know late paid out of there and it's huge late in the mountains and it's so deep that the waters like. A lot clear and cleared blacks united that accents it's it's clearly a topic goes so deep black and it's just absolutely gorgeous she's one of my favor please. You know title they have ever seen water like this no gets you guys it's extend that had a it's like the mountain west during the other middle the Specter. He does is staying over and in Jackson Hole Wyoming and in Europe big Idaho. Yeah climbed a couple of mountains and relative and then. I did not Bora which is the tallest peak my cousin died and then now judge handled the little tiny mountain. And and we we actually went to Mount Hood. And tragedy that. In we have we were like 15100 feet of cover and guys who keep it sounds miss this. Aries it very easy way for you guys the bond and there's some really good hiking in mountains in Phoenix and in and yeah I thought Arizona. The white take. Like right by the ballpark and there's very hard look at the trails yeah you go Khatami and do what we're doing together activities hiking and doing those they don't hand on oil inevitably. I think it's it's it's to a half mile high. Having news though I'm not prepared for that here's the thing I can go hiking in in Arizona and in the deserts I was into silence and we hiked in that. So world national park you know it's a war is no clue to some music act as you see that this giant moon really that's it's a war all got so bad that act is all over the place. Obviously ensor national park. And so before it would and they result park ranger guy. And he does listen be careful because those the world this past big shadows on the trail so if it's that hot. In the desert. What do you think might Koirala. Gets initiated one of those shadows. On the trail. Big rattlesnakes. So a lot of times he's rattles he's just oil up and just try to be in the chained. Given up by the solar packages and if you're not careful. They don't like. I'm just that far away from the comes that the team possibly a group in the city. You know idol they'll rattle and that's not rattle I'm not familiar with the rattlesnake. Forty. Come on wall rose that circle the warrants a morrow I don't know anything about that I watched though running wild with Bayer Gillis on YouTube that's great for the weekend that's a growing enough for me I felt like at the very outdoors you want to Marshawn Lynch outdoors not. Get a natured and that was kind of where it ended with me I want to ask you this question. Mike Meltzer met him down at the royal couple years ago following what he too got a good questions his followers did you in Houston. They have they are quarterback problems yes this question take any film and make them 22 years old you know the quarterback that he is now. Is the quarterback and he will be going forward where would you draft but I replied mid to late for. Quarterback average ran in got to think in this question. Patrick behold I think people like Patrick Holmes a lot of people that long ago out of me but the outlook to shout Watson. People that love Richard as you if you look at the mock draft I don't know a lot of people love my home. If you know Patrick Holmes would be eighty they'll. Aside from the playoffs once your playoff you'll see what happens but just regular season in eagle. Would you draft him at number points. The answer for me as they clear yet. Don't we have that with less of an arm. Right now. And talents. Many adults got a better arm but don't have got to be a big needles for that. He can get a team over the hump right. So why would you code is it that the whole point that what she stands what they want to get quarter wrecked it's gonna get you the opportunity more than one playoff. Win that's gonna get you to the AFC title game potentially is admirable so that if any the only illegal to do that while extra. Don't and I think years ago I think it's poisoning can be run and they'll try to tackle broke it's I think that was a year he's. Out demons. And it's. Dalton is a good quarter of people out there. What's it like in the draft that quarterback sat in the 22 in the second development you'll see just how how he growth as you put him in your system and it's a lot cheaper at quarterback. Out with that allows you to make the other improvements to your team. I don't think all the great hire all that other people. Adult is better for what jewelry. But it. Like one of the rapist who deposition that your I think that streak ordered report is that later. Right I agree quarterback is age. Quarterback is yeah or the chief homes right it's your future technologies. Most as a future that this season. Salute. Pressure. Right now Patrick Holmes if you know that he eagle. Points that you astle. And you can go somewhere else I would like I. I'm always looking to improve my roster I can get better and longer at quarterback but I after that quarter at seven it's not a it's not it's not easy. Is not a salaried U rap oh the Broncos distress that accidentally. Act that we always trying to improve their quarterback. Still trying to go out. Romo the agents are each recipient last year like draft a quarterback in the first round at the bottom after the first round. If you necessarily at the plea be one that used. Thank you being adult and you draft and what did you take her so if all they call ID. I don't know I don't know. That's a tough one for me and it is my feeling is you don't think he's potentially it is suitable in three years ago. That it's it's as simple as that because we already have that. And we had a like we've had. We've had a quarterback that is really good. But does it seem to be able to get his over the if you can't if you're why waste a first round pick on that if you don't think he's potentially guys in quarterback. Guy's gonna get you over the hump and kitchen AC title game where the super I would do. And that's the playoffs with Andy Dalton is a little bit I think. It's kind of picking and choosing argument I think the example is now line. I remember the criticism from Matt Ryan or the first seven years of his career was at UN in the playoffs with with Matt rise. They put enough parts out of him and you couldn't win with Matt Ryan in the playoffs each into the MVP of the NFL. But I think with some guys some guys I think into every single year we see that error rocker's old team they're going to the policies and every year if Laurie got to the top. Then there's that next year with Flacco and those guys and you just need the right combination of things you need deeper like ours as. He's good running back Ray Rice still good good good defense and you have that combination they're skill level is enough to beat you over the home. Even eighty dollar or the few people that believe in eighty. I'm sick and I don't I mean I'd I've always liked added all I'm saying is he's the guy taking over the top that it's gonna do it. It has been a first round pick on a quarterback that I don't feel strongly about being able to give you the Super Bowl I really don't because we have all that. We have all. I mean seriously though if and I don't feel strongly that the chiefs drafted any adult type guided the chiefs are automatically goes suitable two years I don't feel that. Coming up next Josh Berger joins us in the studio what was the one thing is that out the infamous conversation with the greens are asking the next draft. Sixty and sports. Listening on the go get the 610 Sports Radio land. Touch them all brought to you by Christ now again. Josh burn you're heading out six in Sports Radio royals insider. About Eric pop up. Opera bedeviled by an awful pictures and it from the other white ash today. He bird here in my line of political wanted guys in the into the again Josh burn here all me this paper and the drive. Plug it back into the drive red day care activist invited surprise that guys back in Kansas City. We are at fairly Parker he'll surprise stadium it's a lot of the ballpark here surprise it's absolutely gorgeous. Spring training covered with burned alive from surprise brought you by American topsoil call now that you've spring training 10% off. 1800. Topsoil or Billy Parker V. I'll man nobody a lot of memories daily Parker field and beat the royals in the market market just does not happen. You think Duluth and that the wisest retreating what does that mean for the season royals. Spring training that that it was preaching that really had a shot when everything in the Reagan yeah well things in the that sets the tone down. I. And yet it wants. Like abouts in spring training. Really. But she got at all times of the what do you do after seven games still watch all your guest and his double check now. Com. A lot of guys that you heard a lot of things. What stood out. In the Lorenzo Cain conversation you guys played earlier because. For me coming it is spring training a lot of questions that we have about this royals ballclub they can be answered in detail. That first pitch is thrown on opening day against the Minnesota Twins that's. This organization is now and this team is at a place where. Spring training doesn't matter big spots on this roster are necessarily up for grabs the questions that we have about this team world about. Production regular season victories over World Series championships. We're not going to find out if you could replacement analysts with moss ancillary spring training and find out. I'll watch teams or is gonna bounce back outscored about that we're gonna find those things out until the regular season starts to me. Coming into spring training the only real questions that I lower. Was Kyle's Amber's body going to allow him to chance this year. Which you did this he should know. We learned a lot of things where is matched rounds ability best utilized that's already answered as the team is going to start him off inaudible and other questions you know the moments in as far as the summer sixteen guys and if you opened up for Orlando is still at that moment of song. Last year. Both the biggest question I had as far as calm inside club house was. Car. The players is this organization acknowledging. Verbally acknowledging. What lies ahead at the end of this race season possibility of moos ask Cain all mergers and playing it different this spring training complex. Next year so far itself corporate law grads can't talk about the organized. I don't care what Mike Minor things about this team the disease you don't care about my minor I don't care about what he says about Hosmer and boost in the court this team leader talking about those champion royals. How they feel outwardly discussing this impending free agency of the sport the core war. And Cain answered it openly and honestly think so but are registered as well. The other side of that term. What do we care right now. And he truthfully like why we have to talk about 2000 because they've lied about it they act like they don't know about that to me shows any. Oh a week. A team that is prone depressed when push comes to shout during the regular seat when that is bearing down as we saw last year. Saw that last year at the trade deadline brat when they were worried about their core guys being treated it via press of course they didn't what's the trade deadline passed they played about. All of this or kind of guilty of a little bit the media is like just to help. Pick the conversation. At the halfway point of the season on saying is that I. It is it is spring training and in the first half of the season maybe before we start talking about whether we're gonna lose guys does that make sense or not I mean I think I think. We're guilty of jumping way ahead Waite tees. And analyze what's a bigger story this season and this being the final year that we that we talked about 27 team. Firm for five years now you're here Adam Eaton and the organization has done a tremendous job preparing. These players in this organization in this city. Or 201890. I don't denial is gonna do. Death audit was 34 years ago but there is it a bigger story with a 117. Royals Andy's free agents the trade deadline which is the midpoint of the season here that's going to be that talk because this team is. For five games back in the wild card. Those calls those offers for Osborn was doctors might be to entice I understand the point of meanings. Make about the midway point I have always thought by now we start playing hypothetical games what they're four games back at the trade deadline well Kabul allied. But I understand the point up at the end I think it's different because we know the end is coming a lot of times you might not you were the team in its core in the window. Don't like you like there's a clear date for Wayne it's going to fall apart at least with this core at U forties are to see the new guys that are going to take certain guys plates which I think changes the conversation how we talk about this year's. But and here's the thing you and Dave mentioned this in the press conference for Jason and look we don't go out in bringing an adjacent channel. Type player it's going to be difficult for us to get off to a good start in the season. You don't starts off. In a positive manner in those first 5060. Games. That trade deadline is all you're gonna hear about it not just from both those like me. You're gonna have these national writers are coming Jeff passed is going to be asking. Every single one of those individuals that are pending free agents he's gonna ask them about. The trade deadline which will start looming this team needs to get off to a solid start not a great start. But they can't put themselves behind the eight ball over those first month and a half. Two days and can read these stories that back when Campbell and they got one. And they got loss also and they went and name and they got Celine I just that to me. Like those to you this story lines like it or about next year. Okay this what's the story okay. That's the fight out these guys were the going to be how the users is caught the Irish are. We don't Albert and use bread. Dough with Jason out Ricky I'm thinking more pitchers backwards cards and finish this thing. Like. It since they got trapped with the attitude yielded to the questions that our lineup I worried about. Any team gold medal for lunch tomorrow. About OK what is Portland right now what are we gonna get spring training. I. Spring training though that it would they're getting leaving spring training a two dollar fine I. In public that it so we're weakened. To see them perform on the big league field in part may just be like I don't wanna think about. The fact that odds the ditch her husband's as the case all of guys we got. Everybody listings with yeah I I fully get that part I don't want us. Think OK this is a sexy story lines let's beat the ground for 2008. To indicate that spring training that's all say. I understand. I just this Sunday on the show before it out here I was honestly thinking what in trees what interest me about spring trading. And while only five things that truly entry. War how we're going to address the pending free agency of those big trees and so far they've been very forthright very honest with the goods. I think that the team that. You know it's comfortable. Com with whatever lies ahead because they only guy in the locker next loan. Because again this all goes back to why this team champions. On our champions it is. Even Wednesday are slumping one day are feeling their last. They still optical apparently well because. Because he has other. That all sounds corny. But in baseball. Others 78 months. That's the matters and that's what this team. Had no business last year 500 was finishing 11 pavers they want more segment looked it'll put the Internet addict into the same questions about how guys are gonna plug into the current team it's those questions next on Osama truck. 610 sports. He gave them home you know in the Eisenhower and more moments you miss weeks ago. Yeah it was good to lose in two officers who saluted. Did you drive West Bank Derek shares in any night back to Kansas City like we are in surprise Arizona. Spring training coverage with Josh carrier bird live from surprises for us to buy American topsoil to call now that spring training. You get 10% off call 1800. Not so you're saudis. But enough he said you have to enjoy. The moment you're sitting here talking about 2008 he can just enjoy them on this. I told him. That why what enjoy the yellow spring training I always am where my feet. Where are there any on the ground and work out. Living in the now now that yep here it blew your mind and he did yet they call it zoo keeper counselor. I'm of that yeah I know that now. That's your thing yeah how many people. Are you over being the zoo keeper. Yeah yeah. No I am a I have a girlfriend I of the girlfriend. Dedicated to him gently dating game. In Asia so that's that's worth zoo keeper yeah it was originated from the dating game and here we are now. W later. Now what they're at some questions about her day TV he's upset he's like a lot of talk about. Let's talk about it now I. I'm there you know you're talking about the impending free agent out of tools and that's what you normally do for seven weeks not that he might feel syndicate. I want to talk about I was in the last few days and and have fun and see him and I think that's the way that's the way I feel about this royals he might kind of wanna enjoy it. And worry about right now over instead of freaking out about 2018 and and those are questions that are gonna have to be answered for sure not. Here's a storyline I think is probably less sexy than a lot of them there going on down here. But I'm curious about second base I really am because there is good on the second baseman right now at least a lot and you know you I threw modesty in an XP don't think that's going to be. Apostle eyes and big league ready now it's not. Defense. So much. Care option at second base after foursome ultimately you force or Boozer after the bitterly. I want every act on minor leagues putts in the second base. To be second base is. Whitman air fields job to be honest with you because look he already has. In my opinion he already has a spot on this team because of his versatility. Obviously in the outfield and of course all over the infield. So he already has a spot on the team he's got a also could hit at the top of the line up. If but understandable that's the conversation. I hate line a pot. But a lot of unity calm so quit as the leadoff guy I think would be tremendous idea to be quite honest with you. Com Colonna copper I understand your question about you know wait in Cologne at second base to that to me. The more intriguing infield battle is comfort in Cologne I agree a 100% on the right to people put them on the roster. You can't sit Pepperdine that options Wright as his cup as as chancellor. That's in any cut parts out yeah Cologne does blown out Cologne. It's also arbitration next year. I'm so Hamachi you're really willing to pay him so it's a big year for him and he made the he acknowledges that by working now with Alex Gordon all the offseason in adopting only workout regiment which we all those legendary. But adopting here is. Nutritionist. As well so he's. You know eating like Alec scored which as you know tree bark and whatever else I don't treat portal puts it. I do have a question about the lineup that is a lot of construction based. If guys are healthy which is their big gesture export Lorenzo Cain or Mike we sockets for Alex Gordon is this the best lineup honored more. Yeah I think so. It's the best line up under Dayton Moore but it still ate in my opinion eight that's 89 bask in the American League. I think that says more votes. Where they were you know that's comparing it to the old Billy Butler and Oreo Oki Omar Infante lineups. You know it's good but it's still in my opinion needs to be complementary. To a pitching staff. The defense. Base running. I don't think this offense is gonna lead you to the post season. And because of the addition of Travis Wood and Jason Hammel I don't think it'll after. The office today's entry. Because I think. The office got better leadership is a layer and mosque preacher but you also carries and I talked about this yesterday about. I tend to believe that. Bringing in more power bat being a little less athletic and a little bit. I think was a layer right field that we can all reader as it defensively. And they might you know who are from. Do you think it is going to be tough for these guys to manufacturer in late games. When they got a little bit less athletic and they treated wait nice. They did get less aquatic there's no denying that but. There's still an athletic like I hit I get that look like Austin are on easier you know I get what you Dyson. Would come in the early in the Morales it's. It's like game of the royals who now run in the irony here comes ashore they're gonna have to. That's going to be much more did it was a little. Adequate Tyson yeah automatic with Orlando it's not adequately and I think the argument that yeah it again and I fully admit to not knowing enough about Billy burns or not. Haven't seen enough of and really haven't educated opinion so I don't know that he is that an and we just don't know yet. But that is a question going in a disease that year. The win some games a little bit differently Dicey go zero to sixty like once and I'm not swisher Pollack in the. Yeah and I mean war backs you up you know Dyson that 23 and your I know you're big on some more analytics column in the region yeah I don't that's that's going to be interesting to see you you know is Dyson missed more on the fielder in the clubhouse in the clubhouse is undeniable how much of Venus. But I still think. When they need to back they'll finally get that that Orlando or birds and again or cocaine ASCII Hosmer. There a field day. Mondesi if he ends up with a big league club at any point this year they get back on gas though so I still think they're one of the more athletic teams in the American League and one of the top five that space running teams in America per share. Now are all time a surprise Arizona Josh burn your are royals and slaughter appreciate you coming back up here meticulous and I think you are you learn. You're Billy Parker feel like your guy and partly answered it. These parts coming up in two minutes the president of Kansas State is starting a fight that he can't win we tell you what it is now on the drive. Sixty and sports. Yeah it's a case is illegal show February 17 to 1950 over the port convention center and get it to eight rounds of golf and more with a mission while supplies last. Shop there are huge golf sales and go like Kansas City golf Joan dot com. Hey it's scary to hear for the good folks over O'Reilly auto port where it's better parts better prices every day all right standing drove down from Kansas City to surprise. And I'm happy that he spoke my advice he had absolutely no problems you'll know why I had no problems because the professional parts people over at a rally. Help him get his car up and running he just told me I went down there my wife crews weren't where I needed him to be sly wit I got into with an even installed it would be. Violet he but doesn't know anything about cars but he does no good business in of the folks all right O'Reilly auto parts are committed to making sure that his car is running. In top shape up for yourself on the website. O'Reilly auto parts are common user store located you can find out where NO Reilly auto parts stories. Right now excuse jitters from the driving the good folks over O'Reilly auto parts which.


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